Where can I fine the sun key?

  1. Where is johannasburg on rosa so i can attain the sun key i need that so please someone help me

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    alf3401 - 8 years ago

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  1. The Answer I will Give is taken from the FAQ / Walkthrough from Wizardmentor at the FAQs Section.
    I hope this will help

    At chapter Ten, The Illusory Oasis enter the Kuja desert.
    Explore all the desert and you will Encounter some scenes where people need help. Agree to help them :
    * 1.Give the Old Man Some Water
    2.Say Yes to sucking out the poison
    3.Say yes to seeing her husband, no he is not well, hand over the bag of coins (Bag of coins taken from a corpse
    in the desert after a scene)

    Eventually you will find Johannasburg.
    Upon entering, head towards the central plaza to meet the old man from the desert.
    After that check inside the house you are at for two chests containing SUN KEY (Star Key) and CO2 Powder x2

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  1. Go to johannasburg and into the elder's house, the sun key should be inside, if you can't see it, search the house.
    Elder: What are you doing?
    Jaster: Uhhhhh....
    Elder: Why are you breaking my pot and trashing my house?
    Jaster:"Takes Gun out"
    Elder: Whoa!! Easy there boy
    Jaster: Where is the Sun key?
    Elder: Oh it's just in that Chest over there!!

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