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    Foxhound Ranking Walkthrough by Conantheleader

    Updated: 04/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ##  ## #        #    #  #  #         #    # #       #  #  #    # 
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    #    # #        #   ###### #         #  ### #      ###### #####  
    #    # #        #   #    # #         #    # #      #    # #   #  
    #    # ######   #   #    # ######     ####  ###### #    # #    # 
     ####   ####  #      # #####     #     # 
    #      #    # #      # #    #          # 
     ####  #    # #      # #    #     #####  
         # #    # #      # #    #          # 
    #    # #    # #      # #    #    #     # 
     ####   ####  ###### # #####      #####  
     ####  #    # #####   ####  #  ####  ##### ###### #    #  ####  ###### 
    #      #    # #    # #      # #        #   #      ##   # #    # #      
     ####  #    # #####   ####  #  ####    #   #####  # #  # #      #####  
         # #    # #    #      # #      #   #   #      #  # # #      #      
    #    # #    # #    # #    # # #    #   #   #      #   ## #    # #      
     ####   ####  #####   ####  #  ####    #   ###### #    #  ####  ###### 
    Metal gear solid 3: Subsistence Foxhound Ranking  Walkthrough
    E-mail: conantheking101@yahoo.com
    Property of Luke Urbanski.
    Warning: This game contains SPOILERS so if you do not know the plot I suggest 
    you forget getting the Foxhound ranking at the moment and instead take your 
    time in the game, muck around and enjoy the gameplay.
    1. Introduction
    2. What's legal and okay to do
    3. Thanks to...
    4. FOXHOUND ranking requirements and difficulty:
    5. What you need in the game
    6. Tips and miscellaneous information. 
    7. Being mentally prepared
    8. Keeping a high amount of stamina
    9. One more thing
    10. Virtuous mission Time: Aim at completing this within 11 minutes
    11. Operation snake eater - Ocelot unit time: Try to aim for 26 minutes
    12. Ocelot unit - Ocelot time 36 minutes
    13. Ocelot - The Pain time 46 minutes
    14. The pain - The Fear time: 1 hour and 11 minutes
    15. The Fear - The End time: 1 hour and 34 minutes
    16. The End - The Fury time: 1 hour and 59 minutes
    17. The Fury - Escape from Groznyj Grad time 2 hours and 19 minutes
    18. Escape from Groznyj Grad - Volgin time 2 hours and 34 minutes
    19. Volgin - The Boss Time 3 hours and 30 minutes
    1. Introduction
    This is a walkthrough I created on obtaining the top ranking in the game, 
    FOXHOUND. After having trouble finding such a guide that helped me for metal 
    gear solid 3 I decided to make one for those that like me, want help for 
    getting Foxhound but have trouble finding help. I decided to make it for 
    Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence because that is the newer game. This is my 
    first time writing a guide, so if I made a mistake please tell me by e-mail. 
    Also any help would be much appreciated. E-mail me your opinions also and how 
    I can improve this guide, but do not if you are just going to be rude.
    2. What's legal and okay to do
    Really simple and straight to the point, you can not claim this as your own 
    work. You can not use this for self profit or edit this guide. If you want to 
    post it on your website then go ahead but just send me an e-mail telling me 
    3. Thanks to...
    Some people put thanks at the bottom, however I feel like I should put thanks 
    at the top for the help I received in creating this guide.
    Jechtshot78 helped me with understanding what I need to do for obtaining the 
    Foxhound ranking.
    Metallica_Snake, TheaN_Again and Lord_Gneo for telling me what is different 
    between Extreme and European Extreme difficulty settings.
    SupaMarioPlumma for help with tips on stealth without having to rely on the 
    stealth device.
    TripleJumpMB for helping me create the ASCII title.
    Selmiak, Ady_M for helping me understand how to make this walkthrough a nice 
    4. FOXHOUND ranking requirements and difficulty:
    Here are the requirements and the difficulty of obtaining them.
    Under 5 hours completion time (medium)
    25 saves maximum (very easy)
    0 alerts (easy most of the time, except very hard at escape from Grozny Grad)
    0 humans killed (easy)
    0 continues (very easy)
    0 life medicines (hard)
    No special items used (easy)
    5 health bars worth of damage maximum (very easy)
    Extreme or European Extreme difficulty (not as hard as it sounds)
    Seriously injured 20 times maximum (very easy, rarely does a boss seriously
    injure you)
    My stats:
    These are the statistics I got from the result screen at the end of the game, 
    using this you can judge whether the guide will be effective for you. This 
    was my first serious attempt at getting the Foxhound ranking, obviously it is 
    not so hard if I done it at my first attempt.
    Time completed: 3 hours, 30 minutes and 23 seconds. 
    -As you can see I have plenty of time left over so if you feel like you are 
    being a bit slow then don't worry, as you can see from above, there is plenty 
    of time. But no slacking, you still have to be fast.
    0 alerts, continues, life medicine, humans killed.
    -The only tough part about obtaining this is that if you do not have the 
    sneaking suit camo then you will find defeating a boss without life medicine 
    might be very hard.
    Animals and plant types captured: 21
    -This is simple, make it your priority to get as much good food as you can in 
    the game, I will tell you why a bit later.
    Meals eaten: 58
    -Yep big number, if I wanted to I could have easily decreased the number of 
    that but my time completion would have gone up. Not enough to make it 4 hours 
    and 50 minutes though. I will tell you why a bit later.
    Special items used: None
    -I never needed to rely upon them at any point.
    Damage taken: 1 health bars worth of damage
    -I used the sneaking suit to lower damage from 2 health bars to 1, more about 
    why a bit later.
    Saves: 23
    -I made quite a few because if I died I did not want to go through a long 
    part of the game again.
    Seriously injured: 5 times
    -So easy to get if you plan to not get caught by the enemy in the game.
    Rank: FOXHOUND
    -That's what this guide is about, and I hope it helps.
    5. What you need in the game
    --First, let us talk about weapons you need:
    Directional microphone. Not really a weapon but it occupies a weapon slot. 
    This is helpful for The End, a must in my opinion.
    MK22. This is your most important weapon, you will be using this all the time 
    and I don't think I really need to say how important it is. Basically it is a 
    gun that shoots tranquilizers so you can take out enemies without killing 
    Grenades. This is needed for the fight against the pain, you can defeat him 
    without using a single grenade but that is a time consuming process and we 
    are trying to get Foxhound ranking remember.
    Poison frogs. No lie, you need them for the fight against The Fear.
    --Now here are optional weapons to use in the game:
    Stun grenades. Helpful for distracting bosses and also very helpful for the 
    fight against the Ocelot unit members because it can be used to lure out the 
    four members in the facility.
    Smoke grenades. Useful against revolver Ocelot, since he fights in a small 
    area he can easily get distracted by running into the smoke.
    Mosin Nagant. You can get this tranquilizer sniper rifle from the boss, The 
    End by defeating him with a stamina kill. (Which is reducing his stamina to 
    zero) This weapon is mainly useful against The Boss at the end of the game, 
    but only if you decide to defeat her the easy way.
    M1911A1. No, not to kill people but to hunt food.
    Combat knife. Once again, to hunt for food.
    --Items you need:
    Binoculars. Might sound surprising but this is very helpful for sniping a 
    target. Take aim at an object, quickly press L2 to un equip the binoculars 
    followed by R1 to remain in first person view mode. If you did this quickly 
    enough, you will be looking exactly where you did with the binoculars, now 
    just tap the square button on your controller and you will hit your target, 
    just make sure you have the MK22 equipped.
    Thermal goggles. This makes a lot of boss fights easier and helps you spot 
    enemies before they spot you. Very useful, I will point out through the guide 
    where you can get more batteries to enable you to use the goggles for longer 
    periods of time.
    --Items you can use
    Cardboard box B. Can shave of 5 minutes of gameplay, get in a truck and equip 
    this when you go to destroy the Shagohod, you will then be driven to the 
    Crocodile cap. Only needed if you do not have the water camo, I will say 
    later how to get this in the game at Chyornyj Prud.
    --Camos you need:
    No face paint. Needed when you disguise as a scientist. Start off with this.
    Mask. Needed when you disguise as Raikov, also useful to get a cheap hit 
    against Volgin. You automatically get this before you need to use it.
    Black face paint. Good for night areas and urban areas. Start the game with 
    Woodland face paint. Good for almost the whole game. Start the game with this
    Starting camos. You can get Foxhound rating using only the camos you 
    start of with however it will make the game harder if you choose to use only 
    Spider camo. This is dropped by The Fear when you defeat him by reducing his 
    stamina to zero. This is the reason for my quick time completion and why I 
    have had so many meals. It allows you to run around with a high level of camo 
    index the problem is that it rapidly drains your stamina meaning you need to 
    eat more also, if your stamina goes to 0 then the special ability of the camo 
    stops working. This is not needed, I used if for around 10 areas and one boss 
    fight because I thought the time limit will be hard to achieve without. But 
    now I completed the game in 3 hours and 30 minutes I realise this is another 
    camo that is not needed. Still, this guide is best used when you have the 
    spider camo, as my walkthrough includes using it so I suggest you get it.
    Water camo. Get this from Bolshaya Past Base. It was helpful at one area 
    but takes a lot of time and skill to get it in a Foxhound run through so try 
    to get it in the practice runs.
    --Optional camos:
    Sneaking suit. Very good, this reduces damage by half and that is why I got 
    only 1 health bar worth of damage, however you do not need this camo. With a 
    5 bar limit only use this at boss battles if you want to play it safe like I 
    did. Infact in my Foxhound play I even blew myself a couple of times with a 
    grenade by accident, seriously this is not a camo you need only use it if you 
    are worried that you will lose loads of health. You obtain this in a locker 
    in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab.
    DPM. By far the best camouflage you can use, apart from the stealth device 
    but that is a device and not camo. To get this is a tough job to do, if you 
    can I say get this. It is bad against sand, sometimes mud and concrete but 
    offers the best protection everywhere else. It also speeds health recovery 
    twice as fast. To get this you must complete Duel mode in special mode with a 
    top score for every boss. It is hard but a great source of practice for when 
    you come to fighting bosses in your Foxhound run and teaches you how to make 
    the most of your equipment also. Be patient and dedicated and eventually it 
    will be yours.
    Cold War. You get this before you need it so don't you worry. Very helpful I 
    say. You get this from reducing Volgins stamina to 0 the first time you fight 
    him. The camo has a soviet flag at the front, this stops Russian soldiers 
    from shooting at you when they are in front of you, just do not turn your 
    back to them.
    Snow camo. If you plan to fight The Boss the easy way then you need this. You 
    can find it in the cave just before you fight The Pain.
    6. Tips and miscellaneous information. 
    Here are some tips and bits of information that you should read before 
    starting the Foxhound run.
    1. Do a couple of practice runs. And do them with this guide to get familiar 
    with what I want you to do and my methods. Also get spider camo during one of 
    your practice runs, you get it from reducing The Fears stamina to zero. Plus 
    my guide has a lot to remember, if you done a practice run with this guide 
    then it will be easier to remember what I told you to do in your Foxhound 
    2. Always check what pistol is in your hand, sometimes after a cutscene it 
    will be the M1911A1 and no longer the MK22.
    3. Think logical, this is not just any game, the soldiers are smart here. If 
    your stomach starts growling from lack of stamina then obviously an enemy 
    will notice you sooner or later. This kind of thinking goes a long way to 
    helping you get Foxhound.
    4. The time limit is 5 hours, the time continues to count even if your game 
    is paused, even at the end credits which you can not skip the time is 
    continuing to count (Credits and scene afterwards take around 10 minutes 
    roundest to nearest minute.) Time is still counting when you watch a cutscene 
    got it? So skip every cutscene with X and radio conversation by holding 
    5. Don't start running back and forth like a madman looking at this guide and 
    playing the game, remember that the time is still counting no matter what is 
    happening. As a result try to remember as much information from one save 
    point to the next before you play.
    6. I will point out where to save, where to get the batteries not all though, 
    (Metal Gear Solid fans should remember what Mei Ling had to say about getting 
    greedy) if you get greedy and try to get everything you will just waste time 
    and eventually get caught. Plus you do not need all the batteries and ammo 
    you can carry.
    7. I will state where you can get camo, well the ones that are a big help at 
    least. Like snow, water etc.
    8. Do not get any guns except the mosin nagant! Okay!? There is a good reason 
    for this. For an example let us take Svyatogornyj West. There are XM16E1 
    bullets there, if you do not have that gun then the bullets are replaced by 
    either M1911A1 or MK22 bullets. See what I mean? You will find bullets that 
    you can use with your quiet weapons and, for the MK22 you will be using that 
    gun the most so you need as much of that ammo as possible. Grenades are okay 
    though, get them if you want.
    7. Being mentally prepared
    Surprised I have never seen this kind of thing in any guide. I am not joking, 
    this is serious. Outside of the game you must be prepared to take on a
    challenge such as this. This guide itself is only half of what is needed, 
    like Major Zero, all I can do is give you support and advice. You however are 
    like Snake, you have to use that knowledge to get to the objective. No good 
    me just telling you how to do something, you have to make it work, you have 
    to put in patience, skill and determination to pull this off. 
    For starters, you must keep alert when you try your Foxhound run, when you 
    wake up eat something. Having breakfast is important, it will keep you alert 
    for most of the day and you need to be alert. No good trying to play the game 
    when you are sluggish, you will just make mistakes. 
    You also can't let any negative energy affect you during your Foxhound run. 
    If your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with you, someone you know died, 
    you have tons of work to do then you must block it out of your head. Yes it 
    sounds cruel to say that but how can you expect to play the game 100% when 
    you mind is being distracted by negative energy. You need to block that out 
    and if you can not do so then you know what you must do, turn the game off 
    and sort your problems out before attempting the Foxhound run. 
    If you start getting tired eat food to restore lost stamina, having an energy 
    drink works also and make sure you get some fruit, even if it is only one 
    apple a day. If you are getting sleepy, an energy drink will postpone the 
    affect but only for an hour or two, so remember to make sure you get some 
    You must remain calm. Even if you are at a point in the game where you had to 
    quit and reload 20 times or more, you must keep calm and never lose sight of 
    your goal. If you are having frustration problems and are just getting mad at 
    the game then go do some yoga to keep cool and level headed.
    Use your goal as motivation to keep you going no matter how tough things get. 
    By getting Foxhound rating you will have earned the status of being one of 
    the top players in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.
    8. Keeping a high amount of stamina
    Since I am asking you to use the spider camo you will be burning off plenty 
    of stamina, this means you need to eat plenty of food and catch a lot also. I 
    am going to tell you what foods not to catch, also I will explain the healing 
    --Foods not to eat, if you caught something and do not see it here then you 
    can go and eat it. If food is poisonous, puts you to sleep or just gives a 
    tiny bit of stamina then I will put it here because it is worthless so you do 
    not have to waste time getting them when you can get better food in the area.
    Red Adavant
    Vampire Bat (Not a bird but close enough)
    Land animals:
    Milk Snake
    Emperor Scorpion
    Poison Dart Frog (useful against fighting The Fear though)
    Cobalt Blue Tarantula
    European Rabbit
    Flying Squirrel
    Tree Frog (useful against the first time you fight Volgin though)
    Bigeye Trevally
    Yabloko Maloko
    Russian Oyster Mushroom
    Baikal Scaly Tooth
    Siberian Ink Cap
    Ural Luminescent Mushroom
    Now we get to the healing radio. I never needed to use this in my playthrough 
    but I came close and its good to mention this just incase you do need it at 
    some point. The healing radio is music you can listen to that restores 
    stamina. Each track restores a large amount of stamina and only works the 
    first time you listen to that track, you do not need to listen to the whole 
    tune, just for a second for it to work. Below are the radio frequencies you 
    have to dial and the tune/artist name also. I made sure these work on both 
    extreme and european extreme difficulties.
    Pillow Talk, Starry.K              140.16
    Salty Catfish, 66 Boys             141.42
    Sailor, Starry.K                   142.42
    Sea Breeze, Sergei Mantis          145.18
    Surfing Guitar, 66 Boys            146.45
    Rock Me Baby, 66 Boys              148.66
    Jumpin' Johnny, Chunk Raspberry    148.78
    Don't Be Afraid, Rika Muranaka     149.39
    9. One more thing
    Before I start the guide I am expecting certain things of you. First this is 
    the walkthrough of how I completed the game with the spider camo. You should 
    have obtained this camo from your practice runs. If not however then this 
    guide will still be helpful, but at some parts you will have to move through 
    the area at a crawl and be more careful however I will write what to do at 
    that part. I am expecting you to have some skill, you do not have to be a 
    100% headshot kind of player or defeat The Pain in under 5 minutes kind of 
    person but just have some skill. You need to be familiar with the Extreme 
    difficulty you are playing on, so you know roughly where enemies are and 
    items, also so you know how tough bosses are. I am also guessing that you 
    have read the following parts in my guide:
    Tips and miscellaneous information
    Being mentally prepared
    I don't want people complaining this guide did not help them if they decided 
    to rush through.
    And although I expect you to have some camos if not then I will point out 
    where they are along the way, same also for items, ammo etc anything I think 
    you should get and can do without putting yourself at risk. I will also 
    mention when to use the spider camo.
    Also, try to aim getting to the fury within around 2 hours and 30 minutes 
    maximum, if you can do that then you already nailed the time limit down since 
    you can very easily do the rest in 2 and a half hours.
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence story mode walkthrough
    10. Virtous mission Time: Aim at completing this within 11 minutes
    A great way to start of the Foxhound run, there are a few enemies during this 
    mission and it starts of really easy. 
    You start off at Dremuchij South. From your starting point run left and then 
    upwards. Crawl under the log then climb the tree by pushing the action button 
    in front of it, walk to the right of the tree branch and then hang down. You 
    will get your backpack and then a lengthy radio scene starts, just hold 
    triangle to skip it all. Then skip the cutscene with the X button. Remember 
    to do this for every radio conversation and cutscene. Even if you go to save 
    just hold triangle to save time by making Para-Medic skp her single line. Now 
    run north into the next area.
    You are now at Dremuchij Swampland, there are crocodiles here so be careful, 
    run forward and roll towards the side of the tiny island in the middle then 
    go north and dive north to the exit. This saves you the time of slowly wading 
    through mud.
    Dremuchij North. This is where you first encounter enemies. Run forward till 
    you hear "huh?" Or any other kind of speech from a soldier, get into a prone 
    positon and shoot him in the head with an MK22, run roward till you see 
    another soldier infront of you, his back should be facing you. Shoot him in 
    the head, now dash for the exit. If you were fast enough you should run past 
    a soldier who is walking to his right near the exit.
    Dolinovodno. Look at the trees hanging above the bridge and shoot down the 
    hive, if you have trouble finding it then quickly run past the tree to your 
    right and drop down into grass. Crouch then shoot the hive, do not do this 
    though if the guard by the bridge has already walked a two steps to the 
    right. You will then have to wait until he walks back to the beginning. When 
    the hive drops and he is stung by bees wait till he gets halfway across the 
    bridge, then make a dash for the exit. If you do not wait you might run into 
    his friends before they escape. Also get the hive that drops, this is the 
    only bit of food you need in virtuous mission.
    Rassvet. The end of virtuous mission. Skip cutscene then run to the brick 
    wall on the right, crouch and go through the hole. Crawl forward till you can 
    turn right, equip spider camo and run to your right at full sprint till you 
    can no longer go right, get back into another camo then crawl north. If you 
    do not have the spider camo then simply crawl to the right instead of 
    sprinting. There are two gaurds, one to the right, another patrolling
    left and right, get them with the MK22,since this is the last part of 
    virtuous mission do not worry about how much ammo you use. Now crawl forward 
    till you get to the red wall. Equip spider camo and eat the hive from 
    Dolinovodno. Run forward, climb the ladder, run south and drop down into the 
    room below to trigger a cutscene. Skip, run back to the bridge, skip some 
    more scenes then heal yourself. For broken bones use splint and bandage. For 
    cuts use suture kit, bandage, disinfectant and styptic. The order you use 
    these items does not matter. Skip the rest of the cutscenes and do no save 
    when you are asked if you want to.
    --Chat time
    Well that is the end of the Virtuous mission. I hope it was not to hard, one 
    thing you must remember is to be quick but not so quick that you are rushing 
    yourself and just make mistakes. Also remember to always equip spider camo 
    before you stand up and keep an eye on the stamina gauge.
    11. Operation snake eater - Ocelot unit time: Try to aim for 26 minutes
    Dremuchij East. Head forward, when you get into a wider area somewhere close 
    to you in front should be a snake if you can, get it but not if it will waste 
    time, then head north-west to the exit, there might also be another snake 
    nearby, get it. Go through the exit. 
    Dremuchij North. Run left and drop down, run left. Just before the exit there
    are some low tree branches, there should be a snake, get it. Now exit the 
    area. But before that, put on your best camo and if you have spider equip it.
    You are actually in the same area. There are two methods here, one with and 
    another without the spider camo. Save your game.
    --Method 1: With spider camo, quickly run forward towards the two incoming 
    gaurds, they will catch a glimpse of you but if you are quick no alert will 
    sound. Then run right as soon as you can and keep sprinting. You will see a 
    guard to your right, roll into him by tapping X while you run, now run a bit 
    more to the right then north and go to the exit.
    --Method 2: Run north to the wall but not into the gap between the wall on 
    the left and right where the gaurds come through. Also, do not stop in front 
    of the tree unless you have DPM camo. Wait for two gaurds to come along and 
    be alerted by seeing a crashed one man flight vehicle. After they call for 
    backup (It's a caution, not alert so do not worry) wait for them to run past 
    then crawl forward towards the exit. A search party might come along in your 
    direction. Either hide in the grass to the left side at the second batch 
    of grass or crawl forward to the north wall by the exit just leave some space 
    between you and them. When the search party passes head to the exit but at a 
    crawl, you need to be safe.
    Dolinovodno. You have no weapons so shooting at a beehive this time is out of 
    the question. Run forward past the tree to your right to drop down into a 
    patch of grass. You might have to wait for some gaurds to turn around/look 
    away so do a quick look on your side of the bridge. What you have to do is 
    cross the bridge, however soldiers come and go from both directions and where 
    they are depends on what method you have chosen because of the time it takes 
    to get here. Basically there are two more methods:
    --Method 1: You should get two guards walking away from you to the other side 
    and one coming to you from the other side. Wait till the ones walking away 
    get some distance from you. Then put spider camo back on and run forward (Be 
    careful of a guard off to the side) till the one heading in your direction 
    says "huh?" or some other line, make sure you have top stamina and drop off 
    the side. If you are not next to a wooden plank going upwards then snake 
    should automatically grab hold of the edge. Now just shimmy all the way 
    to the north and get back on then run to the exit but be careful of a couple 
    of gaurds lurking there, you might have to hide in the grass a bit. This is 
    exactly how I did it, I never got seen while I was hanging at the edge of the 
    bridge because my camo index was at a constant 80%.
    --Method 2: Crawl to a patch of grass to the right then another patch to the 
    north, wait till a guard on your side heads north. Let him get some distance 
    away then crawl onto the bridge but be careful, you do not want the guy on 
    your side to see you. If you want you can wait out the remaining caution 
    time, there is not much left if you have to use this method however there 
    should be no slacking when heading for the foxhound ranking. Now make sure 
    the guard on your side looks away then go on the bridge. Run north, drop 
    off the side when you are getting close to a guard and shimmy to the end. 
    (But you can't have him returning. If he is walking back to the beginning he 
    will see your fingers holding the edge of the bridge and an alert will 
    happen) when at the end of the bridge drop off but rapidly tap triangle to 
    catch the branch below. Get up walk left with you back against the wall, 
    don't go to the end or a guard will see you, and crouch also against the 
    wall. Wait for a guard at the very left of the screen to walk towards you and 
    when he walks back sneak up on him. Slam your finger on the O button while 
    pressing a direction, this will render him unconscious, now crouch and head 
    to the exit.
    Rassvet. If you did method 1 there will still be a caution countdown here 
    because of how quick you were, be careful and enter where you met Sokolov 
    with the help of the spider camo then leave the room. If you did method 2s 
    then just run to where you met Sokolov and leave the room. Before leaving the 
    room though make sure you have woodland face paint and DPM or tigerstripe camo 
    equipped. Now save when prompted, this should be your second save in the 
    Ocelot unit
    Not a boss but in the duel mode. First, equip your MK22. Do not move a single 
    step, (You have to get it out of your backpack) go into aim mode and hold 
    down L2 and R2 hard. Turn to face the window while holding these three 
    buttons down and you should see a member, you have a few seconds to shoot 
    him. Now go to the little door to get underground and press the action 
    button, upon entering turn 90 degrees right. You should see a guard right in 
    front of you, quickly shoot him. Do not worry if you hear a "Ping!" against 
    the grating, it still should have gone through and hit him, now turn another 
    90 degrees right and head to the exit. At the exit of under the facility get 
    out your binoculars and zoom in on the distant guard in front of you, put 
    them away and shoot him in the head, this is the binoculars as a sniper scope 
    method I told you about earlier. Good, by now as soon as he is taken out you 
    should have 7 left, take out your stun grenades. Even if you never picked 
    any up you should have them. Okay, from where you are, stay inside the 
    facility at the exit under the floor. Now take a look left and you should see 
    some barrels, aim a stun grenade there but a bit to the right, about a meter, 
    a bang happens and within 10 seconds 4 guards should come rushing to this 
    area, shoot each one with an MK22 bullet. When they are all gone head to 
    those barrels where you threw the stun grenade. Get behind them a bit and 
    look at the roof of the facility, there is a soldier there, when in view 
    shoot him, try to get a head shot with this one and if it does not work shoot 
    another round, and again if you have to. Now you should have two enemies 
    left, they are to the west. One is against the west fence and one is right in 
    front of a low red brick wall, in a patch of green grass in front. You will 
    need to sneak closer to them, do so in a crawl position or with spider camo 
    if you want and get them. Complete. Now remember the four guards by the 
    barrels? Go to them, start lifting and dropping them to get items, get a 
    battery and another suppressor for the MK22, when you get that head back to 
    Sokolov's room, and pick up any other items dropped from picking and dropping 
    the gaurds. Anyway, in Sokolov's room to the left is a locker, open it and 
    get the thermal goggles from inside, if you need MK22 bullets you can 
    continue picking up and dropping the 4 guards, one drops 8 MK22 bullets. 
    Try to head for the exit to the north to trigger some cut scenes, when you 
    are done head to the exit, put on the thermal goggles to easily find a box. 
    This is bug juice. Go through the exit now.
    --Chat. I hoped I helped, I had to write two different methods for this part. 
    If you used method 2 then you probably did not reach the 22 minute time 
    limit, not that you have to, just that is what I got in my play through 
    and remember I had an hour and a half free after I completed the game. The
     method for Ocelot unit was something that I created with a bit of help on 
    how to get the first guard. Anyway, if you used spider camo you will realise
    how much food you need to keep on using it, so whenever you can, get snakes
    and fruit as they are a good source of stamina. Packaged food like rations
    and instant noodles should be used as a last resort, rats are also okay and
    so are vultures which are in desert areas. So far we have missed rain drop 
    camo and zombie face paint but since they are not needed I did not mention 
    them. You also should have saved only twice by now, the idea is to use them 
    sparingly at the beginning so you have around 3 spare to use when you really
    need them. I know it seems like a lot to remember for your Foxhound run but
    a good idea is to print this guide and keep it with you so you can quickly 
    look at the sheets for help, try to remember as much info as possible also.
    12. Ocelot unit - Ocelot time 36 minutes
    Okay, you are now by a massive swamp, you are in Chyornyj Prud. To the left 
    in the water are smoke grenades, get them. Now remember the bug juice, use 
    that to keep leeches off you. Now, stop for nothing, and be careful of 
    crocodiles. Continue going north-west, when you reach land head for the exit 
    to the north with thermal goggles equipped so you can see any traps that are 
    there. If you do not have the water camo from an earlier play through then
    when you reach the western land look for a tree to your right as you head 
    north. Climb it then shimmy along the rope till you are above another piece
    of rope below you. Drop and catch the one below, follow it to a bit of land
    so you can get the crocodile cap which will help you later. Now swim back
    to the western land and head for the exit.
    Bolshaya Past South. First, save the game. This is tricky and time consuming 
    if you do not have spider camo, you should come through the west entrance. 
    Head forward and crawl through the opening in the right of the fence. Now be 
    careful there are claymore mines here, you can see them with the thermals. 
    Continue forward to the fence in front of you (Oh! Almost forgot to tell you, 
    they electric fences) go left also. Right infront of you should be a climable 
    tree right in front of the fence at the left. Get your thermals on and look 
    for a dog, shoot him with an MK22 and if there is a guard nearby then get 
    him also. Get on your spider camo. Now climb the tree and walk to the end of 
    the branch, then jump off. Head north and to your left, you should see a 
    fence with a hole in it, line up with it so your are in a straight line, 45 
    degree angle facing it. Shoot the guard on the other side till he drops. Then 
    quickly jump through, however you got to jump through head on, not from the 
    side but as a head on collision. To jump through run and press the x button, 
    if done correctly, you will be on the other side. Run forward, you will see 
    another fence, there is a hole in this one, go through it. Take the dog out 
    on the other side and run forward to your left. If you did not have the 
    spider camo then you got to try the same method but with improved accuracy, 
    after you take the guard behind the fence out there are two further behind 
    him, take the one on your left out. To the far right of the area is the 
    splitter camo for urban environments, but it is a waste of time to try and 
    get it, and a gamble. So if you want it then get it but you should already 
    have it and rely on spider for urban environments. Even if you do not have 
    spider you will only miss one quick opportunity to use it 
    because you will be close to getting it.
    Bolshaya Past Base. This is a very simple area, since you exited through the 
    west side, just follow the trail upwards, you will go around the whole base 
    to the exit with only one guard in your way. Just before you exit, crouch, 
    now equip the smoke grenades and if you have it, the sneaking suit. Now go 
    north to the exit. There is also water camo in the building in the middle, 
    you should already have this from a practise run. If not then forget it but 
    you will get a hard part coming soon.
    Save. This is one of the toughest bosses, but good thing you are getting it 
    over and done with. First of all Ocelot uses two revolvers and each carries a 
    total of six bullets. When he has to reload that is your chance to hit him. 
    However since we have a five hour time limit we have to act faster. If you 
    feel confident you can easily get a shot at him when he pokes his head around 
    an obstacle then do so. Towards him to the right is a box of MK22 ammo if you 
    need it and more will appear if you run low on ammo. Like soldiers, bosses  
    can not be killed if you want a Foxhound ranking so rely on the MK22. If he 
    is on the right side of the arena then so should you be and the same for the 
    left, if he hides behind the tree in the middle then it is your choice. Hide 
    behind obstacles and aim in first person view mode with the R1 button, use L2 
    and R2 button to peek around corners. I know a place you can hide where he 
    can never hit you, but it is time consuming to wait for him to appear exactly 
    where you want him over and over so forget that. When he gets shot the first 
    time his friends from behind will shoot you, after a second you get another 
    chance to get Ocelot during this part. This will happen again later in the 
    battle. When he has lost a lot of stamina he will start using bullets that 
    ricochet of anything, you just have to run like a mad man and hope you dodge 
    them. It seems to help though if you run like crazy within the space of 1 
    meter. If you got smoke grenades then use them but only after he gets tough. 
    Since he is fighting in a small area he will eventually run into the smoke 
    and start coughing, it gives you a chance to get him again.
    --Chat. Hope you got past Ocelot, remember to save any tricks you have up 
    your sleeve towards the end of the battle when the enemy gets tougher. Also 
    noticed how I told you to get prepared before you even enter the area with 
    the boss. There is a good reason for that, because if you die and you have to 
    quit the re load your saved game you will not have to go into your survival 
    viewer and select everything you want again as you did it in the area before 
    you saved.
    13. Ocelot - The Pain time 46 minutes
    Right, you need good eyesight for this or just turn up the brightness on your 
    TV because we are not going to waste time getting the torch here. If you do 
    not have animal camo then get it here. Of course you will have to have 
    reduced Ocelots stamina to 0 to get this camo, the best desert camo there is.
    Anyway, you are in Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch, head through the opening 
    on your right and continue going forward till you reach a wall, crouch and go 
    through the tiny tunnel hunting food along the way. Remember to use thermals 
    to see food and items easier. Anyway you now have a linear path to follow, 
    follow it to the exit but grab the two boxes of MK22 bullets along the way 
    that are on your right. It might be one box though depending on your  
    Chyornaya Peschera Cave. Go straight ahead, just before the exit equip 
    grenades. If you want to defeat The Boss in an easy way at the end of the 
    game then you need snow camo and if you do not have this then make the first 
    turning to the right of this area. You will be in a large room, go north then 
    crouch and follow the path to the exit getting the snow camo along the way.
    The Pain
    First, save. This boss is not hard, he can just be annoying when he protects 
    himself with bees. First of all right infront of where you start at the 
    bottom of the water are grenades, go there if you run out, to the small rock 
    in the north are MK22 bullets. These appear when you need them. When you 
    shoot the pain, even with a headshot you notice he only loses a tiny bit of 
    stamina, this is bad. Just keep shooting him, if you see a small cluster of 
    hornets in the air then that means they are going to bring you a grenade, 
    shoot at them so the grenade drops in the water, otherwise jump in the water. 
    After a while The Pain will be covered in hornets and will be protected 
    against attacks, throw a grenade right next to him to get rid of his shield. 
    Equip thermals if you have trouble seeing through the smoke and then just 
    keep shooting him. From time to time he wants to use a hornet version of the 
    tommy gun that shoots hornets at you (Sounds silly don't it?) just dive in 
    the water when this happens and swim around. Also if he throws some darts 
    into the ground near you, you will be followed by bees for a while, jump in 
    the water and swim around. If a large swarm cover you just rapidly press all 
    the buttons to get free sooner. After he loses half his health he shoots 
    bullet bees, always dive in the water when these little buggers get loose 
    because they take a lot of health. If you see two The Pains, then one is a 
    fake, equip thermal goggles to find out which is the real one. And if 
    he disappears completely then go into the water other wise he flies into you 
    somehow. Just keep up the process of throwing a grenade and shooting him with 
    the MK22 to finish this battle. It can be annoying at times when as soon as 
    you get out the water you have to get back in. But keep on trying. After 
    defeating him you can get the hornet stripe camo if you do not already have 
    it, but it is a worthless piece of camo so ignore it.
    --Chat. Hopefully you are not past 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you are then you 
    are just slacking, even without the spider camo you should have made this 
    time limit, I did it 46 minutes into the game and this was my first serious 
    run in the game trying to get Foxhound. So if I can do it, someone with not 
    enough good skill, then you can also.
    14. The pain - The Fear time: 1 hour and 11 minutes
    Chornaya Peschera Cave Entrance. No enemies here, just run forward, along the 
    way you can get a mine detector to your right but there is no need for it. 
    Use thermals to spot mines instead.  When you get into a wide area go left, 
    shoot the two mines with the help of your thermal goggles and grab the MK22 
    bullets then head all the way north to the exit.
    Ponizovje South. There are flying platforms here. Now max your stamina up, 
    equip the water camo and just swim north to the end, gaurds will get 
    suspicious but that's all, also collect the chaff grenades that are to your 
    left. If you do not have water camo then you have a tough job. Hide under the 
    cover of the trees and keep moving if you are in the open, only stop if you 
    are under a tree and a searchlight is going to pass over your head. This is 
    just going to waste your time, that is why you should have done the practice 
    runs. If you got the crocodile cap then equip it and enemies will not spot 
    you when you swim in this area.
    Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior. Save here. Now do not move, crouch. In front 
    of you is a guard looking out over the water, wait till he turns around and 
    walks away, it takes a while. Now take a look with you scop at your exit, it 
    is a small corridor next to 5 steps, wait till a guard goes to the top of the 
    steps. Use your binoculars to assist you in getting him, also get the guy who 
    is in front walking to the right. A guard should now come from the left, just 
    keep shooting him till he drops. Head to the exit, also a boat on the very 
    left of this area has MK22 bullets. If you do not have water camo then 
    quickly shoot the guy looking out in your direction.
    Penizovje Warehourse. Okay start by throwing chaff, and equip the spider 
    camo. If you do not have spider camo you will have to be quick with headshots 
    here. Now with 4 guards closely packed in this place they have a habit of 
    seeing each other fall down and calling for backup. If you threw chaff they 
    will not call backup. There are two soldiers to take out on the bottom floor, 
    one at the top of the stairs and one halfway between. By the guard halfway 
    between is a small room with food, and very good food, make sure you get it!
    Graniny Gorki South. Equip thermals for two reasons, to see the traps and to 
    find the tiny poison dart frogs. Capture atleast 5 poison dart frogs then run 
    to the exit north.
    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls. Equip spider camo or crawl if you 
    can not and head all the way left. Make sure a guard is not close enough to 
    see you when you go through the hole in the fence at the left of the area. Now 
    head forward to the patch of grass by the west side of the wall and crawl 
    through the hole in the wall.
    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls. Equip no face paint, and the 
    scientist lab uniform. Get up and try to run for the entrance, you will get 
    caught and brought inside, do not worry as this does not count as an alert.
    Graniny Gorki lab B1 East. Be careful you don't bump into any guards, now 
    leave the cell and head right then north to the exit but be careful of the 
    spider on the floor.
    Graniny Gorki lab 1F. Head south, then go left then up then left and up once 
    again. Open the door, run to your right and head down the stairs.
    Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West. Follow the corridor till you get to a side room to 
    your right, enter and get the cig-gas spary. Take this from your back pack 
    and equip it. Do not worry, no one will raise the alarm when they see this as 
    they do not realise it is a weapon. Now continue along the corridor and enter 
    the relaxation room, there is a door to the north at the east wall, wait till 
    the scientist has moved to the left of the room now go through that door. Get 
    the battery in the right of the room you just entered. Now look between the 
    two rows of workstations, if you see a scientist standing up then wait for 
    him to sit down. Then bolt it forward then to the left to trigger some cut 
    scenes. Now save the game. Head back out, a scientist will see you. Turn your 
    back towards him otherwise he will realise you are not a fellow worker and 
    raise the alarm. Walk back into the room where the cutscenes were triggered. 
    When he decides to leave use the gas spray to knock him out and drag his body 
    to the bottom right corner. Now head back out and gas spray the gaurd, drag 
    his body in then. Now there is a scientist still in the room. Wait for him to 
    get up and walk to the south of the room, when he does this just run pass. 
    There is a door to the left of this room, you used it to enter this room the 
    first time now use it to get out, if you hear a scientist get suspicious then 
    just walk to the right of the room. Try again 15 seconds later, and repeat 
    this until you can leave without him seeing you. Now head back to the 1f.
    Graniny Gorki Lab 1f. Go left through the door. Head south then make the 
    turning right, then south, then right then upwards and through the second 
    door on your left. You should be in a tiny courtyard, head through the small 
    opening on the west side of the courtyard.
    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls. First, change back into camo and 
    out of your disguise. Look over the grass with R1, R2 and L2. You should see 
    two guards, take them out and crawl to the exit you used to get inside.
    Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls. Use the spider camo and make a 
    dash for the exit, which is where you entered this area from the first time 
    you came here. If you do not have food then crawl.
    The Fear
    This is a very easy boss. Start of by going into the cure menu and healing 
    yourself. If you got the poison dart frogs I told you to get earlier then 
    equip them, otherwise go hunt for 5, 6 maximum. Now throw them in the middle 
    of the arena and equip your thermal goggles. (See how helpful they are to 
    you?) Start trying to shoot him with the MK22 but only when you are sure you 
    can hit him quick enough, you might have to wait for him to jump on a branch 
    close to you. From time to time he shoots arrows at you, run around or hide 
    behind a tree to avoid the arrows. It is best to look at which direction 
    the arrows are coming from so you can easily decide which tree to hide 
    behind. If you need ammo then head south-east, there is some MK22 ammo by a 
    trap, it can be hard to see without the thermal goggles.After losing enough 
    stamin he claims he needs food, he will run and eat your poison frogs. This 
    gives the chance to get cheap shots while he eats, then again when he crawls 
    up the tree and then again when he drops to the ground and throws up. He will 
    not learn his lesson and eat more of the poisonous frogs you threw into the 
    battlefield earlier, just repeat the process of getting in plenty of cheap 
    shots and he will be gone.
    --Chat. Pick up the fears spider camo, now you can use it but you should have 
    already gotten on a practice run, unless this is your practice run. In that 
    case you can now get used to using this camo and an idea of how much food you 
    need. You are now a bit over a third of the way through the game.
    15. The Fear - The End time: 1 hour and 34 minutes
    Start by heading south, into Ponizovje Warehouse.
    Ponizovje Warehouse. Save the game. Put on the spider camo and throw another 
    chaff grenade into this room. Your method in this room will be the same as 
    last time except you are making you way down this time and have a new exit to 
    go to. There are four gaurds, one halfway down the stairs, two on the ground 
    level and another in the south-east (To Snakes left upon entering this room) 
    of the room, next floor up. On your way down get the food from the side room 
    halfway down all the stairs, take gaurds out on your way down. You might have 
    to get the south-east gaurd a bit later though, hang over the railing to the 
    south of the side room and drop onto a stack of boxes that are in the middle 
    of the room. On top is an MK22 supressor. Walk up the stairs at the south of 
    this room being careful to take out the gaurd at the top and take the first 
    door to the right, do not go through the one a bit south of that door.
    Svyatogornyj South. No enemies here, use this to gather supplies. There is a 
    good deal of tasty food for you to gather for use with the spider camo, and 
    plenty of plants you can kick (Do not shoot, try to save ammo with both 
    handguns at this moment) to gain medicine supplies. From the starting 
    position head forward up the slope and go to the left, look for the item 
    "book" this is very valuable for a later portion of the game, this is a 
    must. Grab it and make sure you have it. Now gather food and medicine 
    supplies if you need any and head north to the exit.
    Svyatogornyj West. You should now have a brand new stack of food to use. Put 
    your camo on, spider one that is and take the first left. Now run all the way 
    to your left then north, take out the guard infront of you then continue 
    forward. I understand you probably have little ammo but if you have none then 
    rely on more traditional stealth skills like hiding. Anyway when you are past 
    him continue north, you will have to run to your right and at that point be 
    very careful of a gaurd ahead of you, take him out if you can or sneak past 
    him when he walks away. When he is taken out pick him up and let go, he 
    should drop some MK22 ammo. Now you need to head north, with spider camo this 
    will be very easy, can can just run forward but you might have to take out a 
    gaurd on your way.
    The End
    Save the game and equip the moss camo, if you do not have it then anything 
    that is good. Head north-west of the area with a crawl to a little hut. There 
    are MK22 bullets there, it might be one box or it might be more, just hope 
    you get all you can carry otherwise you will have to return here later to re 
    stock on ammo. That is why I wanted you to save M1911A1 bullets earlier, if 
    you have plenty then there will not be so many bullets for that gun in this 
    hut. This is the longest boss battle, and it is fought over three areas. 
    Sokroveno north, south and west. Never get impatient and run unless you know 
    it is safe to do so. Make good use out of the directional microphone, take it 
    out from time time time and do a quick survey off the area to help you 
    pinpoint his location. Whatever you do, do not try looking for him with 
    binoculars, sometimes the sun will shine off the lens and give your position 
    away. If you want to easily find him you have to catch his parrot alive and 
    then let it go, he will fly to his master and give away his position. But the 
    problem with the parrot trick is that even if you know where abouts to find 
    the parrot it is still hard to find it. Being green it blends in with the 
    trees and your thermals do not work either so to save time you should forget 
    this trick. The thermals are good for finding the end though, like The Fear, 
    he likes to keep himself hidden from you. He is good with camoflouage. 
    Usually in your starting area he will be to the north-east or north-west, at 
    the top of a short cliff. Use the microphone to determine which position, if 
    he is in neither you will have to find him in the other areas with the 
    microphone. When you locate him sneak up on him from behind then shoot him 
    three times with the MK22. If you have yet to get the moss camo then get 
    really close and aim your gun so snake says "Freeze" allow The End to shake 
    his body till he drops the moss camo, shoot him three times then quickly grab 
    the camo and put it on. Now The End will throw a stun grenade, always watch 
    the grenade and see where it lands, then you know which direction to look in 
    to avoid being blinded. You can not allow yourself to be stunned, although it 
    does not mean you lost it can give him the chance to run off well before you 
    can follow his trail which is a big problem later. Equip your thermals and 
    follow his footsteps, you can see his footprints in the mud. This might some 
    take some trail and error, meaning you might have to play several times just 
    to be able to understand your enemy better. Remember all the places you 
    encountered him, sniper spots marked on your map in the survival viewer. 
    Remember this because sometimes his footprints will quickly fade away, also, 
    sometimes he will have already settled into position and shoot you while you 
    are still running following the footsteps so it helps to know where it looks 
    like he is heading. Now follow those footsteps, but if you feel like he is 
    getting close to one of his sniper spots then stop, crouch and crawl over 
    there, then sneak up on him and repeat the process of shooting him with the 
    MK22 and chasing him. If you are low on ammo and he has around half his 
    stamina left then shoot with a silencer equiped till you get to 6 bullets, 
    then head to the hut and refill your ammo. When he loses half his stamina you 
    have to be careful, you might hear him heaving loudly, this means he is about 
    to regain stamina, now keep cool and don't rush things unless you are behind 
    him. Repeat the process of shooting him then following him but at a quicker 
    pace and you will be done.
    16. The End - The Fury time: 1 hour and 59 minutes
    You start of in Sokrovenno North, like every other boss you should have 
    stamina killed The End because you are after all going for Foxhound, one
    requirement is no humans killed. Unlike other boss battles, you do not get
    a camo uniform as a reward, you get something much better and useful. A 
    sniper rifle that knocks enemies unconsious! This is the mosin nagant, The 
    Ends own sniper rifle. Drop left from where you start and walk a tiny bit
    north-west to get it, it might be hard to see so use the thermals. This 
    makes a couple of boss fights much easier. Now head north-east to the exit.
    Krasnogorje Tunnel. No enemies here, there are some rats that you might want
    to capture as they give decent stamina recovery. If you want to take on The
    Fury in an easier way then I suggest you take as much food as you can and 
    get greedy,hopefully you already have quite a bit of good food and have been
    saving your instant noodles and calorie mates. Head north and begin to climb
    the long ladder. (This is the same ladder to start the whole ladder fad) A
    long climb to the top but you get some good music to listen to on the way, at
    the top go and head north to the exit.
    Krasnogorje Mountain Base. This is a simple get from south to north in a
    straight line. The problem is that there are gaurds patrolling on both sides.
    But with the spider camo you will have no problem, there are vultures here so
    try to get some if you can as they are fairly tasty. Which means a good 
    stamina recovery. Now you must have the spider camo, if you have not enough
    food however then crawl to the exit. Also, if you are running low on MK22
    bullets then to the west side of the area is a large rock, some bullets are 
    under there.
    Krasnogorje Mountainside. Keep on spider camo and save the game. There is a 
    chopper heading around the place, if you hear it quietly in the distance or 
    not at all then it is okay to run, just crouch when you hear it getting 
    close. Crawl forward and take the left. Head up the slope and take out the 
    gaurd near the top. Head right till you reach the edge, then head up. There 
    is a gaurd patrolling here on the left of the screen. Wait till he walks away 
    from you then hop on top of the little step to your left. Take him out. Now 
    infront of him is a gaurd that goes up and down a slope, if you see him then 
    take him out otherwise run up there and then take him out but make sure you 
    do not run right into him. Now make sure you are at the top of the slope and 
    head right, there should be a tiny slope going north with a gaurd at the top 
    patrolling left and right. Take him out and go left. Close to the end of this 
    area now. After going left you will come to a narrow path, follow it and you 
    will have three gaurds ahead of you and three huts. Run forward a bit, take 
    out the gaurd to the right, if a gaurd walks over to him then you must do
    a quick headshot. On the left is a gaurd who patrols the left side of the 
    raised landing with the exit and the part you are at now. You will see him 
    well in advance before he gets to where you are at so take him out but wait 
    till he gets off the raised bit of land and to the level you are at otherwise 
    the gaurd behind will see him fall and call backup. Now take the slope
    to the north, the hut at the end to the right has rations and a calorie mate 
    so I suggest you get them. Go to the hut on the left and press your back 
    against the wall and on the left of the front side knock on the wall, this 
    will lure the gaurd by the exit away from it. When he starts walking forward 
    go around the hut and to the exit.
    Krasnogorje Mountaintop. Still have the spider camo left on, you should have
    been hunting food on the way and already have a good supply before you 
    startedthe mountain climb. This is very simple, your aim is to go to the top, 
    to a door north-east right in the corner of the area. It might look difficult 
    but it is not, and that is fact. In front of you is a trench, all you do is 
    need to drop in it and follow it to the exit. There will be gaurds in this 
    trench so take them out on your way. Peek round corners as there are a lot of 
    turns. Also, when moving along be careful of those not in the trench but 
    close enough to see what is happening inside, take them out on the way also. 
    Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins. No gaurds here. Inside are two packs of 
    instant noodles back in the building where you just met EVA so make sure you 
    get them, there is mosin nagant ammo uder the bed and hopefully there will be 
    MK22 bullets but this depends on how many bullets you have for that and the 
    M1911A1, now head for the exit. 
    Krasnogorje Mountaintop. Head south, stop about 8 meters before the turning 
    left and wait for a new type of trooper to cross your path, one equipped with 
    a flame thrower. Shoot him in the head then run forward, but instead of 
    following the path the way you used to come in climb the ground in front of 
    you. At the top look to the left of the screen down below, there should be a 
    gaurd, you must take him out, now run forward and drop to the ground in front 
    and and again to land right in front of a red door. Head through it.
    Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel. First congratulate yourself for making it 
    this far and hope you have not passed 2 hours and 30 minutes. Run down the 
    stairs and then at the bottom turn right and head sout, there will be boxes 
    of ammo. Head north to the railing and press up against it then hit the 
    action button. Snake will leap over the railing and hold onto the edge of
    the ground, shimmy to the right of the screen past the barrels and then 
    climb back up to get a battery now flip over the railing again and  return
    to the left of the barrels. Also by the left of the barrels are MK22 ammo
    so grab it. Now head left and run forward to the ladder. Equip yourself as 
    light as possible, with thermal goggles, MK22, stun grenades and the mosin 
    nagant if you want. Now go down the ladder.
    The Fury
    I hate this boss, save as soon as the battle begins. This is the toughest 
    boss to defeat in my opinion because he is very unpredictable. He is very 
    slow but when he uses his jetpack he is quick and very agile. I had times 
    where I run away from him and he just happens to land right infront of me or 
    close by. His flame thrower has a good range also, this game is like a 3D 
    version of bomberman. There are plenty of walls and pillars dotted around the 
    place. Not only that but since you are fighting in the dark you might need 
    to use your thermal goggles from time to time and sometimes they will be 
    useless because The Fury's flame thrower can cause your thermal goggles to 
    become temporarily disrupted. If you need to refill batteries then to the 
    left and right of the area are Russian  Glowcaps, when eaten they restore 
    battery power. To the south-west of the battle arena are MK22 bullets. 
    This battle does require luck also, you just better hope you get some good 
    chances to hit him. I found the spider camo useful here, it makes him harder 
    for him to find you but before you aim and shoot him make sure your stamina 
    is high so your hands do not shake when you take aim at him. If there are 
    tiny little flames you can put them out if there are red pipes hanging low, 
    shoot the pipes and water will spill out but this is not enough to put out 
    big fires. After taking enough damage The Fury will mention how his flame 
    suit has been ripped, your shots do more damage to his stamina now, stun 
    grenades are helpful also. When he shoots his flame thrower try not to press 
    up against the wall as his flames do not simply go in a straight line but 
    they will also spill outwards, like a V shape at the corners of walls. Also 
    sometimes he starts a count down, quickly find him and get him, if you try to 
    shoot him with an MK22 at close range you will be able to only get one shot 
    in. With luck and quick aiming skills you should not have many problems.
    --If you did this then congratulate yourself, the hardest part is over, all 
    the bosses from now on are easy to deafeat and simple. The only hard part now 
    would be escape from Groznyj Grad.
    17. The Fury - Escape from Groznyj Grad time 2 hours and 19 minutes
    Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel. If you want grab The Fury's camo if you do 
    not have it, although it is pointless. You never need to use this when you 
    could simply use the sneaking suit. Anyway it is next to you when you regain 
    control of snake after the cutscene. Run forward grabbing the suppressor for 
    the MK22. And grab the MK22 bullets along the way then head up the ladder to 
    the exit.
    Groznyj Grad South West. Save the game. Still keep the spider camo on, infact 
    you probably had it on now for a very long while. If you are low on food go 
    to the top of the guide and look at the secret radio numbers for the healing 
    radio. Head left under the metal platform and grab the ammo, now go right and 
    head up the stairs then left past the two rows of cargo containers. To the left 
    are three buildings, when you reach them head north while shooting a guard 
    who is straight ahead of you, if you do not see him then he has gone left of 
    the building most north, sneak up and take him out in that case. When you 
    reach a wall right in front of you head left and take the first door you 
    Groznyj Grad North East. You start off from behind a building, head right to 
    the corner then shoot the gaurd infront of you in the head. Equip your 
    thermals then run to the exit, it is a red door straight ahead of the gard 
    you just taken out, but a bit more to the left. Thermals help you see 
    enemies, do not stop to take any out just avoid them. Make a dash all the way 
    north to a red door and enter it. If a gaurd says "Huh?" "Who was that?" or 
    something similar just keep running for the exit but do not stop.
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. Put on the scientist disguise and take 
    off face paint also take out the cig gas spray from your backpack, head up 
    the stairs to the north and enter the room at the top. Now wait...yes wait. 
    This is the only part of the game where you are to slack off and be lazy. 
    Wait for Raikov to enter the room, he is a Major with long platinum blonde 
    hair. When he enters the room knock him out with the spray and drag his body 
    south to the lockers, but drag his body away from the windows also because 
    you do not want his fellow soldiers to see you dragging their Major. After 
    the cutscene put on his disguise and the Raikov mask which is already in your 
    inventory, head back down the stairs and enter the room to your left which is 
    a library. In the back left corner is a book, grab it, you should have two by 
    now. Now head back up to the locker room and go through a door to the left 
    and the south of the room.
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing. You can see the Shagohod out side of the 
    window and there is also a door aswell but it is locked at the moment so head 
    left then north to the exit.
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing. Simply walk forward to trigger lots of 
    Groznyj Grad Tortue Room. You can't skip what is about to happen yet. At one 
    point your health will decrease because you are being punched. You can hold 
    L2 right till the end to stop yourself from losing health but that will be 
    cheating, do not do it. A foxhound rating probably won't feel so good if you 
    cheated to get it. After the beating you can skip the cut scenes. You will 
    wake up in a jail room, this will be the hardest stealth part of the game 
    because you have no camo at all. Go into the survival menu and cure yourself 
    unless you want to face the ocelot unit later. Your gaurd will throw in some 
    food for you to eat, pick that up and wait for him to walk away to the left 
    of your cell which is down the corridor going south. Call 144.75 to unlock 
    your door, then run left past the corridor with your gaurd and then take the 
    turning south then head to the first left turning to exit.
    Groznyj Grad South East. Save first. This is the hardest part of escaping. It 
    is tricky and you have to be precise, half a step out and it is an alert, 
    that is how difficult this is so make sure you save first of all. Now press 
    your back against the wall on the right of the screen and sneek to the bottom 
    of it. Around the corner you will see a guard, wait till he turns around then 
    run south (You might have to wait for the gaurd to start walking) to the wall 
    and then left, now you must make a dive while rolling. Aim so that when you 
    land your head is infront of the second set of barrels, between the one on 
    the left and right of the set. Quickly go first person and look at between 
    the barrels, crawl over to them now. The reason I ask you to look in first 
    person is because sometimes Snake will get stuck by the south wall if you do 
    not do this. Press your back against the second set of barrels, if you heard 
    a guard get suspicious then quit and re load the game save. Now with your 
    back agaisnt the barrels head to the left side of the barrels, you will see 
    a gaurd to the north, wait till he stops and looks straight ahead to the 
    right, now get up then run left and when you pass some crates run forward and 
    do a dive, crawl through the tiny gap.
    Groznyj Grad North East. Run left and do not stop, run all the way to the 
    left till you reach a wall and door, go through the door.
    Groznyj Grad North West. First save. This is actually the easy part even 
    though there are more gaurds and now attack dogs oh and a spotlight also. 
    Okay, see north there is an object that is red and white striped? Okay, when 
    the spotlight shines next to it run to the edge of the spotlight, no joke, go 
    and do that. You might have to take two steps in the light. Your goal here is 
    to get the attention of two gaurds, one is to your left and you can not see 
    him, one is to the north and is very far away, when you run into the  
    spotlight make sure you see the little ? sign above the head of the guard to 
    the north. Now turn right and run back out, turning left and running back is 
    more likely to cause an alert since you run a step closer to the gaurd you 
    can not see. Now head south and past the door you used to enter to this area. 
    Go left to the first row of tanks and stand right in front of its side, not a 
    step or two but right in front of its right side. Run left but when doing so 
    make sure the gaurd to the north between the two rows of tanks has a little ? 
    sign above his head, you might have to spend 2 seconds standing on one spot. 
    Now continue left quickly to the second row of tanks and head north to the 
    second one but wait behind the back of the tank for 1 second. Run forward 
    turn right between the second and third tanks then head north until you reach 
    a wall, now head right and dive diagonally up and to your right. By now you 
    probably heard a soldier say "Theres nothing here" or something like that. 
    Take out food and look to your right to see a guard on the east side walking 
    north, throw the food at around 7 steps behind him so he turns around and 
    walks back south. Now crawl forward diagonally to the north-east a few paces 
    then get up and run but do not step too close to the dog otherwise you will 
    alert him and wake him up then he will bark and gaurds will come. When you 
    get to the fence, crouch and crawl under all the red pipes to the exit. 
    Note: Sometimes during your escape things that should not happen might 
    happen. For example I am playing the game right now to make sure I am giving 
    you the correct info and the guard between the two rows of tanks was facing 
    north when he should be facing south so he sees me and comes over. Problems 
    like this arise but from time to time only but try to take the initiative, I 
    thought I would have to re load but instead I just beaten the gaurd up and 
    carried on.
    Groznyj Grad Sewers. Almost to the exit, hope over the railing and let go but 
    rapidly press the triangle button to grab the railing below, let go again. 
    Run north then climb up on the left and crawl through the little hole. Run 
    north turn east then crouch and head through the hole. Run north into the 
    pool of water and grab the food, do not even bother trying to kill the dogs 
    if you got the SAA ammo. Run up the stairs that are in front of the pool of 
    water and go through the little hole to the right. Then continue north then 
    go through the hole in the wall to the left now head forward to the exit.
    --Chat, you have no done the hardest boss and hardest sneaking part in the 
    game, it all gets easier now, that is if you got the two books I told you to 
    get earlier. Keep it up, if you came this far so far then you have nothing to 
    worry about. You will also be saving the game more often, this is why I 
    rarely told you to save the game before your capture. Because now you can 
    save frequently during the harder parts of the game.
    18. Escape from Groznyj Grad - Volgin time 2 hours and 34 minutes
    The Sorrow
    A simple battle, you should have to avoid only The Pain, The Fear, The End 
    and The Fury. If you see anyone else then you killed a human which you are 
    not meant to do if you want Foxhound. Find out where abouts you killed him by 
    looking at which enemy bosses he appears between then load a previous saved 
    game if you can of the boss he appeared after and try again. Just walk to the 
    end trying to dodge the spirits of the bosses, although you did not kill 
    these bosses by using the MK22 they still appear and that is normal so have 
    no fear. When you get to the end you collapse and die, hold L2 and select the 
    revival pill.
    Tikhogornyj. This is such a beautiful place, go to the right then north, now 
    slowly cross the log to the left of the area and head forward then slowly 
    walk on the lake. Just be careful not to fall down because then you got to 
    cross the log again. Now run forward in the direction of north to the 
    waterfall and use the narrow bit of land on the right of the waterfall to get 
    Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall. If you do not have snow face paint then head 
    back to the waterfall and dive into the water, swim down and grab the Kabuki 
    face paint. It is not snow face paint but works just as good because it is 
    mainly white. Now get back in the cave behind the waterfall. To the left 
    before the tiny corridor starts is an MK22 suppressor. Head forward and put 
    on your thermal goggles, capture any frogs you see and Russian glow caps, but 
    use the MK22 for the frogs because you need them alive. Along the way gather 
    the MK22 ammo and at the end of the tunnel grabe the cardboard box. Now go to 
    a door you passed just a bit earlier and go through but before you climb the 
    ladder grab the MK22 bullets and ration (The ration is hard to see). Now go 
    up the ladder.
    Groznyj Grad North West. Save game. Equip spider camo and run in front of the
    first tank then up and in front of the second tank on the right row of 
    tanks but try to stay away from the soldiers, do not run right next to them.
    if you find it hard then take out a gaurd patrolling south and just bolt it
    to the exit on 
    the east side.
    Groznyj Grad North East. Run all the way to your right till you reach a wall 
    then take out the gaurd to the north of you. Now run forward and back into 
    the weapons lab. If you want to take a shortcut then head to the right of the 
    building, jump into the vehicle and equip the cardboard box B, this will take 
    you into the Shagohod hangar.
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. Put on the scientist disguise. You 
    should have two books by now, if not then go into the library to your left. 
    Now head up to where Raikov was hidden in the lockers, check the lockers for 
    a sneaking suit if you do not have one, it reduces damage by half and lowers 
    stamina consumption. Also look for a maintenance unifrom. Now head for the 
    main wing which is the door to the left in the locker room.
    Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing. You now have the key to enter, head left 
    and take the door in. Equip C3 explosives and put on the maintenance unifrom. 
    If you entered this part of the weapons lab by a box then equip the spider 
    camo. There are 4 containers here that need C3 to be planted on them, two on 
    the west and another two on the east side of this hangar. Start by heading 
    north up the ramp, continue and get the container to your left but make sure 
    you are not caught planting explosives or with them in your hand. If using 
    the maintenance unifrom then be careful around the workers, they can tell you 
    do not belong here so if one looks at you and gets suspicious then quickly 
    turn your back to him and wait till he stops looking. Now carry on north and 
    to the east is another container near the end of the hangar. Go left now till 
    you reach another one, but if using the spider camo then be careful of 
    patrolling guards. Now you will come to a wall with the third container near 
    it, now head south and up the stairs being careful of a worker up here and 
    get the fourth and final container.
    This is so easy. First save. Equip the sneaking suit first of all, for the 
    first half of the battle you will have a straight forward method to do. 
    Always remain close to him unless he is about to shoot bullets. When he is 
    about to shoot bullets he raises one arm in the air, run away from him 
    because the closer you are to him then the better his accuracy is. When he 
    starts shooting run along the side of the arena in which you fight him. What 
    you have to do to defeat him is to use close quarters combat, CQC as it is 
    known in the game. When you see him without electric currents running all 
    over his body, go an run up and while holding the analog stick slam your 
    finger on the O button to bring Volgin to the ground. Now run and press X to 
    roll over his back hitting him more. A quick way to make sure he has no 
    currents running through his body is to get close and equip any gun, now when 
    you see one of his hands  starting to glow with lightning un equip the weapon 
    and run behind him. He will launch a thick beam on thunder, after that just 
    grab and slam him into the ground then roll over him. After he loses half his 
    health he becomes much tougher but he is still an easy boss, just be careful. 
    Start by throwing all the frogs and glow caps you found behind the waterfall. 
    If Volgin tries a lightning attack it will home in on the glow cap which is 
    good because in the second half the thunder beam attack is much tougher to 
    doge and he shoots three in one go, sometimes two. (Chaff grenades can also 
    deflect some lighting attacks) So never use the equip then quickly un equip 
    method during the second half of the fight, you are best of running in 
    circles around him in close range. Sometimes he will lunge forward and try a 
    punch that also shoots bullets, when he does this just grab then roll over 
    him, also sometimes he sees a frog in front that you have thrown and becomes 
    scared of them. This gives you the opportunity to run behind and shoot him, 
    but never shoot from the front as he has a shield and if he has his hand 
    raised he will make bullets bounce back into you. If he raises both hands in 
    the air then get in a prone position and wait for him to shoot bullets past 
    your head. Another attack he has is where he makes electric beams move along 
    the floor, this is hard to dodge, you just have to keep rolling over the 
    beams and you will get through it, but try to stay in the middle of the arena 
    when attempting this. If you have yet to get the cold war uniform then grab 
    it from the arena after you defeat him before the next cutscene starts, be 
    19. Volgin - The Boss Time 3 hours and 30 minutes
    Groznyj Grad. This is fun, you do not have to worry about being seen or 
    rushing through the area because all you can do is control where Snake is 
    shooting, you have to let EVA drive out of Groznyj Grad. Put on the cold war 
    camo, this will stop people in front of you from shooting. Now use your skill 
    to take out as many soldiers as possible, while EVA drives to the exit. Plus 
    whenever you are on the bike with EVA you get unlimited ammo for your 
    Groznyj Grad Runway South. Just do the same as the last area, you have to 
    rely on EVA to drive you out of the area, all you can do is take out as many 
    guards as possible. If you see a guard on top of a building then take him out 
    quick as he will have a rocket launcher.
    Grozny Grad Runway. You are now on the runway being chased by soldiers on 
    motorbikes. Take them out, you might notice that sometimes their vehicle 
    crashes or they fall off the bike which is going at a high speed. Do not 
    worry because this does not count as a kill but you still need to use the 
    MK22. After a while some cutscenes will happen, wait till Volgin uses the 
    Shagohod to crash the people on bikes away. Go into your back pack and equip 
    the RPG, even if you did not collect it, you will atumatically have it there. 
    Now repeatedly just shoot at the Shagohod, double press R2 after each shot to 
    avoid the long reload process. Rapidly do this so he does not hit you, he 
    might shoot his machine guns or fire rockets at you. Shoot him if he starts 
    using machine guns and shoot the missles in the air if he launches them, do 
    not worry as they are slow moving.
    Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge. Save the game. You should see three blinking 
    lights, rapidly shoot all of them. A fourth one appears after the flames 
    settled, wait till EVA says it is okay to destroy the explosives or shout 
    "He's here!" and then shoot the final one.
    The Shagohod
    Yep, another easy boss fight. You are still on the bike with EVA. Just 
    repeatedly shoot rockets at the drills the Shagohod uses for arms, this will 
    stop it from moving and Volgin will not attack you when the Shagohod is 
    having problems. Eva will then drive round behind the Shagohod's back, launch 
    a rocket at the back portion which used to attatch with the rest of the body 
    to damage the Shagohod. If you are not fast enough at shooting the drills 
    then sometimes Volgin will attack, keep trying to shoot the drills, but if he 
    fires rockets in the air just shoot them, they move slowly so have no fear. 
    After you destroy the Shagohod part two starts where Volgin revives it with 
    power from his body, you are no longer on the bike with EVA. Shoot the drills 
    till you get his attention and he comes after you and no longer EVA. Remain 
    close to the Shagohod and always try to run to its side, this way Volgin will 
    not shoot you with any of the Shagohods weapons. If he says "I will grind you 
    into dust!" Run to the side of the sagohod and face the direction it is 
    facing. Equip the mosin nagant and wait for Volgin to drive forward and stop, 
    now take a headshot and repeat this process, it should take no more than six 
    head shots. You do not get a reward for reducing Volgins stamina to zero.
    Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North. Oce again you are back on EVA's motorbike. 
    Along the way will be two blockades, sometimes a guard will shoot a rocket at 
    you at these blockades, if you see a soldier with a rocket luncher take him 
    out and remember to be wearing the cold war camo.
    Lazorevo South. You are being chased by people on hover vehicles. If you 
    shoot the pilot he will crash into the wall and kill himself, do not worry
    as this does not count as a human killed. But still you need to use the 
    MK22. They can also be sneaky and try to hit you from the side so your 
    cold war camo will not always work, at one point EVA will warn you that 
    there is a log blocking her path, turn forward and shoot it then carry on 
    till the end of 
    the area.
    Lazorevo North. You will be joined by soldiers on bikes again this time, just
    take them out like you have been doing so for a while now. At one point 
    several will attack from EVAs right side so if you see none infront check 
    your side. Sometimes EVA will try to help and say in which direction there 
    are enemies.
    Zaozyorje West. After healing youself and EVA save the game. Now run north 
    and grab the mosin nagant ammo, MK22 bullets and two rations. Put on your best
    camo and get the two books from your back pack. You are going to have to be 
    quick here. Run to the right till you get an opening facing south then take 
    it to trigger some cutscenes. As soon as you skip them quickly place a book 
    to your left and another to the right behind EVA. Now quickly go south and 
    turn right, get EVA to follow and follow the eastern wall of mud and stay 
    close to it, the gaurds behind you will have stopped to look at the books,
    such is the power of these books. Stay close to EVA so she knows where you
    are and so you can quickly give her food if she needs it.After following 
    the eastern wall you will need to go south and then right but always stick
    close to the wall and keep an eye out for guards always also. When EVA is
    next to you by the exit you will proceed into the next area.
    Zaozyorje East. First save. Shoot EVA in the head with an MK22, you do not 
    want to hear her complaining about food or following you around in clothes 
    that is suitable only for the desert. There are a total of 10 guards in this 
    area. Three are close by with another five further north and two more 
    patrolling between the five in the north and the three in your area. Equip 
    thermals because the guards can be hard to see and stay in a prone position. 
    Crawl forward then take a look and make sure you take out three guards. If 
    you see a further two at the north east then take them out and you will have 
    five taken out already. Otherwise always be on gaurd and on the look out for 
    the two that patrol all over this area. Now head north but leave EVA where 
    she is at the moment you will get an opportunity to to go right or north at 
    one point, go north. Crawl till you get to the edge of the ground you are in. 
    There are 5 gaurds here, one is right below you but save him for last because 
    you have to crouch to see him which lowers your camo index. Even with the 
    thermal goggles on they are hard to see, if you want you can waste a few 
    bullets shooting at the ground in random places. Guards will reveal 
    themselves to inspect where the bullet hit the ground sometimes. Apart from 
    the one below you there will be one to the right and nother three to the left 
    (The left most one might be hidden behind an object, shoot the ground to lure 
    him out). Make sure you take them out then get up from a prone position and 
    shoot the guy below you. Make sure the two that patrol all over this area 
    before you go back to EVA, now kick her to wake her up and get her to follow 
    you to the exit, it is to the north west right in front of the 5 guys that 
    you took out. Pick up and drop guards to because some might have MK22 
    Rokovoj Bereg. Skip the cutscenes.
    The Boss
    There are two way to do this battle, the easy way and the challenge way. 
    First before I tell you both ways I will tell you something interesting. There
    are three white snakes in that area. Solid, Liquid and Solidus snakes. They are
    a reference to past games and great food to eat. First save the game and make 
    sure you got no weapon equipped, if The Boss uses CQC on you when you have a 
    weapon equipped she will dismantle it and you have to find your weapon. You 
    have a 10 minute limit for this battle, you can't see the count down but 
    music starts when you get near the end and The Boss will inform you when 5 
    minutes are left. Try to defeat The Boss within the time of 4hours and 45 
    minutes maximum, there is a reason for this explained after you defeat her.
    Challenge way. You have to have good reflexes to defeat The Boss this way. At 
    the beginning of the battle she runs at you and will grab you to do CQC, as 
    soon as Snake grunts press the O button to reverse the attack and stun The 
    Boss, then use a CQC slam on The Boss and take out the MK22 and shoot her 
    twice. Now run behind a tree because when she gets up she will shoot in your 
    direction. Never try to CQC her, only try reversals otherwise she will 
    reverse your attack. You can try and shoot her from a distance or run up to 
    her so she tries CQC on you again, if she does just repeat the reversal 
    process then slamming and shooting her. When she loses almost half her 
    stamina it will be much harder to do a reversal on her CQC attacks so you 
    need better reactions, you do not even get a second of time to reverse her 
    attack, it is a quick split second action you must do as soon as she grabs 
    you. Since she is wearing white against a field of white flowers you might 
    need thermal goggles to help see her. There are MK22 bullets near the 
    middle of the battle field, but since the camera angle constantly changes 
    during this battle it is always going to be hard to find.
    Easy method, put on the snow camo and equip snow face paint or if you do not 
    have that then the kabuki face paint I told you to get earlier. Try to 
    counter The Boss's CQC attack then run to the edge of the battlefield and get 
    in a prone position. The Boss will have a very hard time finding you now. 
    Equip the Thermals and Mosin Nagant hold R1, R2 and L2 to peek over the 
    flowers and look for The Boss. Then while holding all three buttons shoot her 
    when you see her. You might have to move around a bit if she starts getting 
    to close but just repeat the process and you are done. On the side of the 
    battelfield you can find some mosin nagant bullets but becuase the camera 
    angle frequently changes during this battle it will be hard to find them, 
    however if you have as much bullets as you can carry for the gun at the 
    beginning of the fight then you have plenty, and if you run out you can get 
    close and start using the MK22, just not too close.
    When you are finished just skip the cutscenes and save, so you can see the 
    Foxhound rating after the credits whenever you want. You can't skip the 
    credits or the scene afterwards though and that is why I wanted you to defeat 
    The Boss before the time of 4 hours and 45 minutes. However if you used the 
    spider camo like I told you this should not be a problem, even if you used it 
    only sometimes I told you to. Hopefully when you complete the game it should 
    say Foxhound, if it does not then you must have made a mistake, I never told 
    you to kill a soldier or do anything else that would cause you to lose the 
    chance of getting Foxhound.
    I hope you found this guide useful and obtained the Foxhound ranking, 
    congratulations. If you wish to contact me about anything so long as it is 
    not to be offensive then feel free to e-mail me at conantheking101@yahoo.com

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