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"Metal Gear Solid 3 Remastered"


The latest installment in the Metal Gear series is the best yet. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was just about perfect in every way, and it gave me hours of enjoyment. In Snake Eater I have played somewhere around 100 hours, collecting everything from IFP, Stealth Camouflage, etc. I've been a die hard Metal Gear fan since 1998 when I played the first Metal Gear Solid for PC.


The original Snake Eater and Subsistance have alot in common, and in this small section I will be reviewing gameplay. As most Metal Gear Solid games, you obviously have to sneak around in order to complete a mission using anything that you can get your hands on. The array of items alone can easily can you through the game if you're smart. There is old school technology such as Thermal Goggles from 60's (The year this game takes place in) to books filled with adult-orientated material. There is still crucial and unique components such as the cardboard box, but instead of the radar, you have gadgets such as the Sonar and Motion Detector. Since the Soliton Radar wasn't invented until later, you have to detect enemies by sound, sight and using gadgets.

The array of weapons is massive in this game. Everything from Knockout Hankerchiefs to RPG-7s. Of course you start out with your tranquilizer which is still the main weapon in the game. However, the thing that makes the MK22 (tranquilizer) and the pistol unique is the fact that you use supressors. If you fire your gun over and over, the supressor will eventually wear out and then break. Another thing that makes Snake Eater/Subsistance so great is the different fire capabilities of the assault rifles. The AK-47, formally known as the AK-74u from Sons of Liberty has two different fire modes, one being single fire and the other being rapid fire. When you rapidly shoot on automatic your gun will start to flail rapidly because you can't maintain control over the firearm.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance made the game even better with the 3D camera that you can rotate and pan. Konami decided to keep the old camera, which at some points you will still use at the tap of a button. Most people complained about the camera angles in Snake Eater, and I can see why seeing as it doesn't do too much to help you with the "Tactical Espionage Action". The addition of European Extreme mode makes the game alot more interesting, yet frustrating. European Extreme is a mode in which you cannot be detected or else the mission fails.


The bonus of the Boss Duel Mode, Demo Theatre, and Secret Boxes only make the game so much better. I had never played the original two Metal Gear Solid games until a few days ago. Despite the fact that they're amazingly old, they still rocked. Nothing is better than 8-Bit infilration. The Boss Duel Mode is a mode in which you can go back and re-duel all of the bosses in the game, trying to get a record time. A very unique and fun thing about Subsistance is the Demo Theatre. You can watch every cinematics from the game in any order you desire. If you feel inclined, you can watch them all. Secret Boxes are joke cut scenes in which things go wrong or just are funny. This is set yup the same way as the Demo Theatre.

Online Play

Metal Gear Online, or MGO, was probably the reason why most people bought the game. The addition of MGO was greatly needed, and Konami did an amazing job with it. I only had the chance to play for a week, because it closed down April 2nd, 2007.

Wrap Up

All in all, I would say that this game is amazing. I gave it a 9/10 because MGO was shut down, but all in all, if you have Snake Eater, and are looking to boost your Metal Gear experience, spend the extra 40 dollars. You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/25/07

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (US, 03/14/06)

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