Review by redcomet2007

"Guitar Freaks on Steroids"

A few months ago I jumped in ecstasy when I read in OPM that RedOctane was releasing a guitar freaks clone. Later I found out that it was harder, better, faster, and stronger (you know that song rocks). It had 5, count them, 5 fret buttons, and a freaking whammy bar. I literally crapped my pants.

I was quietly awaiting the day I would play this gift from the heavens. That day was yesterday. I started with the easy, skipping the tutorial because I've played Guitar Freaks in the arcades of China during the vacations where I went back. My journey begins.

The song selection was good, menus were on key, but the graphics were... bland at best. But contrary to Microsoft, gameplay is what defines a game. I fired up Ironman straight away. frets, Whaaaaaaaaaaamy, fret chord fret chord Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamy...

After a few songs on medium, I decided to take on Hard mode. obscene words started spewing out of my mouth randomly.

I expected the game to simulate guitar playing fairly well, but hard mode is when this game shines. solos are incredibly satisfying when you nail them, and the Star power function just gets the adrenaline going harder. I have yet to try extreme but I will probably implode from pure bliss.

Now, the songs, Classic rock to the core basically. Smoke on the Water, Ironman, I love rock and roll, I wanna be sedated, Killer Queen. Some new stuff too like take me out, fat lip(skip this song for the love of god), and ... my memory fails to serve me at this moment.

All the Gibsons are there, and a variety of characters serve to... invoke your intrest during loading. Theres a Lennon look-alike, a Marley look-alike, an emo girl, a Sex Pistols groupie, and a buffed up ramone guy. there are others but you get the general idea. Graphics are better than Guitar Freaks, but yea, SNES could run Guitar Freaks.

Anyway, now I sit, patiently awaiting Drum Warrior (Konami has DrumMania in arcades too).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/14/05

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