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"SNAKE is back, in one of the finest RERELEASES EVER"

Metal gear solid 3 Subsistence is one of the finest re releases ever. The original game MGS3 Snake Eater received critical acclaim back in 2004, and Subsistence improves on the already great game, making it near flawless.i will split this review into sections including story, gameplay, sound, graphics,ONLINE and replay value. giving you an in depth look at all aspects of MGS3 Subsistence.


MGS3 Subsistence has some of the best graphics displayed on the ps2. The environments are given great detail, each blade of grass is given detail so you can make the most of your environment. mountain regions in the game are pretty standard for the ps2, but the jungle settings feel very alive, and interactive. From hanging off trees, to hiding in the brush you will feel like your in a jungle. The character models are GORGEOUS, as good as some of the best xbox games even. Each characters facial expressions are done well, and their body language is enhanced because the graphics are done so well. Subsistence also has the great water, and especially fire effects in the graphics department. The fire effects are gorgeous, and the creators knew this, as we see many scenes making use of it. As far as graphics, MGS3 Subsistence is the cream of the crop on ps2, and other consoles as well.

GAMEPLAY = 10/10

If you played Snake Eater you know what to expect. MGS3 subsistence is a stealth game, and you must use various items to make your way through it. The game consists of a third person view in which you sneak through various areas trying to remain undetected. In the starting areas you are equipped with a tranquilizer gun, a knife, and a jungle camo. As you progress through the game you get more weapons, more camos, and more useful gadgets to help you on your mission. To get through each area you have to equip the right camos that match the environment, then use the settings, such as the jungle grass, trees, and various other factors to hide, and elude the guards. The stealth is a big improvement over the previous two installments in the series. Even though stealth is advised you can play the game however you see fit. You can go all out, and shoot the guards, or you can use stealth, and avoid confrontation. Their is only one time in the game you are forced to kill a person, so the game allows player freedom. Another feature is survival. To make the game realistic, Kojima added a feature where you have to have snake eat, and heal wounds. This feature is used to immerse you in the game, and increase realism. In the jungle their are various creatures, to increase snakes stamina you have to capture, and eat them. The creatures include everything from a frog, snake, and even a alligator. Once you capture them you must go to the survival viewer, and have snake consume them to regain stamina. The other feature is the healing system. When snake is shot, and wounded you must use medical supplies to actually treat his wounds. You use different supplies for different injuries. For burns you would use a Balm, while for cuts you would use a bandage. These features help to make some very in depth gameplay. Although going through areas is stealth, you will eventually come upon BOSS FIGHTS. These fights are more action, than stealth. Each boss is unique, and will make you think, as they have very diverse strategies to defeating them. One boss in particular can take up to an hour to defeat, but its worth it, as the fight is very memorable. NOW last but not least is the new camera. The new camera takes away the fixed camera from Snake Eater, and adds a new controllable camera. Using the right analogue stick you can move the camera to get a better view of your surroundings, and spot potential enemies. The camera adds alot to the game, and fixes a major complaint many had with Snake Eater. The new camera alone is worth the purchase. The gameplay in general is great with few flaws, and alot of depth. You can play it any way you want, and there is alot to do, making for a different experience each time.

STORY = 10/10

In videogames good stories are hard to come by, this is the exception. MGS3 subsistence features a rich narrative, with over 3.5 hours of cinematic scenes. Thats right more than the majority of even movies. The plot involves politics, many factions, and memorable characters. The game starts off set in 1964, you play an agent of the U.S.A governments FOX UNIT codenamed SNAKE. The story is a prequel to the previous two games. You are sent on a mission to a remote area of Russia to infiltrate a facility where a former Russian scientist, who defected to the USA called Sokolov is being held. Your mission is to rescue him, and bring him to the extraction zone. Your support team includes Major zero, Sigint, Para-Medic, and The boss. Calling these people on your Coded, they will give you helpful advice on the mission, as well as plot points occasionally. Basically thats the tip of the iceberg, if i told you more i would spoil it. Your in for a story of betrayal, love, loss, and perception. By the time your done you will question what you once thought was truth. This story is great, and very deep at times, and is worthy of one of the greatest stories in videogames.

SOUND = 9/10

MGS games are known for great tracks from Harry Gregson Williams. This game is no exception he provides a great soundtrack, from slow subtle songs when you are sneaking through calm areas. To heavy violins playing when you are in alert mode. Every area, and boss have a unique piece of music to fit the mood. I dont want to spoil it but the last fights music sets the mood so nicely, its like art in motion. The games themes song "Snake Eater" has somewhat cheesy lyrics, but has a catchy melody, and is a throwback to the James Bond films. Overall with the exception of the somewhat cheesy snake eater song, the soundtrack is Hollywood quality material. Harry Gregson Williams is great, and it shows. The voice overs are great for the most part. Some sound slightly unrealistic, and far fetched. While others like David Hayter who voices SNAKE sound great. Overall everything well done, high production values.

ONLINE = 9/10

Another new feature to subsistence is the online mode. It features up to 8 players at once, with little or no lag. For the ps2 the game runs great putting it up there with socom 3 for the finest online PS2 games. The online consists of several gametypes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the frog, sneaking mission, and GA-KO. The gameplay in general is run and gun, but stealth can be used once you get the hang of it. In sneaking mission one player is snake, while up to seven players are guards trying to kill snake. It sounds unfair, but snake has better tools such as a stealth camo, chaff grenades, and instant stuns. The guards are weaker, and have less weaponry. Then you have capture the frog. It consists of two teams trying to get a Kerotean frog from the middle, and bring it to their base. Once there, the team must guard it for 20 seconds to win, if the other team steals it before then, the timer starts over. With over 15 ranks to achieve you will be playing for a while. The online is diverse, with no lag, and solid gameplay. Its obvious Kojima is talented. This is his first time with online, and he nailed it.


With online, multiple paths, hidden extras, this game has about as much replay value as you can hope for. The biggest replay factor is online, its really addictive, and has many ranks. You could buy this game solely for online, and it would still be worth it. The single player and the online is a steal for 30 bucks though.

OVERALL = 9/10


+ Great Ps2 Graphics
+ Innovative gameplay
+ new camera angle
+ great online mode
+ great story
+ Hollywood quality soundtrack
+ costs only 30 bucks

- long cutscenes are not for all
- some cheesy VA here and there
- limited edition is hard to find

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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