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"A renai game Beat'em Up, with lost of replay value"

A virtual unknown game to console players. This game was a great PC H-game. Created by the company once known as TGL (creators of Variable Geo) currently Giga. This game is a Renai RPG Beat'em Up. Which features 7-9 endings to get. 10 characters to play as initially + 50-100+ others to unlock. Has 2 player coop (alternate modes only unlockable).

The story is passable. Can't gather much though cause it was in Japanese and me knowing minimal Japanese. Seems pretty much you usual H-game story. But note that this game has Renai elements so depending on who you want to end up with your story does change.

Luckily this game needs minimal to no knowledge of Japanese to enjoy.

This is where this games shines. Battles are played like the old Guardian Heroes and Panzer bandit games. Plus the added features like super and dash cancels . Depending on characters skills vary, add to that the # of playable characters and this game can actually amount to 100+ hrs of gameplay. Control wise the game is quite responsive and plays better than the PC counterpart as it's not machine dependent and the PS2 controller helps a lot. Skills are pretty much executed with either a down down or quarter circle commands for simplicity. Challenge wise this game can range from easy to hard depending on skill and character chosen. Anybody can easily pick it up but beware that some of the final battles can be hard when using characters you can't use well. Luckily most stages allow for wide choice on characters to use in story mode.

This game uses sprites. In my opinion aren't the best sprites at all but aren't so bad as well. The only thing that would probably turn anyone off is when you fight giant versions of characters as they tend to pixelate from the sprites being blown up. Scenes and endings are CG and some have actual animated cutscenes. Their quality is quite good and at par with most anime games out there.

Probably take about 50-60 on story mode to get all ending. Unlocking all playable grunts and monsters will take about 20-40. Playing around with each and playing with a friend is plus.

Music is pretty okay, your usual anime fair I would say. The sound are quite well suited to the game. The voice are very well done but

If you like Beat'em ups or fighting games this game is pretty nice and can actual be worth the price of admission sadly it's still Japanese.

Story: 8/10
from what I gather + for multiple paths

Gameplay: 10/10
Very good, I'd rate it higher

Graphics: 8/10
I like sprites but I know there not for everyone

Replayability: 10/10

Sounds: 8/10

Average: 8.5

I rate it 9 though as I would rate gameplay and replayability higher if I could

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/26/09

Game Release: Duel Savior Destiny (JP, 12/22/05)

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