Where can I find the Light Orb Item And The Shadow Orb Item in Xtreme Legend?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Shadow Orb
    Effect: Add shadow element to attacks, which empties musou gauge and maydefeat enemies in one hit.
    Stage: Battle of Jia Meng Gate, 214 AD
    Requirements: Within 5 minutes, get Ma Chao to defect on hard.
    Location: At the northeastern section of the map, passed the supply bases.

    To get Ma Chao to defect, you need to do four things quickly. First, you
    must defeat him the first time around. He will power himself up and heal
    himself when he gets injured. Plus, he will also give himself both an attack
    and defense up, so you will want to deal as much damage to him as possible
    before he does both of these. You can kill him while everyone is talking and
    before he can power himself up, so it is possible to kill him the first time
    quickly. After he is defeated the first time, he will retreat. Quickly go
    to the southeastern part of the map. There, close off both checkpoints and
    then defeat Ma Dai. This will decrease the faith Zhang Lu had in Ma Chao
    twice. After this, defeat Ma Chao one final time. Again, he will heal
    himself when injured and double his attack and defense, so fire juggle him to
    death and use as many musou rage tokens as possible. It is not easy to kill
    a powered up Ma Chao twice in five minutes, but it is possible.

    Light Orb
    Effect: Add light element to attacks, which causes attacks to break through the enemys guard.
    Stage: Battle of Yang Ping Gate, 215 AD
    Requirements: Within 5 minutes, defeat Pang De on hard.
    Location: On the third level, south of Zhang Weis starting point.

    To get Pang De to appear near the gates, you will need to get Zhang Lu to
    appear at the main camp. To do so, you will need to quickly release all the
    steps towards the main camp. Just focus on destroying statues and getting
    the steps up quickly. Zhang Lu will retreat into his main camp when the
    stairs are risen. You should be able to get both the steps to rise up and
    defeat Pang De within five minutes if youre fast enough and good enough.
    Red Hare will definitely help getting this item easier. Ignore defeating any
    enemies until you reach Pang De, although you may want to consider defeating
    Yan Po while everyone is talking and before Pang De arrives, as he can
    sometimes interfere with the battle between you and the stout guardian. Pang
    De is very powerful and will heal himself and go into a musou rage when you
    injure him, but he should die quickly if you fire juggle him.

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