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"SD vs RAW layeths the smacketh down on 2006!!"

Okay, this game is officially the current most electrifying game in sports-entertainment-themed video games ever. You can take SD! vs RAW, shine it up real nice, stick that sumgun sideways and shove it up McMahon's rear-end!! Okay, time to shut up and stop using The Rock's awesome lines, and time to get on with the review!!

Graphics - 9

The graphics kick butt in this game. They put every game before X360, PS3, and Wii down the drain with graphics. It's cool how you can make a ring attire, cutscene attire, and even an entrance attire. This makes it possible to take off your hat with Undertaker's entrance! And the crowd looks 40% realistic! And for the first time since HTCP, you can see the announcers. JR, King, annoying stupid Cole, and Tazz look more realistic than ever. This is bad when you create the Shane'O'Mac and elbow someone through the announcer's table on SmackDown!, because you get to see a realistic Michael Cole. Please WWE, bring back the cartoony announcers! And the bad part is, Taz looks worse than in JBI. But the weapons, arena, announcer's tables, title belts, and briefcases rule!! The only way to see better graphics is next-gen games such as the newcoming SD! vs RAW 2007, X360, Wii, and PS3.

GM Mode and Exhibition - 10

I give this a ten because GM Mode kills! Seriously! Finally something more exciting than some Exhibition Matches! Not to kill Exhibition mode. Exhibition is better than ever! With FYF Matches, nothing can go wrong! The only bad part is, no finishers. I can't Bulldog Lita in Fulfill Your Fantasy! Darn! Elimination Chamber is fun, but boring. In there, all they do is jump off the chambers. It's funny putting Andre the Giant and Big Show in there, seeing those giants jump off, knowing that if they did it in real life, they'd die! And Triangle Ladder Matches are the bomb! Funny, watching Edge and Shelton Benjamin punching the snot out of each other, when you're down there going ladder-tippin'! Then uh-oh, the improvement comes next: they actually fall from the ladder to the outside of the ring!! Then Buried Alive, uh-oh, Kane vs Undertaker. The best Survivor Series match ever! But it sucks that Buried Alive only goes to Survivor Series. You can't make WreslteMania future by putting 'Taker to rest! But still. Anybody disagrees with what I say about GM Mode and Exhibition, I got 2 words. *raises mic, fans say what I'm about to say:* SUCK IT! jk.. jk

Season Mode - 5

Could be better. More repitition than anybody says. For RAW, either pick a CAW or Legend and fight the champ and the 16 time champ. Pick anybody else and you face the Legends in this crappy Legends Tour. For SmackDown!, full repitition. No matter who you pick, you get to lay the 'Taker to rest. The only non-repetitive thing is the random ECW story, where RVD invites you to ECW. If you decline, he's with ECW. If you accept, he's with SmackDown!. Crappy story. The only thing that makes it the best Season ever, is VO. VO your own WWE Superstar, even if you are playing as a CAW. Season killed the game.

Create Modes - 10

CAW: Bestest-est-est EVER. CAC (create a championship): Same-ole' same-ole'. CAPPV: Added some cool new shnippy. Same-ole'. CAE (create an entrance): Best-est-est-est-est Create Mode ever, second to WrestleMania XIX for GC. Could've brought back some WMXIX stuff, like you know, camera angles, more light effect options, et cetera et cetera. But did add the greatest entrance taunts ever. I can make the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, and Brock Lesnar so I can have Batista vs Lesnar and the WM2000/WMX7 Triangle Ladder Match. Plus, CAM, create a moveset, is best ever. Now I can just press O+Down to get a submission front grapple just like I do O+Down to pin them. Create Modes have taken every game in the world other than this, shined them up real nice, turned them sumguns sideways and shoved them right up some fat guy's crack!

Online Play - ?

Don't know, haven't tryed the online. To tell the truth, online PS2 play is bullcrap. If I wanted to play online 24/7, well, that's what my gma's laptop is for.

Overall - 8.5, round up to 9. This game revolutionized sports games and is the dominant game, in sports entertainment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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