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"Two Worlds Collide AGAIN!"

After Smackdown Vs Raw came out alot of people were disappointed because it seemed like Yukes went backwards from HCTP. Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 changed all that and made the Smackdown series great once again.

Graphics - 9

You can't complain about the graphics here. Pretty much perfect and the best you'll see in a wrestling game right now. All the wrestlers faces have been motion capped and you can tell they've done a really good job at it especially with people like Orlando Jordan and Hulk Hogan. My only concern is that some wrestlers still don't look as good as they did in the previous game especially Batista and Stacy Keibler but nonetheless the graphics are still really good. Also CAW's have had a graphical upgrade almost looking on par with the WWE roster in entrances and CAW screens but it seems that the look worse once you actually start a match with them and finally arena's look good as always and there's no complaints there.

Sound - 7

Sfx wise this game is pretty awesome. The commentary is better than last years, the crowd sounds much better and also season mode voice-overs are lip-synced and are better then ever. Now the reason this part didn't get a 10 was because of the music. There is less music to choose from this year because of the removal of the Original songs and they put songs into the soundtrack no-one really has heard before. I don't mind one or two songs on the soundtrack but that's it and thats pretty sad considering they could have put much better songs onto the soundtrack. They could have also put extra wrestlers theme's in there such as Christian's old one and even ex-WWE superstars music just to add to the variety.

Gameplay - 8

The controls have changed a fair bit since the last Smackdown! There is now a new Standing Grapple which is activated by pressing O and one extra move for each catergory by pressing O again. Because of that the Irish Whip is now a combination of O and Triangle and you can even hold them down to do an extra strong irish whip which can throw people out of the ring. Also a stamina bar has been added and adds to the realism of the game. You press select to regain your stamina and really makes it harder to win a match quickly. Now the AI isn't really that much better than last year. Sure, matches do last much longer even on normal difficulty but the reason for that is reversing. Yukes think that it would be simple to just make the AI reverse more each time the difficulty is raised. The reversing on this game is so annoying the only thing you'll be doing on legend mode is just reversing and watching them reverse pretty much your every move.

Extra - 8

In here I will include modes like Season, GM Mode and the Create Modes.

Season - 6

Season mode is a real letdown this year. The season mode is so linear you'll pretty much do the exact same storylines every time you play it. Other than that the cutscenes are really good and the WWE superstars have put more effort into their voices making the cutscenes more believable when your watching it.

GM Mode - 8

Ok now this is the first time they've put this mode in and I've got to admit they've done a good job of it. This mode can still use a bit more tweaking but it's still good. Basically you either become the GM of RAW or Smackdown! and you have to put on the best show you can every week trying to get fans to watch your show. You have one year to impress the fans and the show that has the most fans at the end of the year gets the GM Award. Fun and Challenging.

Create Modes - 8

The CAW's in this game are definetly a step up from last year. The CAW's look much more realistic compared to the cartoonish looks of last year. The clothes are actually more real too as the actually hang off your CAW now instead of it looking painted on. Another new feature in this game is the Create-an-Entrance mode which people have wanted for a while now. Although it is good, it could have been much better. You can't time pyros and other parts of your entrance so it is impossible to fix some of the already stuffed WWE entrances such as Batista's and Chris Masters. They have to also add alot more extra movements and pyors and add a timing feature if it wants to be as good as DOR's CAE. And SvR 2006 still has CAB and it has been enhanced slightly too. Belts are much cheaper to make now and you can now engrave your name on your belt too.

Overall - 8

Overall this game is much better than any other wrestling game out. Although it has some flaws it is still the dominant wrestling game out there and you should buy it if you haven't got it already.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/05

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