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"Paint slinging has never been more stellar"

Alright so those of you new and old to paintballing. Greg Hastings is a pro paint slinger as of many of the other pros in this sport are featured in this game. Now if you don't know what paintballing is, I will give you a little insight.

First, there are 2 teams you each have your paintball gun (aka marker). Which you then shoot at each other and try to hit others and not get hit yourself. It is a ever growing sport, now that you know the basis of paintballing ( I could have gone more in depth but you are here for the review not for the history) time for the review!

Just a quickie I'm going to put it in brief summaries of a cookie cut review since it will be easier. Also please note that this game has been out previously on xbox, and for those of you who have the xbox versions and are just looking to see if this is worth it, just scroll down to the gameplay review area.

Graphics 7/10- Ok, the graphics are ps2 graphics not too ga ga of graphics but it is actually pretty nice compared to previous ps2 games. I actually think for a ps2 game this game does fairly well in the graphics deparment. I mean you see paintballs flying, when you reload your hopper paintballs will spill out while standing (if your stats are low for reloading, which I will get to later). Balls that didn't bust will be lying on the ground, splatters on the bunkers and the best part is if you get hit in the face you see a splat mark on your goggles (as well the first person view they have in the game you see through a mask as you would in real life).

Sound 10/10- Ok before I go in depth I will explain my score for sound. Now the reason why it is an 10 is because I feel that the sounds that you hear in the game are what actually happens out on "speed ball" fields. People will be yelling and you will hear the noise of a paintball hitting the air bunker. And it does match up fairly well. As far as sound in this game there is soo much you can do in it to make it sound well. So I think it is worth a 10. It matches up nicely to the real thing.

Gameplay 8/10- Alright now the fun part, when coming up with things to say for gameplay tons of stuff ran through my head. Since I have played the older Greg Hastings games on xbox I can give you a good review for this. First and foremost the things that have improved are you can change your color of gun, hop over the smaller bunkers, as well as you can make your shoulder r1+r2 or L1+L2 buttons both duel fire so you can "walk the trigger which means fire going R1,R2,R1,R2 and keep a steady rate of fire which is the best part. The xbox version you don't have the option you only get one trigger to fire so it's not as "real" if you will. Now other things that I see improved are that the AI seems a little harder, as well as the amount of time it takes to move up with your characters stats. Which I find a lot better since it will take longer to up your characters performance in game.

AI-Wow and I mean wow the AI in the PS2 max'd is a lot more challenging than the xbox version, even on easy. I find myself at times wondering how the heck pro mode is on this version since the xbox pro was so tough. So it keeps the game paced pretty well, there has been times that the AI opponents kept me on my toes then I sighed in relief as I started winning the next couple rounds and took the win.

Multiplayer- now I haven't actually experienced online play, but I know co-op mode is fun, you can choose to play head to head in exhibtion mode or have him join up in story mode co-op (player 2 takes control of one of your AI teammates). There is only so much you can do multiplayer for paintballing, but that can leave room for later games to maybe make a multiplayer woodsball game. Think like battlefield vietnam but with paintballing. Interesting yes!

Overall- Oh yea and the only downside to the PS2 game is that the loading and auto-saving is a little annoying but you get the new additions that the xbox version doesnt have (duel fire button feature, jump small bunkers, change color of gun), also in gameplay I left out the replayability and how many modes of play are there. Well you keep playing through story mode and gaining experience and they have unlockables, as well as exhibition where you can play against your friends team if he has one. As well as making your own paintball fields. So overall this game has been improving since the last games of the series. And any serious paintballer would enjoy some of the key features implemented in this version, for the average gamer or someone who is semi interested in paintballing. Give this game a rent and you will learn some of the key aspects of speed balling (aka Air Ball) as well as learn some of the different styles of play. (For the people that have owned the previous games and are wondering if it is worth it. Definately! I have played through the xbox version of this game, and I must say that they changed the starting fields and added some new guns. Give it a spin)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/11/07

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