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Reviewed: 09/13/06

Best game ever? You decide.

This was the greatest wrestling game I ever played. It had all kinds of options. It brought a huge chunk of the WWE roster to life. I bought this game a few days after it came out, I have collected every trophy, unlocked every legend (except for 1), beat every challenge, everything. I still pick up the controller and play this game for hours. Like any other game, this game does have it's flaws, but it does have its perks too. Some of the greatest legends the wrestling business has ever seen make a return in this game. Such as Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and a few others. In this review, I will explain some of the good points and bad points in the game.

Storyline- The storyline is kind of repetitive. The back of the box says it has character unique story-lines, I haven't seen the unique story-lines yet. It's fun to play through the story-lines. Unlike its predecessor SmackDown VS Raw, it doesn't have alternate routes to take if you lose a match. There are a few times when it will change the storyline. Sometimes in a very minor way, sometimes in a major way. It was fun playing through story mode as Hulk Hogan, or Stone Cold Steve Austin one more time. I would give the storyline an 8.

Sound- The audio for the game is unbelievable. The voice-overs sound exactly like the superstars. Even the ones who don't speak clearly, or even speak English sound like themselves. The new Created Superstar voice-over is tons of fun too. It really brings the game to life. On SmackDown! VS Raw, it was kind of disappointing when you heard Triple H or someone talking, and then all of a sudden your created superstar gets this weird look on his face or you got to read the subtitles. I would give the sound a 10.

Graphics- These graphics are amazing. The superstars look exactly like themselves. The texture of the weapons is amazing. The character detail in the game is unbelievable, The programmers really took more time in this game. I couldn't ask for better graphics. The arenas look exactly like they did this past year. These graphics definitely deserve a 10.

Features- This game has several new features that are tons of fun to deal with. One thing I liked better on this game over the first SmackDown! VS Raw, is the created titles are actually affordable. You don't have to play through season mode 6 times just to make a decent looking title anymore, you can make a decent looking title in 3 matches. One of my favorite features is the Title Matches in exhibition mode. Now you don't have to play through season mode for Randy Orton to get the World Heavyweight title. Now you can just go through 1 match and get the title. My all time favorite new feature is the GM mode. This mode really brings the game to life. This enables you to create your own WWE brand. You can interfere with the other show, talk trash about the other show, advertise, announce the comeback/arrival of a superstar, trade your superstar for someone else, or you can rip off the other brand and disable them completely until you have everyone you want then go back and enable them. Being able to use a title as a weapon was tons of fun too. This game has even added a few new arenas. For some of the older WWE fans, it was a surprise when they brought back an arena we never would have thought would be in a wrestling game. Another one of the greater features is the Buried Alive match. The only bad thing about some of the features is some of the matches are limited to a certain arena (For example, the Elimination Chamber is exclusive to New Years Revolution, the Buried Alive match is exclusive to Survivor Series, etc.)

Game-play- The controls are really easy to understand. If you played the first SmackDown! VS Raw, then you probably didn't have a problem getting these controls down, but even if this is your first time to play a WWE game, the controls are simple to get down. With the AI difficulty feature available, you can now make the AI seem like their completely dumb, or like easy mode is hard mode. I would give the game-play a 10.

Continuity- I bought this game a couple of days after it came out and I have conquered the game, but I still play this game for hours and hours. After you've done exhibition several times, you kind of miss what goes on in story-mode. You can re-create past Pay Per Views and make them go the way YOU want to.

Realism- For a video game, this game is pretty real. With some of the pre-made Pay Per Views available, you can relieve some of your favorite moments. Like the Heidenreich VS Undertaker buried alive match. Or relive WrestleMania 21. The blood in the game dries up now rather than just staying there. And just like in the actual show, if the referee gets knocked down, he stays down for a long time. I would have to give the realism for this game an 8.

That concludes my review for this game. Personally, I think you should buy the game instead of renting it. This game will keep you occupied for a long time. Trust me.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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