• Character Outfits

    These are the different outfits that can be unlocked:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Deego - Destructo AttachementChest on Mariglenn
    Deego - Full Metal JacketComplete MIO's Revelation Flow
    Deego - Heavy AttachementChest on Vedan
    Deego - Longardian ArmorBuy from Weapon Shop (Alice) on Zerard
    Deego - Taurus AttachementStarting Outfit
    Jaster - Captain's UniformFinish Ghost Ship
    Jaster - Desert Claw's OutfitComplete MIO's Hunter Ranking
    Jaster - Desert-Dweller's ClothesStarting Outfit
    Jaster - Jungle CoatChest on Juraika
    Jaster - Pirate's OutifitFinish Alistia Sidequest
    Jupis - Hi-Tech Mobile WearComplete MIO's Insectron
    Jupis - Lab CoatChest on Zerard
    Jupis - Leather WearStarting Outfit
    Jupis - Riding OutfitDefeat Quarry : "The Shapeless Assassin"
    Jupis - Vintage WearBuy from Item Shop (Hanbarney) on Zerard
    Kisala - Arina's SleeveComplete MIO's Hunting Record
    Kisala - Her Majesty's AttireChest on Mariglenn
    Kisala - Kisala's SwimsuitFinish Ghost Ship : Extreme
    Kisala - Light SkirtStarting Outfit
    Kisala - Phantom RobeChest on Vedan
    Kisala - Tribal Two-PieceDefeat Quarry : "The Rumored Ladyhunter"
    Lilika - Royal Servant's ClothesChest on Juraika
    Lilika - Star Traveler's OutfitChest on Rosa
    Lilika - Stealth ClothesWin the Insectron S-Rank Tournament a second time
    Lilika - Sun's Beloved WearComplete MIO's Quarries
    Lilika - Warrior's ClothesStarting Outfit
    Simon - Cosmo JacketDefeat Quarry : "The Voracious Wanderer"
    Simon - Hand-Knit SweaterBui from Item Shop (Corbis) on Vedan
    Simon - Sho's ClothesFinsh Ghost Ship : Extreme a second time
    Simon - SpacesuitStarting Outift
    Simon - Traditional WorksuitChest on Zerard
    Simon - Zero-G SuitComplete MIO's Rare Items
    Steve - Energy ArmorBuy from Shop (Joshua) on Zerard
    Steve - Izerium ArmorComplete MIO's Factory
    Steve - Reflect ArmorChest on Rosa
    Steve - Titanium ArmorStarting Oufit
    Steve - Zeranium ArmorChest on Zerard
    Zegram - Ebony CoatStarting Outfit
    Zegram - Lupine CoatChest on Vedan
    Zegram - Midnight CloakComplete MIO's Frog Log
    Zegram - Swordsman's GiBuy from Weapon Shop (Narcissus) on Mariglenn
    Zegram - Wanderer's CoatChest on Juraika

    Contributed By: Metorfall.

  • New Game Plus

    To unlock all previously obtained costumes into a new game, simply hold R1 while hitting the new game option from the title screen.

    Contributed By: Deadmans_Fate.

  • Unlocking new levels and items

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Captains ClothesComplete the Ghost Ship
    Dolgen EdgeComplete the Ghost Ship
    Fruit of the KingComplete Ghost Ship Extreme
    Ghost Ship Extreme levelUse the Key of the Underworld
    Ghost Ship levelComplete the game, and save when prompted. Now go to your ship and look at the map, you will see the new level
    Key of the UnderworldAnswer the questions in the Seventh Mystery correctly
    Kisaras SwimsuitComplete Ghost Ship Extreme

    Contributed By: Nelo_Portgas.

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