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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SamuraiX-

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                    "What do you say to one last showdown?" - Ocelot               
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         |             S   U   B   S   I   S   T   E   N   C   E             |
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                 |O|f|f|i|c|i|a|l| |S|u|r|v|i|v|a|l| |H|a|n|d|b|o|o|k|
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                     Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence - FAQ/Walkthrough
                       Playable on the PlayStation 2 Gaming Console   
                     Written By: SamuraiX- (MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com)
                                  79 Characters Per Line                 
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         Copyright © 2006 Raul Copaciu                      Version: 1.20
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                              V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y
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    Version 1.20 | June 17, 2007 | 322 kb
    Ok, so I lied. I wasn't able to update the guide before school started, but I
    meant to! You have to give me something for the thought, right? Anyways,
    summer is here and I finally have some more spare time available. Just wanted
    to get another update in A.S.A.P. so I only added another section to the main
    walkthough. More updates to come soon... hopefully. Happy Father's Day!
    Version 1.10 | January 1, 2007 | 289 kb
    Yes! Believe it or not, I haven't forgotten about this FAQ! So, I thought to
    myself, what better way to get back in it than to update it on New Year's day?
    Anyways, not too huge of an update. I completed the Part 1 portion of the
    Operation Snake Eater walkthrough, and completed the Characters section by
    adding in their biographies. That's basically it for now, I really just wanted
    everyone to know I was still alive. I'll try to get another update in before
    school starts up again. Happy New Year!!
    Version 1.00 | April 14, 2006 | 235 kb
    Guide submitted. The walkthrough covers the entire Virtuous Mission portion of
    the game. The Game System section is nearly complete. I have also created a
    basic outline for displaying the information in the Encyclopedia and New
    Additions section of the guide. I hope to have more updates coming sometime in
    the near future.
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                          T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
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             01) Introduction                                       [01INTD]
                     Introduction                                   [01INTD]
                     Contact Information                            [01CTIN]
             02) Game Basics                                        [02GMBS]
                     Controls                                       [02CNTR]
                     Game System                                    [02SYST]
                     Actions                                        [02ACTN]
                     Close-Quarters Combat                          [02CQCT]
                     Infiltration Techniques                        [02INFT]
             03) Walkthrough                                        [03WLKT]
                     Virtuous Mission                               [03VRTM]
                     Operation Snake Eater
                     	Part 1                                  [03OSE1]
                            Part 2                                  [03OSE2]
             04) Encyclopedia                                       [04ENCL]
                     Weapons                                        [04WPNS]
                     Equipment                                      [04EQPM]
                     Camouflage                                     [04CAMO]
                     Food                                           [04FOOD]
                     Boss Strategies                                [04BSST]
                     Secrets and Easter Eggs                        [04SCRT]
                     Fun Stuff                                      [04FNST]
                     Radio Frequencies                              [04RDIO]
                     Kerotan Frogs                                  [04KERO]
                     Characters                                     [04CHRC]
                     Previous Operations                            [04PRVS]
                     Metal Gear Soild 3 Timeline                    [04TMLN]
                     Music Lyrics                                   [04MUSL]
                     Frequently Asked Questions                     [04FAQS]
             05) New Additions                                      [05NWAD]
                     Disc 1 - Subsistence                           [05SUBS]
                     Disc 2 - Persistence                           [05PERS]
                     Disc 3 - Existence                             [05EXIS]
                     Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1                         [05MGSA]
             06) Plot Summary & Analysis                            [06PLSM]
             07) Conclusion                                         [07CNCL]
    		 Legal Disclaimer                               [07LGDS]
                     Acknowledgements                               [07AKNW]
                              --  Guide Navigation  --
    This guide is divided up into sections, sub-sections, and so on. Each of the
    primary sections focuses around one general concept. As you read  more into
    each section, you will notice that there will be many other different kinds
    of categories, but everything will continue to focus on the same subject.
    For your benefit, I have provided a fast and efficient method that you can be
    used to access each of the specific sections and categories in the guide. The
    procedure is quite simple. First, highlight the search code for the particular
    section you wish you locate. Next, right click on the highlighted text and
    select the "Copy" option. Now, click on the "Edit" tab at the top of your
    internet broswer and select "Find" option. After a small window appears, right
    click in the small text box and select the "Paste" option. Finally, select the
    "Find Next" option in the window and that should automatically take you to
    your desired location.
    Another, faster and even more efficient option is to highlight the code, press
    Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+F, followed by Ctrl+V, and press the "Enter" key. Both are,
    more or less the exact same method. 
    The primary walkthrough for the Snake Eater game is also divided up into
    separate parts so that you can locate a specific area much easier. Simply use
    the Part Descriptions information below to locate the particular area you are
    searching for, copy and paste the code of the part that has that area within
    it, and use the Find option to automatically arrive at your destination. You
    will, of course have to scroll through the other areas accordingly to arrive
    at the particular section that for which you are searching.
    ---------- Part Descriptions ------------------------------------------------
    Virtuous Mission : Covers the Virtuous Mission.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 1 : Covers from Dremuchij East through the battle
    with The Pain in Chyornaya Peschera Cave.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 2 : Covers from Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance
    through Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 3 : Covers from Graniny Gorki Lab 1F through the
    battle with The End in Sokrovenno South, North, and West.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 4 : Covers from Krasnogorje Tunnel through the
    battle with The Fury in the Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 5 : Covers from Groznyj Grad Southwest through the
    Groznyj Grad Sewers.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 6 : Covers from Tikhogornyj through the Shagohod
    chase on the Groznyj Grad Runway.
    Operation Snake Eater Part 7 : Covers from Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North
    through the end of the game.
    	-------  Section 01 : Introduction  -------
    In "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater," the mission was jungle survival and the
    game was set in the year 1964, during the Cold War, a time when spies were at
    their most active. Building upon the success of Snake Eater, additional game
    modes and widely-anticipated online battle mode have been added to MGS3 to
    give us the complete edition: "Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence." Subsistence
    refers to "survival" - you have to stay alive long enough to attempt the
    harsh battles that wait you.
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence has added a 3rd Person View Camera. The
    low-angle camera provides players an even deeper stealth-action experience
    through the jungle. In the online mode, players can choose Team Battle or
    Snake vs. Enemies and carry out missions cooperatively or competitively.
    Subsistence still offers the classic MGS elements, such as the cardboard box
    disguise, infiltration, sniping, and close-quarters combat (CQC). Metal Gear
    Solid 3: Subsistence also contains original versions of the games "Metal Gear"
    and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake," which were previously only released in Japan.
    Subsistence also features new and enhanced game modes, including Duel Mode,
    Demo Theater, and Snake vs. Monkey, plus all the features that were previously
    exclusive to the European Version of Snake Eater. MGS3: Subsistence is the
    must-have game package for all MGS fans.
    All the original MGS staff were involved in this production to take MGS3 to the
    next level. The game is directed and produced by Hideo Kojima, with executive
    producer, Motoyuki Yoshioka, and line producer, Yoshikazu Matsuhana, along with
    Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for the entire MGS series. Subsistence is the
    final chapter of MGS3, providing a glimpse of what lies in store for MGS in the
    next generation.
                        -=*       Contact Information       *=- 
    If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, or contributions then just
    send them in to the e-mail address that I provided below. Please remember to
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    	E-Mail : MetalGear781(at)Yahoo.com
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    	-------  Section 02 : Game Basics  -------
                                S T E A L T H  G A M E                            
    		   Sneak in withiout being seen by the enemy
                            Infiltrate and avoid detection      
    Metal Gear Solid 3 is a 3D action-adventure game that lets you experience the
    thrill of sneaking past the enemy without being seen. You play the role of
    Snake, who must infiltrate enemy territory and carry out a top-secret mission.
    If the enemy sees you, they'll call for reinforcements and things are bound to
    get rough. You'll want to avoid battle whenever possible.
    Knowing how to survive in hostile territory will be crucial. In this mission,
    your top priority will be staying alive in a combat zone. Raid provisions
    warehouses to get supplies for maintaining stamina and treat wounds to keep
    Snake in fighting condition.
    The game is a work of a fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or groups,
    living or dead, is purely coincidental.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Controls ----->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    Metal Gear Solid 3 offers quite a complex and interactive layout of controls.
    Most of the buttons are assigned a variety of functions. The function of a
    button will sometimes change, depending on the current circumstances that are
    presented. Some of the buttons are context sensitive, and will have a different
    effect, depending on the amount of pressure that is applied to the button. This
    section will show you a basic outline of the control configuration in the game.
    Triangle Button - * Action button
                      * Climb trees
                      * Open lockers
                      * Go up / down ladders
                      * Climb onto platforms
                      * Hang
    Circle Button - * Punch button / CQC button / Enter button
                    * Punch
    		* Execute CQC
    		* Knock on walls (when pressed against a wall)
    Cross Button - * Crawl button / Cancel button
    	       * Switch between standing, crouching, and crawling positions
    Square Button - * Weapon button
                    * Use your currently equipped weapon
    START Button - * Enter the Survival Viewer
    SELECT Button - * Enter the Radio Screen
    R1 Button - * Enter First Person View (FPV)
    R2 Button - * Weapon Window button
    	    * Select, equip, and un-equip weapons (Third Person/Normal View)
    	    * View, Peek (Corner/First Person View)
    L1 Button - * Aim button
    	    * Lock aim in one direction (Normal View)
                * Center camera (Third Person View)
                * Shoulder aim (First Person View)
    L2 Button - * Item Window button
    	    * Select, equip, and unequip items (Third Person/Normal View)
    	    * View, Peek (Corner/First Person View)
    Directional Pad - * Move character (stalking movement)
    		  * Look around (First Person View)
    Left Analog Stick - * Move character (Third Person/Normal View)
    		    * Look around (First Person View)
                        * Navigate menus
    Right Analog Stick - * Adjust camera
    L3 Button - * Interrogate enemy (when enemy is in CQC hold)
    R3 Button - * Switch between Third Person and Normal View
    NOTE: The initial control scheme CANNOT be altered.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Game System ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
                     -=*            Survival Viewer            *=- 
    Begin by pressing the START button to open the Survival Viewer. The Survival
    Viewer contains everything that Snake will need to survive in the jungle. Use
    the viewer to adjust settings, eat food, apply camouflage, heal wounds, place
    or remove weapons/items, or view the map.
     ------- CAMOUFLAGE ---------------
    The "CAMOUFLAGE" option is divided into two sub-categories: "UNIFORM", for
    clothing, and "FACE", for face paint. Simply select either of the two options
    to choose your desired camouflage pattern.
    Select "FACE" from the "CAMOUFLAGE" screen. Then, choose your desired face
    paint pattern and press the Circle button to apply your selected choice. When
    applying face paint, remember to select the most appropriate face paint pattern
    that is best suited for Snake's current environment.
    Select "UNIFORM" from the "CAMOUFLAGE" screen. Then, select the desired uniform
    and press the Circle button. As with selecting face paint, you should probably
    choose the camouflage uniform that conceals Snake the best in his current
    The effectiveness of each face paint and uniform in a given environment is
    expressed as a percentage number, located in the top right corner of the
    screen. This percentage number is known as the Camo Index. When selecting a
    particular face paint or uniform, notice the number that is expressed at the
    far right side in the rectangular box of the selected uniform. This number
    tells how much your Camo Index will rise or lower, depending on the type of
    camouflage you apply. It should be fairly obvious that numbers with a "-" sign
    next to it will lower your Camo Index, while numbers with a "+" sign next to
    them will raise it.
     ------- BACKPACK ---------------
    The backpack an entirely new storage system that has been incorporated into
    Metal Gear Solid 3. If you have played previous titles in the series you would
    know that most of the weapons and equipment that are available in the game are
    procure-on-site acquisition. The primary purpose for the incorporation of the
    backpack is to allow the player to select only the most necessary weapons and
    items to place in his inventory, where he may have quick access to them.
    Newly acquired weapons and items will be stored in the backpack. To use them,
    Snake needs to take them out of his backpack and carry them with him. Open the
    "BACKPACK" window in the Survival Viewer to ready weapons and items for use. A
    list of currently equipped weapons and items will appear when the "BACKPACK"
    window is opened.
    Select "WEAPON" from the "BACKPACK" screen. Then, choose the weapon for Snake
    and press the Circle button. To put a weapon back in the backpack, choose the
    corresponding weapon and press the Circle button. Use the same process, except
    select "ITEM" from the "BACKPACK" screen, when exchanging items from the
    backpack. You are restricted to a maximum of eight weapons and items that can
    be carried in their corresponding inventories.
    An easier method of placing weapons and items back into the backpack is by
    first opening the "ITEM" or "WEAPON" window when accessing the "BACKPACK"
    window. Then, hold down the corresponding window button - L2 or R2 and press
    the Circle button to return the selected weapon or item to the backpack.
    Each weapon and item has a specific weight classification. The heavier the
    total weight of the weapons and items that Snake is carrying on him, the faster
    he will burn off stamina. If Snake is running low on stamina or food, put items
    back into the backpack to aid in conserving stamina.
     ------- FOOD ---------------
    When the Stamina Gauge runs low, use the "FOOD" option to eat something. To
    replenish the Stamina Gauge, you must find and capture food. You can obtain
    food from plants and animals in the jungle as well as from enemy rations. The
    process of gathering and capturing plants and animals in the jungle is called
    "food capture."
    Plants and animals can be turned into food rations by attacking them with basic
    hand-to-hand attacks (using the Circle button) or weapons attacks (using the
    Square button). The type of food an animal produces when captured depends on
    what type of attack is used. Animals captured using knives or guns are stored
    as raw meat. Because of this, they will spoil after a certain period of time.
    Animals captured alive using tranquilizer guns and mousetraps are kept alive in
    cages and will not spoil. Snake can caputre up to three lives animals and store
    them in cages.
    To eat food, choose the desired food item from the "FOOD" window and select
    "EAT" to consume the selected food item. To dispose of food, choose the desired
    food item from the "FOOD" window and select "DISPOSE" to throw it away. Each
    food item that you obtain will be cateogorized into one of four statuses:
       --  Food Status --
    * Live Capture - Food will not spoil.
    * Normal Capture - Ready to eat.
    * Spoiling - There is a chance that Snake will get sick if he eats this item.
    * Spoiled - This food item will make Snake sick if he eats it.
    There are several different types of food properties. These properties affect
    how food is used and the effects they have in the game.
    Different types of good differe in quality - some taste good, others taste bad.
    How good a food item tastes can be gauged by Snake's reaction after ingesting
    it. The more delicious it is, the more the Stamina Gauge will be replenished.
    In some cases, even bad-tasting foods can become palatable if Snake eats them
    repeadtedly and develops a taste for them.
    If Snake eats food that is poisonnous or rotten, he will become ill. This
    condition can be cured by using the "CURE" option in the Survival Viewer to
    administer antidote or stomach medicine.
    Some foods have additional effects besides replenishing the Stamina Gauge. When
    Snake finds a new type of food, there are many ways to find out what it does.
    He can be brave and just eat it, for exmaple, or call Para-Medic on the radio
    for a description of its porperties.
    Rotten and poisonous foods can be used to Snake's advantage in battle by
    getting enemies to eat them. Go to "WEAPON" on the "BACKPACK" screen to equip
    a food item as a weapon and press the Square button to throw it. Be sure that
    the food item will land in a close radius of your desired enemy target. Also
    keep in mind that enemies will only make an attempt to eat thrown food items if
    they are famished from not eating in awhile. For the enemy to become so hungry,
    you must destory a food storage shed.
     ------- CURE ---------------
    When Snake is attacked by the enemy or poisoned by plants or animals, he can
    recover faster by administering medical treatment. If Snake is wounded, the
    maximum value of the LIFE Gauge will decrease unless the wound is treated. Use
    the "CURE" option in the Survival Viewer to heal Snake if he is poisoned or
    wounded. When Snake recovers from a wound, his maximum LIFE Gauge will increase
    as well.
    There are two types of treat, medical and surgical. Each has its own uses in
    treating different types of injuries or sicknesses. Use the L2 button to access
    medical treament, and the R2 button to access surgical treatment. There are a
    variety of medical items at your disposal when you want to perform treatment.
    You must use only the specific medical items that are required if you wish to
    fully treat Snake.
      -- Medicinal Treatment Items --
    * Serum - Injected to neutralize poison from snake bites.
    * Antidote - Taken orally. Used to neutralize ingested poison.
    * Cold Medicine - Taken orally. Used to cure colds.
    * Stomach Medicine - Taken orally. Used to cure stomach aches.
      -- Surgical Treatment Items --
    * Splint - Applied locally. A fastener used to treat broken bones.
    * Suture Kit - Applied locally. Used to sew up cuts.
    * Bandage - Applied locally. Used to treat cuts, burns, gunshot wounds, and
                broken bones.
    * Survival Knife - Used to treat gunshot and bolt wounds. The knife is used
                       to dig out the bullet/bolt. Can be used an unlimited number
                       of times.
    * Cigar - Used to burn off leeches. Can be used an unlimited number of times.
    * Ointment - Liniment. Used to treat burns.
    * Disinfectant - Liniment. Used to treat cuts and gunshot wounds.
    * Styptic - Applied locally. Stops bleeding. Used to treat cuts and gunshot
    Now, let me explain the treatment process. First, use the Left Analog Stick to
    move the Treatment Cursor to the affected area of Snake's body. The type of
    aliment will appear when the Treatment Cursor is moved to the affected area.
    Next, press and hold the L2 button or the R2 button, use the Left Analog Stick
    to select medical items, and press the Circle button to confirm your selection.
    The circle surrounding the affected area will shrink if the treatment was
    successful and will disappear entirely if the area is completely healed. Items
    used in treatment are consumed in the process (with the exception of the knife
    and cigar).
    NOTE: Be sure to keep a good supply of medical items so that treatment can be
    performed at any time. Enemies carry medical supplies as well. Snake is able to
    acquire these medical items from enemies either by shaking down their bodies or
    holding them up.
     ------- OPTIONS ---------------
    By selecting "OPTIONS" from the Survival Viewer, you will be allowed to adjust
    your in-game settings to better suit your specific preferences.
    | Vibration             | Turn the vibration ON / OFF.                       |
    | Blood                 | Turn blood display ON / OFF.                       |
    | Dolby Pro Logic II    | Turn the Dolby Pro Logic II ON / OFF.              |
    | Own View              | Select First Person View control type.             |
    | Camera Mode           | Select Camera Mode.                                |
    | Camera Up / Down      | Set up/down controls for 3D Camera Mode.           |
    | Camera Left / Right   | Set left/right controls for 3D Camera Mode.        |
    | Captions              | Turn the captions ON / OFF.                        |
    | Language              | Select language.                                   |
    | Screen Adjustment     | Adjust screen position.                            |
    | Brightness Adjustment | Adjust screen brightness.                          |
    | Exit                  | Return to the previous screen                      |
     ------- MAP ---------------
    Select "MAP" from the Survival Viewer to display a map of the area that Snake
    is currently occupying. The map displays useful information that can help you
    during the mission.
    Pay attention to special symbols that may appear on the map. These symbols
    will provide valuable information about your surroundings. The meanings of the
    possible symbols that you might see include:
     - Snake's Position [represented by gray triangle with a line underneath]
     - Enemy's Position [represented by a medium sized, red square]
     - Eva's Position [represented by a medium sized, yellow square]
     - Item Box [represented by a small sized, gray square]
     - TNT [represented by a gray "T" shape]
     - C3 [represented by a gray target shape]
     - Claymore Mine [represented by a gray "C" shape]
     - Mousetrap (Empty) [represented by a large sized, hollow gray square]
     - Mousetrap (Occupied) [represented by a large sized, filled gray square]
     - Destination Point [represented by a large sized, gray "X" shape]
    When the map is displayed, use the Triangle and Square buttons to zoom in and
    out and the Left Analog Stick or Directional Buttons to change the map display
    position. If an arrow is displayed at the edge of the map, move the Left Analog
    Stick in the direction of the arrow and press the Circle button to switch to a
    map of the neighboring area. If there are multiple floors, use the R1 and R2
    buttons to switch between them.
    NOTE: Most of symbols that can appear on the map can only be obtained by the
    method of interrogating enemies.
                             -=*     Gauge Types     *=- 
     ------- LIFE GAUGE ---------------
    This gauge represents the amount of LIFE that Snake currently has. You will
    need to pay specific attention to this gauge throughout the game. If the tan
    colored bar is completely depleted at any time during the game, Snake will die.
    Remember to always try to manage a strong LIFE Gauge. This is particularly
    important when you expect an intense battle sometime in the very near future.
    Snake's LIFE will recover naturally over time. However, the speed at which it
    recovers depends on how full the Stamina Gauge is. The higher Snake's stamina,
    the faster his LIFE will recover. LIFE will also recover more quickly when
    Snake is in a crouching or proning position.
    If Snake falls from a high place or is hit by a powerful atttack, he will be
    wounded. When Snake is wounded, a red meter will be displayed in the LIFE
    Gauge. Select "CURE" from the Survival Viewer to treat wounds. To note, most
    wounds will heal naturally after a set period of time even if left untreated.
    However, certain types of wounds will not heal without treament.
    During the mission, Snake may be poisoned or become sick. Leaving poison
    untreated will cause the LIFE Gauge to decrease, while leaving colds or leeches
    untreated will drain the Stamina Gauge. Select "CURE" from the Survival Viewer
    to treat these conditions.
    Saving the game and quitting for a while will give Snake a chance to get some
    rest. LIFE, wounds, and disease will all recover over time until the game is
    loaded again.
     ------- STAMINA GAUGE ---------------
    The second most important gauge is the Stamina Gauge. This is what determines
    Snake's performance in the game. Depending on whether you have a high or low
    Stamina Gauge will affect many of the factors related to Snake's performance.
    These include how much his weapon will shake when he's aiming in First Person
    View mode, the rate at which your LIFE Gauge recovers, and how the amount of
    the Grip Gauge and the 02 Gauge you will have when in Hanging Mode or under the
    surface of water. Almost every action that you take will have a direct effect
    on your Stamina Gauge. Things like walking, running, climbing, hanging, and so
    on will all contribute in the depletion of your Stamina Gauge.
    To replenish the Stamina Gauge, you can hunt for local flora and fauna. These
    can be used as food whenever you have a low Stamina Gauge.You will want to have
    at least three of the four bars in your Stamina Gauge at any time. If the gauge
    is reaching or drops below two of the four bars, then be sure to eat something
    so that you can recover. Remember that some foods will have a stronger effect
    than others when it comes to replenishing your Stamina Gauge.
     ------- GRIP GAUGE ---------------
    The Grip Gauge is displayed when Snake is in a hanging position. The gauge is
    meant to represent the amount of time Snake can hold onto the ledge from which
    he is hanging. The longer you are in a hanging position, the more the gauge 
    will drop. As the gauge decreases, Snake will gradually loose his grip on the
    ledge from which he is hanging. When the gauge depletes completely, Snake will
    fall. Be sure to not let this happen too often. Snake may or may not suffer
    from any injuries when falling depending upon how high the surface from which
    he fell was. Press the Action Button to bring Snake back up from a hanging
    position onto a solid surface.
    Remember that the duration of the Grip Gauge directly corresponds to the amount
    of your Stamina Gauge. A low Stamina Gauge will result in a low Grip Gauge and
    a low 02 Gauge. If you are planning on staying in Hanging Mode for an extensive
    period of time, then remember to eat a quick meal before attempting this.
     ------- 02 GAUGE ---------------
    When Snake dives underwater, the amount of time that he can hold his breath is
    represented by the 02 Gauge. As with the Grip Gauge, this gauge will continue
    to decrease, at a moderate speed the longer you exhaust it. In this case, the
    longer you hold your breath while underwater, the more the gauge will deplete.
    When the gauge is completely depleted, and you are still underwater, then your
    LIFE Gauge will begin to deplete as the 02 Gauge did. If your LIFE Gauge is
    completely depleted, Snake will die. Try to manage your 02 Gauge accordingly
    based on your present situation so as to not meaninglessly waste any LIFE.
                          -=*     Difficulty Levels     *=- 
    When starting a new game, you will be asked to select from one of several
    difficulty settings. Each difficulty level will provide you with a different
    experience when playing through the game. Depending on which difficulty setting
    you decide on, the game will prove to be either easier or harder for you.
    The selectable difficulty levels are as follows:
     * Very Easy - For complete beginners.
    If you do not have any past experience with games of the stealth or action
    genres, then this would probably be the prefered difficulty for you. The guards
    may as well be blind, deaf, or just plain mentally disturbed. Enemies will be
    scarce in most areas. They will deal little damage to you, while you will deal
    a lot of damage to them. Caution, Evasion, and Alert phases will be very short,
    and they will cancel out when you enter a different area.
     * Easy - For non-action experts.
    Some very minor increases in difficulty from Very Easy. Enemies are still just
    as blind, deaf, and stupid as in the previous difficulty. There may be an extra
    guard added to a couple of the many areas. There's really not much of a change
    at all between Very Easy and Easy.
     * Normal - Standard difficulty level.
    The intended difficulty level for most casual gamers who have not played any
    of the Metal Gear Solid titles. Everything is well-balanced to fit the specific
    preferences of the player. All the elements from the easier difficulties are
    taken up a notch. This is the difficulty that most people will start out on.
    The main walkthrough is based off this specific difficulty level.
     * Hard - For confident players.
    Most hardcore Metal Gear fans will initially choose this difficulty when they
    play through the game their first time. You will notice another drastic change
    in difficulty when playing on Hard. This is the difficulty level that sets off
    the transition of the odds continously being stacked against you as you go up
    in higher levels.
     * Extreme - For action gaming experts.
    The difficulty that needs no introduction. The one difficulty that all MGS
    veterans just can't get enough of. Everything in this difficulty level has been
    enhanced to the maximum level. Enemies will be able to see and hear you from
    far away distances. It only takes a few shots/hits from the enemy to kill you,
    and many bullets from you to take them down. The initial amount of enemies in
    all areas reaches maximum capacity, not including the alert team guards. 
    Everyone is nearly equal to you in terms of vision, hearing, and intelligence.
    The perfect difficulty level for any hardcore MGS fan.
     * European Extreme - Game ends when being seen by the enemy.
    This is as close to reality as MGS will get, which isn't too far away. All of
    the enhancements from Extreme are incorporated into European Extreme. The two
    levels are basically equal in terms of difficulty. The only real difference
    between them is that in European Extreme, if you are seen even once, the game
    will end right then and there, forcing you to either continue or exit. Well,
    in other words: this difficulty is only meant for the possessed or insane.
    There are many factors of which each of the difficulty levels differentiate in.
    Depending on which of the difficulty levels you choose, you will notice either
    an increase or decrease in the following:
     - Range of vision of enemies
     - Range of hearing of enemies
     - Intelligence level of enemies
     - Amount of damage taken from enemies
     - Amount of damage dealt to enemies
     - Accuracy and precesion of enemies
     - Duration time that enemies stay unconscious
     - Duration time needed for a tranquilizer to take effect
     - Duration time of Caution, Evasion, and Alert phases
     - Amount of reinforcements called in
     - Amount of trembling while sniping
     - Duration time needed to recover LIFE
     - Duration time needed to recover from wounds
     - Amount of Stamina restored after eating a meal
     - Duration time of Stamina Gauge, Grip Gauge, and 02 Gauge
     - Amount of damage taken when falling from a high distance
     - Duration time needed of exposure to catch a cold
     - Amount of Backpack storage space
     - Maximum capacity of weapons, items, and ammunition
     - Availability of weapons, items, and ammunition boxes
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Actions ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    This section will cover all the various actions that are available to you in
    the game. It will explain, in detail from the most simple concepts of walking
    and running, to the more complex techniques, such as CQC.
       0==/ BEGINNER /==0
     ------- WALKING/RUNNING ---------------
    Press the left analog stick in the direction you want to move to start heading
    in that direction. There are two movement speeds depending on how far the left
    analog stick is pressed. Press it lightly to walk or harder to run. Also, use
    the directional button to perform stalking that is slow, but noiseless.
     ------- CRAWLING ---------------
    Press the left analog stick while ctouching or lying down to crawl. There are
    two types of movement, normal (making noise) and stalking (not making noise),
    depending on how far the left analog stick is pressed.
     ------- CROUCHING/STANDING ---------------
    Press the X button to switch between standing, crouching and lying down. Press
    the X button twice rapidly or hold it down to instantly switch from standing to
    lying down or from lying down to standing.
     ------- FIRST PERSON VIEW ---------------
    Hold down the R1 button to change to First Person View. While in First Person
    View, the left analog stick controls the viewing direction. It is also possible
    to attack in First Person View with the Square button.
    Press the First Person View Button to switch to the First Person View. In First
    Person View, you can look at your surroundings through your own eyes. The
    Overhead View's range is limited. If you plow ahead using only the Overhead
    View, you put yourself in danger of running into an enemy without even
    realizing he was there. Make regular stops, and check your surroundings with
    First Person View.
    The First Person View Attack attack is a fundamental part of gunfighting. It
    allows you to aim in directions impossible to hit with the overhead view like
    shooting enemies that are above or below you. It also makes it possible to aim
    for your enemies' weak points. When you need to take an enemy out in one shot,
    use a First Person View attack and aim for the head.
     ------- ACTIONS ON TREES ---------------
    Press the Triangle button in front of any tree with vines attached to start
    climbing it. It is also possible to hang down from nearby branches by getting
    close to one and pressing the Triangle button.
     ------- AIMING ---------------
    Press the L1 button in First Person View with certain weapons to improve the
    accuracy over regular aiming. It is also possible to lock the direction you are
    facing by pressing the L1 button in overhead view.
     ------- SWIMMING ---------------
    Press the X button while above the surface of water to dive under. It is
    possible to stay under as long as the O2 Gauge is not empty. Use the left
    analog stick to determine the direction you are facing and repeatedly press the
    X button to swim in that direction. Let go of the X button to stop. Press the
    left analog stick up to swim up and down to dive down. The Stamina Gauge will
    affect the length of the O2 gauge. Rapidly press the Triangle button to head
    for the surface.
     ------- ROLLING (ROLLING ATTACK) ---------------
    Press the X button while running to roll in the direction of movement. With
    rolling, it is possible to clear some small obstacles.
     ------- INTRUSION VIEW ---------------
    You will enter and move in intrusion view automatically when you crawl under
    desks, into ducts or any other constricted spaces. If you crawl into areas of
    tall grass, you will also enter and move around in intrusion view.
     ------- OJECTS/LADDERS CLIMBING ---------------
    Press the Triangle button in front of objects of a certain height to climb up
    on them. Also, press the Triangle button in front of a ladder to climb or
    descend it.
       @==/ INTERMEDIATE /==@ 
     ------- HANGING ---------------
    It is possible to hang down from cliffs, branches and other high places. When
    there is a railing, face the edge and press the Triangle button to jump over it
    and hang down. If there is no railing and the edge faces a long drop that might
    result in injury, you will automatically hang down when you walk over the edge.
    If it is a long drop, then you will only hang down if you approach the edge
    walking or stalking. Use the left analog stick to move along the edge, hanging.
    Press the L2 button and R2 button at the same time to do a pull-up and peek
    over the edge. The Grip Gauge will continue to decrease while hanging and you
    will fall if it runs out. Press the X button to let go and drop down while
     ------- QUICK CHANGE ---------------
    Quickly press the L2 button or R2 button to unequip and re-equip the current
    weapon or item. A weapon will automatically reload if it is unequipped, so use
    this technique to reload in the heat of battle.
     ------- CQC THROW (KNOCKOUT) ---------------
    Use the left analog stick and the Circle button while near an enemy soldier
    and while equipping a CQC-ready weapon to throw the enemy. THe enemy will be
    knocked unconscious after being tossed.
     ------- CQC (CHOKEHOLD) ---------------
    Use the Circle button while near an enemy soldier and while equipping a CQC-
    ready weapon to put the enemy in a chokehold. From the chokehold, several
    further options are available.
     ------- CQC (THREATEN) ---------------
    Press the L3 button while holding an enemy soldier in a chokehold to threaten
    them with a knife and get some information out of them.
     ------- CQC (SLIT THROAT) ---------------
    Press down the Circle button firmly while the enemy is in a chokehold to slit
    their throat.
     ------- CQC (HUMAN SHIELD) ---------------
    Quickly press the Square button after grabbing the enemy in a chokehold to use
    them as a human shield, leaving you free to fire.
     ------- CQC (THROW/HOLDUP) ---------------
    Hold down the left analog stick and press the circle button while the enemy is
    in a chokehold to throw them. If you bring your gun up to the enemy soldier
    after throwing them, you can hold them up.
     ------- CORNER VIEW (PEEKING) ---------------
    Continue to hold the left analog stick in the direction against hallway corners
    or tree trunks to press up against them and enter into a reverse fading corner
    view. Press the R2 and L2 button to peek out left or right respectively. You
    can also use the right analog stick to change the point of view and get a
    clearer picture of your surroundings.
     ------- ACCURATE FIRING ---------------
    The lower the position, the less your hands will tremble and the more accurate
    shooting will be. Crouching is better than standing and lying down is better
    than either position.
       #==/ ADVANCED /==# 
     ------- CORNER JUMPOUT SHOOTING ---------------
    With certain weapons like a handgun in corner view, it is possible to make a
    jumpout shot to the left or right with the Square (Weapon) button. The corner
    technique is useful when you are in a shootout with enemy soldiers.
     ------- ACTIONS IN FIRST PERSON VIEW ---------------
    Press the L2 button or R2 button in First Person View to sidestep left or
    right. This is only useful for probing your surroundings when there is some
    cover to press against. Do this action in front of a door to open the door
    slightly and peek through the opening. You can also press the L2 button and R2
    button at the same time to stand on your tiptoes and check the surrounding
     ------- HANGING SHOTS ---------------
    While hanging, press the Square button with certain weapons like a handgun to
    fire it one-handed.
     ------- DRAG ---------------
    Press the Square button near a downed enemy while you are unarmed to pick their
    body up. If you move while holding the body, you can drag it along with you.
    There are occasions when items will fall from the enemy soldier if the body is
     ------- ENEMY'S HEAVY WEAPONS ---------------
    Press the Triangle button near any gun emplacements or anti-aircraft cannons to
    hop in and start using them.
     ------- MAKING NOISE ---------------
    Press the Circle button while up against a wall to knock on it and attact the
    enemy's attention. If you distract an enemy, you can occasionally make your way
    around them and infiltrate while avoiding combat.
     ------- RIGHT ANALOG STICK ---------------
    Use the right analog stick in overhead view to shift the camera view. Hold down
    the right analog stick in any direction and press the R3 button to lock the
    view in place. This is very useful for keeping track of what is up ahead in the
    direction of movement. Move the right analog stick or press the R3 button again
    to free the view lock.
     ------- DISARMING ---------------
    Shooting the right hand of an armed enemy soldier will make them drop the
    weapon they are carrying. It is also possible to shoot and destroy the radios
    that enemy soldiers are holding. If the radio is destroyed, the soldier will be
    left without any way to call for backup.
     ------- HOLDUP ---------------
    Bring your gun up to an enemy's back while in close proximity to hold them up.
    Use stalking movement to move within range of the enemy. You cannot perform
    a holdup during Alert Mode.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Close Quarters Combat -------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
        In actual battle, it is used in the jungle, bushes, and indoors when
        you cannot use a gun. It is also used when terrorists with hostages
        are in a facility or an airplane. The technique has been developed for
        when you have to fight multiple enemies that are very close to you, or
        when you don't know from where you will be attacked. It is a total
        combat technique, studied by actual special forces, used when you are
        close to enemies and you have to be able to fight with your bare hands,
        knife, and gun accordingly.
           - Motosada Mori, MGS3 Military Advisor
    Snake can only use CQC when he is unarmed or holding a weapon, such as the
    survival knife or a handgun, that leaves his right hand free to grab and pull
    the enemy toward him. Weapons that are compatible with CQC are dsignated with a
    red "CQC" mark on the weapon icon.
     ------- CQC SUPPORTED WEAPONS ---------------
     - Survival Knife
     - EZ Gun
     - Mk22
     - M1911A1
     - Fork
     - Cigar Gas-Spray
     - Handkerchief
     ------- CQC TECHNIQUES ---------------
    The key to CQC is getting close enough to the enemy without being detected. One
    way to do this is to sneak up from behind by stalking. To perform stalking, use
    the directional buttons.
    Each of the letters that follow the specific technique name correspond with
    the letters in the "CQC Progression" section below. The letters basically
    represent the next available "actions" that you have, depending on which of the
    specific CQC situations you are currently in.
     -= DIRECT THROW (A) =-
    Press and hold the Circle button when in close proximity of an enemy while
    simultaneously moving the left analog stick. Snake will throw the enemy to the
    ground. This will knock the enemy out instantly.
     -= GRAB (B) =-
    Press and hold the Circle button when in close proximity of an enemy without
    moving the left analog stick. Snake will then grab the enemy and put him in a
    chokehold and hold him prisoner Be sure not to press the Circle button too hard
    otherwise Snake will slit the guard's throat.
     -= INTERROGATE (C) =-
    Press and hold the L3 button (push down on the left analog stick) when hold an
    enemy prisoner. Snake will threaten the enemy with his knife and interrogate
    him/her. Interrogated enemies can provide hints on strategy and other valuable
     -= SHIELD (D) =-
    Press the Square button while holding an enemy prisoner. Snake will use the
    captured enemy as a human shield while pointing your currently equipped weapon
    at other enemies. A simple method of placing your grip back on the enemy is by
    first pressing and holding the L3 button to interrogate the enemy, releasing
    pressure on the Square button, applying pressure to the Circle button again,
    and then finally releasing pressure on the L3 button.
    Release pressure on the Circle button and then immediately press the Circle
    button again while simultaneously moving the left analog stick. Depending on
    which direction you moved the left analog stick in, Snake will throw the enemy
    to the ground either in front of him or towards the side of him. Remember to
    aim your weapon at the enemy, by pressing with the Square button once he hits
    the ground. Snake will automatically lock onto the enemy with the the weapon
    that is currently equipped, and instruct him to lie still.
     -= SLIT THROAT (F)=-
    Press the Circle button down hard, applying more pressure to it while holding
    an enemy prisoner. Snake will slit the enemy's throat with his knife.
     -= CHOKE/SNAP NECK (G) =-
    Rapidly tap on the Circle button repeatedly while holding an enemy prisoner.
    Snake will throttle the enemy, eventually knocking him out. If you continue to
    tap the Circle button, Snake will eventually break the enemy's neck.
     -= DRAG (H) =-
    Move the left analog stick in any desired direction while holding an enemy
    prisoner. Snake will move around with the enemy in his grip. Continuing to drag
    the enemy around will eventually knock him out.
     ------- CQC PROGRESSION ---------------
    To begin with, you will need to be within close proximity of an enemy to be
    able to execute close quarters combat. Once you are within range of an enemy,
    there will be two basic approaches that you can take when performing CQC.
     1 - Approach an enemy and execute technique Letter (A).
         Next available actions : None
     2 - Approach an enemy and execute technique Letter (B).
         Available actions : C, D, E, F, G, H
    	   2-1.  Execute technique Letter (C).
                     Next available actions : C, D, E, F, G, H
               2-2.  Execute technique Letter (D).
                     Next available actions : D, E, F, G, H
               2-3.  Execute technique Letter (E).
                     Next available actions : None
    	   2-4.  Execute technique Letter (F).
    	         Next available actions : None
    	   2-5.  Execute technique Letter (G).
    	         Next available actions : E
    	   2-6.  Execute technique Letter (H).
    	           Next available actions : C, D, E, F, G, H
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Infiltration Techniques ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
     ------- ALWAYS ANSWER CALLS ---------------
    Radio CALLs are an important source of information. CALL messages usually
    contain explanations of game controls, gameplay hints, and other vauable
    information. CALLs accompanied by a read "CALL" sign are automatically
    answered, but you should also try to answer CALLs with a white "CALL" sign
    whenever they come up. In addition, if you become stuck or are unsure about
    something, do not hesitate to use the radio to ask your contacts for advice.
     ------- AVOID COMBAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ---------------
    If the enemy sees Snake and initiates combat, they will call their comrades and
    attack. Even if Snake manages to win a one-vs.-many battle, he will likely
    suffer serious damage. To avoid being seen by the enemy, use caution and stay
    hidden as you proceed. Even if Snake is spotted by the enemy, he can still
    prevent the enemy from calling for reinforcements by destroying the enemy's
    radio, putting him to sleep, or swiftly taking him out. The key is not to
    panic, and to take immediate action.
     ------- KEEP AN EYE ON THE STAMINA GAUGE ---------------
    When Snake's Stamina Gauge is depleted, his abilities suffer. The LIFE Gauge
    recovers more slowly, and Snake's hands shake more when he handles a gun.
    Always keep the Stamina Gauge and Snake's food supply in mind. Scout each area
    carefully and capture the plants and animals you find to ensure that Snake
    always has the food he needs.
     ------- PROCURING ITEMS ---------------
    In a sneaking mission, the weapons and equipment you need to survive are
    generally procure-on-site. Not all Item Boxes are found out in the open. Some
    are hidden inside hollow trees, in lockers, and under tables. Use First Person
    View to investigate suspicious-looking locations. Another good way to get items
    is by stealing them from enemies.
     ------- AVOID ENEMY SENTRIES ---------------
    Tranquilizer guns can be used to put a target to sleep. By equiping a
    suppressor and launching a surprise attack, Snake can proceed without engaging
    in combat. The time it takes for a tranquilizer round to put a target to sleep
    depends on which part of the body is hit. To achieve the best results, use the
    First Person View mode.
    	-------  Section 03 : Walkthrough  -------
     --  The Story of MGS3  --
    In the aftermath of the Second World War, the world was torn in two between
    East and West.
    It was the beginning of a new era - the Cold War.
    October 16, 1962. The President of the United States received word that the
    Soviet Union had deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba. The world trembled in fear
    as the prospect of nuclear war loomed ever closer. After days of tense
    negotiations, the Soviets finally agreed on the 28th to withdraw their missles
    from Cuban soil. With the resolution of this incident, later to be known as
    the Cuban Missle Crisis, it seemed that humanity had survived yet another
    threat to its existence.
    However, there was a secret condition in the deal that put an end to the
    crisis. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a Soviet scientist who had defected to
    the West, was to be sent back to the Soviet Union. The U.S. government agreed
    to this stipulation, and returned Sokolov to his native land. Little did they
    know that Sokolov was to be the designer of a nightmarish weapon. Now, with
    Sokolov back in their hands, the Soviets are ready to resume its development.
    If this weapon is completed, it will mark the beginning of a new age of fear.
    August 1964. Realizing at last the urgency of the situation, the CIA forms a
    plan to recapture Sokolov. They dispatch the covert FOX unit to Sokolov's
    research facility, located to the south of the great Soviet fortress of
    Groznyj Grad. Led by former SAS member Major Zero, FOX is a next-generation
    special-forces unit that operates both as a specialized combat group and as a
    covert intelligence outfit. The FOX unit's modus operandi is to send a single
    agent, backed by radio support from afar, into enemy territory to carry out
    solo sneaking missions.
    August 24. Alone soldier swoops down from out of the blue. The man's code name
    is Naked Snake.
     --  Player Character  --
    A disciple of the legendary hero The Boss, he joined FOX after serving in the
    CIA and spending several years as a Green Beret. His code name for this mission
    is Naked Snake. Snake specializes in covert operations and is a seasoned combat
    veteran, proficient in all types of military equipment and weaponry. He is also
    a master of CQC (Close-Quarters Combat), a close-range fighting technique he
    developed along with The Boss.
    This walkthrough was written based upon the Normal difficulty setting. There
    may be some slight alterations if you are playing on a different difficulty
    setting. However, considering that Normal is the standard difficulty level,
    there shouldn't be too many differences concerning the factors of gameplay.
    For reference information: North will always be toward the top of the screen.
    East will be toward the right of the screen, West toward the left of the
    screen, and south toward the bottom of the screen. You will need to remember
    this information, as I will be using the above terms to guide you throughout
    the vast environments of the game. These terms only apply when you have the
    camera set in "Bird's Eye View" mode.
    As a side note, just please remember to tell me if you see any type of error in
    the walkthrough. Mistakes can come up quite oftenly, believe it or not, so just
    try to report any incorrect information that you might happen to come across.
     --  What's up with the questionnaire at the beginning of the game?  --
    Well, its not really important, but you will experience a slightly different
    introduction to the game, depending on which of the options you choose.
    "I'm playing the MGS series for the first time!" - Choosing this option will
    provide you will the regular introduction, nothing special.
    "I like MGS1!" - Choosing this option will cause your Stamina Gauge to drop
    slower during the Virtuous Mission.
    "I like MGS2!" - Choosing this option will show a "Special Opening" to the
    Virtuous Mission.
    "I like MGS3!" - Choosing this option will unlock the Extreme and European
    Extreme difficulties, all the cut-scenes in Demo Theater, all the Snake vs.
    Monkey levels, the Secret Theater on the Persistence disc, and Duel Mode. In
    addition, you begin the game with every single extra camouflage uniform and
    face paint that are exlusive only to Subsistence.
                              -   Virtuous Mission   -
    ________________/               Dremuchij South               \________________
        [ Weapons Pickup ]       [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]         
        Survival Knife           Fake Death Pill        Giant Anaconda
        Mk22                     Revival Pill           Magpie
        Directional Microphone   Cigar                  Reticulated Python
                                 Binoculars             Russian False Mango
                                 Motion Detector        Russian Oyster Mushroom
                                 Active Sonar           Siberian Ink Cap
                                 Anti-Personnel Sensor
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 0       
    To begin with, choose either the north path, leading you under a fallen log,
    or the path to the east, which will lead you through a path of tall grass. If
    you wish to obtain some food, you can find some SIBERIAN INK CAP mushrooms at
    the base of various trees in this area. You can find some RUSSIAN OYSTER
    MUSHROOMS on the fallen tree to the west. There are also a couple of wandering
    RETICULATED PYTHONS in the west area, as well as in the northern area. When
    hunting for snakes, remember to look in areas with tall grass. To acquire the
    various plants and animals in the jungle, simply use your survival knife or a
    punch, punch, kick combo.
    Once you are finished, proceed to either of the primary routes that I first
    suggested above. If you chose the east path, you will notice that it leads you
    up a small hill of tall grass. At the top of this hill there will be three
    MAGPIE wandering around in the patch of grass that breaks off from the main
    path. These birds will fly away the moment they sense danger, so you may have
    to wait until you are better equipped before hunting these pesky critters.
    Both routes will ultimately lead you to the same location. There is a large
    tree in the middle of this area. You will notice that your backpack is stuck
    on one of it's lower branches. To climb the tree, simply stand in front of it
    and press the Triangle button. Move across the branch using either the left
    analog stick or the directional buttons. Once you are standing over the area
    of the branch where your backpack is hanging, press the Triangle button to
    drop down into a hanging position to retrieve it.
    Snake will automatically drop down from the branch and receive a call from his
    superiors. The next portion of the game is followed by an extensive radio
    conversation, introducing a few of the main characters of the game.
    Now that you have all your equipment, take some time to experiment with the
    Survival Viewer and become acquainted with it. If you proceed near the base
    of the ivy covered tree, face it the ivy as if you were going to climb it, go
    into First Person View mode, look up, and then to the slightly to the left,
    you should notice a batch of RUSSIAN FALSE MANGOS hanging from the branches of
    the tree that is adjacent to the one you are standing in front of. If you
    proceed north, toward the exit of this area, you should also notice a GIANT
    ANACONDA slithering around on the earthy area, just outside of the patch of
    tall grass surrounding the ivy tree. When hunting for live animals, or plants
    that are too high for you to reach, I recommend using the Mk22 tranquilizer
    pistol to acquire these foods.
    As there are no enemy patrols in the current area, take this time to explore
    your jungle surroundings, familiarize yourself with the control configuration,
    and become acquainted with the new, third person camera system. When you're
    ready, head north to proceed to Dremuchij Swampland.
    ________________/             Dremuchij Swampland             \________________
         [ Weapons Pickup ]       [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]        
         Grenades                 Bug Juice              Baltic Hornet's Nest
         Mk22 Bullets             Mk22 Suppressor        Golova
                                  Ointment               Indian Gavial
                                                         Reticulated Python
                                                         Tree Frog
                                                         Siberian Ink Cap
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 0       
    This area is clear of enemy sentries as well. Continue to become familiar with
    the game system as you progress through these earlier stages of the game.
    Proceed northward through the path of tall grass. You will notice a tree in the
    middle of the path of grass ahead. You will be able to find a few MAGPIE around
    the front area of this tree. Along with several TREE FROGS around a circular
    radius of the tree. They are very small, so you will have to look hard to spot
    one in the tall grass.
    As you proceed north, toward the swamp, you'll be able to find a SIBERIAN INK
    CAP mushroom at the base of the tree near the outside of the swamp, to your
    left. Take note that your current area is infested with INDIAN GAVIALS. These
    giant suckers won't take lightly to trespassers. Proceed along the east path,
    following the outer area of the swamp. You will come to a patch of grass with
    an Indian Gavial using the leafy undergrowth as camouflage. If you look more
    closely, you should be able to find some BUG JUICE hidden among the plants.
    Continue to head eastward, coming to another growth of similar green plants.
    As with the last growth patch, there will be a hidden Gavial lurking about
    within the grass. If you look clsoely, you should be able to find some GRENADES
    hidden within the grass patch. From this area, you can try to make a run to the
    small island located in the the northeastern portion of the swamp. Just take
    take of the two Indian Gavials crawling around the small surface of the island.
    Before actually going making your way toward the island, I recommend that you
    shoot down the BALTIC HORNET'S NEST that is hanging from one of the lower
    branches of the lone tree on the island. Always remember to take these nests
    out from a distance, as the hornets inside will not appreciate you destroying
    their home. Now you can proceed to the island. When you arrive on the small
    area of land, avoid the Indian Gavials while you collect the BALTIC HORNET'S
    NEST, and the OINTMENT that dropped along with it. Near the base of the tree,
    hidden in the grass, you can also find some MK22 BULLETS.
    You may now choose to either head north or west. North will lead you toward
    your next destination, while proceeding west will bring you to another area of
    land, outside of the swamp. If you proceed west, you will be able to find an
    MK22 SUPPRESSOR in immediate area of the Indian Gavials. Once you have finished
    with exploring and acquiring items you may proceed north. Along the north path
    you will find a GOLOVA on the ground, with some more hanging from a tree branch
    just above it. You can also find a RETICULATED PYTHON slithering around in the
    patch of grass to the east. Once you are finished in this area, head up north
    to enter Dremuchij North.
    ________________/               Dremuchij North               \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Grenades                Bug Juice              Giant Anaconda
           Stun Grenades           Thermal Goggles        Golova
           SVD                                            Reticulated Python
                                                          Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Sunda Whistling-Thrush
                                                          Tree Frog
                                                          Yabloko Maloko
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 4       
    Once the cut-scene has ended, proceed north, taking a slightly curved path to
    the east. Once you have hit the nearest wall, move along it to the west until
    you arrive at a tree that is slightly connected with the wall. The sentry will
    not be able to spot you as long as you stay behind this tree. Use the Tree Bark
    uniform to better camouflage yourself when pressing against the tree. Wait for
    the sentry to walk past you and dispose of him in whatever manner you like.
    Just remember to always hide the bodies of fallen sentries so that you won't
    attract any attention from additional, patrolling sentries.
    If you proceed to the east, you will discover a hidden location that can easily
    be missed. If you move down to the southern portion of this area, you will find
    an SVD DRAGUNOV SNIPER RIFLE. As with all newly acquired weapons, you can find
    the SVD in the "weapons" section fo your backpack. You can also find a couple
    of RETICULATED PYTHONS slithering about in the tall grass that covers the area.
    Return to the previous area where you had taken care of the first sentry, near
    the tree. Take your SVD out of your backpack and look to the north. Crouch down
    and zoom in with the first magnification. Wait until you see another patrolling
    sentry step into your sights. Take him out with a shot to the head so as he
    doesn't cause any trouble. Now, before you proceed to hide his corpse, you can
    find a canister of BUG JUICE in the hollowed log to your left.
    As you proceed northward, you should take note of the first patch of grass you
    come to, that is separated from the further patch of grass from a trail that
    leads to the east. In this specific location of tall grass, you can find a
    SUNDA WHISTLING-THRUSH moving about very carefully through the green growth. If
    you wish to capture it without too much trouble, I recommend keeping your
    distance just outside the patch of grass, and using your Mk22 to target the
    little bugger. Once you are finished here, you will notice that there is a fork
    in the road, with a path going north and another going east. Head east.
    As you are moving along the eastern path, you should notice another tree with
    ivy growth along it's base to it's upper branch. If you look up, you should be
    able to find some GOLOVAS hanging from the branches of the patch of thin trees
    that are further east and adjacent to this climeable tree. From this position,
    you should be able to see a fallen tree just to your right. Proceed to climb
    over this obstacle with the Action Button, and you will find some STUN GRENADES
    hidden on the other side of the log. Begin to head out of the hidden, but stop
    at the nearest, standing tree that is connect with the fallen tree you climbed
    Crouch down and take out your SVD again and wait for another patrolling sentry
    to come into view. You will notice that the sentry is moving slowly eastward.
    Wait for him to get as far down the hill as possible, and take him out whenever
    you feel the time is right. You can find some SIBERIAN INK CAP mushrooms at the
    base of the tree from which you were sniping from. Proceed north to the big
    patch of grass, toward the fallen sentry. As you move through the grass, you
    should be able to find a GIANT ANACONDA slitering around, and also three SUNDA
    WHISTLING-THRUSHES in the other large growth of tall grass. Remember to change
    your camouflage accordingly, whether you are moving through the grass, on soft
    soil, or through mud.
    As you proceed northward, head a bit to the east, where there is a fallen tree
    connected with a sort of hollow tree trunk. You can find some MK22 BULLETS if
    you look within the hollow trunk. From this position, look to the northwest
    and you should be able to see an enemy sentry on patrol. You can either choose
    to take him out with the SVD, or you can take this opportunity to pratice your
    CQC. You could also try to do some long-range pistol sniping with your Mk22, if
    you feel like you're up to the challenge. Before you proceed further, you can
    pick up a pair of THERMAL GOGGLES in the hollow log just behind the hollow tree
    trunk, where you found the Mk22 bullets.
    Once the sentry is taken care of head north and instead of going to the next
    area proceed west to the area where you would have ended up if you took the
    north path at the fork earlier. If you look up in the trees, you should be able
    to find some YABLOKO MALOKOS. Also, if you proceed further west, you should be
    able to find another hollow tree trunk with some GRENADES hidden within it.
    When you are finished, head back east and proceed north into Dolinovodno.
    ________________/                 Dolinovodno                 \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Mk22 Bullets            Ointment               Baltic Hornet's Nest
           XM16E1                  Pentazemin             Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Tree Frog
                                                          Yabloko Moloko
                  Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Leaf -- Enemies: 4           
    After entering the area, be sure to switch to the LEAF pattern camouflage, and
    crouch down in the tall grass just by the ledge of the small cliff you are on.
    Take aim at the BALTIC HORNET'S NEST just above the patrolling sentry's head
    with your Mk22. It might be a little hard to make out, so you can use your
    binoculars or your newly acquired thermal goggles to find it if you need to.
    Just remember to be quick about it. You need to take out the nest within ten
    to fifteen seconds tops when entering the area. If you do this, the bees in the
    nest will attack the patrolling sentry, which will cause him to run across the
    bridge toward his comrades. This results in the two sentries patrolling the
    bridge to be attacked and run away with the other sentry. The final sentry may
    or may not run away, depending on how long did took you to shoot down the nest.
    Once you have shot the nest, and sent the sentry running, you can run after him
    to the north. Before proceeding, you should take note of the TREE FROGS moving
    about in the grass patch you are standing in. You can also locate some more
    YABLOKO MOLOKOS in the tree branches right next to you, to the right. When you
    are finished, jump down and collect the BALTIC HORNET'S NEST that you shot
    down, along with the OINTMENT that has provided. Run across the bridge in the
    direction the enemy sentries were headed in. When you make it to the other side
    the rope bridge, you can find a some SIBERIAN INK CAP mushrooms at the bases of
    the trees in this area. If you look up, you can also find another BALTIC
    HORNET'S NEST hanging from tree branches above.
    Head north, and then west, following the winding path until you come to a small
    fork in the road. The western path will lead you into the next area, which is
    where the sentries ran off too, and the southern path will lead you down to a
    cliff ledge and a nifty new weapon. I would recommend heading south, down the
    path that leads to a cliff. You will notice that the ledge becomes very narrow
    as it turns to the left. Press your back against the wall and move toward the
    hidden cove in the cliff. You can also choose to enter hanging mode and shimmy
    across the ledge if you wish. Here, you will find the trusty XM16E1, some MK22
    BULLETS, and a container of PENTAZEMIN.
    When you are have collected the weapons and items, head back across the cliff
    and back to the fork that you came to. If you were fast enough, you should
    still have time to head north without the sentries returning from their little
    episode with the hornets. If you took too long exploring and collecting items,
    you may need to resort to hiding the grass and either sneaking by them without
    being noticed or taking out the one sentry that patrols the path leading to the
    small cliff that you came from. Either way, once you have are finished, proceed
    north up the path into Rassvet, where Sokolov is being held.
    ________________/                   Rassvet                   \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           M37                     Life Medicine          Rat
           Mousetrap               XM16E1 Suppressor      Reticulated Python
           XM16E1 Bullets                                 Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Sunda Whistling-Thrush
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 6       
    Once the cinematic has finished, remember to wear your TIGER STRIPE UNIFORM
    around this area for the best camouflage. From your position, crouch behind the
    tree so that you have a view of the sentry to the north. Equip your SVD and
    wait for him to start moving, as there is another sentry facing him at this
    time and will notice if you drops dead. Once the nearest sentry is just past
    the tree near the brick wall, take aim with your SVD and silence him with a
    bullet to the head. Move forward past the two parallel brick walls and crouch
    next to the nearest tree on your left. You should spot another patrolling
    sentry between the trees to the north. Take him out accordingly with the SVD or
    sneak up behind him, hold him up, steal some of his items, and CQC him. Just
    keep in mind that there are many possible scenarios when taking care of enemy
    sentries. I just try to provide to most efficient way in dealing with them.
    If you proceed toward the fallen sentries, you can find a RETICULATED PYTHON
    slitering around in the patch of grass near the brick wall. Head back toward
    the southeastern direction and proceed east along the barb-wire fence. When
    the fence turns, follow it to the north, and enter the prone position once the
    fence stops and turns again to the east. Crawl over to the two oil drums in
    front of you. Wait for the sentry ahead to get into a good position where the
    barrel is lined up with him. Once the sentry is parallel to the lone tree in
    the middle of the area, that is adjacent with the building, stand up and press
    the Action Button to roll the barrel in his direction. If done correctly the
    left side of the barrel should just clip him, hurling him to the left and
    leaving him unconscious. I would recommend putting a tranquillzer dart into
    his head, so as he doesn't cause any trouble for the remainder of the time that
    you are here.
    When you are finished with the sentry, head north and climb that ladder that is
    on the far end of the brick wall, near the corner of the building. On the roof,
    you can find a couple of SUNDA WHISTLIG-THRUSHES perched on the tiles in front
    of you. Walk to the western end of the roof and look down to find a sentry
    patrolling the room below. You can either wait for him to stand adjacent with
    the stack of boxes in the middle of the room, and the wall to that is connected
    to the roof, and jump down, kocking him out, or you can just jump down to the
    adjacent room at the south end of the roof, sneak up behind him and CQC him.
    Either way, remember to take him out so he doesn't cause trouble. This can be
    done by a grab, throw, and hold up manuever, sliting his throat, or putting a
    traquillizer dart in his head.
    Proceed toward the north end of the room, and hide behind the stacked crates
    in the middle of the area. Look the the west and wait for another patrolling
    sentry to appear. Wait for him to turn in the opposite direction, and take him
    out with a tranquillzer shot to the head. To your right, you can find some LIFE
    MEDICINE between two perpendicular shelves. If you proceed out of the hole in
    the wall where you took out the last sentry, you can move south along the
    western wall and hide behind the tree with the oil drums next to it. Wait for
    the final sentry to come into view, and watch him until he turns in an opposite
    direction. You may take this sentry out in whatever manner you wish.
    If you proceed up the metal staircase in the south-western section of the
    compound, you can find an XM16E1 SUPPRESSOR on the top floor, along with some
    XM16E1 BULLETS. If you drop down off the southern portion of the top floor, and
    proceed a little to the south and then take a quick turn to the left, you can
    find an M37 SHOTGUN behind some creates in the lower south-western area of the
    compound. The weapon probably won't be too useful to you at this point, but if
    you wanted to collect everything in the area, you can pick it up. Now, proceed
    to your objective point in the northeastern section of the compound - the room
    that was adjacent to the previous room where you ended up after jumping off the
    roof. If you want, you can crawl under this room to find some RATS and a couple
    of RETICULATED PYTHONS. Anyway, when you are finished with everything, proceed
    through the door, in the northeastern section that leads to Sokolov's room.
    After the cinematic, you can find a MOUSETRAP on Ocelot by picking his body up
    with the Weapon Button when no weapons are equipped, and dropping it. This is
    a technique known as "shaking out items." You can use it in the future when you
    you're running low on bullets or suppressors and such. Just remember that you
    can procure more items when shaking down enemies that are alive, while you can
    only find a couple if you try it on a dead enemy. Once you are finished in this
    area, head back to Dolinovodno.
    ________________/            Dolinovodno Riverbank            \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           None                    None                    None
              Face Paint: Irrelevant -- Uniform: Irrelevant -- Enemies: 0       
    Considering his current physical condition, Snake is left imobile at the moment
    because of his serious injuries. This is the perfect opportunity for you to
    become acquainted with the Cure system. Begin by opening your Survival Viewer
    and select "CURE" from the list. At this time, you only have to worry about
    treating several cuts and broken bones that Snake has suffered from. Below is
    a chart that shows what you need to use when curing each injury.
     -- Broken Bone --
      *  Splint
      *  Bandage
     -- Cut  --
      *  Disinfectant
      *  Styptic
      *  Suture
      *  Bandage
    Snake has suffered from a series of four cuts, and two broken bones. You should
    have plenty of supplies to treat him. Once you are done with the treatment, you
    will be shown another series of cinematics. After the watching the cut-scenes,
    you will be asked whether or not you want to save the game or not. And that's
    it! You've completed the Virtuous Mission! Now, onto Operation Snake Eater.
                        -  Operation Snake Eater -- Part 1   -
    ________________/               Dremuchij East                \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Survival Knife          Fake Death Pill        Japanese Flying Squirrel
           M1911A1                 Revival Pill           Otton Frog
           Stun Grenades           Cigar                  Reticulated Python
           Directional Microphone  Binoculars             Yabloko Moloko
                                   Motion Detector
                                   Active Sonar
                                   Anti-Personnel Sensor
              Face Paint: No Paint -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 0       
    If you look directly above your position, you will find some YABLOKO MOLOKOS
    hanging from the tree branches. There is also a RETICULATED PYTHON and an OTTON
    FROG lurking in the patches of grass around you. Proceed north into the next
    open area. If you search the patches of grass here, you can find some more
    hanging from the tree branches. There is also a pesky FLYING SQUIRREL that
    clings to the trees. If you stand in a position that has a good view of the
    whole area, you will be able to see him gliding from to tree to tree.
    I would recommend capturing a few RETICULATED PYTHONS in the area, as they are
    a good source of food. Also, do not concern yourself with conserving ammunition
    or keeping silent since there are no enemies in the vicinity. In addition, if
    you search the bases of the trees in the area, you will find some plants that
    can be used as medical supplies. To turn them into item boxes, simply use your
    SURVIVAL KNIFE or a combo of punches with a low kick. Before leaving the area,
    give Sigint a call at frequency 148.41. He's a rather interesting character.
    When you are ready, proceed northwest along the path to enter Dremuchij North.
    ________________/               Dremuchij North               \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           None                    None                   Giant Anaconda
                                                          Green Tree Python
                                                          King Cobra
                                                          Reticulated Python
                                                          Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Sunda Whistling-Thrush
                                                          Tree Frog
                                                          Yabloko Moloko
                Face Paint: Black -- Uniform: Black -- Enemies: 5               
    Proceed forward and jump off the ledge into the large grass patch below. Here
    you can find a couple of RETICULATED PYTHONS slithering around in the grass.
    Proceed west and down the dirt hill. If you go into First Person View around
    the time that you hear the horse in the distance, you can find a GREEN TREE
    PYTHON hanging from a tree in front of you if you look carefully. Proceed along
    the path until a cut-scene begins.
    After the cut-scene, proceed north and place your back against the tree that is
    slightly protruding from the wall. Wait for both of the soldiers moving toward
    you to stop at your position and go into Caution Phase. Once one of them radios
    into HQ, press and hold the R1 button to go into First Person View mode. Your
    back will still be against the wall, but you can see in front of you. Wait for
    both of the soldiers to proceed past you, and only let go of R1 when you see
    that they are turned around have begun to slowly walk away from your position.
    Proceed quickly north through the first patch of grass. Here you can find a
    SUNDA WHISTLING THRUST and a KING COBRA. I would recommend returning to this
    area later if you wish you capture them. Continue heading north through the
    second patch of grass and then hang right. Stand behind the tree trunk of the
    bridge-like structure in front of you. Keep your eyes directed forward and
    watch for two sentries who will proceed out of Dolinovodno. They will be
    heading toward the crash site and will take either the path on which you came,
    or they will go around, taking the path that would have lead you to the right
    of first patch of grass.
    Whichever direction they go, continue standing behind the tree trunk. If they
    begin heading in your direction, proceed slowly around the tree trunk as they
    go under the bridge-like structure. After they are out of range, you can
    proceed northwest into Dolinovodno.
    As usual, if you wanted to hunt for food in this area, snakes, frogs, and birds
    can be found in grass patches, fruits can be found hanging from tree branches,
    and mushrooms grow at the base of trees.
      -- Alternative Strategy --
    A much easier way to proceed through this area is to simply head south after
    the cut-scene and enter Dremuchij Swampland. By doing this, you can either
    cancel the Caution Phase, or prevent it from every happening, if you're quick
    enough. You can then enter Dremuchij North again, and this time you'll only
    have to deal with two sentries instead of five. The first one will be
    patrolling the area past the two patches of grass to the north. The second will
    be going back and forth along the open path in the eastern most section of the
    area. Both can be easily dispatched with your knife if you sneak up behind
    This strategy may seem easier to some, but I believe the original one that I
    posted above is a much more quick and efficient way of going about it.
    ________________/                 Dolinovodno                 \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Smoke Grenades          Life Medicine          Baltic Hornet's Nest
                                   Raindrop Uniform       Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Tree Frog
                                                          Yabloko Moloko
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 2       
    Once you enter this area you can lay low around the entrance or in the patch of
    grass up ahead until the soldiers are through Caution Phase. When everything
    has died down, crawl through the patch of grass so that you have a good view of
    the soldier patrolling the area just below. Wait until he is turned around and
    begins to walk toward the bridge. At this point, you can jump down and dispose
    of him in whatever manner you like. If you enjoy being crafty, then wait until
    he has begun to walk across the bridge, and follow closely behind him using the
    stalking movement. When he begins walking along the support ropes, simply use
    your knife to cut the nearest one behind him and watch him learn how to swim.
    Proceed across the bridge to the very end, and then hang off the western ledge
    to your left. If you look below you, there should be a tree branch protruding
    out of the cliff wall. If you let go of the bridge, and then rapidly press the
    Action Button after you have let go, you should be able to catch onto the tree
    branch. If you did that correctly, then pull yourself up and walk across the
    branch toward the cliff wall. Here you can find a LIFE MEDICINE, some SMOKE
    GRENADES, and the RAINDROP UNIFORM. Now, place your back across the cliff wall
    to the west, and move across the ledge. There will be a soldier patrolling up
    and down the hill around the next corner. Wait for him to be going in the other
    direction and dispose of him how you like.
    If you look in trees, you can find many YABLOKO MOLOKOS hanging from the
    branches, along with a BALTIC HORNET'S NEST above the area where the first
    sentry was patrolling, and one more just across the bridge. SIBERIAN INK CAPS
    can be found growing from the roots of the trees, and TREE FROGS lurk within
    the patches of grass around the area.
    When you are finished, proceed toward the northwest part of this area and
    follow the dirt path to enter Rassvet.
    ________________/                   Rassvet                   \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Mk22                    Thermal Goggles        Rat
           M1911A1                 Mine Detector          Reticulated Python
           AK-47                   Cardboard Box A        Sunda Whistling-Thrush
           Smoke Grenades          Bug Juice
                                   Zombie Face Paint
                                   Scientist Uniform
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 8       
    When you enter this area, head up to the abandoned factory where Sokolov was
    originally held in the Virtuous Mission. Begin by climbing the two flights of
    metal stairs that lead to a small, second story platform. Here you can find an
    AK-47 behind the explosive oil drum. Now, head back down the stairs and take
    a short cut by rolling off the half-way platform. Head east a little bit and
    then take a quick left turn to the north to enter a small, secluded area with
    a tree and a patch of grass. Behind the stacked crates at the northern end of
    the area, you can find some SMOKE GRENADES. Now, enter the factory building
    through the large hole in the wall behind you. You can find CARDBOARD BOX A
    sitting on top of a crate that is next to two stacked crates.
    Before going into Sokolov's room, exit the building and proceed east and then
    north around the perimeter of the factory. Find the ladder behind the factory,
    just outside of Sokolov's room that leads to the roof. Instead of climbing the
    ladder, follow the path leading around the corner behind the building. There is
    an explosive oil drum at the end of this alley that has the ZOMBIE FACE PAINT
    hidden behind it. Head out of the back alley and follow the fence on your left.
    This should lead you to a closed gate, but if you search the ground around this
    area, you should be able to find some BUG JUICE.
    Now, head back inside the factory. You can find a MINE DETECTOR in the
    southeast corner of the room that is just outside of Sokolov's room. Enter
    Sokolov's room and search the locker on the southwest corner to find a pair of
    THERMAL GOGGLES. Make sure that you have STUN GRENADES in your weapons inventory
    and exit the room for a cut-scene.
       _____________/          Boss Battle : Ocelot Unit          \_____________
       From your exact position, place yourself on the ground and crawl under
       the bed just behind you. Make sure that the front door you are facing is
       not directly in front of you, but a little bit to your right. Now, equip
       your STUN GRENADEs and aim towards the center of the door. Try aim lower
       rather than higher. Wait for the door to be knocked down, hurl your first
       grenade at the enemy's feet and then turn a little bit toward your right
       so that you are not blinded by the flash. Quickly turn back toward the
       entrance and hurl a second grenade in the same location. If you did this
       correctly, all of the four soldiers outside should have been knocked out.
       Now, crawl out from under the bed and open the hatch the EVA went in the
       back of the room using the Action Button. Once Snake has placed himself
       under the floor, turn toward your right. And crawl toward the small,
       metal grating in front of you. Equip a weapon and aim it at the body of
       the soldier that is toward your right. Wait for him to begin moving so
       that his head is visible. Try to take him out in one shot. If you use
       your Mk22, two tranquilizer darts to the upper body will suffice. Also,
       if you decide to use pistols, remember to attach suppressors.
       Now, perform a full 180 degree turn and toward the small hole in the
       wall ahead. Once you pass through this hole, immediately make a right
       turn and exit the basement through another small hole in the wall to
       your right. This will lead you to the back alley. Quickly switch camera
       modes to "Bird's Eye View" mode. Now, move east along the wall of the
       building until you reach a corner. Use the camera to view the northeast
       corner of the roof. There should be a sniper just above. If he is not
       there yet, wait for him to appear, and then wait for him to move. The
       second you seem begin to move, run around the corner and climb the
       ladder. Once your on the room, use First Person View mode to find the
       sniper and take him out with a headshot. He usually moves to the
       northwest corner of the roof.
       You can now switch back to 3rd Person View Camera and proceed by jumping
       off the eastern side of the roof. Follow along the wall of the building
       until you approach three oil drums placed next to eachother. Use the
       camera to have a look around the corner. There should be a sentry 
       standing in a patch of grass and looking in the southern direction just
       around the building. Take him out quickly by means of a headshot or CQC
       Grab & Throw manuever.
       Proceed south and then east, following the outer-most wall of the factory.
       As you are moving east, you should have proceeding through a patch of
       grass along the wall. You should now be approaching a second patch of
       grass just ahead. Once you are there, stop and move forward slowly in a
       stalking movement. Use your camera to find the soldier that is positioned
       on the factory, northwest of your position. Once you have located him,
       go into First Person View mdoe and use the L2 Button to sidestep and take
       out the sentry. If you can't seem him at first, move a little further
       through the patch of grass and keep at it until you have a shot.
       After the final sentry is down, proceed to the northeast area of the
       factory that is just outside of Sokolov's room for a cut-scene. Remember
       that you can shake down the bodies of the enemy soldiers for items.
    After the cut-scene, proceed to the northeast section of the area once again
    and enter Chyornyj Prud through the same gate which EVA went through.
    ________________/                Chyornyj Prud                \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Grenades                Crocodile Cap          Arowana
           WP Grenades             GA-KO Uniform          Coral Snake
           Stun Grenades                                  Golova
           Chaff Grenades                                 Indian Gavial
           Mk22 Bullets                                   Milk Snake
           M1911A1 Bullets                                Otton Frog
           AK-47 Bullets                                  Poison Dart Frog
                                                          Tree Frog
                                                          Siberian Ink Cap
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 0       
    This area is divided up into three batches of land to the south, west, and
    northeast. Right now, you are on the south batch of land. There is a large body
    of water infested with hungry crocodiles that separates these portions of land.
    If you search the area around you, you can find CORAL SNAKES and MILK SNAKES
    slithering along the ground. If you get too close to these, they will attack
    you so watch out. There are also GOLOVAs hanging from the tree branches, along
    with an abundance of TREE FROGS, OTTON FROGS, and POISON DART FROGS swimming
    along the shoreline. Obviously the POISON DART FROGs are poisonous, so don't
    eat them. If you proceed over to the western-most portion of this area, you can
    find some SMOKE GRENADES, WP GRENADES, and AK-47 BULLETS along the shoreline.
    If you remembered to pick up the BUG JUICE in Rassvet, you can use it here when
    you enter the water to ward away leeches. So, apply some BUG JUICE if you have
    it and begin by swimming along the Western-most wall where you found the stock
    of grenades and bullets. If you look underwater, you can find packs of AROWANA
    swimming around. Continue swimming alongside the western wall until you come to
    a bridge like structure overhead. Swim under it and proceed to the shore. Here
    you can find some GRENADES and MK22 BULLETS. Proceed inland where you should
    receive a call from EVA. Remember to use your THERMAL GOGGLES to help you to
    better locate traps.
    There should be a tree with ivy growth to your right. Climb up it and then hang
    from the branch. Now shimmy your way across the rope until you are directly
    over the other rope. Use the camera you position yourself correctly and then
    drop down and grab onto the second rope. Shimmy across this rope just as you
    did the other one and drop down when you are over the small island. Pick up the
    item box here to obtain the CROCODILE CAP. Now drop down off the tip of the
    island and pick up the boxes of STUN GRENADES and M1911A1 BULLETS below.
    From your currect position, use First Person View to locate the closest patch
    of land to you, which would be the northeastern section. Swim over to the shore
    and continue to be careful of the INDIAN GAVIALS that infest the lake. When you
    arrive on shore, proceed to the eastern-most location of the island. Just off
    shore here, you can find some CHAFF GRENADES and the GA-KO UNIFORM. Back on
    land, you can find GOLOVAS hanging from the tree branches and SIBERIAN INK CAP
    mushrooms growing from the roots of the trees. Be wary of the area where the
    GOLOVAS are. If you use your THERMAL GOGGLES, you can spot a trip-wire trap
    here. You can either crawl under the rope, do a diving roll over it, or simply
    trigger the trap, but stand either to the far left or far right of the rope so
    that you are not hit by the swinging log.
    When you are finished here, proceed into Bolshaya Past South through the lower
    northern entrance of Chyornyj Prud.
    ________________/             Bolshaya Past South             \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Claymores               Choco Chip Uniform     None
                                   Splitter Uniform
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 5       
    Proceed forward when you enter the area to find an electric fence blocking your
    path. If you want to feel safe, you can disable it by destroying the power box
    unit on the far left side of the fence. Proceed over to the far right side of
    the fence and enter a prone position. Crawl under the hole and stay in a prone
    position as you come out the other side. The area up ahead is rigged with traps
    including CLAYMORES and trip wires. By staying in a prone position and making
    your way along the western wall, you can safely avoid triggering the mines and
    also pick them up as you crawl over them. Use your THERMAL GOGGLES to help you
    locate the mines easier.
    Continue crawling along the wall until it veers off in the southwest direction.
    There should be a tree with ivy growth on it directly in front of you. Before
    attempting to climb the tree, take notice that there is a CLAYMORE mine just at
    the base of the tree. After picking it up, you can safely climb the tree. Now,
    slowly walk across the branch until you are about three quarters of the way
    across it. Equip your M1911A1 and be sure that it has a suppressor attached to
    it. Carefully dispatch the guard below with a precise shot to the head. Jump
    down off the branch on the other side of the fence immediately after taking out
    the watch dog.
    When you are on the other side, proceed northwest up the nearby dirt hill. Once
    you are on the darker patch of dirt, place yourself in a prone position. Now,
    keep your eyes directed toward the location where the guard dog was sitting. A
    suspicious sentry should appear within range soon enough. You can either take
    him down now with your Mk22 when he has stopped to investigate the noise, or
    you can wait for him to proceed back to his position and silence him then. The
    choice is yours, either way you are heading in the direction that he came from.
    Once you have arrived at the pits of mud, remember to dispatch the sentry that
    is patrolling this area if you haven't already. Notice that a small path
    branches off in between the first small mud pit and larger one above it. Cross
    along this path and climb the small stair-like structure of dirt on the other
    side. Once your on the cliff, place your back against the wall and shuffle your
    way across to the item box in the distance. It's better to stay against the
    wall until you are able to touch the item box, as it is very easy to fall.
    Once you obtain the SPLITTER UNIFORM from the item box, you should direct your
    eyes in the northwest direction of your location. You will notice two sentries
    on guard at the entrance of the electric fence ahead. If you want to have a
    good shot at them, I would recommend jump down off the west side of the cliff
    you are on, and then proceed to crawl under the trip wire between the trees in
    front of you. As you pass under the trip wire, you should notice a large hollow
    tree trunk in front of you. Crawl toward the hole in the trunk until you are
    out of First Person View and place yourself inside. You will notice that there
    is a thin vertical-shaped hole in the trunk that allows for some precision
    shooting of the sentries ahead.
    Now, for those of you who aren't very skilled with pistol sniping as of yet, or
    prefer to avoid combat, I have come up with an alternative route. From the same
    cliff where you obtained the SPLITTER UNIFORM, jump off the west side again but
    this time proceed to crawl forward, parallel with the trip wire. You should now
    approach a wall on your left. Continue crawling alongside this wall until you
    reach another small eletric fence, opposite to that of the fence that the two
    sentries are guarding. Follow alongside this fence until you reach another dirt
    wall. Turn right and follow this wall to the electric fence up ahead, and then
    follow the fence toward the direction where the two sentries are posted. The
    moment you pass by a batch of four thin trees on your left, take a left turn
    and crawl through the small hole in the fence.
    When you arrive on the other side of the fence, take note of the trip wire in
    front of you. Immediately turn left and begin crawling toward the the hollow
    tree trunk in front of you. Pick up the CHOCO CHIP UNIFORM and stand up inside
    the tree trunk. Take note of the sentry patrolling the area east of you. When
    he is moving in the opposite direction to you, proceed around the tree trunk
    and up the dirt path ahead leading into Bolshaya Past Base.
    ________________/             Bolshaya Past Base              \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Grenades                Snow Face Paint        Rat
           WP Grenades             Water Uniform
           Stun Grenades           Life Medicine
           TNT                     M1911A1 Suppressor
           Book                    Calorie Mate
           Mousetrap               Russian Ration
           Mk22 Bullets            Bandage
           M1911A1 Bullets         Antidote
           AK-47 Bullets           Digestive Medicine
              Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 6       
    When you enter the area, turn left and head north along the wall past the batch
    of grass until you arrive at a dark brown tree that is next to the wall. Stop
    here and direct your eyes to the sentry positioned ahead of your location. You
    can either dispatch him silenty from here with a pistol, or wait until he turns
    around, in which case you can put him down with CQC. Once you have dealt with
    this sentry, turn around and follow the eletric fence in the direction that you
    came from. Look for an opening in the fence up ahead near the gun turrent. Be
    catious of a patrolling sentry to the east.
    Turn left at the gun turrent and drop down in the ditch. Crawl under the small
    wooden bridge ahead and pick up SNOW FACE PAINT. Continue to crawl around the
    corner and around another corner. Stand up and climb out of the ditch using the
    ledge to your right when the path takes a diagonal turn near some boxes. Next
    proceed through the opening in the fenced area to your right and turn right
    once inside. Proceed along the wall to your left with the two windows and stop
    just after passing the second window. Place your back against the wall and use
    the camera to view the posted sentry guarding the front door of the compound
    just around the corner. Wait for him to scan to his right and left, and then
    dispatch him in whatever manner you like.
    After you have dispatched the second sentry, climb the ladder near the location
    he was posted and pick up the WATER UNIFORM at the northwestern corner of the
    roof. If you approach the area of the roof where you climbed up the ladder, you
    should see another sentry patrolling the area to the southeast. Try to dispatch
    him when he is moving west along his patrol route. If you enter the building
    below you through the door where the second sentry was stationed, you can find
    a M1911A1 SUPPRESSOR near the beds in the eastern room, along with a MOUSETRAP
    and MK22 BULLETS under the two beds closest to the desk at the end of the room.
    Exit this room through the back door. Circle around the fence outside and place
    yourself behind the red stone wall in front of you. Wait for the sentry that
    patrols around the Hind helicopter ahead of you. When he passes by the stone
    wall, dispatch him in a silent manner.
    If you turn left from the stone wall, you can find another sentry posted at a
    gun turrent to the north. Approach him and dispatch him in a silent manner. If
    you drop down in the ditch to the left of the gun turrent, you can find a box
    of MK22 BULLETS under the small bridge. If you face the opposite direction from
    the small bridge, you will notice that there is a small crawl space under the
    gun turrent. By crawling through this area, you can find a BOOK and some RATS
    just around the corner. Now, if you proceed to the right of the gun turrent in
    the northeastern direction of the area, you will find a guard posted at an
    armory. Dispatch him in a manner of your choosing.
    Before leaving this area, take note of provisions storehouse, the medical
    supply house, and the armory in this area. You can find a RUSSIAN RATION, a
    CALORIE MATE, and a MOUSETRAP in the provisions storehouse. There are a number
    of medical supplies in the medical supply house, including an ANTIDOTE, a
    BANDAGE, some DIGESTIVE MEDICINE, and a LIFE MEDICINE. The armory has a variety
    of ammunition and grenades that you can stock up on, including GRENADES, WP
    GRENADES, STUN GRENADES, M1911A1 BULLETS, and AK-47 BULLETS, along with a box
    of TNT. You can use TNT to destroy the enemy's provisions storehouse and
    armory, which will cause cause them to either starve or only be able to use
    sidearms. TNT can also be used to destroy the Hind in the courtyard, but will
    only make the game more difficult for you later on.
    When you are finished with your tasks in this area, proceed up along the path
    to the north that will lead you to Bolshaya Past Crevice.
    ________________/            Bolshaya Past Crevice            \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Grenades                None                   Baltic Hornet's Nest
           WP Grenades                                    Coral Snake
           Mk22 Bullets                                   European Rabbit
           M1911A1 Bullets                                King Cobra
           AK-47 Bullets                                  Markhor
          Face Paint: Irrelevant -- Uniform: Irrelevant -- Enemies: 1 (Boss)   
       _____________/            Boss Battle : Ocelot             \_____________
       The battlefield is divided into two plates of land that are separated by
       a large crevice. Ocelot is on the side opposite of you, and can only be
       damaged with gunfire. During the battle, he will be dashing, diving, and
       hiding behind the rocks and trees on his area. He can take shots at you
       while running or hiding, so stay on your toes. Also be careful of the
       GRU soldiers taking pop shots at you from behind. They won't shoot for
       long as Ocelot will quickly call them off and they also appear to have
       quite horrible accuracy.
       Be sure that you are using First Person View mode to fire shots off at
       Ocelot, otherwise it will be near impossible to hit him. In addition,
       First Person View makes for much better precision shooting. Camouflage
       will not help you in the least in this battle, as Ocelot will be able to
       see you no matter what Camo Index you have. Just try to place yourself
       behind the different obstacles around your area and use R2 and L2 in FPV
       to sidestep out or stand on your tip toes and take some shots at him.
       Switching between crouching and standing positions will also help.
       Try not to go firing off rounds like a maniac. You can find various ammo
       boxes to the left and right of your starting position that will provide
       you with more ammunition, but it is possible to fire off more rounds than
       there are ammo boxes available. In addition, depending on what type of
       ammunition you need, you might have to expose yourself to reach this and
       allow Ocelot to have some free shots at you.
       Take note of the poisonous snakes on both sides of you. If you station
       yourself next to them, they will attack you. To prevent this, you can
       place yourself a little ways away from them or simply kill them. If one
       does happen to bite you, simply open the CURE menu, press L2 and use a
       SERUM to treat the venom poisoning. If you climb the ivy covered tree to
       your right you can find some GRENADES at the top, but don't try to stay
       at this position for too long as it won't provide you any cover. You can
       also fall off the cliff in front of you, so be careful of that as well.
       When attacking Ocelot, try to go for head shots every chance you get. In
       my opinion, using the Mk22 for this battle is the most beneficial as you
       will be rewarded the ANIMALS UNIFORM if you deplete his entire Stamina
       Gauge. Using the AK-47 isn't as useful as you may think, as Ocelot will
       stop for a few seconds after each time he is hit where he will not be
       able to take any damage for a second or two.
       During the battle, Ocelot will take time reloading behind the obstacles
       around his area. Unless he is hiding behind the large tree in the back
       you should take this time to reposition yourself so that you can get an
       easier shot off on him. If he is hiding behind a rock and you still can't
       see him when you move, try tossing a grenade over to lure him out. You
       can also try shooting down the BALTIC HORNET'S NESTS on the trees on his
       side when he is dashing between obstacles to distract him. He can do the
       same to you, but only on rare occasions. If he does happen to do it, just
       use some BUG JUICE or your CIGAR to ward the hornets away.
       When you manage to deplete two of Ocelot's stamina bars, he will start
       getting more crafty with this revolvers. In addition to shooting at you
       when you are visible to him, he will also ricochet his shots off of any
       object in your area and hit you without even knowning your position. On
       top of that, he will be able to fire off rounds and reload much faster.
       Do your best to take him down as fast as you can at this point so that
       you won't suffer from too much damage. When Ocelot is defeated, you will
       be presented with a cut-scene.
    ________________/       Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch        \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Torch                   Animals Uniform        Kenyan Mangrove Crab
           Grenades                Battery                Otton Frog
           WP Grenades             Bug Juice              Maroon Shark
           Mk22 Bullets            Night Vision Goggles   Rat
           M1911A1 Bullets         Russian Ration         Reticulated Python
           AK-47 Bullets           Cold Medicine          Russian Glowcap
                                   Serum                  Taiwanese Cobra
                                                          Vampire Bat
              Face Paint: Irrelevant -- Uniform: Irrelevant -- Enemies: 0       
    As you have probably noticed, you can't see a damn thing down here! You can
    equip your CIGAR to provide a minimal light source, but be careful as it will
    also drain your LIFE Gauge the longer you have it equipped. Another possiblity
    is for you to just wait where you are for several minutes until you becomes
    easier to see. Yes, you heard me right. Snake's eyes will actually adjust to
    the darkness the longer you stay in here.
    Well, when you're ready, move a little northeast from your position to pick up
    the ANIMALS UNIFORM in front of you. Bare in mind that the uniform will only be
    there if you defeated Ocelot by depleting his entire Stamina Gauge. Continue
    heading northeast until you enter another large chamber. From here, follow the
    eastern wall that will take you through a thin passageway. At the end of the
    hall, you will find a few RATS, a RUSSIAN GLOWCAP mushroom, a TAIWANESE COBRA,
    some GRENADES, and some M1911A1 BULLETS. After you're done collecting what you
    need, proceed back to the main chamber.
    When arrive back in the chamber that you were last in, turn right and follow
    the wall into another passageway. You should exit into a room with shallow
    water covering the ground and two waterfalls on the wall to the right of you.
    If you pass right in between the two waterfalls, you can find a TORCH and some
    WP GRENADES in a small hidden cave, along with some KENYAN MANGROVE CRABS, and
    another RUSSIAN GLOWCAP mushroom.
    From the small cave, proceed forward through the shallow water and enter yet
    another passageway ahead of you. Follow the right wall until you reach a dead
    end wall with a opening at the bottom. You can find another RUSSIAN GLOWCAP
    mushroom next to the opening. Proceed through the RAT infested crawl space and
    enter another small chamber. Be extra cautious of the VAMPIRE BATS that are
    perched on the ceiling. If you make too much noise or light your TORCH in here,
    they will attack you. You can find a SERUM and some COLD MEDICINE in the
    southern part of the chamber. After you are done, proceed through another crawl
    space at the bottom of the western wall.
    After arriving in a small passageway, proceed forward to another open chamber
    with a small hole in the ground. You can find some AK-47 BULLETS near the open
    hole. Circle around the hole and pick up a pair of NIGHT VISION GOGGLES on the
    other end. Jump down into the hole and you will land in water with a RUSSIAN
    RATION just undernearth you. Dive beneath the water and swim through the small
    opening at the bottom. You will arrive in another large chamber with a small
    body of water in it. You can find some MAROON SHARKS and KENYAN MANGROVE CRABS
    swimming beneath the pond, along with some OTTON FROGS swimming at the top.
    If you proceed to your right, and climb the small ledge at the end, you will
    find another passageway that will lead you to an area with a BATTERY, some
    AK-47 BULLETS and another RUSSIAN GLOWCAP mushroom. Head back to the large pond
    and proceed south until you come to another passageway that will take you back
    to the same chamber where you first started began when entering this area. By
    now, it should be much easier to see, and you will notice a RETICULATED PYTHON
    and some KENYAN MANGROVE CRABS lurking around this area. Proceed to the chamber
    north of here and enter the small crawl space northwest of where you came in.
    When proceeding through the crawl space, be cautious of the TAIWANESE COBRA
    that is further ahead. When you exit the crawl space, you can find a SERUM to
    the left of you. Proceed forward, following the right wall through another
    passageway into another small chamber. Be cautious, as there are bats on the
    ceiling here as well. You can find some MK22 BULLETS and some AK-47 BULLETS
    near the skeleton along the wall to your right. Just continue north to find
    some BUG JUICE at the entrance to the next passageway that will lead you into
    Chyornaya Peschera Cave.
    ________________/           Chyornaya Peschera Cave           \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           M37                     Life Medicine          Arowana
           Grenades                Hornet Stripe Uniform  Giant Anaconda
           Smoke Grenades          Snow Uniform           Kenyan Mangrove Crab
           Mk22 Bullets                                   Maroon Shark
           M1911A1 Bullets                                Otton Frog
           AK-47 Bullets                                  Rat
                                                          Vampire Bat
              Face Paint: Splitter -- Uniform: Water -- Enemies: 1 (Boss)       
    When entering this area, proceed forward a bit and then take a quick right and
    proceed through the passageway that branches off to the northeast. You will
    come to a small chamber with some VAMPIRE BATS perched on the ceiling, some
    KENYAN MANGROVE CRABS and a GIANT ANACONDA crawling along the ground, along
    with an M37 shotgun and some MK22 BULLETS in the center of the room. Collect
    what you need and proceed through the small crawl space in front of you, in
    which there will be some OTTON FROGS jumping around, along with some on the
    other side of the hole.
    After exiting the crawl space, run forward and pick up the SNOW UNIFORM along
    the left wall, then drop down and proceed through another crawl space ahead of
    you. When you come to the exit, take a left to find some SMOKE GRENADES, some
    M1911A1 BULLETS and some AK-47 BULLETS in another small chamber. After your
    done, proceed back through the passageway from which you just came to a much
    larger chamber filled with water.
       _____________/           Boss Battle : The Pain            \_____________
       Get ready for your first fight with a member of the Cobra Unit -- the
       Hornet Soldier - The Pain. The battefield is set up with a large platform
       in the center of the chamber, and two smaller platforms on both sides of
       it. The Pain will be positioned on the center platform for the battle,
       while you have the option of placing yourself on the platforms or in the
       water. The Pain can use his hornets for both offensive and defensive
       capabilities. There are ways to get around both types of techniques.
       The Pain will begin the battle by throwing some capsules over at the
       platform that you're standing on. This capsules have a substance in them
       that will attract hornets to you. You will notice when you are affected
       by them as Snake's clothes will turn a yellowish color. To remedy this,
       simply jump underwater to wash off the substance. It may be easier to
       fight this battle in the water rather than on land.
       As usual, use First Person View and try to aim for the head. I would
       recommend using the Mk22 again if you want to acquire his HORNET STRIPE
       UNIFORM, but any gun is useful against him. Depending on the particular
       weapon you use, you will be able to find AK-47 BULLETS on the platform
       that you started on and some GRENADES just below if you dive underwater.
       In addition, there are some MK22 BULLETS and some M37 BULLETS located on
       the platform on the opposite end in case you should run low on ammo.
       After getting in some damage on The Pain, he will use his hornets to form
       a shield that will cover his entire body. You can dispel this barrier by
       either tossing a single GRENADE or WP GRENADE at him, or blasting him at
       least three times with your M37. He can also use his hornets to carry a
       grenade and drop it at your current location. You can prevent it from
       coming to you by blasting the hornets carrying it, or by simply moving
       out of the way. The Pain can also throw grenades at will, so be careful.
       In addition, he can use his hornets to create a tommy gun which he will
       obviously use to blast you away. Hide behind something or dive into the
       water until he is done firing. The Pain can also create a mirror image of
       himself using his hornets. If you shoot the wrong one, you'll give away
       your position and you'll be attacked. Simply equip your THERMAL GOGGLES
       and fire at the statue that emits body heat.
       After you deplete two of his stamina bars, The Pain will remove his mask
       to reveal his face. As if this weren't bad enough, he can now fire these
       special types of bees from his mouth known as "bullet bees." These are
       especially dangerous because they can cause quite a bit of damage to you
       and will eat away at your insides until they are removed. Think of them
       as leeches, but they deplete your LIFE Gauge instead of your Stamina
       Gauge. To relieve yourself of a bullet bee wound, open the CURE menu and
       first use your knife to remove the bee, then use a styptic to stop the 
       bleeding, followed by a disinfectant to disinfect the wound.
       Continue pumping rounds into The Pain until he is finally down, and you
       will be treated to a cut-scene.
    After defeating The Pain, make your way to the exit to the north of the room.
    If you depleting his entire Stamina Gauge, you can obtain his uniform by using
    the cliff just to the right of the exit to circle around to a higher level of
    the chamber where you can view the platform he was standing on. Simply do a
    diving roll torward the platform and grab the HORNET STRIPE UNIFORM. You can
    also find a LIFE MEDICINE at the entrance from where you first arrived.
    After you are done in this area, proceed north through the passageway ahead
    to enter Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance.
                        -  Operation Snake Eater -- Part 2   -
    ________________/      Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance       \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Claymore                Mine Detector          Otton Frog
           Mk22 Bullets            Digestive Medicine     Poison Dart Frog
           M1911A1 Bullets                                Rat
           AK-47 Bullets                                  Reticulated Python
                                                          Russian False Mango
                                                          Russian Glowcap
                                                          Thai Cobra
                                                          Vampire Bat
                 Face Paint: Splitter -- Uniform: Black -- Enemies: 0           
    Proceed forward and down the small incline, then follow the passageway until
    you arrive at a small open area where you will be presented with a cut-scene.
    After the cut-scene, proceed forward passing through the open area where you
    can find an assortment of RATS, POISON DART FROGS, RUSSIAN FALSE MANGOS, and a
    RETICULATED PYTHON slithering about. If you hit the RUSSIAN FALSE MANGOS on the
    ground they will provide you with the same food box item, along with some
    DIGESTIVE MEDICINE. You can also find some more RUSSIAN FALSE MANGOS hanging
    from the tree branches just above you.
    Continue moving north through the canyon, following the passageway into another
    small open area. Here you can find an assortment of RATS, OTTON FROGS, POISON
    DART FROGS, and THAI COBRAS crawling around. The snakes can attack you, so
    don't get too close. If you look up, you can find some more RUSSIAN FALSE MANGO
    fruits hanging from the tree branches. Also, to your left is a small cave area
    where you can find some MK22 BULLETS, M1911A1 BULLETS, and AK-47 BULLETS, but
    be careful as there are CLAYMORES placed just in front the ammo boxes. If you
    should make any noise, you will be attacked by the VAMPIRE BATS perched on the
    ceiling, so I recommend crawling through this little area.
    When you are finished, continue heading north through another passageway until
    you arrive at another open area with pitfalls. Don't worry too much if you just
    so happen to trip and fall off as Snake will always make a grab for the cliff
    ledge and hang on. As long as you don't do a diving roll off the edge, you'll
    be fine. As you proceed down, you can find two RUSSIAN GLOWCAP mushrooms along
    the cliff ledge. Also, if you happened to forget the MINE DETECTOR at Rassvet,
    there is one located in the small aclove that you passed in the passageway
    leading to this area. When you are finished here, proceed north down the cliff
    and through the opening ahead that will lead you into Ponizovje South.
    ________________/               Ponizovje South               \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Chaff Grenades          None                   Arowana
                                                          Bigeye Trevally
                                                          Kenyan Mangrove Crab
                                                          Maroon Shark
                                                          Tree Frog
          Face Paint: Splitter  -- Uniform: Water -- Enemies: 2 (hovercraft)    
    Upon entering this area be sure that you are wearing the WATER UNIFORM and that
    you retrieve the CROCODILE CAP from your BACKPACK. If you look out into the
    distance you should spot a soldier on a hovercraft to your right. Notice that
    they are using spotlights to scan the shallow water below. If you have the
    CROCODILE CAP you can simply equip that and the WATER UNIFORM and swim right
    past them. However, if you don't have the cap in your possession then you can
    use the small underwater ditches to your right and left when swimming past the
    spotlights. Just be sure to not pass under the circle of light on the water.
    While swimming through the swamp you can find an assortment of fish and crab
    swimming beneath the water, including AROWANA, BIGEYE TREVALLY, MAROON SHARK,
    and KENYAN MANGROVE CRAB. There are also TREE FROGS frolicking on the surface
    of the water. In addition, if you closely examine the small brush of trees in
    the middle of the swamp you should be able to find a few MAGPIE perched on the
    branches. You can also pick up some CHAFF GRENADES that can be found beneath
    the water, to your left as you exit the brush of trees, near the second
    hovercraft soldier.
    As you continue north, past the two hovercraft soldiers, you will come to a
    fork that allows you to proceed further north or take another path that
    branches out to the west. Going north will lead you closer to your mission
    objective, but I recommend heading west first to pick up a nice variety of
    weapons and ammunition.
    ________________/               Ponizovje West                \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Grenades                Mk22 Suppressor        Arowana
           Chaff Grenades          M1911A1 Suppressor     Bigeye Trevally
           Stun Grenades                                  Cobalt Blue Tarantula
           WP Grenades                                    Maroon Shark
           TNT                                            Tree Frog
           Mk22 Bullets
           M1911A1 Bullets
           M37 Bullets
           AK-47 Bullets
                Face Paint: Splitter -- Uniform: Water -- Enemies: 2            
    The two soldiers in this area are posted in very precise locations that allow
    them to spot you very easily and make it all the more difficult for you to
    seank up on them. When first entering the area proceed forward some until one
    of the soldiers comes into view on the wooden bridge to your right. The other
    soldier is positioned at a lookout point further to your right. If you think
    your marksmanship skills are moderate you can attempt you snipe them both,
    individually from a distance with your suppressed M1911A1 or MK22. Using the
    MK22 makes it a lot easier because you don't have to target the head
    specfically, but you can just hit them anywhere on there upper body for them to
    both fall after some time.
    If you want to take a more up close and personal approach, then first begin by
    equipping your CROCODILE CAP, if you have it and make your way towards the end
    of the wooden dock. Take cover behind the nearest boat and keep watch on the
    soldier patrolling the dock. Wait until he approaches you and then turns the
    other way. Pull yourself up on the dock and immediately switch to the SQUARES
    UNIFORM. From here, you can either shoot the sentry in the back of the head or
    run up to him and execute a CQC slam. Stay near the fallen soldier's body and
    keep your eye on the second sentry. You can either take him out from here by
    means of a headshot, a tranquilizer, or striking the explosive oil drums near
    him or go in for a closer encounter. Just make a dash for the crates in the
    distance and keep your eyes on the sentry's head. Just be sure you stay behind
    his line of vision and take cover behind the crates when he is not looking.
    From here you can easily deal with the sentry however you wish.
    Once you have dealt with the two soldiers in the area you can take your time
    and collect the many items available to you in this area. There are three boats
    stationed at the dock where you can find M1911A1 BULLETS, MK22 BULLETS, STUN
    GRENADES, and WP GRENADES respectively in each boat. If you stand at the end of
    the dock and face the water, you can dive straight forward toward the gate area
    where a M1911A1 SUPPRESSOR underwater. If you walk back across the dock there
    is a narrow opening near the small set of stairs that you can crawl under where
    there some CHAFF GRENADES are located. Walk up the stairs and proceed north
    until you hit the rock wall. There will be an MK22 SUPPRESSOR to your left,
    hidden behind the stacked crates. And finally proceed toward the door where the
    second sentry was posted to find a variety of weapons including the SVD sniper
    The water is riddled with fish including AROWANA, BIGEYE TREVALLY, and MAROON
    SHARK, along with a few TREE FROGS swimming across the surface of the water in
    a couple of areas. You can also find a few COBALT BLUE TARANTULAS crawling
    about near the crates to the north. Just be careful as they can bite you if you
    get too close and that can result in venom poisoning. If this happens just go
    into the CURE menu, then under MEDICINE use a SERUM. Once you are finished with
    your business here you can proceed back to Ponizovje South and then further
    north into Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior.
    ________________/        Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior        \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Stun Grenades           Night Vision Goggles*  Arowana
           Smoke Grenades          M1911A1 Suppressor     Bigeye Trevally
           Mk22 Bullets                                   Cobalt Blue Tarantula
           M1911A1 Bullets                                Maroon Shark
           AK-47 Bullets
           M37 Bullets
           SVD Bullets
              Face Paint: Splitter -- Uniform: Water/Splitter -- Enemies: 3     
       * The Night Vision Goggles can be found in this area near the red metal
         doors only if you missed them in the Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch.
    You will be presented with a cut-scene upon entering this area. After you are
    in control again, take note of your surroundings and where each of the three
    sentries guarding this area are situated. Your plan of action can vary this
    time. You can either tranquilize all three guards with your SUPPRESSED MK22 or
    equip your newly acquired SVD and snipe each of them down. Just be warned that
    a single shot from your sniper rifle can alert every sentry in the area. And
    with three of them on post, you are probably much better off using the method
    of stealth and silence.
    If you want to get in closer then you will first have to wait until The End is
    taken away by another soldier. Around this time the three sentries will begin
    their patrol routes. First you need to drop into the water from where you are
    and start swimming toward the nearest sentry posted on the dock. Be sure that
    you are staying as low as you can the entire time. Don't let your Camo Index
    drop below 80%. Now as you pass the first sentry continue to proceed toward
    the red metal doorway. You can stop when you touch the stone wall underwater,
    beneath the second sentry who is also patrolling the dock. When you surface for
    air, immediately turn around and take down the nearest sentry on the dock. Turn
    to your left take out the other sentry along the metal railing. The last sentry
    is posted on the adjacent dock and he hardly turns around. Put him down to be
    sure he doesn't give you any trouble.
    There are AK-47 BULLETS, MK22 BULLETS, and STUN GRENADES located at each of the
    stationed boats, respectively. There are some SMOKE GRENADES hidden behind two
    oil drums at the end of the dock. You can find some M1911A1 BULLETS under the
    first dock with the stationed boats. There are also more M1911A1 BULLETS in the
    water under the second winding dock, along with an M1911A1 SUPPRESSOR. If you
    proceed to the end of the second winding dock, you can find some M37 BULLETS
    beneath the water near the red gate to the east and some SVD BULLETS near the
    red gate to the west.
    The waters are filled with the same types of fish as the previous areas,
    including AROWANA, BIGEYE TREVALLY, and MAROON SHARK. There are also some more
    COBALT BLUE TARANTULAS crawling around the area near the red metal doors.
    Once you are ready to go, head up the small set of stairs near where Volgin had
    smashed the wall and proceed through the passageway into Ponizovje Warehouse.
                     -= [ Secret - How to Kill The End Early ] =-            
           If you desire to finish off The End now and don't wish to fight
           him later then as soon as the cut-scene ends, equip your SVD and
           take aim toward the open red metal doors where everyone exited
           the area. You maybe need to position yourself more to the left to
           get a good view. Once you are looking through your scope, you
           should be able to see The End sleeping in his wheel chair. Take
           quick aim at his head and fire. If you are too slow, The End will
           be taken away by a passing soldier. Then watch the fireworks.
                                    ~~ !WARNING! ~~
           By killing The End now, you will be forced to sneak past a large
           unit of Ocelot soldiers in the area where you were supposed to
           fight him. This can be even more difficult than the boss fight
           itself and if it is your first time through the game then you
           definitely shouldn't miss out on this battle anyway.
    ________________/             Ponizovje Warehouse             \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Mousetrap               Desert Face Paint      Kenyan Mangrove Crab
                                   Mk22 Suppressor        Rat
                                   Calorie Mate
                                   Instant Noodles
                Face Paint: Splitter -- Uniform: Splitter -- Enemies: 3         
    Proceed forward and up the set of stairs to your left. Don't be in too much of
    a hurry when you exit to the doorway at the top. Once you are in the main room
    I would suggest switching to Bird's Eye View camera mode and observing the two
    sentires below. One patrols the crates in the southern area of the bottom floor
    while the other patrols the crates in the northern area. Wait until the sentry
    to the south turns away and begins circling around his area and then watch the
    norhern sentry. When he begins circling his area and his head is turned away
    from you, make your way to the top of the staircase and perform a rolling dive
    over the railing. Be careful not to dive exactly in his direction, but more to
    the west. Make your way behind the sentry and dispose of him in a quick manner.
    Hide his body near the bottom of northern staircase.
    Begin moving south toward the second sentry and place your back against the set
    of crates that are perpendicular to the eastern wall. Wait for the sentry to
    walk past your position and take him out in a manner of your choosing. The
    third and final sentry is patrolling the upper levels. The first thing that is
    best to do is proceed to the southwestern area of the bottom level and use FPV
    or the camera to discover exactly where the sentry is at this time. If you are
    unable to locate his exact position then he might be near the exit door. This
    would be a good time to proceed up the staircase. After you have ascended to
    the second level, walk up a few steps of the next set of stairs and stop. Turn
    around and look up toward the top of the railing. I would recommend waiting
    here until you see sentry move by. When he comes into view, move slowly up the
    stairs and follow his movements. Stay out of his line of sight and take him out
    when he least suspects it.
    Now that the sentries are disposed of, you can raid the warehouse for supplies.
    There is a SERUM and an ANTIDOTE to the left of the red door that you first
    came through. You can find a BANDAGE and the DESERT FACE PAINT in the southern
    area of the bottom floor, near the two large red doors. There is a DISINFECTANT
    and a STYPTIC along the end of the railing on the second level. You can also
    find a MOUSETRAP, some INSTANT NOODLES, and a CALORIE MATE inside the food
    storage room on the second level. If you approach the end of the railing on the
    second level, you can drop down on some stacked crates below and pick up an
    MK22 SUPPRESSOR. There are also many RATS and KENYAN MANGROVE CRABS roaming
    around on most of the bottom level.
    When you've done everything you need to do in this area you can proceed all the
    way to the third level of warehouse. Turn left and proceed north once you reach
    the top of the staircase and head into Graniny Gorki South.
    ________________/             Graniny Gorki South             \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           Book                    Life Medicine          European Rabbit
                                   Instant Noodles        Fly Agaric
                                                          Green Tree Python
                                                          Japanese Flying Squirrel
                                                          Poison Dart Frog
                                                          Reticulated Python
                                                          Russian False Mango
                                                          Siberian Ink Cap
                                                          Yaboloko Moloko
                Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 0     
       * The Tsuchinoko is a rare snake that can only be found in a few areas of
         the game. You will need to use a MOUSETRAP to capture this creature. Just
         remember not to eat it once you have obtained it. More information can be
         found about the Tsuchinoko at the link provided below.
         > http://www.geocities.com/muni_shinobu/mgs3/parrotsuchinoko.html
    Proceed forward and jump down the small ledge. Stop here and equip your THERMAL
    GOGGLES. You should able to make out quite a bit of heat activity in this area.
    Now before you go gallivanting through the brush and trees here, you should be
    warned that this area is riddled with traps. Tripwires, snares, and bottomless
    pits galore! Honestly though, proceed with extra caution. There are no sentries
    posted in this area, so you won't have to worry about anybody seeing you. If it
    happens that you don't have the THERMAL GOGGLES, then I would suggest walking
    and using stalking movement when moving through this area so you can better
    spot a hidden trap.
    There is a BOOK located between a small mud pit and a log to the northwest of
    where you enter this area, near the middle of the forest. You can find a LIFE
    MEDICINE placed near a pit trap along the eastern border of the area. Some
    delicious INSTANT NOODLES can be found in the far northwestern corner of this
    area, near a tripwire trap. There are many POISON DART FROGS scurrying all
    about the forest floor, along with numerous types of FLY AGARIC mushrooms that
    grow at the base of tree trunks in this area. You can find YABLOKO MOLOKOS and
    RUSSIAN FALSE MANGOS hanging from the tree branches above, in addition to a
    couple of GREEN TREE PYTHONS in the high upper branches. There are also a
    couple of EUROPEAN RABBITS and RETICULATED PYTHONS hiding in various patches
    of brush. SIBERIAN INK CAP mushrooms can be found growing from the base of a
    few trees in the area. There are couple of MAGPIE located near the center of
    the area. A pesky JAPANESE FLYING SQUIRREL can also be found flying around from
    tree to tree. It can be difficult to capture.
    Head north, up the small ledge and further upward into Graniny Gorki Lab
    Exterior: Outside Walls when you are finished with this area.
    ________________/  Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls  \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           None                    Mk22 Suppressor        Milk Snake
                                   M1911A1 Suppressor     Red Avadavat
                                                          Sunda Whistling-Thrush
                                                          Taiwanese Cobra
           Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Black/Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 3    
    There are two sentries and an attack dog guarding your entry into the inner
    walls in this area. It can be difficult to choose which camouflage uniform to
    wear in this area because the Camo Index can go haywire every few feet. From
    what I could tell, it is better to wear the BLACK UNIFORM in darker areas, and
    the TIGER STRIPE UNFIROM in light areas. And of course wear the LEAF UNIFORM
    whenever you are taking cover in a patch of grass. Just be sure to keep a close
    eye on your Camo Index at all times when proceeding through this area.
    Move forward toward the first patch of grass outside the electric fence. Here
    you can find a SUNDA WHISTLING-THRUSH and a rare RED AVADAVAT hiding within the
    grass. If you look to your left, there is a small pathway of grass leading
    along the electric fence. You can find an MK22 SUPPRESSOR at the end of the
    grassy path. Be careful though. It is guarded by a TAIWANESE COBRA that can
    give you venom poisoning in one bite. To get on the other side of the electric
    fence you will need to proceed all the way to the western end of this area. I
    would recommend using crawling to move from one point to the other. One sentry
    is patrolling the eastern most side of the area, the other is patrolling the
    western most side and the attack dog is placed in front of the main gate.
    If you wish to avoid the hassle of sneaking around under the noses of the three
    enemies in the area, you can equip either your Mk22 or M1911A1 and take each of
    them out one by one in silence. Just be warned that shooting the dog at all
    will cause him to make a crying noise that will alert either of the two nearby
    sentries. It is also much better to just kill the dog rather than putting it to
    sleep because it can wake up much quicker than guards do and it won't even go
    on your record as a kill.
    You will find a small crawling space at the bottom of the electric fence near
    the far western wall. If you haven't taken out the sentries yet, make sure that
    nobody is nearby when you crawl through. Again, if the sentries in the area are
    still standing just wait until they separate and are a good distance away from
    one another. Now just use camouflage and your environment to sneak up on them
    and take them out one by one. Also take note that you can pick up a M1911A1
    SUPPRESSOR in the far west area, behind the patch of grass with the tree after
    you crawl under the electric fence. By searching the grass patches and tree
    branches around the area, you can find numerous MILK SNAKES, TAIWANESE COBRAS,
    There are two entry points into the Inside Walls. There is a small crawlspace
    hidden within the brush of grass near the westernmost where you found the
    M1911A1 SUPPRESSOR. The other entrance is located along the easternmost wall on
    the opposite end. This will be the entry I will cover in this walkthrough. Now
    to proceed through this entrance you will have to place your back against the
    door and press the Circle button to see who's home. If you did it right you
    should hear a soldier say something that indicates he will be opening the door.
    Take cover behind the stacked crates to your right and wait for the soldier to
    exit. Now you can choose to either take him out or proceed to move on right
    behind him. He doesn't really pose a threat at all so when you're ready move
    into Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls.
    ________________/  Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls   \________________
           [ Weapons Pickup ]      [ Items Pickup ]       [ Flora/Fauna ]       
           XM16E1                  None                   None
           Smoke Grenade
           Mk22 Bullets
           M1911A1 Bullets
           AK-47 Bullets
           M37 Bullets
           SVD Bullets
           Face Paint: Woodland -- Uniform: Black/Tiger Stripe -- Enemies: 3    
    The same rules for camouflage that were used in the previous area also apply
    here in the Inside Walls. The Camo Index can tweak out at times in random areas
    so just remember to keep a watch on it. There are three sentries patrolling
    this area. One is located to he east of the compound while the other two are
    posted on the western side. If you move quick enough, you should be able to
    catch the lone sentry to the east with his back turned. He shouldn't cause too
    much of a hassle. When he is down you can raid the weapons storehouse just
    north of the area he was patrolling. Here you can find an XM16E1, some AK-47
    BULLETS, some SVD BULLETS, some M37 BULLETS, and a box of TNT.
    When you exit the weapons storehouse, stop around the vicinity where the first
    sentry was patrolling. Use your BINOCULARS to look toward the western wall,
    just a little to the right of the parked trucks. At this point you should
    probably only see one sentry to the left of the tree. Stay here and monitor
    this area. Wait until the second sentry moves south and then returns. At this
    point the third sentry should come into view moving down from north. From here
    you can use your SVD to take both of them out. I would recommend waiting until
    both looking away from each other to strike.
    If you wish to take on the more close-quarters approach then you need to wait
    until the third sentry turns and begins walking back toward the northern end
    of the compound. By this time the second sentry patrolling the southern area
    should have already past the first truck. Notice that he turns a little bit
    and stares at the wall. Make quick dash toward him, moving in between the two
    parked trucks to get behind him. Take him out fast in a silent manner and drag
    his body to hide either in the brush of grass or between the two parked trucks.
    Take cover behind the northernmost truck. Now keep an eye on the third sentry.
    He should be getting ready to make his way back toward the light pole. Move
    around the back of the truck to get a better view and follow his patrol route.
    He should eventually stop and look toward your direction. Wait until he starts
    moving again and then make a dash back around the side of the truck and around
    the front to get behind him. Deal with him however you wish.
    You can find a box of MK22 BULLETS and a box of M1911A1 BULLETS underneath the
    southernmost truck. Also, if you proceed north, following the patrol route of
    third sentry and further toward the back of the compound you will come across
    a box of SMOKE GRENADES and a box of CLAYMORE mines. Sadly there are no item
    pickups or flora/fauna to be found in this area.
    Now there are three methods that can be used to enter the main compound.
       1. Through a small side door located slightly to the east of the main
          entrance into the lab.
       2. Through a small crawlspace located on the far western wall of the
          compound, about midway through the long patch of grass leading to the
          back alley area.
       3. Equipping the SCIENTIST UNIFORM and allowing yourself to be seen by one
          of the patrolling sentries in the area. Just be sure that you aren't
          wearing any face paint when you reveal yourself. When the enemy is able
          to identify you they will think you are a scientist trying to escape and
          they will escort you to a prison cell located on the basement level of
          the Graniny Gorki lab.
    This walkthrough will be covering how to proceed using the first method of
    entry into the main lab. When you're ready proceed through the small side door
    to the east of the main entrance into Graniny Gorki Lab 1F.
    	-------  Section 04 : Encyclopedia  -------
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Weapons ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
      -= Survival Knife =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Initial Weapon
                  Operation Snake Eater - Initial Weapon
    Weight      : 0.5kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : N/A
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : N/A
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A large-bladed knife for field operations. Can be used to defeat
                  enemies without making a sound.
      -= Fork =-
    Location    : Groznyj Grad Torture Room
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : N/A
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A fork. Used for eating. Can be used in place of the survival
                  knife. Plants and animals nabbed using the fork can be eaten on
                  the spot.
      -= Cigar Gas-Spray =-
    Location    : Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West
    Weight      : 0.3kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 50
                  Normal = 25
                  Hard & Extreme = 15
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A 
    Description : A sleeping gas pistol shaped like a cigarette. The gas it sprays
                  puts enemies to sleep.
      -= Handkerchief =-
    Location    : Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 120
                  Normal = 60
                  Hard & Extreme = 36
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A handkerchief soaked in anesthetic. Can be used to put enemies
                  to sleep after grabbing them with CQC.
      -= Torch =-
    Location    : Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch
    Weight      : 0.5kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : N/A
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A torch made from white birch soaked in turpentine. Press the
                  Circle button to swing it around as a weapon. Press the Square
                  button to light/extinguish the torch.
      -= Mk22 =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Initial Weapon
                  Operation Snake Eater - Rassvet
    Weight      : 0.8kg
    Magazine    : 9
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 81 rounds
                  Normal = 41 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 25 rounds
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : Yes
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : A modified special ops version of the Mk22, a suppressor-equipped
                  tranquilizer gun being developed by the Navy. Because it uses a
                  slide lock mechanism for added suppression capability, it can
                  only be fired once before reloading. Open the window and press
                  the Circle button to attach/detach a suppressor.
      -= EZ Gun =-
    Location    : Initial Weapon (after achieving Markhor Rank in previous game)
    Weight      : 0.5kg
    Magazine    : Unlimited
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = Unlimited
                  Normal = Unlimited
                  Hard & Extreme = Unlimited
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : Yes
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The EZ Gun. A suppressed tranquilizer gun developed especially
                  for FOX. The suppression function is built into the gun itself.
                  Also equipped with an internal laser sight. When equipped, causes
                  stamina to recover faster and keeps the Camo Index high. Also
                  eliminates footstep noise.
    Note: The EZ Gun can also be unlocked without achieving the Markhor Rank.
    Simply begin a new game on the Very Easy difficulty and it will be in your
    inventory after you have retrieved your Backpack.
      -= M1911A1 =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Initial Weapon (VE/E/N difficulties only)
                  Operation Snake Eater - Rassvet
    Weight      : 1.0kg
    Magazine    : 7
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 71 rounds
                  Normal = 36 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 22 rounds
    CQC Capable : Yes
    Suppressor  : Yes
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The M1911A1. A .45 gauge automatic pistol that boasts high
                  reliability and massive stopping power. Magazine size is 7
                  rounds. Open the window and press the Circle button to
                  attach/detach a suppressor.
      -= Single Action Army =-
    Location    : Initial Weapon (after completing the game)
    Weight      : 1.0kg
    Magazine    : 6
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 60 rounds
                  Normal = 30 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 18 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The Single Action Army. A .45 caliber, six shot revolver. Equip
                  in First Person View and press the L1 button to aim precisely.
                  Can also use the right analog stick to do tricks.
    Note: To obtain the SAA in your next game, you must have chosen the weapon box
    on the RIGHT, just before your final duel with Ocelot in the WiG in your
    previous game
      -= Patriot =-
    Location    : Initial Weapon after completing the game once
    Weight      : 1.5kg
    Magazine    : Unlimited
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = Unlimited
                  Normal = Unlimited
                  Hard and Extreme = Unlimited
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Full Auto
    Description : The Patriot. An assault pistol developed for The Boss. Uses
                  5.56mm x 45 ammunition. The feeder mechanism insdie the drum
                  magazine forms an "infinity" shape.
      -= Scorpion =-
    Location    : Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing
    Weight      : 1.3kg
    Magazine    : 30 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 201 rounds
                  Normal = 101 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 51 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto <-> Full Auto
    Description : The Scorpion. A Czechoslovakian-made submachine gun. Uses 32ACP
                  ammunition. Magazine size is 30 rounds. Equipped with a laser
                  pointer. Open the window and press the Triangle button to switch
                  between semi-auto and full-auto fire.
      -= XM16E1 =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Dolinovodno
                  Operation Snake Eater - Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls
    Weight      : 2.9kg
    Magazine    : 20 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 201 rounds
                  Normal = 101 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 61 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : Yes
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto <-> 3-Shot Burst <-> Full Auto
    Description : The XM16E1. A state-of-the-art assault rifle currently being
                  field-tested by the U.S. Army. Uses small caliber, high muzzle
                  velocity 5.56 x 45 ammunition. Magazine size is 20 rounds.
                  Features several modifications geared toward jungle combat. Open
                  the window and press the Circle button to attach/detach a
                  suppressor; press the Triangle button to switch between
                  semi-auto, full-auto, and 3-shot burst fire.
      -= AK-47 =-
    Location    : Rassvet
    Weight      : 3.5kg
    Magazine    : 30 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 301 rounds
                  Normal = 151 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 91 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto <-> Full Auto
    Description : The AK-47. A Soviet-made assault rifle. Reliable, durable, and
                  highly precise. Uses 7.62 x 39 ammunition. Magazine size is 30
                  rounds. Equip in First Person View and press the L1 button to aim
                  from the shoulder. Open the window and press the Triangle button
                  switch between semi-auto and full-auto fire.
      -= M63 =-
    Location    : Svyatogornyj East
                  Groznyj Grad Northwest
    Weight      : 4.5kg
    Magazine    : 100 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 1001 rounds
                  Normal = 501 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 301 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Full Auto
    Description : The M63. An American-made system weapon. Belt-fed light machine
                  gun version. Uses 5.56mm x 45 ammunition. Magazine size is 100
      -= M37 =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Rassvet
                  Operation Snake Eater - Chyornaya Peschera Cave
    Weight      : 2.9kg
    Magazine    : 4 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 41 rounds
                  Normal = 21 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 13 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The M37. An American-made shotgun. The stock and barrel have been
                  sawed off to reduce the weight. Carries four 12-gauge shells.
      -= SVD =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Dremuchij North
                  Operation Snake Eater - Ponizovje West & Sokrovenno South
    Weight      : 4.6kg
    Magazine    : 10 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 101 rounds
                  Normal = 51 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 31 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The SVD. A Soviet-made automatic sniper rifle known for its high
                  precision. Uses 7.62mm x 54 rimmed cartridges. Magazine size is
                  10 rounds. Press the L1 button to use the scope. Press the
                  Triangle button to change the magnification ratio on the scope.
      -= Mosin Nagant =-
    Location    : Sokrovenno North
    Weight      : 4.4kg
    Magazine    : 5 rounds
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 51 rounds
                  Normal = 26 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 16 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The Mosin Nagant. A tranquilizer sniper rifle, and The End's
                  weapon of choice. Adapted by The End from the M1891/30, a
                  bolt-action sniper rifle used by the Soviet military during World
                  War II. Uses special 7.62mm x 54R tranquilizer rounds. Magazine
                  size is 5 rounds.
    Note: The Mosin Nagant will appear in Sokrovenno North after you have defeated
    The End by means of depleting his entire Stamina Gauge. It will be located in
    the exact same location where The End died.
      -= RPG-7 =-
    Location    : Krasnogorje Mountainside
    Weight      : 6.3kg
    Magazine    : 1 round
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 50 rounds
                  Normal = 20 rounds
                  Hard & Extreme = 10 rounds
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : Semi-Auto
    Description : The RPG-7. A state-of-the-art Soviet portable anti-tank rocket
                  launcher. The rocket-propelled grenade warheads are loaded with
                  HEAT, a plastic explosive. Press the L1 button to use the scope.
      -= Grenade =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.3kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 40
                  Normal = 20
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A Soviet-made blast fragmentation grenade. Deals damage to
                  enemies with both the blast and the ensuing shrapnel.
      -= WP Grenade =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.8kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 40
                  Normal = 20
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A Soviet-made incendiary grenade. The intense flames created by
                  the white phosphorus inside cause all living beings in the area
                  of effect to suffer severe burns.
      -= Stun Grenade =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.5kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 40
                  Normal = 20
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A flash-bang type grenade developed by the Soviet Union. Upon
                  detonation, produces an intense flash of light and a loud bang,
                  disorienting and even knocking out human targets in the area of
      -= Chaff Grenade =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.8kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 40
                  Normal = 20
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : An electronics jamming grenade developed by the Soviet Union.
                  Upon detonation, scatters a large quantity of metal fragments
                  into the air, jamming radio signals and rendering electronic
                  devices inoperative.
      -= Smoke Grenade =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.5kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 40
                  Normal = 20
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A Soviet-made smake grenade. Upon detonation, releases a cloud of
                  white smoke, blocking the enemy's field of vision.
      -= Magazine =-
    Location    : Backpack
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 100
                  Normal = 100
                  Hard & Extreme = 100
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A used ammo magazine. Press the Square button to throw it.
    Note: This weapon will appear in your backpack after you have emptied a
    magazine from any of the various guns that you can use. Performing a tactical
    reload will not reward you an empty magazine.
      -= TNT =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 1.6kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 16
                  Normal = 16
                  Hard & Extreme = 16
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : Trinitrotoluene (TNT). A military-grade explosive euipped with a
                  remote-controlled detonator. Press the Square button to plant the
                  bomb, then press the Circle button while equipping TNT to
                  detonate the planted bomb.
      -= C3 =-
    Location    : Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall
    Weight      : 1.6kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 4
                  Normal = 4
                  Hard & Extreme = 4
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A Western-made, military-grade plastic explosive obtained from
                  EVA. Composed of 77% RDX and 23% plasticizer.
      -=  Claymore =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 1.6kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 16
                  Normal = 16
                  Hard & Extreme = 16
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : An American-made anti-personnel directional mine. Modified by
                  Soviet technicians to automatically detonate when it detects a
                  moving object within the trigger areas to its front and rear.
      -= Book =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 20
                  Normal = 10
                  Hard & Extreme = 5
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A picture book for "gentlemen." Full of stunning photos of young,
                  female models.
      -= Mousetrap =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.4kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 16
                  Normal = 16
                  Hard & Extreme = 16
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A trap equipped with bait to lure small animals and capture them
                  alive. Press the Square button to set the trap. It will
                  automatically capture small animals alive. Crawl over a trap to
                  pick it up.
      -= Directional Mic =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - In your inventory after retrieving your
                  Operation Snake Eater - In your inventory when you begin
    Weight      : 1.5kg
    Magazine    : N/A
    Capacity    : N/A
    CQC Capable : No
    Suppressor  : No
    Fire Rate   : N/A
    Description : A high-performace directional microphone. Picks up sound in the
                  direction it is pointed. Can be used to pick up the footsteps of
                  distant enemies and other sounds normally too faint to hear.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Equipment -------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
      -= Life Medicine =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.2kg
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 999
                  Normal = 10
                  Hard & Extreme = 3
    Description : Developed by the USSR. Restores LIFE. Press Circle button in
                  window to use.
      -= Pentazemin =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : Very Easy & Easy = 20
                  Normal = 15
                  Hard & Extreme = 10
    Description : Benzodiazepine anti-depressant. Serves as muscle relaxant, treats
                  automatic imbalance. Use with Circle button in window.
      -= Fake Death Pill =-
    Location    : Initial equipment
                  Inside jail cell
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can fake death temporarily.
                  Use with Circle button in window.
      -= Revival Pill =-
    Location    : Initial equipment
    Weight      : 0.0kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Espionage pill developed by the CIA. Can wake up from fake death.
                  Use with Circle button in window.
      -= Cigar =-
    Location    : Initial equipment
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Highly addictive and hazardous to your health.
      -= Binoculars =-
    Location    : Initial equipment
    Weight      : 1.0kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Military binoculars allowing long-distance reconnaissance. Zoom
                  in with Triangle button, zoom out with Square button.
      -= Thermal Goggles =-
    Location    : Virtuous Mission - Dremuchij North
                  Operation Snake Eate - Rassvet
    Weight      : 1.0kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Visualizes heat source distribution. Allows one to see in the
                  dark. Consumes battery power while used.
      -= Night Vision Goggles =-
    Location    : Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch
    Weight      : 1.0kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Electronically amplifies weak dim light for visualization. Allows
                  one to see in the dark. Consumes battery power while used.
      -= Camera =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.7kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Press Circle button to take photos. Zoom in with Triangle button,
                  zoom out with Square button.
      -= Mine Detector =-
    Location    : Rassvet
    Weight      : 3.0kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Makes sound upon detection of Claymores on the ground. Equip to
                  use. Consumes battery power while used.
      -= Cardboard Box A =-
    Location    : Rassvet
    Weight      : 0.6kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Equip to wear. Says "To the Weapons Lab: East Wing" on the side.
      -= Cardboard Box B =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.6kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Equip to wear. Says "To the Weapons Lab: Hanger" on the side.
      -= Cardboard Box C =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.6kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Equip to wear. Letters on the side cannot be read.
      -= Crocodile Cap =-
    Location    : Chyornyj Prud
    Weight      : 1.6kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Equip to wear.
      -= Key A =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Card key obtained from Granin. Opens red door in the southeast of
                  Ponizovje warehouse.
      -= Key B =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Key obtained from EVA. Opens door in the east of Krasnogorje
                  mountain top.
      -= Key C =-
    Location    :
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : Key obatined from EVA. Opens door to hangar at weapons lab main
      -= Bug Juice =-
    Location    : Various areas
    Weight      : 0.7kg
    Capacity    : 
    Description : A bug repellent. Keeps away hornets & leeches while lasting.
                  Apply with Circle button in window.
      -= Monkey Mask =-
    Location    : Complete all Snake vs. Monkey missions for it to appear in your
    Weight      : 0.1kg
    Capacity    : 1
    Description : A mask that mimics a monkey.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<---- Camouflage ---->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
                             -=*     Face Paint      *=- 
      -= No Paint =-
    Location    : Initial face paint
    Description : No face paint applied.
      -= Woodland =-
    Location    : Initial face paint
    Description : For use in forested areas.
      -= Black =-
    Location    : Initial face paint
    Description : Black face paint.
      -= Water =-
    Location    : Ponizovje South
    Description : Effective when underwater.
      -= Desert =-
    Location    : Ponizovje Warehouse
    Description : Effective in mountainous terrain.
      -= Splitter =-
    Location    : Initial face paint
    Description : For indoor-ops.
      -= Snow =-
    Location    : Bolshaya Past Base
    Description : For cold environments.
      -= Kabuki =-
    Location    : Tikhogornyj
    Description : Face paint that mimics a Kabuki character.
      -= Zombie =-
    Location    : Rassvet
    Description : Face paint that mimics a zombie.
      -= Oyama =-
    Location    : Graniny Gorky Lab 1F
    Description : Kabuki's female role face paint.
      -= Mask =-
    Location    : Initial face paint
    Description : Mask used for disguise.
                             -=*      Uniforms       *=- 
      -= Naked =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : No uniform worn on the upper body. Does not provide much
      -= Olive Drab =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Olive drab. Commonly known as OD. A single-color battle uniform
                  for general infantry use. Does not provide much camouflage.
      -= Tiger Stripe =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Striped camo pattern resembling a tiger's coat. Effective in
                  wooded and grassy areas as well as against soil and mud.
      -= Leaf =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Camo pattern developed to provide cover in forested areas.
                  Effective in underbrush.
      -= Treebark =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Camo pattern designed with hunters in mind. Pasted with photos of
                  tree trunks and leafy branches. Effective when pressed against
      -= Choco Chip =-
    Location    : Bolshaya Past South -- Graniny Gorki Lab 1F
    Description : Camo pattern designed to provide cover in the desert. Named for
                  its resemblance to a chocolate chip cookie. Effective in desert
                  and mountain environments.
      -= Splitter =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Camo pattern often used on German airplanes during World War II.
                  Effective in urban environments.
      -= Raindrop =-
    Location    : Dolinovodno
    Description : Camo pattern used extensively in Eastern Europe. Effective in the
      -= Squares =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Camo pattern consisting of an array of squares. Makes it
                  difficult to distinguish the silhouette of the wearer. Effective
                  against brown backgrounds and brick walls.
      -= Water =-
    Location    : Bolshaya Past Base
    Description : Camo pattern used extensively by the old German Defense Force.
                  Effective when underwater.
      -= Black =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Black battle uniform. Effective in the dark.
      -= Scientist =-
    Location    : Rassvet
    Description : A uniform worn by scientists.
      -= Snow =-
    Location    : Chyornaya Peschera Cave
    Description : Camo pattern designed to provide cover in snowy environments.
                  Effective against white backgrounds.
      -= Sneaking =-
    Location    : Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing
    Description : The latest battle uniform developed by the Soviet Union. Cuts all
                  damage in half and reduces stamina consumption.
      -= Tuxedo =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : Formal dress coat.
    NOTE: You must have already completed the game once to obtain this uniform.
      -= Hornet Stripe =-
    Location    : Chyornaya Peschera Cave
    Description : The Pain's camo uniform. Wards off hornets, spiders, and leeches.
                  Also allows wearer to tame hornets.
      -= Spider =-
    Location    : Graniny Gorki South
    Description : The Fear's camo uniform. Gives wearer stealth capability at the
                  cost of stamina.
      -= Moss =-
    Location    : Sokrovenno South
    Description : The End's camo uniform. Gives wearer photosynthetic capabilities.
                  Extremely effective in Svyatogornyj and Sokrovenno areas.
      -= Fire =-
    Location    : Groznyj Grad Tunnel
    Description : The Fury's camo uniform. Reduces damage from flames and
                  explosions by half.
      -= Spirit =-
    Location    : Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall
    Description : The Sorrow's camo uniform. Eliminates footstep noise. Also allows
                  wearer to drain stamina by choking enemies in CQC.
      -= Cold War =-
    Location    : Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing
    Description : Volgin's camo uniform. Enemies from the Soviet side will hesitate
                  to attack.
      -= Snake =-
    Location    : Rokovoj Bereg
    Description : Snake pattern camouflage uniform. Provides the ultimate cover in
                  any environment.
      -= GA-KO =-
    Location    : Chyornij Prud
    Description : GA-KO pattern camo uniform. Wearing it enables you to hear
                  Kerotan's calling.
      -= Animals =-
    Location    : Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch
    Description : An animal skin camo uniform. Wearing it removes any hand-shaking
                  while aiming a gun.
      -= Fly =-
    Location    : Graniny Gorki Lab 1F
    Description : A foul-smelling camo uniform. It smells so bad that it attracts
                  flies, but it also makes enemies think twice before coming in for
                  a proximity encounter.
      -= Banana =-
    Location    : Initial uniform
    Description : A banana pattern camo uniform. It makes any food taste great.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Food ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
           [ COMING SOON! ]
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Boss Strategies ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
           [ COMING SOON! ]
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Secrets and Easter Eggs ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
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     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Fun Stuff -------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
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     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Radio Frequencies ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
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     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Kerotan Frogs ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    Here is a really helpful link in locating all the Kerotan Frogs:
           - http://www.darthscreencapture.com/MGS3/k2.html
    If anyone continues to encounter problems with collecting certain frogs, then
    I'll probably post some extra strategies for those specific frogs.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Characters ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
      -= Naked Snake =-
    Codename    : Naked Snake
    Real Name   : Jack
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 30s
    Nationality : United States
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    The main protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 3. His real name is Jack, but goes by
    the codename of Naked Snake. He is an operative of the special forces unit FOX
    and is also the last apprentice of the legendary hero The Boss. Together he and
    The Boss developed the unique fighting technique of CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
    sometime during the 1950s. After his separation with The Boss, Snake served in
    the Green Berets for some years before joining FOX. He is an expert in urban
    warfare and infiltration.
      -= Major Zero =-
    Codename    : Major Zero/Major Tom
    Real Name   : David Oh
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 55
    Nationality : United Kingdom
    Birthdate   : 8/12/1909
    Birthplace  : Exeter, England
    Naked Snake's commanding officer and leader of the FOX unit. He supports Snake
    on his mission via radio communication. Based on his experience in the SAS, he
    suggested the founding of the covert operations unit "FOX" -- an entirely new
    type of unit combining the aspects of a standard special forces unit with
    elements of espionage --- in the Cold War era. The Virtuous Mission is his way
    of proving to the head of the CIA the true effectiveness of this new unit.
      -= Para-Medic =-
    Codename    : Para-Medic
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Female
    Age         : 28
    Nationality : United States
    Birthdate   : 6/22/1936
    Birthplace  : Boston, Massachusetts
    A member of the FOX support team who provides Naked Snake with surgical and
    medical information, as well as general information on local flora and fauna
    via radio communication. She is a former doctor who was recruited by the CIA.
    She is also a movie fanatic with a tremendously skewed taste, instructing Snake
    on the importance and usefulness of understanding movies as he progresses
    through his mission.
      -= Sigint =-
    Codename    : Sigint
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 24
    Nationality : United States
    Birthdate   : 11/11/1939
    Birthplace  : Nashville, Tennessee
    A member of the FOX support team. He is an expert on weapons, equipment, and
    cutting edge technology. He provides detailed information on the various types
    of weaponry, machinery, camouflage, camouflage techniques, and gadgetry to
    Snake during his mission. Many of Snake's items, such as the binoculars and
    oxygen mask are his inventions. He has a unique sense for the future of
      -= The Boss =-
    Codename    : The Boss/The Joy/Voyevoda
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Female
    Age         : 40s
    Nationality : United States
    Birthdate   : 192X
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    Also known as The Joy. A legendary hero who founded the Cobra Unit -- a special
    forces team consisting of the best soldiers in the world -- and together helped
    bring the Allies to victory against the Axis powers in World War II. She served
    in the SAS together with Major Zero. Together with Snake she developed the
    unique fighting technique of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) during the 1950s. She
    provides Snake with information about weapons, items, camouflage, and fighting
    techniques during the Virtuous Mission.
      -= The End =-
    Codename    : The End
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 100s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknwon
    A surviving member of the Cobra Unit. Known as the father of modern sniping. He
    is the master of all sniping techniques and taught The Boss everything about
    sniping. The legendary sniper was born in the 1860s and is over 100 years old.
    He has moss growing on the inside and outside of his body. Because of the
    photosynthesis effect provided by the moss, he can go without moving, eating,
    or drinking for days on end.
      -= The Fear =-
    Codename    : The Fear
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A surviving member of the Cobra Unit. Known to be a master of boobytraps. He is
    double-jointed in both elbows and his arms and legs are considerably longer
    than those of a normal human being, allowing him to climb and jump from trees
    much more efficiently. Using ropes he can travel rapidly through the forest
    between the trees. He carries a crossbow called the William Tell and a bowgun
    called Little Joe.
      -= The Fury =-
    Codename    : The Fury
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A surviving member of the Cobra Unit. He wears a black Soviet-made space suit,
    which serves as a replacement for actual fire prevention gear. He is very
    skilled with the flamethrower and uses fire to express his rage toward the
    world. After World War II, he was sent into outer space as a cosmonaut on an
    unofficial mission. When coming back down through the atmosphere, he suffered
    severe burns all over his body in an accident. He can no longer feel pain and
    is able to fly around his victims using a liquid rocket fuel powered jetpack.
      -= The Pain =-
    Codename    : The Pain
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A surviving member of the Cobra Unit. A large man standing at over 6'7". He has
    the ability to manipulate and command large numbers of hornets. He carries a
    queen bee in his backpack, using her buzzing sound to guide the other hornets.
    He carries highly toxic and venomous bees called "bullet bees" inside his body.
    He can launch these bees from his mouth at extraordinarily fast speeds, and
    upon contact with enemies, they burrow into their bodies and begin eating their
    insides until they are dead.
      -= The Sorrow =-
    Codename    : The Sorrow
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    An ex-member of the Cobra Unit, already dead. He was romantically involved with
    The Boss, but gave up his life so that she could complete her mission. While
    lacking combat capabilities, he has the ability of a medium. He can communicate
    with the dead and can obtain battle information from the spirits of fallen
    soldiers. By bringing down spirts of the dead into him, he can assume their
    combat capabilities.
      -= EVA =-
    Codename    : Eva
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Female
    Age         : 28
    Nationality : Chinese
    Birthdate   : 5/15/36
    Birthplace  : Meridian, Idaho
    A female KGB spy and a former NSA codebreakerwho is sent to support Snake. She
    uses her charm and good looks to win over Snake's trust as she double-crosses
    Colonel Volgin and Ocelot to help him reach Sokolov and the Shagohod. She uses
    a Mauser as her weapon of choice and is extremely skilled with it. She is a
    serious motorbike fanatic.
      -= Ocelot =-
    Codename    : Major Ocelot
    Real Name   : Unknown
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 20
    Nationality : Russian/United States
    Birthdate   : 6/6/1944
    Birthplace  : Normandy, France
    A young major in the Spetsnaz army that serves under Colonel Volgin of GRU. He
    is the commander of the Ocelot Unit -- an elite unit of the GRU -- and second
    in command in Volgin's army. When using pistols, he is a ricochet genius and is
    able to hit his target with taking only little into account of their distance
    and position. Although lacking any real battle experience, he is able to employ
    advanced combat skills within only days after first seeing them in action.
      -= Sokolov =-
    Codename    : Sokolov
    Real Name   : Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Russian
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A Russian weapons research scientist and the head of the OKB-754 Design Bureau.
    He lead the development and designing of the Shagohod. A nuclear equipped tank
    that can launch missiles from various kinds of rough terrain. In addition, he
    also developed numerous other weapons through funding that was provided by the
    Khrushchev faction. He has a wife and daughter whom are residing in the United
    States. Naked Snake's primary mission involves the safety and rescue of this
    scientist and returning him to the West.
      -= Volgin =-
    Codename    : Volgin/Thunderbolt
    Real Name   : Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Russian
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A Russian GRU colonel who is leading an uprising faction against the Khrushchev
    regime. He is known and feared by the West as "Thunderbolt" due to his reported
    ability to channel and control electricity. It is also said that he constructed
    the impenetable fortress of Groznyj Grad, where he kept Sokolov to work on the
    development of the Shagohod. He is said to be a very involved sadist and enjoys
    torturing his victims himself to extract information from them. When there is
    thunder storm about Volgin is known to chant the phrase "Kuwabara, Kuwabara,"
    which is believed to help ward off lightning. 
      -= Granin =-
    Codename    : Granin
    Real Name   : Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 60s
    Nationality : Russian
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Russia
    The formost weapons scientist in the Soviet Union and head of the Granin Design
    Bureau, otherwise known as OKB-812. Through his contributions to the motherland
    he has been awarded the Order of Lenin -- an honor of the greastest magnitude
    that is given along with the title of "hero of socialism" to only the finest
    workers. Because of Sokolov's development of the Shagohod, his idea of a new
    mobile nuclear missile system was scrapped. He simply stays in his office now
    and drinks over his disappointment.
      -= Raikov =-
    Codename    : Major Raikov
    Real Name   : Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov
    Gender      : Male
    Age         : 20s
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A major of the GRU faction that serves under Colonel Volgin. He is just behind
    Ocelot in terms of rank, but is much more closer to the Colonel on a personal
    level. Little else is known about him other than that he is Volgin's lover and
    is meant to appear as Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 as a joke toward his
    feminine-like character.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Previous Operations ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
        -=*            Metal Gear - The Outer Heaven Uprising             *=- 
    The year is 1995. Deep in South Africa, 200km north of Garzburg, Outer Heaven -
    an armed fortress nation, established by the legendary mercenary. He was
    feared in combat by both his friends and foes as a hero and a lunatic. The
    "Western" nations have found that a weapon of mass destruction capable of
    rewriting war history is under development at Outer Heaven. They have called
    upon the high-tech special forces unit FOX-HOUND to take care of the
    situation.  In response to this order, Big Boss, the commander-in-chief of
    FOX-HOUND, sent Gray Fox, the man with the code name "Fox" which is given to
    the best member of the unit "Operation intrude N313"
    After a few days, his last message being "Metal Gear..." Gray Fox was missing
    in action. Taking the situation seriously, the top men of the "West" again
    called for FOX-HOUND. Big Boss selected Solid Snake, who had recently joined
    FOX-HOUND, as the agent and entrusted everything to him.
    Successfully making a solo infiltration to Outer Heaven, Snake got in touch
    with local resistance members Schneider, Diane and Jennifer. With their
    co-operation, Snake succeeded in rescuing Gray Fox. Gray Fox laid out the
    terrifying facts about "Metal Gear" Metal Gear was the development name of a
    nuclear warhead-equipped two-legged walking tank. It can walk through over the
    toughest terrains that would stop normal tanks. It can conduct local warfare
    by itself with unique weapons like its Vulcan-cannon and anti-tank missiles.
    It was indeed a new type of weapon that can conduct a nuclear attack against
    any place on the face of the Earth from any l and surface...
    With Metal Gear, Outer Heaven was trying to establish its military superiority
    over the entire world. In order to destroy Metal Gear, Snake rescued Metal
    Gear's chief engineer Dr. Pettrovich and his daughter, Elen, who was taken
    hostage to force her father to continue with his development. Snake hears from
    Dr. Pettrovich how to destroy Metal Gear.
    However, as Snake approached the heart of Outer Heaven and Metal Gear, well
    designed traps are set all around Snake- as if his actions are being leaked
    to the enemy...
    In the midst of the escalating battle, the leader of the resistance,
    Schneider, fell into the hands of the enemy, and Snake himself was injured
    through the deadly battles with Outer Heaven's best mercenaries. But Snakes
    indomitable spirit lead him to the 100th floor basement of the secret base
    where Metal Gear was developed. Evading the powerful defense system that wipes
    out all intruders, Snake ultimately succeeded in destroying Metal Gear.
    Snake tried to escape from Outer Heaven upon completing the mission. However,
    during the escape he was confronted by one man- FOX-HOUND's commander-in-chief
    Big Boss. Big Boss laughed at the astounded Snake and told him the truth
    behind his mission. While serving as commander-in-chief of FOX-HOUND Big Boss
    also ran a mercenary dispatch company utilizing his connections and capitals
    from his own years as a merc. He was planning on to build this company a
    larger military establishment, and he built Outer Heaven as its base. His
    purpose for sending the rookie Snake was to cause information confusion
    amongst the west. However, Big Boss miscalculated. He never thought Solid
    Snake would make it this far...
    Having lost Metal Gear, Big Boss activated the self-destruct system of the
    underground base. While the countdown to destruction continued, his screamed
    echoed in the emptiness
    	           "YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR. TOO FAR!!!"
    On the 100th floor basement, the battle between the 2 men commenced- free of
    ideology and politics. The armed fortress nation Outer Heaven collapsed. The
    impenetrable fortress made from the best military technology and occupied by
    the toughest mercenaries burned in flames. Behind him, the flames reached
    skyward, as Outer Heaven fell leaving Solid Snake all alone...
        -=*   Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - The Zanzibar Land Disturbance   *=- 
    1999, the world was facing an energy crisis. It was obvious that the petroleum
    would run out faster than what was expected. However, the development of an
    alternative energy resource is far from completion. The price of petroleum has
    skyrocketed and the world economy in confusion. The 21st century was expected
    to be one of chaos. One mans invention changed the entire situation. A Czech
    genius and biologist, Dr. Kio Marv, invented OILIX, a microorganism that
    refines petroleum to product a highly purified form of petroleum. The world
    was filled with hope upon the discovery of this messiah to solve the energy
    crisis, but at the same time the world entered a time of tension regarding
    this new algae.
    Just when the whole worlds attention was drawn to OILIX and Dr. Marv, he was
    abducted by someone and disappeared. Nations begun investigations immediately
    and a name soon appeared...'Zanzibar Land'...
    Zanzibar Land was a democratic military regime that suddenly appeared in
    central Asia in 1997. When their uprising took place, the CIS Army, formed
    around Russia, sent in a suppressive unit immediately. Zanzibar Land resisted
    by gathering a band of Mercenaries from nations around the world and
    fortifying most of its land. As a result, the CIS Army was repeatedly
    defeated, and Zanzibar Land declared its independence. Due to the active role
    mercenaries played, this war was called the 'Mercenaries War' and Zanzibar
    Land was referred to as an armed fortress nation. A military nation with a
    group of strong mercenaries, surrounded by a tough fortress.
    According to the latest information, Zanzibar supposedly was armed with Nuclear
    Weapons. The whole scenario was crystal clear. By obtaining OILIX in addition
    to nuclear weapons, Zanzibar Land was trying to establish its economic and
    military superiority over the entire world. Concerned about the situation, the
    United States of America ordered Roy Campbell, Commander-in-Chief of high tech
    special forces unit FOX-HOUND, to rescue Dr. Marv. Campbell was a former member
    of FOX-HOUND. He brought back Solid Snake, the man who single handedly brought
    down the armed fortress nation of Outer Heaven 4 years ago, and asked Snake to
    bring back Dr. Marv and OILIX.
    Successfully infiltrating Zanzibar Land and with help from CIA agent Horry and
    others, Snake was able to go deep into the fortress and meet again with Dr.
    Pettrovich, the chief engineer of Metal Gear from Outer Heaven. He too was
    abducted to Zanzibar Land and forced to develop another Metal Gear. He told to
    surprised Snake an even more shocking fact. Big Boss, the man Snake had
    defeated at Outer Heaven, turned out to be the General Commander of Zanzibar
    Snake rescued Dr. Pettrovich in co-operation with Natasha, Dr. Marv's guard and
    former Czech International Secret Police agent, and then headed for the
    confinement facility deep in the fortress to save Dr. Marv. When Pettrovich
    and Natasha crossed the narrow suspension bridge over the deep valley, a
    missile blew the bridge away. Natasha flew into the air because of the
    explosion. While unable to do anything to save Natasha, Snake started hearing
    a well-known voice "Hey Snake, we're good buddies. I can let you go. Just
    leave this place at once!" Gray Fox. Snake saw Gray Fox controlling Metal
    Gear. The best soldier in FOX-HOUND who, after the fall of Outer Heaven,
    disappeared as if he followed Big Boss. Losing Natasha in front of his eyes and
    letting Pettrovich get taken away, Snake screamed "Fox! I will not give up!"
    After a series of deadly battles with mercenaries, Snake finally made it to
    Dr. Marv's confinement facility. However, he arrived to late. He saw Dr.
    Marv's corpse and Pettrovich, who could do nothing but just stand there.
    Pettrovich told Snake that Dr. Marv could not withstand the repeated tortures
    because of heart problems. Snake then received an emergency call from Horry.
    The information she supplied was very shocking. Pettrovich had been
    voluntarily visiting Zanzibar Land to develop Metal Gear. The abduction of Dr.
    Marv was conducted under the directions of Pettrovich himself. After the
    truth came out, Pettrovich attacked Snake, but Snake easily put an end to him
    and obtained the structural plan of OILIX.
    While trying to escape, Snake was confronted by Metal Gear again, controlled
    by Gray Fox. The tremendous battle took place in the underground base. Snake
    finally succeeded in destroying Metal Gear. However, Gray Fox did not submit
    and challenged Snake to the final battle. In the midst of a minefield, Snake
    and Fox fought without any weapons. A fist-to-fist duel involving no hatred or
    murderous intent. During that moment of purity the 2 were bound by forces
    transcending words and emotions. Snake won the tough but pure battle against
    Gray Fox. However, there was still someone else. Snake had to fight Big Boss.
    Just like 4 years ago at Outer Heaven Big Boss was waiting for Snake.   "One
    who has experienced the tension of battle can never leave the battlefield.
    I'm the one giving you something to live for, and that is war" Snake was
    infuriated at the arrogant Big Boss "There is only one battle I have to fight.
    To free myself from you, to shatter the nightmare...Big Boss, I will kill
    With the structural plan of Oilix, Snake and Horry escaped from Zanzibar Land
    on a rescue helicopter. Snake once again saved the world.  However, there was
    no smile on his face. Big Boss's last words kept ringing in his head "Whoever
    wins, out battle does not end. There loser is freed from the battlefield, the
    winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life as the warrior
    until he dies" Snake then disappeared into the whitelands of Alaska...alone...
        -=*         Metal Gear Solid - The Shadow Moses Incident          *=- 
        * Courtesy of Grant Gordin (futuresuperstar)
          - Author of "Metal Gear Sold: Dawn of the Concealed"
    A great deal of time had passed since the legendary Solid Snake had killed Big
    Boss, the greatest soldier in the world, at Zanzibar Land.  Snake had
    infiltrated the Zanzibar base and had ultimately eliminated the global threat
    posed by Big Boss and his band of soldiers.  During the mission, Snake had also
    destroyed the revolutionary bipedal tank known as Metal Gear, a machine
    unmatched among military technology all over the world.  Following his success,
    Snake retired to Alaska.  However, the chilling and eerie possibility that Big
    Boss may have been his father haunted him for many years to come.
    The year was 2005, six long revolutions after the Zanzibar incident.  Snake
    awoke in his Alaskan cabin to the faint and distant sound of footsteps. He
    quietly made his way to the window and peered outside; in the darkness, he
    could see several heavily armed soldiers advancing on his home.  Snake took
    hold of his gun and gripped it tightly, preparing for the firefight that would
    undeniably transpire within the coming moments.  Unfortunately, the soldiers
    quickly surrounded his cabin, rendering resistance futile, and Snake was left
    with no option but to surrender.  The unknown group of armed men took him to
    the USS Discovery, an Ohio Class Submarine.  Aboard the craft, Snake found
    himself strip-searched and confined within a small room without even the
    slightest idea of what was going on.
    After a few moments, the door finally opened.  Roy Campbell, an ex-colonel of
    FOXHOUND who had worked with Snake during the Zanzibar incident, entered the
    room along with Dr. Naomi Hunter, an affiliate of FOXHOUND's medical staff.
    Campbell informed Snake of the circumstances surrounding his confinement – a
    certain irrepressible division of Special Operations Unit FOXHOUND, as well
    as members of the Next Generation Special Forces, had seized control of a
    nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago.
    They had taken hostages and demanded that the government turn over the remains
    of Big Boss.  Failure to comply within twenty-four hours would result in the
    launch of a nuclear weapon.  It was not until after Colonel Campbell revealed
    a picture of the terrorist leader that Snake agreed to take up the mission, for
    the man behind the takeover was none other than Liquid Snake ... the individual
    with the same codename as Solid Snake, himself. 
    Snake infiltrated Shadow Moses Island and began his new mission.  Soon after
    the commencement of the operation, he discovered that a new model of Metal Gear
    – the same bipedal tank he had faced in year's past – was secretly under
    development on the base.  Additionally, something was apparently amidst the
    dark chambers of the island, as evident by Snake's horribly failed attempts to
    free the high profile hostages in confinement: the ArmsTech President, Kenneth
    Baker, and the DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson.  During both disastrous rescues,
    the two men suffered nearly identical deaths from symptoms that suggested an
    abrupt heart failure.  As the unnerving operation wore on, Snake located Hal
    "Otacon" Emmerich, the primary engineer in the Metal Gear "REX" project, the
    codename for the new model of terror.  However, Otacon had already gotten
    himself into a bind – he was in conflict with a warrior Snake had previously
    encountered prior to Kenneth Baker's death ... an intruder fitted in an
    exoskeleton that resembled a cyborg ninja, of sorts.
    After a grueling hand-to-hand battle in the labs, Snake managed to defeat the
    fearsome ninja.  Yet, the poignant recurrences of the ninja's words during the
    battle seemed to bewilder him, for the mysterious individual appeared to speak
    as if he had known Snake in the past.  Shocked, Snake informed Campbell that he
    believed that the ninja was none other than Grey Fox, Snake's former best
    friend.  He had battled and killed Grey Fox at Zanzibar solely due to the
    political climate of the times that put them at different ends of a heated
    conflict.  Dr. Naomi Hunter commented that Dr. Emmett Clark, her predecessor,
    might have had something to do with Fox's presumed resurrection; then again,
    Clark had died in a lab accident several years prior to the Shadow Moses
    incident.  Campbell assertively claimed that the probability of the ninja
    actually being Grey Fox was nonexistent, but Snake was convinced.
    Following Snake's uncanny discovery, he went to Otacon, who explained the Metal
    Gear REX project and, more importantly, REX's location in the Underground
    Maintenance Base to the north.  As Snake proceeded, he also met Roy Campbell's
    niece, Meryl Silverburgh, who had been stationed at the facility before its
    takeover.  The two quickly found themselves falling in love with each other.
    Meryl handed Snake a PAL card, an emergency key that could supposedly override
    Metal Gear's detonation code, and, ergo, eliminate the threat.  The two
    traveled together toward the Underground Maintenance Base, but they were
    hastily split apart by the sniper fire of FOXHOUND's sharpshooter, Sniper Wolf.
    Wolf shot an exposed Meryl in an attempt to lure Snake out from hiding, and the
    terrorists eventually captured him, as well as his brutally wounded ally.
    During Snake's imprisonment, Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake's right-hand man,
    forced Snake through a grueling interrogation.  Snake was left with a chilling
    decision between the safety of himself and Meryl – if he was to submit to the
    torture, Ocelot would take her life.  Snake persevered through the severe
    torture and, with the aid of Otacon, escaped confinement and headed toward
    Metal Gear REX's dark and unsettling chamber.  However, during this time,
    several distressing twists took place.  Master McDonnell Miller, the mission
    analyst assigned to both the Zanzibar and Shadow Moses operations, reported
    that Naomi Hunter was actually a traitor, possibly in league with the
    terrorists.  Miller dug further around and found evidence of a newly developed 
    experimental assassination weapon in the Pentagon, one that Snake may have been
    injected with along with the multitude of standardized vaccinations during his
    mission briefing.  The weapon targeted only specific people and eradicated its
    victims in a manner that simulated a heart attack.  The Pentagon trump card,
    called FoxDie, was later discovered to be the cause of the ArmsTech President
    and DARPA Chief's deaths.  Colonel Campbell immediately placed Naomi under
    arrest after finding she was sending coded transmissions to the Alaskan base.
    As Snake approached the Underground Maintenance Base, Naomi managed to come
    into contact with him.  She confirmed that she had injected Snake with FoxDie
    as an act of revenge for what he had done at Zanzibar Land ... for killing Frank
    Jaeger, also known as Grey Fox.  Snake was perplexed at Naomi's affiliation
    with Jaeger, but his confusion was abruptly cleared when he realized that Fox
    was Naomi's brother.  Snake understood Naomi's motives of vengeance and told
    her that he did not blame her for wanting him dead, but his feelings
    drastically differed when Naomi suggested that Snake's injection of the FoxDie
    virus was also a facet to the entire operation.  Before she could clarify
    further, though, Campbell placed her back under arrest.  Snake demanded an
    explanation, but the colonel was anything but responsive.
    As Snake approached REX's chamber, he discovered the secret to deactivating
    Metal Gear.  Apparently, the PAL card Meryl had given him was crafted out a
    shape-memory alloy.  It acted as all three keys in one, altering shape at
    differing temperatures.  Snake heated and cooled the card, accordingly, and
    entered all three keys into the emergency system.  However, instead of
    deactivating, Metal Gear was actually activated – Snake had been set up all
    along.  Within moments, Master Miller contacted the confounded warrior and
    confirmed that he, indeed, had acted as a pawn throughout the mission.  Snake
    muttered in vehement anger as Miller revealed himself to be none other than
    Snake's very brother, Liquid Snake.  Campbell quickly called Snake in an
    attempt to inform him that Master McDonnell Miller had been found rotting away
    in the confinement of his home, and that Liquid had assumed his identity for
    the Shadow Moses operation.
    Liquid revealed that the DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson, had been inadvertently
    killed by Ocelot's sadistic interrogation prior to Snake's arrival at the
    island.  Ergo, the man Snake had attempted to free in his first hours on the
    base was actually a terrorist member in disguise.  The ploy, Liquid stated,
    played to perfection, further deluding the FOXHOUND operative with the illusory
    untruth that the use of the PAL keys was his sole and final option, for the
    keys acted as a reversible input – if the nuclear launch code had already been
    entered, the keys would disengage Metal Gear.  If the code had not been
    entered, the keys would, instead, activate the bipedal nightmare on Earth.
    According to Liquid, the terrorists had not been able to figure out the DARPA
    Chief's launch code before his death ... so they had turned to Snake to do the
    work for them.
    Snake rushed out of the control room after Liquid and confronted him in front
    of Metal Gear REX.  To Snake's horror, the chilling veracity that had plagued
    his mind since the Zanzibar incident unfolded into an irrefutable certainty –
    he and Liquid were, indeed, clones of their father ... Big Boss, genetically
    created in a project titled "Les Enfants Terribles"... the terrible children.
    Snake had inherited all of the dominant genes, while Liquid had received all
    of the recessive ones.  However, veiled from this truth, Liquid was led to
    believe that because he, himself, had been the "recessive" clone, he was
    equally inferior.  And, for this, he sought revenge.  Interestingly, it was
    later uncovered that the so-called soldier gene, the series of genes discovered
    in 1999 that defined an individual's biological capability as a warrior, was
    expressed recessively.  So, while Solid Snake had been genetically dominant,
    this actually resulted in his inferiority as a warrior.
    After proclaiming his fury, Liquid leapt into REX and activated the demonic
    weapon that would undoubtedly drag the world into the twenty-first century.  To
    his horror, Snake watched as REX sprung to life.  Just as in the past, Snake
    battled Metal Gear in an epic struggle of good versus evil.
    As Snake began to fall to the enormous machine of death, Liquid attempted to
    crush him under REX's weight – Grey Fox reappeared and saved Snake with only
    seconds to spare.  The two old friends found themselves caught up in one final
    exchange ... before the end.  Fox leapt away toward Metal Gear, evading the
    bullets that seemed to rain down upon him by the hundreds, and fervently
    clashed with the weapon of terror in a fiery attempt to bring REX's radar, the
    Radome, to ashes.  Snake beheld the scene in trepidation as he watched Metal
    Gear impale the man from Zanzibar into the wall.  The lifeless Fox gazed out
    upon the Radome, and in a concluding act of desperation, he brought his weapon
    into the air with the last ounces of strength in his body and fired.
    The Radome erupted into flames as REX stumbled backward; Fox collapsed onto the
    bloody concrete beneath him.  Jaeger glanced to the side through his red-glazed
    eyes toward Snake and muttered through his gritted teeth: "Snake ... we're not
    just tools of the government, or anyone else!  Fighting was the only thing ...
    the only thing I was good at.  But ... at least I always fought for what I
    believed in.  Snake ... farewell."  Snake screamed Fox's name as Metal Gear
    crushed the valiant man below its colossal mass.
    "You see?  You can't protect anyone!  Not even yourself!"
    Liquid's words echoed hauntingly within the underground chamber.  Snake, fueled
    by his unparalleled rage over the death of the man who had saved his life,
    launched a final Stinger missile into the mouth of REX.  The behemoth exploded
    in a brilliant light and sent Snake flying into a wall, knocking him
    unconscious, but not before he heard what sounded like footsteps nearing him.
    When Snake came to, he found himself atop the wreckage of Metal Gear; before
    him, Liquid Snake stood in wait.  The brother of light and the brother of dark
    conversed for what seemed like hours.  Liquid revealed his true intentions for
    reestablishing Big Boss's dream – he wanted to recreate and fashion a world
    where soldiers would be revered, honored, and, above all, needed, as they once
    were.  Colonel Campbell quickly contacted Snake and warned him of an completely
    new peril – the Pentagon had received word that the terrorist threat had been
    eliminated, and in an effort to eradicate the truth of what had truly occurred,
    they would launch the entire facility into nuclear inferno.  In an attempt to
    redeem himself for all of the lies he had told, Campbell planned on issuing an
    order to stop the launch, ergo disrupting the chain of command and buying Snake
    ample time to escape the island.
    This plan would not unfold, however, as the colonel was placed under arrest by
    the Secretary of Defense, Jim Houseman, who had orchestrated the Metal Gear
    black project.  Houseman, out of sheer arrogance and malevolence, enlightened
    Snake of the true nature of the operation – from the beginning, Snake was
    simply being used as the vector to spread FoxDie.  By coming into contact with
    the terrorists, everyone on the base would be subjected to the virus, and,
    consequently, to their ultimate demise.  Following the horrid epidemic, the
    government would steal Metal Gear, as opposed to destroying it.  Since REX had
    been destroyed, Houseman intended to evaporate any evidence of what really
    happened there, even if it meant a nuclear strike.
    Liquid chuckled at his inevitable fate as he gestured behind the daunted
    soldier – Snake turned to see Meryl, lying unconscious.  Beside her, a small
    nuclear module began to count down from two hundred seconds.  Almost mocking
    the circumstances that surrounded the conflict, Liquid remarked that she would
    make for a perfect sacrifice for their final battle.  Snake grimaced, and the
    clash of the titans began … a battle built upon antagonism and resentment.  In
    the end, Snake launched Liquid from the head of Metal Gear REX to his apparent
    death.  With only a few seconds to spare, Snake deactivated the bomb and untied
    Meryl – to his utter amazement and relief, Meryl had somehow survived.  Snake
    contacted Otacon and informed him of the impending nuclear attack, advising him
    to escape while he still could.  Otacon, having undergone a radical change of
    character, refused to leave and promised Snake he would clear a path for the
    two to escape.
    Snake and Meryl descended from Metal Gear, hopped into a nearby jeep, and
    rushed toward the exit of the facility, gunning down any guards along the way.
    Ironically, their escape would not go unhindered, as a second jeep advanced on
    them from behind – Liquid.  The two brothers linked by cursed genes engaged in
    a firefight as they sped down the tunnel, and neither individual seemed to gain
    the upper hand.  The climatic chase came to an abrupt halt as the two vehicles
    crashed at the end of the tunnel.  Snake and Meryl managed to survive, yet were
    both caught underneath their overturned jeep.  However, the same did not hold
    true for Liquid; he stumbled forward, fueled by nothing other than his vehement
    detestation for his clone brother.  He raised his gun and trained its sights
    between the eyes of Solid Snake –
    – Liquid collapsed into the snow, dead, as he fell victim to the FoxDie virus.
    After the two freed themselves from underneath the wreckage, Colonel Campbell
    called Snake via the Codec and notified him that the President had called off
    the bombing, as the Secretary of Defense had been acting alone the entire time.
    In addition, there was a snowmobile nearby that could take them to Fox Island,
    where an evacuation helicopter awaited.  Shortly thereafter, Naomi spoke with
    Snake, having been released from custody.  She verified that she truly did not
    know when or where FoxDie would end his life.  Snake would later find out that
    Naomi had tampered with the virus before it was implemented into the operation,
    programming it to strike at a random time.  The expansion upon his life was a
    gift, he thought, one that deserved to be spent with purpose.  Meryl and Snake
    departed from Shadow Moses and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness.
    Following the Shadow Moses incident, the two survivors most likely had a
    relationship.  Otacon, who survived the endeavor, contacted Snake a few weeks
    after the operation.  According to him, Revolver Ocelot, the sole terrorist
    survivor, had sold Metal Gear's data on the black market, and numerous
    countries would soon develop their own versions of Metal Gear all over the
    world.  Otacon convinced Snake that he could make a difference and persuaded
    him to join in forming a new group, Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear
    organization officially recognized by the United Nations.  For the next two
    years or so, Otacon and Snake destroyed dozens of rogue Metal Gears around the
        -=*              Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty              *=- 
        * Courtesy of Grant Gordin (futuresuperstar)
          - Author of "Metal Gear Sold: Dawn of the Concealed"
      --  Tanker Chapter  --
    It was the year 2007; Otacon had received an anonymous tip that the Marine
    Corps had developed a new model of Metal Gear and was scheduling it for
    transport.  Both he and Solid Snake outlined the next operation for
    Philanthropy – to infiltrate the tanker carrying the new device of terror,
    photograph it, and then leak the pictures to the media to bring the black
    project to light.  However, all would not go according to plan.  Only a few
    short moments after Snake made his way aboard the tanker, an unknown group of
    soldiers seized the ship and overtook it, mercilessly killing nearly all of the
    crew members stationed in the upper decks.
    "Looks like we're not the only ones after Metal Gear tonight," Snake remarked.
    He snapped a photograph of person in charge of the armed group and sent it to
    Otacon via the Codec to dig up an ID on the old man.
    Snake made his way though the tanker, evading the enemy soldiers along the way.
    Atop the front deck of the ship, he encountered a female soldier of Russian
    descent, the daughter of the terrorist leader.  Subsequent to a high-paced
    firefight between the two, Snake managed to subdue the woman.  Her tomboyish
    appearance reminded the ex-FOXHOUND operative of Meryl, his love interest that
    had long disappeared without any evidence as to how or why.  Within seconds,
    Snake spotted a United States Army Cypher, a type of surveillance device,
    hovering above him in the stormy night.  Before he had a chance to contemplate
    the Army's presence, Otacon contacted him in regards to the identity of the
    terrorist head – Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, the head of a Russian private band
    of mercenaries.
    Finally, Snake progressed into the tanker holds, where Metal Gear awaited in
    artificial, yet mystifying tranquility.  Nearly one hundred Marines stood at
    attention in the depths of the ship, their eyes glued to the commandant's lips
    as he delivered a powerful speech in regards to the purpose of the new bipedal
    weapon – Metal Gear RAY, a behemoth created for one purpose, and one purpose
    alone – to eliminate the inferior versions of Metal Gear around the globe.
    After managing to take the desired shots of RAY, Snake sent the photographs to
    Otacon via network.
    As the commandant wrapped up his speech, an individual from Solid Snake's
    proverbial history revealed himself from the shadows and confronted the Marines
    – Revolver Ocelot, the same man from the Shadow Moses incident two years
    before.  Through a series of ingenious dialogue, Ocelot distracted the
    commandant long enough for Colonel Gurlukovich to seize him from behind,
    pressing the mouth of his handgun into his temple.  The colonel's men swiftly
    descended into the holds from above and secured the area, their AKS-74u assault
    rifles wildly swinging in each and every direction.  Gurlukovich declared
    Russia's imminent return to power, averring that Metal Gear RAY was undoubtedly
    the key.
    The hum of jingling spurs grew quieter as Ocelot turned his back on the Russian
    colonel, his words of an almost chilling nature.  "I regret to inform you that
    I have no intention of selling Metal Gear.  As I said, I came to take it back."
    Not a moment in time drifted away before Ocelot had mercilessly slaughtered
    Gurlukovich, his men, and the commandant with his lone Single Action Army.
    "Sergei ... looks like you were long overdue for retirement," he declared in a
    triumphant voice.
    The Marines looked on in horror as Ocelot triggered a massive explosion within
    the tanker, blowing it out of the water with the single touch of a button.  The
    holds began to cave in on themselves as Ocelot nonchalantly approached Metal
    Gear.  Snake rushed in, avoiding the falling debris, and confronted him from
    below the monstrosity.  The Russian mastermind glanced downward at him,
    engulfed in unparalleled pride –
    – Ocelot shook vehemently, his right arm convulsing in agony.  He forced a
    shriek through his gritted teeth as he found himself seized by the very leader
    of the Shadow Moses terrorist group.  Ocelot spoke, his voice indistinguishable
    from that of Liquid Snake's: "It’s been a while, brother!"
    A bewildered Solid Snake could only listen in confusion as Liquid asserted the
    impossible – he was living on through Ocelot's right arm.  Back on Shadow Moses
    Island, Grey Fox had severed Revolver Ocelot's hand from his body; after the
    incident, the Russian gunfighter had traveled to Lyon, France, in an attempt to
    graft a new limb onto his frame.  Liquid's arm had been the somewhat ironic
    selection.  Strangely, and for reasons unknown to this very day, this granted
    Liquid the ability to take control of Ocelot's body at arbitrary times.
    The exchange between the two sons of Big Boss was cut short as a gush of water
    slammed Snake into a wall.  Liquid leapt into Metal Gear and activated the
    horrifying machine.  Leaving behind hundreds upon hundreds of murdered Marines
    and Russians alike, RAY launched itself through the holds and onto the deck of
    the plummeting ship.  Snake swam after it, barely avoiding his seemingly
    inexorable drowning, and emerged beside the wreckage of the tanker.  Ocelot,
    now back in control of his body, grinned at the sight of his success and spoke
    over a phone line as RAY gracefully swam into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.
    "No problems ... proceeding as planned, sir.  Yes, I have photographic evidence
    of Snake on the scene.  The Cypher was most useful.  I look forward to tomorrow
    morning's news flash ... I would say the Marine Corps' plans are on indefinite
    hold.  Yes, of course ... Mr. President."
    Once Snake returned to land, he and Otacon leaked Metal Gear RAY's existence to
    the press.  However, just as Ocelot had intended, a more interesting story
    would overshadow their deed.  The two members of Philanthropy had been set up
    as the men behind an enormous conspiracy and were both labeled as the most
    destructive ecological terrorists in history.  Their supposed sinking of the
    tanker caused a massive oil spill off the coast of Manhattan, which led to the
    creation of an offshore oil decontamination facility to clean up the whole mess
    – the Big Shell.
    For the next two years, Snake and Otacon kept a low profile after being marked
    as the very terrorists they had strived to eliminate.
     --  Plant Chapter  --
    The Big Shell was anything but an offshore cleanup plant.  
    Otacon received word from an anonymous source that, once again, a new model of
    Metal Gear was under development, this time at the alleged decontamination
    facility.  Snake set off to the Big Shell only to find that it had been seized
    and captured by radical members of the formerly anti-terrorist Class "A" unit
    Dead Cell, as well as Russian mercenaries led astray after the death of Sergei
    Gurlukovich.  A clean sweep was already under way, executed by the Navy, to
    eliminate the terrorist threat and rescue President James Johnson, newly
    inaugurated into the White House.  The President had been inspecting the
    progress of the offshore plant, along with several members of the presidential
    cabinet and the Pentagon at the time of Dead Cell's takeover.  Disguised as a
    Navy SEAL, himself, Snake infiltrated the facility from beneath its central
    It was not long before Snake came face-to-face with an operative from Special
    Operations Unit FOXHOUND – a man calling himself "Raiden."  Snake looked on in
    uncertainty, as the unit had been disbanded nearly four years ago following his
    actions at Shadow Moses Island.  Skeptical to place trust in the FOXHOUND
    recruit, Snake resorted to using an alias, acting under the guise of Iroquois
    Pliskin, Lieutenant Junior Grade.  However, regardless of his lack of faith in
    the blonde-haired man, Snake aided Raiden by Codec, advising him about weapons,
    the enemy, and the Big Shell.
    SEAL Team 10 had already been completely wiped out, bar Peter Stillman, a
    retired, legendary bomb disposal expert who had descended into the
    decontamination facility with Bravo Team.  Having found Stillman alive, the two
    warriors listened intently to him as he informed them of the immediate threat:
    several explosive charges had been planted throughout the Big Shell.  As
    opposed to manually disposing of each bomb, Stillman handed each operative an
    atomizer that could freeze the C4 packages for up to twenty-four hours.  Snake
    made his way to Shell Two, the second area of the Big Shell entirety, to defuse
    the explosives there, while Raiden remained in Shell One to carry out his half
    of the task at hand.
    With each disposal, the circumstances grew murkier; both Snake and Raiden
    reported the location of the bombs they found, only further alarming Stillman
    to the possibility of a much greater threat.  Weary of this, Snake rapidly
    headed to the bottom of Shell Two to investigate – Stillman's fears proved to
    be anything but imaginary, as a massive amount of C4 explosives were hidden
    beneath the shell's struts.  As Raiden froze the last miniature package, Hell
    became undeniable veracity.  Within a few short moments, Shell Two erupted into
    flames, and several of the struts collapsed under their own weight.  Stillman
    shrieked in horror as the immense explosion pilfered his last, fiery breath.
    Raiden sprinted toward Strut A of Shell One, the incontrovertible location of
    the second colossal C4 charge.  With a mere fifteen seconds to spare, he
    managed to freeze it, rendering it immobilized, and finally eliminated Dead
    Cell's foremost threat to both the Big Shell and the President of the United
    States.  As he approached the lift to return to the surface, however, Dead
    Cell's leader, Fortune, confronted him.  The two soldiers commenced in battle –
    Raiden found himself powerless, as every projectile that came within a few
    meters of the mystifying woman swerved around her, deflected by a bizarre
    electromagnetic force field.  Just as the FOXHOUND warrior began to submit to
    Fortune, a second member of Dead Cell by the name of Vamp confidently strolled
    into the chamber.  Raiden dashed to the side from behind a crate and fired one
    concluding shot toward the two terrorists – the bullet wildly danced around the
    woman until it came to an abrupt halt, ripping through the flesh of her jaded
    Blood trickled down Vamp's pale cheeks as he plummeted to the tinted floor, his
    eyelids shut within watery eclipse.  Fortune sunk to her knees and coddled the
    lifeless victim as Raiden fled the scene, the soft, chilling breeze sweeping
    away her cries of anguish.
    "Vamp ... are you gone ...?  No ... that death was meant for me ...!  Why am I
    the only one that can't die?!  How much longer will you force me to live?!  How
    much longer, dad ...?"
    A single, salty tear dripped onto her fallen companion – Vamp's eyes shot open.
    He spoke almost blissfully as Fortune gazed on in bewilderment.  "No need for
    sorrow, Queen.  I died once, already ... I can't die twice."
    As Raiden proceeded toward what was left of Shell Two to rescue the President,
    Snake finally awoke – the prior explosion had knocked him unconscious for
    nearly an hour.   Almost immediately thereafter, Otacon reported the location
    of the new Metal Gear; the entire facility was the new model, or rather a guise
    for the armed fortress, codenamed Arsenal Gear.  In an attempt to save the
    hostages from the impending terror, both of the Philanthropists hijacked a
    Kasatka, a Kamov helicopter, to transport them to shore.
    Raiden slowly made his way across the bridge that connected Shells One and Two,
    his handgun constantly whipping in each and every direction.  The thunderous
    resonance of the Kasatka screamed overhead as Snake gestured down to him –
    Raiden smirked up at him as the aircraft began to turn away from the overpass.
    "I've been waiting for you!"
    The FOXHOUND recruit jerked around and found his weapon's sights trained to the
    silhouette of a dark figure at the bridge's end – a man emerged from the
    shadows of the facility.  Raiden grinned as he spoke.  "So, you’re the boss
    around here ..."
    "No, not just around here.  I'm the boss to surpass Big Boss, himself!  Solid
    Snake ..."
    A voice from above echoed down upon the two men.  "No!  That is not Solid
    Raiden snapped back toward the hovering Kasatka – Snake grimaced as he glared
    at the terrorist, pulling back on the trigger of his M4 Assault Rifle.
    "Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid!" the white-haired leader
    declared.  Bullets rained down upon him, launching him off of the bridge into
    the watery depths below.  However, instead of sinking into the bay, the man
    fell onto an awaiting Harrier 2 hovering beneath the overpass, piloted by none
    other than Vamp.  The fallen terrorist hopped into the cockpit of the fighter
    jet, his expression tinted with blistering resentment.
    Snake's eyes widened in horror; the Kasatka had utterly no prospect of standing
    up to the Harrier.  Raiden slowly turned toward the helpless Kamov helicopter
    as the legendary warrior threw a Stinger Missile Launcher down to him,
    informing him that he was their only chance of survival.
    After several minutes, Raiden finally managed to defeat the Harrier and sent it
    crashing below; however, Metal Gear RAY, the same unit from the tanker two
    years earlier, immediately caught it in midair as it rose from the salty waves.
    Raiden shrieked in terror as the walking behemoth launched several missiles
    into the air, nearly destroying the entire bridge, and also damaging the
    helpless Kasatka, in the process.  Otacon was forced to land on the heliport of
    Shell One, while Raiden proceeded into the chamber of the President's alleged
    The sun began to sink into the vast ocean as Raiden found himself staring into
    the horrified eyes of James Johnson.  Raiden lowered his handgun in relief –
    the President was alive.  However, Johnson soon drowned the premeditated rescue
    in incomparable mystique, claiming that the terrorists had not a desire for
    money or power.  Instead, they sought the destruction of the Patriots.  Raiden
    gazed at him, assaulted by confusion, while Johnson chuckled.
    "I'm not surprised you've never heard of them.  Very few are aware of their
    existence, even among those with codeword clearance.  Politics, the military,
    the economy – they control it all.  They even choose who becomes President.
    Putting it simply, the Patriots rule this country.  It's all a show. 
    'Democracy' is just a filler for textbooks!" Johnson proclaimed.  "This county
    is shaped and controlled as the Patriots see fit.  The people are shown what
    they want to believe.  What you call government is actually a well-staged
    production aimed at satisfying the public!"
    Raiden stood in disbelief as the President continued.  "The Patriots – even I
    don't know who the actual members are.  Are they financial, political, or
    military leaders?  No one knows who the Patriots really are.  Even my
    instructions come from a cutout.  All I've been told is that every key decision
    is made by a group of twelve men known as the Wisemen's Committee.  Whether you
    believe it or not, the balance of power rests in the hands of the Patriots.
    They regulate the country's various interests though controlled presentation,
    staging a 'drama' that is palatable to the general masses.  Can you imagine
    what would happen if they ceased to function?  Like it or not – the Patriots is
    an organization that must continue to exist."
    President James Johnson turned as he spoke, asserting that Solidus Snake – the
    third, well-balanced clone in the Les Enfants Terribles project, and the leader
    of the terrorist faction – would declare war against the Patriots once he
    obtained the new Metal Gear: the demon below the Big Shell, itself ... Arsenal
    Gear.  Before Johnson could explain further, the sound of death reverberated
    within the chamber walls; Revolver Ocelot smirked as he lowered his smoking gun
    from the assassinated President.
    In shock, Raiden turned toward the lower levels of the Shell Two Core in search
    of Emma Emmerich, the woman whom Johnson deemed the only one who could stop
    Arsenal Gear.  After making his way through the flooded core, the bemused
    operative located the woman – the forgone half-sister to Otacon.  She explained
    that she had created a virus, a "digital" counterpart to FoxDie that could
    corrupt Arsenal Gear's artificial intelligence systems.
    The operative escorted a helpless Emma across the oil fence that connected
    Shells One and Two, hoping to rendezvous with Snake and upload the virus into
    Arsenal's system.  However, her path hastily found itself stained in tinted
    wine; Vamp surfaced from beneath the waves and seized the defenseless woman.
    With a final pull of the slippery trigger, Raiden launched a lifeless Vamp into
    his watery grave.
    Within seconds, a deafening scream plagued the Atlantic as Emma collapsed onto
    the narrow bridge, blood pouring from her knifed torso.  Snake rushed out from
    Shell One, lifting her over his back and carrying her into the Shell One Core
    where Otacon awaited.  The two struggled futilely to save her; blood surged
    incessantly from her tarnished body as Raiden sprinted toward the scene of
    imminent death.
    Both soldiers began the upload of the virus into the computer system as Otacon
    sank to his knees beside his sister. 
    "Hal ...?" Emma muttered, her voice weak. "Can I ... can I ask you one last
    favor ...?  Call me ... call me ... 'Emma.'  Please call me ... Emma."  Otacon
    looked into her hazy eyes as she lifted her hand to his cheek – her hand
    drifted to the floor as she passed away into eternal sleep.
    Otacon burst into tears as he held his breathless sister in his quivering arms.
    Finally, he rose to his feet, determined to fulfill his duty and rescue the
    hostages of the Big Shell.  The three men turned toward the exit, their resolve
    of an unparalleled essence, as Emma's sodden eyes gazed at her grieved brother
    for the last time.  As Raiden stood before the elevator to descend into Arsenal
    Gear, Snake facetiously spoke.
    "You can come out now."
    Olga Gurlukovich, the leader of the Russian band of mercenaries and daughter to
    the murdered Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, dropped from the ceiling and struck
    Raiden with her High Frequency blade, knocking him unconscious.  Olga, having
    discovered that Ocelot was responsible for her father's death, used Raiden as a
    decoy to attract the attention of the terrorists, providing Snake with an
    opportunity to infiltrate the colossal weapon.
    Once Raiden awoke within the foyers of Arsenal Gear, Olga explained to him her
    reasons for betraying her own troops.  Less than two years had passed since she
    had given birth to a beautiful baby, only to have her child ripped from her
    arms by a subordinate division of the Patriots.  Olga's defenseless child's
    life now solely depended on Raiden's success, forcing her to turn her back on
    her own Russian comrades.  If the FOXHOUND operative's nanomachines ceased to
    function, her only remaining family would be immediately executed.
    As a newly determined Raiden made his way through Arsenal Gear in search of
    Solid Snake, he began to receive strange Codec transmissions from the colonel
    of Big Shell exercise.  Each conversation seemed more outlandish than the last,
    the colonel constantly stumbling over his entirely arbitrary and awkward
    statements, as if controlled by a malfunctioning computer program.
    The bemused soldier continued deeper into the murky corridors of Arsenal Gear
    and found he staring into the visage of Solidus Snake, the same man he had
    encountered prior to his confrontation with the Harrier 2.  Solidus elaborated
    on his intentions, declaring that he would bring an end to the reign of the
    Patriots and truly liberate the United States of America once and for all.
    Within moments, an onslaught of mass-produced Metal Gear RAY units marched
    toward Raiden, all controlled by GW, Arsenal Gear's main artificial
    intelligence system.
    The young warrior was quickly forced into submission by the eternal wave of
    machines, helpless to resist against his imminent death, when Olga Gurlukovich
    appeared at his side.  Raiden called out to her, fearing for her life, only to
    realize such pleas had fallen upon deaf ears.
    Olga gripped her handgun tightly as she spoke.  "Your nanomachines ... they're
    transmitting your vital signs to the Patriots.  If you die, my child dies.  Do
    you understand?"  Solidus chuckled in amusement and took hold of the courageous
    woman, suffocating her by the throat.  A dying Olga glanced back toward Raiden
    as she muttered, her voice trembling beneath her teary eyes.  "Live ... you
    have to ..."
    The sadistic terrorist leader pulled the trigger of his assault rifle, firing a
    shell into her forehead.  Olga fell backwards into a pool of her own blood, her
    cold sights still focused on a horrified Raiden.  With a facetious comment,
    Solidus called upon the Metal Gear RAY units, once again.  However, the
    mass-produced models began to malfunction, their artificial intelligence
    unresponsive – the virus was beginning to take effect.  Solidus single-handedly
    destroyed the remaining three infected units, enraged by what seemed to be an
    act of none other than the Patriots.
    Footsteps echoed from the opposite end of the chamber – Fortune sauntered
    toward the fallen Metal Gear RAYs, a handcuffed Solid Snake in her grasp.
    Raiden, exhausted and somnolent, managed a glimpse of his comrade before
    finally kneeling over into unconsciousness.  When he awoke, the three remaining
    terrorists stood before him: Solidus Snake, Fortune, and Revolver Ocelot.
    A perplexing scene began to unfold between the three individuals, and Solidus
    proclaimed his true objectives to the unknowing Dead Cell leader – a list of
    names of the Patriots.  Fortune grimaced, infuriated that she and her unit had
    been exploited like pawns in a board game.  The eerie silence that followed was
    quickly broken by uncontrollable laughter as Ocelot stepped forward, grinning
    "What exactly do you find so funny?" Fortune questioned.
    "Charades usually are humorous.  I wouldn't have minded watching some more of 
    it, but we're running a little short on time."  Solidus glared at the Russian
    terrorist, mystified by his sharp words, as he continued.  "Everything you've
    done here has been scripted – a little exercise set up by us.  The S3 Plan was
    conceived as a means to produce soldiers on par with Solid Snake.  That's what
    I told you.  But, the VR Training the boy was put through," Ocelot gestured
    toward Raiden, "is not the meat of the project.  You think this terrorist
    incident is your own doing, Solidus?  This is the S3 training kernel – an
    orchestrated recreation of Shadow Moses."
    Solidus's eyes widened in fury as Ocelot continued.  "The President's death –
    the computer virus that mimics FOXDIE.  Did you really think they were all a
    coincidence?  As for the President – although Johnson realized what was going
    on, he played out his allotted part.  As for the computer virus, it's a digital
    counterpart of FOXDIE.  It was also designed to eliminate every scrap of 
    information regarding the Patriots from GW.  Your plan was invalidated even
    before execution, Solidus.  The project has no room for failures!"
    "What do you mean?!" Solidus shouted.
    "Given the right situation, the right story, anyone can be shaped into Snake.
    Even rookies can fight like men of experience.  An instant creation of genius –
    and, this training kernel will provide more than enough data to formulate such
    a program.  You, Dead Cell, Olga – you're all nothing but pawns placed to
    create the perfect simulation."
    A scene of destruction transpired between the deceived and the deceiver.
    Ocelot fired upon Fortune, easily disposing of her, and leaped into the Marine
    Corps' Metal Gear RAY prototype.  "Now that I have enough data, all I have to
    do is retrieve Arsenal ... and, clean up the refuse from the exercise."
    Just before the Russian traitor could fire upon the three remaining men, his
    right arm began to throb in pain, just as it had on the tanker two years
    earlier.  A piercing scream reverberated within the machine of death as Liquid
    Snake, once again, seized control of his body.  Liquid called out to his
    brothers in excitement, claiming that he retained the knowledge of where the
    Patriots were located, and turned to dive into the salty ocean with Metal Gear
    RAY.  In a futile attempt to stop him, Snake managed to muster enough strength
    to break free of his damaged handcuffs and dove into the sea after the brother
    of dark.
    Arsenal Gear continued to wade through the waves until it crashed into lower
    Manhattan, hurling Raiden and Solidus onto the rooftop of Federal Hall.  As
    Solidus asserted his wishes to triumph over the Patriots and liberate the
    United States of America, Raiden received a strange call from the colonel once
    again.  The colonel had been operated by an artificial intelligence all along,
    indicating why he had malfunctioned when the virus began to take effect.
    However, only GW, the Arsenal artificial intelligence system, had been
    corrupted ... there was still another system under the influence of the S3 –
    a protocol titled "Selection for Societal Sanity."
    The colonel spoke to Raiden with a newly found resentment for human nature,
    claiming that it, itself, was humanity's only hope in a generation of excess
    digital and unnecessary information.  Humans had exercised their right to
    "freedom," and a wasteland of fiction and pollution of a rotting society was
    the result.  Raiden found himself plagued by a series of "truths," each more
    disturbing than the last.  His entire mission had been nothing more than a
    staged drama, and his role had consisted of nothing more than fulfilling the
    wishes of the Patriots, acting as a mindless weapon of creation.  The colonel
    pronounced that the time for the final exercise had come and commanded that
    Raiden take down Solidus.  Raiden refusal to play into the Patriots' hands any
    longer was quickly conflicted by the final words of Olga Gurlukovich:
    Live ... you have to ...
    Solidus could only chuckle at the shroud of misleading fabrications that the
    Patriots had fashioned around the mindless masses of the United States of
    America.  A few short moments before the final battle commenced between the
    two, the man of liberty spoke of what he knew of Raiden's past; years before,
    during the Liberian Civil War, Solidus had murdered Raiden's parents and taken
    him in as a foster child, utilizing him as an adolescent soldier in the war.
    At the mere age of ten, he had assembled an unmatched kill record, earning
    himself several nicknames like "White Devil" and "Jack the Ripper."  In a
    final confrontation between the two warriors, Raiden emerged victorious,
    sending Solidus plummeting to his death several stories below.
    Snake returned to shore and located an indomitable Raiden, who now stood alone
    in front of Federal Hall.  He convinced him that he had done the right thing,
    and that the realities the Patriots had forced upon him were only as real as he
    would allow.  Having planted a tracking device on Metal Gear RAY, Snake
    intended to set out and end the terror of the Patriots once and for all.  In
    addition, he informed Raiden that the disc Emma had used to install the virus
    into the Arsenal artificial intelligence system could also be used to discover
    the location of the Patriots.  In an instant, Snake vanished into the shadows
    as quickly as he had appeared.
    Raiden remained on the busy streets of Manhattan as Rosemary – Raiden's
    pregnant girlfriend and analyst of his newly successful mission – approached
    him.  The two decided to live a new life, free of violence or betrayal,
    together.  A single man watched the two lovers from afar, his hair gently
    swaying in the tinted wind ... Vamp.
    Immediately subsequent to the Big Shell incident, Otacon, who had managed to
    rescue the hostages from the offshore plant, analyzed the disc's data.  He
    informed Snake of the material he discovered, including the fact that a member
    of the covert organization had been one of Philanthropy's foremost
    contributors.  However, all of the twelve most significant men of the Patriots,
    known as the Wisemen's Committee, were already dead, and had been for almost
    one hundred years.  Snake, overcome with unparalleled confusion, uttered three
    words under his breath ... What the hell ...?
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<---- Metal Gear Solid 3 Timeline ----->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    Below is the entire timeline for the all the various events that pertained to
    the previous story of Metal Gear Solid 3. It is dated from 1939 to 1964, when
    Snake executed the HALO jump that initialized the Virtuous Mission.
     1939     August     Albert Einstein writes a letter to President Franklin
                         Roosevelt urging the development of an atomic bomb.
              September  German army invades Poland, setting off World War II.
              November   Soviet army invades Finland (the Winter War).
     1941     June       German army launches a surprise attack against the
                         Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa).
              July       British army's SAS (Special Air Service) formed.
              December   Japanese navy attacks Peral Harbor.
     1942     August     U.S. army's research division begins development of the
                         atomic bomb (the Manhattan Project). Otacon's grandfather
              September  Siege of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) begins.
              --         In the midst of World War II, The Boss forms the Cobra
              December   Physicist Enrico Fermi succeeds in splitting an atom
                         inside a nuclear reactor.
     1943     January    Soviet army emerges victorious in the battle of
     1944     June       Allies land at Normandy (D-Day).
                         V-1 rockets fall on London.
     1945     July       First atomic test in history takes place at Los Alamos,
                         New Mexico in the United States.
              August     Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
                         Otacon's father born.
                         World War II ends.
              September  The Democratic Republic of Vietnam declares independence.
     1946     February   ENIAC, the world's first computer, completed.
     1947     September  CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) established.
              October    Pilot Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in the Bell
              --         The Boss disbands the Cobra Unit.
     1949     April      NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) established.
              May        Germany split into East and West.
              June       British author George Orwell publishes "1984."
              August     U.S.S.R. tests its first atomic bomb at Semipalatinsk,
                         Kazakhstan, becoming the world's second nuclear power.
              October    People's Republic of China founded.
     1950     June       Outbreak of Korean War (lasts until 1953).
                         Snake becomes The Boss' disciple.
     1951     November   "Buster Dog" atomic test conducted at Area 7 in Nevada,
                         with Army troops participating.
     1952     November   U.S. establishes the NSA (National Security Agency).
     1953     April      Watson and Crick discover the double-helix structure of
              August     Nikita Khrushchev becomes First Secretary of the Soviet
                         Communist Party.
     1954     January    Secretary of State John Foster Dulles announces the New
                         Look policy (the so-called "massive retaliation
                         U.S. Navy launches the world's first nuclear submarine,
                         the USS Nautilus.
              February   Hydrogen bomb tested on Bikini Atoll.
              March      KGB (Soviet Commission for State Security) formed.
              May        French garrison of Dien Bien Phu falls, signaling the
                         victory of the Viet Minh. France pulls out of Indochina.
              November   Japanese movie "Godzilla" released.
     1955     April      Albert Einstein dies, pleading for an end to nuclear
     1957     August     U.S.S.R. successfully launches an intercontinental
                         ballistic missle (ICBM).
              October    Soviet Union succeeds in launching the world's first
                         artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit (the Sputnik
     1958     January    U.S. launches its first artificial satellite, Explorer 1.
              October    NASA (U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
                         begins operation.
     1959     January    Cuban Revolution.
              October    Luna 3 moon rocket photographs the dark side of the moon.
              --         University of Minnesota professor Mordecai Roshwald
                         publishes the novel "Level 7."
              December   American movie "On The Beach" released.
     1960     May        American U2 spy plane violates Soviet airspace and is shot
                         down over the Ural Mountains.
                         Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev announces missle aid to
                         South Vietnamese National Liberation Front (NLF) forms.
     1961     January    John F. Kennedy assumes office as the 35th President of
                         the United States.
              February   U.S. conducts first test of Minutemen intercontinental
                         ballistic missle.
              April      U.S.S.R. launches Vostok 1, the first manned spacecraft in
                         history, piloted by Yuri Gagarin.
              May        Alan Shepard becomes first American in rocket flight
                         aboard the Redstone Rocket.
              August     Construction begins on the Berlin Wall in Germany.
                         American movie "The Guns of Navarone" released.
              September  U.S. 5th Special Forces Group, the "Green Berets"
              October    U.S.S.R. conducts its first atomic test in space above
              December   U.S. President John F. Kennedy announces increase in
                         military assistance to South Vietnam.
              --         Harry Gregson-Williams born.
     1962     January    Navy SEALs formed.
              February   U.S. achieves its first manned space flight with the
                         launch of Friendship 7.
              October    American U2 spy planes confirm presence of Soviet missles
                         in Cuba, precipitating the Cuban Missle Crisis.
                         Sokolov sent back to U.S.S.R.
              December   U.S. Mars rocket Mariner 2 approaches Mars and begins
                         sending back survey data.
              --         U.S. begins producing "Davy Crockett" portable nuclear
              July       Kyle Cooper born.
     1963     February   U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign Hotline Agreement, establishing a
                         direct telephone hotline between the American and Soviet
              June       British spy James Bond makes his first movie appearance in
                         "Doctor No."
              August     U.S.,U.K., and U.S.S.R. sign the Partial Test Ban Treaty
                         (PTBT) in the Kremlin (banning atmospheric, space-based,
                         and underwater testing of nuclear weapons).
                         Movie "The Great Escape" released.
              --         Hideo Kojima born.
              November   U.S. President John F. Kennedy assassinated. Lyndon B.
                         Johnson becomes President.
              --         John le Carre publishes "The Spy Who Came in from the
     Deaths from Vietnam War in 1963 South Vietnamese army: 8,100. NLF: 20,600.
     U.S. military: 78.
     Later 1963          10,000 U.S. military advisers stationed in Vietnam.
                         100,000 South Vietnamese civilians serving U.S. military.
     1964     April      James Bond movie "From Russia with Love" released.
              July       U.S. President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act
                         into law.
              August     Gulf of Tonkin incident.
                         Snake sent to Tselinoyarsk to rescue Sokolov.
              September  First test flight of XB70, a heavy bomber capable of Mach
              October    Tokoyo Olympics held.
                         U.S.S.R. sends 3 cosmonauts into space aboard the Voskhod
              December   Motosada Mori born.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Music Lyrics ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
           [ COMING SOON! ]
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Frequently Asked Questions ----->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    There aren't too many frequently asked questions as of yet, considering that
    the game was only released a short time ago. I will continue to update this
    section with respect to questions that I see too many times on the boards. You
    can also contribute a question that you think is coming up one too many times.
    Q : Can I load saved game files from Snake Eater onto Subsistence?
    A : No. Sorry to be the one who has to break it to you, but you cannot use
        Snake Eater saved game data that you have stored on your memory card when
        playing Subsistence. It is required that you start a new game if you wish
        to acquire all the special items and such.
    Q : Will Subsistence be ported to the Xbox console?
    A : No. Kojima confirmed that he has no intention of porting Subsistence to the
    Xbox. He stated it in an interview with 1UP in May of 2005.
    1UP: Is there any thought to bringing Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence to Xbox
    because of its Xbox Live capabilities? Because PS2 right now isn't really know
    for a consistent online experience...
    HK: Yes, I've given it thought, of course, because of the Xbox Live situation,
    but then we first have to start converting the PS2 version to the Xbox, which
    takes more time. And when it takes more time, this means that we have to delay
    MGS4. So now we don't have any specific plans, because of that reason. I do
    acknowledge the fact that PS2 has a weaker environment, so it's a little bit
    worrying, maybe not so many people as on Xbox Live will get to play, but
    considering the fact that we have to go on and make this as short a project as
    possible, we had to drop the option of creating for Xbox. Hopefully, even among
    a small community of the MGS3 network, we'll get good feedback about the online
    when it comes out.
    The original interview is here: http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3140852&did=1
    For any questions concerning Online Mode or Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 you can
    visit Konami's official Subsistence FAQ : http://www.konami.com/gs/mgs3_faq.php
    	-------  Section 05 : New Additions  -------
    The best of the series that moved 3.6 million people all over the world since
    its 2004 debut has now returned. Two new levels of play have been added: Super
    Duper Easy, a level even those who are not action gamers can easily complete,
    and European Extreme, the most difficult setting possible. Other additions
    include new face paint and camouflage to equip as well as additional stages
    for the Snake vs. Monkey mini-game.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Disc 1 - Subsistence ----->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
                                    -- PLAY MGS3 --
                     -=*       Third Person View Camera        *=- 
    The Metal Gear series has traditionally used a Bird's Eye View Camera
    perspective. Players could use this camera to orient themselves better within
    their surroundings.
    Now players can enjoy an additional Third-Person Camera placed behind Snake!
    The right analog stick rotates the camera 360 degrees around Snake. This new
    camera allows you to make more daring (yet also more precise) movements while
    hunting and attacking enemies. Players will also appreciate the atmosphere of a
    verdant jundle. The experience is more visceral than ever before!
    The traditional Bird's Eye View remains in the game, of course. Players can
    freely select between either camera type, and they can adapt both types to the
    needs of any particular situation.
                     -=*      European Extreme Difficulty      *=- 
    Did you think the Extreme difficulty was challenging? Then you'll find the
    newly incorporated European Extreme difficulty to be quite smashing. And by
    "smashing," I mean that the difficulty will force you to play in an area where
    everything is out of your reach for at least a twenty foot radius... Haha, but
    seriously, the difficulty is pretty much exactly the same as Extreme. Only now,
    when you are seen even once, the game will end. For all those who enjoyed this
    feature in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, you should find playing under it in
    Subsistence to be quite nostalgic.
                     -=*  Additional Camouflage and Face Paint *=- 
    Along with all the original camouflage uniforms and face paint that were
    available in Snake Eater, there have been an additional number of patterns
    added to the single player game in Subsistence. These camouflage patterns used
    to be a PAL version exclusive only, but they are now available in an NTSC
    version of the game. Below is a list of all the new uniforms and face paints.
      -= FACE PAINT =-
    - Green
    - Brown
    - Soviet Union
    - UK
    - France
    - Germany
    - Italy
    - Spain
    - Sweden
    - Japan
    - USA
      -= UNIFORMS =-
    - Desert Tiger
    - DPM
    - Flectarn
    - Auscam
                     -=*           Demo Theater Mode           *=- 
    Everyone wants to revisit their favorite MGS3 cutscenes after completing the
    game, and Demo Theater exists just for this purpose!You won't need to play the
    whole game again just to set your heart racing with the exhilarating action
    sequences... or let your heart simply melt with the tense, emotional climaxes.
    All of the in-game cutscenes are viewable, including optional scenes accessible
    only after fulfilling certain conditions. Select the scene that you want to
    watch right from the menu!
    You can also decide Snake's appearance in the cutscene by adjusting his
    camouflage and face paint patterns. The right decisions can turn a normally
    emotional scene into pure comedy! Take your place as director and set the stage
    for hilarity!
    This mode was originally only available in the PAL version of Snake Eater, but
    Kojima Productions was gracious enough to implant it into Subsistence. Now even
    the fans who live in America can enjoy their favorite cut-scenes from the game
    without having to actually play through the game.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<----- Disc 2 - Persistence ----->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
                                   -- EXTEND MGS3 --
                     -=*               Duel Mode               *=- 
    Survive each unique boss fight from the main game again, anytime you like!
    Relive the deathmatches against old rivals... the soldiers manipulated by their
    times. Enter into the most intense head-to-head combat with Duel Mode!
    Take your pick between two types of duels: Normal Mode and Special Mode. Fight
    the bosses as you remember them with Normal Mode, and test your limits to
    challenge them under certain handicaps with Special Mode. You'll have to deal
    with item limitations, sniper battles wherein a single headshot means the
    difference between victory and defeat!
    The stage is set for you to challenge them whenever you want. Return to the
    battlefield again and again to beat your old high scores!
                     -=*             Snake vs. Monkey          *=- 
    The apes from "Ape Escape" are back for another round of hide-'n-seek with
    Snake in this updated version of Snake VS Monkey. Subsistence builds upon the
    original mini-game by adding even more stages, all of which are infested with
    wacky, brainwashed, slippery monkeys!
     --- Stages from Snake Eater -------
     == Escape From The Jungle ==
     == Dragnet Of The Apes ==
     == Dawn Of The Apes ==
     == Ape Fear ==
     == Gone With The Apes ==
     --- New Stages in Subsistence -------
     == Return Of The Living Apes ==
     == The Apes of Wrath ==
                     -=*            Secret Theater             *=- 
    This mode allows players to view the shocking Metal Gear Solid 3 "Secret
    Theater" that caused a stir among fans when they first appeared on the official
    MGS3 website earlier this year. The unreleased Secret Theater episodes are
    must-see, highly controversial takes on the MGS3 world that can only be seen
    in Subsistence!
     --- The First Series -------
      == The Beginning Is The End ==
      == Payback ==
      == Get Down! ==
      == Gotcha This Time ==
     --- The Second Series -------
      == I Read Them For The Articles ==
      == The Joy ==
      == Metal Gear S... ==
      == Cat-Like Behavior ==
      == The Quick Version ==
     --- The Third Series -------
      == The Ultimate Weapon ==
      == Basashi ==
      == Made In U.S.A. ==
      == Diehard ==
     --- The Fourth Series -------
      == Close Call ==
      == He's Still Got It ==
      == Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser ==
                     -=*      Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2      *=- 
    Missing storylines MGS fans have long been waiting for are finally revived. The
    original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for MSX2 are brought to
    PlayStation 2. These games continue the storyline which started in Metal Gear
    Solid 3 and mark the genesis of the internationally acclaimed Metal Gear series
    games. The stories include the Outer Heaven Uprising, which is the first
    mission of the legendary mercenary, Solid Snake, and the Zanzibar Land Turmoil,
    the story that leads him into his sad fate. The quality of gameplay and vivid
    story behind this legendary series remains solid despite over a decade since
    initial release. Experience the Metal Gear saga for yourself.
    - MG Walkthrough : http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/msx/file/metal_gear.txt
    - MG2 Walkthrough : http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/msx/file/metal_gear_2_a.txt
    NOTE: Both walkthroughs were written based off the original MSX versions of the
    two games, not the officially English released titles for Subsistence. There
    may be some slight alterations in regards to items, boss names, and such, but
    everything should be the same for the most part.
                     -=*              Online Mode              *=- 
     ------- CONTROL CONFIGURATIONS ---------------
    The control settings in Metal Gear Online are actually nearly identical to that
    of the single player control scheme. The only differences between the two are
    some additional functions that have been incorporated into online play.
    Triangle - * Special Action button
    	   * Salute
               * Climb Trees
               * Open lockers
               * Go up / down ladders
               * Climb onto platforms
               * Hang
    Circle - * Punch button / CQC button / Enter button
             * Punch
             * Execute CQC
             * Knock on walls (when pressed against a wall)
    Cross - * Crawl button / Cancel button
            * Switch between standing, crouching, and crawling positions
            * Throw away weapons / armor (when selecting Weapon/Item Window)
    Square - * Weapon button
             * Use currently equipped weapon
    START Button - * Display Menu Screen
    SELECT Button - * Display On-Screen Keyboard / Exit On-Screen Keyboard
                    * Activate voice chat (USB headset)
    R1 Button - * Enter First Person View (FPV)
    R2 Button - * Weapon Window button
    	    * Select, equip, and un-equip weapons (Third Person/Normal View)
    	    * Peek right (Corner View/First Person View)
                * Choose Camera (Spectating as a Host)
    L1 Button - * Target Lock-on (when a weapon is equipped)
                * Shoulder weapon, aim down sights/scope (First Person View)
                * Resert camera (Third Person View)
    L2 Button - * Item Window button
    	    * Select, equip, and un-equip items (Third Person/Normal View)
    	    * Peek left (Corner View/First Person View)
    Left Analog Stick - * Move around (Third Person/Normal View)
    		    * Look around (First Person View)
    Right Analog Stick - * Rotate, pan, and title camera
    Directional Pad - * Stalking Movement (Third Person/Normal View)
    		  * Look around (First Person View)
                      * Choose conversation (Preset Wireless)
                      * Switch Camera (Spectating as a Host)
    R3 Button - * Reload Weapon
    L3 Button - * Activate Sonar (when equipped)
     ------- WEAPON SYSTEM ANALYSIS --------------------
    Mosin Nagant
    Single Action Army
    WP Grenade
    Stun Grenade
    Chaff Grenade
    Smoke Grenade
     - Weapon Switch -
    * Cycle
    * Equipped / Bare Hands
    * Flashback
     - Equipment Switch -
    * Cycle
    * Equipped / Bare Hands
    * Flashback
     ------- CHARACTER SELECTION ---------------
     - Special Action -
    * Smokes his cigar
     - Playing Conditions -
    * Chosen randomly from the players that are currently present when beginning a
      Sneaking Mission game
    * You killed the player who was playing as Snake in the previous round
     - Character Merits -
    * Stronger LIFE and Stamina Gauges
    * Takes a few well placed head shots to kill
    * CQC attack (Direct Throw) results in an instant-stun
    * Extraordinary fast recovery time from stun
    * Becomes transparent when crouching or lying down while wearing appropriate
      camouflage uniform
    * Possesses Stealth Camouflage among other special items
      -= SOKOLOV (KGB) =-
     - Special Action -
    * Performs CQC stance copied from that of Snake's stance
     - Playing Conditions -
    * Must have held the worst score on the KGB team from the previous round
     - Character Merits -
    * Possesses Stealth Camouflage
      -= RAIKOV (GRU) =-
     - Special Action -
    * Performs a regular salute
     - Playing Conditions -
    * Must have held the best score on the GRU team from the previous round
     - Character Merits -
    * CQC attack (Crotch Grab) results in an instant-stun
      -= OCELOT (OCELOT UNIT) =-
     - Special Action -
    * Performs his famous "hand gesture"
     - Playing Conditions -
    * Must have held the best score on the Ocelot Unit team from the previous round
     - Character Merits -
    * More powerful CQC attack (Direct Throw)
    * Takes two shots in the head to be killed - one shot takes off the beret while
      the other delivers the death blow
    * Possesses the Single Action Army - can be used ricochet bullets off of walls
      to take care of any hidden enemies
    * Does a quick speech when reloading his SAA - gives away your position as both
      teammates and enemies can hear his voice
    NOTE: A head shot from an SVD sniper rifle will result in an instant kill.
     - Special Action -
    * (Reiko) - Lifts her pants up, shaking her ass with a playful commment
    * (Rowdy Reiko) - Crouches down and slithers upward with an arrogant comment
     - Playing Conditions -
    * (Reiko) - Must have held the best score on the Red team from the previous
    * (Rowdy Reiko) - Must have held the best score on the Blue team from the
                      previous round
    * Must have acquired an animal rank of some sort to be able to select Reiko
      and Rowdy Reiko as playable characters when creating a game
     - Character Merits -
    * CQC attack (Sunrise Suplex) results in an instant-stun
     ------- RULE MODES ---------------
      -= SNEAKING MISSION - (SNE) =-
    A one-vs.-many battle between Snake and the enemy. The player who is Snake must
    steal the microfilm and take it to the goal to win. The enemy players must keep
    the microfilm safe to win.
      -= CAPTURE MISSION - (CAP) =-
    Two teams compete to capture the Kerotan in the stage. To win, the Red and Blue
    teams must capture the Kerotan, take it to their own goal, and protect it for a
    set period of time.
      -= RESCUE MISSION - (RES) =-
    Two teams duke it out over a GA-KO within the stage. The Red Team wins if they
    protect the GA-KO until time runs out. The Blue Team wins if they bring the
    GA-KO to the goal.
      -= TEAM DEATHMATCH - (TDM) =-
    A Red Team vs. Blue Team deathmatch. Eliminate the players on the opposite
    team. When one team runs out of tickets, the other team wins.
      -= DEATHMATCH - (DM) =-
    A free-for-all deathmatch with no teams. The player with the most points when
    time runs out wins.
     ------- BATTLEFIELD STAGES ---------------
    Take note that some of the stages that were taken from MGS3's single player
    layouts were slightly altered. Some of these changes include additional
    crawling spaces, doors, ladders, etc.
      -= LOST FOREST - (L.FOR) =-
    Focus on occupying the high grounds located on both sides of the area. They're
    ideal sniping locations, although you won't see the center of the area due to
    low visibility. Execute a strategy flexible to your situation.
      -= GHOST FACTORY - (G.FACT) =-
    Focus your attention on the abandoned factory in the center of the area. You'll
    need to make use of all three floors in the building, as well as the ducts that
    run through the basement. Develop a team strategy that makes maximum use of the
    stage layout. Take note of the cover objects in the environment such as bushes,
    crates, and trucks.
      -= CITY UNDER SIEGE - (C.U.S) =-
    This stage features a wide open playing area and intermittent skyscrapers. Make
    sure you memorize the layout of the labyrinthine passages. The top floors of
    buildings are perfect sniping locations.
      -= KILLHOUSE A - (K.H-A) =-
    Bushes provide the only cover in this area. However, you might stay hidden if
    you keep low in the corners. Take a look around and you'll see an abundance of
    cardboard boxes. Perhaps it's time to incorporate your own box into your
      -= KILLHOUSE B - (K.H-B) =-
    This stage features a two-story building with interlacing passageways. You'll
    need to adjust your strategy depending on the floor where you're fighting. Be
    sure to use the ducts in this area effectively.
      -= KILLHOUSE C - (K.H-C) =-
    This area features four small rooms connected by hallways that form a square.
    Crates are piled up in each room. Depending on your situation, you might use
    them for shelter or strategic elevation. Narrow passages connect the rooms in
    this area. These are ideal locations to set up traps.
    This stage appeared in Snake Eater's main story. It features the cabin barracks
    as well as the nearby jungle pathways. You'll need to change your strategy
    depending on whether you're defending or attacking the barracks. The gun
    turrets found while playing the main game are absent, but you can still use the
      -= MOUNTAINTOP - (MNT) =-
    This stage also appeared in Snake Eater's main story. It features the man-made
    trenches carved into the mountainside, as well as crawlspaces that connect the
    trenches with the storage shelters. Memorize the area's topography. That
    knowledge is the key to victory.
      -= GRANINY GORKI LAB - (G.G.L) =-
    In this stage, you can enjoy fighting in one of the few indoor battle arenas
    from the main game. Know your environment. A quick judgment call at a critical
    moment can mean the difference between victory or defeat.
      -= PILLBOX PURGATORY - (P.B.P) =-
    A two-story building structure and its basement comprise this area. There are a
    total of five exits. You'll tend to encounter enemies while moving between
      -= HIGH ICE - (H.ICE) =-
    Two elements stand out in this area: a snowy environment and lower visibility
    due to nightfall. Foliage covers most of the large playing area. You'll find
    trucks and crates located in the central open area. You'll gain a tactical
    advantage if you acquire the Night Vision Goggles. Use them wisely.
      -= BROWN TOWN - (B.TOWN) =-
    Buildings appear occasionally in this huge area. The second floor locations are
    perfect sniping nests. Dust clouds lower your visibility. Victory hinges upon
    your team's strategy, communication, and overall teamwork!
     ------- RANKING SYSTEM ---------------
    In Metal Gear Online there exists a unique ranking system that assigns you a
    specific rank based on your style of play. Almost every action that you perform
    or that is performed against you has a direct effect toward your rank. These
    actions include factors such as your Score Rank, Kills, Deaths, Stuns, Rolls,
    Head Shots, Infrared Goggle Uses, Team Wins, Rounds Played in each of the rule
    modes, etc. The rank you are given will directly correspond with the current
    statistics that you have recorded in these categories.
    While many players have attempted to piece together the possible statistical
    requirements needed to achieve the numerous animal ranks, no one could could
    discover a reasonable conclusion. About three weeks after the game's release, a
    Japanese website was found that had specific, numeric requirements to each and
    every single one of the available animal ranks. This discover stirred up quite
    a controversy among online players. Many people questioned the legitimacy of
    this information, whether it was completely accurate or not. After performing
    a variety of tests with the ranks that people have obtained, I have come to the
    conclusion that most, if not all of the requirements were correct.
    Below you can find a list of all the nineteen available animal ranks with their
    corresponding requirements. Use the "legend" provided to help you navigate
    through the equations needed to calculate your statistical scores.
    * ~ Requirement
    + ~ Addition sign
    - ~ Subtraction sign
    / ~ Division sign
    = ~ Equals sign
    () ~ Parentheses
    "Total" ~ The recorded numbers in the All Rules category of your statistics
    NOTE: Remember to add or subtract the information that is inside the sets of
    parentheses first. Once this is done, divide the numeric result in the first
    set of parenthesis by the result from the second set of parenthesis. Also
    remember that if an addition sign is located next to a numeric solution to an
    equation, such as 0.55+ or 0.65+, then that means your calculated result should
    be at that number or above to achieve that particular requirement. This rule
    also applys if there is a subtraction sign at the end of the solution, meaning
    that your calculation must be at or below that target number.
      -= FOXHOUND - (F.H) =-
    * (Total number of Team Wins - Number of Team Wins in Sneaking Mission) /
      (Number of Rounds Played of Capture Mission + Number of Rounds Played of
       Rescue Mission + Number of Rounds Played of Team Deathmatch) = 0.65+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.5+
    * (Number of Rounds Played Without Dying in Sneaking Mission) / (Total number
       of Rounds Played) = 0.65+
    * (Number of Rounds Played Without Dying in Rescue Mission) / (Total number of
       Rounds Played) = 0.65+
    * (Number of Rounds Played in Sneaking Mission + Number of Rounds Played in
       Rescue Mission) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.65+
    * Must be within the top 30 players in the Score Rankings category with at
      least one of the five rule modes or in the All Rules category
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 15 hours
      -= FOX - (FOX) =-
    * (Total number of Team Wins - Number of Team Wins in Sneaking Mission) /
      (Number of Rounds Played of Capture Mission + Number of Rounds Played of
       Rescue Mission + Number of Rounds Played of Team Deathmatch) = 0.625+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.45+
    * (Number of Rounds Played Without Dying in Sneaking Mission) / (Total number
       of Rounds Played) = 0.5+
    * (Number of Rounds Played Without Dying in Rescue Mission) / (Total number of
       Rounds Played) = 0.5+
    * (Number of Rounds Played in Sneaking Mission + Number of Rounds Played in
       Rescue Mission) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.5+
    * Must be within the top 200 players in the Score Rankings category with at
      least one of the five rule modes or in the All Rules category
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 15 hours
      -= DOBERMAN - (DOB) =-
    * (Total number of Team Wins - Number of Team Wins in Sneaking Mission) /
      (Number of Rounds Played of Capture Mission + Number of Rounds Played of
       Rescue Mission + Number of Rounds Played of Team Deathmatch) = 0.6+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.4+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 10 hours 
      -= HOUND - (HOU) =-
    * (Total number of Team Wins - Number of Team Wins in Sneaking Mission) /
      (Number of Rounds Played of Capture Mission + Number of Rounds Played of
       Rescue Mission + Number of Rounds Played of Team Deathmatch) = 0.55+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.3+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 10 hours
      -= CROCODILE - (CRO) =-
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.5+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 5 hours
      -= EAGLE - (EAG) =-
    * (Total number of Head Shots) / (Total number of Kills) = 0.3+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.3+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 5 hours
      -= SCORPION - (SCO) =-
    * (Total number of Kills with Scorpion) / (Total number of Kills) = 0.5+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.25+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 5 hours
      -= JAWS - (JAW) =-
    * (Total number of Kills with Knife) / (Total number of Kills) = 0.075+
    * (Total number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Deaths +
       Total number of Stuns Received) = 1.25 or more
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 5 hours
      -= CHAMELEON - (CHA) =-
    * (Number of Rounds Played Without Dying in Sneaking Mission + Number of Rounds
       Played Without Dying in Rescue Mission) / (Number of Rounds Played in
       Sneaking Mission + Number of Rounds Played in Rescue Mission) = 0.5+
    * Use the Cardboard Box often
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
    * The Chameleon (CHA) rank takes priority over the Pigeon (PGE) rank
      -= PIGEON - (PGE) =-
    * (Number of Kills in Capture Mission) / (Number of Kills in Rescue Mission) =
    * (Play Time in Capture Mission + Play Time in Rescue Mission) = 2+ hours
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
    * The Chameleon (CHA) rank takes priority over the Pigeon (PGE) rank
      -= TARANTULA - (TAR) =-
    * (Total number of Teammate Kills + Total number of Teammate Stuns) / (Total
       number of Kills + Total number of Stuns) = 0.05+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= FLYING SQUIRREL - (F.S) =-
    * (Total number of Rolls) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.1+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= SNAKE EATER - (S.E) =-
    * (Play Time in Sneaking Mission) / (Total Play Time) = 0.75+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= KEROTAN - (KER) =-
    * (Play Time in Capture Mission) / (Total Play Time) = 0.75+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 5 hours
      -= SLOTH - (SLO) =-
    * (Total number of Head Shots Received) / (Total number of Deaths) = 0.35+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= NIGHT OWL - (N.O) =-
    * (Total amount of Infrared Goggles Uses) / (Total Play Time) = 0.05+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= PIG - (PIG) =-
    * (Total number Times Eaten) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 3+
    * Must have a Total Play Time of at least 3 hours
      -= TSUCHINOKO - (TSU) =-
    * Do NOT log into Online Mode for 30 days or more
      -= CHICKEN - (CHI) =-
    * (Total number of Kills) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.3-
    * (Total number of Stuns) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.3-
    * (Total number of Deaths) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.5-
    * (Total number of Stuns Received) / (Total number of Rounds Played) = 0.5-
    F.H -- FOXHOUND (Awarded to only the best players)
    FOX -- FOX (Awarded to players who are exceptionally skilled)
    DOB -- DOBERMAN (Awarded to above average players)
    HOU -- HOUND (Awarded to above average players)
    CRO -- CROCODILE (Awarded to average players)
    EAG -- EAGLE (Awarded to players with many head shots)
    SCO -- SCORPION (Awarded to players with many scorpion kills)
    JAW -- JAWS (Awarded to players with many knife kills)
    CHA -- CHAMELEON (Awarded to average, stealthy players)
    PGE -- PIGEON (Awarded to below average players)
    TAR -- TARANTULA (Awarded to players with many teammate kills)
    F.S -- FLYING SQUIRREL (Awarded to players who do not stand still often)
    S.E -- SNAKE EATER (Awarded to players who play a lot of Sneaking Missions)
    KER -- KEROTAN (Awarded to players who play a lot of Capture Missions)
    SLO -- SLOTH (Awarded to below average, stealthy players)
    N.O -- NIGHT OWL (Awarded to players who use the thermal goggles a lot)
    PIG -- PIG (Awarded to players who eat many food rations)
    TSU -- TSUCHINOKO (Awarded to players who are exceptionally stealthy)
    CHI -- CHICKEN (Awarded to players who rarely contribute to their team)
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------ Disc 3 - Existence ------>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
                                   -- WATCH MGS3 --
                     -=*     Metal Gear Solid 3: The Movie     *=- 
    In response to requests from the fans who failed to complete the original Metal
    Gear Solid 3 but wanted to watch the cinematic drama, the Existence Disc was
    created. This three-hour movie features additional footage and remastered sound
    edited under the supervision of director Hideo Kojima. Now you can watch the
    internationally acclaimed MGS3 story and experience it without having to
    complete the game. Relive the adventure as the Cold Warriors rise again.
     ------- CHAPTER SELECTION ---------------
     --- Chapter 1: Virtuous Mission -------
     --- Chapter 2: Operation Snake Eater -------
     --- Chapter 3: The Cobra Unit -------
     --- Chapter 4: Metal Gear -------
     --- Chapter 5: The Stronghold Groznyj Grad -------
     --- Chapter 6: The Philosophers' Legacy -------
     --- Chapter 7: The Shagohod -------
     --- Chapter 8: Homecoming and Debriefing -------
                     -=* Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer - TGS 2005 *=- 
    Allows you to view the MGS4 trailer that was shown at the Tokoyo Game Show in
    September of last year. This is the original TGS 2005 trailer of MGS4, offering
    the best picture and sound quality.
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
    Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 is a special-edition DVD bonus for fans who pre-ordered
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence sometime before its release in North America on
    March 14, 2006.
    Now available at leading video game retailers across North America, Metal Gear
    Saga Vol. 1 features an in-depth documentary-style video feature that details
    the Metal Gear series' epic narrative, from beginning to end.
    Spanning five games and just as many decades of fictional history, Metal Gear
    Saga ties together the game's complex narrative in chronological order, from
    the 1960s—with the heroic origins of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake
    Eater—to the cliffhanger conclusion of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty,
    set in the early 21st century. 
                     -=*              Documentary              *=- 
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                         001 : Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
                        - The Genesis of the Metal Gear Saga -
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                                   002 : Metal Gear
                           - The Game That Started It All -
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                            003 : Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
                      - The Lost Chapter of the Metal Gear Saga -
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                                 004 : Metal Gear Solid
                            - The Saga Adds a New Dimension -
                                   *   *   *   *   *
                       005 : Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
                              - The Birth of a New Hero -
                     -=*               Trailers                *=- 
                            Metal Gear Solid 4 (E3 2005)
                            Metal Gear Solid 4 (TGS 2005)
                            Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (E3 2005)
                            Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (GC 2005)
                            Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (TGS 2005)
                            Metal Gear AC!D 2 (E3 2005)
                            Metal Gear AC!D 2 (TGS 2005)
                     -=*    Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 Opening     *=- 
    This feature simply allows you to view the opening movie of the introduction to
    Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1.
                     -=*             Staff Credits             *=- 
    Below is a list of credits of all the people who were involved in the creation
    of Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1.
                       Written by                 Ryan Payton
                                                  Hidekuni Shida
                       Script Editor              David Chen
                       Video Director & Editor    Takuhiro Takahashi
                       Sound Director & Editor    Sotaro Tojima / Akihiro Teruta
                       Music                      Harry Gregson-Williams
                       Narrator                   Jack N. Merluzzi (Latina)
                       Opening Title              Shuhei Yasumura (Karitajian)
                       Photographer               Rui Naito
                       Creative Direction &       Ichiro Kutome
                       Art Direction
                       Menu Design                Masaharu Naka (ADARTS)
                       Manufacturing              Yoshiaki Hosoda (SMC)
                       Cooperation                Takeshi Eguchi
                       Package Art Direction &    Ichiro Kutome
                       Package Artwork            Yoji Shinkawa
                       Promotion (KDEA)           Marc Franklin
                                                  Wilson Cheng
                                                  Dennis Lee
                       Website Art Direction      Ichiro Kutome
                                                  Takaaki Kitamura
                                                  Yasuyo Watanabe
                       Special Thanks             Kenichiro Imaizumi
                                                  Yoshikazu Matsuhana
                                                  Rika Muranaka
                                                  Satoshi Hirano
                                                  Tomomi Yamanaka
                                                  Tomoko Miyamoto
                                                  Megumi Kato
                                                  Nozomi Usui
                       Producer                   Hideo Kojima
                       Director                   Ryan Payton
                       Production & Copyright     KONAMI CORPORATION
                       Publisher                  KONAMI CORPORATION
    	-------  Section 06 : Plot Summary & Analysis  -------
           [ COMING SOON! ]
    	-------  Secion 07 : Conclusion  -------
     <>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<------- Legal Disclaimer ------->-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
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    Below I have listed everyone who has contributed to this guide in any way,
    shape, or form, no matter how big or little the contribution. Beside their
    names I have noted, specifically in what way they contributed to the guide.
       El Greco : For quite a bit of very helpful information that he allowed me to
                  use in my guide. I wanted to try to incorporate his writing stlye
                  into this guide, without so much as copying his exact design. He
                  is also the person who inspired me to write this guide.
       CJayC : For creating GameFAQs. Without him, this website wouldn't exist.
               Therefore, I most likely would never have written this guide. Keep
               up the great work man.
       Metallica Snake : For all the helpful information that he provides on his
                         MGS3 website of awesomeness - primarily the locations for
                         each of the Kerotan Frogs that I used in this guide.
                           - http://www.darthscreencapture.com/MGS3/index.html
       Instruction Manual : For various bits of information that I extracted from
                            it, which primarily dealt with basic gameplay aspects.
       Subsistence Official Site : For quite a bit of information that helped me
                                   with writing the "New Additions" section.
       dinobotmaximized : For ammo capacities and alternative locations of various
                          weapons in his "Gun FAQ," that were included in my
                          "Weapons" section.
       futuresuperstar : For contributing his well articulated summaries of MGS1
                         and MGS2 - located in the "Previous Operations" section.
       Unbreakable9812 : For discovering a Japanese website with all the specific,
                         numeric requirements for acquiring each of the the animal
                         ranks in Metal Gear Online.
                           - http://www6.atwiki.jp/snake/pages/183.html
       fatherg : For creating a thread that provided the website that Unbreakable
                 had found and the translated requirements for obtaining the animal
                 ranks. This is where I had originally discovered the information
                 provided in my "Ranking System" section.
       ReversedKnight : For better translating in English the already translated
                        requirements that were provided by fatherg for the online
                        animal ranks. The information about acquiring the animals
                        ranks in the "Ranking System" section is based off of his
                        re-translation of the original information.
       Mike111689 : For correcting me on the requirements needed for having the two
                    Rumble Roses characters available when creating your own game
                    in Metal Gear Online.
       Kiro777 : For discovering and correcting some translation errors in the rank
                 requirements needed for the FOXHOUND and FOX ranks.
       Muni Shinobu : For providing such a great website with numerous facts and
                      information covering the entire Metal Gear Solid series.
       Contributors : F0Xhole, NinjaEin.
                             Copyright © 2006 Raul Copaciu 

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