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"DC comics rule"

I wish that I could give this game a 10/10 but that would be unfare. I love DC comics. You can see that from my name (dcgeek). Only a few things could be better and I probly wouldn't even change those. People that like MARVEL comics over DC comics don't have as good an amagination. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR MARVEL LOVERS. If you like MARVEL get Ultimate Aliance. Detictive Comics (DC) has way better superheroes.

Gameplay 10/10: So awsome. I love the fact that you only have so much energy to use on your super powers. Pressing the right button and along with another button at the same time activates your superpowers. If you use a super power that is a more powerful power you use more energy. Afterwards you have to wait 5 seconds before your energy bar refills. Punching is great. You can hit with a strong attack or a quick attack. You can get upgrades for each and every superhero. To save your game all that you have to do is go to a check point. This can also retrieve a fallen team mate. You have one team mate that can either be the CPU or a real human sitting next to you. You can block attacks. Each super hero has there own unique way of blocking. (eg. Flash moves at super speed, Zattana uses magic, Martian Manhunter uses psycic ability, Wonder Woman uses braclets, Green Lantern uses ring, Batman uses cape, and Superman uses his body) What's great is that you can purchace new heroes. (These can only be used when you get to pick your super heroes) You cannot always pick your hero. Usally it is already set. You can pick things up to. Each superhero has only so much strength. The Flash and Batman can't lift as much as well the Martian Manhunter or Superman. You can collect different power ups that boost your powers and health. Once you get past a section they will show a cut scene that continues on with the story. You can switch between characters when ever you want. Whatever I may have missed, is not anything degrating to the game.

Story 10/10: Most say that the story line is way to simple. That it's just braniac gathering a whole bunch of bad guys. HA HA! WRONG!!!!!!!!! This shows how power mad that Braniac is. He is even willing to trust darksied. A meteor hit the earth. Braniac wanted it for reasons of his own. To stop the Justice League so he could complete his plan he sends more and more villians at them. They get closer and closer to him and soon they find him. They defeat him. The rock was what was concealing darksied. When Braniac alowed him to take over his body hoping for great widom and power, Darksied killed him. Then sends the Justice League to where he was confined. They get out because of a transporter that Zattana found. When they get back they defeat Darksied and send him back in the Meteor.

Controls 10/10: See gameplay for more detail. All so great and make so much sense. If you don't want to just use a normal control, use the right button and then the following botton to access your power(s).

Graphics 9/10: There is only one reason for this and that's because of how wonder woman looks like. Her nose is too big. Other then that every thing is great.

Sound 8/10: Batman's voice does not sound like Batman. The sound will give out if there is too much imformation going around. (eg. Flash's Tornado power can somtimes make the sound go out.

Replay 10/10: I have played the game over 4 times and am still not tired of it. So much is there to unlock that you will love it forever. Ofcourse if you don't like comic books as much as me you won't like it that much.

Buy or rent: BUY. Gifts would be good too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/12/07

Game Release: Justice League Heroes (US, 10/17/06)

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