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"Pretty good, coming from a real tournament player"

Before I begin, let me say that I don't think this is a game a non-paintball player would enjoy. Tournament paintball is a sport too unknown to a layperson to really make sense, therefore only real paintball players would find this game entertaining. I will be reviewing from the standpoint of a regular tournament paintball player to other players.

I would also like to say, the first review of this game should not be taken at full value. The reviewer continually refers to tournament paintball as "simulating war." I, and many other tournament players, take this as an insult. Tournament paintball is not about simulating war, it is more akin to tag than anything. Also, I saw a few times on the GHTP case and in the manual tournament paintball referred to as "the Sport of Combat." As a fairly knowledgeable source on the sport of tournament paintball, I can say that I have never heard my sport referrred to as the aforementioned. To those who don't play paintball, know that that title was probably invented by an Activision producer who has no knowledge of paintball.

Now, to the review. As far as the gameplay goes, I have no real qualms. The only point I have problems with is the fact that I can't move my marker as rapidly or accurately as I could in real life, but that is a factor in any first person shooter. As far as the versitility in the game, it could use some work. The career mode is a little too generic for me. Instead of playing in a series of random formatted events, I would like to actually play real event series, with the real rules. I would like a real X-ball format-the format in the game is an NPPL/X-Ball hybrid. I would like more options when selecting players-playing the first 5 events with the same 5 or 7 players kills replay value. I would also like more control over what gear the AI players use. The gear purchasing system was done surprisingly well in my opinion. At first, I thought that some of the markers' characteristics were inaccurate, but then I reasoned that this was probably done purposely to avoid the gear redundancy seen in other games.

Overall, I was impressed with GHTP Max'd. Again, I don't reccommend it to non-paintball players, but regular players should find it entertaining.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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