How can i fix this saving problem?

  1. When i want to save, it says, save failed, please check memory card. I guess the root of this problem is caused by the codebreaker. Ever since i used the codebreaker, i can't save games. I've formatted the memory card. made sure there's nothing in the card. when i proceed to save in mgs, they asked me to create a new file for saving then save. When i go to the browser, I saw that the file created is corrupted. Meaning MGS create corrupted files to disable me from saving. Anyone knows how to disable the codebreaker's long term effect? Any suggestions? If i get a new disc, maybe the codebreaker still can recognize that it's the same game and do the same thing. How to stop this game from creating corrupted files?

    User Info: holytootz

    holytootz - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Use FreeMcBoot to format the MC and uLaunchElf to check whether there isn't any data on the card. Apart from that, you may want to browse through the filesystem of your console to check for any entries/files made by the CodeBreaker and erase them. Need additional info, send me a message.

    User Info: Pietraz

    Pietraz - 6 years ago 1 0

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