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    Frog Location Guide by MangaMan505

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    M E T A L   G E A R   S O L I D   3
    	S N A K E   E A T E R
    Written by MangaMan505 (aka Andrew Unferdorfer)
    All frogs found by The FIND THE STUPID FROGS Project as proposed by 
    The contributors to The FIND THE STUPID FROGS Project were: 
    Shalashaska13, TheWoodyD, ertertwert, MangaMan505, Magus1200, 
    wolfpackdou, ArchAngelZXV, psycho mantis, sergetrigger, grayfox00, 
    blueseedfan, dady5000, trulyhardcoreguy, JoshisG0d, Chazman, Great 
    Dabisu, Zoop, feudel, ShockleyHaynes, ShivanReaper
    I.   Acknowledgements
    II.  Introduction
    III. The Guide
    IV.  Legal Stuff
    I would like to personally thank everyone who contributed to The 
    FIND THE STUPID FROGS Project.  When I made the topic, I half expected it 
    to fail entirely.  Well, not only was the topic a success, but here I am 
    typing the finished guide only 5 days after the project began!
    More than anyone else, my thanks goes out to Shalashaska13, 
    TheWoodyD, ertertwert, and Magus1200 for spending so many hours 
    and helping so many other people (including myself) find all these 
    All of the directions in this guide were written by me.  However, I did 
    not find all of these frogs on my own.  In the topic I created, “Proposal: 
    The FIND THE STUPID FROGS Project,” a great number of people banded 
    together to find every last one of these stupid frogs.  While I did find a 
    couple of them on my own, for the most part I used other peoples’ 
    (often poorly-worded) directions to find them for myself.  Once I 
    “confirmed” a frog, I wrote up an explanation which was as clear as I 
    could possibly make it for that location.
    The names which appear under the location descriptions are the names 
    of the person(s) who found that frog and posted its location in the topic.
    If you feel that any of these directions are unclear, by all means, e-mail 
    I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you beat the game at least once 
    before trying to find all of the frogs or reading this guide.  There are 
    three reasons for why I say this.  First, when searching for frogs, it’s 
    extremely helpful to eradicate all of the guards in the area first, a task 
    which is made infinitely easier with the use of the Patriot (a gun which 
    you receive after your first playthrough).  Second, you’ll be more 
    familiar with all of the areas during a subsequent playthrough.  And 
    finally, this guide does contain a number of spoilers for the game.
    Now, with that said, I’d like to offer a couple of important notes about frog-
    hunting in general.  In order for a frog to count, you must shoot it ONCE with 
    a gun. When you shoot it, it will make a weird noise for a little while.  
    Always listen for this noise to confirm that you really did hit the frog.  
    Remember that if you die in an area after getting the frog there, you MUST get 
    it again when you Continue. You don’t have to hit all of the frogs in a single 
    playthrough as they carry over when you start a new game on an old save file. 
    I have confirmed that for myself.
    And so, on with the FAQ!
    There are 64 frogs total, and if you find them all, you will receive the 
    Stealth Camo after the credits roll at the end of the game.
    The first five frogs are found during the Virtuous Mission.
    1. Dremuchij South - Immediately from your starting position, head 
    right and then go up into a narrow grassy path. Once you're at the very 
    top, the frog is visible to your left on top of a hill.
    2. Dremuchij Swamp - Past the swamp, when you're in the second patch 
    of tall grass it's on a hill directly to your right.
    3. Dremuchij North - From your starting position, head forward and take 
    the second right. Head through the fields of tall grass until you get to a 
    hollowed-out log next to the wall.  The frog is on top of this log, but you 
    have to be in front of the log to see it.
    4. Dolinovodno - High up on top of the left post of the Southern end of 
    the bridge.
    5. Rassvet 1F - Directly to the left of the stairs there is a hole in the 
    wall. Look through the hole. The frog is there. Bust a cap in his ass.
    The rest of the frogs occur during Operation: Snake Eater.
    6. Dremuchij East - Under some logs in the middle-left of the map.
    7. Dremuchij North - Find the climbable tree in the middle horizontal 
    path of this map. Climb it, then look left. The frog is on top of a hill.
    You're going to have to backtrack to two previous areas now, because 
    the rest of the game never forces you to go back here.  Head south from 
    Dremuchij North.
    8. Dremuchij Swampland - Get to the island in the middle. Now head 
    left to the little outcropping of land (you may want to kill the alligators, 
    since they will only hinder your search. Plus, they're ugly. Ugly little 
    bastards). In this patch of land, look behind the northern-most tree (between 
    that tree and the hill). Aha! There's the bugger.
    Keep heading south.
    9. Dremuchij South  - Left of where you landed during the Virtuous 
    Mission, hop over the log and then head into the top-left corner of this 
    little area. Our friend is sitting on top of the hill there (you can see him 
    even in third-person mode). Plant a bullet between his eyes.
    Now return to Dremuchij North and then proceed normally from there.
    10. Dolinovodno - Now it's on top of the post on the OTHER side of the 
    11. Rassvet 1F - Under the stairwell, to the right of the big cylinders.
    12. Chyomij Prud - This little bastard is underwater.  To find him, head 
    straight north through the water and find a big grey tree that's sticking 
    out of the water.  It's hugging the north wall, so the it may blend in a 
    litte, but it's there.  Looking at the map, it's right in the middle between 
    the two northern paths out of this area.  Dive, and the frog will be to the 
    left of the base of the tree.  Shoot him twice just for good measure.
    13. Bolshaya Past South - Head north until you get to the big fence with 
    a gap in the middle that you can just walk through.  Go to where the gap is, 
    but stay on the southern side of the fence.  Now head right, staying along the 
    fence, until you find a multi-trunked tree on this side of the fence.  In the 
    middle of the cluster is your green little target.
    14. Bolshaya Past Base - Go into the building and find the room with all 
    the beds. The frog is under a desk at the bottom of this room.
    15. Bolshaya Past Crevice – This must be done DURING the battle with Ocelot. 
    From your starting position, run all the way to the right until you hit a 
    wall. Then turn around so you're facing the camera and go into first-person 
    view. The frog is right there.
    16. Chyomaya Pschera Cave Branch - This is a toughie. Make your way 
    to the waterfalls. Directly across from the little alcove where you got the 
    torch is a passageway; go through it. Follow it until it dead ends, and 
    then crawl into the crack in the wall. Follow the crack until you get to 
    another open area, where directly across from the opening you just 
    exited is ANOTHER crack in the bottom of the wall. Go through this 
    until you come out in a room with a big hole in the floor. Go into first-
    person mode. Right across the hole from you is the frog. ELIMINATE 
    17. Chyomaya Peschera Cave - There's a small island to the south of 
    this area.  Swim behind it, go into first-person view, and look up.  
    There's a big hole in the ceiling right above The Pain, and the frog is 
    chillin' like a villain at the top of that hole.
    -psycho mantis
    18. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance - About midway through the 
    area, there is a cave on the left, enter it (be careful, as there are mines), 
    and once you're inside, face the cave's entrance and look up in first-
    person view. The frog is hiding above the archway.
    19. Ponizovje South - Just a little ways forward from the starting point, 
    the frog is on dry land to your left, slightly obscured by a rock. Without 
    going into first-person, you can see it as a little whitish speck against a 
    tree trunk.
    -Shalashaska13, blueseedfan
    Ponizovje West is easy to miss by accident.  Right after the flatland 
    disappears and rock walls appear around you, and the river begins to narrow 
    into the entrance to Ponizovje South, there's a semi-hidden passage to the 
    left.  Go there now.
    20. Ponizovje West - Swim to the northwest corner of this pool. Then 
    dive. There's a frog behind that grate. Piece of cake. 
    21. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior - Get on top of the docks and run 
    over to where the two boats are. Go to the end of that pier, face the 
    camera, and go into first-person mode. In first-person mode, look right. 
    See those red doors? See that frog on top of the red doors? Waste 'im.
    22. Ponizovje Warehouse 1F - You see those white crates in the 
    southeast corner of the room? Climb on top of those, then crouch and 
    face north. Look way up to the right in the rafters, above the stairs. 
    There's a little froggie head up there just begging to be sniped.
    23. Graniny Gorki South – Easy one.  Run all the way up to the northern 
    exit, then look up to your left.  It’s sitting on a tree branch.  Crafty 
    little frog.
    -TheWoodyD, feudel
    24. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls – Starting out, crawl all 
    the way to the west of the area.  Then shoot the electrical box and crawl 
    under the fence.  Get safely out of sight behind the building.  See that gap 
    in the wall?  That’s how you get into the lab.  But we don’t give a damn 
    about that, we’re here to kill statues.  Stand up and press your back 
    against the wall.  Go into first-person mode.  The frog is in between two 
    tree trunks slightly to the left.
    25. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls – To the far right of this 
    area there is a big building with a boarded-up door, and to the right of 
    this door is a window.  There’s a frog sitting in the window, and he’s 
    looking mighty hungry.  Why don’t you feed him a lead sandwich?
    26 – Graniny Gorky Lab 1F – Follow the hallways until you find a 
    cluster of four lockers near the stairs to 2F.  On top of the locker closest 
    to the camera, there is a frog.  You have to be in first-person to see it, as 
    it’s sort of hiding in the corner.
    27. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West – This is the basement section with 
    several rooms in it.  Run into the back room with a television and a 
    single scientist walking around inside.  There’s a frog in the northwest 
    corner on top of a desk by two lockers.
    28. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East – This is the basement section with 
    several prison cells in it.  You can find a frog in the cell at the very end 
    of the hallway.  Why is the frog in jail?  Your guess is as good as mine. 
    Probably picking up hookers or something.  You know how frogs are.
    -TheWoodyD, wolfpackdou
    29. Svyatogernyj South – Immediately after entering this area, just run 
    forward until you get into the first patch of high grass.  Then turn 
    around and look back at the entrance.  At the top, where the concrete 
    meets the dirt, sitting on the very corner is a frog.
    30. Svyatogernyj West – Head forward a bit until you come to a 
    hollowed-out log laying on the ground.  On the hill directly in front of 
    this log is a frog.
    Make SURE you take the northeastern exit out of Svyatogernyj West, 
    NOT the northwestern one.  This next area is totally optional and, much 
    like Ponizovje West, easily overlooked. 
    31. Svyatogernyj East – Go forward and ALWAYS stick to the left 
    path.  Eventually you’ll come out on top of a small shack.  Jump off the 
    roof and run straight towards the larger building in front of you.  Go up 
    the stairs, and you should see a door.  To the left of the door, there 
    should be a window, and you should be able to see a frog sitting on the 
    shelf inside.  Shoot it through the window.
    Now backtrack back to Svyatogernyj West and take the northwestern 
    exit this time.
    32. Sokrevenno South – In the northwestern corner of this map there is a 
    building.  Run up the ramp to the building, then walk around to the side.  
    From here, you can look at the hill directly behind the building, and a 
    frog is there. 
    -Shalashaska13, sergetrigger
    33. Sokrevenno West – Follow the stream all the way south, then duck 
    and look at the opening in the wall where the water is flowing into.  
    There’s a frog in there.  That’s sort of its natural habitat, I guess.  Now 
    shoot it.
    -Shalashaska13, feudel
    34. Sokrevenno North – Start out at the southern exit second in from the 
    right.  Now hug the left wall and run, following it as it curves around.  
    Pretty soon, you’ll come to a hollowed-out log.  Now, keep following the wall, 
    and look behind the VERY NEXT tree that is growing right up against the wall. 
    The frog is between the tree and the hill.
    35. Krasnogorje Tunnel – Right away, you see that arch in the middle of 
    the hallway?  The frog is on the ground behind it, on the left side.
    36. Krasnogorje Mountain Base – Run all the way to the northwest 
    corner of the map.  Still in third-person mode, you can see the frog up 
    on a hill directly in front of you.  However, you can’t get a good angle 
    at him from here, so run back a little bit to some high ground and whip 
    out the sniper rifle.  That’ll do him in.
    39. Krasnogorje Mountainside - In the shack at the top of the mountain 
    with 3 rations and a calorie mate. You have to shoot this one from afar 
    because the angle is quite bad. So bust out something with a scope.
    -TheWoodyD, also written by him
    38. Krasnogorje Mountaintop - Go to the lowest stationary turret gun 
    and look at the cliff across from it in first person view. I'd use the turret 
    to blow this frog away, but you might attract some unwanted attention.
    -TheWoodyD, also written by him
    39. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Behind Ruins – Right in front of you, 
    there is a radio tower.  Use the sniper rifle to locate the frog about 
    midway up the tower.  I guess frogs aren’t afraid of heights, but a bullet 
    to the head oughta make him squeal.
    -Shalashaska13, sergetrigger
    40. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins – Run down the stairs and into the 
    room with the bed in it.  Face the bed, and go into first-person.  The frog 
    is on a shelf above the bed.  Put his voyeuristic activities to a permanent 
    41. Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel – This must be done DURING the fight with 
    The Fury. Immediately following the initial cutscene, run right into the next 
    hallway and face forward.  The frog is right in front of you up on top of a 
    red pipe.
    42. Groznyj Grad Southwest – See that left row of warehouses?  Well, 
    approach the middle building from the front and look through the crack.  
    This frog is in cold storage.
    43. Groznyj Grad Northwest – Run north, and as soon as you clear the 
    tanks you should see a car with an open back to your left.  Directly past 
    this car is a stack of crates, which you need to climb onto.  Then go into 
    first-person and look left over the fence.  The frog is on top of some 
    44. Groznyj Grad Northeast – Run to the northeast until you get to a 
    building with several food supplies in it.  Directly north of this building 
    there is a hole in the floor.  Jump down into it and then crawl west.  
    Follow this tunnel west and then south until you hit a place where you 
    can turn right (this should be right beneath a grate in the ceiling).  After 
    you turn right, the frog is directly in front of you.
    45. Groznyj Grad Southeast – Go into the southeast corner of the map, 
    then look up on top of the corner of the prison building.  The frog is 
    there.  Terminate him.
    Run into the prison building real quick.
    46. Groznyj Grad Torture Room – Find the room with the desks in it.  
    Look under the desk to your right.  Happy Secretary’s Day, you green 
    47. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing – Head up the north stairs 
    and go through the door.  The frog is sitting right on top of the shelf in 
    the front of this room.
    48. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor – Immediately 
    look out the south windows.  You see those big speakers on top of a tall 
    pole out in the distance?  The frog is on top of them.  The sniper rifle is 
    your friend here.
    There is no frog in the sewers, by the way.
    49. Tikhogornyj – Face south and go into first-person mode.  Look to 
    your left, under the log.  There he is.
    -sergetrigger, Chazman
    50. Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall – Run all the way to the room with 
    the ladder.  Go over to the ladder, then face away from it and go into 
    first-person view.  Look up.  The frog is on a pipe against the wall on 
    the right.
    51. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing – Run up the leftmost 
    stairs and stop when you get to the fuel tank that’s up there.  Now, 
    standing in front of that fuel tank, walk forward and look down between 
    the two control panels.
    -Chazman, sergetrigger
    52. Groznyj Grad B1F – This must be done DURING the battle with Volgin. 
    Immediately face left, then go into first-person and look up.  The frog is on 
    the ledge looking down at you.  Wipe that froggie smile off his face.  It’s a 
    good idea to put on the Raikovich mask at the beginning of this fight, as it 
    will distract Volgin for a while and give you a clear shot at that frog.
    I recommend that you save in every single one of the motorcycle areas. If you 
    miss the frog, reload your game completely.
    (Thanks to tons of people who e-mailed me about this. I’d totally forgotten to 
    include this rather necessary bit of advice.)
    53. First Motorcycle Area – Once you get to the area with all the tanks 
    in it, look at the spotlight tower to the right of the windowed area where 
    all the guard are.  Use the sniper rifle to find the frog sitting atop it.
    -Magus1200, Chazman
    54. Second Motorcycle Area – The first time EVA stops, face all the 
    enemy soldiers and then look left, where you should see a forklift.  The 
    frog is sitting in the seat.  He’s not licensed to drive that thing!  Take 
    that law-breaker out!
    -Magus1200, Chazman
    55. Third Motorcycle Area – It’s way out on top of a sign to the left.  A 
    little while after EVA turns, it’s past the second sideroad and at a place 
    where you can see a plane in the distance behind it.  EVA slows down 
    for a while when you get to it, but you still have to either snipe it or feed 
    it an RPG pretty quick.
    56. Fourth Motorcycle Area – It’s on top of the fourth sign on your right, 
    immediately before a sideroad.  I found this to be the most difficult frog 
    in the game.
    57. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge (sniping part) – First, stand up.  Then look down 
    at the arches under the bridge.  The frog is sitting on the farthest arch 
    (there are two parallel arches under the bridge), in between the second and 
    third pillars from the left.
    -Magus1200, Chazman
    58. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge (fighting Shagohod) – After the motorcycle part, 
    when Volgin is on top of the Shagohod and begins chasing EVA, use the sniper 
    rifle to scope out the base of the radio tower directly in front of you.  The 
    frog can be found hangin’ out there.
    59. Fifth Motorcycle Area – Near the end of the area, you’ll run into 
    three red-and-white barricades.  The frog is in between the left one and 
    the middle one.
    -Magus1200, grayfox00, sergetrigger, Great Dabisu, Chazman
    60. Sixth Motorcycle Area – Equip the RPG-7 right off the bat and 
    begin scanning the area to your right.  Immediately after you pass a log, 
    the frog is sitting in front of a rock.
    -Magus1200, Chazman, Zoop
    61. Seventh Motorcycle Area – Watch the left side of the motorcycle 
    like a hawk.  The frog is sitting on top the first boulder you’ll see.
    -Magus1200, Chazman, JoshisG0d
    62. Zaozyorje South – After the cutscene where the guards go into 
    Caution mode, go down the left path until you get to the log bridge.  Go 
    halfway across the bridge, face left, and go into first-person mode.  
    Against the wall on the right side, there is a ledge down in the crevasse 
    with a frog on it.
    63. Zaozyorje East – Run through until you get to a big fork in the path.  
    At this fork, there should be a huge, thick tree growing against the side 
    of a hill.  Run to the left side of this tree and look in the gap between the 
    tree and the hill.  Bingo.
    64. Rokovoj Bereg – This must be down DURING the battle with The Boss. Go to 
    the northwest corner of the map, equip the sniper rifle, and then scope out 
    the trees.  The frog is sitting at the very top of one nearby.  Decapitate 
    that mother, and hope to God you didn’t miss any of his friends.
    This guide is copyright 2004 Andrew Unferdorfer
    Metal Gear Solid 3 and all affiliated characters are copyright 2004 
    Under no circumstances may this guide be obtained through means of 
    monetary exchange.
    If you wish to use this guide on your site, please contact me:

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