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    Shop List by MaloFresk

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    Here's a list of the shops. It's intended as a guide for people who are
    running around trying to complete side quests, such as Insectron, or weapon
    alchemy. By that I mean that this is what the list looks like to someone
    who has reached the end of the game. If you're somewhere along the way,
    many of the items will be marked as "coming soon" in the actual shop, and
    designated "?????". It's beyond the scope of my resources to indicate
    at which point each item actually becomes available, so if an item you
    need isn't available at the store when you get to it, just check back later.
    There are some shops I'm not bothering to list. One is the Quarry hunter
    shop found behind MIO in the Galaxy Corporation on Zerard. The others
    are all the shops on the Ghost Ship. The ghost ship stores don't stock 
    anything you can't get anywhere else, and you'd have to be mad to trek
    down to the 80th floor for some heal potions, so I won't bother with them.
    Items that must be first prototyped in the "Factory" mini-game are enclosed
    in brackets. 
    That's it! Happy shopping.
    *       ROSA SHOPS              *
    KAREEM                  FISAAL                  SLYMAN
    Rosa:Kuje Desert:       Rosa:Ancient            Rosa: Labyrinth:
    Desert Fork             Ruins: Entrance         Maze of Chaos
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Tri-Heal                Max Heal                Max Heal
    Tri-Charge              Recharge Drink          Tri-Heal
    Resurrection            Tri-Charge              Tri-Charge
    Antidote                Resurrection            Resurrection
    [Guard Seal]            Strength Star           Tri-Resurrection
    Thunder Shield          Divine Protection       Freeze Shield
    Stealth Pills           Ancient Scroll II       [Attack Seal]
    Walkie-Talkie           Chimera Breath          Lapis Lazuli
    Firestone               Blaze Saucer Max        Stella Crystal
    Rose of Passion                                 
    Pirate's Grog                                   
    Murderous Arms                                  
    SHILHAWA                MOHANDIS                LAZARK
    Rosa:Salgin:            Rosa:Salgin             Rosa:Salgin 
    Near the Item Shop      Residential Area:       Residential Area: 
                            Plaza                   Plaza
    Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Plain Edge              Heal Potion
    Perfect Heal            Wild Edge               Recharge Drink
    Recharge Drink          Alex Decider            [Perfect Reviver]
    Tri-Charge              [Gustbringer]           Resurrection
    [Tri-Elixir]            Slungrosse              Relaxing Aroma
    Resurrection            Splendid Daggers        Wake-Up Drops
    Tri-Resurrection        Moebius Knives          [Brave Symbol]
    CO2 Powder              Jabbinger Extras        Yago Milk
    Flame Shield            Rapid Squid             Mellow Banana
    Storm Shield            Flamethrower Lv2        Iron Cube
    [Deus Shield]           Cold Spray              Revolva Alloy
    Sanchez Fruit           Dual Hurricane          Lunar Ribbon
    [Trap Canceller]        Missile Pod II          Sealing Sunsphere
    Stealth Pills           Missile Pod III 
    [Stealth Guard]         Vermillion Flare        
    Grand Edge              [Crescent Moon] 
    Graverosse              Phantom Dream   
    Great Hands             Blizzard        
    Muscle Hands            Ice Wolf Hatchet        
    Osmotic Snipers         Planet Spear    
    Flamethrower            Spirit Chorus   
    Missile Pod I           Majestic Pocket 
    Divine Serpent          Soldier's Axe   
    Mountainsong Bow        General's Gold  
    Blaze Saucer Box        Brave Slugger   
    Round Silver            Guardian 44     
    Limit Breaker           Tartaros Maker  
                            Hyper Crystal   
                            Omega Star      
                            [Excelion Shard]        
    Rosa: Johannasburg
    Heal Potion
    Perfect Heal
    Recharge Drink
    Hyper Crystal
    Omega Star
    Stella Crystal
    Trumpet of Glory
    Ancient Scroll III
    *       VEDAN SHOPS             *
    MODANT                  Corbis                  KAYO
    Vedan:Myna:             Vedan:Myna:             Vedan:Myna:
    Observation Deck        Near Item               Near Weapon Shop
    (Daytron View)          Shop Corbis
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Gaea Crusher
    Max Heal                Tri-Heal                Murakumo Type-S
    Recharge Drink          Tri-Charge              Blizzard Edge
    Tri-Charge              Elixir                  Spirit Caliber
    Resurrection            [Tri-Elixir]            Destructo Blaster
    [Attack Seal]           Resurrection            Callisto Shooter
    [Guard Seal]            Divine Healing          Chaos Vulture
    Stealth Pills           [Unconscious Guard]     Fairy Edges
    Antidote                [Mind Guard]            Ancient Daggers
    Energy Charger          [Freeze Guard]          Belladonna Needles
    Military-Grade Battery  [Daze Guard]            Blast Daemons
    Walkie-talkie           [Shock Guard]           Dynamite Hands
    Plasma Burst Circuit    [Poison Guard]          Geo Hands
    Lunar Ribbon            [Flame Guard]           Killer Grenades
                            [Trap Cancellor]        Beam Avengers
                            Super CPU               [Dreadnought Cannons]
                            Conductive Liqui-Metal  Cold Spray Lv2
                            Lubricant               Aureole Breeze
                            Ancient Scroll I        Dark Infection
                            Hand-Knit Sweater       Demolition Pod
                            [Maid Robot Betty]      Big Hawk
                            The Annals of Hades     Spectral Gleam
                            Mine ID Card            Demon's Bane
                                                    Violet Nimbus
                                                    Hero's Hatchet
                                                    Wasp Sting
                                                    Round Spear
                                                    Emperor's Rod
                                                    Flying Bonus Box
                                                    Heavy Axe
                                                    Crushing Axe
                                                    Silver Axe
                                                    Golden Axe
                                                    Mad Cerberus
                                                    Brave Spirit
                                                    Heavy Vulcan
                                                    Guardian Zero-G
                                                    Kaiser Legion
                                                    [Excelion Shard]
    BRUNO                   PUCCILE                 JAGLEY
    Vedan:Cancer            Vedan:Cancer            Vedan:Rockbelter Mine: 
    King's Ruins:           King's Ruins:           2nd Strata
    Orphans' Hideout        Area 3: Fork
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Perfect Heal            Tri-Heal
    Recharge Drink          Tri-Charge              Resurrection
    Tri-Charge              Elixir                  Divine Healing
    Resurrection            Resurrection            Diamond
    Relaxing Aroma          Divine Healing          Ruby
    Stamina Extract         [Paralyze Guard]        Lapis Lazuli
    Retro Boombox           Pressure Pump           Ruby
    Hyper-Gravity Sensor    Biomemory               Firestone
    Izerium                 Chaos Chip              Dark Onyx
                            Iron Cube               Nebula Opal
                            Iron Board              Seventhmoon
                            Carbon Alloy            Stella Crystal
                            Mellow Banana           Edensia
                                                    Hyper Crystal
    Vedan: Spaceport: Depot
    Heal Potion
    Recharge Drink
    Divine Healing
    CO2 Powder
    Fire Shield
    Electro Shield
    Ice Shield
    Lapis Lazuli
    *       ALISTIA SHOPS           *
    MACROS                  BOTTO 
    Alistia:                Alistia:Nalvasa Seaway: 
    Lapatia Village         Beginning
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Tri-Heal                Tri-Heal
    Max Heal                Recharge Drink
    Perfect Heal            Elixir
    Recharge Drink          Resurrection
    Tri-Charge              Tri-Resurrection
    Hot Breath              Electroless
    Stamina Extract         Stealth Pills
    Paralysis Cure          Depth Chargers
    Flame Shield            Big Hawk
    Ice Shield              Stellar Dream Bow
    Storm Shield    
    Deep Slashers   
    Rune Breakers   
    Satellite HG-EX 
    Genocide Beams  
    Cool Mist Shower        
    Vortex Star     
    Bolt Deux       
    Mother Ocean Bow        
    Hermit's Hatchet        
    Shark Hatchet   
    Babylon's Hatchet       
    Martial Spirit  
    Driving Spirit  
    Soaring Pleasure        
    Blaze Bonus Max 
    Knight's Silver 
    Heavy Slugger   
    Guardian Triple-S       
    Punishing Xanadu        
    *       JURAIKA SHOPS           *
    MOKKA                   KATTARO                 WANBOKO
    Juraika:Path            Juraika:Leo             Juraika:Burkaqua: 
    to Burkaqua:            King's Castle: 3F       Path to Burkaqua Exit
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Shining Horn
    Resurrection            Recharge Drink          Grand Calibur
    Divine Healing          Divine Healing          Deep Aquas
    Wake-Up Drops           [Diving Blessing]       Sirius' Claws
    Paralysis Cure          Wake-Up Drops           Violet Stars
    Sanchez Fruit           Paralysis Cure          Iron Demon
    Mellow Banana           Antidote                Gust Shuriken
    Juraikan Coffe Beans    Resurrection            Famished Wolf
    Rock Crusher            Tri-Resurrection        Wanderlust Bow
    Pirate's Glaives        Divine Protection       Terra Bow
    Half-Moon Rising        Hoho Bird Feather       [Heavenly Guide Bow]
    Shuriken Deux           Myriad Branch           Stellar Prayer Bow
                            Dark Onyx               Hunter's Hatchet
                            Saba Luga               Spirit Hatchet
                            Archfiend's Blade       Valiant Wind
                            Spark Dragon Hatchet    Zipangu Axe
                                                    Uranos's Axe
    KOLEIWA                 LIMAKA                  UTTARO
    Juraika:Path            Juraika:Path            Juraika:
    to the Ruins:           to the Altar:           Rhyzas Swamp:
    Midpoint                Waterfall               Swamp Bank
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Resurrection            Recharge Drink
    Tri-Heal                Recharge Drink          Resurrection
    Perfect Heal            Stamina Extract         Wake-Up Drops
    Recharge Drink          Diamond                 Relaxing Aroma
    Tr-Charge               Ruby                    Electroless
    Resurrection            Lapis Lazuli            Paralysis Cure
    Divine Healing          Yago Milk               Antidote
    Plasma Shield           Ultraspicy Pepper       Diamond
    Saint Shield            Rising Sun              Flame God's Stone
    [Poison Guard]          Warrior's Hatchet       Burning Blaster
    [Flame Guard]                                   Pirate's Daggers
    Sanchez Fruit                                   Leather Sneakers
    Mellow Banana                                   Shuriken
    Pirate's Grog           
    Innocent Fairies                
    Dragonic Core           
    Ancient Scroll II               
    *       ZERARD SHOPS            *
    HANBARNEY               ULGENIE                 DELPHOS
    Zerard:Main Street:     Zerard:Main Street:     Zerard:West Side: 
    Fountain Plaza          Fountain Plaza          Near the Item Shop
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Max Heal                Perfect Heal
    Tri-Charge              Tri-Heal                [Perfect Revolver]
    [Divine Blessing]       Perfect Heal            Resurrection
    Resurrection            Recharge Drink          Stamina Extract
    Strength Star           Tri-Charge              Paralysis Cure
    Guardian Sphere         Elixir                  Antidote
    [Brave Symbol]          Resurrection            Divine Healing
    [Attack Seal]           Strength Star           [Trap Cancellor]
    [Guard Seal]            Guardian Sphere         [Unconscious Guard]
    Stealth Pills           Divine Protection       [Freeze Guard]
    03 CPU                  [Mind Guard]            [Shock Guard]
    Nanomemory              [Daze Guard]            Zeranium
    Revolva Alloy           [Paralyze]              Izerium
    Nebula Opala            Sealing Sunsphere       Plasma Burst Circuit
    Lunar Ribbon            Ridge Crusher           Ruby
    Pirate's Ashes          White Lightning         Firestone
    Aerie Sneakers          Starlight               Mellow Banana
    Wishing Stars           Astral Rod              Hard Candy
    Gaea Bow                Flying Saucer Max       Juraikan Coffee Beans
    Mermaid Hatchet         [Devastator]    
    Vintage Wear            
    ALICE                   SHAZELLE                RANT
    Zerard:West Side:       Zerard:East Side:       Zerard:Starship 
    Near the Item Shop      Near the                Factory: Near 
                            Insectron Stadium       the Entrance
    Star Edge               Insector Trap I         Murakamo Type-O
    Shining Blazon          Insector Trap II        [Alexander]
    Metal Breaker           Rearing Cage I          Body Arms
    Rumblerosse             Rearing Cage II         Tyrant Blaster
    Burning Blaster DX      Battle Feed             Frost Magnum DX
    Zenon D                 Feed Formula            King Shooter
    [Devil Forks]           Smoked Rainbow Newt     [Justice Ray]
    Arhat's Tonfas          Electric Eel            Cosmo Talismans
    Mode Sneakers           Diamond                 Aqua Slashers
    Prime Sneakers          Ruby                    Luminous Batons
    Wild Boots              Lapis Lazuli            Siren Stars
    Lovely Taps             Firestone               Knockout Hands
    Greater Hands           Dark Onyx               Giga Hands
    Inferno Hands           Nebula Opal             [Deep Drill Fingers]
    Iron Miner Hands        Seventhmoon             Roaring Knuckles
    Full Metal Punishers    Stella Crystal          Satellite SG
    Flaming Air             Edensia                 Satellite MG
    Evil Breath             Sanchez Fruit           Beam Satellites
    Ranger Pod II           Mellow Banana           Flaming Draken
    Lunar Glint             Sticky Gum              [Twin Tornado]
    Half-Moon Dawn          Hard Candy              Missile Pod IV
    Diabolic Shredder       Yago Milk               Combat Freak
    Ice Demon Fang          Jumaikan Coffee Beans   Gatling Launcher
    Bolt Shuriken           Ultraspicy Pepper       Icy Wheel
    Flame Shuriken          Primeval Beef           Forest Runner Bow
    Sea Queller Bow         Pirate's Grog           Hapyunes SG
    Stormbringer Bow                                Maniac Spear
    Mud Spider Hatchet                              Mirage Spear
    ???                                             Holy Javelin
    Flying Saucer Box                               Old Coin Purse
    Fun Fun Pouch                                   [Homing Shooter]
    Great Dane                                      Ender's Power
    Assault Vulcan                                  Ballistic Blast
    Omega Star                                      Wind Shield
    Ancient Scroll I                                Storm Shield
    Longardian Armor                                Hyper Crystal
                                                    [Excelion Shard]
    UTOLL                   AMAND                   OUKI 
    Zerard:Prison:          Zerard:Prison:          Zerard:Prison: 
    Level 1                 Level 2                 Level 3
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Max Heal                Max Heal
    Tri-Heal                Recharge Drink          Recharge Drink
    Recharge Drink          Elixir                  Resurrection
    Resurrection            Resurrection            Relaxing Aroma
    Wake-Up Drops           Stamina Extract         Hot Breath
    Antidote                Sanchez Fruit           Stamina Extract
    CO2 Powder              Mellow Banana           Antidote
    Hyper Crystal           Sticky Gum              Binding Frost
    Omega Star              Hard Candy              Earth and Sky Bow
    Crimson Fever           Yago Milk               Triton Hatchet
    Electro Nozzle          Juraikan Coffee Beans   
    Ranger Pod I            
    Sea Gazer Bow           
    SELSHU                  JOSEPH                  MIRALKA 
    Zerard:Gladius          Zerard: East Side -     Zerard:East Side: 
    Towers: 2nd Tower:      Near the Insectron      Near the Insectron 
    3F                      Stadium                 Stadium
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Insectron License
    Max Heal                Max Heal
    Recharge Drink          Recharge Drink
    Tri-Charge              Tri-Charge
    Resurrection            Elixir
    Stella Crystal          [Tri-Elixir]
    Edensia                 Resurrection
    Dream Mushroom          Wake-Up Drops
    Pressure Pump           Hot Breath
    Speaker Pod             Electroless
    Nebula Opal             CO2 Powder
    Sanchez Fruit           Divine Healing
    Pirate's Grog           Energy Charger
    Mountain Nymph Bow      Pressure Pump
    Sage's Spear            Retro Boombox
                            O3 CPU
                            Iron Cube
                            Iron Board
                            Carbon Alloy
                            Conductive Liqui-Metal X
                            Sealing Sunsphere
    BIVINE                  WUSHO                   JOSHUA
    Zerard:Starship         Zerard: Prison:         Zerard: Starship
    Factory: Near           Level 4                 Factory: Near 
    Pocacchio's Lab                                 Pocacchio's Lab
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion             Iron Cube
    Tri-Heal                Max Heal                Iron Board
    Tri-Charge              Recharge Drink          Carbon Alloy
    Resurrection            Resurrection            Revolva Alloy
    Electroless             Divine Healing          Zeranium
    Paralysis Cure          Antidote                Izerium
    Guardian Sphere         Ranger Pod I            Izerium Alloy
    Cyclonic Pump                                   Tachyon Motor
    Speaker Pod                                     Moebius Battery
    Chaos Chip                                      Pressure Pump
    Space Compressor                                Super CPU
    Revolva Alloy                                   03 CPU
    Izerium                                         Nanomemory
    Chamelon Particulate                            Space Compressor
    Sticky Gum                                      Plasma Burst Circuit
    Hard Candy                                      Diamond
    Steel Hammer Fists                              Ruby
                                                    Lapis Lazuli
                                                    Flame God's Stone
                                                    Thunder Stone
                                                    Snow Crest
                                                    Electric Eel
                                                    Medusa's Locks
                                                    Queen Been Stinger
                                                    Hellpot Flame
                                                    Myriad Branch
                                                    Energy Armor
    *       MARIGLENN SHOPS         *
    NARCISSUS               FERRIS                  TECHITON 
    Mariglenn:Queen's       Mariglenn:Queen's       Mariglenn:Ti'atha Forest: 
    Palace:Queen's          Palace: Queen's         Midpoint
    Chamber (down the       Chamber (down the 
    elevator)               elevator)
    Adamon Raiser           Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Judgment Halo           Max Heal                Max Heal
    Enamel Roses            Tri-Heal                Elixir
    Nebula Arms             Perfect Heal            Resurrection
    Dread Dominion          Recharge Drink          Prominence Shield
    Weeping Nemesis         Tri-Charge              Blizzard Shield
    Leopard Aim             Resurrection            Plasma Shield
    Heavenly Vision         Tri-Resurrection        Typhoon Shield
    Arachnitengu            Relaxing Aroma          [Deus Shield]
    Moonbeam Bow            Hot Breath              [Stealth Guard]
    Total Genius            Antidote                [Divine Blessing]
    Galactic Buster         [Unconscious Guard]     Mirror Unit
    Ancient Scroll III      [Poison Guard]          Rose of Passion
    Swordsman's Gi          [Flame Guard]           Dreamflower Ash
                            Stealth Pills           Dream Mushroom
                            Conductive Liqui-Metal  Smoked Rainbow Newt
                            Chameleon Particulate   Trumpet of Glory
                            Biofeedback Circuit     
                            Trumpet of Glory        
    FRANTAN                 CHARLES
    Mariglenn:              Mariglenn:
    Gulza Sanctuary:        Mother's Lair: 
    Plaza                   Midpoint
    Heal Potion             Heal Potion
    Max Heal                Tri-Charge
    Tri-Heal                Elixir
    Perfect Heal            Resurrection
    Resurrection            [Perfect Reviver]
    Divine Healing          Guardian Sphere
    Wake-Up Drops           Snow Crest
    Relaxing Aroma          [Freeze Guard]
    CO2 Powder              [Shock Guard]
    Medusa's Locks          Spirit Bell
    Mirror Unit             Murderous Arms
    Cyclonic Pump           Sunbringer Bow
    Beast King Hatchet      Heavenly Oratorio
                            Thrilling UFO Set

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