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"Rock ‘till ya drop"

“Rock ‘till ya drop”

Guitar Hero is an awesome guitar playing game, and, like DDR it does not use the normal controller, it uses a replica of a guitar with a strumming bar, whammy bar, and 5 frets. Although it's nothing like a real guitar, it's still really cool. It's also recommended you get the guitar for the game. The controls for the game are pretty simple, there are 5 fret buttons, all different colors, and a strum button and a whammy bar. There's also a select button and a start button (of course.) To play you choose a song and then you see these little dots coming down on a guitar like background. Like DDR there are circles at the bottom, and once a certain dot goes in a certain circle you must push down that certain colored fret and strum the strum bar at the same time. Very simple, but hard to explain; just go to the Tutorial if you still need help with controls. Now for this review to move onto game play.

Game Play – 10/10 – For those of you who want a really good game, get this one. Because the game play is fantastic. Once you get better and better at this game, like in expert mode, it will feel like has if you're playing a real guitar. But first let's get to the basics of this games game play. First of all, you can name your own band, and you can have many, many bands, like 10 of them. You can also choose 1 out of the 8 characters that are in the game. There's even a special character that you can unlock in the unlock shop. There are many modes of game play too. Including multi-player, quick play mode, and career mode. You can play either in easy mode which is for beginners, medium mode which is for people with a little skill, and hard which is for people who like to rock out, and then there's an expert mode which is only for those of you who can play like a master. In easy mode you just play, you can't go to the unlock shop. But in medium mode, you can get money when ever you play a song. You get 100$ for a 3-star review, 350$ for a 4-star review, and 650$ for a 5-star review. Once you've gotten a certain amount of money then you can go to the unlock shop and buy video tapes of how they made the game, Guitars for you to play on, different skins/colors for you to put on your guitars, and you can buy new songs to play. You can also buy two new characters. But im not telling you who they are. Now for the graphics section of this review.

Graphics – 8/10 – The graphics for guitar hero are pretty good. Its all 3-D and the characters actually look like there doing the real guitar parts. There are a lot of good crowds, and the singer and drummer look like there's actually playing for real too. Although, the graphics are not really top-notch, but there pretty good. Better then most games. This is why I rate it and 8 out of 10. Now for the storyline.

Story Line – 6/10 – There isn't really much of a story line besides the fact that you have to go from place to place rocking out and becoming the best guitar hero in the game. (Or guitar legend) You can pick your own character and play the guitar. And ever few songs you play, the more you'll go up in rank. Not much of a story. But still, at least there IS a story. Now for music and sound.

Music/Sound – 9/10 – Yeah, that's what this game is all about. There's a lot of singing, drumming, guitar solos, actually, your job in the game is to literally make sound by playing the fake guitar controller you have. Although, most of these songs are old, there still pretty good. Killer Queen and The Ace of Spades are some of my favorite songs in this game. So is Cheat on the Church. It's a really fun game. With outstanding sounds. Really Good. Now to tell you whether to buy it or rent it.

Buy it/Rent it – Buy it, by far, you'll have so much fun, and with lots of practice, you could play the game on expert mode easily. This game is definitely worth buying. Although, I would get Guitar Hero 2 because it has a lot more songs and game play, but Guitar Hero ones learning curve is fantastic. Get this one first, and then number two.

Final Score – 9/10 – This game is awesome, the graphics are awesome 3-D graphics, the music is outstanding and the game play is the BEST. Definitely get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/06

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