Review by NWalterstorf

Reviewed: 03/20/06

Metal Gear Solid 3: Now with Frosting

This is it, the latest installment of Metal Gear. It's been re-released, now as a "Special Edition" known as "Subsistence". It's a 2 disc game, one holding the game itself on the "Subsistence" disc, the second disc, known as "Persistence", holding all of the special features, including the on-line mode (which is awesome).

This is a long running saga. Ever since the Metal Gear series made its debut back in 1987, the Metal Gear was widely accepted and loved (despite one of their games made in America without Hideo Kojima's help... which was horrible, and is no longer considered a Metal Gear game).

Since then, Metal Gear Solid had arrived on PSone, dazzling people with its awesome gameplay, great stealth, and good graphics (for its time). Then Metal Gear Solid 2 pushed things to a whole new level on the PS2. So how's the third metal gear holding up? It's doing well. Very well.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence gives you Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but with, like the topic of this review says, "frosting." This entire game is "icing on the cake." It takes a great game, possibly the best in the entire Metal Gear series, both original and Solid, and changes a few things, adds a couple, and makes the game even better.

Gameplay is greatly improved, as the camera system is now completely controlled by the player using the right analog stick. Gone are the days when you'd have to walk three steps then use the R1 button to look around in first person mode. This improvement is probably the best improvement to the actual gameplay. Everything feels smoother now, from aiming, to walking, and sneaking. The camera system made a great game even greater than it once was.

The graphics are great. Everything still looks remarkable. This game looks just as good as many of the XBox games out there. Konami took the graphic prowess of the PS2 and pushed it to the limits. You might be a hardcore XBox fan, yet even you would have to admit that this game is on the level of the XBox. And the sound's been improved some. It's barely noticeable, but if you listen closely, some sound effects have been changed. Improved. Some sounds which were quieter have been made louder, and some which may have been awkward (which are few and far between) are made to sound more realistic, more natural.

The story? It's great: the same story-line as MGS3 (since it, at it's core, is MGS3). Hideo Kojima has taken a historical event and created an entire scenario out of it. The story of Snake and Foxhound are an act of fiction, but it fits into the real life scenario of the Second World War so well, you'd think that they did occur. Not to mention the excellent plot twists this game delivers right at the beginning.

Something amazing to me is how Hideo Kojima can create the story of the Metal Gear Solid game and make something like "a man who controls bees" sound completely plausible. When you see one of the characters early on in the game (I won't mention anything for the sake of not spoiling anything), you actually believe he has the ability to conduct lightening, something which may seem like a cartoon in the hands of any other company. Not so. Hideo Kojima pulls off everything extremelly well.

In closing, would I recommend this game for somebody to buy? Absolutely. In fact, if I knew you personally, I'd probably go out and purchase you the Limited Edition, just so you could enjoy this phenomenal game (and for those of you who do know me personally, expect the game shortly if you haven't already gotten it). This game puts Sam Fisher to shame. In fact, I honestly believe that the Splinter Cell series stole from the Metal Gear Solid series. In all cases, I would say that, compared to all games on stealth and "tactical espionage action", the Metal Gear Solid series is the best. This game would lead the front.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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