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"What a remake should be, perfection."

Alright, here we are in 2006 with the release of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater. I have the original, and I must say, it was a perfect game. I found nothing wrong with it. Now with this updated version of the original, perfection just got better. On to the review.

I don't think there are many games out there that can surpass the beauty of the MGS series. For it's time, MGS1 was perfect. MGS2 raised that bar. And now with MGS3, the graphics are even better. The cut-scenes all use in-game graphics, which look beautiful. The characters move realisticly, the weapons look great, and the animals are fairly detailed.

Wow. That's all there is. The music for one in this game is great. I find myself singine the opening theme "Snake Eater" all the time. For fans of the series, David Hayter is back and still doing the voice of Snake, and still sounding cool as ever. There are also many other voice actors which sound good. The weapon fire sounds great. Footsteps sound realistic. Animals make good sounds. It all goes wonderfully together.

The single player controls work very well. The new third person camera is easy to move, and all of Snake's actions and equipment are easily accessible. For online though, my only problem is that you must use SELECT to talk, which usually means you can't fight while talking.

Well well well, when you have an already perfect game, what do you do to make it better? Add more gameplay elements of course! This section will be split into two categories:Disk 1 and Disk 2.

Disk 1-Subsistence
Disk 1 is the disk that contains the basic game. The story mode is the main feature here. The story starts with Snake jumping out of a plane, landing in a jungle, and going out to find a scientist named Sokolov who is making weapons of destruction. Along the way, Snake will meet all kinds of characters, some good, and some bad. Snake will aquire all sorts of weaponry, from pistols to assault rifles to even a fork. There are three big important aspects that MGS3 brought to the table that are very different from MGS1 and 2. While MGS1 and 2 took place inside for the most part, MGS3 takes place in a jungle, a mountain, a base, and a field of flowers. So what is Snake going to do? Well he's going to equip himself with camoflauge. Camoflauge comes in many different patterns, some which you start with, and others that you must find or unlock. There are also nearly 30 new camoflauges and face paints in Subsistence that weren't in the original MGS3. The other keen feature of MGS3 is the healing system. Now if you fall off a building, get shot one too many times, or even get burned, you will have to heal yourself. This may involve removing bullets, stiching cuts, bandaging wound, or healing burns. The final new aspect of MGS3 is the food system. Now Snake, who is not Solid Snake mind you, must keep himself fed to keep his stamina up. Your stamina deplenishes as you take wounds, run around, climb trees, and swim among other things. How do you replenish stamina? Kill things like frogs, birds, rabbits, and of course snakes, and then eat them. Disk 1 also contains new features such as an unlockable Demo Theatre, where you can watch cut-scenes.

This is the Disk that contains most of the new features. Most notable, is the online feature. If your PS2 is set-up for online, you can play with up to 7 other people for a total of eight people in many different modes. The modes are Deathmatch, which is a free for all, Team Deathmatch, which is two teams going head to head, Capture the Frog, which consists of capturing a Kerotan frog and holding in your base, Rescue, which involves one team stealing a Ga-Ko duck, and the other team trying to protect it, and finally Sneaking, which is Snake by himself trying to steal a microfilm, while everyone else tries to kill him. These modes are very fun, and online can last you for a long time. You can also keep track of your rank, chat, and do many other things online. While playing online, the two teams are chosen out of three possible units from the main game. Each "faction" has it's own hero, who brings special abilities to the table. If you are number one on the team, you get to be the hero. Each soldier can choose from many different primary weapons like the XM assault rifle or the Scorpion sub-machine gun, secondary weapons like the M19 pistol, and an extra weapon like grenades. You also get your trusty knife, and you can CQC people to the floor. Although regular soldiers only throw them down, while Snake will knock the person out. If you don't have online, there are still many other things to have fun with. You can play through the Snake vs. Ape missions in which Solid Snake from MGS1 and 2 must capture the Ape Escape monkeys. These are pretty fun, and will reward you should you do well enough. There is the Duel Mode where you battle against the bosses of the game, while racing the clock. These battles are more challenging, but just like the monkeys, they will reward you if you do well enough. Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake have also been added to this game. MG and MG2 are not to be confused with MGS and MGS2. These games were originally made for a console called the MSX, and these take place before MGS. There are many features to be found on Disk 2, some of them more secret than others.

Limited Edition and Pre-Order--10/10
If you were lucky to get your hands on a limited edtion version, your game will come in a big rex box with a second case containing Disk 3-Existence. This disk takes all of the games cut-scenes as well as a few new scenes and blends them together into a 3 and a half hour long movie. As an added bonus, if you were smart enough to pre-order the game, you should recieve a special disk called "Metal Gear Sagas: Volume 1" This half hour long movie is a long interview with Kojima in which he explains the games and the meanings behind them. While the disk is alright, the case it comes in has some beautiful artwork on it, and makes a nice collecters item.

I can play through the single player many times to try and unlock everything, and still not get bored. And if you do get bored, pop in Disk 2 in which you will find tons of things to keep you busy for a while.

Overall--10/10(I wish I could give it a million out of 10, but whatever)
This is truely a masterpiece game. While I did pre-order a limited edition game, you don't need the extra stuff to keep you busy. This game has a great story, great gameplay, and tons of extras. This is what a remake should be. This game is what perfection is.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/30/06

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