how to KILL all the 8 ocelot units without having an alerts?

  1. does ALERT during fight with the 8 ocelot unit (during meet with Eva) does count as ALERT? if tat so, than how to prevent it? During tat time snke just stuck in the room rite? cant go anywhere....

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    husniz - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes if you are seen by Ocelot unit it counts as an Alert. During this fight you can exit through the trap door in the ground (where EVA exits) and also by using the door and rolling out the window.

    A simple strategy is to:

    1.Look in first person out the window and press L2 + R2 to stand on your toes and shoot the guard outside. Next 4 guards will break down the door, to beat them you can hide under the bed and throw stun grenades at them and also shoot them.

    After this take the trap door under the building and crawl south, there should be a hole in the wall. You should be able to see a guard out here, I think on Normal he walks close to the building, so you can shoot him.

    Next is the guy on the roof. He can be quite tricky as he has good eyes. Exit the hole in the wall and crawl to your left, there should be some barrels around the corner. Stay close to these and look up at the corner of the roof, if you can see the sniper then shoot him, otherwise he should be at the opposite side of the building. If this is the case then get up and run slightly south east so that you are near the tree and you can look north and see him on the roof. This take may a few tries to figure out where he is at what times.

    After this there is only one more member I believe (depending on your difficulty). He should be on the far west hand side of the area. To get him you can cut through the area where Snake took out the Ocelot members during the Virtuous mission (the area with boxes) or you can head around the fence - along the southern edge. Either way, he should be either sitting in the grass next to the western fence or against a section of fence to the north. If you keep your camo high you should be able to take him out with stun grenades or your Mk22.

    I don't have a camera to record this but youtube may have some decent videos. The more you try the more familiar their positions will become and therefore you will be able to find the process that works for you.

    If you are looking for kills, just use normal grenades/WP grenades and your M1911 instead of Mk22 etc.

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  1. What I did is this. Start by going into the trap door. You can use this strategy to kill or tranqualize. After going into the trap door look through the grated off area and shoot the Ocelot in the head. Next turn around and look through the open area all the way on the other side. Either kill or tranqualize them by shooting the Ocelot's legs. Now either go out and take out the sniper on the roof. Careful, he can spot you fast. Finally there is a guy to the left of the first guy you took out. Either kill or tranq him. Note: If you are seen take a F. Death Pill and choose continue. There is a Mk22 in your backpack too. Also watch out for the guy with the shotgun. Every shot will result in a bullet lodged in you. Another way is to beat the game with The Fear's camo unlocked. Using The Fear's camo will drain your stamina at a slow rate but will give you an exceptional camo index. No one but the sniper will have a chance to spot you until you run out of stamina or have it unequipped. Good luck gettting the stealth camo buddy.

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