Review by DragulaZombie420

Reviewed: 07/05/06

A must have game for anyone

Guitar Hero is a game that lets you rock out without having to learn to play a real guitar and making a band. It was made by Harmonix Music Systems and published by RedOctane.

Graphics - 4/10
In a game like this, graphics don't mean anything. If you're playing the game you'll either be looking at a menu or the notes. If you're watching a buddy play, and not jamming with him for whatever reason (and it better be a good one), then I guess you'll actually notice the graphics. They're alright at best. Nothing fancy or godlike. Just weird shaped humans strumming the guitar and rockin' out. The actual guitar models are nice to look at and the arenas are nicely set up.

Sound - 10/10
Awesome. The crowds seem real as you're blazing through a solo with star power. The music is also good, despite being performed by other bands. Some songs, like Thunderkiss '65 sound good but if you tried to compared it to what White Zombie did, you'll laugh. Then theres some songs like Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth that actually sound better then they were while being song by the original band. Course this is based PURELY by opinion. I'm writing a review here, not trying to impress every single person, thats impossible. The tutorial guy sounds pretty cool. Listen to his words of wisdom and do what he says. Trust me, it will help in the long run. Also if you beat a tutorial you get to hear one of his semi cool rock out stories, before the game goes to the main menu. Shame you cant hear what this godlike figure, this Messiah of men, has to say.

Gameplay - 9/10
The gameplay is simple but very hard to master. When you start a song, you'll see a note coming down the screen. When it gets at the bottom you have to press the color it represents and strum it. Sounds easy don't it? Well it isn't good sir. Takes awhile to get the hang of it, let alone master. When you start career mode you have 1 category unlocked by default. The first song you can (and should) play is "I love rock and roll", by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Its the first one on the list so naturally its the easiest to play. Course you don't have to play it, you can skip ahead but don't feel bad if you fail.

Assuming you're playing on easy mode first, once you beat that you can move on to medium mode (even though you could from the start). Now you can start earning cash so you can buy stuff. You can unlock 2 character models, a couple videos on how the game was put together, guitar models, guitar skins and a whole bunch of bonus tracks...most of witch are pretty good and hard. Be warned though, for each new difficulty you play you have one extra button to press. That right, easy mode you only use the first 3 keys, medium the first 4 keys and with hard, all of them. In expert mode, you use all the keys plus the songs are insanely fast. Good luck with that.

Now you must be thinking to yourself "wow so I memorize the notes and hit 'em. I cant lose!". WRONG. As you're rocking out you may notice the Rock meter. If you hit the right keys, it'll stay in green. Thats good. As you miss keys it will go down and the crowd will start booing you. If it gets to the bottom (red) you failed that song and have to start over.

Replay Value - 10/10
The replay value in this game is very high, obviously. Four difficulties, each one gets harder and harder to play, not to mention memorizing the harder parts of the song and stuff. I've only had the game for a month and a half and I've hardly even put it down.

Final Thought - 9/10
This game is a must buy...even if you play a real guitar. It's really fun and addictive. The $70 bucks its priced at right now is a very good deal. You get the game, a guitar shaped PS2 controller, guitar strap and some stickers to decorate your guitar with. Plus after a hard day of work/school or whatever it is you do, coming home and playing some Bark at to Moon is awesome.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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