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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sephirosuy

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       Shin Megami Tensei:
              D E V I L    S U M M O N E R
                    Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army
     - FAQ/Walkthrough
     - by sephirosuy
    This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph.
    You may not copy or reproduce ANY PART of it under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
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    you must tell me before anything, I want to know what would you going to use
    it for.
    And I won't give permission to anyone who plan to sell this!
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            Topic                            Codes
      1. Introduction ...................... dev01
      2. Battle Reminders .................. bat00
      3. Walkthrough ....................... dev02
          - Episode 1  ..................... sep01
          - Episode 2  ..................... sep02
          - Episode 3  ..................... sep03
          - Episode 4  ..................... sep04
          - Episode 5  ..................... sep05
          - Episode 6  ..................... sep06
          - Episode 7  ..................... sep07
          - Episode 8  ..................... sep08
          - Episode 9  ..................... sep09
          - Episode 10 ..................... sep10
          - Episode 11 ..................... sep11
          - Episode 12 ..................... sep12
      4. Side Area
          - Sub-Training Hall .............. dev03
          - Training Hall .................. dev04
      5. Secrets ........................... dev05
          - Hidden Demon
          - Sub Event
      6. Extra Information ................. infoo
          - Konnou-Ya Rank
          - Shin-Sekai Rank
          - Raidou's Title
      7. Item List ......................... dev06
      8. Contact ........................... dev07
      9. Credits ........................... dev08
     _____________________________/                   \___________________________
    |_____________________________   1. Introduction   ___________________________|
    Thanks for clicking on the guide.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on Sony PlayStation 2 video game, 
    "Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army",
    various parts on the guide may contain SPOILERs even I didn't explain much
    of the events or scenes in the game.
    You can find more explainations about the general basic of the game when you
    reached to certain parts, so I think I don't need to explain all of them.
    Current version:
    - 0.1 - 24 Oct 2006
       - Walkthrough to Episode 10
       - Sub-Training Hall
       - Full Item List
    - 0.2 - 28 Oct 2006
       - Walkthrough completed (Episode 12)
       - Training Hall in Side Area section
       - Battle Reminders section added
       - Secrets section added
       - Extra Information section added
    *the lastest version will always come to GameFAQs initially.
     __________________________/                       \__________________________
    |__________________________   2. Battle Reminders   __________________________|
    *Transcriptions from the game.
    |                                         |
    |  >The most imortant strategy in battle  |
    |   is to exploit enemy's weakness.       |
    |                                         |
    |  >When enemies are hit with an attack   |
    |   they are weak against, they will      |
    |   be immobilized temporarily.           |
    |                                         |
    |  >This affords you several advantages.  |
    |                                         |
    |  >Attacking a stunned enemy will deal   |
    |   a critical hit, which causes more     |
    |   damage than normal.                   |
    |                                         |
    |                                         |
    |  >Stunned enemies can also be captured  |
    |   through the art of confinement.       |
    |                                         |
    |  >You can confine by pressing the       |
    |  'Circle' button repeatedly until       |
    |   the Confine Gauge is empty.           |
    |                                         |
    |  >Remember that you cannot confine      |
    |   of a higher level than you are.       |
    |                                         |
    |                                                  |
    |   >As your demons level up, they learn           |
    |    powerful Combination Skills.                  |
    |                                                  |
    | >To use them, press the 'Square' and 'X' buttons |
    |  simultaneously while the Morale Icon is yellow. |
    |                                                  |
    | >Morale accumulates as you fight, but increases  |
    |  much faster if you perform critical hits.       |
    |                                                  |
    |                                                    |
    | >Exploit enemy weaknesses!                         |
    | ('R1' button: order demon, 'Triangle' button: gun) |
    |  Then perform critical hits!                       |
    |                                                    |
    |  >Confine immobilized enemies!                     |
    |  (Press 'Circle' button repeatedly)                |
    |                                                    |
    |  >Build up your demon's morale                     |
    |  and perform Combination Skills!                   |
    |  ('Square' and 'X' buttons simultaneously)         |
    |                                                    |
     ____________________________/                  \_____________________________
    |____________________________   3. Walkthrough   _____________________________|
    < Tutorial >                                                             dev02
    - Kuzunoha Training Hall -
    Just follow the tutorial, defeat a few groups zombie at the beginning. Later
    encounter Pyro Ukobach, shoot him with Ice shot, press 'Circle' when he get
    stunned, press 'Circle' rapidly until you have confined him. Next fight, press
    'R1' in the battle and use "Command" to try control your demon. Afterwards will
    learn about Combination Skill and have a try, always remember deal critical hit
    when the enemy was stunned can fill up the tension faster which means you can
    perform combination skill faster. Later will encounter Okiku-Mushi, nothing is
    hard, still the warm up battle.
    < Episode 1 - The Missing Girl >                                         sep01
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    First, select "Talk" before leaving the agency for 1000 yen. Speak with the NPC
    just in front of the agency, then summon the demon and choose "Ignite" to him
    for Butterfly Brooch. Now move to West street and head to North for the next
    location, Daidouji Residence. Before that, explore around if you want. A NPC at
    the South, near the bridge whom looking for an Ox-Bezoar for his wife, if you
    can find one for him, he will give you 2000 yen.
    - Daidouji Residence -
    Some events, show that old man the Batterfly Brooch now. Afterwards, check the
    East passage door which you're not allowed to open, just summon a demon here,
    select "Solo" to control the demon. Check the room in the end of the passage,
    obtain Photo of Kaya. Return to Tsukudo-Cho.
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    Head to Kamishiro-Zaku in the South and talk to the school girls there, then
    find the school girl with glasses in the path to East, talk to her for a scene.
    Before you go for the next destination, prepare some recovery items, and try to
    confine an Alp demon, she has the healing spell is quite useful for now. Once
    you've done, leave here and Ride Streetcar to Shinoda, enter Nameless Shrine
    at North.
    - Nameless Shrine -
    Save your game on the right, go ring the bell in front of the house, select to
    Dark Tsukudo-Cho.
    - Dark Tsukudo-Cho -
    Begins with a battle, but not too tough. Another save point the front, use it
    if necessory. Now there's a seal blocking you to the boss, you must go through
    the right side, on the way confine an Agathion if you encounter this enemy, you
    need to use this demon. Come to the stairs which sealed by the Shikimi no Kage,
    check it to enter the fight. Defeat the two Azumi for first, then let Agathion
    destroy the Shikimi no Kage, pass the stairs for the boss fight.
    Boss: Tsuchigumo x3
    Needless to say, focus to kill one of them as soon as possible. Use items to
    heal when due. When they down to two, you can just summon the Alp and order
    her to heal, kill the remaining without worrying anything, just make sure to
    guard the enemy's attack.
    After the battle, leave here through the portal that's near.
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    Talk to the school girl around South area and choose the second option during
    the chat. After this, you need to go Daidouji Residence.
    - Daidouji Residence -
    Move to the North-West, enter the closet in the end, summon Agathion demon and
    press 'L1' to inspect. Now check the wainscot where the shiny dot is, then take
    "Demon of This Earth", the underground entrance will be unlocked. Inside there,
    take the left path after the bridge can find a Soma Drop, take the right path
    found Large Tarrasque. Speak with it knowing that he needs the Red Wine, back
    to Tsukudo-Cho.
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    Enter from North, you can see a servent at the side, talk to her, then
    summon a Pagan demon like Alp, choose "Read Mind". Talk to her again and
    choose "Are you alright, Miss?" to obtain the Red Wine. Now you should pass
    it to the Large Tarrasque.
    - Daidouji Residence -
    If you haven't get the Pricy Beer at 2F, now go find it in the Guest Room. Head
    to underground, save your game on the Dragon Cave, prepare a fire demon, talk
    to Large Tarrasque and give him the Red Wine.
    Boss: Frost Tarrasque
    Two more enemies join the battle, you can defeat them easily. Prepare to dodge
    or guard its attack when the aura appears, its tail attack is very faster, is
    better guard yourself after serveral seconds in close combat. Make sure a demon
    blast it with fire for helps. Battle end when the boss HP down to 20%.
    Now pass the Pricy Beer to Large Tarrasque, again, it's in the 2F Guest Room if
    you haven't get it. Talk to Large Tarrasque again to travel to the other side.
    Go to the end and check the bookcase there, summon a Volt demon like Agathion,
    if you don't have for now, confine one Volt type demon around. Press 'L1' to
    inspect the bookcase, a shiny object will appear on the ground, examine it to
    obtain the Kaya Daily. When return to the Large Tarrasque will be blocking by
    some skeletons.
    Boss: Pgn Gashadokuro
    You can just focus on the boss since he could summon more undeads, defeat the
    rest only when they bother your process. Beware of his elec spell, get further
    when he's charging.
    Back to the main hall, let a demon solo the investigation to the East door,
    listen the conversation in the Living Room, that's all for now. Return to the
    Detective Agency for some information, then back here again and speak with
    Nakamura (old man). Enter the Living Room for a scene. Back to main hall for
    a fight.
    Boss: Wind Ichimokuren
    At first, defeat the two enemies around. When the boss opens the eye, attack!
    Also use elec elemental attack for more effective, summon a Volt demon and call
    it to use magic attack. Make sure you run away or guard when the boss goes
    float, the spin attack could know you down.
    < Episode 2 - The Red Cape >                                             sep02
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    Obtain Photo of Red Cape at the beginning. Before leaving for your next
    destination, buy some recovery items if you'd spended lot in the previous
    fights. Once you've done, go ride the streetcar to Ginza-Cho.
    - Ginza-Cho -
    Make your way to the South, get close to the lady in kimono will trigger out a
    scene. There's a NPC in Construction Site, under the bridge, you can buy the
    Lucky Charm with 50 yen from this NPC, use Read Mind with Pagan demon, then
    chat with her, she will ask for 50000 yen at first, select "Don't Want" and
    she would offer for 50 yen. After all, leave for Ryugu.
    - Restaurant Ryugu -
    Check the shiny dot in the end for item. Talk to the women at the entrance and
    show her the Photo of Red Cape, then ask her about Kiyoshi Daidouji and about 
    Denpachi. Back to the Main Map and move to Fukagawa-Cho.
    - Fukagawa-Cho -
    Go forward for some scenes. Inside Daikoku-Yu, defeat two Yazuka. After getting
    the informations, move to East for a scene, and will enter the dark realm.
    - Dark Fukagawa-Cho -
    Check the cell gate in front of your starting position, Gouto tells to find a
    Lock Pick to unlock it. Now use the portal that's near Dragon Cave to return
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Nameless Shrine -
    Head to Konnou-Ya (shop) and buy the Lock Pick. Afterwards, ride the streetcar
    to Shinoda, enter Nameless Shrine. Ring the bell on the door and choose enter 
    the Dark Fukagawa-Cho.
    - Dark Fukagawa-Cho -
    You came to the different location, and now you need to go back to the cell
    gate area before. Don't let any guards spot you, move to the river at South,
    send a Fly type demon out the river to find the boat, if you don't have the
    flying type demon, just confine an Azumi around. With the boat, go upstream
    until the second shore, send out a demon (guards will ignore the demon, don't
    worry) to the right which is the third shore, unlock the gate there. Now take
    the boat to the third shore, open the unlocked gate, save your game on the
    Dragon Cave if you want, just make sure don't get too close with the guard.
    Cross the empty street, use gun to destroy the Shikimi no Kage, reach to next
    gate, unlock it will reach to the area before. Use the Lock Pick to unlock the
    cell gate, a battle awaits.
    Boss: Crimson Guard x2
    One of them with gun, will always shoot from a distance, and the other one will
    always like to close combat, try defeat the one with gun for first. Before they
    do the attacks, you can easily figure out from their pose, guard yourself when
    they're going to attack especially the one with gun, counter them when their
    flaws appear.
    - Fukagawa-Cho/Ginza-Cho -
    Obtain Photo of Shizu during the scene. Now head to Daikoku-Yu at West, talk to
    Satake and show him the photo, then leave from the North-East exit. Enter the
    Red-Light District to meet with Shizu. Afterwards, back to Detective Agency for
    some scenes.
    Take the streetcar to Ginza-Cho, move to In Front of Shin-Sekai, enter the
    Soda Joint to find Tae for some informations and 3000 yen. Now back to main
    town, stay around the Kurisu-zaka and Construction Site until full moon, you
    must run around only the moon will change. Again, the moon shown on the top
    left corner on the screen. Once it get full, some events happen.
    Boss: Volt Oboroguruma
    Summon a demon good in ice magic, always block in front of the boss, meanwhile,
    let your demon cast ice magic on the boss, attack when the boss stunned.
    Obtain Rickshaw Knob after the battle. Now move to Fukagawa-Cho, go North-East
    to Red-Light District, talk the Shizu and pass the Lucky Charm to her. After
    this, move to Ginza-Cho, go South to Restaurant Ryugu, talk to the women by
    the entrance. Now back to Ginza-Cho, get to Construction Site will encounter
    the Red Cape, but he's gone to Dark Realm suddenly.
    - Dark Ginza-Cho -
    You're not came here automatically, you must go Nameless Shrine to enter this
    place. Once you're here, go up the bridge where known as Construstion Site, get
    close to the Red Cape in the corner for a fight, but he will escape after a few
    second, chase him. The opposite corner got Poison bullet x20. Down to bottom,
    fight with Red Cape again, but he run away like before. After chasing him for
    awhile, noticed he will only routate around the same area, all you need to do
    summon a Fury demon, Use Force on the car to block his route. If you don't have
    one, confine a Fury Tundak around. Save you game before continue to chase the
    Red Cape, the Nakisawame cost 3000 yen to heal, if your team in low HP, just
    spend the money.
    Boss: Monster Red Cape
    Always remember everytime he teleports to other area, block his ray which
    contain Itchy status, and the ray can only hit you once, so after guarding
    it, you can attack him even before the ray is off, you won't get hurt. Use
    the Volt demon for help, the boss is not weak against elec, but it can deals
    slightly more damage compare to other elements. You don't need to run much,
    but make sure guard all his attack when close combat, he needs some times to
    recover after each hit, and this is the best chance to attack. Episode end
    after this battle.
    < Episode 3 - Dark Summoner >                                            sep03
    - Fukagawa-Cho/Daidouji Factory -
    Take the streetcar to this place, head to the Northern most location which is
    Daidouji Factory. Get into the hall, select "It's Kiyoshi Daidouji's", then go
    forward found Tae. After event, some floating dolls are around, they're six,
    arranged three on the left and three on the right, doesn't matter you choose
    to touch either side, each of them leads to the Matrix Labyrinth, but different
    area, means you could enter the Matrix Labyrinth in three different points.
    - Matrix Labyrinth -
    You goal is to find three shards in this place. From any starting point, you
    will only found one of them, so you have to go through all three points to find
    all shards. Prepare fire, ice, wind, elec and some bullets, reason is to to
    unseal the Shikimi no Kage for certain locations, some of these seals must be
    destroyed only you can find the shards.
    The shards shown as a shiny dot on the ground, you have to defeat some demons
    before you can pick up the shards, and the demons were always the Okiku-Mushi,
    watch out the Charm status. To leave the labyrinth you just need to find the
    white circle portal. And there's only one Dragon Cave in the labyrinth, make
    sure save your game when you found it. Beware, you might encounter the Red Cape
    monster here, he would shows around the East area.
    - Daidouji Factory -
    After collecting all three shards (Red, Blue and White Shards), they would
    become Blood Chrysobery, return to the main hall and use this item to break
    the seal. Now find your way to save the game! Enter the inner room for some
    Boss: Chernobog x8, Fury Chernobog
    Defeat one Chernobog for two Chernobogs, defeat them for three Chernobogs,
    then two more Chernobogs, and lastly Fury Chernobogs. They're belong to ice
    element, if you decided to use a Pyro (fire) type demon for this battle, you
    must know to help it dodge the ice shot from the enemies, otherwise it would
    be useless. Other way is to use the Frost (ice) demon, Azumi, since this demon
    can null the ice shot, and she can heal Raidou anytime, so you don't need to
    worry much of her HP. Combine skills when demon's tension is full.
    < Episode 4 - The Case Of The Missing Shipments >                        sep04
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Harumi-Cho/Fukagawa-Cho -
    After the scene in agency, Harumi-Cho can now be reached on the Main Map. Now
    everything selling in the Konnou-Ya become expensive. Ride the streetcar to
    Harumi-Cho, then follow the street until the Foreign Residential District,
    talk to the women in green who's known as owner of Ryugu, ask her everything.
    Afterwards, you need to get back to the agency, before this, you can explore
    around this place if you wish to. After the scene in Detective Agency, go
    In Fukagawa-Cho, go into Daikoku-Yu, speak with Satake for some informations.
    Now reuturn to Harumi-Cho, find the owner of Ryugu (women in green) for some
    scenes, she's still at the same area. Dark Fukagawa-Cho is now available, and
    your next destination is there, just enter the Dark Fukagawa-Cho through the
    Nameless Shrine.
    - Dark Harumi-Cho -
    Fight with some Anzu, they weak against elec, so summon Volt type demon for
    help. After the first battle, perform Read Mind to the Stylish Sailor, he will
    give you a Wood Ornament. Now go South, jump down the ladder at the corner, use
    Frost demon to freeze the water, then head over to the other side, climb up the
    ladder for another fight. "Read Mind" against the Nervous Sailer for Medicine.
    Lastly, return to the street when you came and continue until the next fight.
    Also perform Read Mind to Spirited Sailor for a Jin Dan. After all, head to
    North-East area, check that doll on the ground, a fight awaits.
    Boss: Triglay x2
    They got only three moves, and they can only attack the target in the front, so
    focus one of them and just keep rotating him to lure him to perform a move,
    attack from the side. Will return Harumi-Cho after this battle.
    - Harumi-Cho -
    Talk to the owner of Ryugu in the same area that you found her before, obtain
    Ring of Memories, then select the first option in the dialogue which is
    "Suggest Large Tarrasque". Your next location is Daidouji Residence.
    - Daidouji Residence -
    Now you can unlock the locked Guest Rooms at 2F with the Lock Pick, be sure
    take the Vodka in the West room. Down to 1F, enter the closet at North-West,
    get into the underground and find Large Tarrasque. Pay Large Tarrasque 100,
    300, 500 yen. After this, it will request 1000 yen, refuse it, then select
    "Scold it". Later on will obtain Flute of Rhone, now talk to it again and
    pass the Vodka to it, start from now you can summon this Large Tarrasque to
    travel on the river. In the Main Map, the blue dot locations are the places
    that you could summon Large Tarrasque.
    Before leave this area, search the "Large Tarrasque's treasure hoard" for a
    Lu Incense and Soma Drop items, of cause you must talk to the Large Tarrasque
    to travel there.
    - Harumi-Cho -
    Come to this place, head to the South side exit to thw Main Map, move to the
    East blue dot and summon the Large Tarrasque. From this point, move to North,
    enter the second blue dot area. Passed the church come to Foreign Cemetery,
    you can see a ghost on the right, speak with it and accept to unearth. After
    that, choose "Suggest Elfman" and then "Present Ring of Memories", the ghost
    will disappear, now be sure you save your game here and prepare to face the
    next boss, recommend a Volt demon. Once you've done, head back to previous
    area which is Caltholic Church, enter and check the left corner.
    Boss: Monk Rasputin
    At the beginning, the boss will hide in a Matryoshka, and you have to destroy
    these three Matryoshka, but they're quite easy. Middle battle, summon a Volt
    demon, tell it to cast elec spell on the boss, make sure you get the chance
    well to deal more damage to the boss when he get stunned, yes, elec can stuns
    him, but not every hit. If you destroyed the Matryoshka, the boss will summon
    it again, when he's summoning, you can attack him some more. When his HP nearly
    down to half, he will use Magido which cannot be guarded, so make sure you keep
    a distance with him when the fire of this move is lighted up. Lately when he
    says something like 'control your body...', block or dodge his Trailing Death
    attack, or you will be stunned for a moment, and you might get kill instantly,
    so since from the boss started the Trailing Death skill, always keep your HP
    more than 80%.
    < Episode 5 - Confrontation >                                            sep05
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Kasumidai -
    After the scenes, come to this place by the streetcar, found Tae. Now head to
    North for an event, then go to East area where the cannon by, summon a Pyro
    type demon and "Ignite" the cannon. Back to North again, talk to the soldier
    by the Guard Box, then back to the beginning area where you found Tae, examine
    the shiny object on the ground to obtain Tae's Camera.
    Now head back to Tsukudo-Cho, Konnou-Ya. Pay the shop keeper 3000 yen for the
    Photo of Tae. I guess you've spended some items for the previous fight, so make
    sure you get back some recovery items, and now the prices were became usual.
    Besides, prepare some bullets for your gun also, because later you will face
    a boss cannot be damaged with normal attack.
    - Nameless Shrine -
    Go Shinoda by the streetcar, thing to notice is the event in the Training Hall.
    Check on the washstand at right side before the house. If you get to the 4th
    Floor, you can find the Yoshitsune at North, talk to him and fight. This is
    not an easy fight, you have to defeat some Kurama and Oni enemies before face
    to Yoshitsune. If you can't defeat him, back here when you're stronger, he can
    be fused if he's defeated. Again, he's not you current objective, now you need
    to go Dark Kasumidai.
    - Dark Kasumidai -
    Go forward to fight with some Zombie Officers, they're quite easy since their
    moves are slow. After defeating them, head to right (West) found the zombie
    chatting there, now start collect eight reports around the area. That two
    zombies at the semi-circle area can tell you the hint about the report that
    you're looking for, the skull opposite can tell you the remaining reports.
    Below is the list of all reports' location, if you cannot find them at the
    points listed below, try use Volt demon and "Inspect" that area.
    - Report 1, near the cannon at West.
    - Report 2, North-West area, around the demon.
    - Report 3, the junction at the semi-circle, near the zombies.
    - Report 4, North, behind the Guard Box.
    - Report 5, East area, summon a smaller demon to sneak into the second hole. 
    - Report 6, South-West, summon a flying demon to search the statue from back.
    - Report 7, North-East corner, summon a flying demon to get it.
    - Report 8, East area in front of the gate encounter a group of zombie, defeat
                them for this report.
    After all, return to the middle, save your game on the Dragon Cave. Talk to
    Sadakachi to enter the boss battle.
    Boss: Pgn Nebiros
    The boss immunes to physical attack, means you can only damage him with gun or
    the spells from your demon. Since he will summon the undead repeatedly, so is
    better focus on the boss, spend all your bullet on the boss until he goes down.
    If you're depending on your demons, make sure you lure away the other enemies
    from the boss.
    After this battle will get the number of Sadakachi, which is 49399221, you need
    to use this number as passcode later. Now leave here and summon Tarrasque at
    the dock (blue dot) that's near, go to the small island at South-East where's
    the Cannon Battery #4.
    - Cannon Battery #4 -
    Enter the passcode 49399221 to unlock the Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility.
    Inside here, destroy the Fire Shikimi no Kage first, and make sure you collect
    the Heavy ammo behind it and save it if you don't have much ammo left, because
    later you need to destroy some seals with gun.
    Run down the stairs and destroy Ice Shikimi no Kage, then Electric Shikimi no
    Kage on B3F, but this one will be regenerated. Now go down the stairs behind,
    talk to Ippon-datara down there, give him Ex-Bezoar x2 and 150 MAG, then choose
    "You're stupid". Afterwards, back to B3F, now you can go through the Electric
    Shikimi no Kage. Climb up the ladder for some items, down the ladder to Dock,
    destroy three Bullet Shikimi no Kage. Save your game on the Dragon Cave before
    head up to the Altar.
    Boss: Nagasunehiko, Abihiko
    Nagasunehiko is belong to ice element, and Abihiko is fire. So use the demon
    with ice or fire element to stun either them, attack when one of them has been
    stunned, if you can make the critical combo well, you should able to perform
    skill combination and stun it again. But beware of its elemental attack which
    inverted with your demon. When they perform the spinning attack, be sure you
    run from them, because this move cannot be guarded. Suggest to reduce both of
    their HP before focus to kill one of them, because when any one of them down,
    the remaining boss will be combined, means it will become stronger and will
    have both elementals, so make sure you block their powerful magic.
    < Episode 6 - Secret Of Five Fudou >                                     sep06
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    First of all, go Konnou-Ya for the Ammunition Box. Back to Detective Agancy,
    on the way will trigger a scene, enter the agency to watch another scene. Next
    day, head to Konnou-Ya again, then talk to Victor in the Gouma-Den. After this,
    go Fukagawa-Cho by streetcar.
    - Fukagawa-Cho -
    Talk to Satake in the Daikoku-Yu, leave this section for Amazing Science Lap
    at South-East. Head to right side for the scene with Dr. Tsukumo. There's a
    dog in the middle of the path to right, "Read Mind" it and tell your dream,
    later when you reach to last save point in Episode 12, you can find the soul
    of the dog there, tell him the same thing and he will lead you to a place for
    some extra items, be sure you memorize what you've write. Afterwards, move to
    the Ginza-Cho.
    - Ginza-Cho -
    Enter Shin-Sekai and speak with Tae in the Soda Joint. Back to Ginza-Cho, you
    can see Kaya at the Construstion Site, go to her left back side (between the
    two paths) to trigger the scene. That's all for this Episode.
    < Episode 7 - The Cured Detective >                                      sep07
     Start from this Episode, you would have a chance to encounter a hidden
     demon, Kudan. You can find this demon from the random encounter in
     - Tsukudo-Cho
     - Ginza-Cho
     - Sakuradayama
     - Daidouji Residence underground
     - Training Hall 5th, 7th, 9th Bottom Floor (probably escape in few seconds)
    - Nameless Shrine/Dark Fukagawa-Cho -
    In Nameless Shrine, accept to be sacrificed, then select to Dark Fukagawa-Cho.
    In Dark Fukagawa-Cho, head to South-East will be warped to the North, head to
    South-East again but through the second path, you will be warped back to the
    North again. Now summon Volt demon to inspect the mail box opposite the save
    point, near the Dragon's Jaw, then examine the shiny dot on the mail box and
    break it to enter the fight.
    Boss: Utai-gaikotsu x2
    Defeat them as usual tactic that you fought this enemy in the normal encounter,
    but watch out for their stone attack which is targeting on the straight line.
    After defeating them, head to South-East again, destroy the Wind, Bullet and
    Electric Shikimi no Kage accordingly, be sure you save the game on the before
    head to the next fight.
    Boss: Wind Hitokotomusi
    As you can see the boss charge awhile when he's going to attack, most attacks
    are targeted around his range except normal attack and the wind blow skill.
    The best chance to counterattack is when he perform the the wind blow, this
    move is only hits in the straight line, so run to his side when the green aura
    charged. For other moves, you better get into a distance from the boss to evade
    them. Try use fire, elec, ice for his first three forms, later just use normal
    attack to finish of his last form.
    < Episode 8 - The Demon And The Steel Tower >                            sep08
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    Trust you've spended some recovery items for the pervious boss, so make sure
    you get back enough of them from the shop, recommend prepare full stock of
    Anti-Mind. Once you've done, leave for the streetcar, move to Harumi-Cho.
    - Harumi-Cho/Sakuradayama -
    Leave from the South exit, down the road and talk to the guard in the Main Map,
    he will head off, now you can enter the Sakuradayama at the end of the road.
    "Read Mind" all two guards in the area, then leave for Nameless Shrine to enter
    the dark realm.
    - Dark Sakuradayama -
    Save you game on the Dragon Cave, there's a fight up the stairs.
    Boss: Yomi-kugutsu x3
    Beware of the machine guns, one of them will always shoot on the straight line,
    another will strafe around the area on his front, and the other will always
    try to close combat with you. When the any of shooting enemies draw his gun,
    faster run to his back and deal more damage before the other attack you. If
    you couldn't make it, be sure you guard yourself until the strafes are stop.
    Elec shock can deal better damage to these enemies.
    Afterwards, enter the tower in the front.
    - Waden One -
    Lower layer, go until the central, send your demon to ride the Hiruko can reach
    to the treasure island. After that, just go until the end and ride the Hiruko
    to the Mid layer. Eliminate the enemies who're blocking your way. Reach to the
    central, ride the left Hiruko to where Raja Naga is, send your demon to ride
    the next Hiruko down there, and then bring the other Hiruko to Raja Nage area,
    report to Raidou adn ride the next Hiruko to Upper layer. Eliminate the enemies
    who're blocking as well, reach to the central area, ride the left Hiruko to the
    area where Moh Shuvuu is, then send your demon to ride Hiruko back to previous
    area, then ride the right, up, left, and down Hiruko accordingly to return to
    Raidou. Head to the end for next layer.
    Boss: Volt Mishaguji
    As Gouto said this is tough one, so make sure you've prepared to this, and his
    has tons of HP, which meant a long battle. The boss weaks against ice, so use
    the Frost demon for helps. Do remember his Cursed Emission cannot be blocked,
    be sure you don't get touched by it. Since the boss immune to bullet, so your
    skill combination is useless, however, you can perform this when you have no
    chance to dodge or guard the attacks from boss, don't forget when you're doing
    the skill combination, you're invisible. Half of his life bar, he will start
    using bolts attack, like how he did the Cursed Emission, he would stab his
    staff on the ground while going so, make sure you guard this move to avoid
    from charmed. If you don't have demon Null against Mind, you can simply change
    your demon to dodge this move, or else it wasn't a good thing when your demon
    been charmed, faster use Anti-Mind to heal it. Use Chakra items to restore your
    demon's MP when necessary.
    < Episode 9 - The Two Summoners >                                        sep09
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Nameless Shrine -
    Go forward, another black cat appears, follow the black cat to Tomonten Shrine.
    After the scene, come to Nameless Shrine. Now you have to go three places for
    the prisms, they are the dark realm of Sakuradayama, Ginza-Cho and Harumi-Cho.
    Doesn't matter where you choose to go first, it's up to you. Recommend prepare
    Charm bullet for Dark Sakuradayama, Ice bullet for Dark Ginza-Cho. 
    - Dark Sakuradayama -
    Head the East will obtain Sword of Kashima. Examine the stone at left front,
    use the sword on it, then examine the left back, and finally send your demon
    solo investigation, examine the right middle stone.
    Boss: Volt Oumitsunu
    The enemies around are annoying, if you have Charm bullet, use it for them but
    not the boss. When you've charmed off some of them, you can focus on the boss
    easier. Must block the heavy attack from the boss and beware the weakness of
    your demon, the enemies can use elec and fire. Finish off them to obtain the
    Earth Prism.
    - Dark Ginza-Cho -
    Follow the road without Dragon's Jaw until middle street, on the way you must
    defeat that Pyro Muspell. In the middle street, you need a Fury type demon to
    move that bus away, if you don't have it, confine a Fury Turdak in this area,
    try find this dude around the beginning area. Afterwards, go under the bridge
    found a Trainted Gate, if you're not good on using the Fury demon, just send
    your current best demon to cross that Trainted Gate, then defeat Pyro Muspell
    at the second corner. Send Fury demon to use force against the bus from left,
    so Raidou could get under the bridge. Run up the stairs for a fight.
    Boss: Fury Susano-o
    This is even easier than the boss in Dark Sakuradayama, just blast him with
    ice elemental attack, but watch for your demon if it's Frost type, because
    enemies're using fire attack. As mentioned before, use Ice bullet for this
    fight, shoot the boss until he get stunned, then attack with your katana,
    shoot to stun him again when he's recovered. Defeat them for the Flame Prism.
    - Harumi-Cho -
    Talk to the demon, Shouten beside the Dragon Cave, then run around to find this
    type of enemy, defeat them for Purify Charm, you need eight of it. A demon in
    at East corner can sell one for you, but it costs 20,000 yen. After collecting
    all eight Purify Charms, speak to the Shouten beside Dragon Cave, get ready to
    face the boss.
    Boss: Frost Orochi
    Don't attack the boss with gun, just use normal attack for the entire battle.
    The boss area attack (Ice elemental) deals great damage, be sure you guard when
    the aura glows on its body. After it does this move, you have an open chance to
    attack the boss in a row. Block its normal attack when it's recovered. Sometime
    you may need to run around to lure other enemies away only you can focus on the
    boss, or try command your demon to handle other enemies, so that you can focus
    on the boss. Defeat them for Water Prism.
    After all, talk to Herald of Yatagarasu in Nameless Shrine.
    < Episode 10 - Capital In Flame! >                                       sep10
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Harumi-Cho -
    Go back to Detective Agency notice Narumi is not here but left a letter. After
    reading it, move to Harumi-Cho by streetcar. Find Sadakichi in the South area
    of Harumi-Cho. Afterwards, back to Detective Agency for more events, obtain
    Chigaeshi Orb and Shiomitsu Orb.
    Now leave the town, summon Tarrasque at the dock that's near, take it to the
    South-East most of the Main Map. There's a road at the bottom of the map, get
    off to the dock of that road, go until the end to Kasuminomori, that's your
    next objective.
    - Kasuminomori -
    Put Shiomotsu Orb on the left statue, put Chigaeshi Orb on the right statue,
    then summon a Fury type demon and move to the right corner, "Use Force" on the
    right statue. After this, stay on one of the two plates on the ground and send
    your demon to stand on the other plate, something will be operated in the well,
    now just check the well and to enter.
    - Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility -
    B1, destroy the Fire Shikimi no Kage and take the Heavy x15 behind, then jump
    off at the left ledge, choose right at the bottom. B2, destroy Electric Shikimi
    no Kage. B3, defeat the demon and enemies who's blocking the route. Found the
    Trainted Gate, head back to B2, jump off the ledge on the left to other side of
    B3, climb the ladders there to B1. Go North and destroy Ice Shikimi no Kage.
    B2, destroy the Wind Shikimi no Kage, then ask that Ippon-datara for a scene,
    but make sure you take the item before this.
    Now come back to the Trainted Gate that you found before, the Trainted Gate
    gone, advance to next area. Destroy the Bullet Shikimi no Kage and take the
    Chakra Pot behind, run down the stairs to the back can find Balm of Life at
    B4. Down the ladder at B3 to the other side of B4, go until the scene with
    Narumi, then save your game on the Dragon Cave. Run up the staircase that's
    near, head to left for Lu Incense, Vi Insance and Soma. Go to the Altar for
    the battle.
    Boss: Tokoyogami Sukuna-hikona
    I've noticed this boss can be stunned by fire and force, but too bad the bullet
    doesn't work for him at all, so summon your Pyro or Wind demon for this fight.
    The boss will perform many different moves, but you can dodge or guard them
    easily. When his HP down the 70%, he would summon the Hiruko illusions, you
    better run away from all this Hiruko, his strongest skill is coming up next.
    if your demon get hit by this move, it might be sealed. To be more safer to
    dodge all these nasty things, change your demon when the boss going to cast
    Hiruko, so that you can focus on dodging them, and something to inform is the
    Hiruko illusion cannot be guarded. Once you dodged all the Hiruko, run to his
    side and attack him when he's doing the blowing move. Again, fire and force
    elementals and stun this boss.
    After defeating him, head to the Eastern staircase to trigger a scene, this
    Episode end here.
    < Episode 11 - Mission To Space >                                        sep11
    - Tsukudo-Cho/Fukagawa-Cho/Harumi-Cho -
    Talk about everything with Narumi. Head to Amazing Science Lab and speak with
    Dr. Tsukumo, he's near the entrance. After that, move to Harumi-Cho, talk to
    Sadakichi at South for the SS Project Report. Now pass the SS Project Report
    to Dr. Tsukumo in Amazing Science Lab, then back to Konnou-Ya in Tsukudo-Cho,
    talk to Victor in Gouma-Den.
    - Ginza-Cho/Tsukudo-Cho/Fukagawa-Cho -
    Come to Ginza-Cho, enter the Soda Joint in Shin-Sekai. During the scene inside
    there, choose "Smack him". After that will appear in Tsukudo-Cho, now go to the
    Amazing Science Lab, talk to Dr. Tsukumo and tell Gouto you'll send a demon to
    the rocket. Choose a demon who can fight, but this demon will die up there.
    - Tai-itsu -
    Boss: Satellite Tai-itsu Core, Defense System x3
    Move to the side and attack the Defense System. When enemies are close, move to
    the other system and attack it, keep on going until you've destroyed all three
    system here. Now defeat all enemies around, then destroy the satellite to end
    < Episode 12 - Bonds Between Us >                                        sep12
    - Fukagawa-Cho/Ginza-Cho -
    Come to this place, talk to Satake in front of Daikoku-Yu. Leave for Amazing
    Science Lab and talk to Dr. Tsukudo. Afterwards, head to Shin-Sekai to find
    Tae. After scene, enter the Dark Tsukudo-Cho.
    - Dark Tsukudo-Cho -
    Ok, you're going to the final stage, make sure you've prepare everything before
    this, buy a full stock of recovery items unless you're really stronge enough
    (Lv > 60). However, you can still return here after entering the final stage.
    In dark realm, just run down the bridge for a scene.
    - Akarana Corridor -
    For this place, you need to destroy the all Hourglass, so that the blue seal
    blocking your way would disappear, they're probably blocking your way to the
    warp point which leads you to the next level. And each Hourglass hiding a boss
    that you fought before, basically you can beat them with the same tactics, but
    they have been strengthen, defeat them could have lot of experiences. As for
    some warp points with a shiny dot, you can send your demon to use it, these
    warps lead to some treasures.
    Don't doubt much, when you came to this place you will know all this thing.
    Just follow the route below, and better save your game whenever you found the
    save point.
    - 1930s -
    Just run up.
    - 1940s -
    Go to the end and destroy the Hourglass to fight Wind Ichimokuren.
    - 1950s -
    - 1960s -
    Found a save point.
    - 1970s -
    Destroy the Hourglass to fight Monster Red Cape.
    - 1960s -
    Go through the unsealed path, destroy Hourglass to fight Monk Rasputin.
    - 1980s -
    - 1990s -
    Summon a demon has "Allure" ability, "Allure" the Ikusa and Oni, take the
    left warp point behind them.
    - 2030s -
    Move to left, a save point is here.
    - 2040s -
    Send your demon solo investigation, run to left, right, right to activate the
    warp point. Warp to inner site, destroy Hourglass to fight Wind Hitokotonusi.
    - 2030s -
    Back to 1990s.
    - 1990s -
    Take the opposite warp point to 2020s.
    - 2020s -
    Destroy the Hourglass to fight Skill Nagasunehiko and Skill Abihiko, then
    return the 1990s
    - 1990s -
    Take the other warp point to 2000s.
    - 2000s -
    A save point and Nakisawame.
    - 2010s -
    Move Raidou to left, left, then send demon to solo investigation and move to
    right to activate the warp point. Warp to inner area and destroy the Hourglass
    to fight Volt Mishaguji.
    - 2000s -
    Back to 1990s.
    - 1990s -
    Now there're two routes,     1990s
                                /     \
                             2030s   2020s
                              /         \
                           2050s       20XX
                            /             \
                         20XX           Items
                          /             - Bead of Life
                   Final Boss           - Lu Incense
    - 20XX -
    If you go for the items, in 20XX level you must solve another puzzle.
    Talk to Mokoi and spend 30000 yen to buy the hints of the puzzle, which is:
    Frost Bite, Volt Meter, Wild Fury, Neo Pagan. Now follow the steps below,
    - Frost demon to left
    - Volt demon to left
    - Fury demon to right
    - Pagan demon to right
    The warp point will be activated, take it to other side for your items.
    If you don't need the items, just head to final boss route. 
    - 20XX -
    Save your game on the Dragon Cave. The soul on the left was the dog that you
    found in Amazing Sicence Lab, tell him the same dream that you done for the
    dog, he will lead you to the Dimensional Rift, you can find St, Ma, Vi and Lu
    Incense. Besides, there's a Nakisawane, but is costs 26400 yen for healing.
    Run up the stairs in 20XX to face the final boss.
    Boss: Presence within Kaya
    The moves are similar like Raidou, but very powerful, make sure you guard
    every hits. When you have chance to counterattack, suggest only hit twice,
    because if you hit the third cut, you wouldn't able to guard her counterattack,
    so just attack her twice and guard, repeat until she goes down. Make sure your
    demon is not around the boss.
    Boss: Battleship Yasomagatsu
    You need to kill all enemies that're summoned. While fighting with the enemies,
    watch out for the cannons from that ship. You can use the fire elemental demon
    since they can absorb or immune to the cannon. After defeating all enemies, get
    ready to attack the ship, blast it with everything you have before it's gone.
    The machine gun soldiers on top will strafe you, but they can only deal little
    damage, so just ignore them. Repeat this two or three times to end the battle.
    Boss: Soulless God Yasomagatsu
    The cannon attack can be dodged easily, but make sure you don't step on the
    flame caused by the cannon. Soulless beam is spray in a line, make sure you
    run away from the beam. When you see the boss raises up her both arms, faster
    run to the side. Attack the arms after dodging each of her move, spend all the
    ammo if you've any left, because they're useless after this fight.
    Boss: Soulless God Yasomagatsu
    Dodge the Soulless Rain by running around, suggest run to the side. As for her
    other moves, you can figure out from the colour on her body, be sure you guard
    when her body has changed colour. Counterattack after blocking her double magic
    spells, guard again when her body is glowing. Just to remember when the purple
    colour show on her body, run away to dodge this flares, because you can't block
    this spell. Sometimes when the Soulless Rain is coming, you can perform a few
    more hits before running. Make sure restore your HP when necessary, if you die,
    you need to start over all these fight again. Good Luck...
    Game end after this battle, enjoy the ending.
     _____________________________/                \______________________________
    |_____________________________   4. Side Area   ______________________________|
    < Sub-Training Hall >                                                    dev03
    All these Training Halls are for your demon, you can't enter the fight inside
    there caused by the Trainted Gate, so Raidou can only stay in the middle area
    and let the demon to explore the hall. The treasures around are depend on the
    demon that you use, let say a Pyro demon would get Great Chakra, Chakra Chip
    Chakra Pot from the red crystal, Wind demon would get Attact Water, Anti-Mute,
    Anti-Stone and so on.
    You can only find these Training Halls when summon Tarrasque in available
    (start from Episode 4), except Training Hall-West which can be reached when
    get to Episode 7 and Training Hall-South which can be reached in Episode 10.
     |  Training Hall-North  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Go this place from Fukagawa-Cho, Northern dock.
    - Red Crystal x8
    - Fury Lamia
    - Fury Oni
    - Pagan Alp
    - Pagan Ghoul
    - Pagan Okiku-mushi
    - Pyro Oshichi
    - Skill Leanan Sidhe
    - Undead Zombie Lady
    - Volt Oboroguruma
    - Wind Anzu
     |  Training Hall-East  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x8
    - Fury Lamia
    - Fury Oni
    - Pagan Ghoul
    - Pagan Okiku-mushi
    - Pyro Oshichi
    - Pyro Sati
    - Skill Leanan Sidhe
    - Undead Zombie
    - Undead Zombie Lady
    - Volt Oboroguruma
    - Wind Anzu
    - Eavesdrop the undeads at North, defeat them for Vi Incense.
      (They're all weak against fire)
     |  Training Hall-West  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x8
    - Frost Jubokko
    - Fury Ikusa
    - Fury Triglav
    - Pagan Utai-gaikotsu
    - Pyro Gdon
    - Skill Nekomata
    - Volt Nue
    - Wind Feng Huang
    - Undead Zombie
     |  Training Hall-South  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x8
    - Fury Gashadokuro
    - Fury Rakshasa
    - Fury Shouten
    - Pagan Ghoul
    - Pyro Sati
    - Pyro Throne
    - Skill Nekomata
    - Skill Scathach
    - Volt Nue
    - Volt Raiju
    < Training Hall >                                                        dev04
    In Nameless Shrine, there's a washstand on the right side, check it to enter
    the Training Hall. The lower floors weren't allow you to explore before you
    get the certain part of the game. Below is the requirement of each floor.
    - 1st Floor, Episode 3
    - 2nd Floor, Episode 3
    - 3rd Floor, Episode 4
    - 4th Floor, Episode 5
    - 5th Floor, Episode 6
    - 6th Floor, Episode 8
    - 7th Floor, Episode 10
    - 8th Floor, Episode 10
    - 9th Floor, Episode 11
    - Bottom Floor, Save in the last save point of the game.
     |  1st Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - none
    - Frost Azumi
    - Fury Obariyon
    - Pagan Alp
    - Pyro Pyro Jack
    - Pyro Ukobach
    - Undead Zombie
    - Volt Agathion
    - Volt Raiju
    - Wind Poltergeist
     |  2nd Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x1
    - St Incense x1
    - Foxtail x1
    - Force x15
    - Frost Azumi
    - Fury Turdak
    - Pagan Mokoi
    - Pyro Pyro Jack
    - Pyro Orthrus
    - Skill Ippon-datara
    - Volt Raiju
    - Volt Tsuchigumo
    - Wind Moh Shuvuu
    - Wind Poltergeist
    - Undead Zombie
     |  3rd Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x1
    - Ma Incense x1
    - Medicine x1
    - Phys x20
    - Frost Jack Frost
    - Pagan Alp
    - Pagan Mokoi
    - Pagan Okiku-mushi
    - Pyro Oshichi
    - Pyro Ukobach
    - Undead Zombie Lady
     |  4th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Treasure:                    .-------------------------------------.
    - Red Crystal x1             |                Event                |
    - Balm of Life x1            |-------------------------------------|
    - Vi Incense x1              |   A hidden demon, Fury Yoshitsune   |
    - Death x20                  |   is here. Find it at North area,   |
                                 |   speak with him to enter battle,   |
    Enemy:                       |   and defeat all enemies. Lastly,   |
    - Fury Lamia                 |   defeat Yoshitsune as well. This   |
    - Fury Turdak                |   demon can be fused in Gouma-Den   |
    - Pagan Ghoul                |   after defeated.                   |
    - Pyro Sati                  |-------------------------------------|
    - Skill Leanan Sidhe         | Note:                               |
    - Volt Oboroguruma           |   To fuse this demon, you need:     |
    - Wind Anzu                  |     - Lv37 Pagan Utai-gaikotsu      |
                                 |     - Lv34 Frost Oukuninushi        |
     |  5th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Treasure:                    .---------------------------------------.
    - none                       |                 Event                 |
    Enemy:                       |   After triggered the King of Abyss   |
    - Frost Jubokko              |  event at Bottom Floor and had chosen |
    - Fury Ikusa                 |  other than "I'm just looking around" |
    - Pagan Utai-gaikotsu        |  in that scene,  come this floor and  |
    - Skill Kudan                |  goto North-East area when Half Moon, |
    - Skill Nekomata             |  accept the challenge and defeat all  |
    - Undead Zombie Guard        |  enemies to get the valuable item,    |
    - Undead Zombie Officer      |  - Phantom Skill.                     |
    - Wind Feng Huang            '---------------------------------------'
     |  6th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x1
    - Lu Incense x1
    - Foxtail x1
    - Sleep x20
    - Frost Raja Naga
    - Fury Ikusa
    - Fury Triglav
    - Pyro Gdon
    - Skill Thoth
    - Volt Nue
    - Wind Feng Huang
     |  7th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Treasure:                     .---------------------------------------.
    - Red Crystal x1              |                 Event                 |
    - St Incense x1               |---------------------------------------|
    - Soma Drop x1                |   After triggered the King of Abyss   |
    - Charm x20                   |  event at Bottom Floor and had chosen |
                                  |  other than "I'm just looking around" |
    Enemy:                        |  in that scene,  come this floor and  |
    - Chrysalis Hiiruko           |  goto South-West area when New Moon,  |
    - Fury Ikusa                  |  accept the challenge and defeat all  |
    - Fury Rakshasa               |  enemies to get the valuable item,    |
    - Pagan Ghoul                 |  - Tyrant Spawn.                      |
    - Pagan Nebiros               '---------------------------------------'
    - Pyro Ukobach
    - Skill Kudan
    - Undead Zombie Guard
    - Volt Nue
    - Wind Kurama
     |  8th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x1
    - Balm of Life x1
    - Ma Incense x1
    - Stone x10
    - Frost Raja Naga
    - Fury Shouten
    - Pagan Gashadokuro
    - Pagan Ghoul
    - Pyro Gdon
    - Pyro Throne
    - Pyro Sati
    - Skill Nekomata
    - Skill Scathach
    - Volt Tsuchigumo
     |  9th Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Treasure:                    .---------------------------------------.
    - Red Crystal x1             |                 Event                 |
    - Babylon Tablet x1          |---------------------------------------|
    - Great Chakra x1            |   After triggered the King of Abyss   |
    - Vi Incense x1              |  event at Bottom Floor and had chosen |
                                 |  other than "I'm just looking around" |
    Enemy:                       |  in that scene,  come this floor and  |
    - Frost Ouyamatsumi          |  goto North-East area when Full Moon, |
    - Fury Susano-o              |  accept the challenge and defeat all  |
    - Fury Turdak                |  enemies to get the valuable item,    |
    - Pagan Incubus              |  - Emblem of Hell                     |
    - Pyro Pyro Jack             '---------------------------------------'
    - Skill Kudan
    - Skill Scathach
    - Volt Nue
    - Volt Parvati
    - Wind Anzu
     |  Bottom Floor  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Red Crystal x1        .----------------------------------------------------.
    - Lu Incense x3         |                       Event                        |
    - Giza Mask x1          |----------------------------------------------------|
    - Soma x1               |  Go North area to trigger King of Abyss event,     |
                            | collect Phantom Skill at 5th Floor when Half Moon  |
    Enemy:                  | collect Tyrant Spawn  at 7th Floor when New Moon   |
    - Frost Arahabaki       | collect Emblem of Hell at 9th Floor when Full Moon |
    - Frost Jack Frost      | return here and go North, then defeat all enemies  |
    - Frost Raja Naga       | including the King of Abyss (Pagan Beelzebub). It  |
    - Frost Orochi          | can be fused in Gouma-Den after defeated.          |
    - Fury Obariyon         |----------------------------------------------------|
    - Pagan Incubus         | Note:                                              |
    - Pagan Lilith          |   To fuse this demon, you need:                    |
    - Pyro Muspell          |     - Lv63 Frost Orochi                            |
    - Pyro Sati             |     - Lv53 Frost Arahabaki                         |
    - Pyro Throne           '----------------------------------------------------'
    - Skill Futsunushi
    - Skill Kudan
    - Wind Power
    - Wind Sandalphon
     ______________________________/              \_______________________________
    |______________________________   5. Secrets   _______________________________|
    < Hidden Demon >                                                         dev05
     |  Lv 36 Fury Yoshitsune  |
    Timing   : Episode 5
    Location : Training Hall 4th Floor, North.
    Event    : Talk to him and defeat everyone.
    Fusion   : Lv37 Pagan Utai-gaikotsu + Lv34 Frost Oukuninushi
     |  Lv 51 Skill Kudan  |
    Timing   : Episode 7
    Location : Random encounter from
                 - Tsukudo-Cho
                 - Ginza-Cho
                 - Sakuradayama
                 - Daidouji Residence underground
                 - Training Hall 5th, 7th, 9th, Bottom Floor
                  (probably escape in few seconds, don't get her in Training Hall)
    Event    : Defeat her before she run off.
    Fusion   : Lv42 Pagan Nebiros + Lv48 Pagan Gashadokuro
               Lv42 Pagan Nebiros + Lv51 Incubus
     |  Lv 32 Pagan Alice  |
    Timing   : Episode 8
    Location : Tsukudo-Cho, Harumi-Cho, Ginza-Cho
    Event    : 1. Talk to the Blonde Girl in Shin-Sekai about telephone rumor.
               2. Check the public phone in Tsukudo-Cho near Tomonten Shrine
                  with Pyro Belial.
               3. Check the public phone in Harumi-Cho near the entrance
                  with Pagan Nebiros.
               4. Check the public phone in Ginza-Cho near the entrance
                  with both Pyro Belial and Pagan Nebiros in team.
               5. Defeat it and other enemies.
    Fusion   : Lv39 Frost Raja Naga + Lv18 Frost Jack Frost
     |  Lv 80 Pagan Beelzebub  |
    Timing   : Episode 12, after saving on the last Dragon Cave
    Location : Training Hall 5th, 7th, 9th Bottom Floor
    Event    : 1. Enter Training Hall Bottom Floor, go North trigger an event,
                  select 1st or 3rd options.
               2. During Half Moon, goto 5th Floor North-East area,
                  defeat all enemies for Phantom Skill.
               3. During New Moon, goto 7th Floor South-West area, defeat all
                  enemies for Tyrant Spawn.
               4. During Full Moon, goto 9th Floor North-East area, defeat all
                  enemies for Emblem of Hell.
               5. With Phantom Skill, Tyrant Spawn, Emblem of Hell, return to
                  Bottom Floor North area, defeat everyone.
    Fusion   : Lv63 Frost Orochi + Lv53 Frost Arahabaki
     |  Lv 32 Frost Raiho  |
    Timing   : New Cycle
    Location : Tsukudo-Cho
    Event    : At the beginning, "Ask" the inspector in front of Detective Agency
               will obtain Bacho Uniform. Head to Konnou-Ya, a Jack Frost will take
               the Bacho Uniform to fuse itself. Afterwards, the Jack Frost has
               became Raiho. Speak with it and choose its wrong name to fight,
               defeat it and all other enemies.
    Fusion   : Lv15 Wind Moh Shuvuu + Lv21 Volt Tsuchigumo
    < Sub Event >
    - Tsukudo-Cho -
    On the road to Konnou-Ya from Detective Agent, there's a women standing at
    Karukogawa Shoping District area, "Ignite" her and she will give you an
    South area, go right from the bridge, talk to the man and "Red Mind" him
    knowing he need an Ox-Bezoar for his wife, give him an Ox-Bezoar will be
    rewarded 2000 yen.
    - Harumi-Cho -
    When story passed this place, return and talk to the NPC on the bridge to
    South knowing his neck itches because of something. Now enter the Dark Realm
    of this place, there's a Hiruko at the same area where the NPC was, touch it
    and defeat it. Return to Real World and talk to the NPC, he will head off and
    left you a Lu Incense.
    - Fukagawa-Cho -
    In the Amazing Science Lab, find the dog on the path to right, "Read Mind" 
    the dog and type in your dream. Later when you come to final stage, 20XX
    corridor with the last Dragon Cave before the boss, there's a soul on the
    left, speak with him and type in the same dream, then follow him to the
    Dimesional Rift, you can find St, Ma, Vi, Lu Incense and Nakisawane.
    - Training Hall-East -
    There's a group of undead at North, defeat them for a Vi Incense.
    - Mahjong Mini Game -
    If you're playing the Japanese version, you can unlock this mini game with
    four valuable items. They replaced by other items since no Mahjong game for
    the American version. Anyway, the location of these items are:
     - Daidouji Factory
        - summon a Volt demon to "Inspect" the right room
     - Amazing Science Lap
        - summon a Volt demon to "inspect" this area
     - Training Hall-East
        - ride Tarrasque to this place
        - send a demon to North and defeat the undeads
        (already mentioned above, replaced by Vi Incense for American version)
     - Harumi-Cho
        - story passed this level
        - return and talk to the NPC on the bridge to South
        - enter Dark Realm and defeat the Hiruko at the same place
        - back the Real World and talk tot he NPC
        (already mentioned above, replaced by Lu Incense for American version)
     __________________________/                        \_________________________
    |__________________________   6. Extra Information   _________________________|
    < Konnou-Ya Rank >                                                       infoo
     | Rank |                   Specials                       |
     |   1  | NEW ITEM: Life Stone, Muscle Drink, Balm of Life |
     |   2  | Item selling cost increase 10%                   |
     |   3  | Item buying cost decrease 10%                    |
     |   4  | NEW ITEM: Chakra Drop                            |
     |   5  | Item selling cost increase 20%                   |
     |   6  | Item buying cost decrease 10%                    |
     |   7  | NEW ITEM: Fatal, Fatal Clip in stock             |
    *You need to spend over 1,400,000 yen to reach the highest rank (Rank 7).
    < Shin-Sekai Rank >
     | Rank |                 Specials                    |
     |   1  |  NEW ITEM: Dragon Soda, Mandra Soda         |
     |   2  |  NEW ITEM: Miracle Nectar                   |
     |   3  |  MAG exchange increase 10%                  |
     |   4  |  NEW ITEM: Muscle Nectar                    |
     |   5  |  NEW ITEM: Valhalla Nectar, Magical Nectar  |
     |   6  |  MAG exchange increase 30%                  |
     |   7  |  NEW ITEM: Elixir Pop, Midas Pop            |
     |   8  |  NEW ITEM: Harvest Pop                      |
     |   9  |  NEW ITEM: Deus Pop                         |
    < Raidou's Title >
    *Loyalty = Total Loyalty points earned.
        MAG. = Max MAG for this title.
      |        Title         | Loyalty |  MAG.  | Demon Tube |
      |  Promising Youth     |    120  |  1200  |        -   |
      |  Taisho Swordsman    |    700  |  1500  |  Tube + 2  |
      |  Local Hero          |   1200  |  1800  |        -   |
      |  Urban Mystic        |   1700  |  2100  |  Tube + 2  |
      |  Prodigy             |   2200  |  2500  |        -   |
      |  Recognized Summoner |   2700  |  2900  |       --   |
      |  Gallant Hero        |   3200  |  3400  |  Tube + 2  |
      |  Avatar of Spirits   |   3800  |  3900  |        -   |
      |  Rising Star         |   4400  |  4400  |        -   |
      |  Renowned Summoner   |   5100  |  5000  |        -   |
      |  Master of Demons    |   5900  |  5500  |        -   |
      |  Morning Star        |   6800  |  6100  |        -   |
      |  Demons Terror       |   7800  |  6700  |        -   |
      |  Vigilant Guardian   |   9000  |  7300  |        -   |
      |  Timeless Summoner   |  12800  |  8000  |       ?    |
     _____________________________/                \______________________________
    |_____________________________   7. Item List   ______________________________|
    < Recovery >                                                             dev06
    |      Name       |  Buy -  Sell |          Effect/Description            |
    | Medicine        |  150 -    75 | Restores 75 HP to 1 ally               |
    | Ox Bezoar       | 1000 -   500 | Restores 250 HP to 1 ally, aphrodisiac |
    | Life Stone      | 2800 -  1400 | Restores medium amount of target's HP  |
    | Muscle Drink    | 2200 -  1100 | Restores large amount of target's HP   |
    | Bead            |   NA -  2000 | Fully restores target's HP             |
    | Bead of Life    |   NA - 10000 | Fully restores party's HP              |
    | Chakra Chip     |  800 -   400 | Restores small amount of demon's MP    |
    | Chakra Drop     |   NA -  1500 | Restores medium amount of demon's MP   |
    | Chakra Pot      |   NA -  4000 | Fully restores demon's MP              |
    | Great Chakra    |   NA - 12500 | Fully restores demons' MP              |
    | Soma Drop       |   NA -  7500 | Fully restores target's HP & MP        |
    | Soma            |   NA - 20000 | Fully restores party's HP & MP         |
    | Anti-Poison     |  300 -   150 | Cures Poison status                    |
    | Anti-Mute       |  300 -   150 | Cures Mute status                      |
    | Anti-Stone      |  300 -   150 | Cures Stone status                     |
    | Anit-Mind       |  800 -   400 | Cures Sleep, Panic, Charm, Rage        |
    | Jin Dan         | 1000 -   500 | Revives KO'd demon, restores some HP   |
    | Balm of Life    | 5000 -  2500 | Revives KO'd demon, fully restores HP  |
    | St Incense      |   NA -     5 | Increases character's Strength by 1    |
    | Ma Incense      |   NA -     5 | Increases character's Magic by 1       |
    | Vi Incense      |   NA -     5 | Increases character's Vitality by 1    |
    | Lu Incense      |   NA -     5 | Increases character's Luck by 1        |
    | "Mansaku" Sake  | 3000 -  1500 | Increases demon's Loyalty (S)          |
    | "Homura" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Pyro demon's Loyalty (M)     |
    | "Fubuki" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Frost demon's Loyalty (M)    |
    | "Raiden" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Volt demon's Loyalty (M)     |
    | "Arashi" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Wind demon's Loyalty (M)     |
    | "Gouriki" Sake  |   NA -  2000 | Increases Fury demon's Loyalty (M)     |
    | "Yamiyo" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Pagan demon's Loyalty (M)    |
    | "Takumi" Sake   |   NA -  2000 | Increases Skill demon's Loyalty (M)    |
    | "Shishiou" Sake |   NA -  3500 | Increases demon's Loyalty (M)          |
    | "Kotetsu" Sake  |   NA -  5000 | Increases demon's Loyalty (L)          |
    < Enhancer >
    *Buy these items from Soda Joint in Shin-Sekai.
    |      Name       | Cost |              Effect/Description                   |
    | Valhalla Soda   |  800 | Raise Raidou's Strength by 3 in allotted time     |
    | Magical Soda    |  800 | Raise Raidou's Magic by 3 in allotted time        |
    | Muscle Soda     |  800 | Raise Raidou's Vitality by 3 in allotted time     |
    | Miracle Soda    |  800 | Raise Raidou's Luck by 3 in allotted time         |
    | Doctor Soda     |  800 | Restores Raidou's 30% HP                          |
    | Dragon Soda     | 1000 | Raise Raidou's Str & Vil by 3 in allotted time    |
    | Mandra Soda     | 1000 | Raise Raidou's Mag & Luck by 3 in allotted time   |
    | Valhalla Nectar | 2000 | Raise Raidou's Strength by 5 in allotted time     |
    | Magical Nectar  | 2000 | Raise Raidou's Magic by 5 in allotted time        |
    | Muscle Nectar   | 1500 | Raise Raidou's Vitality by 5 in allotted time     |
    | Miracle Nectar  | 1500 | Raise Raidou's Luck by 5 in allotted time         |
    | Elixir Pop      | 1500 | Fully restores Raidou's HP                        |
    | Midas Pop       | 3000 | Increase yen drops from enemy in allotted time    |
    | Harvest Pop     | 3000 | Increase item drops from enemy in allotted time   |
    | Deus Pop        | 3000 | Increase all parameter by 5                       |
    < Other >
    |      Name       |  Buy -  Sell |           Effect/Description             |
    | Attract Water   | 1000 -   500 | Briefly increases encounter rate         |
    | Repulse Water   | 1000 -   500 | Briefly decreases encounter rate         |
    | Foxtail         |   NA -     5 | An irresistible grass toy for a cat.     |
    | Sealed Letter   |   NA -     5 | A binding contract from the Demon Lord.  |
    | Smoke Ball      | 2000 -  1000 | Instantly escape from battle.            |
    | Purity Charm    | 1000 -   500 | A talisman said to espel evil.           |
    | Wood Ornament   |   NA -  1000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Asuka Mirror    |   NA -  3000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Rakuyou Chalice |   NA -  6000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Javanese Figure |   NA - 10000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Roman Coin      |   NA - 13000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Persian Vase    |   NA - 18000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Theban Jar      |   NA - 22000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Cretan Goodess  |   NA - 27000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Babylon Tablet  |   NA - 35000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Giza Mask       |   NA - 50000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Stag Beetle     |   NA -  5000 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Beetle          |   NA -  7500 | Fetches a hefty sum at Konnou-Ya.        |
    | Dainty Snack    |   NA -   500 | A popular bar snack. Demons like it, too.|
    | Twig            |   NA -     1 | A plain old twig, There's no use for it. |
    | Old Underwear   |   NA -  1200 | A garment favored by virgins long ago.   |
    < Ammo & Clip >
    |  Name  | Ep. | Cost | Atk |  Effect  |
    | Normal |  1  |   10 |  12 |   -      |
    | Fire   |  1  |   30 |   6 |  Burn    |
    | Ice    |  1  |   30 |   6 |  Freeze  |
    | Elec   |  2  |   30 |   6 |  Shock   |
    | Force  |  2  |   30 |   6 |  Impede  |
    | Phys   |  3  |   30 |   6 |  Dizzy   |
    | Death  |  5  |   30 |   6 |  Stun    |
    | Poison |  5  |   30 |   8 |  Poison  |
    | Heavy  |  5  |  100 |  25 |   -      |
    | Sleep  |  6  |   30 |   8 |  Sleep   |
    | Charm  |  8  |   30 |   8 |  Charm   |
    | Panic  |  8  |   30 |   8 |  Panic   |
    | Fatal  |  *  |  500 |  40 |   -      |
    | Mute   |  9  |   30 |   8 |  Mute    |
    | Stone  |  8  |   30 |   8 |  Stone   |
    |  Clip  | Ep. |  Cost  |            Description               |
    | Normal |  2  |   5000 | Increases Normal buller capacity     |
    | Fire   |  3  |  10000 | Increases Fire buller capacity       |
    | Ice    |  3  |  10000 | Increases Ice buller capacity        |
    | Elec   |  5  |  10000 | Increases Elec buller capacity       |
    | Force  |  5  |  10000 | Increases Force buller capacity      |
    | Phys   |  5  |  10000 | Increases Phys buller capacity       |
    | Death  |  6  |  15000 | Increases Death buller capacity      |
    | Poison |  6  |  15000 | Increases Poison buller capacity     |
    | Heavy  |  8  |  50000 | Increases Heavy buller capacity      |
    | Sleep  |  8  |  15000 | Increases Sleep buller capacity      |
    | Panic  |  8  |  15000 | Increases Panic buller capacity      |
    | Charm  |  9  |  15000 | Increases Charm buller capacity      |
    | Fatal  |  *  | 100000 | Increases Fatal buller capacity      |
    | Mute   | 10  |  15000 | Increases Mute buller capacity       |
    | Stone  | 11  |  20000 | Increases Stone buller capacity      |
    | Aurora |  *  |  50000 | An infinite supply of Normal Bullets |
    * Fatal ammo and Fatal Clip become available only when your shop rank
      reached to 7 (highest), and you must spend over 1,400,000 yen on the
      shop for this rank.
     ______________________________/              \_______________________________
    |______________________________   8. Contact   _______________________________|
    Sephirosuy / Seph,
    here is my e-mail address, you can e-mail to me if:
    -feel that you want to use the guide.
    -question about the game, I'm glad to help if I know the answer.
    -suggestions or advices for the guide.
    -having the useful informations, if it does work well I will use it in
     the guide, sure your name will be credited.
    -BUT please properly write down your message, if I can't understand,
     I won't reply you.
    To read all my latest guides and other contributions on GameFAQs, please visit
    the URL below.
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    |______________________________   9. Credits   _______________________________|
    Special thanks to:
    People from GameFAQs:
    - inform the information of Fatal ammo and Fatal Chip
    - inform the highest ranking of the shop
    Agent Aegis
    - list down all names of Raidou's Title under Secret Matters section.
    - inform the amount of Loyalty needed for each Raidou's Title.
    - notify the Loyalty is the requirement to level up Raidou's Title.
    Postie and Tire Iron
    - inform some names of Raidou's Title under Secret Matters section.
     COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 by sephirosuy
     All Right Reserved

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