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"Blows all of it's predecessors out of the water"

The original Metal Gear Solid 3 when it came out was just great but this version is just wow. MGS3 Subsistence is probably the best Metal Gear game to date. For those who do not know this is basically an update from the original Metal Gear Solid 3, think of it as the Lord of the Rings special editions which makes the original even better with a crap load of extras. Metal Gear Solid although hated by many has an amazing fan base. I will say this now, if you want a game with a good storyline you won't find a better one unless you're looking at the previous Metal Gear Solid series, the downside is that is one of the major gripes about this game is the fact the you probably spend 80% of the time listening to this amazing plot. Although many hate it, it is well worth it.

Disk One Subsistence: Disk one titled Subsistence is much like the original disk for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The disk contains the original Snake Eater game with an all new third person camera angle, which may not sound like much but it is very amazing to play with because the old camera was very tedious to use but can still be accessed by clicking R3. The disk also had many features that are unlocked after your first save like the demo theatre which allows you to watch all the games cut scenes wearing any camo you want. It also had a camouflage download where you can get new camouflages off of the internet. It also has a few more extras but none really worth looking into.

Disk Two Persistence: Disk two is where this game truly shines above the original. Persistence is where all of the extras come in; the most noticeable of these is the online mode, which is amazing since this is the first Metal Gear game to appear online. I haven't played online yet so I can't really review about it. Another feature is Duel mode where you can fight the different boss' of the game that appear on the Subsistence disk. The third feature is Snake vs. Monkey which is a mini game which puts Snake up against the monkeys from the ape escape games. Secret Theater is an amazingly funny feature which lets you see cut scenes that actually make fun of the series and the game,(and example of which would be the making fun of Raiden, the protagonist in MGS2 who replaces Solid Snake. Since he was hated so much by the hardcore MGS nerds Hideo Kojima the maker of the series decided to make a spin off of him where he basically gets his butt kicked around every corner). The two final features of Persistence is the addition of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Metal Gear 1 and 2 are what started the whole series, eventually the Metal Gear series spanned into the new series obviously called Metal Gear Solid which has 3 titles making 5 titles in total through the series and in this game alone you already get 3 of them!

The following section is for those of you who haven't played the original Snake Eater; this is a brief overview off some of the aspect of the game play.

Story: The story to MGS3 takes place even before MG 1 and 2 making this the earliest game in the series technically. The story begins during the cold war where Snake or Naked Snake as he is called is being deployed to bring back the Russian scientist Sokolov to American soil. Snakes initial mission is a complete failure with the defection of his mentor who is a legendary soldier known as The Boss, who led the U.S. to victory during WW2. Snake has one final chance to retrieve Sokolov, but this time around he must rescue Sokolov defeat his mentor and stop the nuclear weapon known as the Shagohod which is being build, the odds are greatly against Snake as he must infiltrate the Russian base or face the firing squad for his failure in his previous mission. Although this seems simple it is far from it and you'll be spending about 80% of this game watching this amazing storyline.

Gameplay:MGS is a stealth game, but unlike Splinter Cell this game doesn't require you to be completely stealthy and allows you to run and gun. Although running and gunning is fun it can still get you killed quite quickly. The greatest new feature as mentioned earlier is the new camera angle which makes the games amazing graphics looks even better, and the jungle environment which you will spend a large amount of the game exploring most of the game I personally say puts Halo 2 graphics to shame.

Music: The music hasn't been altered as far as I know, and it is just as amazing as in the original.

Graphics: As said earlier the games graphics only get better with the new camera angle, the only real weakness in graphics is some of the character designs just the minor soldiers you slaughter throughout the game don't have the detail as say Snake, or The Boss.

In conclusion the fact that you get three of probably the best games ever made, a new online mode and a huge load of extras, for only a $30 value this is amazing beyond belief!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/17/06

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