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    Movie Extraction FAQ by BeefSarnie

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Game:WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006*
    *System Playstation 2 (PS2)      *
    *                                *
    *Title: Movie Extraction FAQ     *
    *Version: Final                  *
    *                                *
    *Author: BeefSarnie              *
    1. Intro
    2. System Requirements
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Credits
    5. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
    This gudie will only tell you how to extract the video files 
    from the game for your own personal veiwing. It will NOT 
    however tell you how to rebuild the  game with new videos
    as I do not know how to do that and really don't care 
    to know how to do that.                
    I will not be including my email address in this guide and
    therefore I cannot take any questions regarding this guide. 
    No offence but I get enough junk mail as it is and I 
    really don't need any more.                                      
    As far as I know this is a perfectly legal process. 
    You are merely making a backup copy of what you already own 
    and leaving it on a storage device(hard drive, DVD)
    for future use.
    However, it is ILLEGAL for you to put any of the files you have copied
    onto the net. This includes, but is not limited to, placing the
    sound files as downloads on your personal homepage or a corporate music
    collection or sharing the files on a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
    network such as Grokster, Limewire etc.  You may NOT distribute these 
    video files between you and any other presoon(s) through any means
    Anything you do as a result of this guide is completely YOUR
    responsibility, and neither the author nor any other third 
    party will take responsibility for your actions.
    *System Requirements*
    1. The WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006 game disc (duh!)
    2. A DVD-ROM drive, or any other optical drive that is able to read DVD
       data discs.
    3. Microsoft Windows 95 or higher (unconfirmed about 95, but I know it
       works on 98, 2000, and XP)
    4. Eight gigabytes of free space on your hard drive.  I don't know 
       what's the least you could have to do this, but eight GB would 
       give PLENTY of room to complete the extraction process and 
       store the videos with a fair amount of space left over.  
    5. A copy of AFS-->ADX you can download from http://www.megagames.com/
    6. A copy of VirtualDub which you can download from 
    You'll also need a program that can handle .zip files. 
    If you don't have oneyou should be able to find 
    plenty at: http://www.snapfiles.com
    1. Copy the the MOVIEP folder on the SVR06 disc onto
       your hard drive. (Usually C:\)
    2. Extract AFS-->ADX and VirtualDub to seperate diectories
       also on your C:\ drive (or whatever letter your drive is)
    3. Rename the folder with AFS-->ADX AFS2ADX.
    4. Rename the folder with VirtualDub VirtualDub.
    5. Now close all programs and windows you have running, this
       will free as much space on your PC as possible.
    6. Now, AFS-->ADX is a command prompt style program.
       If you try to open it directly a window will flash
       momentarily onto the screen then vanish.
       To correctly ready the program you must click:
       Start\All Programs\Accesories\Command Prompt.
       A black window with white text should now be
    7. On the first line you should see the following: 
       C:\Documents And Settings\Owner> (if your drive
       isnt C:\ the C will be replaced with your main 
       drives letter respectively.
    8. Now after the > type cd C:\AFS2ADX (once again
       if your drive isn't C:\ use your drives correct
    9. Now it should say: C:\AFS2ADX> after the> 
       type afs2adx C:\MOVIEP\NMVP#.AFS [-all]
       the # should be replaced with a number repeat this
       for all of the .AFS files:
       NMVP000.AFS [-all]
       NMVP001.AFS [-all]
       NMVP002.AFS [-all]
       NMVP003.AFS [-all]
       NMVP004.AFS [-all]
    10. Once you type one of the above the program
        will get to work. LEAVE THE PC ALONE!!!!!!!!
        After another > appears for you type proceed
        to the next .AFS file.
    11. Now all the extracted videos will be in the
        AFS-->ADX directory as .raw files.
    12. Close Command Prompt as you no longer need it.
        VirtualDub is a normal program (thank god) Open
        it directly by double clicking the VirtualDub icon.
    13. Open VirtualDub click on: 
        File\Open Video File then browse for the AFS-->ADX 
        directory double click the first .raw file you see.
    14. Watch the video to see whose it is. Once you 
        know click: File\Save As AVI. Now save 
        normally, browse for a save location and 
        use the name of the superstar featured 
        in the movie as the name for the video.
    15. If you want nusic to go with the video the
        music must be in Wave Sound (.wav/.WAV)
        format. Click Audio\WAV Audio then browse
        for the sound file you want to use. Then
        click File\Save As AVI and save as normal
        using the method described above.
    Paul Rudoff: Whose FAQs I used as a basic outline for my own
    Darkpower: Whose guide I followed to extract the videos and was inspired 
    by to write my own.
    Eddie Guerrero: For being the best wrestler I ever saw you will be missed Eddie.
                                            Latino Heat
                                           Viva La Raza!
    *Copyright Notice & Disclaimer*
    This document is copyright 2006 by BeefSarnie. WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006
    is copyright 2005 by World Wrestling Entertainment and THQ.  This
    document is not associated with or endorsed by World Wrestling
    Entertainment, THQ, or anyone else involved in the making of the game.
    You may use this guide on your site without permission but it must remain
    unaltered and unchanged This copyright notice and disclaimer may be 
    updated by me from time to time without notice to you.

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