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"The series just keep getting better and better."

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realise that Smack-down! Vs Raw 06 is a game created by and based on the WWE. It would seem obvious now that every year a new WWE game will be released. This is good however, because every time and new wrestling game is released, the game always gets better. Of course, there has been many and many wrestling games before this one, and every new one has been a success. “Here comes the pain” was a great game, and it is fair to say that “Smack-down Vs Raw lived up, and matched “Here comes the pain”. However this new game, 06, is probably the best wrestling game created to date.

This game is probably the most fun wrestling game out at the moment, since there are now more things to do, such as managing your on wrestling show, there are also new types of matches, like the long awaited buried alive match. Also like always, the creators of the game have upgraded most of the current day wrestlers, and also adding in the new ones. Also what I find the to be best new feature of the game, is the new and improved story line. It is very good, entertaining, and there is a different storyline for each show you chose to wrestle on. However what is most disappointing is that the not only does the storyline stay the same every time you pick a wrestle to play as, it's the same character you must come up against every time. So if you're a created wrestler who has just started and does not have any experience, and you wrestle on Raw, you are going to have to verse the second best character in the game, Triple H, no matter what. Also another thing that seems to be an annoying problem with the game is that sometimes you can get DQ too easily. Even if you are not focused on the referee, and he is in the way and you accidentally hit him, you're going to get DQ. However these complaints are hardly anything and the game play of this game is still fantastic.

Now to go a little bit more into the story. As all WWE wrestling fans would know, Raw ad Smack-down are two different shows. So if you chose a Raw character, the storyline will be different from the other shows storyline. Also, if you go on the Smack-down show, there is the cruiser-weight title, whereas on Raw they do not have the cruiser-weight title, they have the women's title. Also in story mode, you can use your created wrestler, or a character which is already on the WWE roster.

The graphics in this game are yet again fantastic. They are even more realistic than before, with the wrestlers looking almost exactly as they do in real life, and with the crowd looking fantastic, and are always jumping around for every match. Also what I think to be very good about the game, is that the commentators, are much better then they were in the previous wrestling games. Also all the characters have their normal voices in the game. This is really good, because it makes playing the story mode much more fun to play.

To be real honest, you can play this game all day and all night, because not only is it extremely fun, but there is also a lot of stuff to do on the game. Such as season mode, general manager mode, and PPV mode. Also the challenges are back, which you play if you want to give your money a boost, so you can buy a huge range of items in the WWE shop. You could play this game for a year and probably still have a lot of fun. So to sum up the review, I think that every single WWE wrestling fan could honestly say that they would be happy with this game, and it is fun to play. Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you would still have loads of fun playing this game. So for rent, buy, or don't bother, I would say buy straight away, unless you have seriously disliked the previous wrestling games. Also if know a person who is a wrestling fan, this would be a nice present to give them.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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