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"The Truth about Paintball."

I have read the other review about this game on this site already. I find it incorrect and very negative however, I am not here to defend the game but to give you a better, more accurate, review.

In Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd the player competes in tournaments to gain Credits, experience, and occasionnally new players. The higher you place in the tournament the more credits and experience you gain which makes developing your character easier and you'll have an easier time in the long run.

There are only 3 game types available: Single Flag Capture, Capture the Flag, and Elimination. In Single flag capture you are attempting to neutralize the opposing side and get control of the center flag and return it to your dead box for the win. In Capture the Flag your objective is to gain control of the flag on your opponents dead box and return it to your deadbox for the win. In Elimination the objective is simple: take down the opposing team with the fewest losses possible.

Despite the lack of game types the game comes with a large number of fields and you can make your own. I found the editor somewhat less user-friendly but still rather useable. Fields range from extremely small maps to the more Mil-Sim type fields.

The guns and gear you have equipped to your character do make a difference sometimes not a large one but you can tell. The markers are well represented and even a beginner will have a good time. That what Paintball is about.

The AI is fairly life like. I was impressed by this because I immediately noticed moves that I had seen players do before. Tactics from the real world generally work. It gives a sense of whats doable and whats not. Someone can learn a great deal about paintball just by watching some of the AI as far as exploiting weaknesses and watching their timing.

If you spend more than five minutes with the game you will learn just about all you need to know about the operation of the game. The exhibition mode is fairly easy to use. I haven't had a single problem with Exhibition mode. The buttons work fine if the controller is working properly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/06

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