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Reviewed: 08/28/06

Making its way to the retail ring, weighing in at about one gram, THQ's Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006!

THQ brings back the good old SD! vs. RAW series in this new installment of the ever popular franchise. Please allow me to take a couple minutes out of life to give you my review of the newest game on the market...

Graphics: 10/10
Okay, so I gave the game an 8 as and overall but you gotta admit, the graphics are really good for the PS2! Although it may not show how they sweat like it does in the basketball games on the Xbox 360, you have to see how well they've improved many things. First, take a look at the crowd. They look better than before when they were only 2-D! And when you play season mode, they also show more improvement on the facial expressions of the superstars. So as far as graphics really go, I simply must give it a 10.

Sound: 9/10
The sound is astounding! The crowds chant louder and louder each time as they cheer for their favorite WWE superstars and fellow WWE divas, and we finally have commentary! Now, you can listen to Jerry "The King" Lawler ranting about puppies while good ol' J.R. rants about government mules and Oklahoma BBQ sauce. You get to also hear Tazz talk about his experiences in ECW while at the same time insulting Michael Cole about how inexperienced he is in the ring. Um.. Tazz, maybe it's because he never set foot in a WWE ring. So next time, let him judge the bikini contest so he can have some comebacks to throw at you. We also get to watch entrances before each matches and hear either Lillian Garcia or Tony Chimel announcing where the superstars are from, how much they weigh, and that's pretty much it. But they did really great with it all!

Gameplay: 8/10
The gameplay is great especially with the new stamina system. Although I love to turn that off because it does get quite annoying having to replenish your stamina meter every 10 seconds. The controls are still the same, so there really isn't too many new things to learn. Although you do need to know how to do casket finishers for the Buried Alive Match.

Matches: 9/10
I had to put matches in here because we have new matches. You can have Bar Brawls, Buried Alive, and Fulfill your Fantasy matches. Bar Brawl pretty much speaks for itself. It's just like parking lot brawl and backstage brawl except your in a bar. In the Buried Alive Match, your object is to throw your opponent into the casket. Just irish whip em' to it and press circle and follow everything else. Of course they will be able to reverse the casket door so make sure you know how to do it too, in case if you find yourself in that type of predicament. In a Fulfill your Fantasy match, you are in the ring with another WWE diva. You and the other diva are wearing 3 different types of clothing which you can choose from. Nurse, French Maid or School Girl. *looks up in the sky* (thank you god!) You have a meter at the top of the screen and the first to fill the meter up or rip off the other divas clothing wins. So you can either rip off her clothes until she's in her bra and panties, or fulfill the fantasy meter. Irish whip her to the bed, press circle and up at the same time and you can spank her. I hope you have Cole and Tazz broadcasting your match because if King sees that, he'll have a seizure. No, he's not breakdancing!

Features: 10/10
The features are even better because we finally have General Manager mode! Be the GM of your favorite WWE show and try to get a higher fan base than the other show. At the end of the year, Vince will award the GM of the Year Award to whoever has the largest fanbase. Yep, I called him Vince! When you begin playing GM mode, you can choose to draft your very own roster or choose a normal WWE roster. If you choose to draft, you can have Chris Jericho on Smackdown and Rey Mysterio or Undertaker on Raw. You can also play two player against your friends to see who would make a better GM. PPV mode is back and you can create your own WWE ppv event! This time with all the new ppv arena's! If you bought the PSP version you would get Eugene's airplane race, WWE Trivia, or Texas Hold Em'. But the graphic points would be much lower. Do the math... You can also play title matches! Select Exhibition and scroll down to Title Match and you can compete with any other superstar you want to win the desired title.

Overall: 8/10
The game is really good with of course a few flaws. When you play the Fulfill your Fantasy match, you are forced to be in the SummerSlam arena and the Buried Alive match is in Survivor Series. And instead of having the Elimination Chamber match in the SummerSlam arena, you now have to be stuck in the New Year's Revolution arena. Well, that about wraps it up for my review for WWE SD! vs. RAW 2006 for the PS2. I give this game an 8 outta 10...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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