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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

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    Dawn of Mana
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba 
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: PlayStation 2
    Version 1.0 - 10/13/2007
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba
    List of Sites that may host this FAQ:
    1 - Update History
    2 - About This FAQ
    3 - Controls
    4 - Magics, Items, Elementals, Medals, Emblems
    5 - General Tips
    6 - Walkthrough
    7 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    V.1.0 - 10/13/2007 - FAQ Completed.
    V.1.1 - 10/15/2007 - Updated FAQ to correct some minor errors
    and clarify some other things.
    2. About This FAQ
    This FAQ was initially started to help me on my own playthrough due to some odd
    power shorts my home was suffering from due to bad weather. I decided to expand
    it to a full FAQ at a later time. This isn't the most comprehensive of FAQs,
    I have been told by a friend that I missed many chances to get extra medals and
    other such items. I was able to beat the game without them but you may want to
    do some more exploring than I indicate here.
    3. Controls
    Directional Pad
    Up / Down = Scroll Faye's Spells.
    Left / Right = Scroll Slingshot Ammo.
    Left Analog Stick = Move Character.
    Right Analog Stick - Adjust Camera, switch targets.
    Square Button = Sword strike, Combo attack (pressed repeatedly)
    Triangle Button = Use whip, Target (when held)
    X (Cross) Button = Jump, Double jump (when pressed mid-jump)
    Circle Button = Fire Slingshot
    L1 Button = Block, Center camera
    R1 Button = Use Faye's magic
    L2 Button = Target Enemy
    R2 Button = Target object
    Select Button = Control Help
    Start Button = Display map, Pause menu
    4. Magics, Items, Elementals, Medals, Emblems
    MP Cost: 20
    Effect: Raises defense temporarily. This spell is useful for getting your rank
    in Damage Taken up if you have problems avoiding/blocking enemy attacks. Due to
    it lowering the damage you take you should be able to get a higher rating.
    Power Up
    MP Cost: 20
    Effect: Raises offense temporarily. Predictably this is useful for killing off
    the enemies faster. It should see a lot of use against bosses.
    Healing Light
    MP Cost: 20
    Effect: Restores up to 100 HP. Always use this to heal Keldy since you really
    don't want him dying, even if you have an Angel's Chalice.
    MP Cost: 10
    Effect: Removes all status ailments. This will see a fair amount of use towards
    the end portion of the game.
    Full Tilt
    MP Cost: 40
    Effect: Raises attack speed temporarily. I believe this also makes you mostly
    invincible to enemy attacks although I haven't tested this too heavily. Due to
    how fast you swing your sword with this most enemies don't live that long.
    Flaming Saber
    MP Cost: 30
    Effect: Grants fire element to your sword. This will cause panic to enemies so
    it is a nice aid if there are no objects to use and you don't wish to use your
    Hexaorbs. Will also come in useful during certain fights.
    Frozen Saber
    MP Cost: 30
    Effect: Grants ice element to your sword. This will cause panic to enemies so
    it is a nice aid if there are no objects to use and you don't wish to use your
    Hexaorbs. Will also come in useful during certain fights.
    Gumdrop - Restores 25% of your HP.
    Chocochomp - Restores 50% of your HP.
    Green Glob - Restores 25% of Faye's MP.
    Blue Glob - Restores 50% of Faye's MP.
    Honey Brew - Fully restores your HP and MP.
    Angel's Grail - Revives Keldy from death once.
    Special Key - Key needed to access the next stage.
    Ordinary Key - Key used to open doors to other areas of the stage.
    Gold Key - These keys are usually used in numbers to open passageways within
    the stage.
    White Pet Egg - Contains a regular pet.
    Golen Pet Egg - Contains a rare pet.
    First Met: Chapter 1
    Max Hexaorbs: 8
    Effects: Wind bullets create a tornado. The tornado will hurl enemies and 
    objects into the air leaving them vulnerable to attack. It can also clear an 
    area of enemies due to how it whallops them. If you fire it properly you can
    send objects flying into enemies, crowning them if done right.
    Joins: Chapter 1
    Max Hexaorbs: 8
    Effects: Earth bullets magnetize the area. This is best used against a group of
    enemies or objects. This will create a vortex that sucks everything into the
    ensuing explosion. If you fire this into an area with plenty of enemies and
    objects just lying around you can possibly crown a large group of enemies with
    one hexaorb.
    First Met: 16
    Max Hexaorbs: Chapter 2
    Effects: Fire bullets burn foes and objects. Any enemy or object hit by a bolt
    will immediately catch fire causing it to lose Hit Points and be panicked. An
    enemy who has been lit aflame can ignite other enemies by running into them so
    you can cause some serious panic in a group of enemies with just one hexaorb.
    Take note that the fire itself doesn't do all that much damage, it just does a
    great job with panicking them.
    First Met: Chapter 2
    Max Hexaorbs: 16
    Effects: Ice bullets freeze foes and objects. Any enemy hit will get the frozen
    status. This inflicts panic and prevents them from moving. This actually works
    in much the same way as the Salamander Hexaorbs, panicking enemies rather well
    and transfering the frozen status to anyone they come into contact with.
    Joins: Chapter 3
    Max Hexaorbs: 12
    Effects: Leafy bolts paralyze enemies. The bolts will explode as a paralyzing
    cloud that will leave enemies panicked. Enemies will be paralyzed as well.
    Joins: Chapter 3
    Max Hexaorbs: 12
    Effects: Dark bullets with a poisonous effect. Any enemies hitwill have their
    HP drained while poisoned. This doesn't cause as much panic as some of the 
    other hexaorbs but I found it to be quite useful for some of the larger enemies
    since it drains the HP fairly well for around 12 seconds. It can make a mini-
    boss fight a fair sight easier.
    Joins: Chapter 3
    Max Hexaorbs: 12
    Effects: Light bullets blind enemies. Enemies caught in the effect of this 
    attack will be panicked and blinded. I never really found myself using these
    Hexaorbs all that often since the panic doesn't really last all that long. If
    you are having problems with a group of enemies, pelt them with a few of these
    and then put some space between you and them. Works well on archers.
    Joins: Chapter 3
    Max Hexaorbs: 12
    Effects: Moonlight bullets cause enemies to be crazed and confused. Unlike all
    of the other attacks this does not cause a panic effect. This is actually kind
    of useless in my experience, except in one situation: a quick escape from a
    group of enemies. Start shooting bullets at the enemies while you run away and
    they will start attacking each other. This will allow you to take them out at
    your leisure.
    Emblem List
    These have a wide variety of effects, some of which are more useful than the
    others. The ones that let you carry more Hexorbs can be quite useful at later
    points in time.
    Name: Adept Sorcerer
    Effect: Second level of max MP boost.
    Unlock: Beat normal difficulty and get 625 or more medals.
    Price: 25,000
    Name: Alchemist
    Effect: Allows MP to regenerate.
    Unlock: Get an S-rank in Battle Arena Bout 29.
    Price: 1,000,000
    Name: Apprentice Sorcerer
    Effect: First level of max MP boost.
    Unlock: Get 125 or more medals.
    Price: 2,000
    Name: Consummate Sorcerer
    Effect: Third level of max MP boost.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and get 1,250 or more medals.
    Price: 200,000
    Name: Dryad's Ally
    Effect: Doubles the amount of Dryad Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 200 or more Dryad Hexorbs.
    Price: 150,000
    Name: Elemental Adept
    Effect: Second level hexorb extension.
    Unlock: Get 4 S-ranks for Crowns on hard difficulty.
    Name: Elemental Dabbler
    Effect: First level hexorb extension.
    Unlock: Get 3 S-ranks for Crowns on normal difficulty.
    Price: 1,000
    Name: Expert Swordsman
    Effect: Third level of attack power boost.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and get 2,500 or more ATK medals.
    Price: 200,000
    Name: Fencing Student
    Effect: Gives you a wooden sword that you can use as a boomerang but it takes
    your Mana Sword and Hexorbs.
    Unlock: Get 4 S-ranks on hard difficulty.
    Price: 50,000
    Name: Focused Fighter
    Effect: This allows you to hit enemies that try to block.
    Unlock: Get 4 S-ranks for Kills on hard difficulty.
    Price: 40,000
    Name: Frenzied Fighter
    Effect: This widens the area of your attack.
    Unlock: Get 3 S-ranks for Kills on normal difficulty.
    Price: 5,000
    Name: Iron Sentinel
    Effect: Second level of defense boost.
    Unlock: Get 4 S-ranks
    Price: 25,000
    Name: Jinn's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Jinn Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat the game on hard difficulty and find 200 or more Jinn Hexorbs.
    Price: 200,000
    Name: Keeper of the Prism
    Effect: Halves the cost of all spells you cast.
    Unlock: Beat the game on normal difficulty and Crown 700 or more enemies.
    Price: 40,000
    Name: King's Marksman
    Effect: Third level of pebble power boost.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and kill 1,000 or more enemies with the slingshot.
    Price: 300,000
    Name: Knight's Marksman
    Effect: First level of pebble power boost.
    Unlock: Defeat 250 or more enemies with the slingshot.
    Price: 4,000
    Name: Luna's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Luna Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 200 or more Luna Hexorbs.
    Price: 150,000
    Name: Master of the Abyss
    Effect: This stops you from falling unconscious.
    Unlock: Get an S-rank in Battle Arena bout 3.
    Price: 7,500
    Name: Master of the Moon
    Effect: This stops you from getting effected by a confuse or control reversal.
    Unlock: Get an S-rank in Battle Arena bout 15.
    Price: 7,500
    Name: Niccolo's Protege
    Effect: This lets you to earn more money from panicked enemies.
    Unlock: Earn 2,000,000 or more Lucre.
    Price: 1,000,000
    Name: Nurturing Trainer
    Effect: This raises the defense of all of your pets.
    Unlock: Find 150 or more pet eggs.
    Price: 5,000
    Name: Novice Swordsman
    Effect: First level attack power boost.
    Unlock: Get 300 or more ATK medals.
    Price: 2,000
    Name: Ogre Knight
    Effect: First level of max HP boost.
    Unlock: Get 300 or more HP medals.
    Price: 2,000
    Name: Oracle
    Effect: This increases the duration of your spells.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and Crown 1,000 or more enemies.
    Price: 75,000
    Name: Paladin of Mana
    Effect: This gives you the Mana Sword at all times.
    Unlock: Beat normal difficulty and get five or more S-ranks.
    Price: 50,000
    Name: Phoenix Warrior
    Effect: This lets your HP regenerate.
    Unlock: Get an S-rank for Battle Arena Bout 30.
    Price: 1,000,000
    Name: Queen's Marksman
    Effect: Second level pebble power boost.
    Unlock: Beat normal difficulty and kill 500 or more enemies with the slingshot.
    Price: 25,000
    Name: Salamander's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Salamander Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 400 or more Salamander Hexorbs.
    Price: 100,000
    Name: Scary Shooter
    Effect: This allows pebbles to cause panic when hitting enemies.
    Unlock: Get 5 S-ranks for Chains in a hard difficulty.
    Price: 100,000
    Name: Shade's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Shade Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 200 or more Shade Hexorbs.
    Price: 150,000
    Name: Skilled Swordsman
    Effect: Second level attack power boost.
    Unlock: Beat normal difficulty and score 1,250 or more ATK medals.
    Price: 25,000
    Name: Stone Sentinel
    Effect: First level defense boost.
    Unlock: Get 3 S-ranks for Damage Taken on normal difficulty.
    Price: 2,000
    Name: Strict Trainer
    Effect: This raises the attack power of your pets.
    Unlock: Get 20 S-ranks for Pet Kills in the Battle Arena.
    Price: 5,000
    Name: Sweeping Scourge
    Effect: This lets you cause panic when twirling the enemies rather than
    dizzying them.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and get 500 or more whip kills.
    Price: 300,000
    Name: Templar of Mana
    Effect: This gives you the Aegis and Power Up spell effects permanently. This
    doesn't seem to work in conjunction with Faye's casting of these spells though.
    Unlock: Get every S-rank on Ultimate difficulty or for every Battle Arena bout.
    Price: 2,000,000
    Name: Titan Knight
    Effect: Third level of max HP boost.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and snag 2,500 or more HP medals.
    Price: 200,000
    Name: Treasure Hunter
    Effect: This makes healing item drops occur more frequently.
    Unlock: All you need to do is drop 700 or more objects.
    Price: 10,000
    Name: Troll Knight
    Effect: Second level of max HP boost.
    Unlock: Beat normal difficulty and collect 1,250 or more HP medals.
    Price: 25,000
    Name: Undine's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Undine Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 400 or more Undine Hexorbs.
    Price: 100,000
    Name: Volly Shooter
    Effect: This lets you shoot pebbles in a burst.
    Unlock: Get 4 S-ranks for Chains in an Ultimate difficulty game.
    Price: 300,000
    Name: Wisp's Ally
    Effect: This doubles the amount of Wisp Hexorbs you can carry.
    Unlock: Beat hard difficulty and find 200 or more Wisp Hexorbs.
    Price: 150,000
    5. General Tips
    Post-Chapter Evaluations
    After you complete a chapter you will be given a grade on how well you did. It
    may range from a C, which means you did really bad, to an S, which means you
    did it near flawlessly. There are a couple of things that factor into this:
    Time: Indicates how long you took to finish the chapter.
    Defeated foes: Indicates how many enemies you've defeated.
    Damage taken: Indicates how much damage you have taken from enemies.
    Crowned foes: Indicates how many enemies you have crowned (see below).
    Longest chain: Indicates your biggest combo performed.
    Medals: Indicates how many medals you collected.
    Lucre: Indicates how much Lucre you have collected.
    * Acquired medals are converted into Lucre - All medals you collect will add to
    your total Lucre, not just your medals. They will add to both at this screen.
    The better that you do in a stage the more emblems you will be rewarded. They
    will provide you with stat bonuses, from HP down the line of stats. Obviously
    this means you will want to do as good as you can in stages.
    There are a number of things that you can do to enhance your chapter evaluation
    but they are hard to do on a first pass through the stage.
    Time: Remember your path through the stage, this way you can cut off any of the
    wandering around you are prone to do on your first pass through the level. Also
    do not fight any more enemies than you believe you have to, so stop once you
    haev killed the necessary foes, crowned the others and gotten the medals. It's
    simply a waste of time at that point.
    Defeated Foes: This is the easier one, simply kill as many foes as you can. Try
    to figure out how many foes you need to put you at a top rank here and then
    stop killing. This way you will not waste time.
    Damage Taken: Simply put, you need to not get hit as much. When you cannot
    avoid getting hit, have Faye cast Aegis on you so as to reduce the damage that
    you take. A hard part about this one is that when fighting bosses it can be
    hard not to take too much damage. This means you will have to practice the boss
    battles repeatedly, so take advantage of the save just before the boss area. If
    you have to, reload the game repeatedly until you can beat them without taking
    too much damage.
    Crowned Foes: This is probably one of the tricker ones here. It can be hard to
    crown the enemies in some levels. However you will need to keep your eyes open
    for environmental objects that you can use to crown the enemies. Drop pillars
    on people, bring down bridges on their heads... Be creative! That is the only
    way you will reach a good rank in this one.
    Longest Chain: Aaaand this is probably the harder one. Usually the amount of
    hits that you need to land to get this aren't too bad but you might find it to
    be hard in some of the later levels. The best suggestion that I can give is to
    try to keep a group of enemies panicked and keep laying into them, this way you
    will be able to attack without interruption.
    Medals: This goes along with the crowned foes one. If you can crown foes well
    enough, then you will likely be able to get the medals required for this one
    without much difficulty. Master that one first and this should happen easily.
    Lucre: If you can collect an excess of medals then the Lucre will fill itself
    out since they are converted to money after a level. Due to this, this one goes
    hand in hand with the crown foes one. Simply do your best to crown foes and
    take them out while they are so crowned to get lots of medals. You will likely
    get this one as a byprodut of that.
    Crowning is your friend in this game. You will be rewarded with extra items and
    medals, as well as doing better in the post chapter evaluation if you get good
    at crowning enemies. Doing this isn't all that easy though and requires you to
    good and thoroughly panic your enemies.
    The basic way to do this is to throw an item at an enemy or use a spell (or
    throw another enemy at them), which will startle them and leave them vulnerable
    to your attacks. While panicked enemies drop more money and items than they
    usually do, but that isn't the end of this.
    While they are panicked you will see a number in a bubble over their heads. The
    number represents how long they will be in a panic. If you throw more things at
    them or cast more spells the counter will increase. Once you get the counter up
    to 99, which can be tricky, you will see a crown appear instead. Crowned
    enemies give you lots of things when you beat them so it is well worth it to
    do this. Even if you find it to be a chore still make it a point to do it as
    much as possible, it is part of your evaluation at the end of the chapter.
    6. Walkthrough
    To start the game you will be given a series of tutorials. The first of which
    has you chasing down Buju. Look for him to appear as a yellow stick on your
    radar so don't worry about keeping your eye on him at all times. Essentially
    all you need to do here is to chase him around and practice a bit. This one
    will end soon enough. Save the game before going to the next chapter.
    Chapter 1
    Head forward and go down the ramp into the next area. Make your way over to the
    area where the blue arrow is pointing and do a slam attack to the ground. This
    will break the floor and drop you into a new area. Make your way to the north
    to the next area.
    The acorns here can be both really useful and really dangerous. If you hit them
    the magics held within them will be activated. It can hurt both you and the
    enemies so be carefuly. Thre is a pit here, at the bottom of it are a bunch of
    enemies. Now you could go down there and fight but it's a waste of time. Grab
    a nearby pillar and drop it down on them to crown the lot of them. Get rid of
    the enemies and step on the nearby pedestal to call in some more Rabites. Get
    rid of them and follow the path to reach the next area. 
    It is suggested that you crown the enemies here to make your job easier but go
    ahead and do this however you like. Keep making your way to the eastern side of
    the cliff. Follow the path, taking out enemies and grabbing up treasure as you
    go. Take the path west and jump on the platform to open the door and follow
    that path. Save your game and continue along the path until you reach a
    Now you have the Sacred Sword and the whip. Take some time to practice here,
    especially with the whip. Continue on whenever you are done.
    In this new area there will be more enemies and more destructible environments
    for you to play with. The bridge pieces can be dropped on the enemies to help
    you crown them, do as you like. Whenever you are done continue along the path,
    this area is fairly straightforward. Defeat the Needlebeaks in this room before
    you continue to the next area. Save your game and proceed towards the flower
    field. Faye will now join up with you. She has spells so you might want to look
    at that a bit.
    Continue forward and you will become seperated from Ritzia. Drop down into the
    pit, find the item down there (I found this purely by accident) and then make
    your way out and to the next area. You will soon meet up with Jinn, the first
    of the spirits who will help you out. This gives you the ability to use Hexorbs
    which are elemental projectiles you can fire from your slingshot. Defeat all of
    the enemies here and move on.
    Here you will meet Gnome, who I didn't find as useful as Jinn but he has his
    moments. Defeat all of the enemies and look for a bunch of blocks. You can jump
    on these and reach a small room with a treasure chest that has an ordinary key
    in it as well as Jinn and Gnome. Grab them and continue onward.
    Make your way down the ramps, grabbing treasure and fighting off Needlebeaks.
    You will come across a mini-boss here to get the special key. This isn't all
    that hard, simply be patient and try to avoid his attacks before you return 
    fire on him. He will go down soon enough. He drops a Special Key, grab it and
    use it to open the door to continue on.
    You can open the other door here if you got the ordinary key. Inside is a Lava
    Goblin who can be a serious pain. Try to panic him before you start to attack
    him since he does a lot of damage. He leaves behind a rare Pet Egg. Go back to
    the main path and save your game.
    This next area if fairly simple, you need to use the moving platforms to
    proceed through this area. You will have to be careful and time your jumps well
    but it isn't all that hard here. Take otu the enemies as you go if you like.
    Make your way into the next area. In this next room you will be attacked by
    another Du Bam mini-boss. Take him out to get the Special Key and then open the
    gates. Head on through and step on the two pedestals to open the gates. Time
    for a boss fight.
    Boss - Grim Mortifier
    This boss can do damage to you rather quickly if you aren't careful but he is
    not that big of a threat once you figure it out. His charge attack is one of
    his most damaging attacks but it is also a major weakness. Occasionally he will
    try to jump onto you to crush you but this isn't as big of a deal.
    Stand near one of the walls and wait for him to try and ram you. Now get out of
    the way and he will ram the wall, entering panic mode. Move for his crystal
    tail and attack it until his panic stops and then retreat. If you find yourself
    having some difficulty getting him to ram the wall start throwing the scattered
    objects at him, these will do a pretty good job of inducing panic and creating
    some openings for you to hit him.
    He isn't a big threat once you know what to do.
    The chapter ends after this.
    Chapter 2
    Once you gain control of your character head around, beating on enemies and
    checking for goodies. Now make your way to a higher level and defeat the Ice
    Molecat. He is harder than the last mini-boss but only barely. Once he is gone
    go through the gate and Salamander will give you his power.
    In the new area start searching it as well, there is a hidden Gnome and items
    to be reclaimed. There is a Rambull in the middle here that you can take out
    as well. Whenever you're done here, continue on. Save your game and continue to
    the next area. You will acquire Undine's power now. Continue along your merry
    way and keep taking out the enemies. There are some items here that I couldn't
    figure out how to get, including an Angel's Grail, so keep your eyes open.
    Look for a root that you can use to get across to the other cliff, past the
    bridge and defeat the Rambull. Get rid of the enemies and continue on to the
    next area. Keep moving and save your game. Get the Honey Brew and start wiping
    out the enemies and destroying pillars to find money and items. There is a cave
    nearby with a Jinn inside, you will have to take out some Ice Molecats who are
    chilling out (oh god, what a bad pun) on the ceiling.
    Continue to the next area when you're done and defeat the enemies here before
    you move on. In the new area look for a cave to your northwest, it will take
    you to the Wonderwoods quite quickly. It saves you time and effort by taking
    this route.
    Start taking out the enemies and shoot the Boombloom to clear a path via lots
    of deforestation. Move to the next area and you will get an assistant of sorts.
    This little Chobit will help you out but ignore him for the moment. Keep your
    eyes on the trees and look for a glowing sphere in a tree. Shoot it with your
    slingshot and you will get an Angel's Grail.
    Continue along hte path and you will come across some more enemies. Take them
    out and enter the caverns. You will find some Golem Armors here, get rid of
    them before leaving the area. A cutscene will play before you can head on yet
    more. This is the last area before the boss so try to heal up and such before
    you get there. Make your way to the Northwest, looking for a cave. Go inside
    and save the game. Continue forward, going up the mini-waterfalls, grabbing the
    item as you go. Once you exit this area its boss fight time.
    Boss: Grim Treant
    The Treant has a few attacks you have to worry about. First off he will call up
    roots from the ground to attack you. You can counter this attack by destroying
    the crystals on the roots to get rid of them, try to do it quickly or they can
    be a problem. The second attack is the one you need him to do; he will attack
    the trees and cause Bumpkins to fall down.
    To defeat him you will need to grab the Bumpkins and launch them at the crystal
    on his mouth. Be careful that you don't get hurt by the exploding Bumpkins. If
    you keep on doing this you will hurt him rather quickly. At some point he will
    summon in some Grim Rabites, they're not that big of a deal so just get rid of
    them and continue going after him. He will go down without too much trouble.
    After you have defeated the Treant, the chapter is over.
    Chapter 3
    Do not use your Undine pellets unless you have to! Save them for the boss fight
    since they will make that much more bearable.
    Make your way forward and you will encounter some goblins. Kill them off and
    continue along the path. Wisp will reveal itself and you will now have it at
    your disposal. Continue making your way uphill, defeating enemies as you do.
    Clear the barrier in your path and make your way to the west.
    You will encounter a new enemy: the Boa. I hate fighting these things, their
    poison status is such a hassle that it isn't even funny. You will need to use
    the Purify spell here to keep yourself from dying. Make your way past the lift
    rock and climb up the cliffs. Make your way to the east and you will come
    across Salamander.
    Make your way to the west. Just off the eastern cliff and stand just near the
    waterfall, making your way to the ledge. Get rid of the enemies and then make
    your way to the west. You will reach an area where enemies will drop in from
    the ceiling. After you get rid of them a mini-boss will appear, the Great Boa.
    Like most of the mini-bosses here he isn't really all that special. Knock him
    off and then continue making your way north fighting past enemies. Go up the
    stone platforms and you will find a Salamander behind some barrels. Make your
    way to the ladder to the west, climbing up and getting rid of these enemies as
    well. The door will open when you approach it.
    In a cave to the west you can find Undine. Jump down and head towards the gate
    here and follow that path. Save your game and keep going and you will reach
    Dryad and obtain her power. Awesome. Keep on going and you will come across a
    Du Ram enemy. Get rid of him and head on. Eventually you will come across some
    enemies reading a map. I like to get rid of them, just for my own amusement.
    From here this level gets very twisty turvy so if my directions aren't all the
    best, I'm sorry.
    From here continue to the east ntil you reach some huts. Goblins will start to
    swarm you so get rid of them. If you kill enough of them a Hobgoblin will come
    out to play. I had serious problems getting rid of this guy, I dunno. Maybe I
    was spazzing out but I don't like fighting him. If you do manage to get rid of
    him you will get a rare Pet Egg. Whenever you're done here continue to the east
    and go uphill. Look for a cave and go inside to find a switch. Activate it and
    head on out.
    Make your way towards the northern cliff. You might have to move the boxes a
    bit to get up onto the upper level. Enter the cave and beat the enemy inside.
    Make your way to the west and defeat the enemies. Step on the lift and defeat
    the Du Ram on the upper level before you head south. Clear the boulders and
    stay on this path. Make your way along the path until you find a switch, hit
    it. Attack the nearby lever to make the platform move and then ride it across.
    There is a Wisp over here. Head west and then jump down. Keep going towards the
    the north and then to the west, removing the boulders. Get rid of the Du Rams
    over here and then hit the switch. Use the southeast exit and then continue to
    the east and you will come across some goblins. Defeat them to get the special
    key, open the door with it. 
    Hear that sound? That's the sound of inevitability right there. Go into the
    green room. Step on the switch inside and then exit, making your way back to
    the lift to the west. It will now take you to the highest level where there is
    a door you can use. Go along the path, save your game and continue onward.
    Watch the goblins run for their ives amusingly enough and then head east. There
    are some Fire Molecats hanging onto the ceiling so be careful of them. Keep on
    going deeper into the caves and go to the carving on the wall to obtain Shade's
    power. Get out of here and head to the west. Defeat the enemies that get in the
    way and do your best to dodge the constantly respawning goblins. You should see
    a pit here, you can either take the long way around or use boxes as a life up.
    I prefer the shorter route. Make your way to the northwest, sticking to that
    path for a bit. Defeat the enemies that get in your way but you are trying to
    make your way upwards, going into caves as you do so.
    You will come across the goblin tram, this is essentially a mine cart that will
    take you where you need to go really fast. There are some targets you can hit
    for some extra Lucre you will get a Special Key as well. Now head towards the
    wood platform and use the key to make the platform form a bridge. Head on over
    it to the other side of the area. Once again start heading upwards and you will
    reach a save point. Use it and head on into the next area.
    I hate this area, it is so confusing and made writing this near hellish (I'm no
    good at doing FAQs as I play for action type games, lol).
    Enter the cave, defeat the enemies and start heading in deeper. You will gain
    Luna's power. This is the last of the spirits... Nice to see they didn't waste
    any time loading you up on these, eh?
    Head through this cave and follow the path upwards. You will be in another
    cavern so go through it and you will see a stream that is going upwards. Ride
    on it and it will bring you to the exit where a nice enemy ambush is waiting
    for you. Kill them off and look for a bunch of barrels that are blocking a
    small hole. Destroy them and go down.
    Do not let it bring you all the way down. Grab a hold of one of the ledges and
    stop your descent. Look for the stream that is going up to take you to the next
    area, taking out the enemies here. Then take the liftstone to a higher level.
    You should see a crystal, go to it and it will shatter. There is a save point
    along the way so save the game and get ready. Kee along that path and you will
    soon reach a boss fight.
    Boss: Wyvern
    This guy is actually really easy so long as you are ready for him and have
    plenty of Undine hexaorbs. Wait for him to move in close to you and hit him
    with the Undine orbs. He will panic now and fall down to the ground. While he's
    doing this have Faye cast the Frost Sabre or Power Up spells on you and head on
    in and beat on him. All you have to do is repeat this and he will go down for
    good. No sweat.
    Chapter over!
    Chapter 4
    As you near the end of the ship try to make sure you have as many Gnome
    Hexaorbs as you can really get your hands on. They come in handy against the
    boss of the level.
    Beware of one thing here, some of these seashells are enemies and some aren't.
    There is a creature here called the Shadow Tezla, this guy is a nuisance since
    he will paralyze you. Wonderful.
    Make your way to the north, to the cave entrance and head inside. Make your
    way through the cave, going through to the next area. Keep your eyes open for
    vine ladders as you move along the beach. The the first vines you come to up to
    the second level. A Golem Archer will start to attack you so you should be very
    careful and try to take him out. Get rid of the enemies here as well to get the
    medals and money. Drop back down to the beach and head north.
    Make your way to the cave and remove the guards and crates blocking the
    entrance off. Go inside through either entrance and make your way south. You
    will be attacked by a Shadow Tezla, defeat it for a rare Pet Egg. Make your way
    to the exit to the beach and follow the path soutwest. You will come across
    some vines so climb up them and follow the path here, getting rid of any enemy
    that comes after you.
    Keep moving along the beach and you will come across a group of Golem Archers
    and Warriors. Open the crates to find more enemies and then head for the docks
    where yet more enemies will ambush you. Block their arrows and get rid of them.
    Go to the bonfires and destroy them to obtain Salamander. Now leave, wait
    outside for a bit and then come back inside. There will be a Golem Centurion
    in here. Get rid of him and pick up the Special Key. Open the gate with the
    key and save the game.
    A scene will happen while you are in the water. The game will pick up inside of
    the Imperial Flagship. Get rid of the enemies and then activate the switch to
    the north. Head to the southeast and find the blue switch there, hit it and go
    into the next room. You will have to fight some enemies that come from the
    northeast, Dum Bams will come out too, so get rid of them.
    Head across to the other side of the room and defeat the enemies until a Golem
    mini-boss comes out. Get rid of him and then hit the witch to the north. Leave
    the room and follow a ledge to the north. Destroy the glowing sphere on top of
    a pillar here to obtain an Angel's Grail. Go to the northwest and destroy the
    crates here. Enemies will attack you as you attempt to clear the stairs so get
    rid of them.
    Enter the next room, get rid of the enemies and look for a switch to the south.
    Step on it and the door to the northwest will open so head on through that door
    and go into the elevator. Move forward and save after the short cutscene. Head
    to the southwest and defeat all of the enemies for some medals and to fluff the
    end of chapter stats.
    There is a glowing sphere in one of the rooms, that has an Angel's Grail in it.
    Once you have that head on towards your objective. Pick one of the doors and go
    on through, take out all of the enemies that attack and you will obtain the
    Special Key. Continue along the path and you will reach a door to a new area.
    Fight off the enemies and look for a Honey Brew to heal yourself. Head for the
    central hallway and take out the Golem Centurion as well as the other enemies
    that will appear. After they are all gone head further along the central path.
    Eventually you will find an exit along with a bunch of enemies who will spawn
    in to stop you from getting through. Take them out, and the accompanying Golem
    Centurion to get another Special Key. Head on into the next area.
    Another cutscene will play and then exit the room through the other side and
    save your game. Step on one of the lifts to get to the upper level. You will
    find this room to be filled to the gills with Golems, you will have to defeat
    them to get a Special Key. Head on through to the next room after getting that.
    Go on into the next room and hit the switch to open an exit, head upstairs and
    defeat the enemies.
    Head to the northwest to find objects you can bust for medals in a small room
    and another glowing sphere. Head all the way across the level and use the
    elevator. Get rid of all the enemies here, proceeding into the next room with
    a Golem Centurion in it. Get rid of it and step on the switch to open the hatch
    for Ritzia and take the elevator.
    This part of the level is one giant brawl, so keep your eyes peeled for sacks
    on the floor. You can find Gnomes in these and it will help supply you with
    enough to keep the fight going. Stay along th epath and keep getting rid of the
    enemies in your path, stepping on switches to keep moving. Destroy objects to
    obtain more medals. Head to the southeastern mess hall looking room and start
    taking out the enemies.
    Destroy the blocked door and go on through, taking out the enemies that appear.
    Hit the switch to open Ritzia's path before going through the door. Keep moving
    and you will reach an odd looking room with large devices in it. You will have
    to take out enemies and a Golem Centurion. Head on through the southeast door
    and keep on moving until you fight another Golem Centurion. Look for a switch
    to the south before using the north door. Step on another switch and then keep
    following the path. Go on upstairs and save your game before continuing forward
    to a boss fight.
    Boss - Stroud
    This is the first really challenging boss fight. You cannot grab him with your
    whip, he cannot be hurt by elemental attacks and he will block often enough to
    make it hard to really hit him. His own elemental attacks are quite deadly and
    you should give his ice attacks a wide breadth. He is more than capable of
    doing a serious combo that can slaughter your Hit Points.
    I have only found one real way to even attack him. If you try going near him
    while he is not panicked he will usually beat on you. But if you are careful
    you can lure him near some objects and use the Gnome Hexaorb. This will draw
    the items in to him and smash him quite thoroughly. While he is panicked you
    can pound on him but if you do not do this carefully he will beat you.
    More than anything else I have found it to be incredibly important that you
    keep Faye at the ready to heal you. You will need that if you are going to be
    able to survive this fight. It is a hard battle but with some practice you will
    be able to take him out.
    Congrats on that one, that was a hard fight. You will get a chance to save
    after the fight so make sure to do so.
    Chapter 5
    Move around the area fighting off enemies and looking for money and medals. You
    can find a variety of items out here as well. Once you are done with this area
    make your way to the northeast opening in the wall and into the caverns. Talk
    to the locals here and get some things from them, you are looking for a
    Wendellman. He will give you a Green Glob. You can beat down on the enemies in
    here to gain more medals.
    Start making your way to the ladders to the northeast and save your game at the
    save point. Continue forward until you reach a cutscene.
    This next area is saturated with items and enemies so start wiping them out.
    Once the enemies in this area have been taken out you will fight a Grim Great
    Boa, he is carrying a rare Pet Egg. Keep your eyes peeled for weird Urn-looking
    things that have a good amount of Lucre in them.
    Make your way downstairs and take out the enemies before heading to the north-
    west. You will see a golden sphere that has some Lucre in it. Get rid of the
    enemies here and head out of the room into the next area. You will have to beat
    some Grim Mantangos for a golden key here. Keep heading forward and knock off
    any enemies who attack you. You will want to make sure that you keep killing
    the enemies until they stop spawning in. Eventually the last Mantango will come
    and he has a Special Key that will help you move forward.
    Use key and proceed to the next area before going into a new room. Take out the
    enemies here and destroy the drum in the middle of the room for a pet egg. Boas
    will come out of the woodwork here so be ready for them. Go back upstairs and
    take out yet more enemies. Use your whip to get at them while they remain on
    top of the platforms. Eventually the gate to the south will open up and your
    backup will come. Get back to wiping out the enemies and head inside the room
    where the guards emerged. A Grim Mantano will appear, defeating it will take
    out 1,000 Lucre.
    Head to the west, following dark hallways, and you will reach a ladder that
    will take you outside to the southwestern side of the desert area. Defeat the
    enemies here and start making your way back to the previous area you were in.
    You will need to defeat the enemies yet again, I prefer to avoid them because
    they're is a serious bucketload of them.
    Keep making your way backwards and you will come across some rather heavily
    armored Rumblekins. Yeah... this is bad. Be very careful when fighting them and
    do not, for the love of all thats holy, get caught in the middle of them or you
    will be nicknamed pancake. Head backwards until you reach the area near where 
    you fought the Grim Mantango and head through into the next area.
    Save your game and then it's time to meet a new enemy. Take it out and then you
    will have to start finding the Thanatos cores. The large core in the center of
    the room has smaller orbs around it, you need to find the Thanatos cores to
    make those start falling off. You can find them in the rooms, so go find them
    and take them out one by one. Once all of the smaller cores have been taken
    down, the main core will overload and be destroyed. Use the lift in the center
    of the room, follow the path, save the game and head to a new area.
    It is time to jump from roof to roof, two of the cores you need to destroy are
    on the floor but three of the others are on rooftops. Move around and search
    everywhere to find them, it is hard to say exactly where they are located. Once
    you have destroyed all of the orbs make your way to the Elder's Room in the
    center of the town. A group enemies will attack, keep on killing htem until the
    Grim Predators appear. Wipe them out and take the lift. Save your game and get
    ready for a boss fight.
    Boss - Grim Lekius
    This thing is a serious pain in the rear. This dude can turn invisible, is very
    fast, has resistance to Hexaorbs and he can hit you with arrows fairly often.
    They don't do the most damage but he is rather good at hitting you repeatedly.
    There are a few keys to defeating him. First of all is the fact that there are
    plenty of objects to throw around and several places to hide. Another key here
    is that you can follow his movements up until the point her turns invisible.
    If you see him turn invisible you can proceed to pelt the area that he stopped
    in with normal pebbles from your slingshot. This will panic him and let you lay
    into him with some combos. Either that or fling some obstacles at him and try
    to extend the duration of his panic.
    Keep this up and he will go down hard.
    Chapter clear!
    Chapter 6
    Try to store up on your Undines and Salamanders since they will come in handy
    during the boss fight.
    Head forward and you should see Undine and Salamander on top of both of the two
    large rocks. Start taking out the enemies as you make your way towards the
    bridge. Watch out when you are on the bridge, the path may give way and dump
    you on the small path below. Step on the switch and keep going forward taking
    out the enemies as they come. Destroy the barricade to clear the path. Continue 
    down the cave.
    You will have to fight a Du Ram inside the large room you enter, take it out
    and take the ladder. These caves can be a bit tough to navigate at times. Get
    to the main area and look for hidden items and elementals. These huts are a 
    real pain since they will constantly produce enemies and there is nothing you
    can do to stop them. There are some caves in the area that you can explore for
    enemies and Lucre.
    Now you need to find three golden keys and one blue special key. They are a bit
    spread out over the area so you might want to look for hidden elementals in the
    area, I found two (one in each corner). When you are done head to the main gate
    and unlock the doors with your newly acquired keys and save the game.
    Time to find a power source. Defeat all of the enemies and start to make your
    way up the ramp to the second floor. Keep fighting off enemies jump smash the
    floor near the wind pedestal to force the ground to drop out.
    You will now have an option to head up a ramp or down a ramp. The upper rooms
    are solely for the purposes of gaining money and items. Go down the ramp since
    that is the way to your objective. Head inside the generator and take out the
    enemies inside. Attack the central pedestal to activate the power. There are
    wind pedestals that are now active and can shoot you up into the air, this will
    come in handy. Make your way back up to where you smashed the ground near the
    wind pedestal since you can now use said pedestal.
    Go through the previously locked door and follow that path. You will find a
    large wind pedestal you can use to reach upper levels. Save the game and
    continue forward. Time to make your way to the higher level but this is going
    to require you to use the rolling lift machines. Explore a bit and take out the
    enemies to obtain medals and items. Navigate the platforms to make your way to
    the top of this area.
    Take out the enemies up here and then jump down to the northwest. You will find
    a ladder leading to the wind pedestal leading to the next area. This colosseum
    is a bit tricky. You need to reach the top through a horde of enemies. Ignore
    the wind pedestals and start making your way to the top. You will have a boss
    fight here.
    Boss - Masked Guru
    This guy is a serious handful. You have to move all over the place during the
    fight, chasing him around. Faye will come in really handy but only for healing
    purposes since he runs away so much. He also has an ungodly number of attacks.
    These include a sword combo, a parry and then attack counter attack and a beam
    of energy that shoots from a floating... thing.
    In addition he has a series of elemental attacks where he will encircle himself
    in an elemental shield by summoning one of the spirits. Most of them will come
    in the form of a blast of energy that comes at you, however do watch out for
    when he summons Dryad since this will cause paralysis and when you see poison
    bubbles coming up from under you, this will poison you. All of this is in
    addition to the fact that he will be flying all over the place.
    Before getting into how you beat him you have to understand how to do it and
    remember that Hexaorb conservation is key. He will summon up either an Undine
    shield or a Salamander shield and start firing blasts at you. Wait for him to
    come close to you and hit him carefully with a hexaorb, you cannot waste them
    here. When you knock down his shield he will usually summon the flying thing
    that shoots at you but this isn't really that big a threat. It doesn't usually
    hit you that often if you move around and you should be used to that by now.
    Last but not least do not forget that you cannot block his elemental magics
    since they will plow right through your blocks.
    You can find find Undine and Salamander Hexaorbs in the Red and Blue things in
    the area and healing items can be found by destroying the pillars in the area.
    Essentially this is a war of attrition, you will have to take him out before he
    wears down your health... or your Hexaorbs. Eventually he will get damaged to
    the point where he starts to attack you in melee much more agressively. Simply
    block and attack him back a bit but be careful of his counter-attacks. So long
    as you are careful you should be able to take him out without a huge problem.
    Just don't forget about Faye healing you.
    Chapter clear! Only two more to go.
    Chapter 7
    As soon as this starts begin heading towards the objective point. Try to get as
    many medals as possible to make this stage a bit easier on you. You should move
    around and take out all of the enemies who cross your path, including the once
    friendly Chobits who will now pummel you with arrows.
    A cutscene will play after you reach said point. You will need to help Watts
    take out all of the Thanatos Cannons on top of the wooden watchtowers while
    fending off the Golem soldiers. Take measures to protect Watts, since he can't
    die you aren't really trying to protect him but you need him to take out the
    towers properly. Eventually you will take out all of the towers and open up the
    path to the next area.
    You will have to take out more cannons as you progress through the next area.
    The bridge will collapse under you when you try to cross it, this dumps you
    into the river below, trapping you with some enemies. Make your way out of the
    river and clear the enemies so that Watts can open up a path for you before you
    continue onward.
    Take out the enemies as you proceed through this area. Watts will slowly help
    you clear them out. Take the ladders upwards to reach the snipers to get rid of
    them and their damnable arrows. Watts will take out the walls eventually so
    continue along the path and save the game. In the next area you will have to
    take out more enemies. There are some items in a ruins on top of a hill here.
    Keep on moving forward through the area. Eventually Watts will destroy another
    wall revealing yet another army of enemies.
    The best part of Watts is that he will be knocking around the enemies while you
    are trying to fight them. Take out all of the enemies and Watts will take out
    two large crystals that are keeping this door closed. Once this is done a
    cutscene will play and you will be taken to the next stage.
    From here you will start in the middle of some trouble. Watts is gone now so
    you will have to do this solo. Your main goal here is to wipe out two Avikrons,
    one to the east and one to the west. Once they are dead a Thanatos Orcadactyl
    will come after you. These guys cannot be hurt by your slingshot bullets so you
    will have to use jumping sword strikes. Once you take it out you will obtain
    the Special Key that you need to get to the next area. Go to the door and head
    on through it.
    Now you have to handle four Thanatos Orcadactyls to gather all of the keys that
    you need to proceed. Go around the area and wipe them all out, as well as
    taking out as many of the enemies as you can and all of the Thanatos Cannons.
    Enemies will start to spawn in near the towers and continue to do so for the
    entire time that you are in the area. However you will need to climb one of the
    towers to reach the northeastern-most Orcadactyl. You will have to wait for it
    to come to you and then leap off and go after it. Once you have gotten all of
    the keys from the Orcadactyls head towards the gate and you will reach a new
    area. Save the game and continue along towards a boss fight.
    Boss - Grim Golem Generalissimo
    Yeah... normally I would say that this guy is a serious problem but he isn't
    much of anything compared to the previous boss fight. He has four major attacks
    that you have to watch out for: A machine gun attack that will go right through
    the walls and pillars, Boom Bombs which are delayed explosion bombs that will
    explode upon contact with you, a blast from his cannon that does pretty bad
    damage and knocks you down and a ram attack, this isn't that bad of an attack
    unless he catches you near a wall with it. He will slam into you over and over
    and can possibly kill you.
    The General will start the fight by throwing Boom Bombs at you. Start moving
    towards him and fling one of his own bombs back at him. Try to hit him with one
    or two more of them before you move into melee range. Pound on him while he is
    vulnerable and keep this up until he switches to using his cannons for the most
    part. This is a serious part of the fight.
    He will start to shoot his cannons and gatling gun at you now. You will not be
    able to get anywhere near him without getting hurt and he is hard to panic.
    The only way that I have found to really hurt him is to move near one of the
    pillars and be ready to dodge him. He will try to ram you eventually and, if
    you dodge the attack, he will ram into the pillar. This will collapse the
    pillar down onto his head causing him to panic. Start to unload on him while
    you can and keep doing this until he is finally dead.
    Chapter clear! One last one left, so be ready for a doozy.
    Chapter 8
    The last level begins here. Grab up all the elements in the area and you will
    need to ration them out during this stage, the enemies here are obnoxiously
    annoying to fight. Some of the worst offenders are the Grim Bloodwraiths so we
    are going to focus on getting rid of these turds.
    You need to make your way to the eastern section of the level to get rid of the
    generator before you do anything else. After that you will need to start wiping 
    out the enemies and clearing out the area even though they will respawn, it 
    takes some of the pressure off your back. This area is fairly straightforward
    so cut your way through the enemies and make your way through the locked doors
    and continue until you fight the Grim Golem Centurions. Do your best to fight
    them off one at a time because if you fight them face to face or two at a time
    they will pound on you. Use your Hexaorbs or fling other enemies at them. Once
    they are dead you will get the special key. Open the door and head on into the
    Thanatos world.
    Destroy all of the enemies here to get the exit to open up. I would suggest
    that you take the eastern path, there is an Angel's Grail here. Jump down and
    enter the portal that leads into the void. Look for the crystal to the east and
    bust it to find the Angel's Grail. Kill off the enemies and leave the area. You
    will have to take out the Golem Centurion guarding the exit to find an ordinary
    key. Follow this path forward and save the game.
    ** NOTE: The northern path is actually the easiest of the ones to get through 
    but it doesnt feature a save point.
    This area is simple to move through but it can be a pain since it is so full of
    enemies here. Cut your way through as hard and fast as you can unless you still
    need the medals. Start making your way down through the area and search each
    floor thoroughly since it is a one way trip. You will have to fight off a group
    of enemies at the bottom.
    You will need a special key to move forward but to get it you will need to kill
    off a few Grim Gorgon Eyes and three Grim Tremorskins. You will have to remove
    some of the Chobit Hoods to give yourself some breathing space. Once you have
    the special key use the gate and start following along that path. Once you
    reach the next area look for some Undine and Salamander to the northwest close
    to the entrance. After grabbing that take out the enemies and search to the
    northeast to find an Angel's Grail. You can find a Shade and Wisp near the exit
    as well.
    Kill the Centurion that is guarding the exit to get the key needed to proceed
    through to the next area. Time for a two stage boss fight.
    Boss - Grim Stroud
    This is the first in a two stage battle so do your best not to get hurt all
    that bad during this first step. Stroud is actually remarkably simple to beat
    considering the last few fights. He uses Salamander and Undine magic as well
    as a vortex that will suck you in. You should find yourself having little in
    the ways of problems dodging these attacks.
    Wait for him to start casting a spell and then fling one of the crystals at him
    to panic him. When he is panicked run in and beat on him until he recovers.
    When he does recover simply retreat away from him, wait for him to attack you
    and then repeat the process. After he dies you will proceed to the next fight.
    Boss - Grim Stroud, pt. 2
    Nothing like the first fight, this one is actually very dangerous and can kill
    you really fast. You will have more room to maneuver around in because his
    attacks are inccredibly deadly. There are recovery items in the blue objects
    that appear on your radar. 
    Grim Stroud has four attacks: a tornado attack where he will throw three
    tornadoes at you, an attack where he will pull you into a vortex on the floor
    before flinging you to the ground, a magical seal that appears under you and
    expands into several others before blowing up and devastating your health and, 
    lastly, he will summon several orbs to circle him that will inflict status 
    effects should they hit you.
    These attacks are hard to avoid and he really doesn't ever let up. However he
    isn't totally invulnerable but the trick is getting him damaged enough to break
    his defenses. Try to get close ,but not too close to him, and fling a crystal
    at him to panic him before you move in and attack him. You may not have enough
    time to complete a full combo though since he doesn't really stay panicked for
    very long. Do what you can and then put some space between you and him.
    Repeat this until one of the four flower shaped things in the room begins to
    glow. Once it does, start to avoid his attacks and make your way to the pillar
    and destroy it. Try to make sure that you have a clear run to Stroud before you
    do this since he will be panicked when you destroy the flower. Run over and try
    to get some solid damage in there until he recovers from the panic.
    Continue to repeat the pattern of hurting him and destroying the flowers when
    they are vulnerable. Hopefully you will have a high enough attack by this point
    where he will be near dead by the time you get all four flowers destroyed. If
    not then this is going to be a bit more tricky. You will have to dodge all of
    his attacks and then get in close and try to wipe him out.
    Once he is dead move on.
    Once he is dead, continue on and save your game. Head through the next area and
    avoid the rolling rock. Enter the next area and head towards the southwest
    section of the area before making your way to the upper level via ladder. Keep
    on going towards the northeast and defeat the Golem Spellbinder here to get a
    key. Continue forward and you will find another passage with a rolling stone in
    it. Move through the next area and make your way to the upper levels. Take out
    the second Golem Spellbinder to get another key, before you continue on. There
    is another area to navigate with another Golem Spellbinder in it.
    These next rooms are going to be filled with enemies so this is the last chance
    to fill up on medals. Keep on following this path until you reach the final
    gate. You will need to defeat a bunch of enemies but once they are all dead the
    door will open. Keep on moving forward and save your game. Some cutscenes will
    play and you will have to fight your way through a bunch of enemies that all
    die off in one hit. Reach the great tree and you will reach the finale.
    Boss - Medusa
    As sad as it is this fight is a heck of a lot easier than the Stroud fight you
    had before. To defeat her you will need to defeat her two serpents, one of
    which is a flame serpent and the other of which is an ice serpent. The both of
    them will be attacking with a variety of elemental attacks while Medusa is
    going to summoning in wraiths and causing tremors to drop objects.
    To beat her it is a fairly simple matter of grabbing up objects to throw at her
    serpent heads. Drop the two of them and her protective barrier will fall. You
    can run on in and crack her with your sword a few times. Retreat away from her
    when her serpents revive.
    Sadly that's all there really is to it, nothing more. You simply need to learn
    how to handle dodging her attacks while you are throwing objects at her. Knock
    out her heads and keep beating on her.
    Once she is defeated you have beaten the game. These ending cutscenes are
    actually fairly sad, but congrats anyways, you beat the game. Now you can try
    the other difficulties and focus in on the Battle Arena.
    7. About the Author
    My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years 
    old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
    anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
    as well.
    Thanks go out to!
    Yannick «Kainync» Loyer-Baribeau for pointing out some mistakes.
    So far Ive written the following FAQs: 
    Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
    Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox
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    Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2
    Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP
    Brave Story New Traveler - PSP
    Super Star Soldier - Wii
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3
    Lair - PS3
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