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"Those who are about to rock, we salute you."

Irresistable. It's pretty safe to say that any rock or metal fan into games will find it really hard to not buy this game. And good for them. After the plethora of DJ, dancing, rapping, and karaoke rhythm games, it's about time us alternative music fans had something to rock out to (besides the excellent and whacky 'Um Jammer Lammy' which many probably didn't play). Don't get me wrong, I dig all rhythm games, but it's just nice to have one that suits your real interests. So, here we go with my review for Guitar Hero.

Presentation - 9/10
Very very nice stuff. From the get go, you're offered a tutorial, ten songs to try out as you please at any difficulty level, and more songs and extras are unlocked at a fun, steady pace. The only real quibble is that, whilst playing on the 'Free Mode' you don't get to choose your character or venue. And for what reason is this? None that anyone can rationally think of. Still, the menus look great and the game progresses smoothly.

Graphics - 8/10
Not a great deal to say really. For me, in rhythm games, as long as the cues to play a particular note are very clear I'm happy as can be. And sure enough, the notes are great big circles and are colour coordinated with the keys on the fret board. Couldn't be more clear. The characters and venues are nicely styled and all the band members are cool and cartoony. The graphics won't exactly wow you, but they do the job well and look good enough at the same time.

Gameplay - 9/10
Well, truth be told, this game is pretty much flawless when it comes to gameplay. There's no doubt about the fact that the game is great fun, and with so many songs to play, you're sure to find one that you like, no matter what sort of rock you're into. It's such fun that even my girlfriend (who isn't much of a gamer) tries her hardest to take the wee guitar from me so she can rock out too. And that's sayin' something. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 is due to the steep learning curve. This can be very frustrating for many. Myself included. But it is incredibly fun!

Innovation - 10/10
Well, there are few games that are released with their own specific controller so this has an instant head-start on others when considering how innovative it is. Not to mention it's attempts to incorporate real guitar methods into the game, such as chords, hammer ons, pull offs and even a great whammy bar. Rock on guys, this game brings something brand new to the table.

Lastability - 8/10
From the moment you turn your ps2 on, you will be hooked. There are no two ways about this. If you aren't very good at the game, you'll play for hours to improve. If you're great, you'll play the game because it's such genuine fun. But at the end of the day, with only 30 well known songs, and the unlikelihood that anyone will like all of those songs, this game will get boring within time. Roll on Guitar Hero II!

Overall - 8/10
Just slipped short of a 9, had it not been for the frustration it has caused me and the fact that I know I'll be bored of it with a few months. But ignore that, I play a lot of games so I move on fast. I almost guarantee that 90% of people who play this game will love it. It's great fun and you'll have a blast playing it. A definite recommendation from myself.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/21/06

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