Review by Psycho_FatWolf6

Reviewed: 05/14/06

It Just Gets Better And Better

I love the MGS Series, and this just adds EXTRA icing to the wonderful cake called the MGS Series. It's a GREAT re-make of MGS 3:Snake Eater. It not only has the whole MGS 3 game, and much more. There's the videos, on-line play, and re-makes of the original Metal Gear 1 and 2! And that's just naming the obvious differences...Well, it's best I continue or we could be here a while.


The normal campaign/story/main game mode is still wonderful. It hasn't been changed much from the original Snake Eater, which was, and still is, wonderful. The on-line play is executed especially well for a first attempt, and though there is of course room for improvement, it's off to a beautiful start. Of course, though, there are cheaters and manipulators who destroy some of the fun, but when you can play a good, clean game, it's completely worth any trouble, well, most.


Why ask? It's a Metal Gear game, there's an awesome story. A small hint of romance, not so much that it's soppy, but just enough to intrigue. There are plot twists galore, though I don't think these were as wild as MGS 2's (no one starts talking about hiri-kiri rock worms). And of course, there's the whole save the world shenanigan going on there. Bottom line, it's intense, captivating, and in most cases, it feels like you're playing a movie, not a video game, and all the parts you control are just short, unimportant intervals.


Once again, quite top-of-the-line. The graphics are extremely sharp and detailed. The sounds are intricately captured and attuned to the areas you visit. Overall it's like sensory magic. The guys at Konami really worked their butts off for this one, and it shows.


You'll definitely end up playing through the game more than once, or getting sucked into the on-line play. There are so many things to get in the story mode that you can't get them all in one go. Unless you try REALLY REALLY REALLY hard. Then maybe you can. So there will definitely be replaying, well as least for the newcomers.

Final Word

DEFINITELY worth buying, owning, obtaining in some way or another (as in something legal, i hope). It's a perfect addition to any game collection that has any merit. Not to say it's the deciding point on one's collection, but it is DEFINITELY a plus, and a big one, too. I absolutely love this game, it is all I've asked for and more.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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