Why does the game keep freezing and lagging?

  1. I play snake eater on my ps3, and every time I go into the cave after the ocelot fight, the game moves slow, but not when the game is paused in the survival viewer. It also occurs during the whole "drag eva through the forest" sequence. Sometimes, actually, a lot of times, the game freezes when it moves slow and displays the read error message (the question mark disc symbol in the top left hand side of the screen). any fixes? My disc is always clean and has little to no scratches.

    User Info: fox_psygirl54

    fox_psygirl54 - 7 years ago

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  1. It's possible the system you are using sucks. Try it on a friend's system or something like that.

    If it still is weird, your disk probably is scratched; go to your nearest F.Y.E. and by a "Game Dr. disk repair kit" (about $24) and use it, or find a friend with one. or, go to a game store (gamestop, etc.) and ask for a replacement or repair (kindly, of course.)

    User Info: j03b0b0fd00m

    j03b0b0fd00m - 7 years ago 1 0

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