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    FAQ/Walkthrough by 29_Rooks

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    .Hack// G.U. vol. 1 Rebirth Walkthrough by Twenty-Nine Rooks
    This is a comprehensive and in-depth walkthrough of the game. It includes
    strategies for all of the Story and Side-event battles. A complete item list
    with acquisition information. And a complete list of all enemies and where 
    they appear.
    Section 0   Legal stuff.
    This FAQ/ Walkthrough is copyright R. Hughes, 2007.
    .Hack// G.U. is a registered trademark of Bandai Namco games. This document
    represents the author's experience. This document and its author are not
    related to, or endorsed by Bandai Namco. 
    No part of this document may be posted on any website without the author's
    permission. You may contact the author at twentyninerooks@yahoo.com
    This walkthrough is intended for private use only. Do not alter this document.
    Websites that may post this document:
    Section 1.a Table of contents.
    -Section 0. Legalities
    -Section 1
         1.a Contents
         1.b FAQs
    -Section 2
         2.a Main Story Walkthrough
         2.a.1   Degenerating Death
         2.a.2   The Terror of Atoli
         2.a.3   Endrance and Obsession
         2.a.4   Gladiator Antares
         2.a.5   Blood Wine and Regeneration
         2.a.6   Emperor Vanity
         2.a.7   Rage and Temptation
         2.a.8   Azure Flame
         2.b Post-story Walkthrough
         2.b.1   The Chaotic PK
         2.b.2   The Abyss Quest
         2.b.3   The Doppelganger
         2.b.4   The Lucky Animals
    -Section 3
         3. The Book of 1000 (includes all Books of Ryu)
         3.a Ryu Book IV: Item collection, Weapons
         3.b Armor
         3.c Accessories
         3.d Items
         3.f Ryu Book VII : Monsters (complete list with locations) 
         Section 1.b
    Q: Did you just make these questions up out of thin air?
    A: Yes, I will make an honest FAQ when people begin to correspond with me.
    Q: I'm a total loser, how do I get people to like me?
    A: I'm not really sure myself... My therapist says that it all begins with my
    mother, but I've never been able to get the hang of it.... Oh! Err... If you
    are talking about the in-gave Affection System, then that is easy. Just give
    people Gifts, send them Greeting Cards, and include them in your party when
    you are outside of the Root Towns. It is a long, slow process, but you will 
    get there eventually.
    Q: Where can I find X item?
    A: Why, just see this guide's complete and comprehensive list of items. Each
    and every item available in this volume will be listed alongside the easiest
    place to acquire it.
    Q: How do I find anything in this walkthrough?
    A: Simple, just hit ctrl + F. This will bring up a search box. Just enter
    whatever it is you want to find, the keywords for a dungeon, an item, or an
    enemy, etc, then the screen will jump to the next occurrence of those word(s).
    If you don't get what you want, try again. This guide is an In-Depth,
    Comprehensive walkthrough/ FAQ. With a full item completion list and decisive
    strategies for defeating every story related and side-quest related battle. So
    you will find what you are looking for here.
    Q: Why is Endrance so exquisite?
    A: Congratulations, you are the very first person who I have ever banned email
    Q: Why are you writing this walkthrough almost a year after the game's
    A: Because I am an insomniac. And because I am going to write comprehensive
    walkthroughs for all three Volumes of .Hack// G.U.
    Q: k, i get item i don no wha do? i cant chang it ornothn, cant puton, cant us
    it, what?
    A: While I am an English major, and am very nearly fluent in Irish Gaelic, I 
    am afraid that I do not speak Idiot. Please email me in a language that I can
    understand, thank you.
    Q: I have an addition, a question, and/or a constructive and politely worded
    criticism, what do I do?
    A: All these things are welcome, email me at twentyninerooks@yahoo.com
    Section 2.a
    Chapter 1: Degenerating Death (note that I have arbitrarily divided the game
    into chapters and then named them with silly names.)
    - - (Delta) Root Town Mac Anu
    You start off in the town of Mac Anu, where two PCs named Asta and IYOTEN will
    run you through the basics of using the menu, forming a party, and using the
    chaos gate. After the tutorial is done, you will be asked to save, then warp
    to an area to begin adventuring.
    - - (Delta) Courageous/ Engaging/ Daydream
    LV 1
    Monsters: Goblin Rookie
    Treasure: (Note that treasures in the game are somewhat randomized, and you
    may not get the same treasure as I did. I'll list the treasures off here just
    to act as a general guide. Any important or story-related treasures in the
    area will be in CAPS.)
    This entire area is a big tutorial, right up until the end. With that said,
    there is not much need for me to comment on what you should do. But I will
    assure you, dear reader, that I will come in quite handy later. So just follow
    along for now. IYOTEN will even give you specific instructions if should you
    lose your way, but, in case you need my help, here is what you should do:
    1st head south to the first altar 
    2nd head east to the second altar  
    3rd head north to the third altar  
    Then, head south, west, and south again to the beast temple and claim the
    Asta and IYOTEN will walk you through the battles, and also heal you if
    necessary, So don't worry about it too much. Just try out the skill trigger 
    and rengeki; these things will be important later. If you start to run out of 
    SP, don't worry, the gauge refills over time; it refills slowly if you are 
    moving, but speeds up if you stand still.
    When you reach the inside of the beast temple, take the treasure, then a long
    series of cut scenes will play.
    - - Desktop 
    When you gain control, you will be at your desktop. I suggest you read all of
    the "new" info you find in the news and forums sections. Many of these entries
    shed light into the game's sub plots, as well as giving you important area
    words. If you do not wish to send so much time though, I'll give you the
    important articles and posts:
    Check your emails to see that they have all been deleted. Then, on cue, you
    will receive an email from Ovan.
    News/ Topics/ Online Jack: This is a series that will give some background on
    real-world happenings that coincide with the events of the game. I strongly
    suggest that you watch it.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Where can I get Olm Shell: Here, you can get some
    area words that will be useful for leveling up courtesy of AppleStar. 
    After you are done, enter The World's home page. I again suggest that you view
    all of the new postings, but here is the important one:
    Official Forum/ Soloing: Acquire some area words courtesy of Renji and
    - - Mac Anu
    Log into The World for another cut scene. Head to the city square to chase
    after Ovan. As the game suggests, push (select) to check your map, where you
    should go is highlighted by a blue ring. You can talk and trade with the PCs
    around the square, but since you don't have any items right now, it is futile;
    just keep chasing Ovan. Head south along the winding street to the harbor. 
    Head west and then northwest to the Mercenary District (the path is linear). 
    Once you climb the stairs, look for a staircase leading down into an alley 
    behind the shops directly to the north. Another cut scene will ensue. You will
    meet Silabus and Gaspard, who will be your main party members throughout the
    early part of the game. They will invite you on an adventure, an offer which 
    you must accept. Use the warp point to the west to get to the dome and the 
    Chaos Gate.
    You will find the area words suggested by Silabus in the "Bookmark" section of
    the warp menu.
    - - (Delta) Peaceful/ Leading/ Freedom
    LV. 3
    Monsters: Zan Bezel, Goblin Rookie, Vak Bezel 
    Treasure: Health Drink (dropped by Goblin), Magic Amber
    Again, this will be something of a tutorial. However, unlike the previous area,
    the path here isn't as linear, and no one will give you directions, accept for
    me. I strongly suggest defeating every enemy party, breaking every object, and
    opening every treasure box. This area is still pretty easy, and your other
    members will heal you if necessary. I will list the fastest way to the next
    floor of the dungeon (each floor has only one entrance and one exit), so, in
    effect, do not do what I tell you to do. The directions that I'll give are 
    just in case you get lost in spite of your mini-map.
    BF 1
    1. At the fist intersection, head west. This will take you to the passage to
    the next floor.
    Silabus will take you through the basics again for the first couple of 
    battles. After you've fought a couple of battles, Silabus will introduce you
    to Awakening Mode. You can trigger Awakening when your party's Morale gauge is
    Here is where I will begin to make myself useful: Different actions will fill
    the Morale gauge, depending on your party members, but one thing that always
    acts to fill it is a Rengeki. So, for the first few levels what I suggest you
    do is this: Rengeki as much as possible. Use Awakening as much as possible. 
    The best way to Rengeki is to assault an enemy with multiple hits in rapid
    succession, so, it helps to start the battle with a usage of the skill 
    trigger, which should recharge just in time for you to execute a Rengeki. 
    Concentrate on one enemy at a time, it also helps if you attack the same enemy
    that Silabus attacks. Open the main menu and select "Strategy," you will 
    notice that Gaspard's strategy is set to "Life." Since he is a Shadow Warlock
    (Black Mage) set it to "Free Will" instead. Executing Rengeki attacks will 
    also boost the exp that you receive after battle, just making you that much 
    stronger. Aside from the battle's opening, save your skill trigger uses until
    you see an enemy that is open for a Rengeki. As you gain levels, you may want
    to stop using the skill trigger at the beginning of the battle, because it 
    might not recharge in time for you first Rengeki opening.
    As I said, Rengeki as much as possible, not all the time no matter what. Often
    here, you will simply defeat the enemies without a chance at Rengeki. Don't 
    worry, you will learn all the tricks necessary to Rengeki as the game 
    progresses, so just enjoy yourself for now.
    Silabus and Gaspard should have enough healing items to keep the party going
    through this dungeon. By the time you get to the second floor, you might be so
    powerful that you kill the enemies before they become vulnerable to Rengeki,
    if so, just set Gaspard back to the Life strategy. You should also take the
    opportunity to collect some chim spheres. To operate all of the doors in this
    dungeon, you will need 25 of them.
    You might also notice that there are two different settings under the
    "Awakening" tab on the main menu. Beast Awakening makes your characters
    invulnerable for awhile, and increases their movement speed and attack power.
    Demon Awakening allows you to tap (X) repeatedly and perform an SP-free magic
    attack. Both are powerful enough, so it really comes down to personal
    preference. If I strongly prefer one or the other in a given situation, I will
    let you know in advance.
    B2 F
    1. At the first intersection, head South.
    2. Head South again.
    A word about Trap Boxes. In order to collect the item inside you have to input
    a random button sequence. There is always plenty of time to do this if you 
    keep calm and methodical.
    3. Follow the path around to the North for a cut scene.
    4. Continue East to trigger another cut scene. Take the Treasure as you, yet
    again, trigger a cut scene.
    Mac Anu
    You will automatically warp back to Mac Anu. Don't worry about the score that
    you got after the scenes, I will give you detailed instructions on how to get
    the highest scores later.
    A rather funny cut scene will ensue, and you will acquire Atoli's Member
    Address. She is a Harvest Cleric (white mage), so she will prove to be quite
    useful in keeping you alive as the game's learning curve steepens.
    For now, no other characters are available, so just choose "Log Out" from the
    main menu and check you email.
    Pi  Remember this. 
    Gaspard  Hi! 
    Silabus  No Way! 
    Silabus  Quests.
    All of these emails are important and you have to read them in order to make
    the game progress. You have a choice of what to say when responding to Pi. If
    you respond with "Who are you?" Pi's affection for you will increase at a much
    later point in the game. Same with Gaspard. Reply with "Tri-edge" to increase
    his affection later. And Silabus, reply with "Leveling up," unless you don't
    care about affection.
    A few words about affection: The glowing orbs in the Member Address book, on
    the party formation screen, and on the character status screen all represent
    that character's affection for Haseo. The higher the affection for Haseo, the
    quicker the Moral gauge will fill in battle, thus the more awakenings you can
    use. You can increase a character's affection in several ways: Email chains
    (like these); Giving that character gifts; and having them spend time in your
    battle party, amongst other things. I usually keep my character's well 
    supplied with items and equipment, given as gifts, so I don't have to worry 
    about affection too much in the first volume.
    For now, it is time to go on a quest with Silabus and Gaspard.
      Mac Anu
    Here is a lull in the game. You can visit the shops and trade with the PCs if
    you want. But you shouldn't have much money or trade-able items yet. And I
    suggest you hold on to most of the stuff you've gotten so far anyway. You can
    also go adventuring with Silabus and Gaspard. In this game, I suggest against
    going to random areas and leveling up. While you can level Haseo and co. up to
    level 50 (the maximum for this volume) rather quickly, there are two reasons I
    oppose this: First, it makes the story-related levels boring and too easy.
    Second, When leveling up your character level quickly, your weapon skill 
    level, which is increased by using skill-trigger arts, often levels up at a 
    much slower pace. If your characters, then, are too strong for the enemies in 
    an area, it will be much more difficult to level up his or her weapon. The
    story-related areas and the areas posted on the message boards have a nice
    balance and difficulty, and I suggest you stick to them until you get down to
    the end of the game.
    So, with that settled, put Silabus and Gaspard in you party and head for the
    quest shop to the east of the plaza in Mac Anu. Accept the "Crown Quest" job
    and head back to the Chaos Gate.
     (Delta) Chasing/ Cupid's/ Phantom
    LV. 5
    My LV. 4
    Enemies: Rue Fang
    Treasure: Tidal Wave, Health Drink
    Now I will tell you all about the overall score that you receive at the end of
    every level: you are graded on these points:
    1. Successful Surprise Attacks
    2. Enemy parties defeated
    3. Treasure Boxes opened
    4. Breakable objects destroyed.
    5. Chim Spheres collected
    You are ranked E-D-C-B-A-S on you performance in each category, E being the
    lowest. To get an S in the first four categories, you must be perfect, that 
    is, you must surprise every enemy group, then defeat them all, etc. In order 
    to get an S in the fifth category, you must collect 30 or more Chim Spheres. 
    In the early part of the game, most of the enemy parties are either facing 
    the wrong direction, or have a predictable pattern of movement, so, it is easy
    to surprise them. Refer to the in-game official forum for some help, and if 
    you need more, I'll say that you can surprise an enemy party even if you only 
    surprise only one enemy in that party. Try getting around them, but if an 
    enemy still has a "?" over their head, try selecting a different enemy with 
    the control pad.
    The other categories take care of themselves if you explore the area 
    For now, don't worry too much about the Chim Spheres, as the King Chim gives
    you 50 of them when he is defeated. Though, you will need about 30 Chim 
    Spheres in order to reach the king. 
    1. Head South at the first intersection.
    2. West at the next intersection.
    All you have to do is kick the Nue, who will then summon King Chim. Then, just
    kick King Chim repeatedly while avoiding his jump attacks. The quest will end
    automatically after you get the Chim Crown, and you will warp back to Mac Anu.
    Rewards for S-rank: 1st Word "Elegant"
      Mac Anu
    After the cut scene, use the item you just got on Haseo. (I will recommend
    that you use all stat- boosting items on him.)
    Now you should be able to do some trading around town. Corporal Yano has a
    beginner's text. Alice has a Life Scroll, which you can use to learn Repth.
    Note that who appears when in town is random, so you'll just have to go 
    looking for trades on your own. I do suggest that you hold on to your Health
    Drinks and Sprite Drops for now though, they will become useful soon.
    Now is a good time to do the first optional level, which was posted on the
    message board by AppleStar.
      (Delta) Buzzing/ Wrath's/ Puzzle
    LV. 5
    My LV. 5 
    My Party: Silabus, Atoli.
    Enemies: Rue Fang, Wild Kettle
    Treasures: Olm Shell, Turtle Shell, Cleansing Pill, Simple Bracelet, Rough
    Shell (dropped from Wild Kettle), (Medic) Necklace.
    The layout of this area is straightforward. Just get the symbol fragments from
    the altars and then head for the temple. After that head South to finish off
    the remaining enemy parties. Warp Out.
    Rewards for S-rank: (Dry) Robe
     Mac Anu
    Since you still don't have very much money, don't waste you money at the 
    shops. Even selling your items at the shops will only give you 1/10th of the
    item's value, so don't bother. If you need anything other that Health Drinks,
    trade for it.
    If you want you can use the "Customize" command under the main menu to add an
    Olm Shell to Haseo's weapon. One of the cool things about this game is that
    you can freely customize anywhere, accept in battle. Give any remaining 
    Olm Shells to your other party members. Also, if you got any Turtle Shells, 
    attach them to your armor.
    A word about equipment: The name of a piece of equipment changes depending on
    how it is customized. For example, Haseo's starting weapon is the Spin Gai Gu,
    but if you attach an Olm Shell, then it becomes: Water Gai Gu. Silabus starts
    with the Loose Sash as his armor, but attach a Turtle Shell to that, and it
    becomes Absorb Sash.
    Basically, every piece of equipment will have the first part of its name
    changed when it is customized. Mostly, I'll leave customizing up to you,
    you'll get the hang of it soon enough. All unmodified Twin Blade weapons 
    (the ones that Haseo is currently using) begin with "Spin". All blades
    "Blade." All accessories with "Simple," and so on. So when I refer to a
    piece of equipment in general, I'll put the original first word in
    parentheses, like this: (Spin)Gai Gu. Meaning that it doesn't matter what
    you may or may not have attached to it.
    If this all sounds complicated, just wait till you start doing alchemy.
    Back to the story: If you are done trading, log out and check your emails.
    Important Email: Atoli -- Let's get going
    Chapter 2: The Terror of Atoli
    Section 2.a.2
     Mac Anu
    Upon warping in, there will be a short cut scene with Atoli. Before you join
    Atoli though, visit Kubo's house in the mercenary district. He will give you
    rewards based on how many Chim Spheres you collect. Check back with him
    periodically to get your prizes.
    Party up with Atoli, and only Atoli  you can't bring Silabus or Gaspard on
    this trip and head for the Chaos gate.
      (Delta) Submissive/ Tragedy's/ 1000 Oaks
    Enemies: Onion Mash, Goblin Rookie, Vak Bezel
    Treasure: Turtle Shell, Loose Sash, Health Drink, Sky Armor, Fire Rat Skin.
    The path here is linear. Just head North, then around the bend to the South,
    collecting Symbol Fragments as you go. You will be treated to intermittent cut
    scenes as you progress. None of the enemies here should give you trouble, even
    though you only have a two person party. A cut scene ensues after you get the
    temple treasure. Follow Atoli around to the back of the temple for another
     Dead World of Indeiglut Luigh
    Despite the fact that this is a Dead World, there is no fighting. After the
    scenes, head to the back of the cave to find a platform and warp to town. Just
    log out from there and check your email.
    Important Emails: Kuhn  Invitation to HQ. 
    Silabus  I almost forgot! 
    Atoli  Hello, Haseo. Reply with "Sound."
     Mac Anu
    Log in and head for the mercenary district. The @home is located on the west
    end, and has a dugout entryway. A long cut scene ensues, where you will meet
    the old hag and Yata. When all is done, just log out and check your email. In
    case you were wondering, AIDA stands for Artificially Intelligent Data
    Anomaly. I have no idea what G.U. stands for.
    Now, you should be getting a feel for the pacing of the game: Story Event, Log
    Out, Email, Side Event, Story Event, etc.
    Important Emails: Kuhn: Nice to have met you! (It doesn't really matter how
    you reply.)
    Official Forum/ Still not happening: Get some area words courtesy of LIAN,
    Caina, and Renji.
    --Mac Anu
    Head to the Central District to meet up with Gaspard, he'll send you on some
    errands. He gives you a lot of money, but unfortunately, you'll have to spend
    it on the items he tells you to buy. Head to the item shop in the Mercenary
    district to get the Asian Mangoes, then, the Kiosk near the Chaos Gate to get
    the Caramel Sauces. When you get back to the Central district, talk to Silabus
    and a long and somewhat humorous cut scene ensues. Time to Log out.
    Email: Kuhn  That Thing
     Mac Anu
    Meet up with Kuhn at the Chaos Gate. You will acquire Pi's member address,
    take her and Kuhn to:
      (Delta) Great/ Cursed/ In-laws
    LV. 8
    My LV. 8
    Enemies: Goblin Mage, Lizard Hunter, Crumple Tree
    Treasure: Olm Shell, Wizard Seal, Jinx's Bane, Blade Thorns (dropped by
    Lizard), Simple Necklace, The Death, (Dry) Robe.
    Kuhn and Pi are at a much higher level than you are (13 and 14, respectively),
    making this area easy enough, even if you still, like me, have your starting
    equipment. Your objective here is to defeat the boss.
    1. Go East
    2. East
    3. East again
    4. Then around the bend to the West to get to the boss.
    Again, I strongly suggest that you kill all the enemies and get all the
    treasures. Kuhn will burn through his SP if you don't set his strategy to
    Free-Will, so, I suggest you do so. It can be quite difficult to see the
    breakable barrels in this area's rainfall, so you'll have to do a bit of
    searching if you want to get all the items. Remember, Rengeki as much as
    possible. If you see a Goblin Mage or Lizard Hunter become surrounded by
    concentric rings spreading out along the ground, that means that enemy is
    going to use a skill. Goblin Mages cast Rue Kruz here, and Lizard Hunters
    use a charging attack that is difficult to dodge. If their attacks are aimed
    at you, just hold (Circle) to guard, this will significantly reduce the
    damage you take, and give you the opportunity to counter attack. Pi and Kuhn
    can take care of themselves, just watch you own HP, and if it gets below
    half, use one of the Health Drinks you have acquired. Just use your 
    Awakenings as they become available.
    On the southernmost islet, you will find Mecha Grunty and a Lucky Animal
    called a "Fate Worm." Kick the Fate Worm to get 2,000 GP, and give a few
    Chim Spheres to help out Mecha Grunty. Doing these things at every
    opportunity will help you complete side-quests and get rare equipment later
    Boss: Crumple Tree
    If you have any items called "Caffeine Drink", attach them to your party's
    armor before you begin this battle. Caffeine Drink will make a character
    immune to the Sleep status effect, which this boss uses liberally. If you
    don't have any, don't worry, you won't need them to beat this joker. As the
    battle begins, run around to the side of the boss, this will evade his 
    frontal physical attack. He has another physical attack, where he jumps up 
    into the air, and comes crashing down. For this, just hold (Circle) to 
    guard. His magic attack is an area-effect sleep attack, that can put your 
    entire party to sleep, use Stimulant Sodas if you can, if not, just wait it 
    out. In all, this boss is not very hard, as Pi and Kuhn will be able to do 
    significant, sustained damage to him as long as they are not asleep. If your 
    health gets below half, heal yourself and keep attacking.
     Mac Anu
    After the cut scenes, Log Out.
    Important Emails: 
    Pi  Re: Who are you? Doesn't matter how you reply, I chose "Comatose"
    Kuhn  Re:... Reply with "Pi"
    CC Corporation  Guild Master Change Request.
     Mac Anu
    Back in the city, head for Canard's @home, located in the same place as
    Raven's. More cut scenes. Head for the Harbor using the warp point. You'll
    find the first Grunty on the ship's gangplank. Walk North to the bridge area 
    between the Harbor and the Central districts to find Melo Grunty. Walk to 
    the nearest warp point and go to the Alchemy district to find the Gao Grunty 
    watching the sunset on the lookout. Go back to your @home.
    As the game tells you, you can sell items at you guild shop for much more than
    you can at the NPC shops, the only drawback is that the items take awhile to
    sell, and you'll have to go collect the money from Gaspard periodically in the
    Central district. This is why I recommended that you hold on to most of your
    items. Go ahead and sell most of your stuff, but hold on to items like: Health
    Drinks, Sprite Drops, Fire Storms (and other attack items), and Turtle Shells
    and Turtle Crests. Try not to sell any items that are useful. You'll get the
    hang of all this eventually. Up to this point, I had only collected about 390
    GP, aside from what I got from the Fate Worm, but finally, you can now make
    some real money.
    Talk to Gaspard in the Central district, then go back to Canard's @home. You
    gotta love Death Grunty. After the cut scenes, try riding the steam bike 
    around town. It's not exactly Gran Turismo, but it sure is better than 
    Now that you are a guild master, there is a lot to do. First off, check the
    book of 1000 with Death Grunty, the higher your ranks in these books, the more
    bonuses Canard will get. The bonuses for getting to levels 2 and 3 are pretty
    good, so try to get the books as high as you can. You can now store your items
    in the Guild Storage, as well as manage Shop Acorn with Death Grunty. This 
    will be important, because Gaspard will not always be available to run the 
    shop, but if you manage the shop via Death Grunty, items will still sell 
    even though Gaspard is absent.
    Now, Alchemy. The game will run you through an insufficient explanation of how
    to alchemize weapons. I'll give you a better one: Alchemy is a way to smash 
    two similar weapons together to create one, more powerful, weapon. For now, 
    you can only alchemize weapons that have the same basic name. So, put (Fire) 
    Man Que and (Spin) Man Que together to get (Fire) Man Que +1. This will 
    result in a 5% increase to damage dealt by the weapon. I am not sure, but 
    this might also apply to damage dealt by spells and attack items as well. Go 
    to the weapons shop nearby and buy two Spin Man Que and try this out. You 
    can repeat this all the way to (Spin) Man Que +5, at which point the weapon 
    will have 25% damage bonus and can then be used as the secondary weapon for 
    an alchemy using twin blade weapon up to Level 17. Different types of 
    weapons cannot be mixed, so, you can't use a twin blade weapon to alchemize 
    a blade brandier weapon. You probably don't have enough money to do much 
    alchemy now, but it is important that you now upgrade Haseo's equipment.
    My equipment: 
    (Fire) Man Que +1
    (Absorb) Shell
    (Simple) Necklace
    When you are done, Log Out.
    Email: CC Corp  Maintenance Complete         
    For now, I suggest you save your Greeting cards.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Anyone Opening Chests?   Post in this thread with
    "Area Word" to get some important area words for a later side quest.
    Community Forum/ News/ Fun Internet Game  Post in this thread with "Not Now" 
    to increase Silabus' affection.
    Community Forum/ News/ Wanna Buy an M2D?  Post with "Not Sure" to, again,
    increase Silabus' affection.
    Community Forum/ Rumors/ Doppelganger   Important info on the Doppelganger.
    Read only if you do not want to get killed by him.
    Go to the World's home page, but don't log in yet. Return to the desktop and
    Community Forum/ The World/ Anyone opening chests?  to get some area words
    from NEMON.
     Mac Anu
    The game is telling you to go to Lumina Cloth, and since no one is available
    for your party, choose "To Town" from the warp menu at the Chaos Gate, then
    head to the new city.
    Chapter 3: Endrance and obsession 
    Section 2.a.3
     Lumina Cloth
    Sit back and relax for the cut scenes. Then, Head East on your mini-map to the
    back alleys.
    Another cut scene. Before you log out, run to the end of the back alley, there
    you will find the Black Market. The Black market sells some good items at
    ridiculous prices. Personally, I don't use them because the are other, much
    cheaper places to get these items, but not until much later in the game. If
    you really want them, then start saving now. Lumina Cloth is also a great 
    place to do some trading.
     Mac Anu
    Manage your Guild Shop, then it is time to go on an adventure. Note that Kuhn
    and Pi will be unavailable for some time. Before you go, save. I haven't been
    telling you to do this, because I was hoping that you'd be able to handle it 
    on your own. However, beginning very soon, the game's difficulty will 
    increase dramatically, so it helps if you prepare yourself and your party.
     (Delta) Truthful/ Marble's/ Bum
    LV. 10
    My LV. 10
    My party: Silabus, Gaspard.
    Enemies: Vak Fang, Lizard Hunter, Angelic Gore,
    Treasures: Sleeping Powder, Health Drink, Spin Man Que (dropped by Angelic
    Gore), Simple Bracelet, Change Necklace
    Thanks to Renji, you now have a great place to level up. You shouldn't need my
    help navigating the field. But the Vak Fangs here can be quite difficult.
    Gaspard's Rue Kruz spell works wonders though, just be careful that he doesn't
    get surrounded. The Angelic Gores are difficult at this stage, they have high
    HP, they are powerful, and they can heal themselves and their party members. 
    If you encounter them, star off with a Skill Trigger on one right away, then 
    just keep at it until it goes down. Never enter battle against them unless 
    your HP is high, because you will want to do as little in-battle healing as 
    possible. If you see them setting up for a skill, either preempt this with a 
    skill of you own, or guard.
    You may also see a blue Battle Area, this will probably be occupied by a PK 
    and their hapless victim. Approach the battle fence and press (X) to enter.
    Player-Killers are set to your party's average level, but their AI is much 
    more difficult than that of the monsters. Attack them cautiously until you 
    find an opening, then pummel them. Along with the victim, it will be four-on-
    one, but make no mistake, it will be tough anyway. If you beat the PK, you 
    will get a piece of equipment that can be found in the area (Armor for 
    fields, Weapons for dungeons.) And if you can save the victim, you will get 
    an accessory and a coupon that can be redeemed at any guild shop. Also, just 
    like kicking Lucky Animals and helping Mecha Grunty, beating PK s will net 
    you some rare equipment much later in the game.
    Go ahead and ride the Steam Bike around the field, one section of the books of
    1000 is dedicated to the bike, and your rank is mostly based on the time you
    spend riding it.
     Mac Anu
    When you return, manage the Guild Shop again and get ready to do some shopping
    and trading. Also check in with Dr. Kubo to see if he will give you any
    scrolls. The guild shops from the various guilds can be found near and around
    your own. It is random which one appears at any given time, but check for them
    regularly. Some sell items with a rarity of 5 stars, a must to buy if you want
    to get item completion. When you run out of money and items. Continue on to:
     (Delta) Choosing/ Superior/ Offerings
    LV. 11
    My LV. 12
    My party: Silabus, Gaspard
    Enemies: Lizard Hunter, Gan Bezel, Wight Ride
    Treasure: Health Drink, Earth Spike,
    You got these words on the forum from NEMON. The path here is straight, so
    just keep going til you get the cut scene at the end. You will get into a 
    battle with some Wight Rides, they are no harder than most Goblins, just 
    pummel them. They can poison you, but as long as you end the battle quickly, 
    this won't be a problem. When you are done, head back to town.
     Mac Anu
    Again, manage the guild shop. Then I put Atoli in my party and went to some of
    the weaker areas that were posted by Renji in the board.
    (Delta) Wealthy/ Daybreak's/ Globe
    (Delta) Fly Away/ Military/ Resort
    (Delta) Wealthy/ Military/ Malt Town
    (Delta) Fly Away/ Daybreak's/ Bodhi Tree
    I go to these areas, despite how weak they are, because they are useful for
    collecting items used for trading and selling. As I said, the game is about to
    get much harder, so this is part of the preparation. If you want to move on
    with the story, feel free to do so by logging out and checking your mail.
    You will not need my help navigating or fighting in these areas, because the
    enemies are so weak, but I will list off the enemies I fought and the items I
    acquired for each area.
     (Delta) Wealthy/ Daybreak's/ Globe
    Enemies: Zan Bezel, Vak Bezel, Goblin Rookie, Gun Giant
    Treasure: Simple Bracelet, Simple Necklace, Astrologer Seal, Midoro Flagellum,
    Warrior Seal, Spin Kouga, Wall Sash,
     (Delta) Fly Away/ Military/ Resort
    Enemies: Zan Bezel, Goblin Rookie, Wild Kettle, Lizard Hunter
    Treasure: The Death, Antidote Soda, Simple Bracelet, Tornado, Simple Necklace,
    Wind Steel.
     (Delta) Wealthy/ Military/ Malt Town
    Enemies: Wild Kettle, Gan Fang, Vak Bezel, 
    Treasure: Fire Mouse Skin, Warrior Seal, Turtle Shell, Knight Seal, Warrior
    Blood, Soil Bug Antenna, Change Necklace.
     (Delta) Fly Away/ Daybreak's/ Bodhi Tree
    Enemies: Wild Kettle, Lizard Hunter
    Treasure: Tornado, Sprite Drop, Smoke Screen, Antidote Soda, Turtle Shell,
    Rough Shell, Spin Man Que, Poison Man Que.
     Mac Anu
    After doing all that, it is time for the capstone of these side areas:
     (Delta) Upfront/ Blazing/ Camellia
    LV. 13
    My LV. 13
    My party: Silabus, Atoli
    Enemies: Goblin Mage, Angelic Gore, Chickie, Rue Bezel 
    Treasures: Sub Robe, Spin Man Que, Spell Xinzhu, Spin Corpse, Simple Necklace,
    The Death, Sprite Drop, Simple Water Idol, Curse Maiden
    If you have gotten some Fairy's Orbs, now is the time to use them, they will
    help you navigate this dungeon.
    BF 1
    1. Just head east to the entrance to the next floor.
    BF 2
    1. Go North at the first intersection.
    2. Go West at the second to find the way down.
    On this floor, you will encounter Chickles, a flying enemy. While the enemy is
    in flight, all damage it receives will be cut by 9/10ths. In order to ground
    the Chickie, you need to damage it enough to deplete its Flight Gauge, which
    is located just underneath its life bar. The easiest way to do this is with 
    spells (you can buy spells at the magic item shop in Mac Anu), or, you can 
    wait for it to commit to its diving attack. When the Chickie dives, it 
    pauses for a moment before it head-butts you, use this opportunity to attack 
    with the skill trigger, or, you can guard against the attack and hit it with 
    regular attacks afterwords, before it regains its altitude. If you have 
    defeated one or two of them, the remaining ones can cast a spell to summon 
    back-up, so keep attacking. Later, as your twin blade weapon level 
    increases, you will acquire arts that are very useful for taking out enemies 
    like this.
    B3 F
    1. Go East at the first intersection to get to the Beast Treasure.
     Mac Anu
    Now that all that is done, you shout be much more prepared for what is to
    follow. After you see to your errands in town, Log Out.
    Community Forum/ Rumors/ The mystery of the World  post with "Place where
    Tri-Edge appears"
    Atoli  Another Chance
    Gaspard  Re: Tri-Edge. Reply with "Endrance."
     Mac Anu
    Back in The World, you'll need to take Atoli on an adventure.
     (Delta) Blurry/ Obsessive/ Slacker
    LV 8
    My LV 16
    Enemies: Lizard Hunter, Wild Kettle
    Treasure: Poison Leaf, Rough Shell, Turtle Shell, Blade Thorns, Earth Spike,
    Sky Robe, 
    This area, for story purposes, is supposed to be very weak compared to your
    current level. Atoli will lead you around the area like a little puppy dog, so
    just follow her directions. You will be subjected to repeated cut scenes along
    the way. This level is actually one of my favorites, it is just too funny. If
    you get any Poison Leafs from the barrels, go ahead and attach one to Atoli's
    armor. While poison doesn't prevent or cause much damage, it will help break
    up the enemy's combo attacks, should she get into trouble, giving you enough 
    time to step in. After you get the Temple treasure, Haseo will try to pop the
    question to Atoli.
     Mac Anu
    Back in town, meet up with Silabus in Canard's @home. Then Log out after you
    are done with any errands.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Where can I get an Olm Shell?   Get some area
    words from Harley.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Looking for a Monster!   More area words from
    Email: Silabus   Member wanted
    Official Forum/ Invitation to Clerics
    Go back to your mail Station
    Email: Silabus   Response
    Official Forum/ Invitation to Clerics   Get some area words from a Cleric
    named SAKURA.
     Mac Anu
    Back in town, I suggest you got to the area words from Renji and Harley first.
     (Delta) Rough Song/ Vane/ Vagabond
    LV 11
    My LV 16
    My party: Silabus, Gaspard
    Enemies: Goblin Mage, Angelic Gore, Gan Bezel, Trainee Owl,
    Treasure: Sprite Drop, Sub Robe, Turtle Crest, Remedy Guard, Simple Earth 
    Idol, Olm Shell, Curse Plant, Caffeine Drink, Spin Man Que, Earth Spike, 
    Wizard Seal, Simple Necklace.
    Right off the bat here, you'll find a Lucky Animal that will temporarily
    increase your maximum HP and SP. I suggest riding the steam bike south to the
    boss first, then dealing with the rest of the area. None of the enemies here
    should pose a threat, not even to boss. This area is worth coming to, though,
    because you can still get some great items.
     (Delta) Overjoyed/ Ruined/ Scud
    LV 13
    My LV 17
    My Party: Silabus, Gaspard
    Enemies: Gan Bezel, Angelic Gore, 
    Treasure: Blade Thorns, Return Feather, Spin Man Que, Smoke Screen, Earth
    Block 1
    1. Just head West to the second block.
    Nothing in the First Block should pose any threat to you.
    Block 2
    1. Go South at the first intersection.
    2. East at the next to the Beast Temple.
    In the second block, you might face Chickie again. Though, by now you should
    have Haseo's "Sparrow Counter" art set to his skill trigger. Use that to knock
    them out of the sky one by one. If you look at Sparrow Counter on the skill
    menu, you will see that it is an "Aerial" skill, meaning it is best used at
    grounding flying enemies. "Gale Blade" is actually more effective against most
    enemies, but against the Chickie, nothing you have yet is better.
    If you do not have the "Sparrow Counter" art yet, do not worry. It simply
    means that your weapon growth is a bit behind. Probably because you did not 
    get a chance to trade Corpral Yano for his Begginer's text. That item 
    increases your skill with a particular weapon by 50 points, or one half of one
    level. The game is still taking it rather easy on you here in the beginning,
    so it is not necessary to have any particular skills yet.
     Mac Anu
    To proceed with the main story, you'll have to go alone to meet SAKURA
      (Delta) Gallant/ Season's/ Drunkard
    LV 5
    My LV 17
    Enemies: Vak Bezel, Wild Kettle, Goblin Rookie,  
    Treasure: Tornado, Turtle Shell, Magic Amber, Fire Storm, Fairy Orb, 
    Even though you are alone, this area is a joke. If you want to skip most of
    the battles and head straight for the goal, go ahead.
    Block 1
    1. Head North at the intersection
    2. Go around the twisted path and go West to access the next block.
    Block 2
    1. South
    2. South at the end of the long room to the Beast Statue.
    Once you reach the statue room, a long cut scene starts. Afterwords, don't
    forget to grab the treasure on your way out.
    Email: CC Corp  Guild Member Registration
     Mac Anu
    Go to your @home.
    Here, I choose to Log Out and check the new Mail.
    Silabus  Re: Leveling Up. Reply with "Resident of the Forest."
    Silabus  Fighting Power. Get some area words for leveling up with Atoli.
    Gaspard  Useful Info. He invites you to go on an official quest from the Mac
    Anu quest shop.
    Chapter 4: Gladiator Antares
    Section 2.a.4
     Lumina Cloth
    Put Atoli and Silabus in your party and head North to the counter to register
    for you first fight.
    After the scene, you'll end up in the locker room, where you can change your
    equipment and make final adjustments to you party. The first set of opponents
    will be at the beginner level  around level 10  they shouldn't be a problem.
    Silabus will take you through the first battle, as a kind of tutorial, so just
    do as he says. After the battle, Atoli shows us the Sadistic giggle we all
    knew was hiding inside of her.
    After all that, it is a good time to do some shopping and trading to get
    Haseo, Silabus and Atoli's equipment up to the highest level available to 
    them. When I was done, my party looked like this:
    (Fire) Rasetu +5
    (Holy) Shell
    Secret News Book
    The "Secret News Book" is a good, rare accessory that can only be purchased at
    the Emperio guild Shop.
    (Water) Xinzhu +5
    (Naja) Robe
    (Medic) Water Idol
    You can purchase "White Star Sand" at the materials shop in Mac Anu's Alchemy
    district, use it to create a "Medic..." accessory, which cuts the cost of
    healing spells. Also, since Atoli has a natural affinity for the water
    element, I bought her a Tidal Scroll so she can cast Rue Kruz, hence the 
    emphasis on water in her equipment.
    (Sleep) Thorns +5
    (Absorb) Guard
    Seal of Ya Wang
    The "Seal of Ya Wang" is another rare accessory that can only be purchased at
    the Kestrel guild shop. It lowers the cost of arts.
    Your equipment doesn't need to be this good, but it doesn't hurt to be
     Lumina Cloth
    I suggest you try out the "Survival Battle" mode at the arena. I suggest you
    switch you awakening mode to Beast Awakening while fighting in the arena. This
    allows you to concentrate solely on the enemy leader. Also, attack mostly with
    regular attacks, save your skill trigger uses for counter attack
    opportunities. The enemy leader will glow yellow-green when trying to use a 
    skill, but the other enemies, who are also vulnerable to counter attacks, 
    will have pink, concentric circles about their feet, just like monsters do.
    Some of the opponents you will face will have a higher level that your party 
    as high as level 20 but they will not be as well equipped. Just fighting
    through one set of battles should be enough to raise your rank to "Bronze."
    You will get some items when your rank increases, most notably, a Mantis 
    Nail. When that is done, it is time to go back to Mac Anu.
     Mac Anu
    Head for the area given to you by Silabus. He and Atoli are required.
     (Delta) Unseeing/ Marble's/ Bum
    LV 10
    My LV 17
    Enemies: Lizard Hunter, Vak Fang, Gan Bezel, 
    Treasures: Fire Storm, Earth Spike, Magic Hosei, Simple Earth Idol, Poison
    The enemies here are quite weak, your party should slaughter them like baby
    BF 1
    1. Go North to find the path to the second floor.
    BF 2
    1. Just keep going East to find the Beast Statue.
     Mac Anu
    Time to go on the quest with Gaspard. He is required, so I put him in along
    with Silabus and headed for the Quest shop in the Central District. You'll see
    that there are a lot of new quests lined up, but for now, just choose "Animal
     (Delta) Screaming/ Returning/ Princess
    LV 13
    My Lv 18
    Enemies: Angelic Gore, Chickie,
    Treasure: Nothing of note.
    As Silabus says, this is a small field, and finding and killing all the
    enemies will not be difficult. There are two enemy parties on the 
    Southeastern islet. Three on the Northeastern, four on the Northwestern, and 
    three on the Southwestern. Once that is done, Head for the hilltop on the 
    Northeastern islet to find the Black Slepnir. I know it is fun to "kick" the 
    animals with the steam bike, but if you do that here, there is a good chance 
    the game will freeze, forcing you to reset. (I learned that the hard way.) 
    You'll need to kick the animal three times this time. Once you do, the quest 
    will be over.
    Log Out for now.
    Gaspard  Tri-Edge? He tells you about a post on the rumors board.
    Community Forum/ Rumors/ Come-on Tri-Edge! A rather surprising post from the
    leader of GU.
    Community Forum/ Crimson VS/ Ranking  Post with "Let's play sometime" to
    increase Gaspard's affection.
     Mac Anu
    Since no one is available to enter your party, go to the Cathedral alone.
     (Delta) Hidden/ Forbidden/ Holy Ground
    Head inside.
    After the scene, go back to the city.
     Mac Anu
    Another scene will play. Afterwords, you will get several new emails.
    Atoli  This time... Get some area words for leveling up.
    Piros   He of Fair eyes. Reply with "Tri-Edge" to increase his affection.
    Atoli  Re: Sound.  Reply with "You did well" to raise her affection.
     Mac Anu
    The other quests at the quest shop can wait, so can Lumina Cloth. For now, put
    Atoli and Silabus in your party and head for the area words she gave you.
     (Delta) Halberd/ Black/ Bodhi Tree
    Lv 16
    My Lv 18
    Enemies: Buster Kettle, Rue Bezel
    Treasure: Rough Defense, Olm Shell, Caffeine Drink, Fire Resist Seal, Tidal
    Wave, Sub Gown, Simple Water Idol, Brave Wind Idol.
    The enemies here are pretty strong, especially compared to the last few areas
    you have completed. Buster Kettles can cast spells to raise their own attack
    power, so if that happens, try to take them out immediately.
    By now, you might have run into the Doppelganger. The Doppelganger appears
    randomly in field areas, if you occupy that area for a long period of time.
    (Maybe 15 minutes or more, because you've been doing things like, say, 
    drinking coffee and typing on your keyboard instead of playing.) If the 
    Doppelganger shows up, his position will be indicated by a red arrow, when 
    you approach him, the screen clouds red and eerie music begins to play.
    The Doppelganger is dangerous. He looks just like Haseo, and is set to be
    several levels higher. Plus, he has far better equipment than your current
    equipment and HP regeneration. It is possible to beat him at this point, but
    then again, it is also possible to win the lottery and be struck by lightning
    on the same day. The funny thing is that you do not get any items that you can
    use in this volume. If you win, you get the key item "Own King," which can be
    exchanged for a powerful weapon in volume 2. But there is no advantage to
    beating him now as opposed to later in the game when, in spite of the levels,
    you are much more powerful and more prepared. So, I suggest that if you
    encounter him now, use a Smoke Screen, and run. The Doppelganger, as long as 
    he doesn't see you, will periodically warp around to random points in the 
    field, so even though you leave him in the dust, he could warp in front of 
     Mac Anu
    Once you get back, just go on over to Lumina Cloth
     Lumina Cloth
    Now that you have a Bronze rank, the enemies you will fight are going to be
    much more difficult, not only in terms of level and equipment, but also in
    their AI. Still, a round of survival battles shouldn't be too difficult. If 
    you get the feeling that you are not going to win the next round, you can 
    always decline to continue. Actually, at this point, I did so well that my 
    rank shot up from bronze to gold in one set of survival battles. It might 
    take more time for you, but, after you've had enough, save, then return to 
    the arena counter. A cut scene will introduce a new character, and give you 
    some new keywords.
    You don't have to go right away, so I suggest returning to Mac Anu.
     Mac Anu
    Head to the quest shop when you are done with any errands you need to do,
    including checking in with Drs Pao and Kubo. I suggest you do the quests Steam
    Scientist's Invention and Bikman's Art Supplies, but not the Bounty Hunter
    test. Completing any of these quests is easy, but completing the Bounty Hunter
    Test will cause the blue Battle Areas that you come across in places to fill
    with very powerful enemies that you are not quite ready for yet.
      Steam Scientist's Invention
    (Delta) Essential/ Idling/ Old World
    Lv 9
    My Lv 20
    My Party Atoli, Silabus
    Enemies: Vak Fang, Zan Fang, Lizard Hunter, Knuckleman
    When you arrive, take a look at the map. There you can see the hills you need
    to access on the Western, Southern, and Northeastern islets. Head to the
    Western islet first, staying well clear of the boss. When you defeat the
    enemies on top of the hill, you will automatically set the first device.
    Head back to the North-Central islet, then on to the Northeastern one. Defeat
    the enemies on the hill here to, again, set the next device. Go south, then
    around, defeating the laughably weak enemies as you go, to get to the Southern
    islet. Again, set the device, then head North to battle Knuckleman.
    Knuckleman has armor plating, like flying monsters, this will reduce damage
    drastically until it is depleted. You should be so powerful at this point
    though that you will barely notice the armor before it is depleted.
      Bikman's Art Supplies 
     (Delta) Creeping/ Fortune's/ Paradise
    Lv 8
    My Lv 20
    My Party: Gaspard, Piros the third
    Yes, yes, I know that Piros is annoying, I only use him sparingly, and then
    only until his affection maxes out. Note that he will not be required in any
    of the game's main events, so you don't have to put up with him much, and he 
    is not required here. There are two  and only two  good things to say about 
    Piros: one, as your only Lance Partisan character, he excels at piercing 
    armor plated enemies, like Knuckleman. Later in the game you will meet some 
    rather fearsome armored foes. Two, as long as his affection for you is high, 
    he will fill the Moral gauge quicker than anyone else. Every time Piros uses 
    an art, every time he kills an enemy, and every time you use a spell or item 
    on him, he will add to the gauge.
    Enemies: Lizard Hunter (again), Goblin Mage,
    Treasure: Nothing exciting.
    The Snow Stone is located on the small hill in the Southeast corner of the 
    map. The stone is actually on the northern slope of the hill. If you get 
    into any fights with the stone in your possession, you will fail the quest. 
    So, just walk down to the southeast, being careful to take out all the enemy 
    parties, grab the stone, then walk back. This quest is so easy that I'm 
    starting to wonder why I'm writing this.
     Mac Anu
    Ah, yes, this is why I'm writing this walkthrough. This is the sharp increase
    in the game's difficulty that I was talking about. The enemies from now on 
    will be much stronger, many of them will be either flying or armored types, 
    and the AI and relative levels of your opponents in the arena will be much 
    higher. To prepare yourself, upgrade what equipment you can. Note that while 
    alchemized weapons are powerful, they are usually not as powerful as an un-
    alchemized weapon at a higher level. For example, Spin Rasetu +5 is actually 
    not as powerful as a regular Spin Corpse. Use the Spin Corpse instead, and 
    alchemize the Spin Rasetu +5 into it to make Spin Corpse +1. When you are 
    done, head for the area given by Antares.
      (Delta) Lazy/ Advice's/ Exile
    Lv 22
    My Lv 20
    My Party: Atoli, Silabus
    Enemies: Spear Fish, Goblin Guard,
    Treasure: Spin Corpse (dropped by Goblin Guard), The Moon, Tidal Wave, Simple
    Pendant, Spell Xinzhu, Healing Serum, Medic Pendant.
    Upon entering, you'll get a short mail from Antares. He will give you
    directions through this dungeon, but it can still be rather complex if you do
    not have any Fairy Orbs to use. This dungeon looks far more complicated than 
    it is, but you could still lose your way if you didn't have Antares. If you 
    want to get all the treasures, though, you'll have to make a couple of side 
    trips. I will let you know when they come up.
    From the start, go into the large room and take the warp point to the west.
    Note that you can only warp from the pink-colored points.
    The enemies here don't have a lot of attack power, but are quite tenacious. 
    Try to gang up on them with your fighters. Be wary of the enemy's skills, 
    guard if you have to. The Goblins will actually use their shields to guard 
    you attacks, break through with a charge-up attack or an art. They can also 
    call for reinforcements. If you Rengeki as much as possible, you'll be 
    getting up to 300 exp per battle.
    In the second room, go west to proceed, or south to get some treasure. The
    southern path eventually loops around back to the first room. In the third
    room, go north to proceed, or west to get more treasure. The western path 
    loops back around to the third room. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth rooms, 
    there is only one direction that you can go. In the seventh, visit the 
    alcove to the east to get some more treasure, then go south. In the final 
    room Antares leaves the decision up to you, but its pretty obvious to take 
    the western warp point. Then, warp from the center of the spiral.
     Mac Anu
    Hopefully you got some Spin Corpses for Haseo, if you did, then alchemize 
    them. When I was done, Haseo's equipment looked like this:
    (Fire) Corpse +5
    (Holy) Mail
    Secret News Book
     Lumina Cloth
    When you are done, it is time to do some more fighting at the arena. Once you
    get up to Gold rank, you'll be fighting enemies as high as level 30, so watch
    out. Again, try to concentrate on Rengekis and Counterattacks. You will need
    about 750 WP to place in the top rankings. Once that is done you will get an
    Now, if you are having difficulties winning arena battles, and can't seem to
    get enough WP, then now might be a good time to to do some extra training. I
    know what I said about at the beginning of this walkthrough about leveling up,
    but if you are having trouble, then allow me this caveat.
    I've taken the liberty on preparing some area words that should help. If you
    don't feel that you need to level up, than skip this section.
     (Delta) Warm/ Blazing/ Blue Cloud
    Lv 22
    My Lv 23
    Enemies: Lizard Assassin, Zan Ziger, Goblin Abyss, Drygon
    Treasure: Blade Thread (dropped by Lizard Assassin), Loose Kimono, Rough Mail, 
    And if that isn't enough, you can level up at:
     (Delta) Restful/ Honor/ Exile
    My Lv23
    Enemies: Lizard Assassin, Zan Ziger, Carrie, Fever Horse, 
    Treasure: The Devil, Gun Ocher, Blade Thread, Simple Gloves, Simple Wind Idol,
    Broad Zhen, Wind Altair (dropped by Zan Ziger), Broad Tu Wan, Curse Zhen, 
    If you don't have the area words to make this dungeon, than you can just use
    the Random function on the Warp Menu until you find a suitable area.
    The enemies in these areas are quite powerful, especially the Fever Horse,
    which is heavily armored. As you can see though, you get some very good items.
    The best being the Blade Thread, which will give Silabus much more power. 
     Mac Anu
    When you have finally gotten into the top sixteen, head for Mac Anu. There 
    is a Deluxe weapons and armor shop in the Alchemy district. You should be 
    just about ready to qualify to equip the weaker weapons and armor, get a 
    feel for what you'll be buying soon.
    CC Corp  Tournament Selection. You are notified of your selection for the
     Mac Anu
    OK, now you might just be ready to take on some PK s. Go to the Quest Shop.
     (Delta) Dancing/ Mourning/ Masquerade
    Lv 10
    My Lv 23
    There is a specific reason I suggested you hold off on doing this quest, so
    just bear with me.
    All you need do here is visit the altars and kill the monsters. You won't need
    any help with this, it is just too easy at this point.
    After you complete this quest, the blue Battle Areas that you see around 
    fields and dungeons will randomly be occupied with "Chaotic PK s." These PK 
    are not based on your party's average level like other PK are, they have 
    their own set strength. The first one that you will battle in named "Greedy" 
    Cervantes, and he is nasty to players at levels below thirty. You need to 
    have your party at least up to level 28, with matching equipment. 
    Personally, I've never been able to beat him before level 29, with my other 
    members at 28. At level 35, you should be able to reliably take him down.
    If you don't feel confident, then just avoid all the Battle Areas you see. If
    you encounter him, here is my strategy: He will likely start the battle with a
    skill aimed at his victim. Either use the skill trigger to preempt this, or 
    use a Warrior Seal or attack item right away. In the early part of the 
    battle, set your party members' strategy to Rage, then use "Seal" items like 
    Knight Seal and Astrologer Seal, but, since Cervantes doesn't cast spells, 
    don't bother with Wizard Seal. Then, let your fighter(s) move in close, 
    while you stay back and burn through your Attack Spell items until he is 
    open for Rengeki. When you run out, heal the others as required. Cervantes 
    is an Blade Brandier, so his physical attacks do massive damage, probably 
    around 200 HP apiece. Hopefully you can put an end to it all quickly, it is 
    best to fight this battle offensively, with only a minimal amount of 
    healing. My favorite party against him is Piros, for his heavy armor, and 
    Gaspard, because his spells keep Cervantes off balance.
    Chapter 5: Blood Wine and Regeneration
    Section 2.a.5
     Lumina Cloth
    Approach the counter and officially register for the tournament. After the cut
    scene, log out and check your mail. Note that the arena will be closed to
    Survival and Limit battles.
    Email: Silabus  ASAP. 
     Mac Anu
    Kuhn will meet you at the Chaos Gate, some scenes will ensue. For awhile,
    Gaspard will not run the Guild shop in Mac Anu. If you manage the shop with
    Death Grunty, though, you will notice that items will still sell periodically,
    the only drawback is that you cannot pick up the profits until Gaspard is back.
    When you are ready, put Kuhn in your party and go to Kestrel's headquarters.
     (Delta) Sneering/ Failing/ Empire                          
    Watch the scene, then head up the stairs. After the scenes, you'll be back in
    Mac Anu. Head to your @home. When the game is done building its dramatic
    tension, Log Out.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Confusing Event...   Reply with "More Detail" to
    get some area words later.
    Email: Kuhn  Re: Pi. Reply with "Gabi" for an affection increase.
    Antares   Tournament Secrets. 
     Mac Anu
    Meet up with Antares at the Chaos Gate for a funny scene. He will suggest a 
    Job Extension. The old man knows what he's talking about.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Confusing Event...   Get the aforementioned area
    words from Bangeman.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Job Extension   Listen to others' horror tales of
    the job extension quest.
    CC Corp  Job Extension
     Mac Anu
    Go to the Quest Shop. Yes, you must do this one alone. I suggest you buy a few
    Healing Serums from the item shop in the Mercenary district before you head
    out. This is what Haseo looked like as I headed out:
    Lv 24
    (Fire) Corpse +5
    (Holy) Mail
    (Brave) Pendant
     (Delta) Pulsating/ Unlimited/ Metal Doll
    Lv 22
    Enemies: Spear Fish, Goblin Guard
    Treasure: Spin Ban Mu, 
    This dungeon should look familiar. It is identical to the one that Antares 
    sent you to. Haseo will even recall Antares' instructions as he wanders 
    around. Note, as you enter any given room, the enemies will be placed in 
    front of the warp point you should use.
    The only problem is that you are now alone, and the enemies haven't gotten any
    weaker. You should be strong enough to take their normal attacks, but if they
    try to use a skill, attack them immediately. The biggest problem might be the
    Goblins, they can frustrate you with their guard and their ability to call for
    back up. In general, the battles will take twice as long as before, even 
    though you are at a higher level.
     Mac Anu
    The quest will end with you back in Mac Anu, now with the ability to equip 
    Edge Punisher weapons. These weapons are much more powerful than Twin 
    Blades, but are more cumbersome and slower to attack. There are two distinct 
    types of Broad Swords: Broad Legged belongs to the Rapid Attack type, after 
    one initial swing, Haseo will thrust the sword into the enemy and deliver 
    rapid attacks with the chainsaw-like blade as you tap (X). The second is the 
    Hold and Release type, after the initial swing, Haseo will raise the blade 
    over his head, and a gauge will charge as you hold (X), release the button 
    when the gauge fills to deliver a powerful smashing attack. This smashing 
    attack leaves Haseo vulnerable for a short time while it charges, but once 
    it comes down, it will deal heavy damage to all enemies in the area as well 
    as preempt any attack or skills they might be trying to use. The Hold and 
    Release broadsword is very useful because this attack can send small enemies 
    -like goblins and PK- flying.
    The Hold and Release type is far more common than the Rapid Attack type. In
    fact, all of the game's most powerful Broadswords are Hold and Release types.
    The Rapid Attack type has one advantage, in that it is easy to cause a Rengeki
    opening, while the Hold and Release type often smashes opponents before they
    can become vulnerable. Over all though, I do prefer the Hold and Release type
    to the Rapid Attack. Once you become familiar with the timing of the charge
    gauge, you can learn to avoid being attacked while you are vulnerable.
    Though, in most situations, I prefer the Dual Swords to both, because of the
    flexibility of their quick attacks. Especially once you can use the Spin Axe
    (Lv 35), I think you will agree. Still, Broadswords are quite useful for
    stripping the protective shells and armor off of enemies. Plus, the arts that
    can be learned for the Broadsword will be even more effective at breaking 
    their armor. As I mentioned before, near the end of the game, many of the 
    toughest enemies have protective armor, so as the game progresses, you will 
    find yourself using the Broadsword more and more.
    Now that you've got the Broadsword, why don't you try it out? Go to the area
    word posted on the forums by Bangeman.
     (Delta) Heartless/ Starting/ Pilgrim
    Lv 21
    My Lv 25
    My Party: Atoli, Piros
    Enemies: Poisoned Dead
    Treasure: The Death
    This is a very short area, and the second in a series called the "Abyss 
    Quest." There is only one group of enemies here, and they go down without 
    too much of a fight, especially because you can just burn though you SP as 
    fast as you can. The only thing of note about them is that they do have an 
    HP drain attack that damages you and heals them. Just concentrate on them one 
    at a time.
    Email: CC Corp  Tournament First Round.
    It is time to fight the first round of the tournament.
     Lumina Cloth
    This battle wasn't as hard for me as some of the battles I'd fought earlier at
    the arena. Still, it is best to save.... Silabus won't be joining you this 
    time, so it is just you and Atoli. This is how we looked:
    Haseo Lv 25
    (Wrath) Zhen
    (Absorb) Mail
    (Brave) Pendant
    Atoli Lv 24
    (Water) Xinzhu +5
    (Absorb) Gown
    (Medic) Pendant
    You could probably beat this fight, even at a lower level with worse gear.
    Still, I take pride in preparing well. Change the Awakening mode to Beast
    Head for the counter. After the scene, check the board to the left of the warp
    point to get some info on your opponents. If you are still not comfortable 
    with the Broadsword, I suggest you use the Dual Swords. My strategy is as 
    follows: Since you are outnumbered, try to stay close to Atoli, if she gets 
    surrounded and dies, then things will get difficult in a hurry. Use your 
    normal and charge-up attacks to keep them at bay. Concentrate on counter 
    attacking anything Bordeaux tries to do. It will be very difficult to defeat 
    all three of them, so concentrate on Bordeaux as much as possible. If Grein 
    (the Edge Punisher) gets through to Atoli, things could get messy, so attack 
    him immediately. After a few counterattacks, you should be able to do a Beast
    Awakening, when that happens, concentrate everything on Bordeaux. You don't
    need to kill Bordeaux in order to win, the battle will end when she gets down
    to about 1/5 of her max HP.
    After the rather good cut scenes, log out and check your email.
    News Capture/ Online Jack/ Episode 2
    News Capture/ Arts/ Shocking! Online Oedipus?   This one is just funny.
    Email: Silabus  First Match
     Mac Anu
    Once you get control, head for your @home. If you haven't been checking the
    Book of 1000 lately with Death Grunty, now is a good time. There is a good
    chance that Canard can be promoted to level two. Along with this promotion
    comes an increase in you guild's storage capacity, and a small increase in the
    number of items you can sell at shop Acorn. Unfortunately, this expansion will
    cost some money.
    The biggest problems that I have with increasing my guild rank are the Book of
    Items and the Book of Monsters. Well, for now it is best to just let the
    Monsters book level up on its own. As for the items, shopping at the various
    guild shops and trading frequently will help a lot. I already mentioned the
    ultra-rare accessories that can only be purchased at these shops, but here 
    is a complete list: One Line Reference, found at the Trifle guild shop, 
    located in the northwest corner of the Central district. This item reduces 
    the cost of Status magic, not very effective in this volume... Secret News 
    Book, found at Empireo guild shop. Increases the item drop rate of enemies. 
    Very useful, especially if you are writing a walkthrough. Medic Badge, not 
    surprisingly found at the Medic Union guild shop. Lowers the cost of healing 
    spells, this one is only useful for Atoli until you can get some White Star 
    Sand (which will give the same effect to any accessory). Seal of Ya Wang, 
    Kestrel. This lowers the cost of attack arts. Crown of Lu Ming, Moon Tree 
    guild shop. This one lowers the cost of attack spells, and is awesome for 
    Gaspard in the early part of the game.
    If you still need help collecting more items, then you can always press (X)
    while checking the book to view a handy list of equipment and items that you
    have once had, and stuff you are still missing. The book is divided into four
    categories: Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Items in Storage. The last one
    might be a bad translation, because it really just tallies all of the items
    that you have ever had in your possession. For example, if you get a Book of
    Power, then use it right away, it will still be counted the next time you
    check. But, if you acquire a weapon, armor, or accessory with an ability
    customized into it already, you must de-customize that piece in order to
    officially acquire the customization item. Example: You buy a Wrath Thorns 
    from the Kestrel guild shop. The item that makes it a Wrath Thorns instead 
    of a Blade Thorns is called a Mantis Nail. You must strip the Mantis Nail 
    from the weapon in order to have the Mantis Nail appear on your item list. 
    The same goes for armor and accessories.
    So now that you have the basics of item collection down, hopefully Canard will
    move up to level 2 soon, if it hasn't already.
    Silabus  Re: Resident of the forest. Reply with "You don't need to know."
    Gaspard  Re: About Endrance. Reply with "Good Luck"
    Piros  Let us share our stories
    Yata  Urgent
     Mac Anu
    No one is available to form a party, so head for Raven's @home. Note that
    Gaspard is back to managing shop Acorn, so pick up your profits on the way.
    After the important scene is over, I suggest you buy some more Healing Serums,
    either at the Medic Union guild shop, or at the NPC item shop next to the
    @home. Even your mages should be getting close to 500 max HP now, so Health
    Drinks are not going to cut it anymore. Sell them at your guild shop for a
    profit. 25 Healing Serums should be plenty, because you will also be getting
    them via breakable objects in dungeons.
    Put Gaspard and Piros in you party and head for the quest shop.
      Defeat Gurugon Quest
     (Delta) Rising/ Love's/ Gate
    Lv 23
    My Lv 25
    Enemies: Spear Fish, Lizard Assassin, Goblin Abyss, Gurugon
    Treasure: Tidal Wave, Knight Blood, Wizard Blood, Blade Thread, Earth Spike,
    Simple Pendant, FORTRESS STONE, 
    You will have to make your way down to to southern islet to grab the Fortress
    Stone before you can take on this area's boss to complete the mission. The 
    boss is located on the western islet. Approach the blue barrier once you 
    have the Stone to deactivate it.
    Boss: Gurugon
    Make sure your SP is at three quarters before beginning this battle. Set both
    Piros and Gaspard to Rage strategy, and allow them to do damage. It is best if
    you leave Haseo in charge of healing, so be conservative with his skill uses,
    use skills only to Rengeki. It helps if you position Haseo to Gurugon's 
    side. I prefer the Dual Sword Weapons for this fight.
    Antares  Urgent
    Chapter 6: Emperor Vanity
    Section 2.a.6
     Lumina Cloth
    Follow Antares south to the @home. Some long, but very interesting cut scenes
    will begin, introducing several important characters. When it is over, you get
    another email.
    Yata  Investigate (you can always count on Yata to get right to the point.)
     Mac Anu
    Go with the old hag to the area words. You can upgrade Pi's equipment if you
    want, but it is not necessary. The Old Hag can take care of herself.
     (Delta) Delicious/ Past's/ Weed Eater
    Lv 23
    My Lv 26
    Enemies: ANNA (AIDA), Goblin Abyss, Lizard Assassin, 
    Treasure: Blade Thread, Fire Xinzhu, Simple Gloves, Simple Pendant, Fire
    Storm, The Death, Sleep Zhen.
    OK, in the first room you will encounter AIDA. This marks a big shift in the
    game, because, as you will discover, Avatar battles are action-style battles.
    Luckily, the game goes easy on you in the first couple of battles, so you can
    learn how to control Skeith, Haseo's Avatar. Also, Skeith is connected to
    Haseo's level, so if you are having too much difficulty you can always level 
    up some more.
    The controls for the Avatar are quite simple, and the battles play out
    suspiciously like Zone of the Enders. At its most basic, the strategy is: Stun
    the enemy with shots by pressing (Square), then move in for the kill using the
    Scythe (X). Repeat this until the enemy's HP is zero.
    The first AIDA you'll fight is ANNA. This is a very basic type of enemy that
    only has a few attacks. Pi will walk you through this fight, so just follow 
    her advice. When ANNA fires Kobold Bullet, you can either repel the shots 
    with the scythe, or, you can dash forward underneath the shots when they 
    appear and attack ANNA with the scythe directly. Note that attacks with the 
    scythe, under normal conditions, are not as effective as attacks with the 
    scythe when the enemy is stunned. Many of the more advanced enemies that you 
    will fight with Skeith are extremely dangerous at close range, so, I suggest 
    that you practice keeping your distance. When ANNA fires the Algol Laser, 
    press (Circle) repeatedly while dodging with the analogue stick to escape.
    Once ANNA's HP is zero, it will lose its protection. Notice that once the 
    enemy is in "Protect Break" mode, Skeith's life bar disappears, meaning that 
    even though his Data Drain attack can be interrupted by being hit, Skeith 
    will not take any damage. Eventually, ANNA will restore its protection, but 
    you should be able to connect with the slow-moving Data Drain shot before 
    then. While it is in Protect Break, ANNA will dodge sideways while firing 
    small shots at you. Dodge in the opposite direction as ANNA to avoid most of 
    the shots. EX: If ANNA is dodging to your right, then you should dodge to 
    your left, etc. Charge while dodging and fire as soon as ANNA stops. If you 
    keep missing, try to move a little closer.
    If you lose the battle (and it is quite difficult to lose this one) you will 
    be offered a chance to continue, so don't worry. Note also that damage that 
    Skeith receives does not carry over to Haseo's HP, and damage Haseo receives 
    doesn't effect Skeith.
    Head around the twisting path to the south, and take the western exit at the
    intersection to get to the next block. The second ANNA that you will fight 
    will appear when you are about halfway there. The third ANNA will attack as 
    you approach the exit to Block 2.
    Block 2 is very short and straightforward. You'll get a cut scene as you
    approach the Beast Statue in the eastern part of the block.
    This next Avatar battle is going to be much more difficult than the others,
    note the dramatic music, that is how you can tell. 
    Tarvos' main weapon is a group of homing bullets that launch from its back.
    Dash a couple of times to either side as soon as you see the array launch, 
    then resume firing. The key here is to fire at Tarvos as much as possible 
    after it attacks and while it is in transition. It has an attack where 
    larger stakes will appear much like the bullets, but these stakes will fly 
    at you, then return to Tarvos. Destroy them with the scythe as they get 
    near. If you miss even one, Tarvos will launch its "Stake of Death" attack, 
    causing unavoidable damage. Orb of Revenge is much like ANNA's Kobold 
    Bullet, but it will require two scythe swings to destroy it, making the 
    timing of your swings much more important. Tarvos might hide behind its 
    wings, if it does, dash forward immediately and attack with the scythe. When 
    Tarvos' HP starts to get low, it will use Data Drain on you. There is no way 
    to avoid some damage, but you can keep it to a minimum by rapidly smashing 
    the Symbol, Directional Pad, and Shoulder buttons.
    During Protect Break, just keep moving and fire when Tarvos stops. If you are
    having trouble, try moving a little closer.
    When the battle is over, more cut scenes ensue. Obviously, Haseo thinks there
    is something special about older women. I'd have to agree.
     Mac Anu
    You can now access the Avatar VR system at the Serpent of Lore in Raven's
    @home. This lets you practice Avatar battles that you've previously completed.
    If you win, you will get rewards like wallpaper for your desktop. If you are
    still uncomfortable with Avatar battles, I suggest you give it a shot.
    Pi  Re: Comatose. Reply with "Debt."
    Atoli  Something Important
    Piros  Tri-Edge. Reply with "Rumors?"
    You might have noticed by now, but your allies affections are starting to
    differ greatly. Affection is shown by the glowing orb located on the Status
    screen, and the member address lists. It will start off as a red orb, then 
    that red orb will slowly gain satellites that orbit around it. After it 
    gains five satellites, the orb will turn blue, then start gaining satellites 
    again. The maximum affection in this volume is a blue orb with three 
    satellites. Silabus, Gaspard, and Atoli should all be getting close to the 
    max. While Pi, Kuhn, and Piros should be way behind, due to their lack of 
    playtime in your party. One way to help them catch up is to send them some 
    greeting cards. I suggest that you save at least one of every type for later 
    volumes of .Hack// GU, but for now, go ahead and send some off to allies 
    that could use a little love. There is a rare type of greeting card that you 
    may have gotten, the "Flower Gift" card, this one will really help with the 
    affection of the recipient, but you will only get one. It is your decision to
    send it off or not.
    On a side note, the affections of your allies are not in any way effected by
    the game's storyline, so don't worry if it seems like Haseo and Kuhn are
    fighting, his affection hasn't decreased one bit. Not that if you send off a
    greeting card to Kuhn, he will not reply right away.
     Mac Anu
    Atoli implies that you and the Old Hag must face an inquisition at Moon Tree
    HQ. Yikes.
      Moon Tree HQ
    (Delta) Setting/ Eternity's/ Night Moon
    Go through the doors to the warp point to face the inquisition. Err... OK,
    maybe not. Text of Power, awesome!
    Gaspard  Good Luck! Get some area words for leveling up.
    Atoli  Re: you did well.
    CC Corp  Tournament, Second Round.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Hidden Quest   View this to help move the Abyss
    Quest along.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Where can I get an Olm Shell?   Get some more area
    words from Renji. 
    Official Forum/ Moon Tree Contact   Reply with "About Moon Tree" to increase
    Atoli's affection. Respond with "You're..." if you want to stay in character.
     Lumina Cloth
    You can go to some of the areas you just received if you want to level up, but
    I think the fight against Matsu is much more fun at your current level. If you
    do go level up now, you will have access to more powerful equipment to use in
    the fight against Matsu. Matsu is an Adept Rogue, like Haseo, though his main
    weapon is the Steam Gun. He fights alongside two Tribal Grapplers and is at
    level 33. So, this battle can be quite tough in the mid to high twenties. If
    you want to level up, go ahead, I'll cover those areas after this section. I
    was at level 27 and barely made it through the battle. Set the awakening mode
    to Beast Awakening.
    When the battle starts, your opponents will split up and attack. Try not to 
    let them do this, your skills will be more effective if they can hit more 
    than one person. Eventually, the Tribal Grapplers went after Atoli, while 
    Matsu attacked Silabus. Silabus, with his sword, is more than a match for 
    Matsu in close combat, but Atoli needs to be protected from the Grapplers. 
    Try to keep them away (the Broadsword works best) while sending a counter 
    attack over to Matsu when the opportunity arises (this may take some tricky 
    camera work, to keep an eye on all of them.) How well you do in this battle 
    depends on your Moral Gauge and how many Awakenings you can pull off. So 
    Rengeki and counterattack at every opportunity. Once the Beast Awakening 
    starts, aim all you've got at Matsu. It took me two full Awakenings to get 
    Matsu down to 1/3 of his HP. When that happens, the battle pauses for a cut 
    Now Matsu has switched his weapon to the Broadsword. He will now attack Haseo
    almost exclusively, while the Grapplers still commit to your weaker members.
    Attack Matsu with the Dual Swords, while using skills and counterattacks
    against the Grapplers. Silabus will still attack Matsu for all it is worth, 
    but he is now the one at a disadvantage. After three full Beast Awakenings, 
    Matsu went down. But, Atoli and Silabus had less than 75 HP apiece, and 
    Atoli had exhausted her SP. However, it is battles like this one that are 
    the most satisfying.
    If you can't seem to win this battle, then I have failed you as the writer of
    this walkthrough, sorry. Go ahead and level up at some of the new areas.
    After the battle, cut scenes will ensue, and Haseo will be given a new weapon.
    At this time though, I was unable to equip it. Atoli will become unavailable
    for a short while. I suggest you head back to Man Anu.
     Mac Anu
    It is time for some training, using the area words you got from the forums and
     (Delta) Rough Song/ Dusk's/ Hand Song
    Lv 17
    My Lv 27
    My party: Silabus, Gaspard
    Enemies: Buster Kettle, Goblin Mage, Chickie, Steam Shell.
    Treasure: Rough Mail, Simple Earth Idol, Warrior Blood, Warrior Seal, Simple
    Gloves, Turtle Shell, Rough Defense, Fire Mouse Skin, Sub Gown, Change Earth
    This area is quite small, and well below your current level. However, there is
    a possibility that you will run into Greedy Cervantes here so be careful, you
    are probably not quite powerful enough to take him on yet.
     (Delta) Graceful/ Humbling/ Holy Relic
    Lv 27
    My Lv 27
    Enemies: Fever Horse, Carrie, Baz Giant.
    Treasure: Sub Attire, Warrior Blood, Fire Legged, Wizard Pendant.
    The Fever Horse enemies here are quite difficult. Try to start the battle with
    a Broadsword skill to put a dent in their shells. The Carrie enemies are also
    in shells, plus they can cast an area effect spell that curses you party. It
    helps to have some Blessing Sodas on hand. You can gain quite a few levels
    here, making the Baz Giant boss pretty easy.
     (Delta) Agonizing/ Friend's/ Nemesis
    Lv 27
    My Lv 30
    Enemies: Carrie, Fever Horse,
    Treasure: Wing of Lufu, Sleeping Powder, Simple Wind Idol, Fire Legged, Wall
    Pretty much the same as last time, but you should still be gaining levels
    quickly, so this will be much easier.
    Again, Cervantes might be in a Battle Area here. You just might be ready to
    take him on, as long as you are properly prepared.
     (Delta) Piling/ Red Plum's/ Twin Rocks
    Lv 31
    My Lv 31
    Enemies: Ruby Cutter, Truffle, Elder Tree
    Treasure: Broad Tu Wan, Simple Earth Bell, Turtle Shell, Simple Pendant, Vigil
    Vest, Absorb Defense.
    The Ruby Cutter enemies here are vicious. Their shells are tough to break, 
    even with Arts from the Broadsword. Defend against their skills, then launch 
    an attack of your own. The Truffle enemies can cast an area-effect sleep 
    attack, so Stimulant Sodas come in quite handy. The boss for the area is the 
    Elder Tree, a super-charged version of the Crumple Tree that you fought with 
    Pi and Kuhn way back when you were first trying to awaken your Avatar. 
    Again, it has an area-effect Sleep spell, so try to run if you see if 
    coming, then heal your party as necessary.
     Mac Anu
    Hopefully you've started to get the hang of the game's awfully difficult
    language that it uses in reference to spells and elements. Most of the in-game
    language is Irish Gaelic, such as the word "Mac Anu," but the spells and
    elements are different. The prefix "Rip," such as in Rip Duk, always refers to
    a Status Healing spell. The root word "Repth" always refers to an HP recovery
    spell, such as in Ul Repth. The words for the elements are as follows: Rue 
    Water; Vak  Fire; Gan  Earth; Zan  Wind; and there are two more which do not
    appear in this volume: Ani; Darkness; and Lei: Light. The second word in the
    attack spell's name refers to what the spell does. You'll catch on sooner or
    Gaspard  Re: Good Luck
    Piros  New Desecration Discovered.
     Mac Anu
    No one is available, so go alone to the area Piros mentioned in his email.
      Morrigu Barrow Wall
    (Delta) Hidden/ Forbidden/ Bulwark
    You'll get to see some rather interesting scenes. When you get control, talk 
    to Piros, who is acting like a kid playing hide-and-seek. Man, I can't believe
    that Piros' player has a wife and a kid in the real world. Wait... Maybe I 
    can. When Haseo mentions going back to town, do so, then log out.
    Antares  Extremely Urgent
     Lumina Cloth
    When you get control, follow Alkaid down to the back streets. Another cut 
    scene follows. Time to check your email once again.
    Gaspard  You'll Win. More area words.
    Silabus  Congrats. He invites you to do a quest with him and Gaspard.
    CC Corp  Tournament Semi-Finals
     Lumina Cloth
    Alkaid is very strong, she makes Matsu look like a puppy dog, but then again,
    you are much stronger as well. Alkaid is at level 36, with some very good
    equipment, so if you are not confident, skip ahead to the next section, then
    come back.
    Put Silabus in your party, then head for the counter.
    You will be up against three strong Twin Blades. Alkaid will primarily attack
    Haseo, while the others will gang up on Atoli. If you use the skill trigger
    other than for a Rengeki or a counter attack, Alkaid is very likely to counter
    attack you, causing considerable damage and lowering your morale. Alkaid's AI
    is set very high, almost as high as the Doppelganger's, so you will need to be
    somewhat conservative. Don't guard too much though, because Alkaid will not
    hesitate to use her charge-up attack, then follow up with an attack art before
    Haseo can get on his feet. If you try to attack the other Twin blades with the
    Broadsword, Alkaid will come at your back and break up your attacks. Though 
    the Broadsword will cause some damage, Alkaid will use her guard effectively 
    and will not allow it to knock her off balance. Whatever you do, do not let 
    Alkaid catch you up against the battle fence, if she does, you will likely 
    find yourself the victim of a Rengeki.
    So, how do you win? First, I do prefer the (Spin) Piney Dual swords for this
    fight. They are of the Hold and Release-type of Dual Swords, usually much
    weaker than the Rapid Attack-type, but in this case, the end of their combo
    also acts like dodge, which can be very useful if you can time the attack
    properly. Stay close to Atoli, and try to protect her from the other two Twin
    Blades. This will frustrate Alkaid, causing her is use an attack art, take the
    opportunity to counter attack. Be quick about it though, because Alkaid is
    vulnerable only for a short period of time. Preempt the attacks of the other
    enemies with your normal attacks and counter attacks, until you fill the 
    Morale Gauge. Once the Beast Awakening starts, concentrate everything on 
    Alkaid, when it is over, keep attacking, this will likely open her up for a 
    Rengeki. The other two Twin Blades will begin to cast Repth as the battle 
    wears on, you can counter this, but Alkaid will likely retaliate with a 
    skill of her own once you have finished your Art. So, I use normal attacks 
    to stop their attempts at healing. Repeat this strategy until Alkaid reaches 
    1/4 or so of her max HP. It took me two full Beast Awakenings to get her down
    to that point.
    When this happens, Alkaid and her party will launch their own Beast Awakening,
    causing massive damage. For me, Atoli was killed at this point, and Silabus 
    was on his last legs. The good news is that if Haseo survives this, the 
    battle will end in a cut scene. I would not have won if this did not happen. 
    I gotta say that my respect for Alkaid skyrocketed after this fight, she is 
    not the former Empress for nothing.
     Mac Anu
    Do some shopping, the deluxe equipment shop in the Alchemy district is a good
    place to visit. Then put Gaspard and Silabus in your party and head for the
    quest shop.
     (Delta) Coiling/ Destiny's/ Whicker
    Lv 32
    My Lv 33
    Enemies: Ruby Cutter, Fat Lancer, 
    Treasure: Simple Gloves, Broad Tu Wan, Blessing Soda, Spin Axe, Lance Yantie,
    This area is pretty short, with only one floor. About halfway there, you'll 
    run into a group of PK. They are just lowly maggots compared to Alkaid, so you
    shouldn't have any trouble. The Fat Lancer enemies, on the other hand, are
    quite dangerous. Even if you guard against their skills and attacks, they will
    still cause considerable damage. Healing Serums are you best friend in this
    dungeon. Against the Fat Lancers, start off with a Broadsword Art, then try to
    dodge as you attack. Hopefully the enemy will become vulnerable for Rengeki as
    soon as its armor is gone.
    At the western end, you'll get a cut scene then be thrown into battle against
    three PC enemies. Again, they are pretty weak, I just use the Broadsword to
    take them out. When the battle is over, just grab the stone, then you'll warp
    back to town.
     (Delta) Counting/ Wrath's/ Generation
    Lv 34
    My Lv 33
    My Party: Silabus, Gaspard.
    Enemies: Goblin Abyss, Chickie Dada, 
    Treasure: Wizard Blood, Sub Yin Yang, Olm Shell, Water Baiyan, The Moon, Holy
    Yin Yang.
    This area is actually pretty easy, especially if you are coming here after
    beating Alkaid. The Goblin Abyss' magic is powerful, but you can take them out
    before they do any real damage. The Chickie Dada are just leveled up versions
    of Chickie.
     Mac Anu
    Haseo should be nearing level 35 by now. If he is there, it is time to acquire
    some (Spin) Axes. To get them, many PCs, including 1/2 and Ninjato, will trade
    them to you, in fact Spin Axe is carried by more PCs than any other weapon. 
    The weapon is also sold at the DX weapons shop in the Alchemy district, 
    though you may not have enough money to by the six needed to reach (Spin) Axe 
    (Spin) Axe +5 is actually my third favorite weapon in the game. It is a Rapid
    Attack-type of Dual Sword, but unlike the previous versions, this one will 
    spin around like a large buzz saw allowing you to attack multiple enemies at 
    once while tapping (X). Try trapping an enemy up against the battle fence, 
    then using the normal combo through to the end. Not only will you deal massive
    damage, but you will certainly open them for a Rengeki.
    If you skipped ahead and haven't beaten Alkaid yet. Go back to Lumina Cloth 
    and fight her now. At level 35, she is still a handful, but she can be beaten
    Also, if you have been avoiding the blue Battle Areas that you come across in
    dungeons and fields for fear of Greedy Cervantes, go ahead and fight him now.
    At level 35-36 your party will qualify to wear some really good weapons and
    armor. As long as you are equipped properly, Cervantes won't put up much of a
    fight. He really is nothing but a squirming maggot compared to Alkaid anyway.
    After you beat him, the Battle Areas will be filled with normal PK again, 
    for a short while anyway. The remaining Chaotic PK will fill the Battle 
    Areas from time to time, but they are not much more difficult than 
    Cervantes, you should be able to kill them as long as you can stay on the 
    Gaspard  Found Rumor
      Morrigu Barrow
    (Delta) Hidden/ Forbidden/ Bulwark
    There is a series of cut scenes.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Where can I get an Olm Shell?   Get some Area 
    Words from AppleStar.
    CC Corp  Tournament Finals
    Silabus  I'm nervous...  Get some leveling up area words.
    Chapter 7: Rage and Temptation
    Section 2.a.7
     Mac Anu
    I do not recommend fighting in the arena final until Haseo, Atoli, and Silabus
    are all at level 36 with matching and fully alchemized equipment. So, I 
    suggest you go to the three areas that you just got and do some training and
     (Delta) Counting/ Heretic's/ Frog Lake
    Lv 28
    My Lv 35
    My Party: Atoli, Silabus
    Enemies: Truffle, Rue Ziger, Don Elephant, 
    Treasure: Tidal Wave, Water Altair, Simple Water Bell, Soil Bug Antenna, 
    Knight Seal, Turtle Crest, Medic Pendant, Turtle Shell, Olm Shell, Loose Vest, 
    This is all pretty easy. You won't need my help.
     (Delta) Beloved/ Swift/ Alga Grass
    Lv 34
    My Lv 36
    My Party: Atoli, Silabus
    Enemies: Goblin Abyss, Fat Lancer, Chickie Dada, 
    Treasure: The Moon, Simple Pendant, Spin Piney, Spin Axe, Water Baiyan, Simple
    Water Bell, Medic Water Bell.
    Just head West to reach the second block. The Fat Lancers here could give you
    some trouble. I start off every battle against them with a Broadsword Art.
    Also, it helps if you break through their armor before using an Awakening. The
    Chickie Dada can be pretty rough to, make full use of your Aerial Arts, and 
    try to ground them all as quick as possible, they cannot call for 
    reinforcements once they can no longer fly.
    For the second block, head North all the way to the end, then turn East to
    reach the beast temple.
     (Delta) Fattening/ Military/ Pure Bred
    Lv 36
    My Lv 37
    Enemies: Zan Juggler, Chickie Dada, Holy Eater, 
    Treasure: Blade Sun, Simple Fire Bell, Simple Pouch, Simple Wind Bell, Spin
    Axe, Ill Axe.
    BF 1
    The Dual Swords will serve you well on the first floor.
    Just head West to go to the lower floor.
    BF 2
    Same enemies, same strategy.
    Go South at the first intersection, then back to the west at the second.
    BF 3
    The Holy Eater enemies can be tough if you haven't been healing on the way
    down. They are an upgraded version of the Angelic Gore, and make liberal use 
    of their healing abilities once their HP drops below half. Concentrate on 
    them one at a time.
    To get to the beast statue, just head south at the intersection.
     Mac Anu
    OK, now you should be ready to take on the tournament finals. My party looked
    like this:
    Haseo Lv 39
    (Ill) Axe +5 / Flame Sword
    (Holy) Jiongjia (No, I have no idea how to pronounce "Jiongjia" either.)
    (Brave) Pendant
    The Rough Jionjia has two customization slots, but only the first slot changes
    the name. the abilities were: Physical -10% and Magic -10%
    Atoli Lv 39
    (Water) Baiyan +5
    (Dream) Yin Yang
    (Medic) Water Idol
    The Dream Wood Leaf works great to break up attack against your mages, as it
    puts the attackers to sleep. The two abilities on Atoli's armor were: Counter
    Sleep and Physical -10%
    Silabus Lv 39
    (Ill) Sun +5
    (Absorb) Plate
    (Brave) Pendant
    Silabus had the same abilities on his armor as Haseo did.
     Lumina Cloth
    Well, you are up against Pi, Kuhn, and a Blade Brandier this time. Though, the
    level difference shouldn't be as bad as it was before. All of your opponents
    are at Level 41, so at most it is just a three level difference. This battle
    won't be easy, but between the battles with Matsu and Alkaid, you should be
    able to handle this. One of the reasons that I recommend against leveling up 
    at random areas is because it allows you to win without developing the skill 
    and strategy necessary for fights later in the game. This game's final boss 
    can be tough, even if you have maxed out everyone's levels. But, you should 
    have the skill now to deal with anything this game can throw at you. 
    Including this fight.
    Head for the counter when you are ready.
    Atoli and Silabus will focus their attacks on Kuhn, so I send Haseo after Pi
    and the Blade Brandier, you don't need to defeat them single-handedly, just
    hold your ground as Silabus slices up Kuhn and Atoli supports him with her
    spells, try to keep them occupied. At this point Haseo can take quite a bit of
    damage before he gets into danger, so just keep at it and counter attack Kuhn
    and the Blade Brandier as they use their skills
    Again, focus your Beast Awakening on the leader. When Kuhn's HP reaches half,
    the battle is interrupted by a short cut scene. It resumes momentarily though.
    Keep it up and the battle will end with another scene.
    Avatar Battle: Magus
    This is the toughest Avatar battle yet. Magus has both defensive and offensive
    skills at its disposal, so you'll have to adjust your strategy accordingly
    depending on what it is doing. First thing to keep in mind is that close 
    combat is dangerous, unless Magus is stunned, avoid getting too close at all.
    Magus usually starts the battle by casting a shield around himself, this 
    shield can only be destroyed with repeated shots. If you get close to Magus 
    while the shield is up, you will suffer damage, so stay away. Magus will 
    attack with a rapid-fire phalanx of bullets, dash away once and resume 
    firing as soon as you can. If you successfully destroy the shield before 
    Magus switches to attack mode, it will become stunned. Being a medium 
    distance from Magus can help with your shot's accuracy.
    Magus' most dangerous attack is called Flash of Green, where he casts a net of
    lasers that move from the top of the screen to the bottom, then back again. Do
    not try to get away by dashing, you will likely just get caught in the net.
    Dodge slightly to the left to avoid the attack. I rhythmically tap the 
    analogue stick to the left to dodge as the beams pass by on the way down, 
    then on the way back up.
    The battle will end when Magus' HP hits 1/5 of its max.
     Lumina Cloth
    Well, that was eerily heartwarming.... Anyway, if you haven't been practicing
    Avatar battles at The Serpent of Lore in Raven's @home, now is a good time to
    do so. The Avatar battles from here on out are only going to get tougher.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Found an irritating mob   Read this now to view
    some replies later. This is part of the Abyss side-quest.
    Piros  Re: Rumors? Reply with "Napping."
    Yata  Endrance. Again, Yata is too emotionally withdrawn to write an email
    longer than two lines.
     Mac Anu
    At Raven's @home, you will get more scenes. Pi and Kuhn will now be regularly
    available for your party outside of story events.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Found and irritating mob   Reply with "What kind 
    of monster."
    CC Corp   Title Match
    Atoli  I'm Thrilled.  Get some area words that were given to Atoli by Matsu.
    Kuhn   Quest
    Pi   A good lesson
     Mac Anu
    The title match is coming up. But Endrance is in the high 40s, so you are not
    ready quite yet. Plus, now is an excellent opportunity to get Pi and Kuhn some
    training and new gear. The best weapon for Pi in the game is at a lowly 
    level 32 is the (Fist) Altair. This weapon is easy to come by both as a 
    trade and as a drop by monsters, but it cannot be purchased. Pi already has 
    one equipped, but getting enough to make an Altair +5 will be necessary 
    eventually. I suggest you start collecting them now. Kuhn's weapon has also 
    been upgraded, but it is not the most powerful gun he can equip, so it is 
    not necessary to alchemize it. If you can find some (Fist) Altair to pump up 
    Pi's weapon, great. If not, you are still more than ready to take on the 
    quests that those two invited you on.
      Crab Monster Party
    (Delta) Disputing/ Gray/ Tiny Beast
    Lv 37
    My Lv 39
    Enemies: Mad Jaws, Great Jaws
    Treasure: Simple Pouch, AMBER DRAGON EYE.
    You will meet a familiar face as soon as you enter the dungeon. 
    All you have to is defeat all the enemy parties. Pretty easy, considering this
    dungeon only has one floor. Just wander around defeating enemies as you go. 
    The Mad Jaws here are tenacious, but not very active. That is, they can a 
    take a beating, but will let you run circles around them and won't do too 
    much damage to you. Once you defeat the last group of enemies, a boss will 
    appear deep in the cave.
    The Great Jaws is a more vicious type of the enemies you've been fighting till
    now. I strongly recommend the Broadsword. Still, with Alkaid's help, this
    battle goes pretty quick. Use a Broadsword Art right off the bat, hopefully
    you'll have acquired Armor Pierce by now, and put Haseo right in front of the
    Great Jaws. Haseo is the "Tank" of this group so he should draw the damage if
    possible. Use Healing Serum when necessary, and Rengeki when you can. This
    fight will be over before you know it.
    Personally, I was hoping for a cat fight between Alkaid and Pi.
     Mac Anu
    Pi and Kuhn should be reaching level 42. When they do, it is time to get them
    some armor, the (Loose) Sheath. It cannot be purchased, but many of the PCs
    will trade it to you, including Vergilius, Tres, Syake, and Inui. If you are
    having a tough time finding someone with a Sheath available, warp between Mac
    Anu and Lumina Cloth to keep searching (if you enter Lumina Cloth now, you'll
    get a cut scene, but you'll get control soon). Note that the PC's trades reset
    every time you enter and exit your @home. So, if you find someone with an item
    that you want more than one of, trade with them, then enter and exit your
    @home, and trade with them again. This trick doesn't work all the time, but 
    I'd say it works 80% of the time. This also works with Henako and Corporal 
    Yano, who have the very valuable Beginner's Text and Beginner's Book.
    When you are done, it is time for another quest.
      Maze of the Bird Monster
    (Delta) Crying/ Gambler's/ Footsteps
    Lv 37
    My Lv 40
    Enemies: Chickie Dada, Gan Ziger, 
    Treasure: Earth Altair, The Devil, Simple Head Band, Healing Rain, 
    You'll be treated to intermittent and rather funny cut scenes as you progress
    through this one-floor dungeon. None of the enemies will be difficult, and you
    will only get a small amount of EXP for your trouble. The boss appears in the
    Northwest corner of the map. Somehow, I had always suspected Kuhn would be 
    like this.... Yearning for his childhood by vicarious means, so to speak.
     Mac Anu
    Alright, it is time for some real training. This will be tough, but you'll be
    well prepared for Endrance afterwords.
     (Delta) Dawning/ Kourin's/ Scud
    Lv 43
    My Lv 40
    My party: Atoli, Silabus
    Enemies: Holy Eater, Gan Juggler, Carrieanne, Goblin Knight, 
    Treasure: Broad Wings, Simple Earth Bell, Simple Watch, The Death, Blade Sun,
    Fist Altair, Poison Wings.
    BF 1
    Just go west to get to the next floor.
    I prefer the Dual Swords for the enemies here, especially because it allows 
    for multiple Rengeki.
    BF 2
    The Carrieanne enemies here are dangerous, especially if they decide to blow
    themselves up. Their kamikaze attack does massive damage to anyone in the 
    area, but you will still get their EXP, even if they do so. If you see one 
    waving goodbye, either run or guard. They can also cast an area effect Curse 
    attack, draining you SP. Atoli comes in very handy here, so do Blessing 
    Sodas. Take them out as quickly as possible with the Broadsword.
    Go North, then back to the West to get to BF 3.
    BF 3
    Go South at the intersection to reach the Beast Statue. 
    The goblin Knights here can be a handful. They are not that powerful, but will
    do a good job of frustrating you with their skills. If you see one of their
    Arts coming, guard. they will also defend against your attacks, but a Hold and
    Release Broadsword will deal them damage anyway. Try to gang up on them. 
     Mac Anu
    Once you get back, go trading and shopping. On the list should be: (Rough)
    Metal; (Sub) Garment; (Loose) Sheath (for Silabus); and (Broad) Wings. The
    Rough Metal can be bought at the DX Armor shop, but the rest you will have to
    trade for. There are many who have the (Loose) Sheath and the (Broad) Wings,
    but the (Sub) Garment can be difficult to find. The PCs Onimatsu and Joanna
    have them, but I wasn't able to find anyone else with one. It is not necessary
    for Atoli to have one, but it does give her a big defense boost.
    When I was done, this is what my party looked like:
    Haseo Lv 44
    (Wrath) Wings +4 / (Ill) Axe +5
    (Holy) Metal
    (Brave) Watch
    Atoli Lv 44
    (Wind) Baiyan +5
    (Dream) Garment
    (Medic) Watch
    Silabus Lv 44
    (Ill) Sun +5
    (Absorb) Sheath
    (Brave) Watch
    You should be able to take on Endrance, even if your equipment isn't as good 
    as this. Though it is important that Haseo be at least Lv 43.
     Lumina Cloth
    Upon entering you'll get a cut scene, if you didn't see it before. Head for 
    the counter. Just when you are pumped up and ready for the battle to start, 
    a long series of cut scenes begin.
    Eventually, the battle will start. Do not use the Skill Trigger against
    Endrance unless you know that he can't counter attack. He will always counter
    attack Haseo if possible. Though, his skills are not as dangerous as his 
    normal attacks, because they can cause the Charm status effect. 
    unfortunately, there is no way to prevent or heal this status effect, you 
    will just have to wait it out, no matter how annoying it is. When Endrance 
    is surrounded by a pink aura, he will dodge all of your attacks, even your 
    skills, so, again, you will have to wait him out. The battle ends when 
    Endrance hits 1/2 of his HP.
    Avatar Battle   Macha
    In case you wanted to know: Macha is the goddess of temptation in Celtic
    mythology. She is a member of the Tuatha de Danann (pronounced: To ah ha/ day/
    Dawn on) the subterranean council of Celtic gods.
    Macha is tough, her moves are far more difficult to read than those of the
    other Avatars that you have fought before. This is why it is necessary to have
    Haseo be at level 43, it makes this battle much easier.
    Macha's most common attack is where she will throw energy disks at you. Dash
    two or three times to the left to avoid it. When her fists start glowing,
    continuously dash either way to avoid her blitz. Fire as soon as she passes by
    to stun her.
    As you deplete Macha's HP, the battle will be interrupted several times by cut
    Macha can cast Bolt of Love, where she launches several flower-shaped gun 
    pods. Dash forward towards them and destroy them with the scythe quickly, 
    before they have a chance to fire.
    Seductive Voice is difficult to evade, just dash continuously in any one
    Bewitching Wind isn't an attack, per say, but it will greatly increase Macha's
    attack power and speed. After she casts it, she will throw some disks at you,
    then rise up and blitz at you in quick succession. Dash away continuously as
    soon as she rises up. Avoid the attack and fire in order to stun her.
    Macha will use Data Drain in the final quarter of her health bar. Again, there
    is no way to avoid some damage, but it can be minimized if you smash the
    buttons like a madman.
    When you achieve Protect Break, Macha will resort back to using her energy
    disks. Charge up, but don't worry about dodging the shots, just fire before
    they hit you. Remember, in Protect Break mode, Skeith will not take damage.
     Lumina Cloth
    You will get some new mail. But I strongly suggest that you do not log out now.
    Now that you are the Emperor, you are born for battle, and are now ready to
    take on some of the game's toughest tasks, including the Doppelganger. I
    suggest you wait to take on the Doppelganger though.
    You are now close enough to the maximum level of 50 that what I said earlier
    about leveling up no longer applies. Your weapon levels will not suffer if you
    choose to go around leveling up now, and the remaining story battles will 
    still be tough, even at level fifty.
     Mac Anu
    From now on, you can do what you want. If you want to keep leveling up, 
    though, your choices for areas will be limited at first, but once you get 
    some good scores on high level areas, the game will have given you enough 
    area words so that you'll have many options for leveling up. If you want to 
    do some leveling up, great. If you want to continue with the story, then 
    I'll write the walkthrough assuming you logged out now.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Found an irritating mob   Get more area words for
    the Abyss Quest.
    CC Corp   Notice of Crowning Ceremony.
    Kuhn   Congrats!  Get some area words
    Chapter 8: Azure Flame
    Section 2.a.8
     Mac Anu
    No one is available for a party, so you'll have to make your way to the 
    Harbor. Talk to the Cap'n Crunch looking Vital Vista on the ship's deck. 
      Isle of Kings, Hy Brasail
    What is the announcer saying? It makes absolutely no sense. "Carved into the
    river of time by the chosen ones"?  How do you carve something into a river?
    What did he smoke before the party?
    Haseo suggests you talk to everyone, and that is what you have to do. Don't
    miss the downward stairs on either side of the platform, there are people down
    there too. Man, I swear, Gabi has all the eloquence of a wrecking ball. Head
    for the balcony (even though it is not actually a balcony, more like a gazebo
    lookout) when the game suggests you do. You will start a long cut scene. Head
    back to the ship when you are done.
     Mac Anu
    When you return, it is a good time to go and do the next step of the Abyss
    Quest, and to go to the area words that Kuhn sent you.
     (Delta) Entwined/ Joyous/ Venom Fang
    Lv 40
    My Level 44
    Enemies: Living Corpse
    The game requires that you beat Endrance (and Macha) before you can access 
    this dungeon. So, it is way too easy, even if you haven't leveled up. This 
    dungeon is short and only has one battle at the end.
    S-rank Reward: 1st word: Closed
     (Delta) Freezing/ Aster's/ Crawl Tree
    Lv 40
    My Lv 45
    Enemies: Lance Marine, Holy Eater, Gan Juggler
    Treasure: Spite Rain, Wrath Sun,
    You won't need my help with either strategy or navigation. Doing this level
    just makes sure that Kuhn and Pi are at a level that is only a little below
    Community Forum/ The World/ Where can I get an Olm Shell   More area words.
    Community Forum/ The World/ Looking for a monster   even more area words.
    Silabus   About Atoli
    Yata   Urgent
     Mac Anu
    You'll get a startling scene as you log in. Go to Raven's @home, need I say
    more? After that head to the Dome to get a short scene with Pi and Kuhn.
    Now, it is your choice to either continue the story or go to the area words
    given to you on the Forum. Going to the side areas makes this next battle
    easier, but, if you are like me than you are dying to know what happens next.
    Note: I will not cover the two side areas given in the forums. You should have
    the skill to deal with them yourself
    Pi and Kuhn are required for the next story battle. Here is the equipment I 
    had before we left:
    Haseo Lv 45
    (Wrath) Wings +4 / (Ill) Axe +5
    (Holy) Metal
    (Brave) Watch
    Kuhn Lv 45
    (Wrath) Hong +5
    (Absorb) Sheath
    (Brave) Watch
    Pi Lv 45
    (Fire) Altair +5
    (Vigor) Sheath
    (Brave) Watch
    As far as usable items went, I had: 40 Healing Serum, 15 Healing Rain, 10
    Revive Rain, 45 Sprite Drop, 7 Sprite Rain, 20 Revival Medicine, 10 Knight
    Blood, and 10 Warrior Blood.
    I suggest that you be at least level 45, with this equipment or better. Save
      Morrigu Barrow Wall
    (Delta) Hidden/ Forbidden/ Bulwark
    When you Gate in, give Pi and Kuhn 5 Healing Serums, 2 Revival Medicines, 
    and 5 Sprite Drops each. Pi will whine about the lame present, and Kuhn will 
    be falsely grateful, but they will probably need these things. Approach the 
    Sign when you are ready. The game will ask you if you are prepared, you'd 
    better be. Warp from the Sign.
    A long scene. then...
    Tri-Edge vs G.U.
    This is it, the battle the whole game has been building to.
    Since you are with Pi and Kuhn, Haseo will have to do most of the healing. 
    Keep an eye on everyone's HP, and use a Healing Serum when necessary. The 
    reason I had you give some items to the others a moment ago was just in case 
    of an emergency. Whatever happens  and this is very important to keep Haseo's 
    HP above 350, because if Haseo goes down, that will likely be the end.
    Set Pi and Kuhn to the Rage Strategy. Then use Knight Blood on them, then
    Haseo. You will notice that the Morale Gauge increases slightly every time
    Haseo heals a party member, the purpose of the Healing Rains that you have 
    will be more to fill the Morale gauge than to heal. Use the Warrior Bloods 
    next. Luckily, Tri-Edge starts off slowly. Attack with normal attacks and 
    Rengeki when you can.
    Tri-Edge uses many Area-Effect attacks, so dodge in to attack and then dodge
    away and heal if necessary. The Dual Swords are preferable. Switch to Beast
    Awakening. When the Morale gauge fills the first time, switch to the 
    Broadsword first, then activate it. Tri-Edge will begin to speed up as his 
    HP drops, by the time it is at half, he will really begin to fight.
    Tri-Edge has a skill that will do massive, unavoidable damage to Haseo,
    probably in the range of 300 HP. Heal Haseo immediately afterwords. Again,
    keeping Haseo alive is the key to winning. Keep an eye on your allies' SP as
    well. When they get low, feed them some Sprite drops. Keep this up and the
    battle is yours.
    In all though, this isn't as hard as the battle with Alkaid.
    It is not over yet.
    Avatar Battle   Azure Flame God
    Azure's most common attack is to throw out a spread of small fireballs. Dodge
    slightly in either direction and keep firing. This attack isn't very 
    effective, he will miss you with it half the time if you just stand still. 
    They key to winning is to barrage the Azure Flame God with shots whenever 
    you can; after his attacks, while he is in transition, and as long as you 
    dare before his attacks reach you. Only close in on Azure when he is stunned.
    Azure can conjure an aura of fireballs that will home in on Skeith, Dash a few
    times to either side to avoid it. Or, if you are bold, Dash in though the
    center of the halo and either resume firing or slash Azure with the scythe. If
    you choose the scythe, you will only have time for one swing before Azure
    knocks you back.
    Azure will use "Azure Tiger Claws." this is a very difficult skill to avoid.
    Spinning blades will approach Skeith, which you must bat away with the scythe.
    Your timing must be perfect. Skeith uses a three-slash combo with the scythe,
    begin the combo right before the fist blade hits Skeith. The blade will be
    knocked away, but swing the scythe a second time, because this attack will
    deflect the second blade. The blades will come around and return to Skeith,
    time the strikes again to avoid taking damage.
    Azure's Blitz attack comes very fast. You must Dash to either side immediately
    to avoid it. If he catches you, prepare to receive massive damage. If you can
    dodge it consecutively, begin firing immediately and you will stun Azure.
    In the last quarter of his health, Azure will use Data Drain. Again, you can
    only try to minimize the damage
    During Protect Break. Azure will revert to his fireball attack, but this time
    he will slowly move closer to you, making his attack more effective. Move back
    while swaying side to side to avoid the attack and fire right when Azure
    pauses. If you miss, count the number of times he attacks before he pauses, so
    you will know when the pause is coming. You have a full 45 seconds to connect
    with your Data Drain attack so don't rush, just keep calm and steady. This
    time, it is your turn to send Tri-Edge's sorry carcass back to level one.
    Congratulations! You have completed the main story for .Hack// G.U. volume 1.
    There is still a lot to do before you move on though. All of it will be covered
    in the post-story section.
    But before that, I would like to thank you for sticking with me this far. I
    hope that you enjoy the game as much as I do, and this walkthrough was written
    with the goal of providing you with all the necessary information, without
    taking away from the pleasure of this wonderful game. I will be back for
    Volumes 2 and 3, so I hope to help you again soon.
    Thank you again
      Twenty-Nine Rooks
    Section 2.b
      Post-Story Game
    This section will cover the following events:
    The Assassination of all the Chaotic PK. And the completion of the related
    The completion of the Abyss side-quest.
    The defeat of the Doppelganger.
    The completion of the Lucky Animal campaign.
    Section 2.b.1
     The Chaotic PK
    Hopefully, by now you've at least defeated Greedy Cervantes. If you haven't,
    well, no matter, the same strategy applies to almost all of the Chaotic PK.
    They will likely start the battle with a skill aimed at their victim. Either
    use the skill trigger to preempt this, or use a Warrior Seal or Attack Item
    right away. In the early part of the battle, set your party members' strategy
    to Rage, then use "Seal" items like Knight Seal and Astrologer Seal. Then, let
    your fighter(s) move in close, while you stay back and burn through your 
    Attack Spell items until they are open for Rengeki. When you run out, heal 
    the others as required. Hopefully you can put an end to it all quickly, it 
    is best to fight these battles offensively, with only a minimal amount of 
    As you get to the higher levels (40+) you will no longer need to use items,
    though Attack Spell items can still come in handy to break up their attacks 
    and keep them off balance.
    The bigger problem is where to find them. They randomly pop up in the Battle
    Areas, so just find a way to search many Battle Areas in a short amount of
    time; where there is a Battle Area right next to where you gate in.... Namely:
      (Delta) Graceful/ Tragedy's/ Princess.
    Once you defeat Immortal Goriki, the final Chaotic PK, talk to Dongo, who is
    located in the Mercenary district's back alley, to receive the Ripper's 
    Blades, Haseo's best weapon in this volume. 
      The rest of the PK
    You will need to defeat 50 PK in all to complete the campaign. Though, all you
    get is a pittance of money for doing so. You can still use the above area
    words, but I suggest that you do this while you work on the Lucky Animal and
    Mecha Grunty quests.
    Section 2.b.2
     The Abyss Quest
    If you followed along in the walkthrough, then the majority of this quest has
    already been completed. If not, I'll reprint the steps here.
    Community Forum/ Anyone opening chests?   Reply by asking for the area words
    Go to (Delta) Choosing/ Superior/ Offerings, and fight the monsters there.
    Community Forum/ Confusing Event   Reply with "More Detail."
    Go to (Delta) Heartless/ Starting/ Pilgrim, when you get the area words from
    the thread.
    Community Forum/ Found and irritating mob   Reply with "What kind of monster?"
    Go to (Delta) Entwined/ Joyous/ Venom Fang, kill the monsters.
    After you complete the main storyline, CC Corp will inform you by email that
    the Abyss quest is open at the quest shop in Mac Anu.
    Before you head to the keywords, make sure that you have 20 each of Blessing
    Soda, Healing Serum, and Sprite Drop. My favorite party for this quest is
    actually Gaspard and Piros, but feel free to take the members you feel most
    comfortable with. Because this will be a tough battle.
     (Delta) Endless/ Corpse's/ March
    Lv 47
    My Lv 50
    Enemies: Living Corpse, Wight Ride, 
    Treasure: BLACK ARMOR
    Unlike the previous Abyss Quest dungeons, this one is rather complex. The
    Living Corpse enemies don't have a lot of power, but they will counter your
    regular attacks by inflicting poison, making it difficult to pull off and
    entire combo. They will also call for reinforcements routinely, so these
    battles can take much longer than they should. However, this dungeon is only
    sparsely populated, most of the large rooms are empty.
    BF 1
    The navigation is:
    1. Go West at the first intersection
    2. South at the second
    3. Then North to the next floor.
    BF 2
    1. North
    2. East
    3. East again, then follow the path around to the south
    The boss is at the end of the switchback to the south. Make sure everyone is
    near their full health before entering the room.
    Cernunnous has 3500 HP and very high defense, he will also counter your 
    regular attacks with the Curse status, hence the need for Blessing Sodas. 
    However, that is about all Cernunnous has got going for him. He doesn't move 
    at all, and his main attack just does about 100-150 damage and knocks your 
    characters back against the fence. After he does this, just heal your party 
    as necessary and then resume attacking. Cernunnous doesn't attack very 
    frequently, plus the Ripper's Blades actually put him to sleep for an 
    instant, serving to further his lethargy. He can heal himself, but if you 
    keep the pressure on, this won't be a problem.
    You will receive the Black Armor, Word of Vigor, Word of Spirit, and a Text of
    Power for your trouble. Nice.
    Section 2.b.3
    If you intend to play volume 2 of this series, than I strongly recommend that
    you defeat the Doppelganger. Doing so will give you an item that can be
    redeemed for a powerful Dual Sword weapon in that game.
    Recommended Level: 50
    If you are at level 50 and have defeated all of the Chaotic PK and Cernunnous,
    then you can easily defeat the Doppelganger. Here is how:
    Go to a field area that is high enough in level so that you will be able to
    fill your Morale Gauge. Fight the enemies in the field until it fills. Then,
    continue to fight, but do not trigger your awakening. After about ten minutes
    or so (maybe as much as fifteen), the Doppelganger will appear at a random
    point on the field. Continue to wander the field, hopefully you have destroyed
    all of the enemies by now, and you will eventually encounter the Doppelganger.
    Note that the Doppelganger will warp in, walk around very slowly for a
    half-minute, then warp to another random point on the same field. So, it is
    possible to wander the field for quite some time and never meet the
    Doppelganger, even though he is there.
    Once you see the red arrow indicating the Doppelganger's position, do several
    things. Switch the Awakening mode to Beast. Equip the Black Armor and (Broad)
    Wings, and then heal your party. Approach Doppelganger and start the battle.
    Immediately activate the Beast Awakening, and pummel the enemy. And... that's
    pretty much it. At this level you should be able to slaughter him before the
    awakening ends.
    If you cannot kill him before the awakening ends, here is what you do: Access
    the menu immediately and switch your allies' strategy to Rage. Then remove 
    your Broadsword in favor of your strongest Dual Sword weapon (hopefully the 
    Ripper's Blades.) Never fight the Doppelganger with the Broadsword. The 
    Doppelganger will use the same type of weapon that Haseo is currently using. 
    You do not want to see what kind of damage he can inflict with the 
    Broadsword; the Dual Swords are much more manageable. Then, use any _Seal 
    and _Blood items that you have in your possession.
    The Doppelganger's AI is ridiculously strong. If you try to battle him with
    normal attacks you will lose every time. He will transition between guard and
    attack flawlessly, frustrating most of your attempts. The only way to inflict
    significant damage is to use Arts as much as possible. Between you and your
    allies, you should be able to keep up a consistent barrage of Arts and Skills.
    Do not wait for him to become vulnerable for a Rengeki, use an art as soon as
    the skill trigger recharges. Between the Doppelganger's AI and the fact that 
    he has HP regeneration, you cannot fight this battle defensively and hope to 
    win. So, you must be continuously on the offense. Guard when you must, but 
    never hold down (Circle) for long, the Doppelganger is proficient with 
    charge-up attacks, and will likely follow with an Art before you can 
    recover. Pay no attention to you allies' HP, hopefully they will heal 
    themselves in time. The only time you should heal is if one of them is KO'd, 
    or if they run out of SP. Every second spent healing and not attacking means 
    that the Doppelganger's HP regeneration will gain significant ground. Haseo 
    alone should be enough to counteract the regeneration (perhaps even more), 
    leaving the other party members to inflict the lasting damage. Heal Haseo's 
    HP if, and only if, necessary; even though you are fighting a very strong 
    opponent, you should be surprised to see just how much of a tank Haseo has 
    If you still cannot beat the Doppelganger, then you must resort to a drastic,
    but very helpful, means. Namely: Sleipnir. Yes, find a field area that has the
    Sleipnir lucky animal, this will be a field where the area level ends in the
    number 8. Defeat all the other monsters, then kick Sleipnir and engage
    Doppelganger. The Sleipnir will halve his HP before the battle even starts,
    making it easy to kill him during the awakening.
    If you want a challenge, though, try to defeat Doppelganger without using
    Sleipnir or an Awakening. The strategy I gave above still applies, but you 
    will want to distribute Healing Serums, Sprite Drops, and Revival Medicines 
    to your allies beforehand. Also, instead of letting your allies die, Heal 
    with Revival Rain for maximum efficiency. Revival Rains are available by 
    trading with Henako or purchase at the Medic Union guild shop. My favorite 
    party for this is Kuhn and Piros. Piros, again, only because of his armor, 
    and Kuhn because he is powerful, but most importantly, because he keeps his 
    distance. Be careful though, when set to "Rage," Kuhn and Piros burn through 
    their SP faster than any other characters, so bring some Sprite Rains as well.
    Section 2.b.4
     Lucky Animal Campaign.
    Here is a list of all the Lucky animals, and where they can be found. I you
    can't find one in the specified area, then try again one more time. Sometimes
    they don't show up where they are supposed to......
    In order to complete the campaign, you will need to kick all the different
    types of animal once and at least fifty animals altogether.
    The game decides what Luck Animals to put where based on the final number of
    the Area Level, and whether the area is a field or a dungeon. So, Gold Birds
    will show up at fields that have an area level of 9, 19, 29, 39 and 49. 
    Though, there are also some other variables thrown in here that I wasn't 
    able to pin down. However, I know this list works once Haseo and all his 
    allies are at level 50, and the main story is complete.
    Lucky Animals
         Gold Bird :         Screaming/ Humbling/ Alga Grass    Lv X9 Field
         Moon Rabbit :       Creeping/ Marble's/ Shadow         Lv X1 Field
         Leviathan :         Buzzing/ Wrath's/ Bum              Lv X5 Field
         Sleipnir :          Blurry/ Aster's/ Cassiopeia        Lv X8 Field
         Tsutsuga            Buzzing/ Swift/ Phoenix            Lv X2 Field
         Ganesha :           Buzzing/ Wrath's/ Pure Bred        Lv X6 Field
         High Wolf :         Halberd/ Honor/ Resort             Lv X4 Field
         Fate Worm :         Buzzing/ Cupola's/ Shadow          Lv X0 Field
         Totetsu :           Choosing/ Swift/ Generation        Lv X9 Dungeon
         Kudan :             Harvesting/ Ruined/ Fast Horse     Lv X1 Dungeon
         Tengu :             Sneering/ Wrath's/ Bum             Lv X5 Dungeon
         Chimera :           Choosing/ Swift/ Nemesis           Lv X8 Dungeon
         Qi Lin :            Hidden/ Swift/ Phoenix             Lv X2 Dungeon
         Tokoh :             Gallant/ Wrath's/ Berserker        Lv X6 Dungeon
         Baku  :             Heartless/ Returning/ Phoenix      Lv X4 Dungeon
         Ouryu :             Hidden/ Swift/ Bum                 Lv X0 Dungeon
         Nue  :              Side Quest                         Lv X7 Dungeon
         Two-tailed Fox :    Blurry/ Wrath's/ Hand Song         Lv X7 Field
         Malice Cat :        Elegant/ Swift/ Two Wings          Lv X3 Field
         Dark Goat :         Hidden/ Swift/ Two Wings           Lv X3 Dungeon
         Black Slepnir :     Side Quest
    --Other Campaigns
    There are three other Campaigns:
    Mecha Gunty
    Chim Kicker
    Bikman's Model
    Mecha Grunty is easy, though it can be quite tedious. Just warp to different
    fields and feed it more and more Chim Spheres. You will complete the Campaign
    when you've saved it fifty times.
    Chim Kicker is ridiculous. You will easily get enough Chim Spheres throughout
    the game to complete it.
    Bikman's Model is the most difficult one to complete. Not only will you have 
    to search the towns, but you will have to search the areas for members of the
    Medic Union. Even when you complete the Campaign, though, you will not receive
    any items that are rare; all of the prizes are more easily attainable 
    somewhere else. I completed this campaign once, but did not bother to do a 
    second time.
    Section 3
    The Book of 1000
    Canard's guild rank is based on the ranks shown by the different Ryu Books.
    When all of the books attain a certain level, then Canard's guild rank is
    increased. If you want to get Canard leveled up, then this is the section for
    First, lets talk about what you will get:
    At level 2, you get the Bronze Expansion package. This will cost 10,000GP, but
    will increase the guild storage capacity to 60 items and 60 pieces of
    equipment. Plus you will be able to sell 7 items at shop Acorn.
    At level 3, for the cost of 30,000 GP, you will be able to access your storage
    facility remotely through the platforms found in fields and dungeons. This
    ability is extremely useful in the future volumes. 
    Note that most of the Ryu Books will fill up on their own eventually 
    throughout the game. The two that give people the most trouble are Ryu Book 
    IV, item collection and Ryu Book VII, monsters. Those are the two books that 
    I will cover in-depth.
     Ryu Book I : Battles
    Not much advice to give here, just fight battles, Rengeki, and use awakenings.
     Ryu Book II : Party Members
    To increase this one, all you have to do is give gifts to your allies and move
    them in and out of your party.
     Ryu Book III : Treasure
    This one levels up as you collect treasure. I've never had a problem getting it
    to max out.
     Ryu Book IV : Item Collection 
    Section 3.a
    This one I will cover in-depth. Every item in the game is listed here, along
    with the easiest place to acquire it.
    Press (X) while looking at the book to see a more detailed list of the items
    that you have possessed. This Book logs all the items that Haseo has had in
    his possession at any time. Though the fourth section of the book is called 
    "items in storage," it actually logs all the items you have collected, so 
    the name is a misnomer. Example: If you get a Book of Power, then use it 
    right away, the item will still be logged into the Book of Ryu, in the 
    "items in storage" section.
    *The weapon that Haseo starts with, unless you loaded vol 2 clear data, then
    Haseo starts with a different weapon. Worry not, this weapon will still be
    logged in the book as if you had it in your possession.
    **This is simply the most elusive item in the game. It cannot be purchased, no
    one has it available for trade, you do not receive it as part of a story or
    side event, and no monsters drop it. Look for it in a trap or Beast Statue
    treasure box in an item level 22, wind or water elemental dungeon.
    *** The rare weapons that Kuhn, Pi, and Piros begin with do not have to be in
    your possession to be logged in the book. All you have to do is examine the
    weapon while they have it in their possession.
    Part 1 : Weapons
    Dual Swords
      Spin Gai Gu*        | Starting Weapon
      Spin Kouga          | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Spin Man Que        | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Spin Rasetu         | Mac Anu weapons shop
      Spin Corpse         | Trade/ Kestrel guild shop/ Dropped by Angelic Gore
      Spin Locust**       | Open trap boxes at Lazy/ Returning/ Masquerade.
      Spin Ban Mu         | Dropped by Goblin Guard/ Kestrel shop/ Trade
      Spin Piney          | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Spin Axe            | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Spin Needle         | Story Event
      Ripper's Blade      | Reward for defeating all Chaotic PK
      Broad Demon        | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Broad Wheel        | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Broad Maiden       | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Broad Legged       | Job extension event/ Dropped by Fever Horse
      Broad Zhen         | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Broad Tu Wan       | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Flame Sword        | Story Event
      Broad Wings        | Widely available for trade/ Dropped by Fate Crab
      Gun Steel          | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Gun Fu Yue         | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Water Bayonet***   | Kuhn's starting weapon
      Gun Waves          | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Gun Ocher          | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Gun Hong           | Trade with SideWinder and others
      Blade Guifei       | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Blade Fern         | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Blade Thorns       | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Blade Thread       | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Blade Sun          | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Tiger Fist***      | Pi's starting weapon
      Fist Altair        | Trade/ Dropped by Zan Ziger/Kestrel shop
      Golden Spear***    | Piros' starting weapon
      Lance Yantie       | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Lance Law          | Trade with Boltz and others
      Spell Xialin       | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Spell Xinzhu       | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Spell Baiyan       | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Spell Omen         | Trade with NAOO and others
      Magic Amber        | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Magic Hosei        | Mac Anu weapon shop
      Magic Nymph        | Mac Anu DX weapon shop
      Magic Crest        | Trade with Nuada and others; Dropped by Goblin Sage
    Part 2 : Armor
    Section 3.b
      Sub Gear           | Mac Anu armor shop
      Sub Robe           | Mac Anu armor shop
      Sub Gown           | Moon Tree guild shop; Setting/Cursed/Princess (Boss)
      Sub Attire         | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Sub Yin Yang       | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Sub Garment        | Trade Onimatsu, Joanna; Saddened/ Dusk's/ Phoenix
      Wild Robe          | Lucky Animal Campaign prize
    Light Armors
      Loose Sash         | Mac Anu armor shop
      Loose Guard        | Mac Anu armor shop
      Loose Kimono       | Moon Tree guild shop; Warm/ Blazing/ Blue Cloud
      Loose Vest         | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Loose Plate        | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Loose Sheath       | Trade, including: Inui, Syake, Tres, Vergilius.
    Heavy Armors
      Rough Armor        | Mac Anu armor shop
      Rough Shell        | Mac Anu armor shop
      Steam Plate        | Mecha Grunty Campaign prize
      Rough Mail         | Mac Anu armor shop
      Rough Defense      | Moon Tree guild shop/ Dropped by Buster Kettle
      Rough Jiongjia     | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Steam Armor        | Mecha Grunty Campaign prize
      Rough Metal        | Mac Anu DX armor shop
      Rough Alloy        | Widely available for trade, including Nuada, Trigger,
      Black Armor        | Defeat Cernunnous, Abyss Quest
      Steam Suit         | Mecha Grunty Campaign prize
    Part 3 : Accessories
    Section 3.c
                   Simple Bracelet    | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Simple Necklace    | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Seal of Ya Wang    | Kestrel guild shop
                   Crown of Lu Ming   | Moon Tree guild shop
                   Medic Badge        | Medic Union guild shop
                   1-Line Reference   | Trifle guild shop
                   Secret News Book   | Emperio guild shop
                   Simple Fire Idol   | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Simple Water Idol  | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Simple Wind Idol   | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Simple Earth Idol  | Mac Anu armor shop
                   Simple Steam Ring  | Mecha Grunty Campaign prize
                   Simple Gloves      | Trifle shop; Restful/ Honor/ Exile
                   Simple Earrings    | Trifle shop; Graceful/ Tragedy's/ Princess
                   Steam Bracelet     | Mecha Grunty Campaign prize
                   Simple Pendant     | Trifle Shop; Lazy/ Advice's/ Exile
                   Simple Fire Bell   | Mac Anu DX armor shop
                   Simple Water Bell  | Mac Anu DX armor shop
                   Simple Wind Bell   | Mac Anu DX armor shop
                   Simple Earth Bell  | Mac Anu DX armor shop
                   Simple Pouch       | Trifle shop; Disputing/ Gray/ Tiny Beast
                   Simple Head Band   | Crying/ Gambler's/ Footsteps
                   Simple Watch       | Trifle shop; Dawning/ Kourin's/ Scud
    Part 4 : Items
    Section 3.d
      Health Drink       | Mac Anu Kiosk
      Healing Serum      | Mac Anu trade shop
      Healing Rain       | Widely available for trade/ Medic Union shop
      Revive Rain        | Trade with Henako/ Medic Union shop
      Sprite Drop        | Mac Anu Kiosk
      Sprite Rain        | Widely available for trade: Wang Lin and Suzuki Pig
      Weird Black Tea    | Widely available for trade/ Story Event
      Holy Potion        | Trade with Great Leo, Blue Eye Samurai, Ayame; others
      Antidote Soda      | Mac Anu trade shop
      Stimulant Soda     | Mac Anu trade shop
      Blessing Soda      | Mac Anu trade shop
      Asian Mango        | Mac Anu trade shop/ Story Event
      Caramel Sauce      | Mac Anu Kiosk/ Story Event
      Fire Storm         | Mac Anu magic item shop
      Tidal Wave         | Mac Anu magic item shop
      Tornado            | Mac Anu magic item shop
      Earth Spike        | Mac Anu magic item shop
      The Death          | Breakable objects Great/Cursed/In-laws, other places
      The Moon           | Breakable objects Lazy/ Advice's/ Exile, other places
      The Devil          | Breakable objects Restful/ Honor/ Exile, other places
      Warrior Blood      | Widely available for trade
      Knight Blood       | Widely available for trade
      Wizard Blood       | Widely available for trade
      Astrologer Blood   | Widely available for trade
      Warrior Seal       | Widely available for trade
      Knight Seal        | Widely available for trade
      Wizard Seal        | Widely available for trade
      Astrologer Seal    | Widely available for trade
      Smoke Screen       | Widely available for trade
      Fairy's Orb        | Widely available for trade
      Return Feather     | Widely available for trade
      Fire Mouse Skin    | Mac Anu materials shop
      Olm Shell          | Mac Anu materials shop
      Wing of Lufu       | Mac Anu materials shop
      Soil Bug Antenna   | Mac Anu materials shop
      Scorpion Tail      | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Midoro Flagellum   | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Sleeping Powder    | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Mantis Nail        | Emperio shop; Fat Lancer; Concealed/Cupid's/Weed Eater
      Bear Paw           | Emperio shop; Side Event
      Turtle Shell       | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Turtle Crest       | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Cleansing Pill     | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Jinx's Bane        | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Caffeine Drink     | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Poison Leaf        | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Curse Plant        | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Dream Wood Leaf    | Lumina Cloth materials shop
      Body Egg           | Moon Tree shop; Trade; Protected/ Aster's/ Snow Caps
      Mind Egg           | Moon Tree shop; Trade; Concealed/ Marble's/ Alga Grass
      Body Scale         | Mac Anu materials shop
      Mind Scale         | Mac Anu materials shop
      Fire Resist Seal   | Breakable objects at: Halberd/ Black/ Bodhi Tree
      Aqua Board         | Breakable objects at: Creeping/ Marble's/ Shadow
      Calm Propeller     | Breakable objects at: Rough Song/ Dusk's/ Hand Song
      Dust-Proof Lens    | Trade Lt. Okada or Chobi for Sky Plate
      Iron Shell         | Lumina Cloth Black Market
      Iron Crest         | Lumina Cloth Black Market
      Red Sun Stone      | Mac Anu materials shop
      Blue Moon Ore      | Mac Anu materials shop
      White Star Sand    | Mac Anu materials shop
      Gold Snake Skin    | Emperio shop/ Trifle shop
      Dowsing Rod        | Emperio shop/ Trifle shop
      Amber Dragon Eye   | Emperio shop/ Trifle shop/ Side Event
      Beginner's Text    | Trade with Corporal Yano and Henako
      Beginner's Book    | Trade with Corporal Yano and Henako
      Text of Power      | Quest shop Side-Events/ Story Event
      Text of Stamina    | Quest shop Side-Events
      Text of Wisdom     | Quest shop Side-Events
      Text of Sense      | Quest shop Side-Events
      Word of Vigor      | Chim Campaign prize/ Abyss Quest prize
      Word of Spirit     | Abyss Quest prize
      Life Scroll        | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Medic Union shop
      Antidote Scroll    | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Medic Union shop
      Dawn Bird Scroll   | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Medic Union shop
      Priest Scroll      | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Medic Union shop
      Hellfire Scroll    | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Trifle shop
      Tidal Scroll       | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Trifle shop
      Tornado Scroll     | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Trifle shop
      Avalanche Scroll   | Mac Anu magic item shop/ Trifle shop
      Chim Crown         | King Chim Quest
      Coupon             | Talk to PCs in areas
     Ryu Book V : Chaos Gate Records
    If you want to fill this one, just use the Random function on the Chaos Gate's
    warp menu to warp to areas.
     Ryu Book VI : The Arena
    Well, this one will mostly be completed by story events, but you will probably
    need to spend some more time at the arena after all that is over to max it 
    out. Four rounds of Survival Battles were enough for me.
    Section 3.f
     Ryu Book VII : Monsters
    It can be very difficult to locate all of the game's monsters. Often, this is
    the Book that will lag behind the rest, but that is solved easily enough by
    some monster-hunting. Again, I will cover this Book in-depth. Note though that
    the appearance of monsters is slightly random, so if you don't find the 
    monster you are looking for the first time, try again. Or, try looking in a 
    similar area.
                    Goblin Rookie   | Peaceful/ Leading/ Freedom
                    Goblin Guard    | Lazy/ Advice's/ Exile
                    Goblin Mage     | Upfront/ Blazing/ Camelia
                    Goblin Sage     | Protected/ Bustling/ March
                    Goblin Abyss    | Beloved/ Swift/ Alga Grass
                    Gun Giant       | Wealthy/ Daybreak's/ Globe
                    Baz Giant       | Graceful/ Humbling/ Holy Relic
                    Gigamouth       | Screaming/ Season's/ Resort
                    Apititer        | Roaring/ Mourning/ Gate
                    Wight Ride      | Abyss Quest
                    Poisoned Dead   | Abyss Quest
                    Living Corpse   | Abyss Quest
                    Gurugon         | Side Quest
                    Carrie          | Restful/ Honor/ Exile
                    Carrieanne      | Dawning/ Kourin's/ Scud
                    Fat Lancer      | Coiling/ Destiny's/ Whicker
                    Gaze Knight     | Roaring/ Doomed/ Snow Caps
                    Angelic Gore    | Truthful/ Marble's/ Bum
                    Holy Eater      | Fattening/ Military/ Pure Bred
                    Cernunnous      | Abyss Quest
    Sea Monster
                    Spear Fish      | Lazy/ Advice's/ Exile
                    Lance Marine    | Freezing/ Aster's/ Crawl Tree
                    Vak Bezel       | Peaceful/ Leading/ Freedom
                    Rue Bezel       | Upfront/ Blazing/ Camelia
                    Zan Bezel       | Wealthy/ Daybreak's/ Globe
                    Gan Bezel       | Rough Song/ Vane/ Vagabond
                    Vak Juggler     | Roaring/ Mourning/ Gate
                    Rue Juggler     | Spring's/ Marble's/ Alga Grass
                    Zan Juggler     | Fattening/ Military/ Pure Bred
                    Gan Juggler     | Freezing/ Aster's/ Crawl Tree
                    Chickie         | Screaming/ Returning/ Princess
                    Chickie Dada    | Counting/ Wrath's/ Generation
                    Raven Claw      | Truthful/ Humbling/ Hand Song
                    Black Raptor    | Spring's/ Eterity's/ Old World
                    Trainee Owl     | Rough Song/ Vane/ Vagabond 
                    Hermit Owl      | Saddened/ Dusk's/ Cathedral
                    Scalvenger      | Side Quest
                    Onion Mash      | Submissive/ Tragedy's/ 1000 Oaks
                    Truffle         | Piling/ Red Plum's/ Twin Rocks
                    Crumple Tree    | Great/ Cursed/ In-laws
                    Elder Growth    | Piling/ Red Plum's/ Twin Rocks
    Demon Beast
                    Vak Fang        | Truthful/ Marble's/ Bum
                    Rue Fang        | Buzzing/ Wrath's/ Puzzle
                    Zan Fang        | Essential/ Idling/ Old World
                    Gan Fang        | Wealthy/ Military/ Malt Town
                    Vak Ziger       | Saddened/ Swift/ Two Wings
                    Rue Ziger       | Counting/ Heretic's/ Frog Lake
                    Zan Ziger       | Restful/ Honor/ Exile
                    Gan Ziger       | Saddened/ Dusk's/ Phoenix              
                    Bravo Nose      | Elegant/ Bustling/ Fast Horse
                    Don Elephant    | Counting/ Heretic's/ Frog Lake
    Mecha Beast
                    Wild Kettle     | Fly Away/ Daybreak's/ Bodhi Tree
                    Buster Kettle   | Rough Song/ Dusk's/ Hand Song
                    Steam Shell     | Rough Song/ Dusk's/ Hand Song
                    Metal Fist      | Protected/ Aster's/ Snow Caps
                    Knuckleman      | Side Quest
                    Lizard Hunter   | Unseeing/ Marble's/ Bum
                    Lizard Assassin | Restful/ Honor/ Exile
                    Fever Horse     | Graceful/ Humbling/ Holy Relic
                    Blaze Drake     | Roaring/ Corpse's/ Bum
                    Drygon          | Warm/ Blazing/ Blue Cloud
                    Dryas           | Roaring/ Doomed/ Snow Caps
                    Ruby Cutter     | Piling/ Red Plum's/ Twin Rocks
                    Fate Crab       | Roaring/ Doomed/ Snow Caps
                    Hecaton Foot    | Screaming/ Humbling/ Alga Grass
                    Horned Archelon | Roaring/ Corpse's/ Bum
                    Mad Jaws        | Side Quest
                    Great Jaws      | Side Quest
                    Kite            | Story Event
      Ryu Book VIII : Steam Bike
    The vast majority of this Book's value is based simply on Drive Time. There is
    a statistic for Crashes, but only a few are needed. For example, I was able to
    max out the book with only 10 crashes. Just keep riding the bike around Mac 
    Anu and the Fields, you will max it out eventually.
    --------------------------------End of Guide----------------------------------
         Well, there is no one to credit but me. I wrote the strategies, compiled
    all the Item and Monster lists single-handedly.
         Not to say that I'm just blowing my own horn, here. My point is that if
    you have any strategies, corrections, or additions. Feel free to contribute. 
    In fact, it is actually kinda lonely here.
    --------Special Thanks
         Elizabeth Hollinger and Zao
         Thanks for sticking with me. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am 
    only one person, despite my name.
              -- Tweny-Nine Rooks 

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