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"The Best Wrestling game yet!"


Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 is a prime example of what the wrestling genre can produce in gaming today. There are many good details I will talk about in 06', many of them will interest you if you would want to buy it. The bad details will be small in number but its best to hear all of what this game has to offer.


06' has many good qualities in it, for instance, the grappling system is enhanced from the previous Smackdown games. You have a choice when you grab to hit, use irish whip techniques, use grapple techniques and a new added feature to do a super irish whip to either throw your opponent outside the ring, or throw him agianst the turnbuckle hard sending your opponent to the ground. There is a new season mode that gives you the choice of being a general manager for either Smackdown or Raw. When in a match you will notice that for each brand while your wrestling has either Michael Cole and Tazz or Jerry "The King" Lawler and JR at ringside calling the match and adds a sense of realism to the the game like in the actaul show. The new stamina option gives additonal gameplay to making this game feel more alive. There are new added matches in Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 such as the Buried Alive match, and the Fullfill Your Fantasy match for the female wrestlers. In the main season for either Raw or Smackdown each character has their own voice in the new voice-over feature, so if you hear John Cena talk it sound exactly like him. Also, for created wrestlers, you have a choice of 5 different voices for your created wrestler, its just like your talking to your favorite WWE superstars with a person you created. The create an entrance option lets you customize your own entrances for anyone, giving you complete control on how you would want to see a wrestler come out to the ring, whether it be a lot of fireworks, smoke, the color of the lights changing rapidly, darkness surrounding the set, just think of the possibilities!


Most of the problems revolve around the loading times being too long. The AI has a few glitches in making gameplay less satisfactory. The general manager mode can be tiresome and just not worth it considering it takes a long time to set it up for just a week, not to mention a month or even a year.


The graphics are superb and very well done in terms of shading and lighting for each visual effect. The season mode seems too real almost because when a WWE superstar talks plus looks as if he/she is actually there, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "stunning". The wrestlers almost look like they are actually there.


This game is meant to be replayed multiple times. Just having matches in single player mode is enough to keep you going seeing as it is not tiresome. If you get bored of an easier difficulty, you can try the harder difficulty levels like Legend.


The sound was good. Music entrances were done quite well in tone quality. There are a few new music files you can use in the game from musical artists.


The customization, AI, season modes, matches, playability and other technicalities are all excellent in many ways. The difficulty of the game is more complex giving you a challenge in any mode. It takes quicker reactions to counter grapples and attacks such as punches or chair shots. Submission moves have many ways to keep the holds on longer or get out of one, for instance, if your opponent puts you in a sleeper hold a bar comes up giving you three chances to press the "x" button at the right time, if you miss all three times you will lose the match, but the third time gives you a better chance to break the submission. Some other holds require you to press the "x" button rapidly to either make your opponent tap, or to survive the match without giving up. There are two icons when you are in a match, a health icon, and a momentum bar icon. Each are vital in every match to win, also there is a stamina bar if you choose to have on during a match. One of the newest added features to the wrestling genre in this game is the "create a title". This allows you to make any title at your disposal giving it a name and look. You can then put the title on the line against anyone, plus every match you win raises the amount of cash the title is worth.


Here are a number of scores that this game has already received from numerous magazines and online websites.
Gamespy: 4.5/5
Gamespot: 8.9/10


This game has very good scores from magazines and other online websites. The gameplay, graphics, sound and replay value are all excellent. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 has remained true to its value and leaves players impressed to a high degree. The many ways to play this game will keep you going for a while. This game sets the standards for all wrestling games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/30/06

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