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"Quite Possibly the Greatest Game Ever Made."

The original Metal Gear Solid 3 came out only about two years or ago, and like the previous MGS, Konami eventually provided a director's cut of the original called MGS 3: subsistence. MGS2: subsistence was nothing more than that. A director's cut with a few new modes such as theatre mode and a few mini-games. In this case, Konami actually made the game better by not only including new modes like theatre and new Snake Vs. Monkey missions, but it actually adds to the game by including most of the downloadable camo and face paint in the game instead of having to download it off of the internet, and additionally adding the MSX versions of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 (Never released in the U.S. before). It also adds a boss duel mode for all three games, and the European Extreme mode witch makes the old extreme mode look really easy. The final extra included in the package is a third disk called existence that is included with a few select Limited edition pre-order copies. This disk takes all of Snake Eater's cut- scenes and splices them together into a three and a half hour movie, which is great to use to get people who don't normally play games interested in the MGS saga. That does it for the extras. Now, I'll try and break down the actual game as best I can.
Note:(does not include reviews for MG1 and MG2, just MGS3)

Graphics- 10/10
No big difference between subsistence's graphics and those of the original release. Expect to find the same high quality visuals that were in the game before, including lush environments, detailed character models, realistic weather effects and many diverse types of animal life from crocs to bats and fish. For those of you who have not played the original release, all of the cut-scenes are done in real time, although they look way better than most CG cut scenes in other games.

Gameplay- 10/10
All previous gameplay elements that were in the original are back for subsistence including some welcome additions. You can still equip different face paints and cammo to blend into the environments to avoid detection, hold up enemy soldiers by sneaking up on them climb trees, hunt animals and scavenge for food. The boss fights remain unchanged as well, ensuring that every strategy that worked in the original release will work here as well. The addition I spoke of is a new take on the camera. From a top down perspective that made it difficult to see enemies in the jungle environments and to view other targets, to a new Splinter Cell inspired over the shoulder that fixes most of the problems that plagued the old camera angle. However, it works to well in some instances and makes some boss fights too easy. It doesn't make the game broken however, just a little problematic.

Story- 10/10
Forget MGS2's confusing and crazy plot line. MGS3's plot is quite easy to follow, and still includes many of the trademark Metal Gear double crosses and alterer motives of characters, never being too ridiculous and predictable. Basically you play the role of an operative by the code name Naked Snake. The setting is the height of the cold war, the 1960's and the place is Russia. You are air dropped into a jungle at the foot of some Soviet military base deep in the Russian mountains and ordered to find a scientist by the name of Sokolov, a soviet scientist who is the inventor of a giant nuclear launching tank called the Shagohod and was exchanged as part of the resolution of the Cuban missile crisis back to the Soviet union after escaping to West Germany. I won't delve much further into the plot, but not to much later after you find Sokolov, everything you learned a short time ago during the start of the story is spun on it's head and the whole face of the games changes from search and rescue, to saving the planet from holocaust. Memorable allies, enemies, and events are frequent including an electricity throwing evil Russian general, a mentally disturbed flame-throwing cosmonaut, a 100+ year old sniper ( and a one hour long sniper-to-sniper battle against him), and a young Revolver Ocelot. The plot is better than most movies and games and will forever be remembered by me for it's twist, turns and themes.

Sound- 10/10
Henry Gregson Williams returns to conduct the music for Snake Eater and he does not disappoint. Expect the same high energy battle hymns and heart tugging orchestral serenades as done in MGS2 and MGS. The opening theme may sound ridiculous and hokey at first, but it eventually fits like a glove and sounds great. As for the sounds, the same solider lines like "What was that noise?" and "I must be seeing things." are here as well as the well recorded sounds of rushing water from waterfalls and rivers, rustling leaves and grass, and the local wildlife make you fell as though you are actually there with Snake in the Russian Motherland.

Overall- 10/10
MGS3: Snake Eater was a marvelous game when it first came out, but subsistence improves on it by leaps and bounds with a new camera and other elements, and adds two pieces of Metal Gear nostalgia to the mix. Best of all, the complete package is only a mere $30. you have no excuse to not get subsistence and experience what may be the greatest game made... Ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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