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    Rare Items FAQ by feelix

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    Rogue Galaxy [NTSC US] - Playstation 2 - DVD9
    Rare Item FAQ - Version 1.16 - Created 05.11.2012
    Written by Felix (feelix on GameFaqs) - gsection at gmail dot com
                                 Introduction (I)
    First of all, thank you for checking out my findings in this short, but to
    the point walkthrough on how to get all of the 9 Rare Items in Rogue Galaxy.
    I've already logged more than 120 hours playing through this innovative game
    and I'm sure there will be even more to come. Hope it'll help some of you out
                                 Rare Items (II)
    Whilst playing Rogue Galaxy you'll notice that there's a whole page under
    the "items" tab for something called "rare items". There are 9 of the items in
    all and they require quite a bit of work to find / acquire. Since I've already
    invested quite a bit of time into getting them all and couldn't find a lot of
    help on the net, I've written it all down for you to use in your search.
                   Finding / Getting the 9 Rare Items (III)
    The first (1/9) Rare Item: "Luvanda Blade"
    Planet: Rosa
    Teleport to: Rosa Ancient Ruins - Near the Tunnel
    This can only be done after chapter 11 starts. Walk North from the teleporter
    and you should find a man named Maskul (blue orb), talk to him.
    Teleport to: Labyrinth - Near the Core
    Follow the path into the large room and hold a left, there you shall find a
    strange animal (blue orb). Talk to it to get the "Luvanda Blade"
    The second (2-9) Rare Item: "Shiska's Necklace"
    Planet: Rosa
    Teleport to: Johannesburg - Plaza
    You'll find a man named Rydel (blue orb) in front of one of the buildings,
    talk to him several times until you get a log entry in your info log.
    Teleport to: Johannesburg - In Town
    Search the vase outside the house on the right for "Shiska's Necklace"
    The Third (3-9) Rare Item: "Lepognon Mammoth Tusk"
    Planet: Zerard
    Teleport to: Gladius Towers 1st Tower 6F
    Take the elevator that's right beside the teleporter up to 7F. Follow the path
    and it will eventually take you to a bridge that connects the two towers. Kill
    "The Tower Predator" also known as Lepognon Mammoth (quarrie). Leave the bridge
    and return once again. Talk to the man on the bridge named Watclos (blue orb)
    If he is not there,kill The Tower Matador (quarrie) as well and make sure that
    you have finished dealing with the kings sons.
    Teleport to: Galaxy Corporation - Entrance
    Walk North towards the towers. You will find Linda (blue orb) behind the left
    pillar, talk to her.
    Teleport to: Rosencaster Prison - Interior Pathway A3 Waste Area
    Enter the door nearby and search the head of the dead monster for the "Lepognon
    Mammoth Tusk".
    The fourth (4-9) Rare Item: "Mirror of Truth"
    Planet: Vedan
    Teleport to: Spaceport - Depot
    Walk South towards the train station. You will find Gyzer (blue orb) in the
    southwest corner of the train station. Talk to Gyzer once with all 8 members of
    your team, then once more with Jaster. This will net you the "Mirror of Truth"
    rare item.
    The fifth (5-9) Rare Item: "The Annals of Hades"
    Planet: Vedan
    Teleport to: Myna - Near Item Shop Corbis
    Acquire the Platinum License (20 + 40 + 60 Hunter Coins, then talk to MIO)
    Talk to Tiko (blue orb) by the teleporter. Enter the shop nearby and talk to
    Corbis. Buy "The Annals of Hades" from Corbis.
    The sixth (6-9) Rare Item: "Character Mug"
    Planet: Zerard
    Teleport to: East Side - Near the Insectron Stadium
    Walk towards the tunnel that leads to the Fountain Plaza. Right before the
    tunnel starts, talk to the man named "Oakton" (blue orb).
    Teleport to: Starship Factory - Near the Entrance.
    Talk to Louick (blue orb) who you can find on the left side of the Factory
    Teleport to: Starship Factory - Near Pocacchio's Lab.
    Walk inside the lab and search the cardboard box on the right side
    of the room for the "Character Mug" rare item. Talk to Ikarot (blue orb) right
    outside the lab for a reward [Perfect Elixir].
    The seventh (7-9) Rare Item: "Arbin's Chalice"
    Planet: Juraika
    Teleport to: Burkaqua Village - Path to Burkaqua Exit
    Walk North to find Souie (blue orb), talk to him twice. You now need to get
    hold of the jungle outfits for Jaster and Kisala before you can get any
    further. Also make sure that Lilika is wearing her original costume (Warrior's
    Clothes). Kisala's outfit can be found by killing Garuski (quarrie). Travel to
    Vedan, then Teleport to: Myna - South Myna Station Plaza. From here go inside
    the tunnel to the left and use the item "lipstick" to start the fight. The
    outfit is called Tribal Two-Piece. Jaster's outfit is called Jungle Coat and is
    found on Juraika in a chest where you freeze the waterfall to climb it.
    Teleport to: Path to the Altar - Waterfall, then make your way up the waterfall
    to claim the chest (thanks to Erik Borden for this info)
    Teleport to: Path to Burkaqua - Near the Spring.
    Balmon (blue orb) can be found to the bottom right, talk to him while wearing
    the three costumes to receive "Arbin's Chalice".
    The eighth (8-9) Rare Item: "Rakasha's Heart"
    Planet: Vedan
    Teleport: Orphan's Hideout
    Head forward until you climb out a ladder to the platform above the ruins.
    Continue walking forward until you meet a little girl named Minty, talk to
    Planet: Vedan
    Teleport to: Myna - Near Item Shop Corbis
    You cannot get this item until Gale is dealt with. The heart is located in the
    trashcan to the right of the teleporter and shop, there also a dog by the name
    of Brosch nearby if you are having difficulty finding the item.
    The ninth (9-9) Rare Item: "Maid Robot Betty"
    Planet: Any
    You need to make this in the Factory. The blueprint is called: Mechanical
    oddjobber. Materials to use: Nanomemory x8, 03 CPU x1, Biofeedback Circuit x1,
    Walkie-Talkie x2
                             Epilogue and rewards (IV)
    After getting all the 9 rare items, go talk to MIO for your reward. The reward
    is a costume for Simon (Zero-G Suit). You can take a look at your rare items
    in Dorgengoa's cabin which is located in The Dorgenark - Control Room.
                                   Legal (V)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
                                  Credits / History (VI)
    1.1  Written by Felix (feelix on GameFaqs)
    1.11 Minor changes. thanks to Erik Borden for pointing out that Jaster doesn't
         start with the Jungle costume, it's found in a chest on Juraika. He also
         pointed out a couple of spelling errors. Thanks for the feedback!
    1.12 Ironed out what I hope to be, the rest of the spelling errors.
    1.15 Thanks to Paul Lee Williams III, Liliput, Richard Delancy and Ruby_sauce
         for pointing out that you have to talk to Minty before getting the eighth
         rare item.

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