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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Angelblazer84

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___      __      __   _   __    _   _    __
    \ww\    /ww\    /ww/ |i| |nn\  |n| \x\  /x/
     \ww\  /wwww\  /ww/  |i| |nnn\ |n|  \x\/x/
      \ww\/ww/\ww\/ww/   |i| |n|\n\|n|   \xx/
       \wwww/  \wwww/    |i| |n| \nnn|  /x/\x\
        \ww/    \ww/     |i| |n|  \nn| /x/  \x\
    I've divided the walkthrough in different sections so you can use the 
    search function (Ctrl-F) Use it to get where you want much much much
    faster ;-)
    | Table of Contents [TOC] |
    Table of Contents...........................[*TOC]
    Legal Stuff.................................[*LES]
    Version History.............................[*VEH]
    E-mail Policy...............................[*EMP]
    Game Info...................................[*GAI]
       Black Mud Swamp..........................[*BMS]
       Cloud Tower..............................[*CLT]
       Red Fountain.............................[*RFT]
       Cloud Tower (2)..........................[*CL2]
       Final Showdown...........................[*FIN]
    | Introduction  [*ITR]|
    When my girlfriend asked for help on the Winx Club game, I noticed
    that there wasn't a walkthrough for the PS2 version of the game, only
    the GBA version. There are quite a few differences so I decided to write
    a walkthrough for the PS2 version.
    This is the first walkthrough I made and English isn't my mother language
    so bear with me on this one. Tips are always welcome.
    This is the complete walkthrough so don't expect anymore major updates. The
    only thing I'm missing is one last Dragon Seed so I will update again when
    I find it or someone tells me where it is.
    | Legal Stuff [*LES] |
    This guide is copyright (c) 2006 Yannick Vanderstraeten (Angelblazer84)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    The following sites have permission to post this guide:
    You can find the latest version of this guide the quickest on 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    | Version History [*VEH] |
    Version 0.1 
    Started this guide and added table of contents, legal stuff, 
    version history, e-mail policy, Game info, Magic, a few sidequests
    and the first part of the Walkthrough: Gardenia.
    General overview is also ready and took a shot at ASCII art.
    The rest will follow very soon.
    Version 0.25
    Added three missing gems in Gardenia
    Updated Table of contents.
    Added walkthrough for Alfea to Black Mud Swamp
    Updated Outfits, Sidequests, Pictures and Magic
    Planning to add a section on mini-games.
    Legal Update
    This is gonna take more time than I thought :p
    Version 0.6
    Completed the game today, only one Dragon Seed missing
    Legal Update
    Characters Update
    Added walkthrough for Alfea 3 to Red Fountain
    Something seems to be wrong with the Firefly count. Hope to fix it
    by next update.
    Added the Minigames section
    Updated Sidequests and Magic, Completed Outfits and Pictures
    Version 1.00
    Updated Characters (again)
    Added the rest of the walkthrough and updated table of contents.
    Completed Minigames, Magic and Sidequests.
    One Dragon Seed is still missing from the list, that's the last thing
    missing from this guide :(
    | E-mail Policy  [*EMP] |
    My e-mail address is tom_poes84@hotmail.com
    You can send me any email with questions, tips, wrong spelling etc.
    In short anything related to the faq and the game. Specifically state in
    the subject that your e-mail is about the Winx faq or it will just be
    deleted. Do NOT send me spam or flame mails etc... they will be ignored
    | Game Info [*GAI] |
    Characters     [*CHA]
    The main character of this game. A normal girl like any other in the
    beginning, she will soon learn she has fairy powers and gets thrown in 
    the world of Magix to battle the evil Trix with the other Winx fairies.
    She has the power of Dragonfire.
    The cute pet rabbit of Bloom. Her closest friend and the reason why
    this all begins.
    Princess of Solaria and friend of Bloom after Bloom saves her from Knut.
    She then takes Bloom to Alfea, the fairy school in Magix. She uses the 
    powers of the sun.
    In battles she will help Bloom with Solar Wind. Stella summons multiple
    rays of son, which fly towards the enemy.
    Another fairy friend Bloom with meet in Alfea. She uses magic powers
    related to music. In battles she will help Bloom with Mega Sound. Musa
    uses two big speakers and a heavy bass track to damage enemies.
    The technical fairy of the bunch. Bloom will also meet her in Alfea.
    She will help Bloom in battles with a Shield. Tecna throws microrobots
    towards Bloom that form a mesh of digital energy.
    The fairy with the powers of plants. A lover of all plantlife, she will
    help Bloom in battles with Golden Pollen. Flora heals Bloom with a cloud
    of shimmering golden pollen.
    The headmistress of Alfea. She runs the school where the Winx learn to
    use their fairy powers.
    The grumpy helper of Faragonda in Alfea.
    *Professor WizGiz*
    A teacher of the Winx who teaches at Alfea.
    *Professor Palladium*
    A teacher of the Winx at Alfea.
    *Sky, Brandon, Timmy, Riven*
    The specialists from Red Fountain. You will meet them a few times during
    the game. There is also something about a certain date...;-)
    Headmaster of Red Fountain.
    *Icy, Stormy, Darcy*
    The evil Trix that will do anything to stop you in your quest.
    The evil headmistress of Cloud Tower. Where the Witches and Trix learn
    to control their powers.
    The brainless helper of the Trix. First against you, he will change his ways
    in the end and join your cause.
    | Controls   [*CTL] |
    Left analog joystick : higlight
    X                    : select highlighted option
    Start                : open/close menu
    L1/R1                : browse through menu pages
    O                    : perform action / let go of a ledge
    Right analog joystick: move camera around
    R1                   : put camera behing Bloom
    R3                   : first person view
    Left analog joystick : walk / Run (push slightly or all the way)
    R2                   : crouch
    R2 + Left joystick   : sneak around
    X                    : jump / climb up (when on a wall)
    Square               :use fire magic
    Square (hold)        :use magic attack
    R1                   :aim at an enemy
    D-pad                :change target
    L1                   :magic shield
    Left analog joystick :move Bloom around
    Square               :use fire magic
    Triangle             :use magic Winx attack
    X                    :call Winx help
    L1                   :magic shield
    | Menu [*MEN] |
    You see three panels here that show what Bloom went through in the game.
    Here you can see the number of stars, Dragon Seeds, gems and Fireflies
    you have gathered so far.
    Here is a list of all the sidequests you started and completed. Use the left
    analog joystick to higlight an arrow and X to browse through the different
    Here is a diary entry plus picture for every major event that happened
    to Bloom thus far. Use the left analog joystick to highlight an arrow and X
    to browse through the different entries.
    Here you can see all the items Bloom has collected during her travels.
    Use the left analog joystick and X to browse through the inventory.
    Here you can see all the outfits Bloom has collected and change the
    outfit she is wearing. To get new outfits, you need to by them with
    gems or bring a certain person special items.
    Here you can see the fairy status of Bloom. This depends on then number
    of fairies Bloom has collected on her travels. For every 5 fireflies, her
    fairy level will raise by one. There are 6 fairy levels to be gained during
    the course of the game. With every new fairy title, Bloom can use better, 
    stronger attacks. See the Magic Section for more details.
    Beneath the fairy icons, you can see the magic attacks Bloom has at the
    moment and on the right the explanation of those attacks.
    At the bottom of the screen, you have the order in which the Winx will
    come to help you in the game. To change the order, simply select the Winx
    with X and move her to her new position and press X again.
    You can load another saved game, but your current progress will be lost.
    Quit the game.
    Change the settings of the game: Music Volume, Sound Effects Volume and 
    =Centre Screen=
    Centre the game on your TV screen.
    | Walkthrough  [*WKT] |
    I will list all the small trees and shining stars you find once so you 
    know where they are. Wether or not you keep shaking trees or solving stars
    every time you go past them is up to you but the more stars, the better ;-)
    *END NOTE*
    |Gardenia|                        [*GAR]
    After you start a new game and your gamesave is started, the game will
    begin with a movie where you first meet Bloom. She's eating an apple when
    suddenly Kiko comes running out of the forest and pulls Bloom with him into
    the park. Time to get exploring.
    You will start on the first screen of Gardenia. Right in front of you, you
    will see a little parcel of grass with a birdhouse on it and a sign.
    When you go near it, Kiko will appear on screen with a circle on a board.
    This is the sign that that you can perform an action so remember that for the
    rest of the game. Read the sign if you want and you will learn how to use
    your camera.
    There's a second sign a bit furter on the edge of the grass that will tell
    you about the use of the circle button. Use it on the small tree next to the
    sign to shake it and receive your first 20 stars! Shake every little tree
    you will encounter during the game, each will drop 20 stars for you to get.
    You will find another a bit further.
    Go to Kiko and you will see that the gate is closed. Talk to the couple
    on the bench (Mikael and Mika) and Bloom will ask about the gate. Mikael
    will wake up from his lovey-dovey feeling and open the gate for you!
    Kiko doesn't want to wait for you and runs ahead. Follow him and collect
    your first 6 gems and shake the little tree. Talk to the girl if you want
    (Melissa) and you will learn that she has been locked up here all night.
    Then go further on the path and collect three more gems and shake another
    tree. Behind the bench you will see a little shining star on the ground.
    Remember where this is, you will be able to do something about it later.
    Further along the path is a sign that explains the use of the X-button
    and a broken bridge. Don't jump over it yet, but fall down and go to the
    left through the water for a chest with 50 stars in it and to the right for
    three more gems. Continue along the path and collect three more gems into
    the next area. There will also be two gems on the bench in front of you and
    there are two little trees at the sides of the gate you just went through.
    On the left path, you will see a Save Point and a sign to explain it. You 
    can use it to save your game and to return to Alfea when you have been here.
    Save your game for now and go a bit further to shake another tree. Continue
    on to the right to find another small tree and a chest with a Dragon Seed
    in it. Every time you find one of these, your flowerpetals will be increased
    by one! Yay! Run unto the grass on top to get 5 more gems. Go back to save
    your game and then continue over the fallen tree.
    You will come across your second bridge but let yourself fall in the water
    again and go to the left to get 4 gems and to the right to get another
    Dragon Seed! Go back to the start of the bridge, jump over it and you will
    see another small movie where you will encounter your first monster and
    Bloom discovers that she can throw orbs! Time to beat your first demon.
    You can use the square button to throw orbs and R1 to select the monster so
    first press R1 to make a green arrow appear above the monster. Then use the
    left analog stick to sidestep left and right to avoid the rocks he throws at
    you. Use square to throw your own stuff and he will soon be history.
    You'll find another small shining star a bit further, along with three new
    gems waiting to be collected. Go over the log and you will find two new
    signs, one to explain wall climbing and the other to explain Dragonflowers.
    Those are the little orange flickering flowers that restore your
    health! Take it if you need it and continue your way over the wall to your
    You will be treated to another movie where Kiko will get ambushed by
    another demon and our brave Bloom comes to the rescue! You will learn that
    you can use L1 to call on a magic shield that blocks the attacks of your
    enemies. Nice! Use the same strategy as before and use the shield if you want
    and the monster will die quickly. Go to the right and you will find 4 gems, 
    a Dragonflower, a small shining star and a Save Point! Save your game and
    its time to climb the mountain.
    Go the left and pull up the wall. Jump over the gap to the right and collect
    three gems. Jump over the next gap and then pull yourself up. You will see
    a sign that will explain shimmying. So let yourself hang and shimmy to the
    left. Pull up when you can and you will find another sign that will explain
    how to stick to a wall. Collect the three gems and then go to the left wall.
    Press up and Bloom will press against the wall. Move all the way to the left
    and then jump up the small stairs. Pull yourself up, collect the three gems
    and go farther up.
    Next up are two far jumps to the right. Run to the edge and jump to just make
    the jumps. If you fall down, Bloom will lose a petal. You will find a little
    star and a Dragonflower on the first platform. Take the second jump and instead
    of going up, go to the right to discover a slightly hidden platform with three
    gems and a chest with a Dragon Seed! Go bock and pull up twice. 
    Jump up and let yourself hang from the third platform.
    You need to shimmy left here and avoid being hit by the falling rocks. Go to
    the edge, next to the first falling rock. Wait for it to fall down and then
    shimmy all the way left. You should make it without getting hit. Go to the
    left and you will have made it.
    You will see another movie where Kiko runs further up the mountain. Bloom
    will hear a ruckus and wonders if it is fireworks when suddenly a girl
    shouts and another monster drops down on you. Kill him the same way as you
    did before and continue up. You will come across three more gems, some
    falling rocks and another monster. Watch the rocks when you beat this one
    because they will hurt you. Try to stay as far from them as possible while
    still being able to target the monster.
    Go past the rocks after beating him and you will find four gems and a chest
    with stars on the left side. Then quickly turn because another monster will
    be behind you waiting to be killed. Go further and you will find three stars,
    more falling rocks and a monster. Be carefull, this one's tricky because of 
    the rocks falling. A bit after the rocks, you will find another shining star
    next to a lantern and a small tree a bit further on. Continue and you will
    find two gems and another monster trying to impede your progress. Kill it
    and continue on to find a little tree and more rocks falling down.
    You will see tree gems and a chest right after the falling rocks 
    with a Dragon Seed! Lucky! Keep on going and you will find a little tree
    to shake and a Save Point! Your almost there! Continue and you will find
    Stella! A movie will play where the big ugly Knut sends his minions to
    catch Stella while he takes her scepter. Bloom quickly comes to her aid, 
    but then realizes it might not be that easy. With a little pep talk from
    Stella, she discovers her fairy powers and its time for your first Boss
    BOSS: Knut
    The first boss battle isn't so hard. You can use the left analog stick to
    fly around with Bloom along the perimeter of the battle field. Below on your
    screen you will see your magic meter and above will be the health meter of
    Knut. That's the one you want to get empty. You can use square here to
    throw your orbs and L1 to use your shield but it will cost energy and your
    magic meter will deplete. Don't worry though, Knut will leave small orbs
    when he attacks and these will fill your meter back up. Be carefull though, 
    DON'T catch the black ones, these will deplete your meter instead of filling
    Knut will use the scepter to shoot small rays at you that can easily be
    avoided. Try to stay high and keep on firing on his head. Preferably in
    front of him. They seem to hit more often. After you have hit him enough, 
    he will fall down and an arrow will appear above his butt. Release on more
    orb and he will get angry. He will charge a stronger attack at this point.
    Use L1 to block and repeat the former strategy. Do it three times to stop
    Stella gets her scepter back and then tells Bloom everything about fairies, 
    Alfea and the world of Magix. Bloom says goodbye to her parents and then its
    time to enter her new school. Faragonda and Griselda welcome the new load
    of fairies and you will be in Alfea!
    |Alfea|                           [*ALF]
    You will talk with Stella in the hallway and then you have to find your room.
    In the hall you will find a tree that you can shake. Now you can choose 
    two roads. The hall with the green floor will bring you to the dormitory 
    with your room in it, the other will lead to the school section with 
    the library, classroom etc... Take the latter road first.
    At the end you will meet Seresa who complains that someone played 
    a practical joke on her by enchanting her locker. Use triangle at the 
    shining star to start a mini-game. You will have to line up four of 
    the icon that is shown on the right by pressing the right button at the 
    right time. Succeed and the star will vanish,leaving stars, 
    switches or chests. From now on you can do that with each such star.
    Enter the door beside her and you'll enter the library. Talk to 
    professor WizGiz on the counter and he will tell you about the art 
    collection you can go see in the back. You will also receive a Dragon Seed!
    Go into to back and you will see a grey object with a white screen behind
    it. This is were you can get pictures of artefacts. You can use it now
    if you want to exchange the stars you found for pictures. See Pictures for
    the full list. I had enough for the first six pictures.
    Against the wall you will also find a sparkling star. Dispel it to uncover
    a switch that will make a chest with stars appear. Go back to the hallway.
    The next door is that of Faragonda but it will be closed. Go further down
    the hall to find the classroom of professor Palladium. At the end of the
    hall you will find the simulation room with inside a star for another chest
    with stars.
    Go back to the great hall. Here you will find two girls, Nessa and Mileya.
    When you talk to Mileya, you can enter a mini-game, a Star Gathering
    contest. See Mini-games for more info. This is good way to get extra stars
    and get more used to the controls.
    Now take the path with the green floor. You will come to the dorm hall 
    with a Save Point, Griselda and a small tree in the back right. If you want
    some extra stars, go through the hall first to get to the first floor to
    come across two shining stars, otherwise just take the stairs up. You will
    meet a blonde girl, Celise, who is conveniently standing next to the door
    of your room. Enter the door and you will see a movie where the group 
    meets. You'll share a room with Flora, Stella sleeps alone and Musa and
    Tecna share the third room. You'll also learn about a big party coming up
    where the specialists of Red Fountain are coming to. Sadly, Bloom doesn't
    have anything to wear.
    You need to get a new outfit from Looma. But first there's a tree in the
    room in the back and a shining star in Stella's and Tecna/Musa's room. Now
    go back to the first floor and search for the door with Looma on it, it's 
    the second door on the left. You'll find Looma but she needs her scizzors
    back to be able to help you. Time to go scizzorhunting. Go back to the
    great hall and enter the first door you come across. Pia will be here, 
    together with a tree and a shining star. Go further and you will enter the
    ballroom. Check the end of the right table and you will find Looma's 
    scizzors. You will also find a shining star on the table in the back 
    and on the wall on the left. Take the other door out of the ballroom for
    another shining star and tree.
    Now return to your room. Talk to Kiko and Flora to start Flora's Sidequest.
    She wants you to get a carrot for Kiko so that he can have some food from
    Earth. Go to Stella's room and she will ask you if you could find her 
    earrings that she lost in the battle with Knut.
    Now you can choose to go back to Gardenia or to give the scizzors back
    to Looma. I suggest the first.
    | Gardenia (2)|                   [*GA2]
    The layout is exactly the same as before, only this time around, you can
    find a few extra items and you can dispel all the shining stars. The stars
    give you (in order that they were mentioned)
    1) Firefly
    2) Stars
    3) Firefly
    4) Stars
    5) Dragon Seed
    To find Kiko's Carrots, go to the screen with the first save point. Go
    to the right corner in the back and look behind the tree to see something
    shiny green stuck in the grass. That's the carrot.
    To find Stella's earrings, you have to go all the way back up to where
    you fought Knut. Search around the flowers and you will see two small
    yellow orbs, slightly different from the flowers. These are her earrings.
    Then go back to the nearest save point and choose to go back to Alfea.
    |Alfea (2)|                       [*AL2]
    Deliver the items here to Flora and Stella to receive a Dragon Seed and
    another Firefly! W00t! Now take the scizzors to Looma and she will make
    you a gown for the party. From now on, you can also buy outfits from her
    for 60 gems a piece. You have 60 gems so you can buy on if you want to.
    These have no meaning whatsoever in the game so don't worry about them
    too much. Only the one you just received is needed to progress further.
    Check the outfits section for more info.
    Now make sure you are wearing the new gown and enter the ballroom. You 
    will see a short movie where the party starts and everyone is amazed
    by the dress Bloom is wearing. Bloom will also meet Sky Brandon and talk
    with him. Choose the second and third answers to keep him happy. You will
    know when they are the right ones when he smiles before he answers back.
    When you choose the wrong ones, he will look angry or sad. You will leave
    and go to bed.
    The next morning, you will have to go to professor Palladiums classroom
    for a lesson in nature magic. Go to the first floor and talk to Wizena at
    the stairs if you want to play the Speed Challenge Minigame. See Minigames
    for more info. Go over the green floor, past the hall to the classrooms.
    You can stop by the library first if you want to get some new pictures, I
    got to 11 and received another Dragon Seed! Yay!
    Continue on and enter the classroom. First talk to Flora to start a new
    sidequest. She is looking for a small Quietus Carnivorous. After that, talk
    to professor Palladium and you will be able to go to your next location.
    |Black Mud Swamp |                [*BMS]
    Professor Palladium will explain what your mission here is. You will need
    to get to the crystal clearing on the other end of the swamp. You will
    also receive a bonus if you find three students that are hidden somewhere
    in the swamp. With this, you will start Palladiums Sidequest. You will also
    be able to use Blazing Barrier now by pressing and holding the square
    button. Quickly pressing square three times will also allow rapid fire
    from now on! Go Bloom!
    There won't be little trees here, but they will be replaced by larger trees
    with an opening. Whenever you see such one, hit it with an orb and stars
    will come flying out!
    *END NOTE*
    Go left first and you will find three gems, then go right for three more.
    You can see the brown thorns here. Use your orbs to burn them to ashes to
    reveal new pathways. Continue right and you will come across two signs.
    The first to warn you from the swamp, the second to explain climbing up
    vines. Continue along, then take the vines down, and then left past another
    warning sign and down some more vines. Continue past two more signs.
    Soon you will come to a fork. Go left and burn the thorns you find on your
    left to find three orbs and a shining star. This one nets you your fifth
    Firefly! Bloom gains the title of Charming Pixie and she learns Piercing
    Wind for use in Boss battles.
    Go back out and jump over the log on the left. Go further and you will find
    Amaryl, Nessa and Pia. They are lost in the swamp. Choose to help them
    and you will be rewarded with another Dragon Seed! Jump over the log on the
    right and you will encounter your first enemy, a flying bug. Shield and
    wait until he fires first, then unleash your orbs on him for a quick win.
    There is also a chest on the right with stars and a save point a bit further.
    Also take the road right here and jump over the log to get three gems. Then
    return to the save point and save your game.
    Look around for four gems. Take them and you will also see some thorns.
    Burn them down and enter the new area to find a chest on a wall with yet
    another Dragon Seed! Return and go to the edge of the mud to lure the two 
    bugs and kill them. Then go to the right and search for a shining star.
    This is the first student for Palladiums sidequest, Kiloru.
    Press R1 to target the statue here and give it a salvo of your orbs
    to get a whole bunch of extra stars. Then Save your game
    and walk through the mud, staying clear of the bubbles and taking the two
    gems inside. Continue through the tunnel on the other side.
    You'll come out next to a save point. Save, read the sign about the fast
    current of the water and go to the edge of the water. Jump on the platforms
    over the water. Don't worry when you fall in, you can just try again.
    Take the two gems on the other side. Watch out for the frog waiting for you,
    his tongue has a long range. Luckily he turns slowly so you can avoid his
    tongue and get to his side to unleash your orbs or a blazing barrier.
    There is a shining star here to get a chest with stars and then go further
    and walk through the water. At the other edge, you will find three gems and
    something shiny. This is silkworm that you can give to Looma for a new
    outfit. Jump over the stones and enter the mud. Be careful when you go over
    the treelog ahead because two bugs will attack you. Continue on and you
    will see a movie where Riven crashes a Red Fountain Craft.
    Go to your friends and you decide to help them out. Take the Dragonflower
    and read the sign for the explanation on Winx Glyphs. Step in the Glyph and
    press O and Flora will grow a plant so you can progress. Climb up and then
    immediately shield to protect yourself from the spider. Then throw orbs
    to flip him over and use a blazing barrier to finish him off. Further right
    you will find a shining star for a chest with stars.
    Go to the left and climb down, another spider will appear, kill him too and
    continue. Next you will find a pool of mud with a log over it and three
    gems. Take the gems and then climb in the pool to find a shining star for
    some extra stars. Then climb back up, over the log and save your game.
    You will find the Red Fountain Craft a bit further and meet up with the
    specialists. They will tell you that they transported a Troll but that it
    has escaped! To make matters worse, the explosion that made the craft crash
    wasn't an accident but someone sabotaged the craft! Time to help them catch
    that Troll!
    Go back to the save point, save your game and then continue on, beating
    the frog and bug you encounter. You can also throw orbs at the trees here
    to get some extra stars. You will come to a fork where you can go straight
    or to the right. You can see the footprints on the right so this is 
    definitely the way to get to the Troll, but go straight first. Lure the 
    two bugs to kill them more easily and then take the two gems and the chest
    for some stars. Now go to the right road. Take the tree gems and enter the
    cave for the next area.
    Follow the path and jump over the log to get to a fork in the road with a 
    save point and a frog to the right. Defeat the frog, save your game and go
    to the right. Defeat the two bugs coming your way, climb up the wall, defeat
    another spider, go right to get three gems, a tree and a shining star for
    a chest with stars. Go further to the back, past signs that warn you from
    quicksand. To the right, you will find a chest with Firefly number six, 
    a purple flower for Looma and a shining star. This one is the second student
    for Palladiums sidequest, Ralan. Then backtrack to the save point.
    Save your game, a tricky section is coming up. Go along the left path and
    Flora will come and explain the Quietus Carnivourus to you. Don't get 
    too close to them or they will bite you! I will try to lead you past them
    as best as I can.
    Go left around the first flower and then to the right in between the two.
    Go ahead and take the three gems here. Look to your left and you will see
    one plant with his back towards you and the other facing left. There
    should be a bug behind them. Run and jump between them to get past them.
    Go ahead and take the small Quietus Carnivorous for Flora and three gems.
    Now go all the way to the right, a bit forward and then all the way back to
    the left. Kill the two bugs here and exit. Kill the frog impeding your
    progress and climb the wall.
    You will see a small movie wherein the Specialists are captured by plants
    and Flora comes to save the day! In the following talk, you'll learn
    that you're catching up to the Troll. Climb over the wall and carefully
    go forward to lure and kill the spider ahead. There are also two shining
    stars here. One gives a chest with stars but the other is the third and
    last student for Palladiums sidequest, Sirusa! Yay!
    Now comes another tricky part where you have to get to the other side
    of a pool where the platforms turn around and disappear in the mud! Don't
    worry though, you can try as long as you want without dying. Save your
    game though. Unfortunately I can't give much pointers here. Just keep 
    trying and you'll get there.
    In the next area, the flowerbuds will open up once you get near them, but
    don't worry, they're totally harmless. Kill the not so harmless bug and take
    the three gems. Go further and you will come to a spooky forest area.
    The ground will sometimes vibrate, this is the Troll that is near.
    Follow the path to a solitary gem and go right for four more. A bit ahead
    are another five but be aware of the spider here! Kill it and then go left
    to get a Dragonflower to replenish some health plus the last three gems of
    this level. Continue on and you'll come to a gap. Get in the gap, quickly
    dispose of the spider and climb out on the other side. Another spider will
    be waiting for you to kill him.
    Continue ahead until you find a save point and you can see the Troll 
    vaguely in the distance. Save your game and continue. You'll see that
    the Troll has your "dear friend" Amaryl and her friends trapped. Time for
    a Boss Battle!
    Boss: Troll
    In this battle, you can check out Piercing Wind by pressing the Triangle
    button but this takes up quite some energy so save this for when you see
    the red arrow or for at the end of battle. Since the party is complete, you
    can now also call on the aid of your Winx friends by pressing the X button
    when they appear in the lower right corner of your screen.
    For the Troll, you have to try to hit his bracelets. He has three attacks:
    green poison smoke that hurts you as long as you fly inside it, he throws
    rocks at you while turning around in a circle and last uses a jump attack
    that makes rocks rise up to hit you. Quickly shield when he jumps, the other
    two attacks can be easily avoided.
    When you hit him enough, his bracelets will clutch and you can use a
    Piercing Wind to take a big chunk of life away. Just be sure you're in front
    of him when you use it. Shield after this to be safe for his charged attack
    and repeat the same strategy until he goes down.
    After the battle you will see a movie where the Trix free the Troll and
    capture Tecna. They will release her in exchange for Stella's ring, else
    she will die!! Naturally the Winx have to give in and are brought back
    to the meeting place. Despite being last, they still win the assignment and
    you will go back to Alfea.
    |Alfea(3)|                        [*AL3]
    Back in school, the girls look up everything they can find about why the 
    ring is so important. It is said to be maid from the legendary Dragonfire,
    the same fire the Great Dragon used to make the Universe. They have to get
    it back but first, a bit more info from Faragonda could be useful.
    Go back to the first floor and save your game. Then go to Looma and give
    her the Silkworm and Purple Flower to get two new outfits. With the gems
    from the swamp, you can also buy a new one. Go back to the entrance hall
    and talk to Griselda here for a new sidequest. She needs a book to be more
    harsh against the students of Alfea. Nice :s
    Go further and go talk to Faragonda. She will talk about the Great Dragon, 
    who supposedly created the universe with his Dragonfire and then went to
    Sparks. Unfortunately, evil witches searching for the Dragonfire destroyed
    There is a shining star on the wall here for a chest with stars. 
    Go further down the hall and talk to Palladium to get the reward for the 
    Palladiums fairies sidequest, your seventh Firefly! If you want, you
    can enter the simulation room and talk to the girl here for the virtual
    enemy Minigame. See Minigames for more information.
    Return to your room and the Winx will decide that they will have to go to
    Cloud Tower to get Stella's ring back. There seem to be tunnels under Alfea,
    but you need to find the entrance to them. Time to search the school but
    first there are some things you can do.
    Go to Faragonda. Talk to her and you will start her sidequest. She needs
    three books in the library. Go to the library and climb the ladder behind
    WizGiz until you come to a shiny book. This is the first. Then go to the 
    right bookcase and climb the ladder here to get to the next book. The third
    can be found in the bookcase in the back on the right. While you're here, 
    exchange the stars you have for pictures. I got to 18. Try getting at least
    16 to get your 8th Firefly from WizGiz!
    Talk to him again and you can start another sidequest. Three students, Pia, 
    Amaryl and Nessa each have a book from the library and he would like to
    have them all back. Go back to Faragonda to give her her books and receive
    a Dragon Seed! Then go in the direction of the entrance hall but enter
    the first door you come across. You will find Amaryl here. Talk to her and
    she will give you her book when you answer her question right. The answer
    you have to choose is Faragonda. Go back out and enter the ballroom. Go up
    the right stairs and you will find Nessa. The answer here is Braven. Only
    one more to go. Go to the dorm hall to find Pia. Talk to her, the answer
    is Cloud Fountain.
    Don't give back the books yet, but go to your room and give Flora her little
    plant for Firefly number 9! Now go to Musa's room and speak to her to start
    her sidequest. She needs a new guitar string and needs a minotaur hair for it.
    Now take the books back to WizGiz and he will give you your 10th Firefly!
    This means you now are a Feisty Fairy and your Fairy Fire attack changes
    into Crystal Surprise! Very nice indeed!
    Enter Faragonda's office and check the wall to your right to see a plaque
    against the wall. There is a code on this plaque that you will need, 3921.
    Now go back to the room where you found Amaryl. There's a huge painting of
    Cloud Tower here and an empty pedestal beside it. See what I'm getting at?
    Right, this is the entrance, you only need something to put on that pedestal.
    Go the the dorm hall and to the closet next to the save point. Enter the
    password and the closet will open and you will get the Cloud Tower statue.
    Save your game and go put it on the pedestal to open the portal to Cloud
    Tower. Examine it to get to your next destination.
    |Cloud Tower |                    [*CLT]
    When you are near bookcases, you will sometimes see little light brown
    books flying around. Watch out for them because they will hurt you but you
    can't hit them! Best to run away.
    *END NOTE*
    You start in the library. First go to the bookcase and take the shiny book
    inside, its the book you need for Griselda's sidequest. Go to the right and
    you will find a pot that you can break with stars in it and a door with a 
    purple shine in front. Whenever you find such a door, you can remove it the
    same way you remove the shining stars! Remove the lock and enter the door to
    find a chest with Firefly eleven. Now go to the left of the bookcase with
    Griselda's book and you will find two pots to break and 4 gems. Go to the
    wall and you will find a door with a Dragon Seed behind it. Follow the wall
    and you will find a switch. Use it and a ladder will appear behind you.
    Avoid the laserbeams (or lose two petals) by ducking and climb the ladder.
    At the end, you will get a preview of where you need to go, all the way up.
    In front of you is a switch that will make the section of the room you are in
    turn around. First go right and enter the door to get to a chest with stars.
    Go back and use the switch. Go to the stairs on the outside to get to the
    next switch. Use this switch three times to get three gems and a set of
    stairs to get further up.
    Ignore the switch here and go straight and follow the path (a bit of climbing
    is needed) to get to the next switch. Use this switch three times and 
    continue on for the next switch, use this once and go up to get to the next
    and last switch. Use it a first time and go up to open the door. This door
    won't open but if you look around, the other one will be open. Go back to the
    switch and use it. Go up to get a chest with stars. Once more to get a 
    shining star for a chest with stars and a last time to be able to get to the
    exit and a save point!
    In the next room, you will encounter a new enemy, the Minotaur. This one has
    a shield to protect him from your orbs so stop shooting when he has it up.
    He also uses a dash attack on you so step sideways to avoid the attack and 
    keep throwing orbs. Stay mobile and they won't be much of a problem.
    Another way is to shield when they dash at you. He will be temporarily
    blinded by the shield so you can throw orbs at him like there's no tomorrow!
    Break the pots here for stars, throw orbs at the kettels for even more stars
    and collect the 5 gems. Now examine the large Minotaur statue and you get the
    Minotaur hair Musa needs. Nice! Now go back and save. Stand facing the room
    and go to the door all the way to the right on this side. Dispel the lock and
    open the chest inside for a chest with stars. Now go and open the door 
    opposite to find a chest with your twelfth Firefly! Now enter the other open
    door to get to the witches dorms.
    Grab the 8 gems here and then look for the door with Icy, Darcy and Stormy
    on it. Examine it twice to open and the Winx will enter the room. Go forward
    to take three gems and take three more to your right. Go down and destroy
    the pot on the left for some stars. Dispel the shining star on the left
    of the first closet nets you a chest with a Dragon Seed, the star on the
    closet itself (and the other two closets) will give you stars. Search the
    table to find an Ivory Snowflake for Looma. Now search the broom next to
    the glyph in the room and you will find Stella's ring!
    Use the glyph and Stella destroys the mirror so you can go through. Use the
    next glyph and Tecna will come and disarm most of the laserbeams to your 
    left. Jump over the first, collect three gems and then crawl under the next
    beam. Then open the door on your left. You will be in the Archives with a 
    save point to your right so save your game. Go to the right and collect four
    gems but leave the Dragonflower, unless you're low on health. Further right
    is a shining star for a chest with stars. Follow the wall to the left and you
    will see a pot you can break for some more stars. Then go left and take the
    two gems behind the statue and three more a bit further. When getting near
    the third, your Winx friends will show around a book. Grab the last, SAVE 
    and examine the book.
    You'll see a movie where it turns out that this book is about Bloom! Bloom
    sees a piece of her past where her father saves her from a fire. However, 
    Bloom seems to be protected by the fire. She opens the book but suddenly
    miss Griffin appears and sends the Golems in the room after you! This can 
    be a tricky enemy. They can throw lightning at you or use their hammer to
    pound the ground and create a shockwave to hurt you. Try getting something
    between you and them so that you can kill them more easily. Else keep mobile
    because they are pretty slow. Beat them both and the door will open. Get the
    Dragonflower and save your game.
    Go into the hall through the newly opened door and Griffin appears again, 
    sending a bunch of Spiders after you and splits the floor. Back up and start
    throwing those orbs! There are quite a lot of spiders so keep on shooting 
    until you are sure they are all dead. Try to avoid as much of their green
    poison as you can by moving left and right while shooting. Go to the gate 
    behind you to find a chest with stars.
    Jump over the gap and you will encounter more Spiders and 7 gems to collect.
    Then examine the pillar next to the control panel to reveal a secret
    passageway. Take the three gems here and open the door here. There's a save
    point on the left and a pot next to the table. Save, break the pot and then
    follow the stairs down. There are 4 gems near the next table. Continue on to
    encounter a small army of little spiders. Again start shooting like there is
    no tomorrow. Take the three gems here and the Dragonflower. The next table
    has the last three gems here and then continue down. The shining star on the
    way nets you a chest with an extra Dragon Seed! At the end, there's a chest
    with some stars but you can't get it because Griffin catches up to you at
    the end and sends a whole bunch of bugs after you. She uses a spell and
    the bugs melt together to form the Blob monster! Boss time!
    Boss: Blob Monster
    This monster has a lot of different openings and sprays green poison and
    shoots fireballs from all of them. Keep moving to avoid almost all of them
    with ease and keep firing. Your new Crystal Surprise power will be more
    than enough to win this battle. Keep on firing and call your Winx friends
    whenever they show up and this battle will be over before you know it. Just
    keep flying around.
    After the battle, the Winx will become closed in by the fire when suddenly a
    voice speaks to Bloom and tells her about a portal that is the exit. Bloom
    touches the portal without knowing what is exactly happening and the group
    can escape the castle!
    |Alfea(4)|                        [*AL4]
    It will be in the middle of the night. Bloom decides to call her parents 
    because she wants to know where she actually comes from. Go to the dorm hall
    and examine the red object against the wall to find the phone. (everything
    else is closed and everybody's asleep so don't bother exploring)
    Bloom finds out from her parents that her father saved her from a fire long
    ago. She isn't from Earth and has a strange connection with fire, because the
    fire she was saved from seemed to protect her instead of hurting her. Bloom
    will feel much better when she suddenly hears a crash in the ballroom!
    Save your game and go there. The Trix have entered Alfea! They are looking
    for the Dragonfire. Darcy will send a spider after you. Defeat it and you
    will see a scene where Dragonfire will burst out of Bloom, defeating all
    her enemies. The Trix leave because of the noise that was made and Faragonda
    and Griselda come to look what's going on. Faragonda tells you to go to bed 
    and not tell anyone what happened.
    In bed, Bloom will have a nightmare and suddenly wakes up, surrounded by her
    friends. They tell her that a date with Brandon is exactly what she needs.
    Bloom needs to call him. First go to the library to exchange your stars for
    pics. Try to get 24 like I did and you will get another Dragon Seed!
    Then go to Looma to get a new outfit with the Ivory Snowflake and maybe 
    buy another one with your gems from Cloud Tower.
    If you want, the Star gathering Minigame and the Speed Minigame have
    upgraded to level 2. See Minigames for more info. Now save your game and go
    to the phone. Date time!
    |Date |                           [*DAT]
    Bloom and Brandon go on a date and are having a drink whilst talking. You 
    have to choose answers and choose the correct ones to make this a fun date
    for Brandon! As before, you know when you chose the correct one when he
    smiles, otherwise he looks sad or angry. Luckily you have me so always choose
    the third answer to get the best date.
    Also watch for when he says a number (0001) Remember it because you will need
    it very soon. (Or you can always call him again to get the number) After the
    date you will be back at Alfea.
    |Alfea (5)|                       [*AL5]
    Talk to Amaryl and Pia in the hall here and they will say something about
    a prince and a boy fighting in Red Fountain just before the Day of the Royals.
    Go to your room and talk to Flora. She says that Musa is upset about 
    something with Riven. Why will be explained later. Go to library and you'll
    find Tecna there. Talk to her for her sidequest. She needs some spare parts
    that you can find in Red Fountain.
    Now go to Faragonda and she will tell you more about your past. The
    mysterious woman in your dream was Daphne, a hystorical nymph of Magix and
    the guardian of the Dragonfire! Now go to the room with the portal to Cloud
    Tower and you will find Musa. Give her the Minotaur hair and you will get a
    Musical Note Necklace! She also seems to be mad about something with Darcy
    and Riven. Hmmm, more about Riven. Go back to the dorms and give Looma your
    new necklace to get a new outfit.
    Griselda's nowhere to be found so its time to continue on. But where to next?
    If you talk to some fairies, they will talk about the Day of the Royals at
    Red Fountain, so why not go there? Remember the code Brandon told you on your
    date? 0001 You need it to open the other closet in the dorm hall to get the
    Red Fountain statue. Save and go to the other side room to get to the 
    ballroom and do the same as when you wanted to enter Cloud Tower. 
    Put the statue on the pedestal and you will be able to enter Red Fountain!
    |Red Fountain |                   [*RFT]
    You don't exactly have an invitation so you will be chased after when you
    arrive but eventually you'll be in Red Fountain. Now you have to find a way
    to get to the Day of the Royals. Go left to find three gems and a girl on a
    bench. In the back are three more gems, then go to the right. You'll meet
    Davos, complaining about a maze. Continue on and enter the maze. Suddenly a
    voice speaks and a training program is initiated. The Winx have no choice
    but to find their way through the labyrinth!
    Talk to your friends again and you're on your way. Jump over the gate and
    time your run past the spikes. You will see three beams and a shining star
    for Firefly 13! Throw the switch to continue. Go left to take three gems and
    find a small tree and throw the next switch.
    Continue on and you will see a tree in front of you, 3 gems and a tree
    to your right. Turn around after getting everything and you will see an
    arrow trap. Wait till both shots have taken place and then quickly run
    through. A droid Bucketknight will come charging at you. Circle around him
    while throwing orbs to defeat him. Be careful though, he's fast. Defeat him
    and he will drop the spare parts you need for Tecna. Throw the switch to
    get to a save point ahead, a droid and a chest with Firefly 14!
    Save your game and then throw the switch to be able to continue on. Go to the
    small tree and then go left or right, your choice but I went left. Stand 
    against the wall and wait until one of the blades swings away and run 
    through to the other side. A Bucketknight will attack immediately after so 
    watch out. Take the three gems next to the fountain and continue to the other
    side. Kill the droid and go right to see the other trap and collect the four
    gems here. Simply jump to avoid the trap.
    Go back to the fountain. It holds 80 stars for you. Examine it and it says
    something about going from dark to light. You have to walk over the
    buttons in the floor from dark to light. Every button has a piece of white,
    start from the one with the least white on it and go further clockwise to get
    20 stars at each button. Now throw either switch on either side and continue.
    Kill the droid and go past the hole in the wall to get three gems.
    Now go in the hole and you'll see a scene with a dragon wreaking havoc. Musa
    says you need to use your orbs at the coals to back him up so that she
    can put him to sleep in his cage. Save first and open the chest for some
    stars. Now go to the dragon. Shoot orbs at the coals left and right of the
    dragon to drive it backwards, be fast with your orbs because the light will
    die out fast. Once he's far enough, a glyph will appear. Quickly hit O and
    Musa will come and put him to sleep. Go to the right of the dragon and you
    will find a Dragon Scale for Looma! Go back outside and you will see another
    glyph. Save your game and use the glyph so that Flora will grow a vine for
    you to climb up and get to Brandons room.
    Be careful though, you have to avoid the spiders and the guards cannot see 
    you or you have to start over. Go up and to the left. Pull up when the guard
    is facing away and jump up the platform. Take the three gems here and the 
    three gems on the other side and get back on the middle, higher platform.
    Go up twice and grab the four gems. Go up once more and shimmy to the open
    window to get into Brandons room. Get the chest here for Firefly 15! Bloom
    will gain the title of Winx Princess and gain the attack Falling Stars to
    use with triangle! Yay!
    Time to continue on to the hall. This is a square hall and every corner has
    three gems, making a 12 gem total here. Unfortunately four guards are also
    running around here. If you want, there are also some little trees here you
    can shake. If you stay on the inside ring, you will be fine but don't worry
    if you get caught, you will restart in Brandons room. After you have the gems
    and the stars you want, go down the stairs in the middle and you will come
    to an area with two gems, a save point, a tree and an elevator.
    Save your game and examine the elevator to board it. In this area, there are
    three gems on the left. Now you can go in three different directions. Go left
    to find a chest with stars and to the right to find two gems and a chest with
    your 16th Firefly! Woohoo! You will probably get caught in the process but
    you will start again in this room. When you have them, continue straight. A
    guard walks in this hall but there are two alcoves here to hide in when he
    comes near you. The second alcove has two gems in it.
    At the end, you will find a save point. Save and hit the switch to open the
    gate. Go right through the hall, staying clear of the guards (you can use the
    pillars to hide behind) Go past the switch and take the last two gems of 
    this level. Now throw the switch and enter the room to find Diaspro with a
    photohologram of Brandon. After a short talk, the battle starts. Be ready 
    because there will be two battles in a row!
    Boss: Diaspro
    This battle won't take too long. Diaspro has the same attacks as you, so she
    will be throwing Light Orbs, Shielding and using Blazing Barrier like you.
    Keep moving to avoid most of her orbs while firing your own. When she puts
    up her shield, wait until she removes it before restarting.
    When you see her charging her Blazing Barrier, quickly back up but keep
    shooting for a few free hits. It will be over soon.
    Bloom transforms to Winx and the battle will be fought in the air. Bloom wins
    and Diaspro falls down. Brandon comes running to her and Diaspro reveals that
    Brandon is really prince Sky! And to make matters even worse, he is her 
    fiancee!! Bloom runs away feeling betrayed and returns back home.
    She enters but finds the Trix there, who have captured her parents! Bloom
    flies away with the Trix on her tail. Time to battle it out!
    Boss: Darcy & Stormy
    This will be one of the longer and harder battles of the game. You're on your
    own so there's no help from your friends. This can be though because your
    magic is gonna go down fast and you will also need it for defense, as well
    as offense this time! So keep an eye on your magic meter!
    First off, don't use your secondary stronger attack, the basic one is more
    than strong enough and doesn't take so much magic energy, plus you don't
    hang still for a few seconds which can be lethal in this fight.
    Be patient and don't waste all your magic on attacking them. Darcy will
    throw lightning beams at you and Stormy will throw a vortex. Those two can 
    be easily avoided by just moving around. Attack them while you move around
    until they both fall down. When they both come up again, immediately shield
    because they will use a storm attack that will eat three petals! After that, 
    take them down once again and repeat. From now on, watch your meter and make
    sure that you can shield that attack. If not, just fly around a bit and
    collect sparkles until your magic meter is almost full again. Stormy's vortex
    attack comes in handy for this. Try to hang around where it stops and wait
    for it to change into sparkles. If your magic is low, more often than not it 
    will turn into a lot of pink and blue sparkles. Watch out for the occasional
    black one!
    When their health bar hits half, it gets harder. Stormy starts to use a 
    wave attack but that's nothing to worry about, just avoid it. Darcy however
    can now charge up a lightning attack that can paralyze you. Whenever you see
    a huge orb in the center, SHIELD! Even more reason to watch your magic meter
    because she can use it multiple times in a row.
    Keep this up and only attack when you have enough magic energy and you'll 
    eventually win this rather hard battle.
    Icy sneaks in an ice attack to freeze Bloom and they take her back to Cloud
    Tower. Their they take away Blooms Dragonfire! The nerve! Bloom goes back
    home but Stella comes to get her back to Alfea to find a solution to all
    |Alfea(6)|                        [*AL6]
    Back in Alfea, you learn that the Trix are planning to attack Alfea! With
    Blooms Dragonfire, they are unbeatable. Because there aren't any options
    left, Faragonda decides to send you to Sparks to search for the Dragonfire.
    You have to talk to Palladium in the simulation room when you are ready
    to get there.
    First however, you can finish up some things. Go to the library first and
    trade your stars for some extra pictures. I got to 28. Go to Palladiums
    classroom and you will find Tecna. Give her the parts and you will get your
    17th Firefly! Next, to the entrance hall where you can give Griselda her book
    for Firefly 18! Enter the ballroom and talk to Palladium here to start a new
    sidequest for him. He needs two Ice Chunks from Sparks.
    Now go to Looma and give her the Dragon Scale for a new outfit. With the 
    60 gems from Red Fountain, you can also buy another one.
    After that, go to the simulation room (to the right of Palladiums class
    if you forgot) and enter. Talk to the girl here and you will see that
    the Virtual Battle Minigame has upgraded to level 2. Also if you still have
    some sidequests left to do in Alfea, complete them now because you won't be
    able to complete a few anymore (like Faragonda's) after the upcoming part.
    Talk to Palladium when you are ready and he sends you off to Sparks!
    |Sparks |                         [*SPA]
    When you arrive, a tutorial will pup op saying you have to use snowballs
    for now to beat enemies because you don't have your powers anymore. Bloom
    can carry up to 10 snowballs so watch your stock at all times. You will
    run out of snowballs fast! Go to the pile of snow in front of you and
    examine it for your first 10 snowballs. You will find an abundance of these
    piles throughout the level so don't worry about not having enough snowballs.
    Go forward to find four gems, an Ice demon to test your snowball throwing
    skills on, a save point and a chest to the right with a Firefly! That
    makes 19 so far. Climb up on the other side and a huge Yeti will attack you!
    The ground will split open and Bloom will fall down into a cave.
    Time to explore the depts of Sparks. To the left you can find an Ice
    Chunk Palladium needs. Continue on for 6 gems and two more a bit further.
    You will enter a room where you will find two Ice Bugs so keep your 
    snowballs ready. There is a snowpile in here for a quick refill if you need
    it. Take the two gems here after defeating the bugs and then go to the wall
    with a chest behind it. Simply throw a snowball to it to break it and take
    the chest for some stars.
    Continue on and take seven gems along the way. You will come to a fork. Go a
    bit to the left to find another breakable wall with a chest with stars
    behind it. Now go to the right for a save point and a monster for a snowball
    fight. In the room with the monster, the second wall from the right is also
    breakable so tear it down. Walk around the wall to find a shining star
    behind it for some stars. Then break the wall opposite of where you stand 
    and go further to take a Green Crystal for Looma!
    Go back to the save point and save your game. Now take the left path. Break
    the wall impeding your progress and you will encounter the next monster.
    Defeat him and continue on. Break the next wall and enter the tunnel to get
    to a new area. To the right here, you will find a chest with Firefly 20!!
    Bloom becomes an Enchanted Diva and your basic Winx attack becomes
    Spiralling Rays. What's even more, your orbs (when you get them back) will
    be much stronger from now on.
    Take the six gems on the left and notice the ghosts floating around. Don't 
    worry, they won't harm you. Approach the edge and you will hear a growl. A
    Gargoyle has woken up! Unfortunately, he cannot be harmed by your snowballs
    so you need to kick the stalagmites near the edge to him. You need to hit 
    him three times. Use R1 to target him and hit one of the stalagmites as soon
    as he gets in front of one. Be careful for the balls he throws at you, they
    can hurt pretty bad.
    When you win, go to the left side of the gorge and climb down the cracked
    wall. Go to the end and pick up the second Ice Chunk for Palladium just 
    before exiting the gorge. Grab the four gems and push yourself against the
    wall. You need to go to the left and avoid the bugs that come out of their
    hole. Wait until the bug goes in the bottom hole and then go left. You'll
    make it without any problem.
    Go forward and the Guardian speeks to you. (he seems to know you too) You 
    need to light the crystals to get a bridge to appear to the entrance. First
    go to the right into the hallway, beat the two monsters here and get the
    four gems and a chest at the end with some stars. Now go to the statues.
    What you need to do is making them spin around so the crystals will start
    to shine. Go to the first and press O repeatedly until the statue spins
    around fast, then get to the other and make it spin until the bridge appears.
    Cross the bridge and go to the gate to enter the next area.
    Open the two chests here to find some stars and a Dragon Seed. Then save
    your game and go to the device on the right. Pull the lever here and the 
    door will open up. Grab the four gems and go forward into Sparks' ballroom.
    Bloom remembers this place and the Guardian will tell her the story of
    the evil witches who destroyed Sparks. Bloom will need to solve four riddles
    in order to release the souls of the people of Sparks and be able to 
    The first: I am always hungry, I must always be fed. But a dousing of water
               is what I most dread.
    Answer: Fire.
    Go and open the second door on the left with a fire emblem on it and push
    the emblem to solve the riddle.
    The second: At night we come without being told. By day we are gone without
                being stolen.
    Answer: The moon and stars.
    Go to the fourth door on the left and push the emblem in the room to solve
    the second riddle.
    The third: My life is measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I
               am fast, fat, I am slow. Breath is my death, wind is my foe.
    Answer: A candle.
    Go to the third door on the left. Open the chest for some stars and then
    push the emblem to solve riddle number three! Only one more to go.
    The fourth: None can slow my endless flight. From dawn to dusk, not seen at
                night. I can walk on water, on waves I play, yet a simple mist
                can block my way.
    Answer: The sun.
    Go to the second door on the right. Dispel the shining star here for some
    stars and push the last emblem to solve the riddle, open the door and
    release all the souls! Three cheers for Bloom. The Guardian will then tell
    you that Dragonfire may be left in the throne room at the other end of the
    path ahead of you. Continue on and collect the three gems and find a
    shining star for a chest with stars.
    You will come to the next room. Talk to the Guardian first and he will tell
    you something about purple being the color of royalty. What you need to do
    in this next room is only step on the purple tiles that form a path through
    the room. If you stray from the path, Bloom will lose health. Along the 
    path you will also pass by two chests for stars.
    Continue on up the stairs and collect the five gems you encounter. A bit
    further you will reunite with your friends! They managed to escape because
    Stella burned a tunnel through the ice with her magic. Now the group is
    complete again. Save your game and examine the door for the next puzzle.
    The door is divided in three rings that you can turn. You need to match the
    three circles to complete the door and open it. Make sure the fire icon is
    in the top right and work from there until the door opens. It isn't that
    hard. The door opens and you can enter the throne room.
    On the right side, you will find two chests with stars. Then go up the stairs
    collecting the last gems of this level. Up top, Daphne will be waiting for
    you! She will explain where Bloom really comes from. Bloom turns out to be
    the princess and heir of Sparks! What's more, the memory of all this
    re-ignites Blooms powers! Yay, no more snowballs!
    Go back into the throne room and shoot orbs at the different large chests
    to receive a whole bunch of stars! Then go to the left side and enter the 
    tunnel here. Dispel the star next to the stairs for a Dragon Seed and then
    go all the way up the spiral stairs until you get outside. The Winx will 
    talk about a way to leave when suddenly the Yeti shows back up! Boss time!
    If you want, you can come back here later to get a chest and a shining
    star for some extra stars.
    *END NOTE*
    Boss: Yeti
    This can be a long battle because he has a lot of health. The Yeti throws
    ice beams at you that you can easily avoid by just moving. Watch it when
    he let's some icicles fall down on you around the outside of the battle
    area, shield when you see it or hope that you are on the other side.
    Try to stay in front of him and keep on firing and use your friends when
    you can. When you hit him enough, his fangs will break one by one and he will
    be stunned for a moment. Quickly pull off your secondary attack and then
    shield to protect yourself from his charged attack.
    When his lifebar hits half, he will start using an ice breath attack and
    throws ice arrows that home in on you when you're not fast enough. Nothing
    to be too worried about though.
    Keep it up and he will go down eventually.
    The Specialists will come pick you up and in the craft, Sky and Bloom will
    make up again.
    |Alfea (7) |                        [*AL7]
    You'll find Alfea totally in shambles! The witches attacked while you
    were gone! Go to the library to find it completely turned over like the
    rest of Alfea. Exchange the massive amount of stars from Sparks for pics.
    Try to get at least 32 to get Firefly 21 from WizGiz! Go a bit further down
    the hall and talk to Palladium to give him his Ice Chunks and receive a 
    Dragon Seed! Nice. Now take the Green Crystal you found to Looma. Look in
    the hall and you will notice that everything here is the same as the rest
    of Alfea, you can't even reach your room anymore! Anyway, get the new outfit
    from Looma (and buy one if you want) and then talk to Cercei next to her
    for a new sidequest! She likes the guard of Saladin and wishes to send him
    a note.
    Go to Faragonda's office and you will see the whole bunch here, even Knut and
    Saladin, the headmaster of Red Fountain. Go to them and you'll get an update.
    The witches have attacked Alfea with the Dragonfire on their side, Knut
    joined your side, Red Fountain was completely destroyed and Riven is missing!
    You have to go back into Cloud Tower to retreive the Dragonfire and release
    miss Griffin and the other captive witches. Knut will show you how to get in.
    You need to talk to Knut if you want to continue but talk to Saladin first
    to find out that his training partner Cecere was captured. He asks you to 
    find him and voila, a new sidequest! Now talk to the guard here, this is
    Marcus to whom you have to give Cercei's note. Now you have to run up and
    down between the two a couple of times to get the date arranged but
    eventually, Marcus gives you a Dragon Seed! Now return to Cercei one last
    time and she will give you Firefly 22!
    You can also try the Speed and Star Gathering challenge again. They have
    upgraded to level 3! When you are ready, save your game and go talk to
    |Cloud Tower (2)|                 [*CL2]
    Knut will follow his nose (literally) and bring you to the kitchen. Get the
    four gems here and open the door. Defeat the Minotaur here, then take the
    six gems and save your game. You will be in a hallway with doors on the left
    and the right. Take the first door on the right to find a big Spider (kill
    him the same way as you did with the other Spiders), four gems and a chest
    with some stars.
    Now go the second door on the left, lift the seal the same way as you do
    with shining stars and you will find a Spider and three more gems. Now open
    the third door on the left for just a Spider and the fourth on the left
    for a Spider and a shining star that makes a chest appear with a Dragon Seed!
    Now go to the gate at the end of the hall. You will see a scene where Bloom
    opens the gate, only to find a whole army of Minotaurs! No you don't need to
    find them, you will need to find another way. Suddenly a mysterious voice
    speaks and you see another way through. Go there and you will find none other
    than Riven! The Trix locked him up here along with miss Griffin and the other
    Kill the Spider and take the two gems. Go further and lift the magic lock on
    the door in the corner to find Cecere for Saladins sidequest! There are three
    more gems at the end of the hall before you enter the next cell block. Kill
    the two spiders here and the group appears at Griffins cell. Take the four
    gems and a dragonflower behind the right table and talk to Griffin.
    She will tell you that she needs her Crystal Ball to be able to open her
    cell, you can find in on the balcony of the Great Hall!
    Open the large prison door and enter the gate with the green ligth coming out
    of it, this is the Great Hall. First go down the stairs, defeat the Spider
    and pick up the shiny thing on the right to get the Spider Mirror for Looma!
    The brown book is the Grimoire and when you read it, it will give the
    explanation on how to create the Blob monster you fought earlier.
    Now go back up and walk around the outside and on the balcony to get 18 gems
    total! W00t! On the balcony you will also find a chest with stars. You will
    see some large posters here on the walls. Read them to get tips to solve
    the next puzzle.
    1. Kiss me and I'll turn into something else.
    2. What I lack in intelligence, I make up in size.
    2. Some foolishly believe I can only strike once.
    Examine the clock in the middle. It will have different emblems around it and
    you can turn the hand and select three emblems. The emblems are what the
    riddles refer to. First one is a frog, second a grunt of some sort and the
    third is lightning so highlight the first, third and fourth emblem to open
    up the door to Griffins office!
    Go inside to find a Spider waiting to be killed, a chest with stars, a 
    shining star for Firefly 23 and her Crystal Ball on her desk. Go back out 
    of her office and save your game at the save point in the middle of the
    balcony. Then try to return and the group will split up. Brandon and Riven
    will go and free Griffin while you go after the witches.
    Back out the Great Hall, the gate in front of you will be open so go forward.
    Jump over the debris, take the two gems and you see a new enemy, some kind
    of mechanical Beast. Jump over the gap to engage him in battle. This one uses
    a laser attack from his mouth that will follow you around, swings at you when
    you are near and has a shield to protect itself to boot! Not a foe to take
    lightly. Spin around him while throwing orbs and try to get a Blazing Barrier
    in when he uses his shield. Be quick about it though!
    Now take the two gems here if you haven't already and jump over the next part
    of debris. Pick the Dragonflower to refill your health a bit and go past the
    table. Save your game with the save point right in front of you. Look to
    your left and you will see four gems at the gate behind the two lasers. Jump
    over them the best you can and grab them. Now you need to clear the large
    Wait for the platforms to come out and then quickly jump on them to get over.
    If you fall down, you will be in a pit with three lasers and a ladder you
    need to jump on to be able to get back out. On the other side, you will
    encounter a Spider and get four gems. Go up the stairs, defeat the next
    Spider and take the four gems. There also is a Dragonflower here, take it 
    and go back down to the door. You're almost there!
    Enter the door and you will enter a circular room with a big fire in the 
    middle, two of those mechanical Beasts and a chest at the left side. Kill
    the two Beasts one by one and then go take the chest for Firefly 24! Now go
    to the center and examine the fire in the middle only to find out that it
    isn't the Dragonfire at all, only a trap to get you in here! Trix will come
    but luckily miss Griffin will be here also and contains the Trix long
    enough for you go get out.
    Kill the spiders back outside, take the Dragonflower and talk to Griffin to
    end this part of Cloud Tower! Everyone will get transported of the tower and
    Sky and Bloom share a hoverbike back home. Unfortunately, lightning strikes
    before them and they crash. The two of you will now talk over a campfire.
    Same drill as the last two times, you have to choose the correct answers.
    Choose the third and then twice the second answer to get the best
    conversation with him.
    The both of them will go to sleep but Bloom will wake up because Daphne is
    calling her to Lake Crysialis. There Bloom will discover everything about
    her past and that the Dragonfire had been inside her al along! Time for some
    payback! You'll return to Alfea.
    |Alfea (8)|                      [*AL8]
    All that's left to do now to finish the game is to talk to Saladin. He will
    bring you to the last battle with the Trix. However there are a few things
    to do first. First go to the library and get all of the remaining pictures.
    (replay a level if you are short on stars. Sparks or Cloud Tower 2 for the
    most stars) You will get a Dragon Seed for 40 and your last Firefly for 48!
    Bloom will gain the title of Fire Goddess and learns Tidal Flame as a
    secondary attack! Very nice indeed!
    Talk to the blonde girl here and you'll see that the Virtual Battle Minigame
    also upgraded to level three. Now go to Looma and get the last outfits.
    Return to the ballroom and talk to Knut on the right side of the room. He
    seems to have lost his glasses while looking at the plants in Alfea. No
    worries, simply go to the entrance hall and look behind Saladin to find his
    glasses. Your reward, a Dragon Seed!
    Now talk to Saladin and you will receive the last Dragon Seed for finding
    his friend Cecere! However you can choose yes or no immediately after that.
    Choose no first and go save your game in the dorm hall. Now go back to 
    Saladin, talk to him and accept when you are ready. It's time to finish the
    |Final Showdown |                [*FIN]
    You'll see the war between the Trix and Alfea raging and Icy enjoying her
    might with the Dragonfire when suddenly Bloom appears and shows her the
    real Dragonfire! Time to battle it out!
    Final Boss: Icy
    This is the last battle, so give it all you've got. It isn't even so hard to
    beat her. Your friends won't be here to help you but you get something better
    instead. When your helper bar is full, you can see the dragonicon. Press X
    and you will unleash the Dragon inside of you that not only will damage Icy a
    lot, but will also heal you a bit, completely fills your magic meter and
    looks awesome!
    She shoots icicles at you but you can avoid them. She will also
    send out ice crystals to the edge of the battlefield that stay still there
    for a while. Don't touch them because they hurt you, but after a while, they
    will turn into sparkles for you. She also uses an ice shield around her that
    works like your shield, except she can still shoot from inside!
    When you see it break up, quickly shield because she will send the pieces
    When her life hits the halfway mark, she will drop down and the battle will
    get a bit tougher. Whenever she hangs still for a moment, press triangle for
    Tidal Flame to get some extra damage in. She will now use the ice crystals
    at the edge to form two giant ice maces that she start swinging around.
    No biggie, just shield when you see them forming and you'll be fine.
    Congratulations!! You just beat the Winx game! Enjoy the small ending and
    watch the credits role!
    | Sidequests  [*SID] |
    *Kiko's Carrots*
    Reward: Dragon Seed
    Where: From Flora in your room at Alfea
    Description: Find carrots for Kiko
    Needed: Carrot that you can find in Gardenia. Get to the screen with the
    first Save Point. Go to the back and to the right and you will find a
    little shiny bush. That's the carrot you need.
    *Stella's Earrings*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: From Stella, in her room at Alfea or when she is in the ballroom.
    Description: Find Stella's earrings.
    Needed: You need to collect the earrings Stella lost during the battle
    with Knut. Go back to Gardenia and all the way to the top where you fought
    Knut. Search around the different flowers and you will soon find them both.
    *Flora's Plant*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: From Flora, in her room at Alfea or before Black Mud Swamp
    Description: Flora wants a Quietus Carnivorous
    Needed: In the Black Mud Swamp, you will come across a smaller version
    of the big Quietus Carnivorous. It's in the area with all the large
    *Palladiums Fairies*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: At the start of Black Mud Swamp
    Description: Find Palladiums Fairies
    Needed: Follow the walkthrough for Black Mud Swamp and you will find
    all three locations.
    *Griselda's Book*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: From Griselda, in the entrance hall of Alfea.
    Description: Find a book for Griselda.
    Needed: You can find this book in the library in Cloud Tower. Look for
    a bigger shiny book just as you did with Faragonda's books.
    *Faragonda's Books*
    Reward: Dragon Seed
    Where: From Faragonda in her office when you get to Alfea
    Description: Get Faragonda's books.
    Needed: Go to the library and climb the ladder behind
    WizGiz until you come to a shiny book. This is the first. Then go to the 
    right bookcase and climb the ladder here to get to the next book. The third
    can be found in the bookcase in the back on the right.
    *WizGiz's Books*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: From WizGiz in the library.
    Description: Find 3 books for WizGiz.
    Needed: A book from Amaryl, Nessa and Pia. Start from the library.
    Then go in the direction of the entrance hall but enter the first door 
    you come across. You will find Amaryl here. Talk to her and she will give 
    you her book when you answer her question right. The answer you have to 
    choose is Faragonda. Go back out and enter the ballroom. Go up the right 
    stairs and you will find Nessa. The answer here is Braven. Only one more 
    to go. Go to the dorm hall to find Pia. Talk to her, the answer is 
    Cloud Fountain.
    *Musa's String*
    Reward: Musical Note Necklace
    Where: From Musa, in her room at Alfea.
    Description: Musa needs a Minotaur hair.
    Needed: In Cloud Tower, the room where you battle with the three minotaurs.
    Search the large minotaur statue after beating them to find the string Musa
    *Tecna's Parts*
    Reward: Firefly
    Where: From Tecna in the library
    Description: Find droid parts for Tecna
    Needed: Defeat the first Bucketknight in Red Fountain labyrinth and he will
    drop the spare parts.
    *Palladiums Ice*
    Reward: Dragon Seed
    Where: From Palladium in the ballroom before going to Sparks
    Description: Find 2 Ice Chunks for Palladium
    Needed: Two pieces of ice from Sparks. The first is in the cave where fell
    down in. The second on the bottom of the gorge where the Gargoyle fell in.
    *Cercei's Note*
    Reward: Dragon Seed + Firefly
    Where: Cercei in Looma's room after Sparks
    Description: Take a note to Marcus
    Needed: Just take the notes between Cercei and Marcus until you receive a
    Dragon Seed from Marcus and a Firefly from Cercei.
    *Saladins Partner*
    Reward: Dragon Seed
    Where: Saladin in Faragonda's office after Sparks
    Description: Find Saladins training partner.
    Needed: Open the door with the magic lock in the dungeon in Cloud Tower
    to find Cecere.
    *Knuts Glasses*
    Reward: Dragon Seed
    Where: Knut in the ballroom on the right after Cloud Tower Dungeon
    Description: Find Knuts glasses
    Needed: Go to the entrance hall and look behind Saladin to find his
    | Magic   [*MAG] |
    When you press the square button in battles, Bloom will throw an orb at
    the enemy. There are three sorts of orbs Bloom can throw.
    Orb               Fireflies needed     
    Light Orb         default                      
    Fire Orb          20
    You can use these attacks in Boss battles when pressing the triangle
    button. They are much stronger than normal attacks but unleashing them
    takes longer.
    Rain             Fireflies needed
    Pixie Rain       5
    Falling Stars    15
    Tidal Flame      25
    To use these attacks, you have to press and hold the square button for
    a few seconds and then release it. These attacks are stronger than the
    orbs you throw but will take longer to unleash.
    Barrier               Fireflies needed
    Blazing Barrier       default
    *Winx Bloom power*
    This is the attack you use in Boss battles when pressing the square
    Power                 Fireflies needed
    Fairy Fire            default
    Crystal Surprise      10
    Spiralling Rays       20
    | Pictures  [*PIC]|
    When you go to professor WizGiz in the library, he will tell you about
    the pictures of artefacts he has in the back of the library. This is what
    you will need the stars you have been collecting for. Go to the back of the
    library and use the machine to get a list of pictures. Every picture takes
    a certain number of stars to unlock. Every 8 pictures you unlock will
    net you a reward.
    This is the list of every picture and the prizes you can get.
    Number    Stars      Description
    1         100        Mechanical Bucketknight
    2         100        Firefly
    3         100        Mechanical Spider
    4         250        Gargoyle
    5         250        Spider
    6         250        Bug
    7         350        Gardenia Bridge
    8         350        Ballroom                 ===> Dragon Seed
    9         350        Black Mud Swamp
    10        350        Red Fountain Labyrinth
    11        350        Cloud Tower
    12        350        Sparks Castle Entrance
    13        500        Flora
    14        500        Flora (Winx Outfit)
    15        500        Flora (Green Outfit)
    16        500        Musa                     ===> Firefly
    17        500        Musa (Winx Outfit)
    18        500        Musa (Blue Outfit)
    19        500        Tecna
    20        500        Tecna (Winx Outfit)
    21        500        Tecna (Summer Outfit)
    22        750        Stella
    23        750        Stella (Winx Outfit)
    24        750        Stella (Safari Outfit)   ===> Dragon Seed
    25        750        Bloom
    26        750        Bloom on the phone
    27        750        Bloom (Winx Outfit)
    28        750        Bloom (School Uniform)
    29        750        Bloom as toddler
    30        750        Bloom (Winx Outfit 2)
    31        1000       Kiko
    32        1000       Stella's Room            ===> Firefly
    33        1000       Flora's Room
    34        1000       Musa's Room
    35        1000       Blooms Room
    36        1000       Tecna's Room
    37        1000       Winx on motorcycles
    38        1000       Winx group
    39        1000       Winx group (in Winx outfit)
    40        1500       Sky (casual)             ===> Dragon Seed
    41        1500       Riven
    42        1500       Sky
    43        1500       Darcy
    44        1500       Stormy
    45        1500       Icy
    46        1500       Darcy 2
    47        1500       Stormy 2
    48        1500       Icy (on throne)          ===> Firefly
    |Outfits  [*OUF]|
    You can get these outfits by bringing Looma special items or by simply
    buying them from here in exchange for gems. There are 16 outfits in
    total. Here's the list.
    Outfit                   Needed           Explanation
    1. Casual Outfit         default          My star jeans and a tank top.
                                              Reminds me of home.
    2. Ballroom Gown         Scizzors         A perfect outfit for formal
                                              occasions or if I just want to look
    3. Silk Outfit           Silkworm         Silk is always 'in'...and I love
                                              the bow on the back.
    4. Flowered Print Outfit Purple Flower    I love this flowery outfit. Great
                                              for the beach. Surf's up!
    6. Winter Outfit         Ivory Snowflake  Gloves, boots, hat... I'm ready for
                                              any kind of weather.
    7. Hoverbike Outfit      Dragon Scale     What a great job Looma did with the
                                              Dragon Scale. I can't wait to take
                                              a ride.
    8. Green Sequined Outfit Green Crystal    This is a great everyday look. Looma
                                              really knows my style.
    9. Gothic Outfit         Spider Mirror    A bit over the top but everyone
                                              should have a fun outfit like this
    10. Hip-hop Outfit       Music Note       Musa loves this outfit. Turn on the
                             Necklace         tunes!
    11. Punk Outfit          60 gems          This little number shows my
                                              wild side.
    12. Business Suit        60 gems          This might be useful if I have a
                                              job interview. Not!
    13. Flower Child Outfit  60 gems          This is really a retro look.
    14. Safari Outfit        60 gems          Great for the jungle...or a swamp!
    15. Mystery Outfit       60 gems          When all else fails, I wear this
    16. School Uniform       60 gems          Alfea doesn't have a school uniform,
                                              but I do.
    |Minigames  [*MIN]|
    *Star Gathering Challenge*
    In this challenge, you need to gather as much stars as you possibly can
    within the time limit. The dark yellow stars are worth 1 star, light blue
    ones 2 stars and light yellow 5 stars
    Level 1. 
    Location: Alfea ballroom  
    Time Limit: 1 minute 5 seconds
    This one is in the ballroom of Alfea. Don't go rushing to the center but take
    the right staircase and go up to the end to get a lot of light yellow stars.
    Jump of at the end by means of the platforms and run back to the beginning, 
    grabbing stars from the center on your way. Then take the other stair for
    a lot of blue ones. Stop halfway on the corridor and go right to go over
    the platforms over the great hall. Turn back at the end, back up the corridor,
    take the last of the blue ones and go back down via the platforms. Then use
    whatever time you have left to get blue stars from the center.
    Level 2.
    Location: Spiral Chamber in Cloud Tower
    Time Limit: 1 minute 15 seconds
    Not hard to give directions here. Follow the stairs down, taking every star
    along the tables you come across. Don't go all the way down but go on the
    platforms in the middle the first chance you get. Take as much as you can
    here and then continue down the stairs and on the floor with the time you
    have left.
    Level 3.
    Location: Red Fountain Labyrinth
    Time Limit: 2 minutes 20 seconds
    This one is harder. You have to go through the labyrinth collecting the stars.
    I can't say much here just that when you see you chance, go up the walls by
    means of the platforms. There are better and more stars up there than on
    the floor.
    *Speed Challenge*
    In this Minigame, you need to go through a course with checkpoints and get
    to the finish before the time expires. Each checkpoint gives you 5 extra
    seconds on the clock.
    Level 1.
    Where: Wall at Gardenia
    Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds
    Just do the same here as you did when you first came here, the checkpoints
    will be along the way up.
    Level 2.
    Where: Black Mud Swamp
    Time Limit: 1 minute 25 seconds
    Just follow the path here and whatever you do, skip the platforms when
    possible, the normal road is much quicker. There is only one checkpoint
    you have to use the platforms for but you will see that on time.
    Level 3.
    Where: Red Fountain Labyrinth
    Time Limit: 2 minutes 10 seconds
    This one is definitely the hardest. Get the first two, then use the 
    platforms to go up the wall for the next two. Drop down on the right side, 
    flip the switch, get the next one, go up the wall and grab the next one.
    Drop back down again after the beams and go back up the wall. Then drop down
    to get the next two and throw the switch for a third. Turn around and use
    the platforms to get up the wall. There are two on the wall, drop down after
    that and go back up the wall a bit further. Run to the end, take the
    checkpoint, drop down and hit the switch. Go back up the wall for the next
    one, drop back down AGAIN on the left and follow for the last three.
    *Virtual Battle Challenge*
    In this challenge, you have to beat 8 waves of enemies without losing.
    It's easier to do this when you have more health and your stronger orb so
    you might want to wait a little when doing this Minigame. It's perfectly
    doable at each moment in the game though!
    Level 1.
    Where: Knut battle site
    Enemies: 20
    Wave 1: 2 Bugs                          Wave 5: Spider + Frog
    Wave 2: Red Ghoul + Bug                 Wave 6: 2 Bugs + Spider
    Wave 3: Red Ghoul + Bug + Frog          Wave 7: 2 Red Ghouls + Frog
    Wave 4: 2 Red Ghouls                    Wave 8: 2 Spiders + Frog
    Level 2.
    Where: Darcy battle site in Alfea Ballroom
    Enemies: 21
    Wave 1: 2 Spiders                       Wave 5: Ogre + 2 Spiders
    Wave 2: Bucketknight + Spider           Wave 6: Ogre + Minotaur + Bucketknight
    Wave 3: Minotaur + Spider               Wave 7: Ogre + Bucketknight
    Wave 4: Minotaur + Spider + BucketknightWave 8: Spider + 2 Minotaurs
    Level 3.
    Where: Blob monster battle site
    Enemies: 23
    Wave 1: 2 Spiders                        Wave 5: Ice Bug + Spider
    Wave 2: Ice Bug + Spider + Ogre          Wave 6: Ogre + Spider
    Wave 3: Ogre + Ice Bug                   Wave 7: Spider + Mech Beast
    Wave 4: 2 Ice Bugs + Spider              Wave 8: 2 Mech Beasts
    | FAQ's    [*FAQ] |
    Q: "I can't get past Stormy and Darcy? What now?"
    A: The reason why is probably because you are too much on the offensive
    side. Bloom is on her own so you won't get any help from your friends for
    damage. Look at my strategy in the faq but to make it short, play more 
    defensively. Charging up your magic meter takes precedence over attacking
    in this battle.
    | Credits  [*CRE] |
    Gamefaqs for hosting my faq.
    Neoseeker for hosting my faq.
    Konami for making this game.
    Starr Davis for the help on my missing gems in Gardenia.
    You for reading my faq of course. Hope you enjoyed it ^-^

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