What Does "Snake" Camo Do?

  1. I've been trying to figure out exactly what "Snake" Camo that you obtain from The Boss from stamina kill does I haven't found a guide or FAQ that answers this, does it do absolutely nothing??

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    Shanx09 - 9 years ago
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    Eh... kinda makes it pointless after you get stealth, not really worth the effort of trying to reserve your mk shots to knock her out. Btw Sneaking doesnt really in my opinion give you very good camo index, every time ive used it it seemed very low and there lots of other camos to use that did alot better than it, the only reason i found to use the Sneaking Suit was dung boss fights.

    User Info: Shanx09

    Shanx09 - 9 years ago

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  1. Whilst you should already know this but here are special camouflages that work good in certain areas:

    Moss: Green grass, if you use the Woodland face paint and sit still you will have %100 when laying down, and about %55 when standing :D

    Animals: Good in the mountaintop area, better than the others. Also it removes the shakiness in your hands when aiming so it is a good place to snipe :D

    Splitter: Combine with the same pattern of face paint and you will find Grozny Grad much easier.

    Snow: The boss fight with (Obviously) The Boss, Snake Camo, whilst not perfect, is good if you want to brag about unlocking everything, and using the Snow face paint with it will give you quite a good camo index...

    Spider: Too much food? Use this! If you need room for a tastier food than what you have now (Noodles, Calorie Mate, Hornet's Nest) but you are currently at full food/stamina and you do not wish to waste anything, then this is a good idea... Kinda... Almost... Never mind...

    Cold War: I never used this much, but it is good on the bike chase if you want no kills, well actually it is good anywhere if you want no kills... No alerts is unattainable with this on though...

    Stealth: Duh, but for a good rank this cannot be used...

    Snake: *Insert useful place for it here*

    Anyway I hope that helps, I can not offer any other help as I have only had the NTSC version of MGS3: Subsistence Disk 1 and have only ever had those camouflages :(

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  1. It does NOT have a special effect, but it DOES give you a GOOD Camo index in most places. It is good if you do not like changing your camo every five minutes, but it is still best to change camo every five minutes... Or you could use the Sneaking Suit :D

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  2. The Snake camo don't have any special features. It blends fairily well in most places, but it's not very reliable in my opinion. Just try to grab the DMP camo (from getting top score on all bosses in Duel Mode Special), since it blends very well in most part of the game (jungles), and use specific camos in specific situations. That is, if you don't want to use special itens (for some ranks), such as the Steath.

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  3. Snake camo gives you medium high camouflage when lying down or crawling, usually 60-70%. It's not very useful when standing or crouching.

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  4. Btw, sneaking suit is the same as The Boss's REAL camo suit, only darker ( just look at the shiny parts of hers and yours), and it is ACTUALLY Raikov's combat (camo) suit. (Notice, it was found in RAIKOV's locker.) XP
    Also, the sneaking suit is great if you EVER go into combat(some of you are too stealthy for it to happen).

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  5. I'm dumb founded by the answers here posted here.
    SNAKE camo, at various (and multiple!) points throughout the game, gives you a better index than ANY other camo on the menu.
    These SNAKE camo areas are a good distance between though! You will pass through 3, 4 , or 7 areas sometimes before the area "calls" for Snake Camo again.
    I've been scrolling down through the various camouflage and been surprized when it is the absolute best thing to wear, so if your index gets down low, give it a look-see.
    Yeah, I wish it did something cooler too.


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  6. Snake is useful for Camo Index. Personally i think you shouldn't use it since its pretty stupid to keep changing the camo. It is only for crawling. You should just use camo that would blend into the environment since thats the important part. Sneaking Suit is very useful in my opinion(In battle only). I think that it even decreases the damages you receive by half (not sure).

    Stamina kill boss to get their camo using a Mk22 or Mosin Nogant(any thing to kill bosses by their stamina NOT HEALTH)

    Moss: Gives you 100% in sunlight and good % in grass.(This is not by killing by stamina but by holding him up. Stalk up close to him when you are behind him and take a gun to hold him up. Point the gun at his head and Snake will say "I don't think so" as The End shakes his body. Then he will drop his camo, shoot him a few times until you can't then collect the camo) Extra: To get his gun you kill him with stamina to get the Mosin Nogant a tranq sniper.

    Animal: No trembling a gun when hungry (Ocelot)

    Spirit: Recover stamina after choking and removes the sound of footsteps.(The Sorrow)

    Spider: Gives you automatic 80% camo but decrease stamina every second(highly recommended not to use it, only in emergency)(The Fear)

    Fire: This decreases the damage of fire (well there is barely any fire until you fight the fury and you have to stamina kill him to get it.(The Fury)

    Cold War: When looking at an enemies direction, they will not shoot at you.(Never use this openly. Only for no kills or during an alert.) Pick it up quickly after defeating (Volgin)

    Hornet Stripe: This camo is pretty useless by ability so i guess use it in yellow areas. But the ability is to tame hornets or any kind of insect.(The Pain)

    Snake: Good for when crawling. Pick it up quickly after defeating(The Boss)


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  7. Nothing, it's regular camo, it just gets you a high camo index in most places.

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