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"Justice League Heroes? A Snowblind Masterpiece!"

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play the Justice League? Especially the trinity; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? It's a great feeling and one that you can achieve in Justice League Heroes. The story, the gameplay, the atmosphere all fits together to create an awesome super-hero tale that could easily pass for a comic book story.

Let me break it down...


Written by comic maestro Dwayne McDuffie, best known [to me] for creating Static Shock and writing stories for JLU. The story fits together really nicely and the cut scene viewer in the game really helps one watch the story as much as they want. The voice acting in the game is, for the most part, great. It really gives the characters believability although listening to Ron Pearlman's take on Batman over Kevin Conroy's may be a little hard at first. After all, who could stand up to the Batman in Batman: The Animated Series? Pearlman does a great job in trying not to copy Conroy's take but to create his own and it works - you may have to get used to it at first, but it works. I'll end with saying that the story could EASILY be one found in JLU or a comic book in general. It's the best story out of ANY action/RPG I have ever played.


What can I say? It's nothing revolutionary in the sense that this is a groundbreaking new system for Action/RPGs but I find that it does everything right...and more. It's kind of like how Halo didn't innovate on anything but compiled everything good about First Person Shooters and put them all in one. There may be a few dislikes of certain gameplay elements but it's really nothing to complain about - the gameplay is top notch! Oh, and the powers and customizations are unique - no character plays the same!


I'd say the first time through could take you from anywhere to 5-10 hours, depending on the difficulty - it may even take you up to 15-20 hours if you play the hardest difficulty from the start. With no feature such as a level selector, it makes it hard to enjoy certain unlockable heroes since you have to play the whole game again to get to their levels; it should be noted that you can't choose what hero you want until certain levels - for the most part, you'll be given selected heroes. No need to worry, the game actually gets BETTER as you play through it multiple times. You can do a continued play which lets you play through with your leveled up heroes - I know people who've played the game on the hardest difficulty 6-7 times - multiply that by 5 hours each (I'll use the minimum number of hours it could take you to beat it) and you get 30-35 hours on this game! Each time is better than the last!

That's all I'll break the review down to, this is my first review and the reason it's my first is because of two reasons...

1) I'm really terrible at writing reviews - I'm better at creating stories than writing reviews.

2) This is the first game to warrant a review from me - it's one of my favorites.

Anyhoo, overall, I'm going to give the game a SOLID 9/10. Great game Snowblind, keep it up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/07/06

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