Review by Don Vercetti

"The most addictive game I have ever played (and I've played a lot of games)"

I suppose you could say this is a rhythm game based on guitar. Brilliant in concept and in execution.

Graphics - 10/10
The emphasis seemed to be placed on lighting and the lighting is pulled off very well, but it isn't only the lighting that makes the overall effect. The character's are modeled to great detail, the stages are overwhelming in their vibrancy and the crowd literally does "go wild". Some of the stages are so alive you wish the you could stop looking at the scale for a second to soak it all up. Of course I believe that is why there is a demo mode. The only thing lacking is the repetitive motions of the lead singer, drummer and bass player. But the motions used for them fit really well so it can easily be overlooked while you're staring at the coloured buttons moving along the screen at an extreme rate.

Sound - 10/10
Sounds like a rock concert to me. All the songs (except for originals by small time artists) are covers and are pulled off so well I couldn't tell the difference in a couple of them (namely The Ace of Spades as made famous by Motorhead).
The guitars are obviously done extremely well, I can't press the buttons that fast, it surprises me that anyone can move their fingers along the frets that fast.

Control - 10/10
I don't have the guitar controller therefore I used my PS2 controller and I tell ya it doesn't get any simpler than this. Hit this button now for this result, hit this button later and you will get the exact same result.

Difficulty - 10/10
You have to warm to this game. You'll jump in on easy and miss a few, master easy and you move on to medium, where you are introduced to a 4th button that is rarely used. On to hard and the 4th button becomes highly used but a 5th button is introduced. Move up to expert and it seems all 5 buttons are used equally. Not to mention the speed at which you must press them. On easy 1 button could be 5 notes, on expert, you will be pressing all 5 of those notes individually. Considering a song like More Than A Feeling has an estimated 600-700 notes, your hands will hurt.

Overall - 10/10
I'm not into rhythm games at all. Not until now, I am addicted and I continue to play even though I have beaten every song on every difficulty time and time again, I still try to beat my scores and miss less notes. Currently my highest score was 247,000 on More Than a Feeling with a note streak of 517, thats a 99% strike rate as well, I know I can get that extra 1% and will continue this game until I do. I've even got my girl playing this one (of course she isn't as good as I am, but she gets it done on expert). I'm so addicted to this game that when I'm listening to a CD or the Radio and I hear a lead guitar or a guitar solo, I actually visualize what the buttons would be like. It's getting ridiculous.
Oh and a few other songs could have been in there. I'm sure everyone who has this game believes there is a song missing. Each to their own.

Final Recommendation - DO NOT HIRE!!!! BUY THIS GAME NOW!
BUY IT! you will not regret it, I believe in 100% satisfaction and I guarantee it with my own money, that's right, if you do not enjoy this game, send your copy to me and I will give you back the money you spent on it! I guarantee it!**

**warning, this is not an actual guarantee, in fact, it is a load of horse droppings. If you are not satisfied with this game I suggest you visit Paul Stanley and allow him to break a guitar over your head.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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