Review by Gunfire2468

Reviewed: 07/27/06

If You're Ready To Rock, Then You've Come To The Right Place

First off I have to say this, when I got this game as a gift awhile back I had my doubts. I didn’t have much luck with peripherals (Beatmania, DDR dance pads) and when I saw this game I actually was thinking that I was going to break my hands. I was never a guitarist, nor was I into rock ‘n’ roll, and the advanced tutorials made my doubts worse I kept think to myself that hammer ons and pull offs where all that Guitar Hero was. Soon after playing on easy I started to get bolder and got into medium then hard (wasn’t that bold to go to extreme) soon I was in LOVE with this game, real easy to pick up. Enough about me lets kick this review in gear.

The pure essence of playing this game is like being on stage with your band rocking out. When I crank the volume up and rock so hard that the whole house shakes I feel a sort of uncontrollable urge, like a “big beat” if you will. This game is much like Guitar Freaks but with more buttons of “frets”. The game is real simple to pick up and can be both challenging and fun, even if you play just a few songs you’ll want to devote your life to this game until your 5 star every single song (or maybe that’s just me?)

The guitarist in Guitar Hero look really detailed in their appearance and the venues also have a certain personality that makes every venue you play on feel like a new experience. Whether your rockin’ out in your friend’s basement performing for drunk rockers, or playing in a toxic waste dump with a van of hippies and skaters alike, each stage has attention to detail that will make this great game more enjoyable.

The song list in this game goes from classics like Smoke On the Water to more modern songs like Take Me Out. The songs are remade due to the fact that RedOctane can’t infringe the artist copyright and that it would cost too much to pay for them to perform. Some of the remakes are good but some are horribly done. When I went to play “Take Me Out” I expected to hear “Take Me Out” with better vocals, Boy was I wrong. Other then that little detail the audio department seems to be ok.

This game has 30 songs (and that’s not counting bonus tracks) and 4 levels of difficulty easy, medium, hard, and expert. Easy and medium can be breezed through for a dedicated Guitar Hero gamer. For a real challenge try hard and expert, that should keep you busy until Guitar Hero 2 comes out. Even if you can manage to do all this, try 5 starring them, then try to get 100-note percentage, and by some miracle you can do that, try to make up your own way to play. Whether it’s behind your back, with your toes or just 3 or 2 fingers, you can play this game for years to come.

The Controller in Guitar Hero is great. Its resemblance to a real Gibson SG makes if feel like you’re actually playing a real guitar. With a strap you can stand up and rock out doing poses or KISS impressions to show off to your friends. It comes complete a whammy bar for stringing the long notes in the game. And you can decal it with stickers, not really a necessity but you can make it your very own.

With a extra guitar or a controller (I would recommend the guitar, it’s more fun) you and a friend can rock out to songs to see if you can out best your buddy in songs from the simple melodies of “Sharp Dressed Man” on medium or to the hellish song that will make your fingers bleed that is “Bark At The Moon” on expert. Your friends will always compete with you to see who actually is a “Guitar Hero”

I completely love this game, had some of the songs been better and had more of older generation artist (Led Zeppelin, or K.I.S.S anyone?) And were better remade I would have gave it a 10, but it’s still a good game nonetheless it’s a great game and it’s worth the price of $80 and it’s a great gift. So in other words if you have an extra $80 bucks lying around then stop to your closest video game store and buy Guitar Hero.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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