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"A flawles entry in the metal gear series"

While many Metal gear games in the past were great games and still are, this one takes the cake as the greatest in the franchise.From the story to gameplay, Metal gear solid 3 is a well-crafted game.

Story:The game is in 1964, a time where spies were spies, Naked Snake, the first operative to be named Snake, is sent into the jungles of Russia to rescue Rocket-scientist Sokolov from the Russian army GRU. Who is building a weapon of mass destruction called The Shagohod. Naked Snake must destroy The Shagohod and has to kill his old mentor The Boss,Who defected to the Soviet Union.The story is very deep, thrilling, and epic and has a very great ensemble of characters,which is not a surprising element, since Kojima is very good at making a colorful cast of characters.

Gameplay:Sneaking in a Metal gear game is like a house with a roof, if there is no stealth at all, then its like having a roofless house.Stealth in Metal gear solid 3 is taken to the next level, stealth usually involves crawling in grass, but stealth all relies on the camo index, if you wear something that doesn't match with your surroundings , your probably going to get caught, but if you blend in with the right face paint and camo, your chances of keeping low are very high. to replenish stamina and health, you need to eat.In MGS3, you need to hunt for food like snakes and other animals.The pause menu is the survival viewer, where you can equip face paint and camo, eat, and cure if you get wounded badly enough.The codec is where you speak to your commanding officers and other characters who can assist with, telling you the objective, giving info on your weapons, camo, and food.

Graphics/Sound:The graphics are great for a PS2 game, character models are fleshed out, but the lip-synching is off.The music is great, Especially the opening theme that is very Bond-esque and gets you in the mood.But it still does not beat the soundtrack of Metal gear 2:Solid Snake.

Replay value:There is always something new once you play the game over that you never caught before, and you can unlock many things every time you play .

Overall:Metal gear solid 3 is a masterpiece, everything is solid about it.The story is great the soundtrack is great, everything is great, this is a must have to any gamer.I say buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/07/10

Game Release: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (US, 03/14/06)

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