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"The best RPG creator tool out there PERIOD!"

RPG maker 3 is the third game in the series, developed by Agetec. RPG maker 3 is a tool intended for helping gamers create their very own RPG using a preset interface developed by Agetec. No Programming knowledge is required, making RPG maker 3 a very user friendly tool. However this game requires alot of devotion, and time to truly make a complete RPG. In this guide I will run down multiple aspects of the game including story, graphics, gameplay, and sound.


The graphics in RPG Maker 3 are some of the finest you will see in any RPG making tool. Textures, backgrounds, and character models are all 3D, and of PS2 quality in graphics. Designing you own RPG with PS2 quality graphics is something every RPG fan will love. All graphics, and animations are done in a medieval style, so if your thinking of doing a Sci-Fi RPG the graphics may be a turn off. When trying to customize your RPG their are literally thousands of graphics, and animations to use. Items, dungeons, fields, towns, characters, all contain various amounts of preset models to choose from usually ranging from 20 for dungeons to over 100 with items. There are also various animations for your characters to use including spells, special attacks, and more. Each spell/attack is detailed very well, and fluid animation. Overall for an RPG making tool the graphics are top of line, and will impress.

GAMEPLAY = 8.5/10

Before you get to playing your RPG you have to design it. RPG maker 3 contains a plethora of preset tools for you to create, and customize your very own RPG. You will start off by naming your RPG, and creating an introduction. After that you get to the meat of the gameplay. You can create various worlds using the field editor for the settings of your RPG. By using an interface that looks similar to a paint program you can fully customize what the land looks like. You can change many aspects of the field including texture, slope, season, terrain, and waterways. Using the field editor properly you can create deserts, ice worlds, grasslands, all worlds which are essential to maximizing the RPG experience. After you design the land your going to want to put towns, buildings, and people in it. You can place about 10 of each on any given field you design. Thats not all though, once you design a town/dungeon you can place characters, and items within them as well. Using the easy interface creating multiple worlds, and unique towns is a piece of cake. Everything is preset so your basically choosing from lists for most of your things excluding the editor programs for dungeons, and fields. In your RPG you can use the following maximum numbers for things. You can use 300 items, 100 monsters, 100 characters, 40 towns, 40 dungeons, 20 fields, 100 monster parties, 100 classes, and 3000 events. It basically sacrifices creativity, for being easy to use. The numbers might seem small, but they are adequate for creating a medium sized RPG. Creating a 10 hour long RPG will take you a while so have patience, the interface is beginner friendly, and wont be frustrating. Once you create everything you can add scripted events to your world. You can add your own story to the game, by adding cut-scenes which contain your own written dialogue at various places in the game. To write the story your going to want to buy a USB keyboard which is applicable with the PS2, which will make typing dialogue much faster. You can make 100 scenes, and 500 dialogue boxes throughout the entire game. To incorporate these scenes into the game you will simply need to script them to a character. It makes this as simple as possible by basically giving you a "when condition A is met condition B is triggered" type of thing. Again Agetec makes this as simple as possible. Now for the actual gameplay which will happen much down the road, you are given the ATB (active time battle) system. If you have played Final Fantasy games you know what this is. You are a given a time gauge for your characters, when it fills up you can choose your move. 4 members of your party are on screen at a given time similar to Final Fantasy 7. So if you have ever played a game with the ATB you know what to expect. You can even customize base stats such as , attack, defense, agility and others for characters, and monsters. Doing this is real trial and error as creating the perfect balance in damage characters, and monsters deal is delicate. Having one side deal to much damage can make the game way to easy, or impossible. Controls are solid, and fairly standard. You use X for commands, circle to cancel commands, and triangle to make the character sprint. Moving the character on the world map is similar to the Resident evil games for PS1. You cannot move diagonal, and instead will have to momentarily stop and change directions. The controls get the job done though considering it is an RPG. Overall the game is what you make it. Numerous applications, and events will allow dedicated players to create a very intricate RPG.

STORY = ???/10

You design your own story in RPG maker 3 so its what you make of it. You can have 100 storyteller scenes, and 500 dialogue boxes MAX in your game. You shouldn't expect to create a story as grand as Xenogears with these limitations, but you can create a story more on par with NES, or SNES games. You can script them to characters in the game, and have graphic animations represent your characters while the dialogue is read on screen. To do this with ease i recommend buying a PS2 compatible USB keyboard. If you don't buy a keyboard you will have to use the PS2 controller which is a pain inputting letters one by one. Overall you have the potential to create a unique plot, but nothing that is going to win you a Pulitzer prize.

MUSIC = 8/10

The music contains 49 songs to disperse in your towns, dungeons, and fields. The tracks are diverse enough the you should be able to find what you want. From deep bass sounds suited for dungeons, to flutes for the fields. This game contains tracks intended to make the most out of your game. Also an additional 21 songs are provided for specific places such as inns, churches, save areas. All tracks are suited to a medieval setting so expect to hear alot of tracks similar to the NES, and SNES Final Fantasy games. Overall the music really enhances the worlds, and can make a great difference in creating the right mood.

+ ps2 quality graphics
+ easy for beginners
+ customize your own RPG
+ writing your own story

- might seem limited to some because most things are preset
- limitations of characters,items,etc.... you can use


Buy all the way as renting is pointless for such a lengthy endeavor. Creating a workable RPG will take months for most people. Renting this game is completely pointless.

OVERALL = 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/15/06

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