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"Music to my ears"

I'm not sure where to start. I guess here. Guitar Hero is basically another game for the Ps2 that give it about 1 million accessories now. Theres the eye toy, dance pads, ect. and now a guitar. The point of Guitar Hero is to well play guitar. Here is my Review for Guitar Hero

Graphics - 8/10
Guitar Hero has some good graphics. You can see your character dancing around on stage playing and hogging the spotlight. You won't really be looking at anything except the notes comming espically on the harder diffcultys. So you could care less about the graphics, pong could be playing in the background and you wouldn't notice a thing.

Sound - 10/10
For once in a review I can do music well. The music in the game is great. There is a great selection you have bands like, Auido Slave, Deep Purple, Queen, Sum 41, The Ramones, and I haven't even dented the song list yet. Not only is it in good quantity but quality. I loved the music amazing. Lets see besides music you have sounds like the crowd booing when you make mistakes or cheering at that one rock star moment you have during the song when you feel complete unless you mess up. You will only notice music to stay with the beat of the game.

Gameplay - 9/10
I should probally talk about the controler. The controler its self is a guitar, It comes complete with 5 fret buttons,(the top 2 are to select an option and go back in menus) and then you have the little strum bar which you use to play the notes(and navigate menus) and for those notes that need it a whammy bar. Its like DDR, play the correct notes when they come up and scroll past you on screen, and hold the ones that need to be heild or play 2 different notes at once. It has a career mode in which you live life as a rock star and play the different venues and earning cash. Then using the cash to buy new characters/songs/guitars/guitar skins/videos in the unlock shop. Four settings to chose from on all songs, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Easy is well easy and in all songs you only play use only the first 3 fret buttons and still with some fast songs it will have the beginniners stumbling for the right buttons to press. Medium adds more chords, the next fret button and faster note changes which is hard if you are beginning and haven't tried easy. Hard is well hard because they add in the final fret button which is a pain to get to because you don't have a finger on it at all times like you could the next to last fret. So you will end up sliding your hand alot. Then Expert is complete madness. There is a tutorial option for those who need it. It helps out but some of the advanced skills they teach you will get in the way of your playing if you learn them before even trying to play a few easy songs, espicall since most if not all of the easy songs don't need the advanced skills they teach.

Replay Value - 10/10
I can see myself playing this with friends comming over. And Ya its gonna take awhile to unlock everything and ya expert still scares me right now, I'll be at it for awhile.

Overall - 9/10
Overall Guitar Hero is a very inovative game for the ps2 done great by the people at Red Octane. Its great but your fingers will start to hurt after awhile. And its hard to catch on unless you can actually play guitar then you will have less of a problem reaching for fret keys.

Now if we can just get Drum Hero, Bass Hero, Keyboard Hero, and combine them with Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution. We will have Band Hero Revolution. Which sounds like a good idea, all the instrument accessories for one game with a multitap and a mic. You could go on tour.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/06

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