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"Wow, I've Never Heard of Simulated-Simulated Gun Violence"

By reading the title of this game, most would dismiss it as stupid. I mean, really, who in their right mind would make a game about paintball? Paintball is simulated war, but a video game is a basically this game is a double simulation.

One of the main reasons for anybody to get this game (and to get any game these days) is because of the co-op. What paintball game made by some unknown guy named Greg Hasting be without co-op? God of War, that's what!

You play the game by competing in tournaments in Capture the Flag or Elimination-type games. These can get frustrating, especially since the controls aren't top-notch. Sometimes I would find my crouch button not working and other times, my camera wouldn't move, subjecting me to a cheap kill.

If you win tournament matches you are rewarded by getting store credits, being able to redo the tournaments for a better score and giving the opportunity for more tournament matches.

Buying items from the store seems very pointless to me as I couldn't find any significant difference between the very first paintball gun you start out with and the most powerful gun. Everything is also super-cheap, so buying stuff doesn't take any challenge at all and most of the gear you can buy is worthless garbage.

The game does support online play, but I didn't bother trying this feature out simply because I hate Sony's online service. However, I couldn't find any two-player versus mode (offline) on the game which made me mad because it would have greatly aided this game. I might be wrong about this because the game's set-up is just confusing.

Graphics aren't as sharp as they could be, especially with a game that has barely anything to offer. Seriously, the graphics look like first-generation PS2 titles and not in the final year of the console's life.

Another area that I had a problem with was the music. Games where there isn't really any story need to make up for it with an awesome soundtrack, but the songs that this paintball outing (...probably the only one, but don't take my word for it) doesn't offer a great soundtrack at all. In fact, I found the soundtrack to be on the verge of awful.

If you think that you'll have fun shooting simulated paintballs at your simulated friend, then you should definately RENT this game. In no way do I think anybody should rent this game...unless you know who Greg Hasting is...which I bet you don't.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/09/06

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