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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Trapt FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.0
    November 10, 2005
    By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)
    Table of Contents
    1.  Version History
    2.  About the Deception Series
    3.  Basic Traps 101
    4.  Trap List
    5.  Enemies
    6.  Areas
    7.  Story Mode
    8.  Side Stories
    9.  Dark Illusions
    10. Endings and Secrets
    11. Acknowledgements
    | 1. Version History |
    Version 1.0 (November 10, 2005) – First completed version of the FAQ.
    Version 0.2 (November 9, 2005) – Added information on pushing and delaying 
    enemies in the basic traps section. Updated the trap list, story mode, and side 
    stories sections.
    Version 0.1 (November 8, 2005) - First version of FAQ.
    | 2. About the Deception Series |
    Tecmo's Deception (1996)
    The story revolves around the young prince of Zemekia, who is falsely accused 
    of killing his father the king by his own brother Yurias. During his execution 
    he curses the people for their fickleness and cries out for someone, anyone, to 
    grant him the power to get revenge against everyone. Magically the prince is 
    saved from death and whisked away to the castle of the dammed. Here he meets a 
    mysterious being named Astarte who, after he kills the former master of the 
    castle, grants him powers to use traps and summon monsters to kill his enemies. 
    When enough people have been sacrificed, Satan himself will resurrect and the 
    real fun begins. Various intruders enter the castle, some out of greed, others 
    looking to kill the prince. Eventually a showdown ensues between Yurias and his 
    brother. Yurias is killed, but it turns out the royal magician Zamur is behind 
    everything. Once he's taken care off, the prince makes a fateful decision to 
    either resurrect Satan, or seal him away forever. 
    This obscure PlayStation game actually featured a warning on the case about 
    satanic elements in the game. The game is played in a first person view and 
    introduces the Deception concept of using traps to kill people invading your 
    castle. It features some interesting concepts that were removed from later 
    games, such as the ability to use items, create and summon monsters, and expand 
    your castle by building customized rooms. Unfortunately, it also required 
    practically an entire memory card to play. The trap system was also a bit 
    annoying compared to later games, since traps were one shot deals, and you had 
    to run all the way back to special rooms in order to set more of them.
    Kagero: Deception 2 (1998)
    This storyline involves the conflict between a blue skinned/blooded immortal 
    race called Timenoids and humans. For years the Timenoids have ruled over the 
    humans, but recently dissent has begun by those who fear the Timenoids power. 
    The rebel group Red Blood rises up against the Timenoids causing them to panic. 
    The Timenoid king Ecylpse orders his vassal Yocal to begin the Marionette 
    Project, where human beings are raised to be living weapons for the Timenoids. 
    Yocal uses a young human girl, Millenia, that she kidnapped long ago for the 
    project. She is taught how to use traps to destroy intruders. During the 
    conflict the Red Blood leader Keith discovers that his long lost sister 
    Millenia is still alive. Millenia must make a decision whether or not to 
    destroy all of the Timenoids enemies, or to try to recover what humanity she 
    has left. 
    This game is my personal favorite of the Deception series, and is the prequel 
    to Trapt. I ended up buying this for no particular reason, but was pleasantly 
    surprised by how good it was. The story is much darker than the first game, the 
    trap system is completely revamped, and the action is much faster. The game now 
    takes place in a third person view and the rooms are now three dimensional with 
    various features (such as stairs and ledges) that can affect your traps. You 
    can now use only three traps at a time (ceiling, wall, floor), but you no 
    longer need to reset them as they automatically recharge themselves. You can 
    also upgrade traps along a development tree, making them stronger and more 
    Deception III: Dark Delusion (2000)
    Slave traders from a foreign country kidnap a young girl Reina along with her 
    mother and brother. The cruel ruler of the country King Frederick mercilessly 
    orders Reina's mother and brother to be killed on a whim. Reina manages to 
    escape the dungeon by using the power of traps, but discovers that doing so 
    will shorten her lifespan drastically. She fights against the king's forces 
    along with resistance leader Albert and his brother Marco. They become involved 
    in a plot by the evil Queen Margareta to find the Legendary Stones, which have 
    the power to send people back in time. With the stones Reina could possibly go 
    back in time to prevent the tragedy from ever happening.
    The third game in the series, Dark Delusion uses the same game mechanics as the 
    previous game. This time the heroine now has an evasive move that she can use. 
    In addition, the trap creation system has been revamped. You can now customize 
    traps by adding emblems that change the basic trap type (fire emblem for fire 
    traps, thunder emblem for electric traps, etc.), rings that add different 
    properties (such as increasing damage), and orbs that increase power. 
    Trapt (2005)
    Trapt is known in Japan as Kagero II: Dark Illusion, and is actually the sequel 
    to the second game in the Deception series. The game mechanics are the same in 
    the original, except now you have analog control when moving the heroine. You 
    can also set traps in different rooms ahead of time without actually being in 
    them via the menu. While Trapt is much more linear than the previous games, 
    there are side stories available in each chapter that can be accessed.
    | 3. Basic Traps 101  | 
    [Basic Three Hit Combo]
    The key to basic trap combos begins with what I like to call the basic three 
    hit combo: Immobilization, Strike, and Finish. Immobilization, as the name 
    implies, is the step that involves holding the enemy in place so that 
    additional traps can be activated. The most common method of doing this is with 
    a floor trap, such as a bear trap, spark rod, or vacuum floor. Next comes the 
    strike, which basically means hitting the enemy with another trap while he or 
    she is immobilized. A common choice is a projectile wall trap, such as an arrow 
    slit. And finally comes the finish, which ends the trap combo. This usually 
    involves a slow charging, heavy damage trap. Heavy ceiling traps, such as a 
    mega rock or pendulum, are good choices. Here's an example of the basic three 
    hit combo:
    1. Immobilize the enemy with a bear trap.
    2. Strike the enemy with an arrow slit.
    3. Blow the enemy away with a pendulum.
    There can be of course variations to this combo. For example, you could use a 
    push wall to push an enemy onto the bear trap, and then knock them away with 
    the pendulum. Or you could knock them against a wall with the pendulum, and use 
    a push wall to push them over a blast bomb on the floor. As you gain more 
    advanced traps you can swap them as needed for even more powerful combos. As 
    they saying goes, you're limited only by your imagination.
    [Basic Four Hit Combo]
    This is the same as the basic three hit combo, except that the finish is aimed 
    in a way to knock the enemy onto a room trap, such as an electric chair. Take 
    advantage of the traps already present in the room to add additional damage to 
    your combos.
    [Activating Switches]
    There are many room traps that are activated by running into a switch. While 
    you can wait until the enemy approaches the trap while you wait near the 
    switch, it is much easier to activate the switch from a distance. This can be 
    accomplished by hitting the switch with a trap. The easiest way to do this is 
    to use a push wall, although you can use projectile traps and ceiling traps as 
    [Setting Traps in Advance]
    Using the trap selection in the start menu allows you to set up traps in other 
    rooms other than the one you are already in. The advantage in doing so is to 
    set up traps in rooms that you are en route to, so you can immediately spring 
    them when the enemies enter the room. Note that traps set in other rooms charge 
    in real time regardless of whether or not you are in them.
    [Nullifying Defense]
    Just because an enemy has a defense against a certain type of trap doesn't mean 
    you can't use it on him. Whenever an enemy is immobilized, on the ground, or 
    hit by a trap, they lose their defenses against traps. For example, knights are 
    unaffected by projectile traps such as arrows due to their armor. However, if 
    you immobilize them with a trap (such as a vacuum floor) they become vulnerable 
    to projectiles. Maulers can resist being pushed by wall traps, but again if you 
    immobilize them first they can be pushed normally.
    [Enemy Movement]
    99% of the enemies in the game follow predicable patterns. Melee enemies such 
    as warriors, thieves, knights, etc. make a beeline for your character in the 
    shortest route possible. This of course makes them easy to bait and trap them. 
    Enemies with projectile weapons such as archers and bow knights tend to stop a 
    distance away from you and open fire. To bait them you must move further away 
    so that they approach closer. The same goes for the mage type enemies. Enemies 
    with projectiles will only fire if they can move in the same direction as their 
    missiles. For example, an archer cannot fire from a balcony to the floor below 
    even if there is a clear line of sight (they can't move in a straight line to 
    you). However, they could fire from the top of a staircase, since they can move 
    from the stairs directly to you. Note that when enemies fire at you, they do 
    not take into account cover, so it's possible to dodge their attack by moving 
    behind an obstacle or wall. It's important to note that anything that impairs 
    movement can be used as cover, even if it's "open air" such as the edge of an 
    upper floor.
    [Getting Warl]
    Warl is the "currency" of the game, and is obtained when you strike enemies 
    with your traps. The higher your trap combo, the more Ark you earn, and the 
    more Warl the enemies drop. The Warl that enemies drop disappears after a short 
    period of time, so try to pick it up before it does. You can earn additional 
    Ark by doing special things, such as hitting two enemies at once, hitting them 
    while in mid air, hitting them at long range, or getting a clean solid hit.
    [Pushing and Delaying Enemies]
    Most people don't know about this trick, but it comes in very handy in the 
    game. Allura can actually push enemies by running into them. By giving them a 
    "nudge" you can actually push them into trap markers that you've set, or into 
    traps that you just activated. For example, if you activate a press wall to 
    fall on an enemy but they get out of the way, you can run into them so that 
    they are pushed back into the falling wall. If an enemy recovers quickly and 
    your immobilization trap hasn't recharged yet, you can do what I like to call 
    the "dance of death" and move in a tight circle around the enemy. Amazingly, 
    most enemies will spin around trying to follow you like a dog chasing after its 
    tail. Use this to buy time and catch the enemy in the same trap over and over 
    | 4. Trap List |
    Traps are created using the Warl you earn during each mission. As you purchase 
    more traps in each category, additional traps become available for purchase. 
    You can only set one trap of each type in a room, and can equip up to three of 
    each type during a mission.
    Name: Name of the trap.
    Cost: Cost in Warl to build the trap.
    Charge: # of seconds to fully charge the trap when set.
    Damage: Base damage of the trap.
    Ark: Multiplier used to determine the amount of Ark earned during a trap combo.
    Description: A short description of the trap.
    Comments: My comments on the trap, if any.
    Name: Mega Rock
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 8
    Damage: 60
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Giant falling rock.
    Comments: Nothing fancy here. It's just a plain huge rock to drop on people. It 
    can be hard to link into combos since you can't place a floor trap underneath 
    it, but you can get creative and roll it down stairs, or use a push wall to 
    roll it at enemies.
    Name: Iron Ball
    Cost: 2,000
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 65
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Giant iron ball.
    Comments: Does slightly more damage than the regular mega rock, with a longer 
    charge time. You'll probably want to stick with the regular one since it 
    charges faster.
    Name: Flare Rock
    Cost: 4,250
    Charge: 8
    Damage: 70
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Giant flaming rock.
    Comments: Just like the mega rock, except it deals more damage and sets people 
    on fire.
    Name: Snowball
    Cost: 4,250
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Snowball envelops foes.
    Comments: Cute. Doesn't do too much damage, but there's bound to be some 
    creative uses for this.
    Name: Volt Rock
    Cost: 5,750
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 70
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Giant electrified rock.
    Comments: The king of rocks. A variation of the flare rock, except this time it 
    electrocutes people. If dropped in a body of water, everything in the water 
    gets shocked. The most damaging of the ceiling traps.
    Name: Evil Stomp
    Cost: 9,000
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 50
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Devil stomps on foes.
    Comments: This was originally a secret trap in the original Kagero. What makes 
    the evil stomp special is that it nullifies defense, meaning that no enemy can 
    resist getting hit with it. Unlike the original evil stomp this version hits 
    two squares instead of one, meaning you can overlap it over a floor trap, 
    making it even easier to work into combos.
    Name: Vase
    Cost: 1,000
    Charge: 2
    Damage: 1
    Ark: 1.7
    Description: Covers head and blinds.
    Comments: Useful not for the damage it inflicts, but the fact that it charges 
    quickly and most enemies have no defense against it. You'll probably want to 
    use it to buy you more time to charge your other traps, although it's funny to 
    see enemies run into room traps by themselves with a vase on their head.
    Name: Oil Vase
    Cost: 4,000
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 1
    Ark: 1.8
    Description: Blinds & covers in oil.
    Comments: Hitting an "oiled" enemy with a fire based trap sets them running 
    around ablaze. While funny to watch, it's probably more productive to use 
    another trap.
    Name: Washpan
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 3
    Damage: 10
    Ark: 2.0
    Description: Infuriating washpan.
    Comments: Hitting an enemy with this puts them in the "anger" condition. While 
    angry the enemy will attempt to attack you directly, which makes them an easy 
    target for your traps. This can have adverse effects, however. If an enemy 
    traps you in a corner they can repeatedly hit you over and over again before 
    you can recover.
    Name: Pendulum
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 45
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Blade on chain.
    Comments: This trap was introduced in Deception III, and is quite useful 
    throughout the game. It hits everything in a three square block, and knocks the 
    opponent in the direction you set it in. It can also be used to hit switches 
    and knock over pillars. I'd recommend bringing this trap on most missions, as 
    it's quite versatile.
    Name: Huge Saw
    Cost: 3,150
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 30
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Saw cuts into enemies.
    Comments: This trap drops a saw blade from the ceiling, which then rolls along 
    the floor in the direction you set it in. The saw continues to roll until it 
    hits an object or wall. It combos well with other traps due to its extreme 
    Name: Guillotine
    Cost: 3,400
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 25
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Slices the enemy.
    Comments: This trap sends three guillotine blades down from the ceiling.
    Name: Punisher
    Cost: 4,150
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 10
    Ark: 0.2
    Description: Giant saw shreds foes.
    Comments: I haven't really used this trap much, but from what I've seen it 
    doesn't seem to be very effective.
    Name: Mega Yo-yo
    Cost: 4,400
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 55
    Ark: 1.5
    Description: Falling bladed yo-yo.
    Comments: Similar to the pendulum. Unlike the pendulum however, the yo-yo 
    cannot knock over pillars.
    Name: Falling Needle
    Cost: 6,900
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 45
    Ark: 0.8
    Description: Falling spiked ceiling.
    Comments: I think this trap can affect enemies with boulder defense, but I 
    haven't tried it out yet.
    Name: Death Hammer
    Cost: ???
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 60
    Ark: 1.8
    Description: Spiked hammer.
    Comments: The death hammer becomes available for purchase by getting the "A" 
    ending. This obscenely powerful trap hits everything in a 3 x 3 square, and 
    nullifies defense. When activated a pole drops from the ceiling and swings a 
    huge hammer (it looks more like an axe to me) around in a circle repeatedly, 
    mowing down everything in the vicinity. When the trap finishes the hammer 
    shoots off to the west (in relation to the map screen). Note that if the enemy 
    falls close enough to the hammer after being struck they can actually be struck 
    a second time when they get back up.
    Name: Push Wall
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 5
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Pushes enemies back.
    Comments: Don't let the basic premise fool you. This is one of the best traps 
    in the game in terms of utility. It's very useful for activating distant 
    switches, and it's incredibly useful when used in conjunction with one 
    particularly powerful trap combo in the old castle. Keep this with you at all 
    times and you'll be amazed at how many applications it has.
    Name: Guilty Lance
    Cost: 2,750
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 25
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Wall spears spring out.
    Comments: A decent trap early on. Think of it as an arrow trap with limited 
    range. I'm not sure if it counts as a wall or projectile trap though.
    Name: Magnet Wall
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 1
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Draws foes toward it.
    Comments: Until you get the vacuum floor, this will be one of the more devious 
    tools in your arsenal. Only one enemy type can resist the magnet wall, and 
    that's towards the end of the game. Use this to draw an enemy to an 
    immobilization floor trap, and then nail them with a strong ceiling trap. Or 
    just skip the floor trap and squash them with a rock.
    Name: Smash Wall
    Cost: 3,500
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 10
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Sends enemy flying.
    Comments: The push wall on steroids. It's useful for knocking an enemy into a 
    room trap, or into range of one of your ceiling traps.
    Name: Maiden's Hug
    Cost: 4,700
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 50
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Iron maiden hugs foes.
    Comments: Once a room only trap in Deception III, now you too can give the 
    enemy a hug. A hug of death that is. An iron maiden opens on the wall and 
    pushes outward, grabbing any nearby enemies and moving them back to the wall. 
    The maiden's hug is very slow, but it can actually hit enemies on the way back. 
    Make sure to set a floor or ceiling trap to nail them on the way back. While 
    the press wall does more damage and has more range, the maiden's hug charges 2 
    seconds faster, and that makes all the difference in the world.
    Name: Press Wall
    Cost: 8,150
    Charge: 8
    Damage: 60
    Ark: 1.5
    Description: Big wall crushes foes.
    Comments: An expensive trap to be sure, but well worth the Warl. The press wall 
    has an extremely long charge time for a wall trap, and it takes even longer to 
    activate, but it does quite a bit of damage and covers a wide area.
    Name: Evil Kick
    Cost: 9,150
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.7
    Description: Devil punts enemies.
    Comments: Another secret trap from Kagero. The evil kick knocks enemies clear 
    across the room, and like the other evil traps nullifies defense. It's also 
    useful to knock over hard to reach pillars with.
    Name: Arrow Slit
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 3
    Damage: 25
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Fires a speedy arrow.
    Comments: The default missile trap is useful more for its speedy charge time 
    rather than damage. While most armored enemies are immune to projectiles, it 
    can be useful against mage type enemies since hitting them will disrupt any 
    spell they are currently casting.
    Name: Buzzsaw
    Cost: 2,800
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 30
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Saw cuts and pushes.
    Comments: The combination of a missile and a knockback trap is extremely 
    useful. Creative people will definitely find uses for this.
    Name: Triple Arrow
    Cost: 2,550
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 15
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: 3 arrows are fired.
    Comments: It's not as useful as the standard arrow trap, but it does tack on 
    two free hits as part of a combo.
    Name: Cold Arrow
    Cost: 3,050
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.2
    Description: Ice arrow freezes foes.
    Comments:  A missile and immobilization trap all rolled into one.
    Name: Javelin
    Cost: 4,050
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 35
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Electrified spear.
    Name: Rolling Bomb
    Cost: 3,550
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 55
    Ark: 1.1
    Description: Floor trap explodes on contact.
    Comments: Useful for it's ability to roll down stairs. Don't get too close to 
    the explosion or you'll get hit as well.
    Name: Boomerang
    Cost: 4,800
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 25
    Ark: 1.5
    Description: Cuts foes and returns.
    Comments: The boomerang is unique among projectile traps as it fires a short 
    distance then returns on another arc.
    Name: Fireball
    Cost: 5,550
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 35
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Rolls along floor.
    Comments: Sets people aflame and ignites flammable traps. 
    Name: Death Iron
    Cost: ???
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 45
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Electrified iron bomb.
    Comments: This powerful trap becomes available after getting ending "B". 
    Basically the death iron is a projectile trap that fires a volt rock as a 
    missile. The rock also leaves a trail of electricity in its wake, dealing 
    electric damage in addition to the impact damage. Once you have this in your 
    arsenal you'll never use any another projectile trap again. Oh, and like the 
    death hammer, the death iron nullifies defense, making it even more 
    outrageously powerful.
    Name: Spring Floor
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 5
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Launches enemies.
    Comments: I'd rather immobilize enemies than launch them in the air, but 
    creative people love using this to send foes into room traps most people never 
    even touch, like stained glass windows and deer heads.
    Name: Smash Floor
    Cost: 2,700
    Charge: 7
    Damage: 15
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Launches even further.
    Comments: A spring floor on steroids.
    Name: Rising Floor
    Cost: 5,500
    Charge: 7
    Damage: 25
    Ark: 1.4
    Description: Tosses foes upwards.
    Comments: Very limited applications, but if you want to send someone into the 
    slaughter fan there's no better way to do so.
    Name: Catapult
    Cost: 5,950
    Charge: 10
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Fires foe like bullet.
    Comments: Can be useful, but the charge time is way too long for a floor trap.
    Name: Delta Horse
    Cost: 5,650
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 45
    Ark: 1.8
    Description: Hits from below.
    Comments: This was a secret trap from Deception III. Immobilizes the enemy if 
    it hits.
    Name: Devil Upper
    Cost: 8,750
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.4
    Description: Devil uppercuts enemy.
    Comments: Like the previous devil traps, this was also a secret trap in the 
    original Kagero. Acts like a powerful spring floor that nullifies defense. This 
    trap is extremely useful for one optional, but incredibly difficult, boss 
    Name: Bear Trap
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 20
    Ark: 1.3
    Description: Immobilizes the enemy.
    Comments: Until you get the spark rod or vacuum floor, this will be your 
    immobilization trap of choice. It doesn't work on knights (they're too heavy) 
    or thieves and assassins (they're too fast), but on vanilla foes there's no 
    easier way to start a combo.
    Name: Spark Rod
    Cost: 2,550
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 35
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Electrifies floor.
    Comments: Unlike the bear trap, the spark rod works on just about any enemy 
    that doesn't have electric immunity. It also does a good job on electrifying 
    bodies of water, and comes in handy for activating a few dark illusions.
    Name: Vacuum Floor
    Cost: 5,550
    Charge: 4
    Damage: 1
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Sucks the enemy in.
    Comments: Hands down the best floor immobilization trap in the game. Very few 
    enemies can resist magnetism, and the vacuum floor sucks up enemies in a one 
    square radius. While certain agile enemies can run fast enough to resist 
    getting sucked to the center, if they're running towards or on top of the trap 
    when it's activated, it's a guaranteed hit. On top of that, this trap has an 
    amazingly short charge time. Once you get your hands on this baby, you'll never 
    go back to a bear trap or spark rod again.
    Name: Thunder Jail 
    Cost: 5,800
    Charge: 6
    Damage: 30
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Electrified cage.
    Comments: A throwback to the original Deception, but this time the cage comes 
    out of the ground instead of the ceiling.
    Name: Hanging Chain
    Cost: 8,550
    Charge: 5
    Damage: 15
    Ark: 1.7
    Description: Constricting chain.
    Comments: An unusual trap that knocks enemies to the ground, then lifts them up 
    into the air. It's useful for holding enemies in place to hit them with a room 
    trap (such as a cart).
    Name: Blast Bomb
    Cost: Default Trap
    Charge: 3
    Damage: 30
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Sends enemies flying.
    Name: Hellfire
    Cost: 6,550
    Charge: 7
    Damage: 55
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Launches foes airborne.
    Comments: This classic Deception bomb blows away anyone within a one-block 
    radius. Useful for dislodging certain objects from the ceiling.
    Name: Quake Bomb
    Cost: 6,550
    Charge: 8
    Damage: 10
    Ark: 1.8
    Description: Earthquake stuns foes.
    Name: Banana Peel
    Cost: 7,150
    Charge: 1
    Damage: 1
    Ark: 2.0
    Description: Cruelly trips foes.
    Comments: A secret trap from Deception III.
    Name: Death Pillar
    Cost: ???
    Charge: 7
    Damage: 35
    Ark: 1.0
    Description: Devil's pillar appears.
    Comments: Ugh. For a secret trap this one is kind of crappy. You can unlock 
    this trap by getting the "C" ending. Basically it makes a pillar shoot out of 
    the ground. Whoopie.
    Name: Name of the item.
    Cost: Cost in Warl to purchase.
    Available: When the item is first available.
    What it does: What the item does.
    Comments: Comments on the item.
    Name: Belfry Key
    Cost: 5,100
    Available: Initially Available
    What it does: Unlocks the belfry room in the mansion. 
    Comments: The belfry is home to an easy dark illusion, so it's well worth the 
    Name: Room of Bridges Key
    Cost: 1,000
    Available: After purchasing the Belfry Key.
    What it does: Unlocks the crossing room in the mansion.
    Comments: The room doesn't have anything particularly special in it, but the 
    key is fairly cheap, so you might as well get it for completion's sake.
    Name: Torture Chamber Key
    Cost: 1,200
    Available: Initially available.
    What it does: Unlocks the torture chamber room in the mansion.
    Comments: It's a fun room to play in, and fairly cheap to boot.
    Name: Gallery Key
    Cost: 9,000
    Available: Initially available.
    What it does: Unlocks the gallery room in the mansion.
    Comments: Forget about it. Purchase this only after getting all the other 
    traps, or if you have Warl burning a hole in your pocket.
    Name: Hall of Chains Key
    Cost: 10,000
    Available: After purchasing the Gallery Key.
    What it does: Unlocks the hall of chains room in the mansion.
    Comments: With a name like the hall of chains you would think it would be a 
    cool room. It's not. Save your Warl and buy more traps instead. Get this only 
    if you have everything else purchased.
    Name: Private Chambers Key
    Cost: 2,500
    Available: Chapter 7
    What it does: Unlocks the king's chambers room in the palace.
    Comments: The king's chamber's isn't anything special, though it is kind of 
    creepy. If you get this and the clock hall key you can complete a circuit 
    around the palace rooms.
    Name: Great Clock Hall Key
    Cost: 5,000
    Available: Chapter 7
    What it does: Unlocks the clock hall room in the palace.
    Comments: The clock hall has a dark illusion in it, so you'll want to unlock it 
    sooner or later.
    Name: Dungeon Key
    Cost: 2,000
    Available: Chapter 9
    What it does: Unlocks the dungeon room in the old palace.
    Comments: The dungeon isn't anything spectacular, but getting it does complete 
    a circuit around the old palace.
    Name: Workshop Key
    Cost: 3,000
    Available: Chapter 9
    What it does: Unlocks the workshop room in the old castle.
    Comments: The workshop is fun to play in, but you can safely ignore it until 
    your trap collection is complete.
    Name: Reina's Clothes
    Cost: 100,000
    Available: After accumulating 100,000 Ark
    What it does: Allows you to play as Reina from Deception III.
    Comments: Reina has a pretty cute outfit, but it's going to take a very long 
    time to get 100,000 Ark and Warl.
    Name: Millenia's Clothes
    Cost: 200,000
    Available: After accumulating 300,000 Ark.
    What it does: Allows you to play as Millenia from Deception II.
    Comments: Playing as the original femme fatale of the Deception series is 
    pretty cool, although getting 300,000 Ark and 200,000 Warl will be quite an 
    | 5. Enemies |
    The enemies in Trapt all have four primary statistics: Strength, Defense, 
    Agility, and Attack. 
    Strength is basically their HP or health, which determines how much damage they 
    can take before dying. One health bar onscreen is equal to 100 units of 
    strength. When an enemies' health gets low they begin to walk very slowly and 
    will usually attempt to flee the area. 
    Defense is a measure of how much damage they can resist from a trap. Enemies 
    with high defense will take less damage than the base damage of the trap. 
    Certain enemies have immunity to certain types of damage. For example, fire 
    mages are immune to fire damage, ice mages to ice damage, etc.
    Agility is a measure of how fast an enemy can move. Enemies with high agility 
    may be able to avoid certain traps when activated since they might move out of 
    the way faster than most foes.
    Attack is a measure of how much damage the enemy can deal to Allura in a single 
    attack. All enemies have a close range melee attack, but some have missile 
    attacks, and others have magical attacks.
    Some enemies can defend themselves against certain trap types. They can also 
    have immunity to a certain type of damage.
    Defense Against:
    Vase Traps – Vase
    Pincer Devices – Bear Trap
    Boulders – Mega Rock, Iron Ball, Flare Rock, Snowball, Volt Rock
    Ceiling Attacks – Pendulum, Huge Saw, Guillotine, Punisher, Mega Yo-yo, Falling 
    Wall Attacks – Push Wall, Smash Wall, Press Wall
    Floor Attacks – Spring Floor, Smash Floor, Rising Floor, Catapult, Delta Horse
    Projectiles – Arrow Slit, Buzzsaw, Triple Arrow, Cold Arrow, Javelin
    Immune To:
    Fire Damage – Fireball, cannot be set on fire
    Electrical Damage – Spark Rod, electrified water
    Ice Damage – Cannot be frozen
    Earthquake Damage – Earthquake Bomb
    "Oil" Status – Oil Vase
    "Anger" Status - Washpan
    Defense Against Magnetism – Magnet Wall, Vacuum Floor
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Warriors are the most straightforward enemies in the game. They will move 
    towards Allura directly and attempt to hit her with their weapons at close 
    range. Since they don't have any defenses, immunities, or special attacks, they 
    are easy to deal with as long as you don't get overconfident.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Archers are similar to warriors, except once they get close enough to Allura 
    they will fire at her with their bows instead of closing in on her. While the 
    arrows they fire are easy to dodge, archers often attack in conjunction with 
    other enemies who can distract you so that they can get an easy shot in.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Peasants are the weakest enemies in the game. They can throw rocks at you from 
    a distance, but other than that they are easily taken out with basic traps.
    Defense: Wall
    Immunities: Earthquake
    Special: Causes earthquakes.
    Maulers have a powerful melee attack and high strength, but move very slowly 
    and are very easy to bait into traps. They can stun you by hitting their mauls 
    into the ground, but chances are you can easily pull off a trap combo before 
    they can even do so.
    Defense: Pincer, Floor
    Immunities: Earthquake
    Special: None
    Thieves are very fast enemies and can catch you off guard with their speed. If 
    they get close enough they can use a powerful stab attack on Allura.
    Defense: Pincer, Projectiles
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Knights are basically warriors with armor. This gives them a tougher defense 
    and protection against bear traps and projectiles. They can use a fast dash 
    attack from a distance that deals significant damage to Allura.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Fire, Oil
    Special: Sets fire to enemies.
    As the name implies, fire mages attack with fire. Getting hit with a fireball 
    sets you on fire, causing Allura to run around and take additional fire damage 
    over time. They are immune to fire attacks.
    [ICE MAGE]
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Ice
    Special: Freezes enemies.
    Perhaps the most dangerous of the mage type enemies, ice mages fire an icicle 
    that if it hits freezes Allura on the spot. If she's unlucky the ice mage will 
    repeatedly freeze Allura over and over again before she can even recover. Not 
    surprisingly, ice mages cannot be frozen and are immune to ice attacks.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Anger
    Special: Heals allies
    The priestess is annoying due to her penchant for healing other enemies while 
    you're trying desperately to kill them. Fortunately, they tend to have very low 
    health, so one decent trap combo is usually enough to take them out.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: Blinds enemies.
    Dark mages are fairly weak enemies, but their magic attack is difficult to 
    avoid. They fire a large ball of darkness that follows you indefinitely. The 
    only way to avoid it is to have it hit an obstacle or wall. If it does hit you, 
    your vision will be severely impaired for a limited time. This makes it 
    difficult to see where your enemies are coming from or if they're near traps. 
    Defense: Pincer, Boulders, Projectiles
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Axe knights are larger, slower versions of regular knights that have defense 
    against boulder traps. They make a lot of noise when they move so you can hear 
    them coming a mile away. While they're powerful enemies, they are also very 
    slow and can easily be led into traps.
    Defense: Pincer, Floor, Projectiles
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Bow knights are basically a combination of an archer and knight. You can treat 
    them in the same way as archers, except they have more health and can avoid 
    floor traps.
    Defense: Pincer, Projectiles
    Immunities: Earthquake
    Special: None
    Spear knights are much more durable than regular knights, and behave similarly 
    to axe knights. They have a powerful thrusting attack they can use at close 
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Electrical
    Special: Electrifies enemies.
    Thunder mages fire lightning orbs at a distance, which can home in on your 
    position. At close range they can swing their staff around causing an 
    electrical discharge. Naturally they are immune to electric damage.
    Defense: Pincer, Floor
    Immunities: Earthquake
    Special: None
    Assassins are basically faster versions of thieves. They have a powerful multi-
    hit attack they can use at close range.
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Fire, Ice, Oil
    Special: None
    Wizards are the strongest mage type enemies in the game. They have prodigious 
    amounts of health, and fire a large powerful projectile. Up close they can 
    create a magical burst around them, which can freeze you solid.
    Defense: Boulders, Wall
    Immunities: All Except Ice
    Special: None
    Reminiscent of the hellknights in Deception III, these undead demons are the 
    strongest regular enemies in the game. Thankfully they are rare and only appear 
    near the end of the game. What makes legionnaires particularly special is that 
    they are the only normal enemy that can resist magnetic traps. Since they're 
    immune to just about everything, you might want to keep an ice trap (such as 
    ice arrow) on hand, or use the evil/devil series of traps since they have no 
    defense against them.
    | 6. Areas |
    You begin the story in the mansion. According to legend, this is where the 
    legendary braves sealed the fiend long ago. It could possibly be the same 
    mansion that appeared in the original Kagero.
    Location: Hall
    Traps: Falling Pillar x2, Chandelier, Candle stand x2
    Dark Illusion: The Man-eating Music Box
    Comments: There isn't anything particularly special about this room. It's easy 
    to avoid enemies here since you can simply run around in circles up and down 
    the stairs while your traps charge. It is worthy to note that the first dark 
    illusion is in this room, and it's very easy to activate.
    Location: Crossing Room
    Traps: Collapsing Bridge x2, Fixed Chandelier, Projecting Spikes x2, Decorative 
    Pillar, Iron Maiden, Crucifixion Stand
    Comments: A small room with an upper and lower level. The walkways are narrow, 
    so there's not much room for trap placement.
    Location: Chapel
    Traps: Stake Launcher, Black Torch x2, Obelisk, Stained Glass
    Comments: The stake launcher automatically combos with the obelisk, and does a 
    good amount of damage to boot. Simply set an immobilization trap in front of 
    the stake launcher and a wall trap (like push wall) next to the trigger switch 
    near the door. Trap them in front of the launcher and activate the switch. The 
    stake launcher will send them flying into the obelisk, which then drops on top 
    of them. If you're really good it's possible to send both enemies into the 
    obelisk at once.
    Location: Belfry
    Traps: Bladed Pillar x2, Big Bell, Oil Barrel, Powder Chest, Iron Ball & Chain, 
    Lamp Sculpture
    Dark Illusion: Heaven's Judgment
    Comments: Noteworthy for the easy to use dark illusion.
    Location: Torture Chamber
    Traps: Red-hot Binder, Rotating Pillar, Sinner's Table, Pendulum, Electric 
    Chair x3, Crucifixion Stand
    Comments: There are a lot of fun traps here. The easiest to use would probably 
    be the electric chairs.
    Location: Basement Stairs
    Traps: Killer Cart, Devil's Head, Devil's Body, Falling Pillar x2
    Dark Illusion: Cry of the Fallen One
    Comments: The dark illusion is this room is tricky to pull off. Getting someone 
    into the target area is trickier still.
    Location: Hall of Chains
    Traps: Oven, Falling Pillar, Projecting Spikes, Slaughter Fan, Electric Chair, 
    Suspended Pillar x2
    Comments: Noteworthy for the ominous slaughter fan, which was great fun in the 
    original Kagero, and is great fun here.
    Location: Gallery
    Traps: Falling Pillar, Rotating Fan, Roller, Spiked Room
    Comments: The roller automatically combos with the spiked room. Just set an 
    immobilization trap and push wall in front of the roller and you're all set.
    You only spend about two chapters in the royal palace. Don't worry about it 
    since the next palace is so much better trap-wise.
    Location: Basement
    Traps: Falling Sandbag, Iron Gate Bridge, Pulverizer, Waterspout
    Comments: You can have some fun with electricity here since the enemies need to 
    cross a body of water across the room. The iron gate bridge requires a lot of 
    set up to use, but the pulverizer is quick, easy, and fun.
    Location: Entrance
    Traps: Draw Bridge, Falling Lattice, Oil Barrel, Waterspout
    Comments: The draw bridge is loads of fun to play with. Simply set a wall trap 
    near the switch and wait till the enemy is on the bridge. Depending on how far 
    they are along it they'll either be knocked into the water below (where you can 
    zap them with a spark rod), or they'll slide down the bridge and get skewered 
    by the falling lattice. Either way it's loads of fun for the whole family.
    Location: Royal Tomb
    Traps: Falling Pillar x3, Ornament x2, Queens Casket
    Comments: This is the tomb where the opening scene took place. You can fight 
    here if you want, but I guess you would feel a bit guilty desecrating the dead.
    Location: King's Chamber
    Traps: Goddess Statue x2, Death Axe, Glass Dome, Bed, Prancing Carousel, Solar 
    Comments: After looking at Olaf's chamber I'd have to say that he's one creepy 
    guy. The solar disc alone is enough to send shivers down my spine.
    Location: Clock Hall
    Traps: Clock Pendulum, Long Hands, Cuckoo, Clock Gears
    Dark Illusion: The Fated Shredding
    Comments: The dark illusion in this room requires a bit of setup. Hitting 
    people with the cuckoo is good for a laugh.
    Location: Throne Room
    Traps: Crush Statue, Chandelier, Falling Pillar x2, Holy Anger, Throne, Dragon 
    Comments: It wouldn't be a Kagero game without the ominous throne room. 
    The old castle is home to a whopping three dark illusions. The war room 
    features one of the best, if not the best, death traps in the game.
    Location: Entry Hall
    Traps: Flame Spout x4, Black Torch, Powder Chest, Knight Statue x2, Electric 
    Pillars, Wall Spikes
    Dark Illusion: The Devil's Trapeze
    Comments: This hall is similar to the one in the mansion. The dark illusion in 
    the room is much harder to set up though.
    Location: Dungeon
    Traps: Hanging Ceiling, Electric Chair x2, Powder Magazine, Iron Maiden
    Location: Guardroom
    Traps: Waterwheel, Standing Spear, Falling Pillar x2, Blast Furnace, Murder 
    Dark Illusion: Feast for the Beast
    Comments: The dark illusion here is tricky to pull off, but it's really cool.
    Location: War Room
    Traps: Cannon, Gear, Trophy Deerhead, Powder Keg x2, Grated Oven
    Dark Illusion: The Human Cannonball
    Comments: This room features a trap combo that is not only ridiculously easy to 
    pull off, but deals loads of damage and looks cool to boot. Simply set an 
    immobilization floor trap on the stairs adjacent to the cannon (I recommend 
    vacuum floor). Next set a push wall adjacent to the floor trap aligned with the 
    cannon. Finally set a powerful ceiling trap (I recommend volt rock) on the 
    black square closest to the oven (about one square away from it to be precise) 
    aligned with the cannon. Lure the enemy to the floor trap (easily done since 
    the stairs is the only way to get to the upper and lower levels). Immobilize 
    them and use the push wall to push them into the cannon. The cannon will blow 
    them into the oven, where they'll simultaneously be pierced by the grating and 
    burned by the oven, and set on fire to boot. The victim will then be tossed out 
    of the oven (still on fire) and land conveniently on the spot where you have 
    your volt rock set up. Drop the rock on them even if they're already dead and 
    watch the Warl fly (make sure to wait near the oven to collect it during the 
    combo). I've tested this combo on all the enemies in the old castle stages, and 
    it is guaranteed to kill everyone. In fact most enemies die when shot into the 
    oven. The ones that don't require just a little bit more work, but that's where 
    the volt rock comes in.
    Location: Ritual Hall
    Traps: Aquarius Statue x2, Icicle, Hydra Statue, Falling Pillar x2, Oil Barrel
    Comments: This room is similar to the holy Timenoid shrine that was in the 
    original Kagero.
    Location: Workshop
    Traps: Hanging Timber, Automatic Cart, Resting Cart, Elevated Cart x2, Powder 
    Comments: Be sure to watch out for the automatic cart in this room. It has a 
    disturbing tendency to hit you if you're not careful.
    This is the room where the fiend was sealed long ago. You can only access this 
    room in chapters 14 and 15.
    Traps: Devil's Claws x2, Minion Statue x2, Seal Stone, Spiked Pillar x2, 
    Falling Pillar x2
    Dark Illusion: The Seal of Eternity
    Comments: The most prominent feature of this room is the seal stone hanging 
    prominently at the top of the stairs. It deals damage to anyone that gets 
    knocked into it, which turns out to be very useful for dealing with certain 
    | 7. Story Mode |
    [CHAPTER 1: Unravelled]--------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Alan (Warrior), Ralph (Warrior)
    Description: Soldiers Alan and Ralph come to the mansion in search for Allura. 
    Comments: The first time you play this mission you won't have any control over 
    your trap placement. Simply activate the floor trap, wall trap, and ceiling 
    trap in that order (the basic three hit combo) to kill poor Alan. The second 
    time you play this mission you get full control over trap placement. You can 
    try using the dark illusion (see the section on dark illusions) on him, but you 
    might want to save it for Ralph who shows up right after you kill Alan. They're 
    both pretty much cannon fodder and serve as good warm up practice.
    [CHAPTER 2: The Soul's Price]--------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Marcus (Warrior), Ellen (Archer)
    Description: Two more soldiers come looking for Allura in the mansion. 
    Comments: You'll encounter an archer for the first time here. They require a 
    bit more baiting distance since they have a ranged attack, but you should have 
    no problem dealing with her. The stake launcher/obelisk combo in the chapel is 
    a great way to take them out Don't forget about the dark illusion in the 
    hall either.
    [CHAPTER 3: The Sinful]--------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    First Round - Bolide (Peasant), Douglas (Mauler), Aladdin (Thief), Hannah 
    Second Round – Elvin (Warrior), Justin (Knight), Sharon (Archer), Vaglumo (Fire 
    Mage), Philip (Thief)
    Description: A large group of bounty hunters enter the mansion looking for 
    Comments: Yikes. It's only the third mission and we're already fighting no less 
    than 9 enemies. Fortunately, they're not very tough or very bright. You'll 
    encounter a mauler, thieves, and a knight for the first time. Just keep in mind 
    that wall traps can't push the mauler, the thieves avoid floor traps (but not 
    bear traps), and the knight is immune to bear traps and projectiles. And be 
    sure to watch out of the fire mage here. Make good use of the stake launcher in 
    the chapel, and feel free to use the dark illusion in the hall on any 
    particularly difficult enemy.
    [CHAPTER 4: The Shackles of Fate]----------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Veronica (Archer), Blizzardo (Ice Mage), Dudley (Mauler), Louis 
    (Thief), Elmer (Warrior)
    Description: The elite Black Knights regiment arrives at the mansion to hunt 
    for Allura.
    Comments: Watch out for Blizzardo's freezing ice attacks. Other than that, 
    there isn't anything particularly worrisome about this mission.
    [CHAPTER 5: The Martyr]--------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Alvin (Knight), Schtormo (Ice Mage), Eric (Peasant), Geoff (Peasant)
    Description: A group of fiend worshipers arrive at the mansion to kill Allura.
    Comments: Nothing here that you haven't seen before. The peasants here move 
    surprisingly fast, so don't let them catch you off guard with their speed.
    [CHAPTER 6: The Remaining Path]------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Gordon (Warrior), Eleanor (Priestess), Myra (Archer), Gerald 
    (Knight), Fiona (Dark Mage)
    Description: Finnegan's minions enter the mansion looking for Allura.
    Comments: You meet a priestess and dark mage here for the first time. The 
    priestess can heal other enemies, so taking her out is a priority. The dark 
    mage fires a projectile that pretty much chases you forever unless you make it 
    hit an obstacle or wall. Gerald the knight has quite a bit of health, so you 
    might want to whittle him down to around half health, and then finish him off 
    with a dark illusion.
    [CHAPTER 7: Respective Thoughts]-----------------------------------------------
    Area: Palace
    First Round – Morris (Warrior), Cesar (Axe Knight), Lavinia (Bow Knight)
    Second Round – Lloyd (Mauler), Julia (Archer), Edward (Warrior)
    Third Round – Rick (Knight), Conrad (Knight), Friska (Ice Mage), Erika 
    (Archer), Frosta (Ice Mage)
    Description: Allura enters her former home to confront the forces conspiring 
    against her.
    Comments: Now this is one heck of a reception. The axe knight and bow knight 
    make their appearances here. They both have immunity to bear traps and 
    projectiles like regular knights. The axe knight can deflect boulders and the 
    bow knight can avoid floor traps like a thief. The basement you begin in is a 
    great place to hold up. Set your traps in the water area next to the pulverizer 
    and knock them into it. If you have a spark rod you can use it to electrify 
    your enemies as they attempt to cross the water.
    [CHAPTER 8: Pale Inheritance]--------------------------------------------------
    Area: Palace
    First Round - Johnny (Warrior), Bernhardt (Spear Knight), Trident (Thunder 
    Mage), Miranda (Archer), Aaron (assassin)
    Second Round – Finnegan (Swordsman), Angela (Priestess)
    Description: Allura and Finnegan's forces meet for one final conflict.
    Comments: The spear knight, thunder mage, and assassin make their first 
    appearances here. The spear knight is pretty much a larger, stronger version of 
    his normal brethren, the thunder mage has a homing electric projectile, and the 
    assassin is pretty much the same as a thief, except they can also avoid bear 
    traps. You can use the drawbridge in the initial area as your primary trap. 
    Just remember to set a spark rod in the water below in case they fall down 
    there. Otherwise you can set house down in the lower water area below right 
    before the stairs. If you're not too comfortable with the area, head for the 
    basement and use the same setup you used in the previous fight. Once Aaron 
    bites the dust, the boss fight against Finnegan will begin.
    Boss: Finnegan (Swordsman)
    Defense: Pincer, Projectiles
    Immunities: None
    Special: None 
    Finnegan has a powerful and quick dash attack that can easily catch you off 
    guard. He always shouts "Matte!" ("Wait!" in Japanese) before he uses it. Keep 
    moving to avoid getting hit by it. Baiting him can be a problem since he can 
    quickly attack from a distance. To make matters worse, a few moments into the 
    fight a priestess shows up (Angela) to assist him. Even if you reduce his 
    health to zero she can still revive him. The easiest place I've found to trap 
    him is in the lower area of the entrance room near the base of the stairs 
    leading into the water area. Set a vacuum floor near the base of the stairs 
    along with a combo of your choice (preferably something with a short charge 
    time, about 5-7 seconds each). The vacuum floor has a very short charge time of 
    four seconds, so try to time your trap activation so that you have as much time 
    as possible to recharge it. Hopefully by the time he gets back up the vacuum 
    floor will be fully charged and you can cheese him to death by doing the same 
    combo over and over again.
    [CHAPTER 9: The Road to Destruction]-------------------------------------------
    Area: Old Castle
    Round One - Glenn (Warrior), Celena (Fire Mage), Helena (Archer), Brigette (Bow 
    Round Two – Adolphus (Knight), Irene (Priestess), Illuminado (Thunder Mage), 
    Valentine (Assassin), Raymond (Warrior)
    Round Three – Oliver (Assassin), Damninda (Warrior), Hamilton (Knight), Albert 
    Description: Allura heads for the old castle to confront Catalina's forces.
    Comments: The sheer number of enemies in the mission might seem intimidating, 
    but they're no match for the ultimate trap combo of doom (tm). Refer to the war 
    room description in the area section of this FAQ for more details on this 
    devilishly fiendish trap.
    [CHAPTER 10: Those Who Seek Power]---------------------------------------------
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Lilly (Bow Knight), Colonia (Axe Knight), Alder (Thunder Mage), 
    Rufus (Assassin), Jais (Knight)*
    * optional ending
    Description: Allura confronts Hertzog in the old castle, who tells her to leave 
    the country for the sake of the people.
    Comments: After the cut scene you'll have a choice to either flee the country 
    or stay. If you choose to stay you'll fight against a few enemies and the game 
    will continue. If you choose to leave, you'll have to fight Jais instead. 
    Killing Jais gives you a short ending (which is unlisted in the save data) and 
    adds Jais to the enemy encyclopedia. Unfortunately, you don't unlock any new 
    traps for your trouble.
    Boss: Jais (Knight)
    Defense: All Except Vase
    Immunities: Magnet
    Special: None
    Jais isn't your ordinary run of the mill knight. As you can see, he can resist 
    just about every single type of trap (including magnet types). The only trap 
    that he doesn't have a defense against is the vase. If you plan to take Jais 
    on, be sure to bring one along. Jais fights in a manner similar to Finnegan, 
    except he's much more stronger.
    [CHAPTER 11: Mother]-----------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Old Castle (Entry Hall Only)
    Intruders: Vulcano (Warrior), Arthur (Knight), Lionel (Axe Knight), Moses 
    (Assassin), Diabolo (Wizard), Catalina (Queen)
    Description: Allura confronts her stepmother in a fight to the death.
    Comments: Normally fighting in the old castle isn't a problem since you can 
    access the super cheesy cannon trap combo in the war room. Unfortunately, you 
    begin this mission in the entry hall and all the other doors are locked. You 
    encounter a wizard here for the first time. Wizards are the strongest of the 
    mage type enemies, and have a powerful magic attack. When only one enemy 
    remains, Catalina herself will enter the battle.
    Boss: Catalina (Queen)
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: Resets Traps
    Catalina only has a short-range melee attack so it's easy to avoid getting hit 
    by her. She doesn't have any defenses or immunities so you don't have to worry 
    about that. The only problem is actually hitting her with a trap. She has the 
    ability to actually reset a nearby trap by laughing. The trap that gets reset 
    seems to be at random, so try to set up a cluster of traps so that you can nail 
    her with at least one of them regardless of which trap she resets. You may have 
    to do this while still trying to take out the remaining enemy, which can be 
    very annoying with all of the trap resetting.
    [CHAPTER 12: The Ties That Bind]-----------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Round One - Andrew (Warrior), Francis (Spear Knight), Vulcannon (Thunder Mage), 
    Alma (Archer), Jeremiah (Warrior), Eileen (Bow Knight), Gabriel (Axe Knight)
    Round Two – Alfons (Knight), Steve (Spear Knight), Ursula (Bow Knight), 
    Meteorito (Wizard), Louisa (Dark Mage), Roger (Warrior), Frida (Ice Mage)
    Description: Allura returns to the mansion to confront the remainder of 
    Hertzog's forces.
    Comments: From this point on the enemies are much stronger than the ones you 
    encountered in previous missions. Hopefully you've been keeping up with your 
    trap upgrades and have a few tricks of your own up your sleeves. Watch out for 
    the wizard/dark mage combo at the end of the second wave.
    [CHAPTER 13: Protector]--------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Barbara (Fire Mage), Smerald (Wizard), Purateno (Thunder Mage), 
    Tenebro (Dark Mage), Bertran (Great Wizard)
    Description: The powerful warlock Bertran, who sealed the fiend long ago, 
    confronts Allura.
    Comments: You'll be fighting nothing but mages in this mission, so try setting 
    up a kill zone around a corner or near stairs and fire away before they can let 
    off a spell. Once only one enemy remains, Bertran will join the fray.
    Boss: Bertran (Great Wizard)
    Defense: None
    Immunities: Fire, Ice, Oil
    Special: None
    Bertran has a lot of health, and can fire the same projectiles as a wizard, 
    except his version has unlimited range. He also has a close range area attack 
    that can freeze you solid. He tends to fire at quite a distance, so you need to 
    keep your distance as well. The L shaped stairway in the basement stairs room 
    (where the devil dark illusion is) is a great place to set an ambush. Set a 
    vacuum trap on the corner between the two stairs, along with a fast charging 
    combo of your choice. Wait around the corner where the wall will block his 
    projectiles. Once he comes around the bend let him have it. If your trap setup 
    is fast enough, by the time he gets back up the vacuum floor will have 
    recharged itself and you can hit him with the same trap over and over again.
    [CHAPTER 14: Acceptance]-------------------------------------------------------
    Area: Sealed Room
    Note: The intruders that appear in this stage may be different from the ones 
    listed. The order they appear in may also be different.
    Round One - Basil (Axe Knight), Julia (Archer), Lavango (Ice Mage), Isaac 
    (Spear Knight), Hertzog (Commander)
    Round Two – Age (Legionnaire), Frosta (Ice Mage), Aaron (Assassin), Albert 
    (Mauler), Benedict (Wizard), Hercule (Legionnaire)
    Round Three – Nocto (Dark Mage), Brenda (Peasant), Michelle (Bow Knight), 
    Diabolo (Wizard), Elmer (Warrior)
    Round Four * – Rachel (Handmaid), Nocto (Dark Mage)
    * Ending A Battle
    Description: Within the very room the fiend was sealed in long ago, Allura 
    confronts Hertzog and the fiend's minions in a decisive battle.
    Comments: Let's get ready to rumble! The enemies you'll encounter here will be 
    different depending on whom you killed in the previous missions. Nevertheless, 
    you'll have just about everything thrown at you, including the kitchen sink. 
    Once only one enemy remains in the first round, Hertzog himself will challenge 
    Boss: Hertzog (Commander)
    Defense: Pincer, Projectiles 
    Immunities: None
    Special: None
    Hertzog is a tough opponent, and his spear attacks can do some damage in a 
    hurry. He does have a weakness you can take advantage of though. He has a 
    special attack where he leaps into the air and tries to land on you with his 
    spear. How do you take advantage of this you ask? At the top of the room there 
    is a very prominent stone being suspended from the ceiling by a chain. This is 
    the sealing stone, and it deals damage to any enemy that is thrown into it. Get 
    the idea? Whenever Hertzog jumps try to place the stone between the two of you. 
    More often than not, Hertzog will end up jumping into the stone and damaging 
    himself. This is a great way to damage him while you're waiting for your more 
    conventional traps to charge.
    After Hertzog is killed, a legionnaire will appear for the first time. These 
    are tough opponents, and unlike most enemies they are immune to magnet traps. 
    They can also move very quickly, so they can catch you off guard if you're not 
    careful. They are immune to most elemental attacks with the exception of ice. 
    You might want to bring an ice arrow along just to deal with legionnaires, 
    although it comes in handy for the rest of the battle as well. Later in the 
    battle a second legionnaire will appear, along with another wizard.
    Once you've taken care of the opposition, Rachel will try to kill you for the 
    final sacrifice to release the fiend. If you choose to fight her a second boss 
    battle ensues. If you refuse to fight her, the mission ends and you move on to 
    chapter 15.
    Boss: Rachel (Handmaid)
    Defense: None
    Immunities: None
    Special: Activates Traps
    This is a tough battle. Rachel can activate traps just like you can, so try to 
    avoid getting in the way of your own traps, as she will activate them the 
    moment you get within range. Avoid projectile traps and set up a floor or 
    ceiling trap combo that you can easily avoid getting hit with. The only problem 
    is that a dark mage will also be attacking you during the battle, and until you 
    can get rid of her your lack of vision will be a severe handicap in the battle. 
    Killing Rachel and Nocto gets you the A ending, adds both of them to the 
    character encyclopedia, and unlocks the death hammer in the trap creation 
    [CHAPTER 15: The Broken Throne]------------------------------------------------
    Area: Sealed Room
    Intruders: Malphas (???)
    Description: Allura battles the fiend in an attempt to free herself from its 
    Comments: See below.
    Boss: Malphas (???)
    Defense: All
    Immunities: All
    Special: If a certain attack connects...
    At the start of the battle Malphas is completely immune to all damage. The only 
    way to damage him is to remove this immunity somehow. The way to do so is to 
    activate the final dark illusion in the room: the seal of eternity (see the 
    dark illusion section below for details). Once he gets hit with it he can be 
    damaged as normal. If you have evil/death traps now is the time you use it. 
    Note that Malphas cannot be stunned with traps, only hit with them. He also 
    floats over immobilization traps, so you'll need to rely on direct damage 
    traps. Before the dark illusion Malphas has only one attack. He'll create a 
    large red energy field around him. If you're caught within the blast you'll 
    take heavy damage, so don't get too close to him. After the dark illusion hits 
    him he'll use a second attack. He'll signal this by curling into a ball and 
    glowing. After a few seconds several energy bursts will erupt from the floor. 
    Keep moving to avoid this attack. If you're killed in this battle you'll end up 
    getting the B ending and unlock the death iron. If you manage to defeat Malphas 
    you'll get the C ending instead, add him to the character encyclopedia, and 
    unlock the death pillar.
    | 8. Side Stories |
    Side stories can be accessed once during each chapter. They are basically short 
    episodes that may or may not have any relevance to the plot, but are a good way 
    to earn additional Warl between missions. Enemies that you kill in the side 
    stories do not appear in the museum. In addition, any dark illusions you 
    activate in a side story will not appear in the museum. During your first time 
    through the game you will have access to the "Set A" side stories. The second 
    time you will have access to the "Set B" side stories. Thereafter, the side 
    stories will alternate between the "A" and "B" sets during your third and 
    subsequent plays.
    [SET A]
    Chapter 1
    Note: This side story is not available initially during your first time through 
    the game. It becomes available on the third play through and every alternate 
    play through thereafter.
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Gecen (Peasant), Shubissey (Peasant), Rayden (Peasant)
    Description: A group of villagers decide to raid the mansion for treasure.
    Comments: After the mission another villager outside will enquire as to the 
    status of the villagers you just killed. If you tell him (her?) to go on ahead 
    they'll be on their merry way none the wiser. If you tell them they're all 
    dead, you'll get an earful from the villager scolding you for killing them.
    Chapter 2
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Aesman (Knight), Akusto (Axe Knight), Lanzent (Spear Knight)
    Description: Viscount Lanzent appears at the mansion and tells Allura that 
    he'll try to plead her innocence to the Queen.
    Comments: You have a choice of either thanking him or telling him not to do 
    anything. If you choose to thank him, he'll end up getting killed by his own 
    men, and you'll have to fight his two flunkies Aesman and Akusto. If you tell 
    him to do nothing, his two henchmen will leave, and Lanzent will depart as 
    well. Note that if you choose the second option it is impossible to kill the 
    two knights, but it is possible (although extremely difficult) to kill Lanzent 
    as he leaves. You probably won't have the traps available to do this the first 
    time around. The moment the load screen ends enter the trap set screen and 
    place a quick charging immobilization floor trap in front of the door (vacuum 
    floor is highly recommended), along with the most powerful traps you have 
    (death traps are highly recommended). The two knights will leave. Next Lanzent 
    will appear and start to leave. Quickly get in his face and try to delay him 
    while the floor trap charges. Once he gets caught hit him with everything you 
    have. Hopefully you'll do enough damage to kill him outright. If not, try to 
    distract him long enough so that the floor trap can recharge and you can try 
    again. It might take several tries, so be sure to save before you attempt this, 
    as you can't retry a side story once it ends.
    Chapter 3
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Drake (Warrior), Allen (Warrior)
    Description: Two soldiers search the mansion for hidden treasure when they come 
    across Allura.
    Comments: Nothing special here. It's just two warriors begging to get killed. 
    Chapter 4
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Amelie (Archer)
    Description: An archer blames Allura for stealing Jais away from her.
    Comments: She's just begging to get hit with a dark illusion. Feel free to 
    oblige her.
    Chapter 5
    Area: Mansion 
    Intruders: Dragun (Warrior), Larva (Fire Mage)
    Description: Two more people arrive for the bounty on Allura's head.
    Comments: Nothing special here.
    Chapter 6
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Geld (Mauler), Munze (Peasant), Barmgen (Peasant)
    Description: Three kidnappers attempt to kidnap Allura for a ransom.
    Comments: The look on Allura's face during this scene is priceless.
    Chapter 7
    Area: Palace
    Intruders: Ludiotte (Priestess), Nall (Priestess)
    Description: Two palace priestesses attempt to convince Allura to reconcile 
    with Queen Catalina.
    Comments: Just say no. They're both so weak that you can easily take both of 
    them out with one trap combo.
    Chapter 8
    Area: Palace
    Intruders: Fersten (Archer)
    Description: An arms dealer mistakes Allura for her contact.
    Comments: Kindness really is the password. Even if you get it correct, Fersten 
    will suspect something's not quite right. While she's a lot tougher than the 
    average archer, she shouldn't be too much of a problem to defeat.
    Chapter 9
    Area: Old Castle
    Round One - Vultaria (Axe Knight), Wylder (Knight), Anglif (Knight)
    Round Two – Fleugel (Axe Knight), Lector (Axe Knight), Franke (Axe Knight)
    Description: Hertzog's knights attempt to destroy Allura once and for all.
    Comments: This is an unusual side story in that it actually has two rounds of 
    combat. Not that it matters, since you can easily obliterate all of them using 
    the cannon combo in the war room that I mentioned previously in the area 
    section of this FAQ.
    Chapter 10
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Ahim (Axe Knight)
    Description: Prince Ahim, a prince from a far away land, appears at the old 
    castle to release Allura from her curse.
    Comments: The good old cannon combo kills him instantly. Just for kicks you 
    might want to use the dark illusion on him instead.
    Chapter 11
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Festerton (Thief), Skelchet (Thief)
    Description: Two thieves raid the old castle for treasure.
    Comments: Nothing in particular.
    Chapter 12
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Gilbert (Wizard), Pan (Assassin)
    Description: An evil wizard and his henchman attempt diabolic experiments on 
    Comments: Use the stake launcher in the chapel on Pan, and then lure Gilbert 
    into it afterwards.
    Chapter 13
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Kahma (Knight)
    Description: An immortal knight resurrected by dark magic seeks Allura to set 
    his soul free.
    Comments: Kahma isn't very tough, even for an immortal knight.
    Chapter 14
    Area: Sealed Room
    Intruders: Nockhen (Legionnaire), Lem (Legionnaire)
    Description: Two undead minions of the fiend attempt to destroy Allura.
    Comments: Yikes. Fighting one legionnaire is bad enough. Fighting two at once 
    is a nightmare. Bring an ice arrow and get ready to party.
    Chapter 15
    Area: Sealed Room
    Intruders: Millenia (???)
    Description: Allura fights against a very familiar looking woman...
    Comments: See below.
    Boss: Millenia
    Defense: Boulders, Wall, Projectiles
    Immunities: All Except Earthquake
    Special: Activates Traps
    Millenia is arguably the toughest boss in the game, even more so than the final 
    boss. She can activate traps just like you can, and can see the traps you've 
    set as well, so she almost never intentionally walks over one. If you try to 
    run around your traps she'll just run around them with you. The key to trapping 
    her is to walk. If you're walking she'll stop running and start walking as 
    well. You'll need to get very close to her to lure her onto a trap. 
    Unfortunately, this puts you within range of her powerful melee attack that can 
    freeze you solid (where did she learn that?) and, if you're unlucky, she can 
    hit you with it over and over again before you can recover. I recommend setting 
    up a devil upper in front of the seal stone and aim it towards the stone. Move 
    slowly near it (but not on it) and hopefully she'll move across it. Knock her 
    upwards into the stone and repeat the process. Don't get too greedy trying to 
    lure her in. If she gets too close she can kill you quite easily. If this 
    happens back off and try to lure her in again.
    [SET B]
    Chapter 1
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Auguste (Ice Mage)
    Description: A powerful ice mage enters the mansion to kill Allura.
    Comments: Auguste is much stronger than your typical ice mage, but since this 
    is a one on one fight you shouldn't have any problems dodging his attacks.
    Chapter 2
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Heckle (Thief), Dora (Archer), Tilia (Priestess)
    Description: Allura encounters two kidnappers in the mansion.
    Comments: If you want to kill everyone I recommend saving before you try this 
    mission. After you kill the two kidnappers their victim Tilia will attempt to 
    flee the mansion after a cut scene. She's very fast and doesn't waste time 
    attacking you. You need to set up a fast charging trap combo to immobilize and 
    kill her before she gets away. You can get right in front of her to delay her 
    at bit if you need more time to charge your traps. Fortunately, she has very 
    little in the way of health so a standard three hit combo will do her in 
    Chapter 3
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Dryfus (Ice Mage)
    Description: An ice mage arrives at the mansion looking for a missing girl.
    Comments: Dryfus is looking for Tilia, the girl you may or may not have killed 
    in the previous side story. He'll ask you if you've seen her. If you tell him 
    she's already gone home, Dryfus will leave the mansion and the mission 
    immediately ends. If you tell him you've never heard of her, he'll get 
    suspicious and attack you.
    Chapter 4
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Alteste (Thunder Mage), Flege (Thief), Kinde (Mauler)
    Description: The 3 champions arrive at the mansion to capture Allura.
    Comments: The so-called "3 champions" aren't any harder to kill than your 
    standard intruders.
    Chapter 5
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Hettie (Peasant)
    Description: An arms dealing peasant gets lost and arrives at the mansion.
    Comments: Just use the dark illusion in the room to kill her with one hit.
    Chapter 6
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Mertz (Peasant), Orfsen (Mauler)
    Description: A mother-son pair of con artists arrives at the mansion to rob 
    Comments: Whatever you do, don't accept the drink. As you might have guessed, 
    this woman has less than honorable intentions. Once you refuse the drink, the 
    woman and her son will attack you. Soften up Orfsen a bit before you toss him 
    into the dark illusion conveniently nearby.
    Chapter 7
    Area: Palace
    Intruders: Johannes (Ice Mage)
    Description: Queen Catalina kills Father Johannes, one of Allura's mentors, and 
    his spirit comes back from the dead.
    Comments: Johannes has quite a bit of stamina for an ice mage, but since this 
    is a one-on-one fight it shouldn't be too hard to win.
    Chapter 8
    Area: Palace
    Intruders: Benhait (Knight), Thane (Knight)
    Description: At the palace Queen Catalina tells Allura a disturbing story.
    Comments: The "queen" will tell Allura what is obviously a bunch of lies and 
    ask her to join forces with her to kill general Graines. If you refuse, you get 
    some interesting cut scenes and the mission ends. If you accept, two knights 
    loyal to Graines appear and you'll have a chance to kill them as they withdraw 
    from the castle.
    Chapter 9
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Groll (Thunder Mage)
    Description: The spirit of a powerful mage has a grudge against Allura.
    Comments: Groll is stronger than the average thunder mage, but since this is a 
    one-on-one fight you shouldn't have any problems.
    Chapter 10
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Ramone (Mauler), Juzo (Assassin), Locke (Archer)
    Description: Three hunters attempt to capture Allura.
    Comments: Nothing special.
    Chapter 11
    Area: Old Castle
    Intruders: Quijano (Hero), Panza (Wise)
    Description: Allura encounters two heroes within the old castle.
    Comments: This is a tough mission, so I highly recommend saving before 
    attempting it if you want to kill both of them. Despite their unique classes 
    Quijano is pretty much a knight, and Panza is pretty much a priestess. Both of 
    them will immediately attempt to flee the old castle via the guardroom to exit 
    in the entry hall. They're both quite fast, so you'll need to do some serious 
    planning in the rooms to get them both before they escape. It might take you 
    several tries to do so, so don't get too discouraged.
    Chapter 12
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Silvoff (Axe Knight)
    Description: One of the greatest knights in the kingdom attempts to kill 
    Comments: Silvoff will ask you if you've seen the princess in the mansion. You 
    might as well be honest and tell him he's looking at her. Silvoff will reward 
    your honesty by trying to kill you. The crossing room is a bit too crowded for 
    most ceiling traps, so stick with either floor or wall traps, or just move to 
    another room.
    Chapter 13
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Ritto (Dark Mage), Jagged (Knight)
    Description: Two of Hertzog's minions attempt to kill one of Catalina's 
    Comments: You'll have a choice in the beginning whether or not to save Fulchet, 
    one of Catalina's former mages. You might as well do so, since you'll get a lot 
    of exposition afterwards. Don't forget to use the dark illusion in the room to 
    score bonus Warl.
    Chapter 14
    Area: Mansion
    Intruders: Mayte (Wizard)
    Description: Mayte confronts Allura in the mansion.
    Comments: Mayte is pretty much a standard wizard with quite a bit of health. 
    How you take her out is up to you, but don't forget about the hall and belfry 
    dark illusions. Isn't Bertran supposed to be dead?
    Chapter 15
    Area: Sealed Room
    Round One – Ada (Thief)
    Round Two – Finnegan (Swordsman)
    Round Three – Kendal (???)
    Description: A mysterious young man confronts Allura with visions of the past.
    Comments: Ada is quite strong for a thief, but you've dealt with thieves before 
    and she's no different. Finnegan is the same as he was the first time around, 
    except this time he has a lot more health. Kendal is surprisingly weak. He only 
    has a fireball attack, and no defenses to speak of. By the way, didn't we kill 
    Silvoff back in chapter 12?
    | 9. Dark Illusions |
    Dark illusions are powerful traps that can be activated once per stage (if the 
    mission involves multiple "rounds" the dark illusion can be used each round). 
    Dark illusions that you've activated in story mode are recorded in the museum. 
    Note that you can be the target of certain dark illusions as well, so be 
    careful when you activate them.
    Location: Mansion – Hall
    How to Activate: This is probably the easiest dark illusion to activate in the 
    game, and you can do so right at the very beginning of the game. First off you 
    will need to light the candles on the right side of the hall using a trap. Any 
    trap will do, but you'll probably find it easiest with a projectile wall trap. 
    Once the candles are lit, lure the enemy into the bloodstained area in between 
    the candle stands. Conversely, you can wait until the enemy enters the target 
    area and then light the candles. Either way, the dark illusion will activate. 
    Be careful not to stand on the target area or you will end up the victim 
    Description: The panels on the wall behind the bloodstained floor open up, 
    revealing rotating gears. A spiked manacle shoots out from the gears and drags 
    the victim into the gears. The panel closes and music begins to play from the 
    music box. The victim is dragged through the internal gears as the music plays, 
    splattering their blood crushing their bones. Finally the victim is deposited 
    out of the top of the music box and drops to the floor.
    Location: Mansion – Belfry
    How to Activate: Another easy dark illusion to trigger. In the belfry there is 
    a ball and chain that drops from the ceiling in regular intervals. When the 
    ball and chain drops to the floor use a powerful trap (such as a smash wall) to 
    swing the ball and chain into the bell, which will destroy it. This arms the 
    dark illusion. To trigger it, simply lure an enemy into the circular 
    indentation on the ground where the bell was (make sure you don't enter the 
    area yourself).
    Description: The ceiling above where the bell used to be opens up revealing a 
    tower outside on the roof. Hooked chains shoot from the bell support pillars 
    and grab the victim. The victim is then pulled upward by the chains at high 
    speed up the tower. At the peak of the tower the chains release the victim into 
    the air, whereupon a powerful bolt of lightning strikes them. The victim then 
    falls back down to the floor with incredible force.
    Location: Mansion – Basement Stairs
    How to Activate: This dark illusion is tricky to activate, and even trickier to 
    catch an enemy with. It's interesting to note that this dark illusion activates 
    regardless of whether or not a victim is in the target area. The key to 
    activating this one is to reunite the Devil's Head with the Devil's Body. First 
    you will need to set a floor trap underneath the Devil's Head that can dislodge 
    it from the ceiling. An earthquake bomb works, as does hellfire. Next you will 
    need to set a push wall on the wall aiming towards the Devil's Body at the 
    bottom of the first set of stairs near the L junction. Note that if you try to 
    use a wall trap that uses great force (like a smash wall or evil kick) the trap 
    will not activate. To activate the trap, first dislodge the Devil's Head with 
    the floor trap. This will cause the head to roll down the stairs. Activate the 
    push wall so that it pushes the head towards the next set of stairs as it 
    passes by (this requires timing). If you timed it correctly the head will roll 
    down the stairs to the base of the Devil's Body, whereupon the dark illusion 
    will activate. The target area for the dark illusion is the bottom square at 
    the base of the stairs underneath the Devil's Body. Note that it is very 
    difficult to activate the dark illusion and keep an enemy in the target area at 
    the same time without serious timing.
    Description: The Devil's Head is lifted to the Devil's Body by a mysterious 
    force. The Devil statue then comes to life and crushes the victim repeatedly 
    with its monstrous fists.
    Location: Palace – Clock Hall
    How to Activate: This dark illusion requires a bit of setup. First off you will 
    need to activate the pendulum behind the clock. You can do this by either 
    hitting it with a trap, or knocking an enemy into it. You can also run into it 
    yourself, but will take some damage doing so. Once the pendulum is activated 
    the cuckoo will activate and the clock will now be armed. Next you will need to 
    set an immobilization trap on the yellow square on the bridge. When someone is 
    on the yellow square, a switch will light up near the bridge. Set a trap (I 
    recommend the pendulum) near the switch. Now all you need to do is lure an 
    enemy on the square, immobilize them, and then activate the switch with the 
    Description: The victim is lifted into the air by a rising pillar, bringing 
    them in front of the clock face. A long spear like device launches from the 
    clock and impales the victim. Hooks on the spear activate and the spear 
    withdraws into the clock, sending the victim onto the face of the clock. The 
    hour and minute hands slowly come together, crushing the victim between them. 
    The victim is then released as birds fly out of the clock face.
    Location: Old Castle – War Room
    How to Activate: If you've read my rave on the cannon combo trap previously, 
    you pretty much know how to activate this dark illusion. First set an 
    immobilization floor trap adjacent to the cannon on the stairs next to it. Then 
    set a push wall adjacent to the cannon and floor trap. Wait next to the 
    activation switch for the cannon, which is conveniently nearby. Immobilize the 
    victim with the floor trap. Before you activate the push wall, activate the 
    switch for the cannon. When the cannon is activated, use the push wall to push 
    the victim into the cannon and the dark illusion with activate.
    Description: As the victim struggles to escape the cannon, the floor panels 
    open to reveal a stained glass floor. The cannon fires the victim into the roof 
    of the room. The victim then falls straight down through the glass floor all 
    the way down into the room below, smashing them into the floor with great force 
    and showering them with shards of sharp glass.
    Location: Old Castle – Guardroom
    How to Activate: This dark illusion is a bit tricky to activate. You basically 
    need to electrify the water so that the waterwheel activates and begins 
    spinning quickly, and then throw someone onto the waterwheel spikes before it 
    slows down again. I recommend using a spark rod to activate the wheel. How you 
    get the enemy onto the waterwheel spikes is up to you, but remember that when 
    you activate the spark rod the entire water area becomes electrocuted; going 
    into the water is not an option.
    Description: The waterwheel begins to spin faster and faster with great force. 
    As it does a hook on a chain descends from the ceiling on the opposite end of 
    the room. The waterwheel throws the victim onto the hook. The water area 
    underneath the hook opens up and a large mechanical beast appears from below 
    and bites the victim on the hook. The beast descends into the water taking the 
    victim with it. The victim then reappears floating on the surface of the water.
    Location: Old Castle – Entry Hall
    How to Activate: Now this one's a real doozy. First off, you'll need to ignite 
    all four flame spouts in the room. You can use a flare rock, but it's probably 
    much easier to use a fireball trap. Once all four flames are activated, set an 
    immobilization floor trap between the two electric pillars near the entrance. 
    Then set a trap near the activation switch near the top of the stairs on the 
    right side of the room. To activate the dark illusion you will need to trap 
    someone in the electric pillars and reach a pulley at the top of the stairs 
    near the knight statues while the enemy is still being electrocuted. The key to 
    this is to not activate the pillars right away. First immobilize the enemy, but 
    do not activate the pillar trap right away. Move up the stairs. When you're 
    about halfway up activate the switch using the trap. This is to give you enough 
    time to reach the pulley before the electric trap wears off. Once you reach the 
    pulley at the top, and the enemy is still being electrocuted, the dark illusion 
    will activate.
    Description: As the victim is being electrocuted, Allura swings down the pulley 
    between the fire spouts. As she does so, the wall spikes behind the victim move 
    down covering the door. Allura then swings into one of the fire spouts setting 
    her feet on fire (!). She then swings into the victim legs first (wouldn't that 
    electrocute her as well?), knocking them back with great force into the wall 
    spikes behind them.
    Location – Sealed Room
    How to Activate: Arming this dark illusion is relatively simple. You need to 
    knock down all four pillars at the top of the room. As you knock down a pillar 
    a beam of purple light appears on the ground. When all four pillars have been 
    knocked down a purple glowing rectangle will form around the circular 
    pentagram. All you need to do is lure the final boss into the pentagram to 
    activate the dark illusion. Note that you can enter the purple glowing area, 
    but avoid the center circle; otherwise you'll end up activating the dark 
    illusion on yourself and will be killed instantly. The only problem is that the 
    boss will never willingly enter the pentagram. The key to getting the boss to 
    activate the dark illusion is to use the vacuum floor. When you use the vacuum 
    floor near the boss, the boss will quickly move away from the trap. If you can 
    get the boss between the trap and the pentagram, the boss may end up 
    inadvertently on top of the target areas as it avoids the vacuum trap. It 
    doesn't work all the time, but it's the most reliable way I've found so far to 
    get the boss on the pentagram.
    Description: The spirits of the seven braves that sealed the fiend long ago 
    appear and trap the victim with holy energy. Seven swords fly up and form a 
    circle, whereupon the victim is bombarded with holy light. The seven swords 
    then impale the victim simultaneously, causing severe damage. 
    | 10. Endings and Secrets |
    [ENDING A]
    At the end of chapter 14 you will have the option of fighting Rachel. If you 
    choose to fight her you will fight against her and a dark mage. Once you defeat 
    both you will get this ending and unlock the Death Hammer. Note that this 
    unlocks both Rachel and Nocto in the character encyclopedia.
    Description: With her dying breath Rachel reveals that she is actually Allura's 
    half sister. Her mother was abandoned when the King married Allura's mother, 
    and held a grudge against the royal family. Before she died, Rachel's mother 
    taught her how to use the power of the fiend, as she was a descendant of the 
    "Marked". Rachel became a maid to get close to the royal family, and plotted to 
    release the fiend and get revenge against Olaf and Allura. Allura, fully 
    possessed by the fiend, kills Rachel and makes her the final sacrifice. The 
    fiend appears and merges with Allura. Mayte tries to stop Allura, but Allura 
    kills her with a trap. All those who have opposed the fiend have now been 
    Note: If the "Marked" refers to Timenoids in the original Kagero, how can 
    Rachel be a descendant of them? According to the Timenoid King Eclypse 
    Timenoids are unable to have children. Perhaps she's a descendant of Millenia?
    [ENDING B]
    At the end of chapter 14 if you choose not to fight Rachel, you can fight 
    against the fiend in chapter 15. To get this ending, simply lose the fight. 
    This unlocks the Death Iron, which interestingly enough is better than the trap 
    you would have unlocked if you won the fight.
    Description: Allura is killed in the battle against the fiend. The fiend 
    possesses her body and leaves the mansion. Jais still believes Allura to still 
    be alive and follows her out. As she leaves, the possessed Allura smiles and 
    the mark of the fiend appears on her arm.
    [ENDING C]
    At the end of chapter 14 if you choose not to fight Rachel, you can fight 
    against the fiend in chapter 15. In order to get this ending you must win the 
    fight. In order to do so, you must hit the fiend with the dark illusion in the 
    room, which makes it vulnerable to damage. Defeating the fiend unlocks him in 
    the encyclopedia, and allows you to make the death pillar (the weakest secret 
    trap in my opinion).
    Description: The fiend is defeated and sealed once again. Now freed from the 
    curse, Allura returns to her castle along with Jais. They find the castle void 
    of all life and infested with legionnaires. Allura sits on her throne alone 
    surrounded by the bodies of the dead.
    This ending isn't listed on the save file, but it counts as an ending. At the 
    start of chapter 10, choose to leave the kingdom. Jais will fight you. After 
    you defeat him you will get this ending. Note that this is the only way to add 
    Jais to the character encyclopedia, as this is the only chance in the game that 
    you get to fight him.
    Description: Allura kills Jais and flees the kingdom. Hertzog becomes king and 
    the kingdom knows peace for a time. After a few years, the kingdom falls to 
    ruin under mysterious circumstances. No one knows why it happened, but some 
    have said that the fiend was spotted in the ruins of the castle. Allura, now in 
    a distant country, wonders if she made the right decision.
    [Play As Reina]
    Once you obtain 100,000 Ark you can purchase Reina's outfit from the make 
    trap screen for the low price of 100,000 Warl. This allows you to play as 
    Reina, the heroine from Deception III. You can select the outfit from the 
    options menu.
    [Play As Millenia]
    Once you obtain 300,000 Ark you can purchase Millenia's outfit from the make 
    trap screen for the low price of 200,000 Warl. This allows you to play as 
    Millenia, the heroine from the original Kagero. You can select the outfit from 
    the options menu.
    The gallery becomes unlocked in the museum when you obtain all the traps in the 
    game (100%). Making all the traps in the trap creation screen gets you as high 
    as 93%. To get the remaining 7% you will need to get all three endings (A, B, 
    and C) which unlocks the three secret traps (Death Hammer, Death Iron, and 
    Death Pillar).
    [Sound Test]
    The sound test is unlocked in the museum when you complete the character 
    encyclopedia. In order to obtain 100% you must kill all 100 enemies in the 
    story mode. This requires getting the A and C endings, as well as the "ending" 
    in chapter 10. Clearing the C ending adds Malphas to the encyclopedia. Clearing 
    the A ending adds Rachel and Nocto to the encyclopedia. The only way to add 
    Jais to the encyclopedia is to kill him by fighting him in the chapter 10 
    | 11. Acknowledgements |
    Thanks go to Tecmo for bringing out yet another fine Deception game.
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Currently this FAQ/Walkthrough is only hosted at www.gamefaqs.com. Do not post 
    this document on other websites without permission from the author.
    Copyright 2005 Brian Nii

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