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    Expert Mode Guide by batman9502

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 10/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -------------------------Guitar Hero Expert Mode Guide-------------------------
    Version: 1.10
    A guide to mastering the Expert Mode of Guitar Hero
    Written by: Kyle Duffy
    Table of Contents:
    1.) Legal Information [GHLEGAL]
    2.) Should I be playing at Expert Mode? [GHSKILL]
    3.) General Tips [GHTIPS]
    4.) The Songs [GHSONGS]
          = "Opening Licks" [GHOPEN]
            -- I Love Rock & Roll [GHOPEN1]
            -- I Wanna Be Sedated [GHOPEN2]
            -- Thunder Kiss 65 [GHOPEN3]
            -- Smoke On The Water [GHOPEN4]
            -- Infected [GHOPEN5]
          = "Axe-Grinders" [GHGRIND]
            -- Iron Man [GHGRIND1]
            -- More Than A Feeling [GHGRIND2]
            -- You Got Another Thing Comin' [GHGRIND3]
            -- Take Me Out [GHGRIND4]
            -- Sharp Dressed Man [GHGRIND5]
          = "Thrash And Burn" [GHTHRASH]
            -- Killer Queen [GHTHRASH1]
            -- Hey You [GHTHRASH2]
            -- Stellar [GHTHRASH3]
            -- Heart Full Of Black [GHTHRASH4]
            -- Symphony Of Destruction [GHTHRASH5]
          = "Return of the Shred" [GHSHRED]
            -- Ziggy Stardust [GHSHRED1]
            -- Fat Lip [GHSHRED2]
            -- Cochise [GHSHRED3]
            -- Take It Off [GHSHRED4]
            -- Unsung [GHSHRED5]
          = "Fret-Burners" [GHBURN]
            -- Spanish Castle Magic [GHBURN1]
            -- Higher Ground [GHBURN2]
            -- No One Knows [GHBURN3]
            -- Ace Of Spades [GHBURN4]
            -- Crossroads [GHBURN5]
          = "Face-Melters" [GHMELT]
            -- Godzilla [GHMELT1]
            -- Texas Flood [GHMELT2]
            -- Frankenstein [GHMELT3]
            -- Cowboys From Hell [GHMELT4]
            -- Bark At The Moon [GHMELT5]
          = "Bonus Tracks" [GHBONUS]
            -- Fire It Up [GHBONUS1]
            -- Cheat on the Church [GHBONUS2]
            -- Caveman Rejoice [GHBONUS3]
            -- Eureka, I've Found Love [GHBONUS4]
            -- All of This [GHBONUS5]
            -- Behind The Mask [GHBONUS6]
            -- The Breaking Wheel [GHBONUS7]
            -- Callout [GHBONUS8]
            -- Decontrol [GHBONUS9]
            -- Even Rats [GHBONUS10]
            -- Farewell Myth [GHBONUS11]
            -- Fly On The Wall [GHBONUS12]
            -- Get Ready 2 Rokk [GHBONUS13]
            -- Guitar Hero [GHBONUS14]
            -- Hey [GHBONUS15]
            -- Sail Your Ship By [GHBONUS16]
            -- Story of My Love [GHBONUS17]
    5.) Frequently Asked Questions [GHFAQ]
    6.) Contact Information [GHCONTACT]
    7.) Still to come... [GHCOMING]
    8.) Update History [GHUPDATE]
    9.) Thanks To [GHTHANX]
    10.) Certified Sites [GHSITES]
    For easy searching, just hit Ctrl+F and then type in what you want to look for.
    For example, if you want to search for the song Get Ready 2 Rokk, you would
    open the search window and type in "[GHBONUS13]" without the quotes. You will
    then be taken right to it.
    Now that we've got that out of the way... I say we get to it! =)
    1.) Legal Information [GHLEGAL]
    This guide is completely, 100%, without a doubt created originally by me, Kyle
    Duffy. It may NOT be reproduced in any form or fashion without consent from me
    which can be obtained by e-mailing me at the adress listed at the bottom of
    this segment. If you want to use it for your site or whatever, please send me
    a request instead of just posting it. If I find (or someone tells me that) it
    is used on another site without my permission.. I will forever hold a major
    grudge and send you many nasty e-mails. Any suggestions, corrections, comments,
    etc. can be sent to the following e-mail address:
    Copyright Kyle Duffy, September 2006
    2.) Should I be playing at Expert Mode? [GHSKILL]
    Well, when it comes down to it, anyone can beat this game on Expert if they
    really put their minds to it. However, you can't expect to just buy the game
    and immediately get five stars on every song on Expert. The guitar controller
    takes a little bit of time to get used to, and therefore it takes a little
    while to build up enough skill to be successful on the hardest difficulty.
    A common misconception about this game is that if you're good a playing the
    guitar in real life, then you're going to be awesome at this game. This,
    however, is not necessarily true. While it definitely helps to be adept at
    guitar, it is also just as helpful if you play the piano, trumpet, or anything
    else that requires use of your fingers. You don't even have to play a musical
    instrument to be able to be successful in the world of Guitar Hero. As long
    as you have some rhythm and a lot of patience, you'll be five-starring Bark
    At The Moon in no time!
    However, Expert Mode is not something that should be taken lightly. It
    oftentimes requires many grueling and dextrous feats to be accomplished by your
    fingers, and therefore requires some practice. In order to play Expert Mode,
    it would be best if you went through the other difficulties first, especially
    hard. Not only does this let your fingers get used to the controls, but it also
    gives you a chance to listen to the songs and memorize certain parts. This will
    help GREATLY when a hard part comes up in a song, because you know it's coming.
    You can take less time concentrating on the notes because you know what's going
    to happen. After you master Expert, you'll be able to hum (or sing) almost
    every song in this game.
    In short, Expert Mode is possible to almost all players. As long as you have
    some rhythm, some patience, and are willing to practice quite a bit, then this
    is easily achievable by any aspiring guitar hero.
    3.) General Tips [GHTIPS]
    There are many hints and tips that you can use in order to make your guitar
    playing skills better. Some of which are introduced through the game's
    tutorials, and others are learned simply by playing. Everyone's style is
    different, and this is important to remember. Just because your friend likes
    to slide his hand all over the guitar and use the same two fingers for every
    chord doesn't mean that's right for you. I personally try to avoid sliding as
    much as I can. If there's a G-Y chord followed by a R-B chord, then I'll use
    my index finger and ring finger for the first, and switch to my middle finger
    and pinky for the second. Then, if that chord translates into a Y-O chord, I'm
    forced to resort to sliding. A lot of people I know just slide their index
    and ring fingers all the way up the board. There are even others who slide the
    index and ring fingers for the first and second chords, then switch to their
    middle finger and pinky for the last. It's all a matter of personal preference,
    and the only way to develop that is by playing.
    There are, however, a few universal tips that need to be followed by any
    person wanting to become a success.
    The first, and possibly even most important thing you need to learn is to know
    where your hand is on the board at all times. There are five frets and only
    four fingers to press them with. Therefore, there WILL be times where you will
    need to position your fingers on the top four, and other times where you'll
    need to position your fingers on the bottom four. Switching between the two
    in the middle of a song is absolutely KEY to becoming a great player. The
    first time you have to move your pinky to hit the orange fret, it feels
    extremely unnatural. Sometimes, the rest of your hand will follow, and you'll
    hit every note one fret higher than it's supposed to be, causing to to take
    your attention off of the screen and look down at your hands. The best way to
    learn how to do this is try some simple songs on Hard. Analyze places where
    you're going to need to pull your hand up. Or maybe just turn off the game and
    sit there to work on your transitions. Work on going up the frets, just make up
    some notes and then move your hand. Keep practicing this until you feel
    comfortable moving your hand up and down without having to pause and look.
    Making this action habitual is something that takes a lot of time and practice,
    so just do the best you can. This is one of the hardest humps you'll encounter
    when trying to step up to the Expert plate.
    A fellow guitar hero named Jeff Schaefer sent this advice into me via e-mail:
    "I've discovered that, like most humans probably, I am more adept at using my
    index finger rather than my pinky, especially when reaching beyond the four
    frets my fingers are positioned on. To this effect I mostly keep my fingers
    positioned on the top four frets, with my pinky on orange. There are a lot of
    parts in a lot of songs that don't use the green fret much, or only sparingly,
    so remaining in this position most of the time works out pretty well, as having
    to reach back with your index finger for a green note on occaision is much
    easier and natural that stretching the pinky for an orange. Obviously there are
    certain songs and licks where green is more dominant than orange, and in this
    case I would switch to position my fingers over the first four notes. Mastering
    the switch from "first position" to "second position" is definitley key, as it
    WILL be REQUIRED several times."
    After you can move your hand freely along the board, you need to work on the
    dreaded Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs. These are the most advanced fingering
    techniques in this game. The in-game tutorial does a decent job, but they
    have you practicing so slow that you won't be able to keep up to a real song.
    Run over that a few times, and learn the basics. Hit the two and three note
    runs they have you doing until it feels somewhat natural. The only way to
    improve is by playing the game. It's also really important to remember that
    not every note that can be hammered-on or pulled-off absolutely has to be.
    These notes can be strummed just like any other notes you encounter. If you
    feel more comfortable strumming some of the slower ones, then go for it! It's
    mostly more accurate than trying to hammer-on or pull-off, unless you're
    extremely good at it. I find myself strumming a lot more often nowadays since
    I've found out I get better scores that way.
    Finally... just be patient. These are the hardest songs in the game, and if
    you can't get through it your first shot, don't sweat it! Just keep practicing
    and look at where in the song you fail. Try to find other songs or other places
    where there is a pattern similar to that, and work on it. Practice makes
    almost perfect. Don't just slam the guitar and yell "I can't do this," because
    you can, and you know it. Attitude is what determines how much fun you have
    with this game... so make it a good one.
    4.) The Songs [GHSONGS]
    So, this is where I will go over all of the songs, poiting out possible trouble
    spots along the way, and what you can practice to overcome them. I'll also
    give tips for all the people wanting to five-star everything. This is the
    main, meaty portion of this guide, and probably what you came here for, so feel
    free to e-mail me if you have any other suggestions to add to my commentary.
    -------------"Opening Licks" [GHOPEN]-------------
    I Love Rock & Roll [GHOPEN1]
    as made famous by
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
    Difficulty: 1.5/10
    So, this is most likely everyone's introduction into the Expert world. Luckily,
    they decided to start you off extremely easy, don't get used to it. Very few
    trouble spots, nothing you haven't encountered already in Hard mode. The solo
    would be the only halfway viable reason for you not getting 100% on this song.
    If you have serious trouble with this, then you haven't played through Hard
    and you need to. 'Nuff said.
    Five-Star Tips: Shouldn't be a problem. Star power isn't even necessary.
    I Wanna Be Sedated [GHOPEN2]
    as made famous by
    The Ramones
    Difficulty: 3/10
    The only thing that makes this song harder than the first is the fact that
    the notes are constantly coming. Just a few basic chord changes, nothing
    frightening about it. Notice that there is a key change after the first
    break (where you hit nothing but the orange fret for a few lines) which gives
    you the PERFECT opportunity to practice moving your hand position to the top
    fret. Although, it does this in hard too, so it's nothing really special.
    Just do it, I know you can.
    Five-Star Tips: If you really want to use star power, the whole song is a great
    opportunity. You don't really need it, though.
    Thunder Kiss 65 [GHOPEN3]
    as made famous by
    White Zombie
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This is your first real introduction to solos, and even so they're not that
    impressive. There's only one solo different from what you've encountered
    in hard mode already, and I'm sure you'll recognize what I'm talking about
    whenever you play it. It gets away from the standard eigth notes and starts
    throwing sixteenths at you.. and for all those who don't understand that, it
    means they come at you twice as fast. There's only one solo like that, though,
    and skipping it entirely wouldn't really hurt you at all. This also gives
    you another chance to work out how much you wanna slide, there are a few
    chord transitions that go from G-Y to R-B and then Y-O. Just play what comes
    naturally, you won't fail this song, I promise.
    Five-Star Tips: Should be gotten automatically. You know what to do.
    Smoke On The Water [GHOPEN4]
    as made famous by
    Deep Purple
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    The only challenge to this song is trying to stay awake through the whole
    thing. The repeated three-note phrase of R-Y-B gets so monotonous, after
    a while. Occaisionally, they'll try to capitalize off of this and throw
    in a few extra notes here and there. The solos are just on the low-end of
    moderate, with a few parts that might be kinda hard to keep up with your
    first few times around, but still an easy song. However, if this is your
    first expert playthrough, pay attention to the chord progression near the
    very end. It will repeatedly shift, which is something you MUST learn how to do
    later on in the game, make good use of it here! No problems here.
    Five-Star Tips: Same as all the others so far.
    Infected [GHOPEN5]
    as made famous by
    Bad Religion
    Difficulty: 3/10
    This song will be one of your main practice songs earlier in your Expert run.
    It's full of basic chord changes, as well as one or two sections of hammer-ons
    and pull-offs. It also is a great song to help naturalize your hand movement
    up and down the board. Awesome practice song, provides many easy to handle
    basics and is pretty fun to listen to as well.
    Five-Star Tips: You know the drill.
    --------------"Axe-Grinders" [GHGRIND]--------------
    Iron Man [GRIND1]
    as made famous by
    Black Sabbath
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    Well, just because you're entering a new set of songs doesn't mean that they're
    going to start getting much harder. Iron Man is a fun song whose tune is known
    by many... some probably know the parody by Weird Al which goes to this tune.
    Don't worry about the hammer-on and pull-off opportunities with the
    O-B-O-B-O-B sequences, they can be strummed easily, and you'll get all the
    notes that way. The solo has just a small bit of added difficulty because of
    the way the song seemingly speeds up, but provies you a good look at what the
    real speeds of hammer-ons and pull-offs are going to be in the game. Good basic
    starter for the fundamentals of faster solos, and fun to play at the same time.
    Five-Star Tips: This one should be pretty automatic, but use star power when
    you have a full combo you know you can keep in order to get a 8X multiplier.
    Usually this is done during the main part of the song, the one with the
    O-B-O-B-O-B sequences. Use it during the solo if you're good enough.
    More Than A Feeling [GHGRIND2]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    The only reason I made this higher than the last one is because the chord
    changes (for whatever reason) end up fooling a lot of people in the electric
    parts of the song. Make sure when you have to double-tap and then play a chord,
    like R-R-RB that you don't press the blue down until RIGHT when you play the
    chord, or else you may end up missing the second red tap. The acoustic-like
    parts sometimes feel a bit jumpy, and it's easy to lose your tempo, so just
    make sure you tap your foot really loud or something while you're playing it.
    Also, at the end, they like to delay the second chord just a bit, like when
    it goes Y-Y-YO-R-R-RB. Just watch out for the few times the timing changes, and
    you'll be fine, I promise. This is also your first expert chord across the
    board, I believe. It goes GB-GY-GR-GY with a hold after each one. Just hold the
    green, then the blue with your pinky, yellow with your ring finger, and then
    red with your middle finger. Shouldn't be too difficult. You'll be fine.
    Five-Star Tips: It's best to use your star power during the chords in the main
    parts, should be easy to get though.
    You Got Another Thing Comin' [GHGRIND3]
    as made famous by
    Judas Priest
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Oh no.. the first level five difficulty! O_o It's actually not really too
    hard though, just a little tougher than the last one. It is extremely easy
    to get your fingers tangled up on the RY-G-R-RY-G-RB phrase that plays whenever
    he sings "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." As long as you get this phrase
    down, about 90% of the song will become a piece of cake. The solo in this song
    is a little bit nastier than what you've faced so far. The timing starts
    a little weird, even when the notes are getting faster. Just try to stay with
    the beat of the song, and you'll be able to tell when the timing is changing.
    This solo also almost requires hammer-ons and pull-offs, unless you have a 
    supernatural strumming ability. Just stick with it and practice it a few times.
    Also, at the very end, there is a section where it repeats G-G-G-G-Y-Y-Y-Y and
    then up the scale with super fast notes, these require double-strumming. If
    you haven't made it a habit yet, you're going to later on, so practice now.
    Strum up, then down, then up, instead of just hitting down the whole time. This
    song is not too difficult, but actually starts giving you a taste of what
    expert is all about.
    Five-Star Tips: Just use your star power during the main parts of the song,
    plenty of notes to hit and a good multiplier will give you a five-star easy.
    Take Me Out [GHGRIND4]
    as made famous by
    Franz Ferdinand
    Difficulty: 5/10
    The only reason I put this one on the same level as the previous song is
    because of the heavy concentration of notes in some places. At the very
    beginning, you'll notice a long sequence of the same note, and then it switches
    into a chord with a blue and orange fret right in front of it. These are NOT
    a chord, as most could tell by the way the orange one is white around the
    outside. This blue fret is actually a 32nd note, played JUST before the orange
    one. Also, the transition into the main part... you need to be warned. IT
    SLOWS DOWN. A lot. Just pay close attention to the song, and watch the notes
    carefully... you should be able to hit them without having a lot of trouble.
    Then it becomes pretty repetitive with the R-Y-B patterns, while
    switching into a R-Y-O on the last sequence. There's an off-beat part right
    after that, where the first chord is approximately a 16th note after the beat.
    So you feel the beat, and then hit the note maybe half a second after. After
    playing through, you'll get it. After the first few it becomes second nature.
    Double strumming is required for a lot of the repeated notes in this song, so
    this is a good place to practice up on that.
    Five-Star Tips: Anywhere in this song would be a good place to use star power,
    really. Just get a place with a high concentration of notes and hit it.
    Sharp Dressed Man [GHGRIND5]
    as made famous by
    ZZ Top
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This should be a 3.5, but I made it a 4 because when I just played through it
    I almost fell asleep. This song feels like it goes on forever. The first part
    is insanely easy, with 4 notes or less in four beats. You should have no
    trouble with those. The first part of the solo comes up, and it's a lot
    easier than any of the solos you've faced so far, actually. It then goes back
    to be like the beginning... this keeps going and you probably haven't even
    missed a note yet. Then the second part of the solo kicks in, and it's
    almost exactly the same, except they throw in a few more hammer-ons and
    pull-offs than the last time, and they like to throw chords in there. As long
    as you stay focused and stay awake, you should be fine. If it's your first
    playthrough the chords might throw you off a little bit, but you'll be more
    than okay.
    Five-Star Tips: Okay, honestly you shouldn't need my help with this. But if you
    really want some advice, use star power during the solos.
    --------------"Thrash And Burn" [GHTHRASH]--------------
    Killer Queen [GHTHRASH1]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 5/10
    So this one is kind of different, but definitely in a cool way. Probably just
    because it's Queen. The notes are very isolated into small groups of one or
    two measures for the most part, with a one or two measure pause inbetween them.
    For the most part, the notes won't be that bad. There are a few chord changes
    which require you to move your hand across the board, giving you some more
    technical practice. The only thing that really needs to be mentioned is the
    end. In hard mode, you only have to play two out of each three notes on the
    very last part, in expert you play all three. The pattern simply repeats
    O-B-Y-B-Y-R the entire time, but it goes on for quite a while and it's easy
    to get your fingers crossed up when trying to play them. I personally do NOT
    pull-off each one of these. I actually strum out every single note and can
    usually hit all of them, unless I accidentally get off beat once. Just keep
    a tempo in your head the whole time you're playing them and it'll be kosher.
    Five-Star Tips: The last part is a gold mine for star power. It gives you
    enough star power to use in the phrase right before it, with a 8X multiplier,
    you'll be racking up many MANY points in no time. Other than that, just try not
    to use any star power before a long pause between sections.
    Hey You [GHTHRASH2]
    as made famous by
    The Exies
    Difficulty: 5.5/10
    As far as the fingering on this song goes, it's not too bad. It does get pretty
    technical in spots though, meriting the 5.5 rating. Just pay attention when
    the main part starts up. Each note always comes back to green in the beginning.
    You'll have a YB chord, coming back to a green, then another YB, then another
    green, then just red to green, then RY to green, and back to the YB sequence.
    With a little bit of practice this'll be a piece of cake for you. When the
    held chords start, You'll have two chords on beat, followed by a note (the top
    of the chord) that's slightly off, but just by about half a beat. Just hit it
    right before the beat and you'll be fine. Watch the timing when you have to
    hold the YO chord, as they try to mess with you a bit. As you hold it, you have
    to hit it a variety of times with different beats each time, just watch the
    notes as they show up and nail those suckers. The only other part worth that's
    really worth mentioning is a run of notes that goes Y-B-O-Y-B-O-Y-B-Y-R-Y and
    they're all eigth notes. Practice fingering that out a few times to get used
    to how you do it. It only does that a few times though and it's near the end
    of the song, so don't worry about it too much. You'll pass.
    Five-Star Tips: As long as you can keep a good combo going, almost anywhere
    in the song will work as star power fodder. Just use it on the parts you're
    best at.
    Stellar [GHTHRASH3]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    The reason this one is rated lower is because of repetitiveness. When you first
    start the song, don't freak out. There seem to be a lot of notes, but they are
    VERY hittable. If you want the pattern, it goes like this.
    G-R-Y-B-BO-B-YB-Y-B. After that, it either goes G-G-B-B-G-B-O, or
    G-G-B-B-Y-Y-B-B. There are two different ways that you can hit the first part.
    The first is to use fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the first four, and then slide both
    3 and 4 up to blue and orange, respectively, to play that chord. Now your hands
    are already in position to hit the B, YB, and B again. The other method (which
    is what I use) is to simply slide your index finger up from the green to the
    red after you play it, giving you the fingering of 1, 1, 2, 3, 3-4 for the
    first part. Getting that very first run is the hardest part of this song. The
    chorus is extremely repetitive, using the same GY, GY, G-G-B-B-G-B-O every
    time. Just pay attention, and play the song. The initial shock will go away
    very soon and you'll realize just how easy it really is.
    Five-Star Tips: During the runs you can use your star power, especially if you
    are really good at it and can hit every note. Your multiplier will rise to 4X
    very quickly, then just unleash the star power and start nailing everything.
    Heart Full Of Black [GHTHRASH4]
    as made famous by
    Burning Brides
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Stop. Before you do this song, if you haven't made moving your hand across
    the board a NATURAL habit, where you don't even have to look anymore.. then
    go play other songs until you have. You need it here.
    This song is unlike any song that you've played up to this point in Expert.
    Notes transferring from green to a YO chord in one beat is commonplace now.
    If you didn't heed my warning, you will after you see a "Game Over" screen. Now
    the song itself, you'll find later on, is not THAT technically difficult. It
    is to most people right now because it is more technical than anything up to
    this point. You need to be able to move your hand across to hit a GY chord
    followed by a YO chord in one beat. The introductory part is there simply to
    get you used to what kind of chord transfers you'll be doing. The actual chorus
    is made up of a chord, then a scale from Red to Orange, back down to Yellow,
    then a GY chord, held to another GY chord, then it goes into a green to a YO
    chord. All in all, the notes look like this:
    And then back into the same pattern, at a pretty quick pace. After nailing
    the opening and the chorus, the interesting part is a section full of very
    fast notes. You'll know you're getting there when you reach the end of a chorus
    followed by a very quick G-R-Y transition, holding the yellow. You'll then go
    into a G-R-B run, and you just keep going up the scale. Eventually, you'll see
    a humongous blob of orange in front of you. These are on beat, I promise.
    Double strum to the beat of the song, keeping the orange held down. There will
    be a few reds and blues popping up every now and then, but you can just hold
    them down before you get to them, since orange is the highest note. When
    you see a red or blue in the distance, just start holding down that button.
    After a while it'll go back into its normal routine. Have fun!
    Five-Star Tips: The fast orange part is an absolute gold mine. Just use your
    star power when you have a full multiplier and you're at a part you can hit.
    Symphony Of Destruction [GHTHRASH5]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 5/10
    The beginning and chorus are absolutely nothing to worry about. These parts
    are actually easier than what you've been playing up to this point. Just make
    sure you pay attention to the quick Y-B-Y yellow part, and you'll get this
    100%. During the chorus, if you want to, you can actually hold down the green
    fret the entire time. It just goes G-B--G-Y-- and so on. All you need to do
    is hit the Blue, Yellow, and Red notes as they come along, and then let go
    after you play them, then just strum to hit the green note. Or if you don't
    feel comfortable with that, it's just as easy to let go and then hit the
    green note again every time. It's completely up to you. The killer part to
    this song (and the sole reason I even considered it to be a five) is the solo.
    It's the most killer one you've had up to this point. Oftentimes, you can
    sort them out into small groups of three, G-R-Y, R-Y-B, and Y-B-O. They will
    start out alternating at the bottom group, then move up, and then move to the
    top. You can hit notes in these areas and hope that you catch most of them.
    Afterwards, it starts at the bottom and makes a somewhat staggered scale up
    to the top of the board, making this one quite tricky. Just try to let your
    fingers go to the general vicinity of where the notes are at and you'll hit
    a lot more of them than you'd think. At the end of the solo, you run into
    very quick O-B-Y-O, O-B-Y-Y runs. It is actually not necessary to use the
    standard pull-off move. You can just use your fingers to hit each of the notes
    instead of holding the bottom ones down. The natural movement of your hands
    will cause the game to believe you're actually pulling-off. Then when you
    reach the end of the solo, it's back to the same ol' easy stuff, allowing you
    to recover your Rock Gauge if it ran low. Using star power during this solo
    basically guarantees a pass.
    Five-Star Tips: Well, star power will almost certainly be needed for the solo,
    so don't even worry about that much. I would advise using star power when you
    reach the R-R-BO-YB-RY-Y-B-Y parts in the song, due to a pretty decent
    concentration of notes. You can also use them during the chorus if you deem
    necessary, just make sure to save enough for the solo.
    --------------"Return of the Shred" [GHSHRED]--------------
    Ziggy Stardust [GHSHRED1]
    as made famous by
    David Bowie
    Difficulty: 5.5/10
    So this song is slightly annoying.. both to play and to listen to. The Blue
    and Orange repetition at the beginning should be played similar to how you
    played them in Iron Man, strumming each note. Just pay attention to the
    O-B-Y-O-B-Y-O-B-R-O-B-G-O-B pattern. Hitting the O-B-G-B part requires you
    to stretch your hand across the entire board, just make sure you let go of
    the top frets. After that, you have just a basic chord sequence which is
    quite easy. There are a few spots I want you to remember, though.. the part
    where you have RY-YB-RY and then another part where you have YB-BO-YB in quick
    succession. This will be useful later on in this segment of songs, so learn
    it well. As for this song, you shouldn't have much trouble. There is one
    part in the solo where it runs similar to Symphony of Destruction's solo, but
    it goes down the board instead of up. Just let your fingers go and you'll hit
    enough to keep you going, and usually keep you in the green as well. The end
    part with repetitive Y-R-G-Y-R-G sixteenth notes is EXTREMELY annoying, and
    is very hard to hit in my opinion. Just try your best, pull-off if you must.
    Five-Star Tips: Using the star power during the rapid chords at the end of
    each section that's like the beginning will net you tons of points. Use them
    Fat Lip [GHSHRED2]
    as made famous by
    Sum 41
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Remember the two chord parts that I told you to remember in Ziggy Stardust?
    This is where learning those will come in handy. First off, however, is the
    G-R-Y transitions. For whatever reason, I find it difficult to move from the
    G-R-Y to the Orange, or to the YO chord. On the first ones, where it goes
    to orange, I find myself sliding my index finger to hit the Green and Red frets
    instead of hammering on the middle and ring fingers. This leaves my hand in
    the perfect position to hit the orange or the orange-yellow chord. However, on
    the second one where it goes to blue/blue-red chord, I find it much easier
    to simply hammer on with the next two fingers. It's all a matter of personal
    preference, just try it out both ways and see which is easier for you. Once
    you get past that part, you see GY-GY, then a pause, then O-B-O-YO-YO, another
    pause, then RB-RB, O-B-O-B-Y-R, and into the GY-GY again. However, the second
    time around, you see a rather quick BO-YB-BO instead of O-B-O. This is where
    the fingering you learned from Ziggy Stardust comes in handy. Hit that however
    you did before. The part going G-G-GR-G-G-G-GR and so on is easy, just tap the
    higher note whenever it gets there while repeatedly strumming the bottom one.
    Watch out for the rapid chord changes you get during the chorus, sometimes
    forcing you to slide from one end of the board to the other. Just practice
    this one and you'll be able to hit it without too much difficulty. The middle
    slow part is completely out of place and will feel unnatural at first, but just
    stick to the beat and don't worry about it. You should be okay on this one,
    they're just starting to get a little more difficult now.
    Five-Star Tips: Anywhere with rapid chords, the bridge before the chorus and
    the chorus itself work perfectly. They are prime targets for your star power.
    Cochise [GHSHRED3]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 5.5/10
    Decide now if there's an extremely fast B-O, whether you want to hammer-on
    or just strum them, cause there's about to be a lot of them. This song is
    only somewhat hard for people because of the constant sliding up and down
    the board. You basically do a scale every measure from the top of the board
    all the way down to the green. The beginning part is pretty easy, nothing
    that will really throw you off, until you get to the fast chord part. This
    isn't as hard as it seems, but the timing is somewhat deceiving. The chords
    themselves don't change a whole lot, and you'll be able to see them coming
    in plenty of time to move your fingers, but the trick is double-strumming in
    the correct time. This song is slower, and is therefore hard to pick up on
    the timing due to the rapid concentration of notes, the sound of your strum
    bar, and the loud guitar part that you're actually playing. It makes for a lot
    of mishaps, but you should be able to hit at like 80% of them, which is more
    than enough. The rest of the song is basically the same repetitive pattern over
    and over, and is easy for the most part.
    Five-Star Tips: Just wherever you can use star power works.
    Take It Off [GHSHRED4]
    as made famous by
    The Donnas
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    This song is suddenly a huge jump from the slower, less chord-filled Cochise
    into the fast-paced, chord heavy Take It Off. This is where your chord
    transitions and sliding skills are going to need to become well-polished. You
    notice this right at the beginning with the transfer of RB-YB-YB-RB,
    GB-GY-GY-GB-GY, RB-YB-YB-RB, GY--RY--RB-RY. This repeats throughout most of the
    song, requiring a good amount of concentration for keeping your fingers in the
    right placement. If you weren't good with your chord transfers, you're about to
    be. The chorus is a chord sequence of RB--RB--RB-RB-RY-YO-RB. Then a few chords
    at the bottom that are fairly easy to get. The only thing about this song is
    it's fast-paced, and has a lot of tricky chord transfers that you'll need to
    pay a huge amount of attention to. Once you get the hang of it, though, you
    should be able to get a high score on this one. One solo part in this song
    consists of the reptitive O-B-Y-O-B-Y pull-off that we've all learned to hate.
    Just don't lose focus and keep going, and you'll find yourself conquering this
    song without too much trouble.
    Five-Star Tips: The entire song works great for star power, really. Just use it
    whenever you feel comfortable.
    Unsung [GHSHRED5]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Honestly, 4/10. That is seriously the rating this song deserves. This should've
    been put WAY earlier in the game, or maybe they're just offering you a break.
    Either way, take full advantage of this sucker. It's nothing but the same
    chords over and over, just don't let your strumming hand get tired. Almost the
    entire thing is nothing but constant notes, but you only change the notes maybe
    once or twice every few measures. This is insanely easy, and you should have no
    problem with it after you just did Take It Off.
    Five-Star Tips: You shouldn't need tips. This whole song is nothing but chords.
    Break it wide open.
    Note: This song is the only one in the game that I've ever gotten over 400,000
    points on.
    ---------------"Fret-Burners" [GHBURN]---------------
    Spanish Castle Magic [GHBURN1]
    as made famous by
    Jimi Hendrix
    Difficulty: 5.5/10
    Welcome to the last easy song you'll face in the regular game. Seriously. But
    don't let that scare you, you gotta get past this one first, and once you get
    into it, you'll find out that it's not so bad. The only weird part is the intro
    because it's extremely hard to find the beat. Just try to hit the notes, and
    you'll be able to find the beat after the first few. After that, it's basically
    just like anything else you've ever faced. A few fast solos here and there, but
    nothing that can't be done. You shouldn't have a hard time with this one, so
    just go out there and do it.
    Five-Star Tips: Just don't use it where there are the four chords, and then
    the long pause between another four chords. You'll get very few points out of
    that, and your star power will oftentimes run out before you even finish the
    whole sequence. Just use it anywhere else.
    Higher Ground [GHBURN2]
    as made famous by
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Alright, so you ready for this? The timing is absolutely horrible in this song.
    Make sure that you have a CONSTANT feel for the beat of the song, as you'll be
    playing the majority of your notes off-beat. It would actually be best if you
    knew someone who had the CD with this song on it, and sit down and listen to it
    a few times so you know what's going on. If this is the first time you've ever
    heard the song, you might be in for a rough ride. Just keep tapping your foot
    to the main backbone rhythm of the song, and after a few times you'll be able
    to pick up what the actual timing is. Everything follows the same patterns for
    the majority of the song, it's just picking up the pattern that's difficult.
    I'll make a little diagram here. The numbers represent the beats in the
     |   |
    This is the general pattern you'll need to follow in the first notes of every
    sequence. The first note is generally struck just after you feel the "1."
    After going through this song, you'll know what I'm talking about if you don't
    already. Just know that the first note IS off beat in every sequence, and you
    need to compensate in order to nail this song. Double strumming is necessary
    in the second part of the sequence, with constant 16th notes.
    It does this until the end, where it speeds up slightly and changes meter, but
    you should be able to pick up on this without a whole lot of trouble.
    Five-Star Tips: Just use it whenever you can, notes are plentiful.
    No One Knows [GHBURN3]
    as made famous by
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Difficulty: 9/10
    This is where things start getting nasty. You'll need to learn to move your
    fingers in and out of chords extremely fast. When analyzing this song, I look
    at it as having three major parts.
    The first part, is the beginning part. You start out switching basically with
    G-RB-G-RB-G-RB-G, then they throw in a RB-Y-RB, with the last two notes being
    sixteenths. You MUST learn to take your hands off of the RB chord, and hitting
    the Yellow with your ring (or middle, if you enjoy sliding) finger. Practice
    it, meditate on it, have dreams about it. Sleep with your guitar controller.
    You need work to do this one, trust me. After you learn to make it past the
    first set of transitions, you run into transitions that go from things like
    GR-GB-GR-GB, then a GB--GB-GB--GB-RB, or in some cases, they'll throw in
    another GR or simply just a Blue. I think there's even a yellow one time. I
    can't go through and help you with every single individual section, it just
    takes a lot of practice. This is a song that is considered one of the hardest
    in the game, and they've been throwing bunny songs at you up until now. This
    is a harsh welcome into the real world of Expert, but it is a welcome
    nonetheless. Learn to get used to requiring these kinds of dextrous feats as
    you go along. After enough work, you can get through the first section, now,
    it's onto the next.
    The second part may look more basic at first glance, but it actually pretty
    difficult on it's own. Those who have played it on hard (hopefully all of you)
    will remember the G-GR--G-GR--G-GR patterns in this part, but the other part
    of this section was simply one note. Take the rhythm you learned from the
    G-GR part in Hard, and apply it to the entire thing in Expert. The individual
    notes have the EXACT same rhythm as the G-GR notes, use this knowledge to your
    advantage and you should make it through this part just fine. There's something
    you need to watch out for the second time around, however, because it
    transitions into a new part. After the G-GR patterns, you run into a R-RB
    pattern of the same rhythm. This part should be achievable if you can do the
    other ones fine. Then you are thrown into a fight with a group of notes that
    us musicians call "Triplets." There are a set of three notes that are spaced
    evenly apart to fit into one measure exactly. There are six of them in this
    | | | | | |
    If you'll notice, each note is placed the same distance apart, so there is
    the same amount of time between them. However, you're playing six notes in
    four beats. Therefore, it sounds a little bit off. Beats 1 and 3 both have
    a note exactly on them, and the two between them are placed equally apart,
    one right before beat two and one right after beat two. If you don't get
    music theory, that's okay too. Just play through the song, and when you get
    there you can just try to hit the notes, and then you'll get the timing too.
    To make it harder, they threw in chords, but they're just the same repeating
    ones. GY-RB-YO-GY-GR-GY, and then they repeat that three times. You'll be okay
    after some practice.
    The third part is smaller than the rest, but requires double strumming. It
    starts with G-Y-Y-Y-R-R-R-R-B-B-B-B-O-O-O, and keeps going from there. Just
    double-strum to the beat and you can hit this. then you have small up-and-down
    runs of B-O-B-Y-B, Y-B-Y-R-Y, R-Y-R-G-R which can be hammered-on and pulled-off
    if you want. Then the next part is fairly easy, just a fast Y-R-G and then
    a small scale back up. The next part looks fairly daunting, but it's the same
    rhythm as the rest of this section, and are actually fast triplets if you
    look at it. Just practice, practice, practice. This is one of the harder
    songs, so don't worry if you can't do it your first few tries.
    Five-Star Tips: If you can seriously try for five stars on this, you'll be
    able to get it. Keep playing this song until you have it mostly memorized, then
    unleash your star power on parts you can hit. It'll be arduous, but you'll be
    so glad it's over with when you get it.
    Ace Of Spades [GHBURN4]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    I hope you weren't expecting a break after that song, because here comes
    another fast-paced, double-strumming song. The first thing you'll need to do
    is become absolutely proficient with the double-strumming technique. So much
    that you could do it in your sleep. The song starts out with the basis of the
    entire thing, the G--G-G-G-G-G--O--Y-B--R-Y pattern, with the five greens,
    Y-B, and R-Y being sixteenth notes. It's almost easier for me to try to strum
    them all, but it's up to you, depending upon your double-strumming skill.
    Then you'll get into a section with a few chords, which are actually relatively
    easy. As long as you can get the first part and the chord part down, you will
    be set for most of the song.. until you get to the solo. The solo actually is
    a lot like the solo in Iron Man for part of it, just a few three-note pull-offs
    every now and then. Then you have to double strum a series of chords at the end
    of it, nothing too serious, however. The only thing difficult about this song
    is it's fast and the notes keep coming at you. Don't slip up on your double-
    strumming or you may end up missing an entire section. Don't worry too much,
    I still think it's easier than No One Knows your first time through.
    Five-Star Tips: Use it on the solo if you're good at that kind of thing, or if
    not, wait until the part with the sixteenth notes, NOT the chords. If you can,
    the sixteenth chord part in the solo is just waiting to be star powered, but
    if you don't have any multipliers going into it, you won't gain as many points.
    Be cautious, be smart, and just go do it.
    Crossroads [GHBURN5]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 9/10
    You'll be able to see right from the start that this sucker means business. The
    notes already start coming pretty fast, with even a few chords thrown in the
    middle of them. If you've ever heard this song before, you know this part, and
    will be able to do it. Even if you haven't, the part isn't that hard, just a
    few fast notes here and then. The intro ends with a small run, then it goes
    into the main beat of the song. There are two basic variations to it:
    It starts out as similar to
    GR-G-GY-G-GR-G-GY-G-RY-R-RB-R-RY-RB-R-GY, and proceed to do a small section
    like the first part. After a while, it changes to:
    GY-G-GB-G-GY-G-GB-G-RB-R-RO-R-RB-RO-R-GY, causing you to have to stretch your
    hand across the board. Make SURE you slide to fingers 1 and 3 on the second
    one's RB, or else you'll be forced to use fingers 2 and 4 across a
    three-note gap (RO) which can be extremely painful and hard to do. Just a word
    of caution there.
    The solos are long and vary greatly. There's a first part which isn't so bad,
    and then it goes back into the main beat, then breaks into a second solo. This
    is the one that is a little harder than the other, and provides a lot of
    constant hammer-ons and pull-offs. Strum what you can, as to prevent risking
    missing a huge section of notes just because of one. Stay focused, and use all
    you've learned. You'll make it through. On your first playthrough, four stars
    is a great achievement.
    Five-Star Tips: This one can be quite difficult, considering you need at least
    190,000 points to get it. Make good use of your star power when you have a
    high multiplier. I would advise using it on the main beat of the song, since
    it isn't that hard and there are plenty of chords. Good luck!
    ------------"Face-Melters" [GHMELT]------------
    Godzilla [GHMELT1]
    as made famous by
    The Blue Oyster Cult
    Difficulty: 9.25/10
    Welcome to the first song in the last main-game category. Godzilla is a great
    opener for what's to come, as it preps you for almost everything you'll be
    encountering. The chord transfers at the beginning aren't that difficult, but
    it's a good chance to cool down after Crossroads, at least until the song
    really gets started. You'll be doing the same chord progression throughout
    most of the song, but there will be solos thrown in after you do so. Almost
    every time you do one of those during the verses, there will be some sort of
    solo thrown in after it. These oftentimes proceed to run from the bottom to
    the top of the board, and then back down. Position your fingers accordingly.
    A lot of the solos tend to be somewhat off-beat, but eventually come back
    together into the rest of the song. Just use your hammer-ons and pull-offs
    effectively, and remember that you don't actually have to hold down the other
    notes in a hammer-on/pull-off. The natural hand motion you use to finger the
    frets is usually enough to fool the game into thinking you're doing it
    correctly. While this doesn't work 100% of the time, it lets you hit a lot
    more notes than if you were trying to do it the correct way. Hit the basic
    chord patterns, keep the basic beat of the song going, and have some fun while
    you're at it. It'll be one of the last songs you get to have fun with.
    Five-Star Tips: Basically, just hit the notes. That's all I can really tell
    you. To get five stars on this, you're going to have to be pretty good with
    your hammer-ons and pull-offs. Try using your star power during a solo part
    you know you can do, or after you just completed one with a decent multiplier,
    use it on the chords following it. You'll need some pretty mad skills to pull
    a five-star performance on this one.
    Note: This is the first song at the time of writing this guide that I can't
    get five stars without using star power. =(
    Texas Flood [GHMELT2]
    as made famous by
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Difficulty: 9.75/10
    Yes, so close to being max difficulty. It would be if it weren't for the
    occaisional slow part with just a few chords. This song really can't be
    divided into parts... it really can't even be analyzed. It's one huge, long
    solo with a blues feel to it. The notes are almost all off-beat, and there
    are oftentimes large concentrations of them within a very small space. Use the
    times where the solo doesn't keep going and you just have a few chords to take
    a break and rest your fingers, because this song is what seperates the men
    from the boys, figuratively speaking of course. The only thing that is somewhat
    repeated is the G-R-Y-Y (or R-Y-B-B later on) riff that starts out a solo. When
    you see this coming, usually the next few notes will be on the upper part
    of the board, oftentimes fluterring around up there before ending back on the
    bottom. Generally, the solos flow from the bottom, to the top, back to the
    bottom, and each solo is kind of like its own little segment, followed by a
    slower portion. Use this knowledge to know that most solos will not end on
    the higher frets. Some will, but not most. Just look at the notes as they
    pass by and get what you can. Don't try to hit every single note if you know
    that you can't do it. Do what you can to pass by. This is oftentimes a stopping
    point for most people trying to complete every song on Expert. Don't let it
    phase you. Make Stevie Ray Vaughan your mortal enemy. Make Texas Flood the one
    thing in your mind that you have to beat. Be determined, and conquer.
    And when you do beat it, apologize to Stevie and the song for what you thought
    about them, and how many times you cursed them in your mind. Give them both a
    big hug, and get ready for the next song.
    Five-Star Tips: All I can say, is good luck. Five-starring this is EXTREMELY
    difficult, requiring you to hit the majority of the solos. After you play it
    through many MANY times and get the feel for it, it might be possible. But
    still, don't be discouraged if you can't. If you can, I would bow to you,
    except I've pulled it off before. So... we can make everyone else bow to us.
    Frankenstein [GHMELT3]
    as made famous by
    The Edgar Winter Group
    Difficulty: 9.5/10
    This is just a fractional bit easier than Texas Flood. The good news is, that
    most of the notes in this song are actually on beat... and if you got here
    by beating Texas Flood, then you freakin' rock. Hats off to you. By beating
    Texas Flood, you have proven that you can totally own this song. So let me
    give you a few pointers on how to do so.
    The beginning part is just a bunch of chord transfers, nothing you haven't
    seen already. You get into a few slow solos, nothing out of the ordinary. Then
    you get into this part where you can barely hear the guitar.. the reason being
    the notes are so extremely low they're really hard to hear. Even if you hit
    the notes, you still don't really hear anything, so just be patient with it.
    It's one of those three (or four.. I can't remember) note pull-offs that we
    learned to hate at the beginning of Expert mode. Then after that, you get into
    this part where it has a lot of R-Y-R-Y-R-Y-R-Y-R-Y-R-Y and all that. There are
    so many there, that it looks like somebody put a line of ketchup and mustard
    all the way up your screen. You'll know what I'm talking about, trust me.
    When you get there, just hold the red fret button down, and repeatedly tap the
    yellow one, while strumming.. hopefully to the beat, but it doesn't really
    matter that much at this point. You'll hit a lot more of them than you think.
    Do the same with the next one.
    The other killer part is right after the large break where there's nothing but
    drums. The part immediately following that is extremely difficult to nail, but
    not extremely difficult to pass. Looking at the general areas of the notes, I
    notice that there's generally a group of anywhere from 4 to 6 or 7 notes in
    the same two to three areas. There will be like 6 or 7 Greens, Reds, and
    Yellows all in the same bunch, and then there will be 5 or 6 notes that are
    higher than that. One of them goes all the way up to orange, the others stop
    at blue. After you get past this, you have some off-beat pull-offs to attempt,
    just look at the notes and feel the song. If you've gotten to this point, you
    know enough about how to survive. In a nutshell, as long as you got past
    Texas Flood, this won't be too much of a problem for you. Difficult by
    anyone's standards, but not so difficult it's nearly impossible.
    Five-Star Tips: See Texas Flood. Except replace Stevie Ray Vaughan and Texas
    Flood with The Edgar Winters Group and Frankenstein.
    Note: The keyboard player looks funny. =)
    Cowboys From Hell [GHMELT4]
    as made famous by
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Cowboys From Hell.. no kidding. On this song, I will (proudly?) say that I
    almost sprained a finger. Dead serious. I tried reaching too far and it just
    didn't work out. I had to quit for a while. I didn't actually sprain it, it
    just kinda hurt a lot for a while. It felt like I almost did. But, anyway...
    Just know that your fingers will be EXTREMELY tired after this, so be sure
    to take a break before attempting anything else. I don't remember exactly
    (someone correct me if I'm wrong, which I probably am) but you need to know
    how to finger G-R-G-R-Y-R-Y-R-B-R-Y-R-Y-B-O, or something relatively close to
    that, as nothing but eigth notes in a fast song. Figure that out NOW, so you
    can use it throughout the majority of this one. This part comes up numerous
    times, and it one of the hardest ones to keep going through. The part with the
    G-Y chords is actually a break, considering you don't have to move your fingers
    a whole lot during that, so use it as one. Also, save your star power for those
    solos that you WILL have problems with. Just look at the notes, play through
    it a few times before you seriously expect to beat this. Look at where the
    notes are grouped, and just play around with the kinds of patterns you see.
    Just move your fingers in a motion that will cover the notes in that area,
    whether those are really the correct notes or not won't matter so much. Just
    get a general idea of what it's doing, and try to make your fingers match that.
    On a lot of the solos, you can get a lot of notes this way. Just practice. A
    lot. Trust me. 
    Five-Star Tips: I, personally, have never done it. So.. I don't know. =S
    Jeff Orom has this to say about five-starring this difficult song:
    "Double strum on the main GRGRYRYRBRYBO section and then hammer-on the YBO at
    the end. If you can't do that, hit them like normal, but hammer-ons work
    better. Hammer-on the GRYB in the verse. You don't need to be able to hit the
    YBYRRYBYRR section to five star it. Use star power on the main riff if you can
    hit it well, if not, use it during the GY chords."
    I've also received a LOT of e-mails asking for help with this particular song.
    The fact of the matter is, this song is just incredibly difficult. One can only
    do so much homework on it, ya know? The only advice that I can really give you
    is to just keep trying, work on your fingering, and start memorizing the song.
    When you know what comes next and how you're going to finger it, the song
    starts to become a whole lot easier than your first few playthroughs. Star
    power is also your best friend. If you're just trying to get through this song,
    I would advise you to save it up until you get to a part where you know you
    struggle, and then unleash it there so you can get through it, instead of using
    it in the rest of the song to get more points. Your rock meter is more
    important when you're simply trying to beat the game. Good luck, my dear guitar
    Bark At The Moon [GHMELT5]
    as made famous by
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Difficulty: 10/10
    And now, we have the last song of the game. The super-duper kick-butt boss
    song. Who else could we have but Ozzy to wrap up the normal game for us? I
    think it suits this game perfectly. Oh yeah, the song.
    Honestly, this one in some spots is easier than Cowboys from Hell. The general
    beat for this starts out the song, with a chord such as RB, followed by three
    Green sixteenth notes, RB again, three Green sixteenth notes, then once again,
    then RY with three green sixteenth notes, then RY with five green sixteenths.
    This similar pattern continues throughout a lot of this song, sometimes
    replacing the last three green sixteenths in the group of five with a Y-R-G.
    After getting this pattern down, you can build up to a 4X multiplier quickly,
    and save your star power for the really hard parts.
    You then get into a part with a few chords, then a G-G-R-G-G-G-B-G-G-G-Y sort
    of thing. Just hold down the green the whole time this is going on, tapping
    the red, blue, yellow, etc. buttons as they come up. This part will lead
    into a few more chords, then another part. With this and the first section
    you can already get half of the song, and you're well on your way to victory.
    Of course, we have the honored Bark At The Moon solo to worry about. It starts
    out honestly as not being so bad. However, once you get into the part where
    there is constantly 16th notes, you need to begin to worry. This is where the
    solo gets difficult. If you're in the green at this point and drop down
    significantly into the yellow, use your saved up star power. If you were in
    the yellow to begin with, I might even advise using the star power just after
    you start the solo. It starts out at the bottom, with repeated G-Rs, then
    with repeated Y-Rs, and up the scale. When it reaches the top, you start
    getting into crazy notes. You know, 32nds, even some 64ths probably. This
    is where star power is absolutely necessary. Just wildly hit the buttons where
    the notes are and strum as fast as you can. You'll actually hit a lot of notes,
    and you can watch as your meter jumps from green to yellow to red to yellow to
    green to yellow to green and so on and so forth. Without star power, you are
    dead here, I don't care who you are. Then it goes back to being kinda like the
    beginning for a while.
    The last solo, honestly, isn't hard. I recommend using fingers 1, 2, and 3
    for every single note in this one. They all have patterns like Y-R-G Y-R-Y-R-G,
    Y-R-Y-R-G, B-Y-G, B-Y-B-Y-G. It's the three notes, and then five notes. You
    will be able to see before hand what notes are being played, and they will
    almost always be in that pattern, except for a small scale at the end of a few
    patterns. Using this, you actually can hit the MAJORITY of these notes, I've
    even held a 4X multiplier through half of this solo.
    All I can say is have fun, and after you beat this song, enjoy! You beat the
    normal game! But... what about those bonus tracks...?
    Five-Star Tips: This is honestly more doable than Cowboys From Hell. And before
    you ask, yes, I have done it. With a score of 249,411, I have done it. I don't
    know what the jump point is, considering the only other highest score I had
    gotten before was 217,775. The jump point between 4 and 5 is somewhere between
    220k and 249k. Use your star power at the beginning in parts you feel more
    comfortable with, but be absolutely sure to save some for the first solo, or
    else you won't even complete the song. Good luck, and have fun!
    ----------"Bonus Tracks" [GHBONUS]----------
    Okay, so you've beat the normal game. Congratulations, but there are still
    seventeen more songs out there! Buy them using career mode cash, which you
    will have more than enough built up if you've beat all the originals. These
    songs vary in difficulty. It is currently unconfirmed (to me, at least) if
    the difficulty of the song can be determined by the locale you play it in, with
    The Basement being the easiest and the one with the big stage that's red and
    blue being the hardest. If someone could e-mail me on this it would be cool.
    On to the bonus songs!
    Fire It Up [GHBONUS1]
    Black Label Society
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    This one is hard to decide a difficulty rating for. The beginning part is
    insanely easy, rivaling the easyness of Hard mode. However, there are some
    solos that are absolutely wicked, but nothing that's harder than most of the
    stuff you've already done. Just stick with it, nothing too tough here.
    Five-Star Tips: Just hit the notes. Seriously.
    Cheat on the Church [GHBONUS2]
    Graveyard BBQ
    Difficulty: 8/10
    This song honestly can be difficult in some places. Some of the solo parts
    imediately following the part that's like the opening (B-BO--B-YB-B--Y-R-RY--)
    are among the harder ones. However, most of the time you can hold the note at
    the bottom and simply strum the higher notes with it. If you hold down the
    bottom note, all you have to do is strum to the beat and focus on the top notes
    during those sections. There are some solos that are just plain hard, like the
    ones you've already faced, but they do throw in some neat note structures.
    And for some reason, I like this song. I can't say I've ever listened to
    "Dirtcore" before, but for whatever reason, I kinda like this one. Oh well.
    Five-Star Tips: Try to use star power on parts where there are a lot of chords,
    or even just during a part that you're comfortable with. By now, you know what
    it takes to get it.
    Caveman Rejoice [GHBONUS3]
    The Bags
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Sliding makes the chords throughout this song a whole lot easier, as they're
    just chords with one note inbetween them (GY, RB, YO) and sliding back and
    forth is a lot easier than trying to raise up one set of fingers while putting
    the other set down, and vice versa. Other than that, there's not really a whole
    lot to worry about in this song. The sliding will get kinda tiring after a
    while, and there's an occaisional solo thrown in here and there which can
    be kinda fast, but you have enough skill by now to overcome them.
    Five-Star Tips: Not that hard, really. Easier songs makes for an easier five-
    star. Just use it at places with chords when you have a high multiplier.
    Eureka, I've Found Love [GHBONUS4]
    The Upper Crust
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Just your basic chord changes with some notes thrown in before them, there's
    nothing really daunting in here that you didn't see at the beginning of you
    Expert trek. The only thing you might want to watch out for is the solo, they
    throw a lot of chords at you fairly quickly, and if it's your first time
    doing this song, then you might wanna actually pay attention there.
    Five-Star Tips: Almost automatic.
    All of This [GHBONUS5]
    Difficulty: 5/10
    This song is structured very similarly to Infected, in the opening licks. The
    chord transfers are the same type of deal, you play the chord, and then on the
    next chord you play the bottom note of it, then the next one is both together.
    This continues throughout most of the song. The solo is nothing really special,
    you've hit much harder in your time here. Just go out and have fun, this little
    upbeat song is a nice break from all the harder songs, so I recommend using
    this one as a breather. It's easy on the fingers and just plain fun to listen
    Five-Star Tips: Not that hard, really. Just use star power at moments with a
    high multiplier.
    Behind The Mask [GHBONUS6]
    Anarchy Club
    Difficulty: 4/10
    The only reason it even got this high was because of the small scale that comes
    up from time to time. It's just a simple G-G-Y-B-O-B-Y-R pattern. It just goes
    up and comes back down, and is actually really easy to hit. However, I couldn't
    let this one just settle for a 3, so I figured I would be nice today and give
    it a 4. But it's lucky I was in a good mood.
    Five-Star Tips: Just go do it. My first time playing it on Expert was a 100%
    clear. Just... do it.
    The Breaking Wheel [GHBONUS7]
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Seriously. This song is harder than most of the regular songs. However, one
    HUGE and MAJOR key to overcoming this song, is realizing that through most of
    the song, you can just hold the bottom note while playing through the patterns.
    Not the G-G-G-O-O-O-Y-Y-Y whatever patterns. I'm talking about where you see
    a bunch of chords together, then like G-G-R-G-G-Y-G-G-B and whatever else. You
    can just hold down the green button the entire time while tapping those notes
    and double-strumming to the beat. The constant double-strumming leads to a lot
    of mistakes, which makes this song really hard to get a good combo on. Don't
    panic at the sight of all those notes. They're all on beat, just double-strum
    through most of the song. I already gave you hints for one section, and on the
    others they're nothing but single notes. They give you plenty of time to change
    your finger position inbetween them. It's not as hard as it looks upon first
    playthrough. I'm not saying it's easy, because it's by no means easy, there are
    just tactics you can use in order to beat it without a whole lot of trouble.
    Five-Star Tips: Just be really really good at double-strumming. Star power
    anywhere will be a huge speed booster, and should be used often.
    Callout [GHBONUS8]
    The Acro-brats
    Difficulty: 5/10
    This one wouldn't be as hard if they wouldn't have made the tempo so fast
    in the game. It's still pretty easy, just your basic chord changes that you've
    faced a million times, and the beat is kinda off, but you'll soon get used
    to that. It's nothing complicated, and will be picked up on extremely easy.
    The one thing to note, however, is they basically took away your ability to
    hammer-on and pull-off by making the in-game beat so fast. There are only two
    or three opportunities to hammer-on or pull-off, and there are many solos
    that would be fast enough to do that with in other songs. You'll just have to
    get used to strumming faster or double-strumming. But just for this song.
    You'll be just fine, it's no biggie.
    Five-Star Tips: Just play the song. You'll get it.
    Decontrol [GHBONUS9]
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    One of my personal favorites as far as bonus songs go. The first part isn't
    too hard, just some semi-fast strumming and basic chord transitions. Stuff
    you've faced before. This same thing keeps up for the majority of the song,
    and the chorus is even easier. However, there's this crazy insane solo part
    near the end that's pretty cool. It's moderately hard to hit, and star power
    would be a good idea for those who don't specialize in solo-ing. However, it's
    just a small part in the song and won't really hurt you too bad. That solo
    is basically an up-and down type of thing that's pretty fast and stretches
    across the whole board, so just see what you can do. You've already beat the
    normal game, remember? =)
    Five-Star Tips: It shouldn't be too hard to get. If you're struggling, use star
    power where there are a bunch of chords that repeat a lot. Loads of points.
    Even Rats [GHBONUS10]
    The Slip
    Difficulty: 4/10
    I don't really like this one so much. Makes me feel like I need to go back to
    the sixties or something. As far as difficulty goes, there's nothing in here
    that will really even pose a threat for you. The only thing I have to say is
    on some parts where it starts with red, then has a note above it, and keeps
    coming back to red, you can just hold the red fret button down the whole time
    and not have to worry about hitting that note every time. Other than that, you
    probably won't really even need me to tell you anything. Just don't fall asleep
    or anything. It's insanely hypnotizing, especially the way that guy's voice
    sounds while he's doing the "Wha-oh-oh" parts that go down on the guitar. It's
    just freaky, man.
    Five-Star Tips: As long as you don't fall asleep you'll get it.
    Farewell Myth [GHBONUS11]
    Made In Mexico
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Okay... I don't really know what to classify this song as. If anyone has any
    info whatsoever, e-mail me and I'll put it on here (crediting you, of course.)
    As far as playing it goes, it's not really that difficult. Just pay attention
    to the Y-G-R pattern before the chords part of the way through the song. These
    are the triplets I was telling you about in the No One Knows section. They're
    just faster than those are. As long as you fit all three of them in before you
    play the chord, the game will give it to you. Other than that, it's just
    extremely repetitive through the whole song.
    Five-Star Tips: Just try not to miss too many, and use star power whenever
    you feel comfortable.
    Fly On The Wall [GHBONUS12]
    Difficulty: 7/10
    A moderately challenging little song here. This is where you'll be thankful
    for the time you spent on songs like Take It Off, because this one is just
    a more complicated version of the chord transitions you found there. If you
    managed to get those down, then you'll have a lot less of a problem with these.
    There are the occaisional part where the guitar almost breaks into a solo, but
    then falls back into place. You'll see a few pull-offs and stuff that are kind
    of fast, considering this is a more upbeat song, so just watch out for those.
    There's a solo part at the end that has some incredibly fast hammer-ons and
    pull-offs, but luckily they're all right in a row. Double-strumming will also
    be necessary throughout most of it. All-in-all, it's pretty challenging, but
    still very do-able.
    Five-Star Tips: You know the drill, when your multiplier is high use your
    star power. You've been doing this long enough to know that by now.
    Get Ready 2 Rokk [GHBONUS13]
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Another pretty challenging bonus track you get to go through. This one is
    extremely technical, which can be a really good thing or a really bad thing.
    For the first chord sequence, where it goes from a series of RBs to GYs, to
    RYs to a BO, use your 1st and 3rd fingers for the first chord. Slide down
    to the RY's, then bring your 1st finger up and replace your 3rd finger with
    your 2nd finger for the RY, and then your hand is already in place to use your
    3rd and 4th fingers for the BO. It ends up looking like this:
    After doing this, you'll be able to get the small things that come after that,
    namely the YB chord, and the Red to Orange slide as well. Just practice that
    part for a while. The parts inbetween are really easy, with just a few notes
    here and there. Another honorable mention is the sequence that has three chords
    followed by a green and then another three chords. They span the entire board
    and are extremely hard to perfect, but it is very do-able. Just train your hand
    extensively to go back and forth on the board. With practice you'll be fine.
    The solo is absolutely killer in this song, so don't worry too much about it.
    Use some of the strategies you used for the Bark At The Moon solo, if you
    got through it. It won't hurt you much if you use your star power through it,
    so there's a good way to get through that.
    Five-Star Tips: Hit every part as clean as you can, using star power on the
    technical parts before the solo as long as you beware to save enough for the
    solo itself. Then afterwards just let loose on the star power.
    Guitar Hero [GHBONUS14]
    Monkey Steals the Peach
    Difficulty: 7/10
    This one is structured much like Take It Off as well, especially with the
    amount of chord transfers. The first pattern you see is the main pattern
    in this song, so after getting it down (which shouldn't take a whole lot of
    trouble) you're basically set for the first half. Just know that it bounces
    around, so your finger position isn't exactly the most important thing. Just
    use whatever fingers are closest to the notes you're trying to hit, and then
    slide if you have to. You'll have to come up with the fingering yourself,
    because there are a lot of different ways to do it.
    There's a small to moderate solo part that's about midway through the song
    which should pose little problem to you. It's just your basic run with a few
    hammer-ons and pull-offs, nothing extremely big. The fast tempo and constant
    streams of notes will keep you working, though, so don't relax too much. We're
    almost at the complete end, so just keep your head up. You've done so much
    already! You can do this one just like any of the others.
    Five-Star Tips: Shouldn't be too difficult, plenty of chords for you to use
    your star power on.
    Hey [GHBONUS15]
    Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
    Difficulty: 2.5/10
    Yes, you read that right, 2.5/10. The same basic run is used for over half
    of this song, and that's the very first one you run into. It uses the whole
    board, but is very easily reachable and changes very little throughout the
    entire first half of the song. There's barely even a solo here, and there are
    absolutely no hammer-ons or pull-offs whatsoever. This song belongs in hard
    Five-Star Tips: Pssh, you don't need no steenkin' tips!
    Sail Your Ship By [GHBONUS16]
    Count Zero
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Another ridiculously easy song, at least this one was harder than Hey. Just
    your basic chord transfers again, and it's generally pretty slow. Little
    hammer-ons or pull-offs, and generally very easy. And the song also appears
    to speed up when you reach the end, and some really funky keyboard is coming
    from somewhere halfway through the song and there's not even a keyboard on
    the stage. Hm... I wonder...
    Five-Star Tips: Just beat the song.
    Story of My Love [GHBONUS17] (Last song!!! =D)
    The Model Sons
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Just the same old stuff that you've been dealing with this entire game so far.
    It's the last song in this entire game, so they could've at least made it
    interesting.. or super hard. But it's neither, and it's kind of disappointing
    that this is what you have to go out to. Go back and play All of This or
    something. You've done everything in here a million times. Chord transitions,
    that's it. That's all this song is. Just do it, get it over with, and say
    you've beaten every song in the game. Go on, do it. You know you want to
    bloat to all your friends.
    Five-Star Tips: Same as always.
    5.) Frequently Asked Questions [GHFAQ]
    This is where I put in the questions that are submitted by YOU, the readers.
    Q. I seem to have trouble when there are more than one fret in a row. I hit the
       first one, but always screw up on the rest! Any advice?
    A. Well, learning how to do this is something you're going to need to do in
       this game. One problem that many people have is if the first note is higher
       on the board than the second, you MUST let go of the higher note, unlike if
       you're going from lower to higher. If you accidentally hold the higher note,
       it'll just play the higher note twice. If you are going from low to high,
       remember that hammer-ons are not ALWAYS necessary. If you can strum the
       notes, then it works just as well as if you used a hammer-on.
    Q. I need help with Cowboys from Hell! Can you help me?
    A. Unfortunately, I've probably done all that I can for you. If you still can't
       make it through, then don't sweat it! Learn where you mess up on and
       practice going over that part. After you learn that part, move on to the
       next. It's just like practicing for playing a real instrument! Eventually,
       as you learn one small part at a time, you will build up to learning the
       whole song, making your experience a whole lot easier. Practice, practice,
       and practice some more.
    Q. Are you going to make a FAQ for Guitar Hero 2?
    A. This is honestly still something that I'm debating over myself. The only
       reason I wrote this FAQ originally was because there wasn't one available
       that went over every single song in the game. I wanted to change that, so
       I made this. If someone comes along and beats me to making a full FAQ, then
       my chances of making one for Guitar Hero 2 are extremely low. To be
       completely honest, making this FAQ wasn't a whole lot of fun. I sat here all
       day, typing into Notepad about each individual song, whether I really liked
       the song or not. I was extremely bored, though. I've gotten a lot of
       positive feedback on this guide, however, and I may consider it in the
       future. But right now, I'd say the chances of that happening are about
    Keep sending in more questions!
    6.) Contact Information [GHCONTACT]
    You can contact me at the following e-mail address:
    As long as my inbox isn't completely flooded, I'll try to get back to you if
    I can, and as long as you don't type like a complete n00b. =P
    I will NOT reply to any e-mails following this examples:
    1.) d00d ur site is teh 1337 man i wanna kno how u made it cuz its so awesome
        and it roxxorz!!!1!!111!one!1one!!shiftone!!!
    2.) Hey, do you know how to beat (insert game other than Guitar Hero here)?
    3.) Your guide absolutely sucks and I hate it.
    4.) Anything else that's childish or insulting. I don't mind criticism, just
        don't tell me it sucks. If you don't like it, give me suggestions on what
        I could do to improve it!
    It would also be nice if the subject line was "Guitar Hero" so I can sort
    through my junk mail filter and actually determine which ones are junk and
    which aren't. So, there you go. Some basic guidelines for contacting me.
    7.) Still to come... [GHCOMING]
    I've decided to do away with the extra information on characters/venues, etc.
    because it simply doesn't fit the mold of expert mode. There are other faqs out
    there that will give you this information. My guide is here solely for expert
    mode songs.
    Other than that, the only updates I plan on doing are user-submitted tips and
    keep adding onto the frequently asked questions list!
    8.) Update History [GHUPDATE]
    Version 1.00 -- First version up! Many things still probably need correcting,
    so that will probably get done before any content updates are made. (September
    16th, 2006)
    Version 1.01 -- Fixed a few spelling/grammatical errors. Just some of the ones
    that I could find. Also added a new certified site. (September 18th, 2006)
    Version 1.02 -- Found more errors, corrected those. E-mails are starting to
    come in more regularly now, people asking for advice, submitting tips, etc.
    Thanks to everyone who e-mails me! Keep up the good work. Added a user
    submitted tip in the middle of the "General Tips" section, as well as another
    certified site. (September 24th, 2006)
    Version 1.10 -- Pretty major update here. I haven't been around for a while to
    work on this any, so I figure I would add some user-submitted stuff. Added a
    new Frequently Asked Questions section, added another tip for Cowboys from
    Hell, and fixed other things. As long as you send me stuff, I'll keep updating!
    (October 15th, 2006)
    9.) Thanks To [GHTHANX]
    - Me, of course, for making this guide and taking the time out of my day to
      satisfy the public viewership. =)
    - The makers of this game. Without them... this game wouldn't exist, obviously.
    - My friends, who are always there to support me through my Guitar Hero
      addiction, and withdrawals while I'm away.
    - You, dear reader, for giving me someone to appease.
    - Jeff (not to be confused with Jeff Orom) for his user-submitted finger 
      position tip
    - Jeff Orom for information on five-starring Cowboys from Hell
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