Review by dougmoto

Reviewed: 05/08/06

Not quite a real world experience.

Real World Golf

Intro: If you were to judge this game by the screen shots, you would not even think about purchasing this game. But beauty is only skin deep. You see, Real World Golf comes with an entire system to help recreate your real-life golf swing into the game. A daring venture as any, and who knows, maybe someday, all golf games will be played like this.

Graphics: 6. I don’t think there are any textures in this game. Seriously though, the graphics are very lacking, especially when compared to the newer PGA games, and even the hotshots series. The character models are less than astounding, and are often terribly misshapen. The courses lack textures, and the water is dull and uninteresting. In the end, the graphics leave you wondering what you really paid the 70$ US for. Everyone knows graphics are not essential, but they do add a nice touch to the game.

Sound: 7. The average golf game sound: the crisp tee shot, the birds, etc. Nothing that really stands out. However, there is a lack of gallery, and don’t expect any cheers when you drain that 30 footer with ease.

Gameplay: 8. Innovative and risky, the controller ups the fun of the game a lot. The controller adds a new dimension into the game, one that previous plug-n-play games could never do. In that sense, it succeeds. However, the controls are very, very touchy and often the menu moves when you did not command it. Also, calibration is sensitive and I had troubles getting back to my original spot. The actual in-game is decent, but frustrating at times, when you have no idea how much power is 90% or 75% or so on. Overall, the controller adds a very realistic touch, but it simply isn’t enough. Even as a golfer in real life, I would rather play a PGA game, with the traditional shot method, than with this one. At least until they work out all the little problems.

Multiplayer: 8. Similar to most games, the multiplayer is good. My only hassle with it is that you need to take off the gloves and reposition every time you switch players. The gloves get sweaty after a few minutes, and could lead to smelly situations. Thankfully, instead of switching every shot, like most games, you play through the entire hole before changing. Other than that, there are a variety of modes and courses to keep you entertained.

Lasting Appeal/Value: 6. Real World Golf boasts a number of courses and side games, as well as unlockable characters, but the truth is, you’ll probably find this game more gimmicky than anything else. The hefty price tag is also a major deterrent from purchase, sitting at a whopping 70$ US.

Overall: 7. A solid game, that ventured into uncharted territories and came back unharmed. If you’re an avid golf fan, look into it. If you’re just in passing, then test it out before hand, because it might not be your cup of tea. The bottom line is, Real World Golf, almost delivers a real world experience, but not quite. Give me a call when Real World Golf 2 comes out, and we’ll talk.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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