Review by AssClown_20

Reviewed: 12/19/05

Get Ready for the Fight of your Life!

It's finally here. The game that everyone has been waiting for. SmackDown! vs RAW 2006! But is it good enough to top Here Comes The Pain? We'll see. Just read on.

Gameplay - 9/10

The gameplay is solid. You can actually feel the game. It is really fun, especially when playing multiplayer and online. This year, they made a really great addition, the Stamina Bar. You lose Stamina for every move you do, and that includes running. This will usually make your matches long and competitive. AI can still use some work. They made more great additions, such as pulling your opponent's hair while on grappling position, or stealing your opponent's taunts. They've also changed the "momentum" system. This time, your "Clean" or "Dirty" meters are now combined with your "momentum" bar. If you're playing "Clean", you can earn your momentum quickly by doing clean moves. Same for Dirty. You get your momentum bar up faster by doing dirty moves. THQ did a good job this time. They deserve the 9.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics this year has blown our minds away. You just can't go wrong with the amazing realistic gameplay. Just look at how the wrestlers this year looks. For example, Muhammad Hassan. Doesn't he look real in the Character Select menu? Everything looks amazing. The ropes, the Arenas, and Create A Wrestler. Season mode cutscenes are nicely done. Even the Pyros look good! Another thumbs up to THQ. Keep em' coming!

Audio - 7/10

Audio is average. The gameplay sound sounds a little too much. Gameplay audio isn't as good. There are no more Background music during matches. Just pure commentary. Commentary is good when it's still fresh, but it gets old and stale really quick. Pyros sound like a wet boo-boo. the soundtrack blows. I was going to give the Audio a score of 6/10, but the voice over was able to balance it out. Voice Overs this year are off the chain! Everything else could use improvements.

Game Modes - 9/10

This year, they have a wider variety of modes and matches. That includes the all new GM Mode and Buried Alive match. GM Mode allows you to be a GM of any show of your choice. RAW or SmackDown!. You can either use the default roster for both shows, or try something new by drafting your own WWE roster. GM Mode could use some improvements. I hope they do a better job for the next game.

Re-playability - 9/10

You just can't beat the replay value of this game. With tons of unlockables, including Trophies and Characters, it will just get you to keep on playing! There are two years of season mode. One year for RAW and A whole different year for SmackDown! This year, they've added Create-An-Entrance, which will actually make you create more characters and make their own entrances.This game will keep you busy for a while.

There are a lot more to find out about this game. Get this game as soon as you can. Two thumbs up to THQ.

PROS: Amazing realism, tons of replay value, and a really solid gameplay.
CONS: AI needs improvement, soundtrack sucks, and the commentary still gets annoying.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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